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Rockabilly Legend

Tam (Tamson Wailes Duffill) was born on November 22, 1940. He was originally from Bremerton, Washington, but at age 5 moved to Virginia. At age 16 he and his family then moved to Fairhope, Alabama. Tam's basic start in music began when he heard Jimmy Rogers. When Tam was twelve years old, he bought his first guitar. His natural gift to play, sing and write music led him at age 16 to write and then record his first record for RCA "Cooly Dooly" (Groove label) in 1962; the reverse side of the record was "You Put The Hurt On Me".

Tam has always been extremely talented. His ability to sing and to play the guitar has truly enlightened those around him. His love for Hillbilly and Rock n' Roll music instilled within him the desire to perform and he's been doing it for almost sixty years.

Some of the bands that he played in, very early within his musical career were; "The Stompers", "The Rebel Rockers" and the "Vibrations". The types of music he played were "Country", "early Rock n' Roll", and Folk (Bob Dylan). Though Tam made only one recording, his potential to excel was astounding. He was deeply influenced by the country music of "Jimmy Rodgers" and "Hank Williams Sr.", and as well the music of "Elvis Presley", "Jerry Lee Lewis", "Bob Dylan" and "Johnny Cash". All of these people left their footprint on Tam's life and his accomplishmentsÑall who provided the love of Rock-a-Billy music for him.

At age twenty-nine Tam developed health problems. He played and sang Folk music in Atlanta, Georgia for the next 30 years, and was one of their best. It was during that time that he became associated with Bob Burns (1st Drummer in the Lynyrd Skynyrd 1990's band).

Currently the type of music Tam likes best is "Country", "Early Rock n' Roll", and "Blues" / Rock-a-Billy. For all of us who have heard Tam play and sing, we can attest to his tremendous talent for reaching the heart and Soul with his music. It is a gift that he has given to the world, making him a legend in his own right. We are blessed to have been a part of who he is.

Caryl Horne
August 11, 2010

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