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ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK: still ticking

It is hard to believe that almost one half of a century has flown by, and it is even harder to realize the impact that the song, "Rock Around The Clock" has made. Throughout the years, the importance of this song has grown, knowledgeable music historians and personalities have said much about the clout of this song:

Al Martino, "The song of the century"

Dick Clark, "The national anthem of Rock and Roll".

Alan Freed, "The Daddy of Rock 'n Roll"

Guiness' Book of World Records, "Biggest 'Pop' Record...."

John Lennon, of "Beatles" fame, in a Playboy interview. (January 1981) stated "I had no idea about doing music as a way of life until rock and roll hit me. Interviewer: "Do you recall what specifically hit you? Lennon: It was "Rock Around The Clock."

March 31, 1998 marked the 45th anniversary of the super song "Rock Around The Clock." James E. Myers a/k/a Jimmy DeKnight, and the late Max Freedman wrote the song and James E. Myers' firm, Myers Music, Inc. copyrighted the song on March 31, 1953. That song changed the face of the music world. "Rock Around The Clock" has been recorded on more than 500 record labels, many of which Myers also produced. Among them, the first recording of "Rock Around The Clock" by Sonny Dae and his Knights, and then by the legendary Bill Haley and the Comets. Other greats who have recorded the song over the years are, Ray Anthony, Pat Boone, Freddie Cannon, Chubby Checker, Meyer Davis Orchestra, Deep River Boys, Alan Freed, Isley Brothers, Mickey Katz, Buddy Knox, Sandy Nelson, Harry Nilsson with Ringo Starr and Keith Moon, produced and arranged by John Lennon, The Osmonds, Carl Perkins, The Platters, Sex Pistols, Sha-Na-Na and Mae West, to name but a few.

"Rock Around The Clock" represents the most unique music copyright in existence, and the most played song in the world. James E. Myers, recognized throughout the world as the "Daddy of Rock," has produced a classic that will join other similar offerings that will be played forever. James E. Myers and his song "Rock Around The Clock" have been the recipients of over 100 awards, including the prestigious "Grammy" Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame awards.

"Rock Around The Clock" recordings and sheet music, even now, after 45 years can be bought in nearly every music store throughout the world. "Rock Around The Clock" is still being performed and recorded and is producing more sales now than when it was the top hit song of 1955. James E. Myers' career is multi-faceted. He is actively involved in writing and acting. Jim has appeared in more than 300 feature films and television shows. He is an active member of SAG, AFTRA, ASCAP, TSG and various other professional organizations. Under his own and his pen name, Jimmy DeKnight, he has written more than 200 songs and has led his own orchestra, "Jimmy DeKnight and his Knights of Rhythm," a group that recorded for a number of record labels including APT, Peak, Bandbox and was on Arzee records in the U.S.A. and on the President label in Europe.

James E. Myers was commissioned a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army while in combat in Southeast Asia, as related in his book "Hell Is A Foxhole."

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