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Tommy Sands -
The Sands Collection 1957-63:
Man, like WOW!

Raven Records RVCD-193 - 12 page booklet - 77minutes

In the current world of "American Idols" and the many teen pop sensations, we often forget how long this has been going on. Tommy Sands was on the cover of more teen magazine's during the mid to late fifties than any other teen idol. He had a respectful, clean image and he had tons of talent to go along with his high public appeal.

Raven Records from Australia brings together 33 tracks from 1957-1963. All of Tommy's hits are Included 'Teenage Crush' (US #2), 'Goin' Steady', 'Bigger Than Texas' and 'The Worryin' Kind' and many more. This package includes rare singles and album tracks on CD for the first time. Some of the many highlights include the show stopper live version of "Sinner Man" from the "Sands At The Sands". Then we have the very sweet vocals of "My Love Song" and the rocking on "A Bundle Of Dreams". Very pleased to see the other side of "Teenage Crush", the rare B-side "Hep Dee Hootie (Cutie Wootie)". They have some of Tommy's self penned songs such as the title track of the CD "Man, Like Wow!", "Sing Boy Sing", "Your Daddy Wants To Do Right" and Tommy's coolest single "I Ain't Gettin' Rid Of You" and "Is It Ever Gonna Happen?".

Excellent liner notes by Brian de Courcy and a 12 page color booklet with great photos of Tommy within that period of time. Tommy wasn't "just another pretty face". He is one of the most talented singer/actor and stage performers of the 1950's. A total of 77 minutes!
- Johnny Vallis (Rave On Reviews)

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Roy Kay Trio -
Knockin 'Em Back

Lur Liner Records - LL002 36 minutes - 14 Tracks - 8 page booklet

Many cool things come out of Seattle; such is the case with The Roy Kay Trio and their second CD release. A root based group, Roy Kay on Vocals and Guitar, Robin Cady on Upright Bass and backing vocals and Mike Geglia on Electric Guitar and Harmony Vocals.

This group makes pleasing sounds, never using a drummer. With Robin slapping the bass, you never miss the drums. Mike brings in his bright guitar sounds and the two work well to form a strong backing behind Roy.

With the trio in mind, they have hand picked some great cover tunes. Songs such as "Down The Line" and "Lonesome Tears In My Eyes" are excellent and can stand up next to the originals with high respect. It is wonderful to see Hank Williams "There'll Be No Tear Drops Tonight" as the group's sound lends itself to the true roots of Rockabilly, which is hillbilly and country.

Many of the songs were very well written by Roy and the musicians work out their own arrangements which make the parts on both the bass and lead guitar very warm and rocking. Always good when the musicians have room "to play". The band members compliment each other extremely well.

The CD comes with an eight-page booklet with lyrics of all original songs and many photographs.

Recorded at the Electro Vox vintage recording studio in Hollywood, California. The production team of Ashley Kingman and Wally Hersom are truly a winning team.

Track listing:
I Know - Fearless - She Left Me - Fightin' Bop - In the Middle - Lonesome Tears in My Eyes - Better Beware - Baby Me - Down the Line - There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight - Playin' the Fool - Tell Me Your Dreams - Last Time Charmed.

Be sure to support this unique and talented group.

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Johnny Vallis -

Elvis Presley -
Elvis At SUN

19 tracks - 48 minutes - 82876 612052 BMG

Have you heard the news? Not only is there good rockin' tonight, but you'll be able to groove to it even more. At first, I thought I wouldn't need to own a copy of "Elvis At Sun", as I already had "Sunrise" and "The Sun Sessions CD". But I was truly floored by the difference in sound quality. Not only has the re-mastering technology improved since "Sunrise", but they have said that they have run across other better tape sources. Whatever they did, they did it right. "Tomorrow Night" is great; Elvis sounds like he is in the room with you. Same goes for "Harbor Lights" and "When It Rains It Really Pours". Even "You're A Heartbreaker", which to me is one of the roughest ‘masters', has had some time spent on it and sounds the best I have heard it.

The original take of "I Love You Because" is left off the set and they have take 2 instead. This is a change I agree with, it's a better version and I was never a fan of the whistling at the start of the master version. Can't blame them for trying different ideas. There often tried the songs a little different, by even trying fast and slow versions. That leads us to one of my favorites "I'm Left You're Right, She's Gone". Both approaches were very cool, yet such a contrast. I'm glad they are both on the set.

"Trying To Get To You" isn't up to the sound quality of "Good Rockin' Tonight and "Baby Let's Play House", but with saying that maybe this is the only source they had. Because judging by the rest of the project they had the best efforts forward to make this the ultimate collection. Which I believe it is to date.

Excellent notes from Knox Phillips and Ernst Mikael Jorgensen. We have been lucky since Ernst has combed though the Elvis Presley catalog. He proves further efforts with the Follow That Dream label which provides many great projects.

If you have the other Sun CDs, you will enjoy this one for the improved sound and rare photos. How about a new younger fan? Treat them to some real roots Rock and Roll. Now let's get real going for change... Thanks BMG!

1. Harbor Lights, 2. I Love You Because (alternate take 2), 3. That's All Right, 4. Blue Moon Of Kentucky, 5. Blue Moon, 6. Tomorrow Night, 7. I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin'), 8. Just Because, 9. Good Rockin' Tonight, 10. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine, 11. Milkcow Blues Boogie, 12. You're A Heartbreaker, 13. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (slow version), 14. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone, 15. Baby, Let's Play House, 16. I Forgot To Remember To Forget, 17. Mystery Train, 18. Trying To Get To You, 19. When It Rains It Really Pours

Read incredible details all about the restoration of the audio for the Elvis At SUN CD.

Gene Summers - Do Right Daddy
Enviken Records - ENREC 122 - 8 page booklet - 38 minutes

Gene's new CD was recorded during a trip to Sweden. The first 11 tracks of the disc were recorded on August 5, 2002 at recorded at Enviken studios produced by the owner Patrik Staffansson.

Be-Bop City is a great up-beat start to this album. As we listen on we will see that we are in Bop City. We get a great treatment on Dick Reinhart's "Hot Rod Baby". This goes to show Gene's vast taste in music as the original version was recorded in the 1940's. Like Dick's version it cooks and he has the unhurried, comfortable air to his delivery that is great. Then we have Sonny Fisher's "I'm Flyin' In" as we are treated to Joey d'Ambrosio of Bill Haley's Comet's playing saxophone and other songs of Fisher's called "Shake It Around". I like Ulf Back's thick guitar solos on this and it has a great groove. Gene has done Sonny's songs in the past, including "Rockin' Daddy" in 1977. You can still obtain that track along with his original Jan Records recordings on "Rockaboogie Shake" on Rollercoaster Records RCCD 3035. Speaking of the early years of Gene's career, we have "Boogie Rock" and and "Little Lu Ann" both written by James McClung, the great guitar player of The Rebels who played on Gene's recordings "School Of Rock and Roll", "Alabama Shake", "Fancy Dan" and "Rockaboogie Shake". I mention those as he wrote them as well, as playing on so many other sessions. Dan Edward's second song on this album is the title track "Do Right Daddy" and it rocks along in true Texas rockabilly fashion.

Gene's wife Dea writes great lyrics. Crazy Cat Corner was written by Dea and Gene. The band track was recorded in Hollywood, California at Liberty records at the same session as the great recording of "Nervous" in 1958. At the time they never did a vocal and the unfinished song sat ‘in the can' for forty years! The vocal track was recorded in 1998 at Yorktown Digital Works in Irving Texas. I am often afraid of taking an original recording and adding the vocals of the modern day artist on top. It's a shame but most attempts fail. At least two things have to work in my books. First of all, the vocal has to be clear still (as it may have been during the session back then). Then the production, which includes EQ of the track and modern day vocal, with the mix, blended. Lucky for us, this all came through loud and clear. Phil York did an amazing job on producing the track as well as the vocal being top notch. The idea behind this was to get an exciting forgotten song and give it some play. It's a cool rocker and a new favorite in my ever-growing Gene Summers collection.

Another example of Dea's clever lyrics is with the song "Long Story Song". One of my favorite lyrics on the CD is by Dea and Gene, simply titled "So". It is fun, rocking and a little naughty. Gene has a dry sense of humor and his timing his spot on. In saying that the theme of "So" is not overdone, as some other artists may not know how to get away with it. I'd say more, but you have to hear it for yourself. Definitely one for my personal Gene Summer's best of. The guitar work on "Baby Please Tell Me Why" is the kind of recording we hope for on newly recorded albums. They aren't (maybe they are) trying to sound like early Johnny Cash, yet they have that nice tight sound. It's great to hear a re-recorded version of "The Rebel - Johnny Yuma" and "(It's Love Baby) 24 Hours A Day" is a country based rocker. Refreshing to hear "Look At Me" and "She Bops A Lot" with the cool bouncy beats. Not to fast, not too slow, Gene always gets the tune to groove just right. The album moves all the way through.

The opening line of the title track says "I'm your do right Daddy and I'm gonna treat ya right". He sure does! No filler and all thriller.

Be-Bop City/Hot Rod Baby/ I'm Flyin' In/ Boogie Rock/Shake It Around/Little Lu Ann/ Do Right Daddy/Long Story Song/Look At Me/Baby Please Tell Me Why/The Rebel-Johnny Yuma/Crazy Cat Corner/She Bops A Lot/(It's Love Baby) 24 Hours A Day/So

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Bobby Crown And The Kapers
Collector Records CLCD 4482 - 18 page booklet - 64 mins

The majority of material on the CD is previously unreleased. Yet there is some crossover with Bobby's self produced CD from last year. There is alot of strong material for fans of pure rockabilly. Some of the material has been credited incorrectly. Jimmy Fields isn't the vocalist on many of the tracks he is credited as the vocalist. After School is also included, but this is a Billy Taylor cut. These points are pretty irrelevant when you consider the amazing amount of material on the CD. Bobby's version of "Sugar Coated" and "I Gotta Hurry" are highlights. My favorite recording of Bobby's is "Your Conscience", even though he was miles away from the Sun Label, it would have made a good single for the famous label as it does have the mood of a good Sun Record side. Bobby Also included is an out-take of the song, along with one of "One Way Ticket". As mentioned the CD includes out-takes, but it includes rehearsal recordings and comes with a booklet with photos and information on the recordings and musicians. You can either order this CD from your favorite dealer or contact Bobby via email: - He'd be glad to sign your copy for you. Bobby is like his music, upbeat and still very nice after all these years, that is "rare".

1 One Way Ticket - 2 Your Conscience - 3 Shake, Rattle & Roll - 4 Fraulein - 5 I Gotta Hurry 0 6 Henrietta - 7 Fannie Mae - 8 Thirty Days - 9 I Know Heaven's Waitin' - 10 Sugar Coated - 11 Bouncy Beat (take 1) - 12 Bouncy Beat (take 4) - 13 A Chicken Is A Bird - 14 Lucky Lucky Me - 15 Greeneyed Baby - 16 Baby Let's Play House - 17 I Forgot To Remember To Forget - 18 After School - 19 Birth Of Rock & Roll - 20 Lucky Lucky Me - 21 This Feeling Is Killing Me - 22 I'm In Love Again - 23 Your Lover Man - 24 Looking For Love - 25 One Way Ticket - 26 Your Conscience - 27 That's All Right/Blue Moon Of Kentucky - 28 One Way Ticket

Rusty York - Rusty Rocks
Bear Family BCD 16543
Digipack with 52 page-book - 63minutes

Bear Family Records has really out done themselves with the "Rocks" series. It includes Connie Francis, Wanda Jackson, Conway Twitty and Sonny James and Glen Glenn. All of them include thick books, lots of photos and great music.

Rusty York came from Kentucky, but moved to Cincinnati when he was young. He had records on King, Fraternity, Dot and Chess, Sage & Sand Records. Probably best known among the Rock and Roll fans for his version of "Sugaree". He shouldn't be dismissed after that because his story is very interesting and his musical talent is very broad.

Bear Family had released one of Rusty's songs on the "Flat Git Series"; I was delighted to see that they took the efforts to release a full compact disc on Rusty. Finally the songs are compiled together from all the different labels that he recorded for and remastered from the original master tapes. Very detailed notes by Grammy award-winning writer Colin Escott and photos from Rusty's archives.

One of my favorite sessions of Rusty's includes Hank Ballard's band, they recorded "Tremblin'", "Lovestruck", and Hank's "Tore Up Over You". We are treated to some previously unreleased alternate takes of a few of these tracks. Along with the fun and powerful rocker "Sadie Mae" to the teen ballad "La Dee Dah" with guest vocals by King recording artist the great Bonnie Lou. Rusty shows his musicianship on a few instrumentals that are nicely included throughout the disc. The Rockabilly fans will really 'dig' the Rite studio recording of "Sweet Love" and "The Girl Can't Help It" recorded in 1957. They used a small group, but true Rock and Roll indeed. Same as the next session at King studio in late 1957 with "Mean Woman Blues". At King Rusty was asked if he knew anyone that could sing like Buddy Holly, he was joking when he said he could. They recorded "Peggy Sue". It's neat to hear him record the cover as Holly's version was recorded July 1, 1957 (Released September 20, 1957) and Rusty's was recorded November 15, 1957. Truly cutting edge.

The greatest thing about Rusty's music is he tried different things and they worked very well. He quit performing live to produce and was very successful with that. Sadly often forgotten, we're lucky that Bear Family works hard to remember such great music. Put the CD on, sit back and give your ears a real treat.

Sugaree - Sweet Love - The Girl Can't Help It - Mean Woman Blues - Peggy Sue - Great Balls Of Fire - Shake 'em Up Baby - Red Rooster (instrumental) - Sweet Talk - Peggy Sue (2) - Sadie Mae - Tore Up Over You - Tremblin' - Love Struck - La Dee Dah (& Bonnie Lou) - Cajun Blues / Frosty (instrumental) - Goodnight Cincinnati, Good Morning Tennessee - Sweet Love (2) - You'd Better Leave My Baby Alone - Baby What You Want Me To Do - Don't Do It - One, One, One, Wonderful (instrumental) - Molly Darlin' - Tremblin' (alt) - Tore Up Over You (alt) - The Girl Can't Help It (2) - A Fallen Star - Margaret Ann

Sonny West and The Picks:
That's All She Wrote


Sonny wrote two legendary rock and roll standards "Oh Boy" and "Rave On" and Buddy Holly and The Crickets covered them. Prior to that Sonny recorded "Sweet Rockin' Baby" and "Rock-Ola Ruby". Considered as a true collector's item if you get your hands on an original NOR-VA-JAK copy. Sonny was there at the birth of Rock and Roll, and was on the cutting edge of writing some great songs. He has written many great songs and if you enjoy the Texas Rock and Roll sound, you'll have to include him into your collection.

I was excited when I received his new EP in the mail. It has a cool picture of Sonny on the cover introducing the new Rowe-AMI Continental jukebox in 1961. It also includes John Pickering and The Picks who sang on Buddy Holly's version of Sonny's song "Oh Boy" among other Holly classics as "Maybe Baby" and "Tell Me How". There is no mistaken The Picks sound and it blends very nicely with Sonny's new songs. I have heard many songs by Sonny, and his new songs have the same solid writing skills as he brings new ideas to the table. The recording quality is warm and pleasing to the ear. His voice remains very clear and the vocals on spot on.

Do yourself a favour and pick up this new CD and get it autographed. Drop Sonny an email, he likes to hear from his many fans.

"That's All She Wrote"
"Where Am I"
"Dire Need"
"Long Time Wine"
CD is available for $7 (total cost. includes postal fee)
Payment in U.S. funds only.
Order from:
Sonny West
1601 N. Willis St.
Abilene, TX 79603
Editor Note: This review column was named after Sonny's song "Rave On".

Bobby Vee and The Vees:
I Wouldn't Change A Thing

Rockhouse Records - RH 5063 - 50 minutes
I was taken back by this project. Bobby's work is always good, but this CD takes a whole new twist. "I Wouldn't Change A Thing" is an album I think should be in everyone's collection. It contains high quality songs; musicianship, production and well put together booklet. Bobby Vee has always recorded with the best and has always given the fans the music they enjoy. Yet he's grown with his music and it shows. The support of his Sons "The Vees" make the project a family treasure, other musicians are included on a song to song basis such as Brian Hyland and Nanci Griffith.

The story regarding the first song is in the liner notes by Bobby himself. In short, Tim Rice wrote the lyric and Bobby and The Vees wrote the music. The song is called "Whatever Happened To Peggy Sue". Such a deep lyric with a sense of reality to it. I liked "How To Make a Farewell" when it was recorded in 1963 (can be found on The Essential & Collectable Bobby Vee). You can't go wrong with a Sonny Curtis song. Nanci Griffith does a vocal along with Bobby. Wonderful to hear a new treatment on the song.

The very talented Brian Hyland joins Bobby as a guest vocalist on two Del Shannon songs "That's The Way Love Is" and "Cry Myself To Sleep". It's really cool to have Brian on the songs with Bobby, when you consider the involvement Brian had in Del's life and career.

With "One Way Or Another" we hear the song writing of Bobby and his son Jeff. The new songs have the power of the older songs. This song is very catchy and the arrangement is superb.

One of my favourite songs from Bobby is "Maybe Just Today" written by Martha Sharp. Originally recorded in 1967 (released 1968). When they decided to give new life to an older song, they sure picked songs that could handle a new feel to them. A well-written song should be able to work in many different styles, but it takes a real strong artist to re-record the same song and make both versions enjoyable. Bobby does so on this along with "Take Good Care Of My Baby" and "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes".

Another new song "Right Where You Left Me" is another song that feels like you have been friends with it for years.

There is a good mix of Tom Petty and Elvis Costello within the sound of "Think About That" and "Storybook Ending". Such a fresh sound for Bobby and it works well for him.

Often the mix on a new album has the drums in the front losing the voice, or hiding the voice. But Bobby's records have always been about the voice. I truly enjoy the sound they got on Bobby's vocal on "Wink Of An Eye". The title track written by Bobby "I Wouldn't Change A Thing" is a bitter sweet love song. Nice ending to an essential album.

This CD can stand next to any current releases and do very well. It lends from the past and takes the best from now that works with Bobby's style. As for the future, we look forward to more Rockhouse Products.

Track listing:
Whatever Happened To Peggy Sue - How To Make A Farewell - That's The Way Love Goes - One Way Or Another - Just Today - Cry Myself To Sleep - Right Where You Left Me - Take Good Care Of My Baby - Think About That - Wink Of An Eye - Story Book Ending - Night Has A Thousand Eyes - I Wouldn't Change A Thing

Get your copy at:

Glen Glenn - Glen Rocks
Bear Family BCD 16671
Digipack with 68 page-book - 56 minutes

Bear Family Records has really out done themselves with the "Rocks" series. It includes Connie Francis, Wanda Jackson, Conway Twitty and Sonny James.

This CD is long overdue. Glen is an incredible rockabilly roots artist. He started doing country-western music, but soon found that he had the elements to do Rock and Roll and Rockabilly. Doesn't take too long to figure out why Glen's ERA label sides are hailed by Rockabilly Fans and many newer rockabilly bands. The feel on the music is so clean cut. Glen was blessed with some of the most talented musicians including Ralph Mooney, Connie' Guybo' Smith, Wynn Stewart, Ernie Freeman, Carol Kaye and the signature guitar work by Gary Lambert.

All the songs have been remastered from the original master tapes. Turn it up and you're right there in the studio. Very nicely done indeed! Most of the original ERA sides have never seen a release to CD, nor in this quality. The selection of Alt takes makes it for very interesting listening as they often tried different tempos or a different feel. Glen's sides on Dore label see the first release to CD. I have a vinyl release on "I'll Never Stop Loving You". The sound on here brings new life to the song. The vocal is one of my personal favourites of Glen's. So many great classic songs on here. It does mention that they will release a follow up with live tracks and more alt versions. I'll be awaiting that release as I did this one.

They have carefully released the essential on this package but the CD "Missouri Rockabilly 1955-1965" on Dave Travis' Stompertime Records is still a highly needed item in your Glen Glenn collection. Many did not see this issue, and I feel many will be missed on the next. The "Glen Glenn Story / Everybody's Movin' Again" on ACE CDCH403 has 14 cuts from 1984 that Bear Family won't release and the first part of the CD has false starts and great alt takes that aren't available anywhere else. If you are a big vinyl fan, again Stompertime Records has a great 10 inch release called "Missouri Rockabilly 1954-1959", some of those songs are only on that release as well. So you as you can see, the new CD is the definitive release. But I wouldn't discard your older reissues by any means.

Glen Rocks includes the best collection of photos, not just for a Glen Glenn release but for almost anyone. Glen has a photo with pretty much everyone from back in the late 1950's including Johnny Cash, Ferlin Husky, Marty Robbins, Carl Smith, Chet Atkins and Elvis Presley backstage in 1956! Also included are many live stage shots and personal photos as well. Liner notes are by Deke Dickerson. He even wrote an extra piece on Glen and Gary's guitars, very informative. The discography is very complete.

This has to be one of the best vintage reissues of the year. If you don't have Glen Glenn in your collection, I'm sure you'd like this. If you are like me and have all Glen's releases to date, this still has so many reasons to include it in your collection. I'm awaiting the second part of this, just as I did this one. Way to go Bear Family! Guaranteed to get "Everybody Movin".

Everybody's Movin' (Era 1061) - If I Had Me A Woman - Don't You Love Me - I'm Glad My Baby's Gone Away (Era 1061) - Baby, Let's Play House - One Cup Of Coffee And A Cigarette (Era 1074) - Hold Me Baby - Laurie Ann (Era 1074) - Kitty Cat - Blue Jeans And A Boys Shirt (Era 1086) - Be-Bop-A-Lula Jack And Jill Boogie - Would Ya (Era 1086) - It Rains, Rain - That's All Right – Kathaleen - John Henry - One Cup Of Coffee And A Cigarette (alt) - Would Ya (alt) - Everybody's Movin' (alt) - Blue Jeans And A Boys Shirt (alt) - Goofin' Around (Dore 523) - Suzie Green From Abilene (Dore 523) - I Didn't Have The Sense To Go (Dore 717) - I'll Never Stop Loving You (Dore 717)

What amazing sets from Castle/Pulse's "Unofficial History of Rock'n'Roll" series which includes all original recordings and artists. Many tracks have never before been available on CD or at this price. Informative liner notes and stunning sleve art throughout. Be sure to check out the track listings on these sets. Even with a large collection, I was very shocked to find many recordings on these sets I had never been able to obtain. You can be sure that this is not the same old songs re-packaged. Hang on tight, this ride is a good one.

Record Hop Rock'n'Roll

PBXCD355 This fast-paced 54 track set showcases some ever-popular recordings alongside rarer cuts made for US labels such as Sun, Fire, Fury, Challenge, President, Swan and Crest during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Blending Rock'n'Roll, Rockabilly, R&B, Teen Pop with scorching instros, Rock Baby, Rock It! is guaranteed to set pulses racing, toes tapping and hips a-swivelling. Boasting legends such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie Cochran, Link Wray, Roy Orbison and Charlie Gracie as well as lesser-heards the likes of Bobby Milano and the Gorman Sisters, this stunning collection will have the listener on his feet, rolling back the rug and kicking off his shoes in an instant.

With tracks that remain sure-fire floor-fillers at record hops today and hitherto hidden gems, Rock Baby, Rock It! encapsulates the energy and exuberance to be found within "first generation" Rock'n'Roll recordings.

Rock Baby, Rock - It JOHNNY CARROLL
Mean Little Mama - ROY ORBISON
Go Little Go Cat - THE FOUR TEENS
You Better Dig It - BILL JOHNSON
The Hucklebuck - EARL HOOKER
Let's Coast A While - BO DAVIS
Rock-Ola Ruby - SONNY WEST
Stack-A-Records - TOM TALL
What A Beat - Unknown Artist (Prob.) MARLON GRISHAM
Kansas City March - WILD JIMMY SPRUILL
Let Me Miss You - EARL WADE

Three Months To Kill - HUELYN DUVALL
I've Been Twistin - JERRY LEE LEWIS
Hide And Go Seek - THE FOUR DOTS
Oh Little Girl - DEE CLARK
Spot Light - FRANK & ERNIE
Story Tellin' Baby - THE JODIMARS
Little Lump Of Sugar - SCOTTY McKAY
Tokyo Stomp - CHUCK FAYNE
Slow Dance = KAROL KELLY
Shout Shout (Knock Yourself Out) - ERNIE MARESCA

Senior Class (They're All In The) MICKEY LEE LANE
I Dig Rock'n'Roll - EARL WADE
Spark Plug - FOUR TEENS
Wiggle Wobble - LES COOPER I Done Told You - GENE SIMMONS
Miss Froggie - WARREN SMITH
Shake Around - RAY SMITH
Uncle Jonah's Place - HAROLD DORMAN
Wee Bit More Of Your Lovin - JEWEL AKENS
Just A Little Bit - ROSCO GORDON
Run, Chicken, Run - LINK WRAY & THE RAYMEN
Shiverin' And Shakin - DEAN BEARD
Itty Bitty Betty - DARRY WEAVER
Life Begins At Four O'Clock - BOBBY MILANO
Quick Like - ELROY PEACE
Bumble Twist - PHIL BAUGH
One Minute To One - EDDIE COCHRAN

Teen Angst Classics
from the Rock'n'Roll Era


Sourced from a variety of independent US labels such as President, Swan, Chancellor, Crest and Red Bird, and comprising cult classics and hitherto hidden rarities, this exceptional 3 CD sets gathers together some of the best broken-hearted teen ballads, death discs and angst anthems ever recorded. With tongue firmly in cheek, this collection will transport the listener through the full gamut of teen trauma, from seeing your best girl swan past your window with another guy, to discovering your date has been killed by a hit-and-run driver on the way to the prom, and not forgetting the eternal dilemma of what can happen when you like your best friend's guy (or gal).

Not so much a listening experience as a problem page, Midnight Cryin' Time has something for everyone; the lovelorn, the bereft and the deluded.

Midnight Cryin' Time - SCOTTY McKAY
That's Life (That's Tough) - GABRIEL & THE ANGELS
You're Telling Our Secrets - DEE CLARK
You're The Reason - BOBBY EDWARDS
Long Black Limousine - VERN STOVALL
Born To Be Bad - CARL MANN
The Quiet Look - THOMAS WAYNE
Rock'n'Roll Blues - NORM SKYLAR
You Been Torturing Me - THE FOUR YOUNG MEN
What Does Too Young Mean - ZEKE SHEPPARD
How Can I Tell Him - MARCIE BLANE
Sherry's Lips - DAVID HOUSTON
Three Stars - TOMMY DEE
Dark Lonely Street - EDDIE COCHRAN
Searching For A New Love - THE BELMONTS
Tell Laura I Love Her - ROY ETZEL

Wounded (In The Battle Of Love) - RICKY SHAW
Someday She'll Come Along - FREDDIE NORTH
Check Out Time - JAY CHEVALIER
The Car Hop And The Hard Top - EDDIE RAMBEAU
What Does A Girl Do - MARCIE BLANE
Walk Away From Me - DEE CLARK
(Meet Me) After School - TONY ROSSINI
My Girl Friend Betty - MARY SWAN
Congratulations To You - CHUCK HOWARD
Exchange Student - JERRY MARTIN
Ill Never Graduate From You - BILL & DOREE POST
First Time For Tears - JOY DAWN
Teacher Crush - THE CASALS
I Want My Baby Back - JIMMY CROSS
A Teenager's Dream - JOHNNY MADERA
The Shadow Knows - LINK WRAY

Your Boyfriend's Back - BOBBY COMSTOCK & THE COUNTS
I'm No Runaround - GINGER & THE SNAPS
Poison Pen - ESAU ISAAC
Don't Make Me Cry - FREDDIE NORTH
There's Another Place I Can't Go - CHARLIE RICH
That Someone Should Be Me - JOHNNY RIVERS
Don't Waste Your Time - RICKY SHAW
Someone Else's Hands - DIANE BAILEY
Bring Back My Heart - DEE CLARK
Our Love Can Still Be Saved - JEFF BARRY
Fourteen Getting Older - THE TRAINS
Lost Summer Love - SHELLEY FABARES
The Truth Hurts - DICK ROMAN
Love Isn't Like That - RAL DONNER Dressed In Black (demo) - SHADOW MORTON

Be sure to order at your local CD store or on-line at:

Frankie Laine:
"An American Dreamer"

VHS video or DVD (135 min)
"Frankie Laine: An American Dreamer" is a feature-length documentary. In this entertaining look at the legendary singer's life, hosted by two-time Grammy award singer Lou Rawls, Frankie tells his own story. Classic archive footage of the great performances of the past has been painstakingly collected, and new interview material shot with distinguished guests such as Dick Clark, Ringo Starr, Patti Page, Pat Boone, Maria Cole, Mitch Miller, Michel Legrand, John Williams, Kay Starr, Jack Jones, Herb Jeffries, Peter Marshall, Howard Keel, Terry Moore, Lucy Marlow, Sammy Nestico, A.C. Lyles and Clint Eastwood. From Dick Clark's American Bandstand to The Bob Hope Show, from Rawhide to Blazing Saddles, from the Ed Sullivan Show to Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, audiences will journey through the life of one of the most popular male vocalists of all time.
Link: Tell Frankie we sent ya!

That's What They Tell Me -
That's What They Say...

Buddy Holly & The Crickets
Rollercoaster RECD 503
What an insight in Buddy Holly's career from the voice of Buddy himself. I have heard some of these interviews before, but the sound on this CD is best to date. It is great that they are in date order starting with Buddy Holly talking to Red Robinson at the Georgia Auditorium, Vancouver Canada, October 23rd, 1957. Red was the first DJ to play Buddy record up north. Then we hear Buddy Holly and Jerry Allison talk to Freeman Hover at the Albany Hotel, Denver, Colorado, November 2nd, 1957. Nice long interview at seven and a half minutes with Eddie Cochran sitting in the room. Then Buddy Holly talks to Dale Lowery at the Municipal Auditorium, Topeka, Kansas, November 5th, 1957. You can hear a band tuning up and playing in the background, sure get a feel what it was like to be there. Buddy Holly talks to Ed Sullivan after his song on the Sullivan show at the CBS Ed Sullivan Theatre, December 1st, 1957. Taking flight to go over to Buddy Holly 1958 tour of Australia Buddy talks to Pat Barton at the Newcastle Stadium, Newcastle, NSW, Australia, January 31st, 1958. Buddy Holly talks to Bob Chesney about his current recordings and working solo taped at the Dade County Auditorium, Miami, Florida, February 24th, 1958. Buddy Holly talks to Alan Freed at WNEW-TV Studios, October 2nd, 1958. Alan Freed did the best package shows of the day. Among other things Freed and Holly talk about is a bumpy airplane and a helicopter crash, Buddy died in a plane crash 4 months to the day. Buddy Holly talks to Ronnie King, October 17th, 1958, funniest part of the interview is when Ronnie asks Buddy if he does Jazz music because he look like a jazz guy. Buddy replies "Must be the glasses". Ronnie said "Ya Dave Brubeck Man!". The final interview has Dick Clark talking to Buddy Holly, Joe Mauldin and Jerry Allison, October 28th, 1958.

The package looks like a little record (CD size) with a nice album cover that the disc slips into. I had never seen the great photo of the group on the cover before. Brought to you by the same company that released such essential releases as the one and only Sid King & The Five Strings - Rockin' on The Radio - RCCD 3018, Joe Poovey - Greatest Grooves - RCCD 3037, The David Box Story - RCCD 3024 and my personal favourite artist (this review column was named after his penned classic for Buddy Holly) Sonny West - Sweet Rockin' Rock-ola Ruby - RCCD 3050

If you like Buddy Holly and you'd like to enjoy a good piece of Rock and Roll history this is the "cats meow". Even better the Royalties from this release with be donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, The National Tremor Foundation and The Motor Neurone Disease Association.

John Beecher
Rollercoaster Records
Rock House, London Road
St Mary's, Stroud
Gloucestershire, GL6 8PU England
Telephone: 44 (0)1453 886252 or UK local call 0845 456 9759
Facsimile: 44 (0)1453 885361 or UK local call 0845 456 9760

Wanda Jackson:
Heart Trouble

CHM Records - CD8708 - 48 minutes
Here is an artist who really doesn't need an introduction. She's been recording for almost fifty years. I'm thrilled that she has decided to record a full new studio album.

The title track is a nice medium shuffle and a good way of easing the listener into the album. Then she covers The Louvin Brothers "Cash On The Barrelhead", always a catchy song, but you've never heard it sung by Wanda. The Cramps join Wanda on "Funnel Of Love" with Poison Ivy playing a great ghostly guitar sound, along with Lex Interior join her on backing vocals. They also supply backup vocals on the album later when they do another classic "Riot In Cellblock #9" (which Smokey Mormel does guitar on that one). Wanda is joined by Rosie Flores to do a duet on "Woman Walk Out The Door" with such a solid arrangement that features the great Lee Rocker on Bass. Then we have the King of musical versatility Elvis Costello singing a duet on Buck Owens "Crying Time" (both singers have recorded a numerous amount of different styles). John McFee does some flavouring on the pedal steel (he is on a number of tracks, very tasteful musician). Superb!

Wanda still rocks and proves it on the new version of her 1958 song "Mean Mean Man". Another guest on the album is the great Dave Alvin, he joins Wanda on "It Happens Every Time", "Lonely For You", "Rockabilly Fever" and "It'll Be Me".

"Anytime You Wanna Fool Around" is a true country song. Such a sweet vocal & warm mix. Another clever country song is "What Gives You The Right (To Do Me Wrong)". Then we are treated to another classic song "Hard Headed Woman" backed by The Cadillac Angels. Wanda has done allot of great gospel recordings, but she really out did herself on "Walk With Me". Such a nice warm lush sound to this version. This is my favourite track on the CD. "Let Have A Party" is the final track.

The production on this album is top-notch all the way through. Musicians carefully picked for each track and mixing of the album couldn't be better. Wow! Wanda Jackson is amazing. She still has what it takes and gives it out on her recordings and live concerts. She has tried many styles and proves to be good at all of them. Truly the best.

Track listing: 1. Heart Trouble 2. Cash On The Barrelhead 3. Funnel Of Love, feat. The Cramps 4. Woman Walk Out The Door, duet w/ Rosie Flores 5. Crying Time, duet w/ Elvis Costello 6. Mean Mean Man 7. It Happens Every Time 8. Riot In Cellblock #9, feat. The Cramps 9. Anytime You Wanna Fool Around 10. Hard Headed Woman, feat. The Cadillac Angels 11. Lonely For You 12. What Gives You The Right 13. Rockabilly Fever, feat. Dave Alvin 14. It'll Be Me 15. Walk With Me 16. Let's Have a Party

The Wanda Jackson Show,
Live and Still Kicking

DCN Records - 65:39 minutes
This CD is an example of Wanda Jackson live and on stage. There is an art to getting a good live-in-concert sound recording, and these guys have their craft down for sure. Personally I enjoy live albums and think that they are a little different then a regular release. In concert Wanda sings a good mix of songs.

Between the performances Wanda tells many interesting stories including stories about her and Elvis and how she broke the rules to be the first female rock and roll artist to write her own songs among many other personal and musical stories. Fantastic to have the account in Wanda's own words. Good thing about the way the CD was pressed, you can program your player to go to the stories, or just play the songs, but I highly suggest the full experience. The live band is spot-on. A whole new meaning to: Words and Music By ... Wanda words of wisdom, her music that entertained so many.

Nearly fifty years since she burst onto the scene as the "Queen of Rockabilly" and "The First Lady of Rock and Roll,". Be sure to get her here "Live and Still Kicking" You'll be glad you did.

Track Listing (With stories between tracks): Rock-A-Billy Fever - Old Time Rock & Roll - Mean, Mean Man - I Gotta Know - Blue Yodel #6 - Wild Side of Life/Honky Tonk Angels - Lovesick Blues - Fujiyama Mama - Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad - Right or Wrong - Riot In Cell Block #9 - One Night With You - I Saw The Light - Let's Have A Party - Whole Lotta Shakin'/Rip It Up

Merv Benton, Greatest Hits
Canetoad Records CTCD-031 - 76 minutes
1. Baby Let's Play House - 2. Endless Sleep - 3. Nervous Breakdown - 4. Dontcha Think It's Time - 5. Be Sweet - 6. You're the Dog - 7. Come On and Get Me - 8. It's Love Baby - 9. Goodnight Irene - 10. Cincinnati Fireball - 11. I Got Burned - 12. Twenty Flight Rock - 13. Yield Not to Temptation - 14. Don't Destroy Me - 15. Can I Believe It's True - 16. Shimmy Shimmy - 17. We Got Love - 18. Sell My Soul - 19. You've Got What it Takes - 20. Shake, Rattle and Roll - 21. The Worryin' Kind - 22. Big Jack - 23. I'll Go Crazy - 24. It Hurts Me - 25. King of Love - 26. Who'll Be the Next in Line - 27. Bonaparte's Retreat - 28. Do It Again A Little Bit Slower - 29. Too Many Fish in the Sea - 30. You Didn't Have to Be So Nice - 31. Lovin' Up A Storm - 32. Come On Up

With the Internet at our fingertips now we can learn about what's going on anywhere in the world. Such wasn't the case in the 1960's which is a shame for the record buying public when it comes to Merv Benton. His recordings have everything that anyone would want. Underrated is an understatement. The material suits his voice like the fit of a custom made suit. You can tell he worked on his craft until he could walk away proud of such work. Very pleasing to ear.

Includes 32 songs, all for the first time on CD. The sound is straight from the masters! Merv said himself it the best sound ever on these recordings. He wrote the liner notes with very detailed information about every track including musicians, dates and chart positions.

There is another CD on Merv Benton on Canetoad:
Merv Benton - Great Shakin' Fever
Canetoad Records, CTCD-032 - 76 minutes
1. Shimmy Shimmy - 2. Honey Don't - 3. Dollars and Dimes - 4. Put the Blame on Me - 5. When I get Paid - 6. Lotta Lovin' - 7. Love Me Tender - 8. Feel It - 9. Mess of Blues - 10. Pretty Girls Everywhere - 11. Don't Leave Me Now - 12. Rocky Road Blues - 13. You Send Me - 14. I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine - 15. My Girl Josephine - 16. Too Much - 17. Great Shakin' Fever - 18. Runaway Lover - 19. Girl Machine - 20. I Want That - 21. One Sided Love Affair - 22. Lonely Weekend - 23. Always - 24. Pride and Joy - 25. Roll Over Beethoven - 26. Don't Leave Me Now - 27. Yield Not to Temptation - 28. 500 Miles - 29. Memphis, Tennessee - 30. Don't Think Twice - 31. A Born Loser - 32. Jailer, Bring Me Water

It's like the above-mentioned album, but has some alternative and unreleased tracks as well. This time Bob Hayden did the detailed liner notes. Great booklets that are extremely well put together.

David McLean of Canetoad Records has done the collectors a real duty making sure that we have such an artist like Merv on out CD players. Going to be hard to top these one's. I'll highlight another from this label soon. Be sure and check out Canetoad page at:

Songs from 1956 to 1966
Bobby Crown

Texas Records
No need to dig out your copy of "One Way Ticket" on the Felco label. Bobby has released the two sides on this CD along with 22 other tracks. The CD includes out-takes and rehearsal recordings and comes with a full cover fold-out booklet with photos and great infomation on the recordings and musicians. Alot of little gems never before released. Be sure and pick up your copy from Bobby. He'll gladly sign it for you. What else could you ask for? Email: or call 817-293-4627
Bobby Crown's web site

The Prowlers with Les Vogt
Bear Family - BCD 16669 AH
By: Johnny Vallis

Canada had a great Rock and Roll scene during the 1950's and 1960's. Some of the regional artists were unknown outside of their area. On the West Coast, Vancouver alone had Jim Morrison (not The Doors), The Chessman, Hi-Fives, Gerry Fiander, Stand Cayer, The Stripes and The Valentines. One of the groups making a mark locally was The Prowlers; the lead singer of that group was Les Vogt. Later on Les would have a number one record with "The Blamers" even knocking "It's Now Or Never" by Elvis Presley out of that position.

Even if you have collected every 45prm release by The Prowlers and Les Vogt, you will still find a number of gems in this release. The sound on the previously released recordings is the best to date. Included are alternate takes of The Prowlers first single "Rock Me Baby" and "Most Of All". (The group did an instrumental "Honey Strollin", which is included on the Bear Family CD - Real Gone Aragon Vol. 1 BCD - 16348). They recorded "Don't Be Cruel" and "When My Blue Moon Turn To Gold Again" at the drummer's house. They got their first break by calling into a radio show called "The Owl Prowl" hosted by Legendary DJ Jack Cullen. The "Happy Whistler", "Pretty Eyed Baby", "Ivory Tower", "Money Honey", "Mystery Train", and "Blue Suede Shoes" were recorded in the back of Jack Cullen's record store where he'd broadcast his show. What a find these newly discovered tracks are, a great insight on the group. Then we have two songs recorded by Irene Butler. The Prowlers backing her up on Buddy Knox's smash hit "Hula Love" and Frankie Lymon's "Goody Goody". She would hit later on a song called "The Sock" with her group The Valentines.

Les Vogt's solo tracks stand-alone. Vocally he is very interesting and with an honest love for the music. His cover version of "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)" was a true gem amongst his solo recordings. It had the feel of nothing else he had done up to that point. His versions of the standards "My Blue Heaven" and "Pennies From Heaven" are cool swingers. Les' last attempt was two country songs written by Vogt himself "Here Comes The Rain" and "Just Say Goodnight". Anything Vogt tried worked well and it's a real shame he didn't keep recording. Imagine how different he would have been if he'd had the break of a major label and producer!

This CD has loads of photos, including a rare shot with Gene Vincent and The Prowlers. Canadian writer Wayne Russell writes the very well researched essay. Les became a promoter even as far back as the early 60's. Producing some great productions and always being a major player in the Vancouver scene.

If you like real roots Rock and Roll then this is a must for your collection. A great piece of Canadian history that proves there was Rock and Roll in Canada before the Guess Who!

Track Listing:
The Prowlers: Rock Me Baby - Most Of All - Get A Move On - I'm Feeling Sorry - Don't Be Cruel - Shake, Rattle And Roll - Rip It Up - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again - Happy Whistler - Pretty Eyed Baby - Ivory Tower - Money Honey - Mystery Train - Blue Suede Shoes - Rock Me Baby (alternate take) - Most Of All (alternate take) - Hula Love (with Irene Butler) - Goody Goody (with Irene Butler) Les Vogt: The Blamers - Moon Rocketin' - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) - Teenager's Dream - Preacher Boy - River Flowin' Home - My Blue Heaven - Pennies From Heaven - Here Comes The Rain - Just Say Goodnight
Playing Time 62 minutes

The Next Step Is Elvis:
"Happy Go Lucky Me -
The Paul Evans Songbook"

By: Johnny Vallis - Castle Music #CMRCD715 - Talent is expressed in many ways with music. Elvis was an incredible stage performer and would wrap himself around a sweet lyric, making you, the listener, feel he is speaking directly to you as a friend. His image is the strongest in Rock and Roll music, yet he never wrote his own songs. But he didn't need to. People like Leiber & Stoller, Pomus & Shuman, and Schroeder & Gold, among others, could write musical content just for him and his style. Some of Elvis' early songs were covers of early Doo-Wop.

One of Elvis' underrated writers is Paul Evans. I would call Paul an "un-sung" hero, but that would be incorrect, as so many artists have recorded his songs.

Paul Evans' new CD, "Happy Go Lucky Me - The Paul Evans Songbook", brings us an amazing and long awaited selection of songs. It includes for the first time anywhere, the demo recordings of "Something Blue" and "The Next Step Is Love". These were the demos that Elvis heard himself. I know what some people think of demos, but these are full band arrangements and you can hear where Elvis and his band followed them. Also included are two songs Elvis was holding at the time of his death, "Tender Moments" and "Quiet Desperation". Listening to them, you can really imagine Elvis singing these songs. What a shame for us fans that he never had the chance. Paul also wrote "Blue River" and "I Gotta Know". (There's a "live" version of the song by Paul on the CD).

A very interesting read on Paul and his writing for Elvis is included on his own web site:

Paul wrote many other classics, including "Roses Are Red (My Love)" Bobby Vinton - "Worried Guy" Johnny Tillotson - "Johnny Will" Pat Boone - "When" The Kalin Twins - "The P.T.A." The Coasters - "Dix-a-billy" LaVern Baker - Also Bobby Vee, Burl Ives, Roy Clark, Skeeter Davis, Frankie Lymon, Jackie Wilson, Jimmy Dean, Fabian, Reba McEntire, Nicky and The Nobles, Jim Reeves, Freddy Fender, Tab Hunter, Troy Donahue, Lulu, Cliff Richard, Count Basie and many others. The CD includes Paul's 50s and 60s hit recordings, "Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat", "Midnight Special", and "Happy Go Lucky Me" (which was the theme of John Waters' cult classic, "Pecker"). Also, the 1978 UK hit "Hello, This is Joannie" and a great discovery of an unreleased 1957 Session for RCA!

The sound on this Sanctuary CD is the best you can get. The artwork by Paul Bevoir shows amazing original 45rpm labels, photos, and many rare items including the "Something Blue" picture sleeve. Very detailed and well written notes by Roger Dopson. What a treat to finally hear the writer's demos of Elvis' songs.

Sure miss Elvis. He was one-of-a-kind. I'm glad that Paul Evans and Elvis sounded so good sharing their talents.

Be sure and order your copy today at:

The Sound Of Kathy Young
If you were around buying Pop records in the early 60's you would have run into Kathy's name a number of times. I remember growing up in the early 1980's how I heard "A Thousand Stars" on the cool station that played songs from 25-30 years before. I was so happy to discover a website for Kathy's music. This CD is well put together With a great cover and picture CD. The great Bobby Vee writes the notes on the back. Kathy recorded "A Thousand Stars" when she was only 14! Nicknamed "the Cinderella of Show Business" by DJ's. She toured for 5 years with every major Rock and Roll artist and appeared 4 times on American Bandstand. That's where Kathy received her Gold Record for "A Thousand Stars". Be sure to read up more on her website.

Songs are A Thousand Stars, Angel On My Shoulder, Please Love Me Forever, Lonely Blue Nights Baby Oh Baby, Eddie My Darling, Happy Birthday Blues, Sparkle & Shine, Gee Whiz (Look at his eye) Will You Love Me Tomorrow, Angel Baby, Someone to Love

When you order the CD Kathy will mail you a free 8X10 autographed picture with your order! Check it out at: So let her "capture you with her charms". I wish I could have been there.

Still Kickin Butt - Ronnie Haig
RadioActive Gold Records
Always cool to hear new recordings by someone who was on the scene at the time. Ronnie Haig was one of those people, he was banned in Boston and Cleveland because it was thought that part of his 1958 recording "Don't You Hear Me Calling, Baby" it was said that it contained some bad words, but it didn't. This CD is interesting because Ronnie himself wrote all the songs and played all the tracks while producing it at his home. Ronnie plays his ES-295 Gibson (I own a later model of the same guitar) Alot of hard work and careful thought went into this project. My personal favorite tracks are "Phantom Band" a really neat idea in the song, could be used in a movie. The "Million Dollar Quartet" is a song that talks about a trip to Sun and a warm tribute to the label and Ronnie's heroes. The wordy "I Hope It Don't Never Stop" is a rockin' number that works very well for Ronnie style. Finally "Tattooed Head To Toe" is a song about Ronnie life. One thing that can be said about Ronnie's CD is that he music is honest and from the heart. Nice to hear different styles throughout the album including Doo-Wop, Rock and Roll, Rockabilly and Country Ballads. If Ronnie would have said the crude words they thought he said in his 1958 recordings and released it now along side some underground rap music he would be well accepted. Times have changed. This album is what us Rock and Roll and Doo-Wop fans enjoy. Keep writing good songs Ronnie!

Complete Song Listing:
Didn't You Hear Me Calling Baby / Million Dollar Quartet / Do The Bop / All My Friends Are There / You Made A Promise To Me / The Wrong Side Of Town / I Don't Drive No Cadillac / The Phantom Band / The Magic Train / Cut My Teeth On Rock 'n' Roll / The Genesis Of Rock 'n' Roll / Rockabilly Queen / She's My Baby / Haig's Boogie / When Doo Wop Was Young / Let's Make Love All Night / The Ballad Of Ronnie Haig / Gonna Have A Good Time Blues / Don't Tell Me No Iies / House Of Blue Lights / I Hope I Don't Never Stop / Tattooed Head To Toe

Get your signed copy direct from Ronnie at:

Or order yours today at:

Paul Evans - Roses Are Red, My Love
WizWorks Records - WW1110CD
The CD starts off with a powerful opening, "Build An Ark" is a wonderful song written by Paul himself. You can't help but playing it again prior to moving on to the next song. As a writer Paul can pick songs that suits him that other writers have written. "To Make You Feel My Love" written by Bob Dylan suits Paul's voice. When two of his friends got married they asked Paul to sing this, I'm glad they did. Jimmy Wisner (who produced the CD along with Paul) wrote "Dot Com Blues" along with Joe McMahon Jr. A neat song about dealing with the internet. What can you say about the classic "Roses Are Red (My Love)" that hasn't been said? Written by Paul and Al Byron it became a huge hit for Bobby Vinton and also for the great Jim Reeves. Not including the demo, Paul finally has a chance to do his own full version. In true Paul Evans style "Rosemaria" has an amazing hook. Hours after the CD is off, you will find stuck in your head. Great lyric by Bruce Pollock. The Kalin Twins had a hit with the next song written with Jack Reardon "When". The updated version has a few surprises. Including a Spanish Lyric by Eugenia Swinson and Brenson Bradley Rapping. I thought of idea of it was strange when I first heard it. But it has been put together so well it works! So neat to hear a song written in the 1950's to have a few new ideas. Further proof that if a song has good word and music, you can apply it. Nothing beats a sweet ballad. Joe McMahon's "By An Oleander Tree" is a real moving song. Paul sings his heart out, you'll have chills running down your spine. Paul Parnes and Paul did a great job writing "Hangin' Out and Hangin' In" - Great country song. I like the old fashioned Neighbor feeling when Paul sings his own song "Good Neighbor". I like a song about heartache, one that tears you up. "Angel With A Broken Wing" by Larry Rush and Paul just does that. The sad truth helps write songs. "Weekend Daddy" was written with Paul Parnes to express his sadness on being separated from his young daughter. The CD ends with a version of "Amazing Grace" with two extra verses written by Paul.

Jimmy Wisner (who had a major hit "Asia Minor" which he wrote, produced and performed under the name Kokomo) and Paul Evans produced the CD. Paul's voice is as good as it was back when he recorded his hits in the late 50's. Four thumbs up! Can't listen to it alone, can you?

Copies can be ordered at:

Old Man Jazz - Frankie Laine
By: Johnny Vallis

Music lovers and collectors have different views on what they they "need" in their collection. Often a "best of" is what people desire, others have personal favorites they search out. Frankie Laine is an artist that many start with a copy of one of his many gold records (too many to list), then decide to look for more recordings that suit their taste. You can find Pop, Country, Easy Listening and Jazz. Jazz has a special part in Frankie partly because he started recording as a Jazz artist back in 1944.

Old Man Jazz is a treasure of songs written by Jack Segal. Recorded in 1994 in Hollywood (long awaited by fans). Starting the album with some Be Bop Frankie explains what it was with all the greats of jazz, he should know he met them all. "Too Soon Old" was a song I enjoyed when I heard it the first time. The words ring out so true and the tune compliments it. "When Joanna Loved Me" and "When Sunny Gets Blue" were hits in the 50's. Proof that good songs can stand the test of time. "You're The Greatest Thing" a touching moment with a great story of almost getting the love he wanted. "Heavy Breathing" has clever music and lyrics, in pure Laine style displaying what has kept him in demand for years. Trying new things. "More Love" beautiful ballad with gentle vocal about how he could have given more in the relationship. "The Best Of Love" the sweet lyrics grab you in this ballad. "You fell asleep in my arms and woke up in my heart". "After Me" Great play on words in this song. "After me, they'll be after you". "Here's To The Losers" I've always enjoyed this song, even better now to have a version by Frankie.

Other songs include: Dandelion Wine, Keep Going Back To Jo's, I Don't Remember, From Time To Time

Not many singers stand the test of time or record different styles doing them all equally as well. When others would have quit or retired some have to keep going. This album is proof that Frankie Laine is one of the greatest artists of our time. Much needed in any serious music collection.

For your copy please go to:

Tommy Hill - Get Ready Baby
Bear Family Records BCD 15709-AH

Tommy is known as the producer of Starday's many trucker records from the 60's and '70's by such artists as Johnny Bond, Red Sovine, Willis Brothers and Cowboy Copas. During the 1950's Tommy played shows with many great artists such as Smiley Burnette, Jim Reeves Johnny Horton and one of the last to perform with Hank Williams Sr. He also had a regular spot on the Louisiana Hayride. Tommy wrote one of Web Pierce's major hits "Slowly" in 1954. His own solo career came to an end in 1959 when Tommy decided to join Starday as there A&R man. This great 1958 session includes such talented musicians such as: Hank Garland, Kenny Hill, D.J. Fontana, Floyd Cramer and Ace Cannon. Every song on the CD is written by Tommy himself. This is one of those CD's you listen to, then have to re-play because the songs get caught in your head. Very re-freshing songwriting, great voice... honest music. Very enjoyable. As always Bear Family's booklet gives you a number of great photos. Including one with Johnny Horton and Hank Williams Sr! The notes are written by Colin Escott. At 71 years old, Tommy still produces many artists including Johnny Bush and Garland Hackney's (Hack and The '57's) "Everything's Cool" CD for the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame label. Be sure to check out Tommy Hill's RHOF site for more information.

Billy Adams - Legacy - Screen Door Records

Billy Adams is a true Rockabilly artist. This release proves that it will take a while to slow him down. Billy first contacted Sun Studio while he was on the road in 1955 and told them "I am Billy Adams from Kentucky, a fifteen year old boy with a record". It wasn't until 1998 he entered Sun Studio and said " I am Billy Adams from Kentucky and although it took me 43 years to get here, here I am!" Billy arrived with enough original rockabilly songs to do a double CD. On the session is James Lott on electric guitar, Pete Scully on drums and Scott Bomar on the upright bass. Billy re-makes some of his earlier recording "Rock Pretty Mama", "You Heard Me Knockin'", "You've Gotta Have A Duck Tail" and "That's My Baby". So nice to hear them again. This album rock and rolls from beginning to end. The new songs are great and are written to match the songs that were done in the 1950's. Excellent sound recorded at the Legendary Sun Studio. You can hear Billy early influences such as Carl Perkins, Charlie Rich, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis. Legacy has 17 tracks and is truly a great deal for your money. If you like Rockabilly, you'll love Billy Adams.

See Billy's Page for more information

Editor's Note: Billy has recorded over 100 gospel songs, I hope they will release a package of those recordings to CD. Along with a 50's rockabilly CD.

Ken Davis "ECHO ROCK"
- EA-R 90128 (Eagle Records)

"Shook Shake" and "Gone Again" have appeared on a number of rock'n'roll compilation CD's worldwide. There is so much more to singer/songwriter Ken Davis. In 1997 Ken was given the idea by friends and fellow people in the "business" to record songs that he never had a chance to record.

Those "friends" included Rocky Kruegel, of Rocky's Records in Oak Creek, Wisconsin; Mike Muskovitz, Mean Mountain Music in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Paul Kosel, Eagle Records in Germany. So, "just for the fun of it," Ken put together a group of musicians: Dean Lange, lead guitar; Maggie Lange, electric bass; and Jon Bolton, drums. In August of '98 they went into the recording studio of Miracle Sound, Oak Creek, Wisconsin, and put down 11 songs. Engineers, Paul Dry and Tom Williams assisted in recapturing the "raw sound" of the '50s.
THE PAST...........
"Shook Shake" and "Echo Rock" are really cool songs that were recorded at Starlight's "Garage Studio". They capture the great raw sound of the late 50's recordings. "Gone Again" catchy Rock and Roll song and "Oh, So Blue" is a ballad that has been stated as a "Jack Scott sounding ballad". I'm sure Ken has been requested for this touching song a number of times, I played it a number of times. Both were recorded in 1959 at the Oklahoma City Studio." The Next Little Town" reminds of a Marty Robbins/Ricky Nelson type song, "Because I'm Blue" is a song that really moves, with great harmony. "Sittin' Pretty" and "Bundle Of Lovin'" were recorded with The Country Gentleman and The Honeybees in Early 1958 at Pfau Recording Studio.

40 YEARS LATER............
"Rockin' By Our Lonesome" is included on The Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Volume #4 amongst a number other great artists. "Hiding Behind A Smile" has very clever lyrics, I love the clean guitar sound on this session. It's always nice to hear songs that have a story, "What Would I do Without Dreams" is one of those songs. "Wild Rose" has a neat groove to it, I like the spoken part at the end where Ken says "Wild Rose ain't wild no more, no more thorns..... well maybe a few little ones. Can't be perfect ya know". The tune for "In The Middle Of A Bridge" gives the ear a treat. I really believe the song could be included in a movie. "Love Me By The Golden Rules" is something that Buddy Holly would have recorded during his Decca days. Here is a cute song about "The Happy Little Man" and his funny dog. It has a Western Swing to it. "Lorreli From Lorain" is a very country sounding song. I believe that if "Cutie Pie" was recorded in the fifties it would have been a hit! "Gonna Walk Right Out Of The Picture" has a neat chord changes, heartbreaking lyrics. "I'll Keep Riding" is an upbeat tune to end the "Miracle Sound" session. The CD ends with 3 unreleased demos "Unfair To You", "That's Chicadee", "Starla Rae", and the follow-up single Starlight - 1002 "Uh-Huh, That's Right", "Without Her Love".

Every song on the CD was written by Ken Davis. With 10 re-mastered recordings from '58 - '62; 3 unreleased demos; and the entire session.

This disc runs very nicely with his early recordings first, then the 1998 session followed by the bonus demos. It's very rare that mixing a disc with early and new recordings plays well with the ear, but this CD really surprised me on how it can come together as a great package mixing the two together. The booklet includes some great vintage shots and great liner notes and discography by Ken Davis and Bob Timmers.

If you mention "RAVE ON REVIEWS" in your letter you can get a deal on this great CD!
USA orders $12 (includes the postage)
Foreign Orders $15 (includes the postage)

The CD can be purchased by sending a check or money order to:
Ken Davis
4352 Woodview Lane
Racine, WI 53404-1220

Clay Glover Scrapbook - Vol. 1
A CD full of great memories in the form of recordings and photos. Clayton Glover played drums with a number of interesting people. First on the disc is Tooter Boatman singing "Striving Kind" (a great rocker) and "How Many Times" (a country ballad), they were recorded at a radio station and stored away for over 20 years. Tooter has his own unique style, it's a real treat to hear him. Clay had his own group called the "Big Spenders". Ila & Clay Glover w/Bob Church on Guitar. "Give Her Anything" is a neat song "Michigan Lottery" is a funny song, I played it a few times in a row when I first heard it. He sings vocals on them. The next couple of tracks we have Tooter Boatman with just his guitar singing "My Mind Playing Tricks" and "You Are So Bad" (recorded within a week of his death). Followed by Sonny Rister with a full band arrangement of "My Mind Playing Tricks" and "You Are So Bad". Tooter and Sonny's versions are very different, you can like one or the other. It's up to you, I enjoyed them both.
Barb Rister adds "Little Man-Big Ideals" she doesn't want presents, just her man's love. If you like Drumming, you'll really like "Love Drums" from 1965 with Clay going all out on this track! I found Chris Herrera to be quite interesting, "Buda Buda" sounds very much like a hit. The Dean Beard Big Band close out the disc with two great songs "Crazy Gringo" and "Night Train". There are two mixes on these songs. I liked both songs alot and found "Crazy Gringo" to be a little strange, but found it hard not to laugh along. "Night Train" is track that I wish I could see this band do in concert. HOT! The Clay Glover Scrapbook is a great concept and I look forward to Volume 2!
Clay Glover ScrapBook
P.O. Box 301
HANOVER, MI 49241-0301
Send $15.00 plus $2.00 postage. Make Money Order or Check payable to Clay Glover.
Check out Clay's Web Site for more information.

Mac Curtis - Early In The Morning
Bluelight Records BLR-3367-2
It is always great to see a Rock and Roll artist release a good Country album. Such was the case back in 1970 on GRT Records with this project produced by Tommy Allsup. Most of the songs titles you'll recognize, but the treatment the songs get you won't. Mac has a way of making all these songs on this album fit together for such a nice musical journey. Other then the classic 1950's songs like "Early In The Morning", "Maybelline" and "Ain't That A Shame". There are some excellent songs that Mac wrote himself on this album. Songs like "I'd Run A Mile", "Blues Man" and one song I believe is completely under-rated "When The Hurt Moves In". Such a neat version of "Him or Me" (originally done by Paul Revere and The Raiders). "Stagger Lee" , "Big Boss Man" and "I Got A Woman" get the special Mac Curtis Rockin' feeling. "Baby What You Want Me To Do", brings some bluey sounds whilst "Gulf Stream Line" takes back to the true Country sound.
The musicianship on the album is amongst the best in the business in the 70's people such as Tommy Allsup, D.J. Fontana, Charlie McCoy, Billy Sanford, Jerry Stembridge, Jerry Smith, Leon Rhodes, Lloyd Green, Jimmy Capps, Ron Oates, Joe Zinkham, John Wesley Ryles and The Lea Jane Singers.
Lastly, the project sounds fabulous on the CD, the re-mastered sound tops it off. So site back and enjoy the great sounds and talents of Mac Curtis.
Special Thanks to: Mika Myyrylainen

A Farewell Legacy -- Eddie Sulik
LS 1000-003 -
Just when you think you have heard all the talented artists of the 1950-60's, you haven't. Eddie Sulik is one of these people. The CD is a treat all the way through, one can only imagine if Eddie had a chance to record on Cadence Records. Eddie was invited to New York by Archie Bleyer to discuss a music publishing and recording deal. Chet Atkins was planning to attend the meeting as well. The night before the meeting, Eddie was killed in a car accident. These recordings were left un-released for 34 years, until Eddie's Son (Edward Michael Sulik) decided to release this heartfelt tribute to his Father. The package is very well put together with excellent sound and great clear pictures. Twelve of the thirteen songs are written by Eddie, every song has a different styling to them. Songs are: Puppy Love, Heartbeat, Lovesick Blues, Twist All Night, Bounty Hunter Dale, Where Can She Be, Anna Marie, Hard Rock Hattie, Lover, Only Foolin', Anna Marie w/girls, Who, Make You Mine. The last song has an interesting note. It is a work tape which was 45 seconds long. With some excellent editing work this song has been put together into a 2 minute song! If no-one told you, you'd never know ...
Listen to sound files of Eddie with The Echoes on the web site ( read the history, enjoy the legacy.
Check out the Eddie Sulik Web Site at:
Also his Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Page at:

The Big "D" Jamboree LIVE - Vols. 1 & 2
(C)(P)2000 Dragon Street Records

What I wouldn't do to go back to the 1950's to see and hear my favorite artists perform "in person". This double CD set gets me as close to my wishes as I can in the year 2000.

I consider the all-round package to be extremely well put together. The booklet makes for great reading with information on the Big "D" Jamboree and biography's on the performers. The sound is great when you think of other live recordings from the period of 1956-1959, the producers then and now have done a superb job.

Some of the tracks are Johnny Cash "I Walk The Line", "Get Rhythm", "So Doggone Lonesome", so great to hear un-heard live tracks from Johnny Cash. Then we have Carl Perkins sings "That's all Right", "Blue Suede Shoes", "Slippin & Slidin'", "Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby". Warren Smith is noted as one of the top performers at Sun, I agree when he sings "Black Jack David", "Rock & Roll Ruby", "Hound Dog". Wanda Jackson does "No Wedding Bells For Joe". Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps perform the classic tunes "Blue Jean Bop", "Lotta Lovin'", and "Dance To The Bop" (don't forget the "Lost Dallas Sessions" DCD-70198 for more great Gene Vincent!). Cowboy Copas perform "Tragic Romance". Jerry Reed is rockin on his cut "Mr. Whizz". Then we have Ferlin Husky is a classy singer was a great treat to hear "Aladdin's Lamp". For "A Good Woman's Love" and "You Can't Never Tell" only done the way Hank Locklin can do it. I had to play Sherry Davis' "Chime Bells" a few a number of times, this lady can yodel! (I'm going to look for other recordings by her). "Groovey" Joe Poovey - was introduced to me when I heard the fantastic CD "Greatest Grooves" DCD-70199, if you don't have any of Joe Poovey recordings you are missing out. He does his classic "Move Around" on this set. Charline Arthur does "Welcome To The Club" and "What About Tomorrow". Another cool rocker that I listen to alot is Johnny Carroll he sings Dale Hawkins Rock and Roll standard "Suzy Q" and a great ballad "I'll Wait" The Belew Twins are a neat group performing "Rockin' Bones", "Hot Dog Buddy Buddy" and "Black Slacks". Sid King and the Five Strings have the crowd out of control when they do "Booger Red". Johnny Dollar is a great artist and I was glad to find the CD "Mr. Action Packed" - DCD-70298, he does a great version of "Great Balls of Fire". I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the talents of Orville Couch doing "Easy Does It". Ronnie Dawson appears as Ronnie Dee and The D Men performing two rockin' songs "30 Days" and "Johnny B. Goode". There are so many songs and acts to mention! 54 tracks in total.

Tons of hard work and love was put forward to make this project a success, you can tell. The CD's are grouped together with the "Hillbillies" on Disc 1 and "Rockabillies" on Disc 2 whichmakes for easy listening. I'm glad I didn't miss out on the fun of the Big "D". You'll enjoy the journey also. We need more music like this....

Be sure to check out:

Buddy Knox -
A Rock and Roll Tribute

(GEE-DEE CD 270153-2)

A very fitting tribute to Buddy Knox. All of Buddy's biggest hits are including on this package. Even if you already have the RHINO CD or another set on Buddy, this one is worth it for it's great photo on the cover and inside. To my surprise all the liner notes were 100% correct. These aren't the original recordings, but taken from three recordings sessions, 1979, 1982, 1985. Buddy's voice on these sessions were as good as the 50's. I really believe that "I Named My Little Girl Holly" (a song in tribute to friend/musician Buddy Holly) one of the greatest tribute songs I have heard. Other then "Party Doll", "Hula Love", "Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep" there are so many rare Buddy Knox tracks such as "Kokomo Island" (my favorite), "Travelin' Light", "Restless" and not to forget "Sweet Country Music". Plus 22 more songs!!

Track Listing: Party Doll / Ooby Dooby / Rock House / Devil Woman / Long, Lonely Nights / Lovey Dovey / Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep / I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself / Somebody Touched Me / Maybellene / Honky Tonk Man / Little Ditty Baby / Knock-Need Nellie / Hula Love / Bip Bop Boom / Blue Levi Jeans / Hambone / Storm Clouds / I'm Looking For Someone To Love / Ling Ting Tong / Restless / Too Much Fun / Lotta Lovin' / Kokomo Island / Hole In The Ground / Sweet Country Music / Nebraska Sunrise / Travellin' Light / I Named My Little Girl Holly

Buddy told me that he really liked the "Dave Travis" sessions. I can see why, they are great and I'm glad they are released in such a classy package on this great GEE-DEE Music CD. I know Buddy would have loved this disc.

Pick up your copy at: or email them at: - Johnny Vallis,

Dale Hawkins - Wildcat Tamer
Mystic Music 54322-2

I would say that Dale Hawkins is back.... But the truth is that Dale never went anywhere. He has been recording since 1956. Everyone knows the classic "Susie Q" and also the famous musicians that helped make Dale's sound, people such as Floyd Cramer, Scotty Moore, Roger Miller, Carl Adams, Kenny Paulsen, Roy Buchanan, Joe Osborn and James Burton (just a name a few). Not only has Dale recorded great songs, but he has a great talent for Producing, he has produced: Bruce Channel (Hey Baby), Ronnie Self, Savanna, Harry Nilsson and many more to his credit.
                 This CD would be a great addition to your rock and roll collection. Dale's new CD has 14 songs, 9 of which he had his hand in the writing. Recorded at Dale's "Hawk's Nest Studio" and fully produced by Dale, the only thing Dale doesn't do is hand deliver you the disc to you at your home! Way to go Dale!

WILDCAT TAMER - A rockin' way to start an album! You'll have to replay this one a few times before moving on.
NATURAL MAN - Very Snappy tune great vocals and guitar solos.
BORN IN LOUISIANA - Cool Louisiana Blues sound in this tune.
GOIN' DOWN THE ROAD - This track will hook you very quick. The dobro is hot and wild, great highway driving music.
CHANGE GAME - What a great "live" song this would be. The song moves.
FIRE - You can see some of Dale's roots coming out of this track.
HAT TRICK - This has to be one of my favorite Dale Hawkins songs ever. Since getting this CD I often play this track over and over. It reminds me of the modern Rolling Stones sound. Clever lyrics!
IRENE - Different then I have ever heard this song. Dale really gets into it.
SUMMER TIME DOWN SOUTH - Great finger pickin' tune. Such a relaxing tune.
COUNTRY GIRL - This track is a great dance track. His country girl is always there!
EVERY WAY I CAN - Blues at it's best. The groove on this track is hits the right spot.
TAKE IT HOME - Relaxed Blues... Very refreshing!
PROMISED LAND - A Chuck Berry Classic, done in the "Hawk's" style. Nice twist to it and sounds very unique.
SUSIE Q - A Modern version of the classic song.

Paul Evans -
"I Was Part of the '50's"

This CD is a real treat to listen to from beginning to end. The sound is excellent on all tracks. The booklet has a number of photos and lots of information inside. Paul Evans is a great writer, but also a fabulous singer. I have given a comment on each track. If you enjoy the '50 music and you don't have Paul Evans recordings, you should grab a few. If you have the original records, you'd enjoy this CD as it has a number of hard to find and never-before released masters. I hope to see a Volume 2, Paul?

Now for the review -
"I Was a Part of the 50's" Track List:

1. I WAS A PART OF THE 50's - Very rarely do I enjoy the "I Remember..." type songs. I find they never bridge the generations together. This song talks about the 50's and has a great tune with lyrics that are true to Paul's personal fond memories of that period. Great start to the CD.
2. SEVEN LITTLE GIRLS (SITTING IN THE BACK SEAT) - Always a pleasure to hear this major hit from Paul's early days.
3. MIDNIGHT SPECIAL - Great moving track! You can see how he influenced John Fogerty and many others with this recording.
4. HAPPY-GO-LUCKY ME - I've always enjoyed this track, the banjo solo with Paul laughing in the breaks is lots of fun.
5. HONEY LOVE - Cool rhythm on this track with a dirty sax solo.
6. BRIGADE OF BROKEN HEARTS - Very clever lyric. Listen very close... very good.
7. AFTER THE HURRICANE - Another great rocker! After you play this track it's always best to play it again. The thunder adds to mood.
8. HUSHABYE, LITTLE GUITAR - Neat song about a singer and his friend "the guitar". Vocals are unique, works very well.
9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA - This track reminds me of "Battle Of New Orleans", it great song about the USA
10. HELLO, THIS IS JOANNIE (THE TELEPHONE ANSWERING MACHINE SONG) - What a catchy song. The hook in the song is a songwriters dream. Great story! The song should have gone #1.
11. HANGIN' OUT AND HANGIN' IN - Cool Country track. Deep lyric and again a great hook.
12. BYE BYE LOVE - Modern version of the Everly Brothers classic. As a songwriter Paul has the talent to move the verse to the front and put the front of the song as we know as a hook. It really has a great effect.
13. WILLIE'S SUNG WITH EVERYONE (BUT ME) - Somebody grab Willie so Paul can sing with him! A funny song.
14. I GOTTA KNOW- So nice to hear the songwriter sing this song. What a great version. The ending is different from Elvis', but works very well.
15. WHAT DO YOU KNOW? - Shame RCA never pushed this song more in 1957. It should have charted somewhere. Paul could always sing!
16. ROSES ARE RED - Pretty song. Again, great to hear the writer sing the song.
17. WHEN - Nice version just with guitar and nice harmony's by Jack Reardon.
18. INTERVIEW - Conducted by Gary Theroux. Very interesting comments about the songs, history and his career. It reprises to the title song. What a journey.

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