Do you believe in miracles from God? Miracles are something I really believe in. I know there are a lot of people who don't believe in miracles. Sure they say they believe in them, but do they really? I have seen a lot of miracles in my life. I have seen many miracles happen to other people but I am only going to tell about the ones that have happened to me. My mother was a very devout Christian. She was a Christian from the time she was six years old and I always believed she had the gift of healing. Whenever any of us in the family was sick we wanted her to pray for us. Maybe when you read some of the stories I've got to tell maybe you'll believe too.

When I was fourteen years old, it was a hot summer day in Phoenix and my brothers and I were sleeping in the back yard. I guess we were probably the most rowdy boys that ever grew up. As a matter of fact I'm surprised we did grow up. We had these old fold up metal cots that we were sleeping on. Along the edge of them the metal was real sharp. My brothers and I were having a pillow fight standing on top of the beds. I don't remember which brother I was fighting with at the time but he swung the pillow at me and I stepped backwards. My foot just missed the edge of the bed and my shin went down and hit the sharp edge of the bed. All the skin on my shin was scrapped to the bone. Matter of fact you could see the bone. There was a stream of blood shooting out with every heartbeat. Well, I yelled for momma and went running for the back door. She met me at the back door and when she saw the blood spurting she laid her hand on my leg and quoted a verse out of the bible and the blood immediately stopped. It didn't bleed another drop. It took 38 stitches to sew it up. Now tell me when blood is spurting and a verse from the bible is quoted and the bleeding stops immediately could that possibly be a miracle? When I was sixteen we were in California riding down highway one on the coast. Dad was driving. Momma and I were in the front seat with my 3 brothers, and my sister in the back seat. We were following a woman in a big Buick. When my dad started to pass her he saw a car up the road coming around a curve so he backed off and pulled back in behind the woman. The car coming toward us was a Cadillac and the car started coming across the yellow line and into our lane. It all happened so fast but I can still see it in my mind just like it was yesterday. The Cadillac hit the Buick head on. We were right behind the Buick and there was no way we were not going to be involved in the crash. I heard momma cry “Jesus“. Our car stopped immediately. No one was even slightly rocked forward in their seat. The Buick spun around right in front of us and I can still see the woman falling over in her seat as the car spun in front of us. The Buick missed the front of our car by about two feet as it spun. The man in the Cadillac had a heart attack, and had died, causing him to come over the line. Later we were looking at the skid marks and our car had slid about five feet. No car going sixty-five miles an hour can stop in five feet. Our car had stopped immediately and no one had even been thrown out of their seat. We should have all been killed too. This was a miracle.

When I was eighteen we were working in the potato fields like we always did every summer. This year I was riding on the digger and breathing all the dust made me sick. I only faintly remember things but I do remember them taking me to the hospital. The doctor said I had double dust pneumonia and if they had waited two more hours I would have been dead. They immediately put me in an oxygen tent. While I was floating in and out of conciseness God gave me a vision that I still remember to this day. In this vision God showed me standing in front of a crowd of probably a million people and I was playing a musical instrument and singing. At the time I did play the guitar but there was no way I would get up in front of anyone and sing. I forgot all about this vision until many years later. After fifty years of singing in clubs and in shows all over the United States and in Viet Nam I probably had sang in front of a million people. God had showed me what I would do with my life. I truly believe God was preparing for what he had for me to do later in my life. It is a miracle I lived through it.

In 1968 I was driving from Colorado Springs to California to leave my wife with my parents while I went to Viet Nam. We were in New Mexico out in the desert; it was about 4 or 5 in the morning. I was driving about 85 miles an hour on a two-lane road. When I came over a hill a pick-up pulling a house trailer pulled out into the road right in front of me. Faster than you can think I pulled the wheel to the right and here we went out into the rough New Mexico desert at eighty five miles an hour. The car went sideways one way then the other throwing dirt all over the place. We finally slid over into a gully and the car stopped. No one was hurt, not even a scratch. While I was outside looking at the car to see if there was any damage I noticed a small dent in the front fender. It was about a quarter of an inch deep and about two inches long with white paint in it. I had nicked that house trailer. That was close. Can you imagine what would have happened if I would have hit it full force. With me going eighty-five miles an hour and the trailer about five miles an hour I would have went all the way through it and killed us all. Another miracle from God.

In 1975 I was living in Maryland and had a painting business. I was driving down a country road going to my partner's house and not paying much attention to my driving when a voice told me to buckle up my seat belt and watch the cars coming towards me. This wasn't just some mild warning it was like a voice was screaming at me. I buckled my seat belt right away and started watching the cars closely. There were two cars coming towards me and just before they got to me the car behind whipped out and started to pass the other one. I immediately jerked the wheel to the right and went into the dirt beside the road. The car went right by me in my lane. If I hadn't been paying such close attention we would have hit head on. I knew right then it had been God who had warned me and saved my life. Another miracle. The same thing happened to me again in 1978. I was playing a music show in Taft California and on my way home a voice just like the last time warned me to watch the cars coming towards me. After what had happened to me in 75 I listened to the voice. There were two cars coming towards me at a high rate of speed and believe me I was watching them very close. Just before they got to me the car in the rear whipped out right into my lane. If I hadn't been watching closely and ready to yank the wheel I would have never been able to get out of the way in time. I was all the way into the dirt at seventy miles an hour. The car went right by me in my lane probably doing about eighty miles an hour. I could have never reacted that fast. It was another miracle from God. He saved my life one more time. In 1978 I was working at an oil refinery in Elk Hills. I had been coughing a lot and one day I started coughing up blood. I went to see my doctor and he took ex-rays of my chest. After he looked at them he said he wanted to get a second and third opinion. All three of the doctors said I had lung cancer and they wanted to do some biopsies to see how bad it was. Of course I called momma and had her and the church pray for me. I went into the hospital and they did the biopsies. The next two weeks waiting for the results was two of the longest weeks I have ever had. When the doctor called me to come to his office for the results I was scared. He told me that they had not found anything. No cancer. Not anything. He said he didn't understand it. But I did. Another miracle from God.

This is probably one of the greatest miracles in my life. Really it was two miracles involving the same incident. Most of my young life I had a chronic back problem. Sometimes when I would get up to walk it would take me a few steps to straighten up. In 1981 I was working at a refinery running a high-pressure water blaster. There was ten thousand pounds of pressure coming out a hole the size of a pencil lead. Holding on to the hose when you pulled the trigger was enough to knock some men down. One guy that

weighed about 150 pounds came up one day and asked if he could try it. When he pulled the trigger it lifted him off the ground. This is just to show you how hard it was to hold on to the blast gun. Back to the story. I injured my back after running the blaster for about fourteen months. I was blasting with it one day and I backed up into a big pipe that was 700 degrees. Well I jumped and I didn't let go of the trigger fast enough and it knocked me over backwards. It blew out two discs in my back. The doctors told me if I didn't have back surgery I would be crippled for life. I decided to have the back surgery. The doctors said the disc's were blown apart so bad they couldn't find all the pieces. These are some things to tell you my state of mind at the time. In September my third wife left me and cleaned me out. In October a drunk lady ran a stop sign and killed my dad in a car wreck and in November I had to have back surgery. After the back surgery I was helpless. I couldn't even reach to wipe myself when I went to the bathroom. I couldn't even roll over in bed. I had to grab the sheets and pull myself over. Luckily I had a girl friend at the time that had to totally take care of me. The doctors said I would never do any hard work again in my life or be able to do anything that required much physical exertion. They rated me at 45 percent legally disabled. With everything that had happened I really got depressed. Sometimes I didn't care if I lived or died. I was taking codeine Tylenol and somas and I wasn't supposed to drink any alcohol because it could kill me. I finally was able to go back to work at the Roadway Inn in Bakersfield playing music. I had to sit on a stool and even that hurt. One night I was depressed and I started drinking. I really got drunk. I had to be taken home that night because I couldn't drive. A lot about that night I don't remember but my girl friend said I was in the bathroom lying on the floor. She said she heard me talking to my dad, who had just died the month before, telling him “yes I really would like to see you but I'm not ready to go yet”. She said when she came into the bathroom to see what was the matter I wasn't breathing and my heart had stopped beating. Now this part I remember just like it was yesterday. I was up at the ceiling looking down at my body lying there on the floor. She was shaking me and slapping me saying you're not going to die on me you SOB. One of the things I really remember was while I was looking down at myself was that I didn't have any emotions about me lying there dead. I really didn't care. The next thing I know I was waking up the next morning. I asked her, was I lying on the bathroom floor last night? She said yes. When I told her everything I had seen she was surprised. She said that's exactly how it happened. Anyway I believe God had brought me back from death. From that day on my back started getting better. That was in 1981 and I'm writing this in 2012 and to this day I have not had a backache. Not any back trouble. I went back to doing hard work in the oil fields. Climbing one hundred, two hundred foot towers. In 1996 I passed all physical tests and joined the Department of Corrections. Now you tell me how many people do you know that have had back surgery and 31 years later have not had a backache at all. None. I believe on that night when God brought me back to life he healed me and gave me a brand new back. I would like somebody to tell me that was not a miracle. In 1993 my son Mel Jr. called me and said he wanted me to come up to Portland Oregon to get him because him and his wife were splitting up. He said some guys where he worked were threatening to kill him and he wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I loaded myself, my wife, my stepdaughter, and baby daughter up and we headed to Portland. I had been driving about ten hours and it was late at night when I fell asleep at the wheel. This happened so fast but I can still see it in my mind in slow motion. A tractor-trailer was parked by the side of the road and I guess I thought they were driving down the road. When I woke up I was flying about eighty miles an hour right toward the back of a parked semi truck. Before I even had time to think about it I yanked the wheel to the left real hard. I just missed the truck but the Honda went all the way across the road right toward the center divider. I yanked it back the other way and I was all over the road. There is no way I could have controlled that car. But it straightened right out and no one was hurt. A split second more and we would have all been dead. I know that night God had his hand on the wheel.

One night on my way to work in Tehachapi I was driving down highway 58. I was driving a little Mitsubishi pickup. It was about nine fifteen and no one was on the road but me. There was no moon and it was real dark. When I dropped over the hill towards the Arvin turnoff I remember looking down at my speedometer and I was doing 87 miles an hour. When I got close to the bottom of the hill, from out of nowhere there was two bales of hay. All of a sudden they were just there. There was no way I could avoid them. I hit them both with the left side of the truck. My truck went airborne and I remember thinking “well it's over”. As the truck went airborne it was also rolling over to the right and all I could think of was, this is it. I remember just before I hit the bales that I had clamped both hands down on the steering wheel but there is no way I could have had the strength to hold that truck straight. When the truck did finally come down it jerked towards the center divider but I held it straight and got the truck stopped. It had done over three thousand dollars worth of damage on the front of my truck but I didn't even have a scratch. I know this was another time God spared my life.

In 2005 I had to have gall bladder surgery. It was an out patient surgery and I was supposed to be back to work in two weeks. Well I knew the night after my surgery that something wasn't right. I was having bad pains and I started feeling worse and worse. I was walking the floor all night and thank God my daughter Wendy was there and stayed all night to help me in and out of my chair. As the days went on I kept getting sicker and sicker. Finally they talked me into going to the hospital. While I was in the emergency room I started having convulsions and I really thought I was going to die. If it hadn't been for my daughter Tracy hanging on to me and telling me to hang on I think I probably would have died then and there. The doctors discovered that I had three bacteria in my blood stream. E-coli, pneumonia and some other one that I can't remember. They immediately admitted me to the hospital. Of course I called my brothers and my sister and asked them to pray for me. Most people when they get that many bacteria in their blood stream it kills them. Well the prayers worked. I'm still here. Another miracle.

One night while I was asleep I woke up and I couldn't breathe. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get even a small breath. I jumped out of bed about to panic. I really thought I was going to die. My wife Carol jumped up and asked what's the matter. I could only point to my throat. She told me to get my pajamas on and ran out of the room and I thought she was going to get our daughter Tracy and son-in-law Mark to come and help me. Later I found out she thought I was hyperventilating and she was going to get a paper bag to put over my head. Would you believe that? You would have to know Carol to appreciate that. Well I thought I was going to die and since I always sleep in the nude the only thing I could think of was that I didn't want to be lying here in the floor dead and in the nude. I was trying to get my pajamas on so at least I could have some clothes on. What a thing to think of when you think you are dying huh! I could feel myself getting light headed and I thought here I go. All of a sudden in my mind I cried GOD HELP ME. Immediately I started breathing. He spared me again. Another miracle from God.

In the early part of 2009 I started having bad chest pains at work. These pains were so bad that when I had them I would break out in a cold sweat. I also noticed I was having a sore throat all the time. Finally I decided to get it checked out. I had triple by-pass heart surgery in 1997 and I thought maybe I'd better get it checked out. My heart doctor scheduled me for a stress test. While I was doing the tread mill test I started having the chest pains. About halfway through the test they stopped the test. I asked them “what's the matter”? My doctor told me that one of my by-passes from 1997 had collapsed. Then a miracle happened. While he was in there he accidentally discovered that I had an abdominal aortic aneurysm. This was bad news. If an aneurysm bursts you are dead before they can get you to the hospital. The doctor said that's it, you are not going back to work. Two weeks after that my blood pressure went up to 204 over 154 with a heart rate of 157. I was taken to the hospital. If I had been at work they probably couldn't have gotten me to the hospital in time. Another little bit of help from God.

I know there have been other miracles in my life and when I think of them I will probably write about them. And there may be other miracles for me that haven't happened yet. Even if there wasn't anymore for the rest of my life I really have to be thankful for the ones that have happened to me. I have told the truth on all of the ones that I have written about here. If you read these can you really say that miracles don't happen? I don't think so. Miracles do still happen. I really feel sorry when I hear people say they don't believe in god. Believe me people GOD IS REAL. I don't know why God has spared me so many times but I'm glad he did. I WILL BE GRATEFUL TO HIM FOR ALL ETERNITY.

I thought my book of miracles was finished but boy was I wrong. I am writing this in November of 2012. The last two years have probably been the worst of my life. Ask yourself what is it that scares us the most? For me it is to hear the doctor say you have cancer. I know when I was young it meant a death sentence. People didn't survive cancer. About the month of July in 2009 I started having a sore throat a lot. I went to my doctor and he gave me antibiotics a lot for it and it seemed to be helping some. When I swallowed a little spot in my throat kept hurting. It kept staying with me and finally my doctor sent me to a throat doctor to have it checked out. The throat doctor went down through my nose with a scope and examined my throat. I will never forget what he said. He said Mr. Lawrence I think you might have throat cancer. He wanted to do biopsies on my throat and see for sure. As you can guess my heart dropped down to my toes. I was in shock. My first thought was “I‘m going to die”. At the time I was taking treatments for high blood pressure and for an abdominal aorta aneurysm and my heart doctor wouldn”t clear me for a surgery. In the meantime I wanted to get a second opinion. So I made an appointment with the best throat doctor in the area. I also was doing a lot of praying too. I went to see this doctor and he examined my throat and said Mel I don't see any cancer and I don't think there is any reason to do a biopsie either. I feltr relieved and thought god had healed me. But my throat kept staying sore. It started to hurting a lot more and it spread up into my ear and the whole right side of my head. The pain got so bad that I finally made an appointment with the throat doctor again. When he examined it this time he found a little spot at the base of my tongue in my throat. He decided to do a biopsie on it. The two weeks after the biopsie was a very long two weeks just waiting for the results. He called me back to his office and told me that I had throat cancer but that it was such a small spot that it was nothing to worry about and that probably a couple of radiation treatments should take care of it. My case was then turned over to a cancer specialist doctor. When the cancer doctor called me in for an appointment he told me something that would change my life forever. He told me that the throat doctor had got it wrong and that it was a lot worse than he had said. He told me that I had stage three throat cancer. Now I was really scared. My thoughts were oh no I am not ready to die yet. He told me that I was going to have to have 40 radiation treatments and 8 chemotherapy treatments.

He said this is the only chance you have but there are no gurantees that it will heal it. I agreed to do the treatments. I started doing a lot of praying too. They have a big cancer center here in Bakersfield and that is where I had my treatments at. Before they started them they had to make a mask for my face. They take a sheet of mesh plastic and heat it and form it to fit your face. Mine went from my armpits to the top of my head. It fit just like an extra skin. The mask had clamps on the side of it to clamp you down to the table. When I went in for my first treatment they put it over my head and strapped it down to the table. It was so tight that I couldn't even twitch. But when they strapped down my arms too I found out I had claustrophobia. I told them I can't do this. They finally agreed to let my arms be lose if I would not move them. Then the nightmare all started. My first treatment was on the 7th of Feburary 2011. Also before my first treatment they had put a feeding tube into my stomach. They said this is probably the way you will be eating when your throat gets sore from the radiation. I had the radiation treatments five days a week and the chemo treatments one day a week. The chemo treatments usually took three and a half hours. The radiation treatments took about a half hour each. After my first chemo treatment I got deathly sick. I threw up for two days. I thought oh god how will I survive this. With my cancer being at the base of my tongue the radiation treatments burned my mouth and throat area. After the first two weeks I couldn't swallow and had to start eating through my feeding tube. Thank god for my brother Ron. He bought me a very expensive blender that could turn steak inot liquid. With it I started blending me good meals but with it going through my feeding tube I didn't get to taste any of it. After the first two weeks of treatments my throat was getting real sore. The radiation really burned my mouth and throat bad. During my treatments I lost a lot of weight too. I went from 207 down to 138 pounds. Twice during my treatments they had to stop them for a couple of weeks cause my mouth was burned so bad I couldn't stand it. Words can't describe the pain I was going through. I prayed god please heal me. But it kept getting worse and worse. I thought after all the miracles I had in my life god is not helping me this time. But after all the miracles in my life my faith in god was strong. I remember one night waking up with my heart beating real hard. Its hard to describe but the smell in my bedroom was like something I had never smelled before. It was the most beautiful smell I had ever smelt. I knew then that god had been there in my room. I believe god saved my life that night. There was another night I know god preformed a miracle for me. The radiation treatments had caused my throat to be so swollen that I had a hard time swallowing. One night I was asleep when everything in my stomach rushed up into my mouth while I was sleeping and when I breathed it went into my lungs. It was like when some drunks throw up and it goes into their lungs and they die. I couldn't get any air into my lungs and I jumped out of bed trying to get my breath. I prayed god help me. It took about an hour before I could breathe good but I know I could have died right then if god hadn't helped me. Just another little miracle from god. My faith during this time was really tried. I knew god still performed miracles but I wasn't getting any better. After 25 radiation treatments my mouth and throat were burned so bad I couldn't even swallow water. My thought was well maybe this is the way I will go. I can't describe the pain I was going through but I can say it was the worst I have ever had. My morale was getting so low and I didn't know how much more I could endure. About the middle of april I was at my lowest. I didn't think I was going to make it for many more days. I think my family all thought the same too. Everyone was encouraging me to fight but I could feel myself giving up and I was getting ready to die. I had fought till I couldn't fight any more. My brother Joe came to spend a weekend with me cause he thought I was not going to last long either. Then Joe came up with a good idea. My brother Ron was pastor of a penticostal church in San Jose and my sister Anita and her husband Gary was pastor a church in Sacramento and my brother Jim went to a church here in Bakersfield. My brother Joe lined it all up for them to pray for me. The bishop for the whole west coast and another preacher came to my house to pray for me and Joe had my brother Ron and my sister Anita on a phone conference call and a prayer group of people all over the united states prayed for me too. The bishop anointed my head with olive oil from Jerusalem and they all prayed for me at the same time. While they were praying you could feel the power of god come into the room. When some of them started speaking in other tongues I knew god was there and had healed me. The next day I started feeling better. I still had fifteen treatments to go and I finished them. I knew god had healed me that night but the damage all of the radiation had done was going to take a long time to heal. I remember another night when god visited me too. At the time I had three skin cancers on my lower lip. I knew I was going to have to have them taken off when I got well enough. One night I prayed for god to remove them from my lip. I woke up that night with that smell again. The most beautiful flowers couldn't even come close to the smell. I knew that god had been there again. At the time I didn't know why but he was there. About a week later I woke up one morning and when I looked in the mirror I saw that one of the cancers on my lip was gone. It had fell off during the night. Of course I knew that god had healed it. About a week later another one fell off. Then a couple of days the last one fell off. Praise god. After my treatments were all finished I was one miserable human being. I knew I was healed but wow the damage the treatments had done was bad. My mouth was one solid blister. My throat on the outside was burned so bad that skin just peeled off of it. I had no taste buds left and no saliva at all. But I was still alive. I finished my treatments in the last of May and they said they would do a scan in six months to see if the cancer was gone. I truly believed god had healed me but there is always that little doubt in the back of your mind. Waiting the six months for the scan was the longest I have ever had. In October of 2011 they did the scan. Needless to say my stress was very high. My doctor called me into his office and told me that there was no sign of cancer any where in my body. Thank you Jesus for that. I went from knowing I was dying to healed completely. I've seen others with the same cancer I had that aren't here any more. I am writing this in November of 2012 and I just had another scan and still cancer free. You can say or think what you want to but I feel in my heart god has healed me. Its another miracle from god. My taste buds are back. My saliva glands that they said would never work again are working and I have a little saliva now. I have gained back to 162 pounds and am eating again finally. The only way I ate for nine months was through my feeding tube. Without god I know I wouldn't be alive now. I also feel like god is calling me to give my testimony to people who need a miracle in their lives. I don't see how anyone could read this book of miracles and not believe god still performs miracles. Theres no one who can convince me that he doesn't. If you're needing a miracle in your life find people who have strong faith in god and have them pray for you. Whatever you do don't give up. Miracles take some time to be completed sometimes. With me I got a little bit better every day. For a while there I never thought I would be here to write this but I am thanks to god giving me one more miracle. If you need a miracle please turn to god and believe in him and trust him, he won't let you down. God promised that if you ask anything in his name and believe he will do it. He didn't say maybe he would do it he said he would do it. Don't give up keep fighting and believing god will heal you.