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Jim Teachenor

Jim Teachenor is one of Rock-N-Roll's early Pioneer's, often billed as "The Hottest Piano Player from Memphis to St. Louis". He and his rockin' piano with his backing band, the Panthers, performed with and/or headlined the same shows and club circuits as Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Harold Jenkins (later known as Conway Twitty), Narvel Felts, Fred Horrell and The Flames, Carl Mann, Jerry Foster, Bill Rice, Teddy Redell, Jerry Lee Lewis and many others. He recorded and performed at several studios and radio stations around the country, inspiring others, and leaving a legacy to those who came behind him. He is highly respected and loved in his community as a singer-songwriter and performer.

He lives in Fagus, MO.

Pictured left to right:
Chuck Sowers, Bobby Bugg, Fred Horrell, and Jim Teachenor

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