The Rockabilly Hall of FameŽ Inducts

at the

King's Favorite GOSPEL Show

Sunday, August 13, 2007
Beale Street, Memphis, Tennessee

Producer, M-C, the lady in charge ... PATSY ANDERSEN

Jerry Presley accepts the Rockabilly Hall of FameŽ
Lifetime Achievement Induction Award from Bob Timmers.

  • REVIEW by J.D. Cooper
            It started a little after 8PM, with Bob Timmers and a couple other musicians with Jerry Presley, a cousin of Elvis doing three gospel standard with a rockabilly twist. Jerry does sing somewhat like Elvis. He's good, but a bit shorter.
            Bob presented Jerry with a Rockabilly Hall of FameŽ induction plague for the family in recognition of Elvis's contribution to rockabilly. Patsy Andersen then presented Bob with a plaque for the rockabilly hall site, its work, and its contribution to the music.
            Patsy introduced members of the audience who were in town for the show and Elvis week. There were good rememberances about Elvis that were spoken.
            Partsy then presented a 13-minute film that she produced of Elvis, J.D. Sumner and fans of Elvis through the years.

    The Blackwood Brothers

    The Stamps Quartet

    The Blackwoods Brothers and Stamps Qt. together!!

            Jerry Presley sang a few more. They were doing all gospel music. The event was listed, Jerry Presley - Elvis's Favorite Music.
            The Blackwood Brothers did a good portion of the show.
            Donnie Sumner and members of the Stamps quartet, including deep bass singer, Larry Kirkland, were on for the rest of the show. Donnie told a lot about working with Elvis for years.
            As they continued singing the Blackwood Brothers and Jerry Presley were all out there together. They finished about 11:30PM.
            I sure enjoyed the show. Patsy will be booking more shows.
    -J.D. Cooper

    Jerry Presley

    Jerry joins both groups

    Lifetime Achievement/Induction Award for Elvis presented to Jerry Presley.

    Plaque given by Patsy Andersen to the Rockabilly Hall of FameŽ. Thank you!

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