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and his Blue Caps

WELCOME to a tribute to the best rock / rockabilly vocalist from the 1950s...GENE "Be-Bop-A-Lula" VINCENT (1935-1971). Meet and remember the famous BLUE CAPS. There's much more to Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps than "Be Bop A Lula". Take the time to find the music and listen, especially the early recordings from 1956 thru 1958. Rolling Stone magazine called Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps "the first rock 'n' roll band in the world." Gene would be proud, as hundreds of folks (world-wide) stop by here each week. Please bookmark this site and stop back often as we are adding MORE INFORMATION on a regular basis. Contribute your own thoughts via our Tribute & Fan Exchange page. This site was created in 1996.

Visit our new Tribute Page E-mail Bob Timmers (USA) or E-mail Rod Pyke (UK/Europe)

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Gene Vincent Videos
Eddie Cochran Videos

Limoges, 1993
"Dance to the Bop"
"Baby Blue"
"Rocky Road Blues"
"Be Bop A Lula" (Paul Peek)


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    Older / Archived
    Tribute Page

    Dickie Harrell

    and his
    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
    Award (2012)

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    Video Tribute by Steff

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    Video: The lost Dallas sessions 1957

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    Archived page.
    The original Gene Vincent
    Worldwide Fan Club.


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  • Blue Caps Tour, 12/8/01
  • Alan Clark's Tour Photos
  • Fessard Philippe / Photos
  • Pierre Pennone / Photos
  • Photos from Fessard Philippe
  • Photos from Pierre Pennone
  • European EP Cover Art
  • George Collange Photos:
       of Buddy Holly & Gene

  • Evin Travis
    Tribute to Gene Vincent

    This page covers many years of posting.
    Some of the items shown may no longer be available

  • Rare Gene Vincent Family Photo taken July, 2017

    Brandi visits her uncle's star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. She is daughter of Gene's younger sister, Tina Craddock.

  • Cliff's Ballad Playing Style

  • New Gene Vincent Tribute Double-CD (posted January, 2017)

  • December, 2016 - New Gretsch Cliff Gallup guitar

  • Gene Vincent Artwork, circa 1956, submitted by Terry Wilson - (terry58@lycos.com)

  • New Gene Vincent Documentary (April, 2016)

  • Gene Vincent, 1956-1959 1 hour video

  • Johnny Meeks RIP

  • A Gene Vincent Face Book Page

  • Dickie Harrell's Face Book Page Dickie was the original drummer for the legendary Blue Caps

  • Cliff Gallup's Face Book Page

  • Gene Vincent on-line photos

  • Gene's Wikipedia Page

  • R&R Hall of Fame Bio

  • Gene's grave site info

  • Gene featured on Greatest People site

    Viva Las Vegas 2013
  • Graham Fenton & The Blue Caps Tribute. Two of the Caps where there: Tommy Facenda and Bobby Jones. They did not play, just signed autographs.

  • Dickie Harrell's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame trophy

  • Dickie Interview

    Dickie accepting the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame award for the Blue Caps, April 14, 2012

    Johnny Meeks, Bobby Jones, Dickie Harrell, in Cleveland April 14, 2010

  • Portsmouth natives to be inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. posted April 13, 2012

  • The Blue Caps: Pioneering band's showmanship helped when injury hampered Gene Vincent (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2012)

  • A new video on one of Gene Vincent's great songs.

  • Gene Vincent Video, (44:43 minutes long) supposedly filmed two years before his death, was posted on YouTube Feb. 11, 2012 (Gene's birthday).

  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Adds Six Backing Groups to the Class of 2012. The Blue Caps, The Comets, the Crickets, the Famous Flames, the Miracles and the Midnighters will be inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, April 14, 2012

  • Scroll Down on this page for a half hour documentary on Gene Vincent's visit to the UK in 1969.

  • Bobby Jones page updated

  • Bill Mack, a former bassist for Gene Vincent's Blue Caps, passed away Oct. 5, 2011. Bill was 78. Both his son and grandson are bass players.

    ED NOTE: BILL'S SON PAUL (Oct. 7, 2011) "I grew up with my Dad playing around the house and Dad taking me to many gigs where he would let me tote his bass into the club. I thought I was the baddest thing around when I was carrying that guitar for him The '70 Mustang that he bought in '71 at Fredericks Music in Goldsboro has been passed down to me. I rode with him the day he bought it and sat in the backseat of his '65 Chevy Biscayne, strumming it all the way back home ... of course he told me that I'd better not scratch it. This is the same bass that I learned on and would sneak into his room when he was at work and plug into his old Kustom amp and pretend to be a rock star. You have know idea how much it means to me to be able to have the instrument that I also have so much history with. My love of the bass guitar comes from my Dad and growing up, I knew that I would also be a bassist. Thanks for being my Dad's friend and acknowledging the small part he played in this thing we call rock and roll."
    Paul Mack

    DiAnne Kaslow
    Posted June 18, 2011 - I have just been advised by Roger Nunn that DiAnne has died recently. She was the lady who in the mid 80s shared those wonderful colour photos of Gene in the States performing in 1959. She saw Gene and the Caps many times in the 50s and she came to the UK in 1987 and toured with the Caps and became such a good friend to us all. If my memory serves me right (and I stand to be corrected) in 70/71 Gene was appearing in some town for a week and DiAnne lived close by and only found out about it afterwards very much to her regret! Rest in Peace girl. You were a lovely person and it was good to know you. - Robert Erskine

  • New Book:
    "Good Morning All, I just thought I would advise all the fans of Gene Vincent that my new book: "The Full Story Of A Rock 'N' Roll Tour-1957" is now available for purchase. This book concentrates on the 1957 tour to Australia of Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Little Richard and Alis Lesley. It is 396 pages in hardbound with a Dust Jacket. Anybody interested please contact me at hollysbuddy1@bigpond.com - Roddy Jordan, Lennox Head NSW Australia. Thanks, Roddy"

    Click photo to see Johnny's three neck guitar

    Deke Dickerson w/Russell Willaford (of Gene Vincent's Blue Caps) "Be-Bop-A-Lula"

    Gene Vincent / Blue Caps
    Rare "action photos" posted March, 2010

    Now Available:

    "Be Bop A Lula":
    The Play

  • NOTE: Posted May 10, 2009
    Bim-Bam includes this CD in their latest email of new items in stock or coming soon. I would appreciate your comments or futher description: EDDIE COCHRAN / GENE VINCENT - ROCK 'N' ROLL REBELS - LIVE. (38 tracks from Saturday Club, Boy Meets Girls & Herb Sheldon studio party. 70 Minutes of live shows, incs..Hallelujah I Love Her So, Somethin' Else, 20 Flight Rock, Money Honey, Milk Cow Blues, Summertime Blues, White Lightnin', Say Mama, My Heart, Rocky Road Blues, Be-Bop-A-Lula, Sittin' In The Balcony, Summertime, Wildcat, What'd I Say, Sweet Little Sixteen, I Don't Like You No More) SPV £9 - Daddy-o Dilly - daddyodilly@yahoo.com

    Gene Vincent:
    Rebel Heart
    Vol. 10

    (23 tracks) It is now three years since the release of Rebel Heart Vol. 9 but still the material keeps coming in. This time TKO-Magnum follows the full history of Gene's career beginning with Be-Bop-A-Lula from 1956 to his renaissance in 1959 on Boy Meets Girls to 1971 with a concert recorded not long before his sad demise in October of that year. Track 23 is Graham Fenton's tribute to Gene, "A Song for Gene" recorded with Mystery Train for Raw Records in 1978 just prior to Matcbox taking off onto the charts with "Rockabilly Rebel". Listen closely to the words and you will see why this track is a fitting close to this compilation spanning the whole 16 years of Gene's professional singing career.

    "The June issue of Now Dig This (Issue No 303) has Gene on the cover and the contents page, and an illustrated "Retro Interview" reprinted (pp12-14) from the April 25th 1970 edition of UK magazine Music Now re-titled Ranting 'NO'S Ravin' Gene Vincent. There's also a rave review by Harry Dodds of Yvonnick Guitton's latest tome Gen Vincent The Boss '56.
    Derek Henderson, Spent Brothers Productions - http://www.spentbrothers.com

    Things Do Go Wrong
    THINGS DO GO WRONG tells the story of the 1960 rock'n'roll tour starring Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran. It was the first 100% rock'n'roll tour to tour the UK and it played to packed houses, encouraging many young musicians who found success in the British beat boom. However, the tour ended in tragedy with the death of Eddie Cochran. THINGS DO GO WRONG provides an intimate, backstage picture of the tour, going into the hotels and coaches with the stars and speaking to the participants. THINGS DO GO WRONG is enhanced by press cuttings of the day assembled by the pop archivist, John Firminger.
             THINGS DO GO WRONG is the fifth volume about the rock'n'roll era to be published by Finbarr International. It is a worthy successor to the histories, HALFWAY TO PARADISE and BABY, THAT IS ROCK AND ROLL and the biographies of Lonnie Donegan (PUTTIN' ON THE STYLE) and Billy Fury (WONDROUS FACE).
             Although this is a tragic, almost Shakespearean, story, THINGS DO GO WRONG is also a very funny book, showing the problems that two Americans faced in trying to cope with the Britain of 1960.

    Some reviews:
             "The story of the Gene Vincent/Eddie Cochran tour has been told many times, but never as completely as in this remarkable book." - (Chris Woodford, Now Dig This, March 2008)
             "It's a great read, it's tremendous." - (Frankie Connor, BBC Radio Merseyside)
             "It's a journey that Spencer Leigh recreates in amazing detail in a slender but thrilling book that captures not just the personalities of these prototype rock gods but the culture clash between their Technicolor lives and the black and white austerity of a post-war Britian they left in shock. A fabulous selection of period news cuttings add to the appeal of a complete must-have for rock'n'roll fans." - (Douglas McPherson, Classic American, May 2008)
             More information

    My First 90 Years Plus 3
    by Ken Nelson (Author)

             This is the autobiography of the late Ken Nelson, the unabashed history of 90 years plus 3 of his life. The autobiography of a man who lived a rich, full life, a man who grew up in an America that has now vanished and who became an icon in that most American of businesses, the country and western music industry. When Ken Nelson was born America was about to plunge into World War I. He grew up and faced the hard times of the Great Depression. His story lets us relive that time of national gloom and shows that even in those grim days those with the moxie could take on the world and win.
             Ken Nelson started singing and playing his tenor banjo in the days when radio still relied on live performers. Ever adaptable, when the acetate record arrived Ken parlayed his knowledge of the business into a job as a radio announcer and then into becoming a producer. As the recording industry grew, Ken grew with it. A natural talent for spotting winners led him into the country and western field. He did much to build this genre, and produced many of the artists who are remembered as giants in the field.
             He served two terms as President of the Country Music Association and was a member of the Board of Directors for many years. He eventually retired as vice-president in charge of country and western at Capital Records. Ken was also inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. After retiring Ken did not rest on his laurels but spent his time travelling the globe, first with his lovely wife, June, and after her untimely death, with his daughter Claudia. He has friends throughout the industry and around the world. He was a fanatic philatelist and numismatist.

    Ruth Ann Hand R.I.P.
    "Hello, I am Tammie Holloway, the oldest daughter of Ruth Ann Hand. Just wanted to get the word out that Ruth Ann passed away Wednesday April 2, 2008. I grew up hearing stories of her short time with Gene. She will be missed."

  • GENE VINCENT: A Caricature Portrait of the Artist as Rebel Rocker

  • The new Rockstar Records CD of Eddie Cochran live performances contains some new Gene Vincent material. Derek Henderson has posted details here: www.spentbrothers.com/archives/

    "I was 15 when I took this photo of Gene Vincent performing in the "Rock Across the Channel" one-day festival in Calais (north of France) in 1961. 45 years later, Gene Vincent has always a place in my heart and in my mind."
    Michel Leconte, Graphic Designer, France - mleconte@noos.fr

  • More Gene Vincent Videos

    Gene's Dallas Contract
            Rockabilly Hall of Famer BOB "Git It" KELLY recently found a copy of the original contract that Ed McLemore (of the Big D Sportatorium) gave to Gene Vincent for him to sign.
             Bob told the RHOF, "Ed McLemore and Ed Watts had offered me a contract back in 1957 - but I didn't sign it because it was too long in time and they were taking too much money with no guarantees. My contract was supposed to be for 1 year with 7 one year options at their option and not mine. They were to take 10% booking fee, and 15% management fee of everything - no matter whether they got me the job or not and I had no guarantees of anything. So, I turned it down. I remember that they gave me a contract to read and study but I thought it was for Me to sign (wrong)! Come to find out, (only after I read it, NOW, did I find out that it was the original copy of the Gene Vincent contract that they got him to sign). This was in a box of stuff that my Mother had saved and I hadn't really seen most of the memorabilia until I got to digging in the old box. I signed over the publishing rights to 'Git It,' but I didn't sign the Management and Booking Deal."
             [Ed. Note:] The word rock-a-billy appears on page 1 of the contact. This again shows that the word "rockabilly" was used, even in legal documents, back in the late '50s.


    Ken Nelson R.I.P.
             Ken Nelson, former head of country A&R for Capitol Records and a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, died Sunday, January 6, 2008 at his home in Somis, Calif., 13 days short of his 97th birthday. He had not been ill prior to his death, his daughter Claudia Nelson said.
             In his prime during the '50s and '60s, Nelson produced such artistically pivotal acts as Gene Vincent, Tommy Sands, Wanda Jackson, Hank Thompson, Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Ferlin Husky, Wynn Stewart, Tommy Collins and Jean Shepard, among others. Ken is credited with helping define the distinctive Bakersfield Sound through his low-key studio guidance.
             Gene Vincent's band members, the Blue Caps, remained close friends of Ken. They (Dickie, Johnny and Tommy) last spent time together with him in October of 2005 at the Rockabilly Hall of Fame's Gene Vincent Tribute Show in Van Nuys, Calif.
             Nelson retired from Capitol in 1976 and was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001. At his request, his daughter said, he was cremated and there was no memorial service.

    tells the story of the 1960 rock 'n' roll tour starring Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran.

    Dickie Harrell T-Shirts
    Dickie "BeBop" Harrell, original drummer for Gene Vincent's Blue Caps,
    is offering this "snazzy" garment to rockabilly fans everywhere.
    E-mail Dickie for more information.

    New Gene Vincent Book
             "Just a short note to tell you about a new book covering Gene Vincent short life in cartoon. The 70 page book is just out and is a great tribute to the "Screaming End" who left us in October 1971. The book is in French but can be easily understood by english readers. You can find it on Amazon or Virgin web sites. I promise you they don't give me any money for this plug. I just bought my copy for 13.50 Euros. The book cover Gene's whole life from childhood to his sad passing. If, like me, you miss Sweet Gene Vincent ... This book is for you!" - Dominique "Imperial" ANGLARES (France)

    Roy Wilder Recalls
    The Demo Session for
    Ken Nelson & Capitol

             Yes, I was the lead guitar player on the original cut of "Be Bop a Lula" made at the recording studios at Radio Station WCMS in Norfolk, Virginia. I was working in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC area in the mid 50;s and was home for a visit with my family, I got a call from Bill "Tex" Davis stating that he needed a lead guitar player to cut a promo record with a young singer ... I remember I said WHO??
             When I arrived at the studio I met Jack Neal (bass) Willie Williams (back up guitar) Darrell Whitehurst (steel guitar) Gene on Vocal and a young kid named Dickie Harrell on drums. Dickie played the drums far ahead of his time for his age and went on the enhance any recording he made. It was only after the session that I learned he was only 15 years old. Two sides were cut that day to send to Nashville for Capitol Records. "Be Bop a Lula" and for the life of me I can not remember the name of the other song.
             When the promo cut arrived in Nashville it was not what they wanted. The original song cut in Norfolk was slower and had a country and western flavor. They wanted a more up beat Rock a Billy type song. As I had returned back to the DC area to already booked shows I was not able to make the Nashville trip. Bill Davis contacted my good friend Cliff Gallup to make the trip and the rest is history.
             On a personal note I worked out of the Northern Virginia, Washington, DC area for a few years and played with and met some great people. One of the people I met was a young lady from Winchester, VA by the name of Virginia "Ginny" Cline who as you know was later named Patsy when she arrived in Nashville.
             I then went on the road with a group named The Jokers and worked shows along the South East Coast for a few years. Like most of the guys on the road I gave it up in 1961. It was just too much traveling and away from my family too much. I went to work with Texaco USA and spent 32 years with them until my retirement in 1995.
             In closing I would like to say that Cliff Gallup was one of my best friends and we did several TV shows in the Norfolk area together. We always did the dueling guitar thing on songs like The Guitar Boogie. I was very sadden to hear that Cliff had passed away. Cliff Gallup and a young man named Pete Wade were two of the greatest guitar players that came out of the Norfolk, Virginia area. Pete went on to work with Ray Price for many years.
             Thanks Bob, for your interest in my part with Gene. All of this was a part of my life that is long behind me. I just recently renewed an old friendship with Dickie. I had lost track of him over the years. I was on your Web Site one night and found out that he still lived in Portsmouth, Virginia. We have since talked to each other and are going to renew an old friendship.
            Thanks again,
            Roy Wilder
            Chesapeake, Virginia
            B. 12/03/1934

    "Tex" Davis Dies at 93
            HENDERSONVILLE, TN, August 30, 2007 - Sheriff Tex Davis, whose efforts as a songwriter, manager and promoter altered rock 'n' roll and country music history has died. He was 93, and had recently been released from the hospital after a long period of declining health.
             Davis managed Vincent to popularity, and later he took a job as promotion man at Monument Records in Nashville, where he pitched now-classics from Kris Kristofferson, Dolly Parton, Jeannie Seely and many others to radio stations. All of this from a man born in Connecticut as William Douchette.
             Douchette became "Sheriff Tex Davis" quite suddenly one day, after WLOW radio in Norfolk, Va. gave him a job as disc jockey for a country music show. "Douchette" didn't sound terribly country, and the station ran an introduction with the sound effect of a horse galloping. When the horse sounds stopped, the nervous disc jockey improvised, "This is Sheriff Tex Davis here," and the name stuck.
             In 1954, Mr. Davis opened Norfolk station WCMS, where he did disc jockey work and also booked Grand Ole Opry acts into the Norfolk Arena.
             Capitol Records producer Ken Nelson instructed Davis to bring Vincent and his band to Nashville to record at Owen Bradley's studio. The result was an enduring classic that is now part of rock 'n' roll's DNA. It has been covered by John Lennon, the Everly Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis and hundreds of others.
             Davis' contributions weren't limited to music. He also served his country in World War II. He is survived by his wife, Betty, daughter Bobbi and son Michael (an in-demand Nashville steel player and harmonica player).


    Carl Barat as Gene Vincent in the set of the movie Telstar, currently being filmed in London and based on the life of legendary producer Joe Meek.

    Gene Vincent: The Outtakes
            (6x CD boxset & 76 page booklet - this set comes in the small 5" x 5" box like the Janis Martin & Everly Brothers from the same series. 226 trax - Hardcore Gene Vincent fans ... and there are thousands of them out there ... have waited all their lives for this collection.
            Gene died in 1971, and this is the closest his diehard fans will ever get to finding six new CDs of their man in his prime ... and the closest they'll ever get to attending a Gene Vincent session. Yes, it's outtakes, but it gives us a chance to hear Gene Vincent's artistry in-the-making. You're there, up in the control room listening to him try a song one way, then another. You can second-guess the producers and listen to the musicians talk it through. If you know every note of the finished song, you can hear how Gene and his Blue Caps got there and share in the decisions along the way. This is truly it. The SCREAMING END. There are no more Gene Vincent recordings to be released in any way, shape, or form. Diehard fans, musicologists, musicians, and old time rock 'n' rollers looking for something new have waited too long for this.
            The sessions date from October 1958 to March 1967. All known Gene Vincent outtakes are included. Only a tiny fraction of this material has ever been issued before. The highlights include eleven songs from his final sessions with the legendary Blue Caps spread over CDs 1 & 2, including favourites like You Are The One For Me, Rip It Up, Maybelline and Gone, Gone, Gone. Multiple takes of eight songs from his Capitol Studios sessions of January 1961 are included on CDs 2-4, while CDs 4-5 feature Gene Vincent recording in London 1961-63 (six titles from Abbey Road Studios, two from Olympic Sound Studios, and one from a JOE MEEK session for the 'Live It Up' movie soundtrack). The final CD contains material from his 1966-67 sessions in Hollywood for Challenge Records.
           SHIPPING DATE: AUGUST 13, 2007 (estimated)
           STREET DATE: SEPTEMBER 03, 2007
           TITLE The Outtakes LABEL Bear
           Family Records CATALOG # BCD 16842
           ISBN-CODE 978-3-89916-330-8
           FORMAT 6-CD digibox with 76-page booklet
           TRACKS 226 PLAYING TIME 451:32

    Review of the Dickie Harrell CD
    Currently out of print.

    Rockstar just released a CD version of their famous LP "Important Words" published 15 years ago. The new version includes 12 previously unreleased versions of GENE VINCENT songs. Absolutely amazing sound and booklet (not like some other English labels). Included Anna Annabelle, Who's Pushing Your Swing, Gone Gone Gone, The Beginning Of The End, Where have You Been All Of My Life, Temptation Baby, There I Go Again, Spaceship To Mars, King Of Fools, You are Still In My Heart (complete unheard versions). A real must. Available from: Rockstar Records, PO BOX 22, WOODFORD GREEN ESSEX 168 GEH, ENGLAND

    Blue Caps Reunited for "Bop Street" Show

    Rebel Heart Vol 9
               Magnum Force have announced the release of Gene Vincent - Rebel Heart Vol 9. The album which is packaged with a six page booklet featuring extensive sleeve notes and photographs includes tracks from 1962 with Sounds Incorporated, 1967 with Le Rock 'n' Roll Gang and the Houseshakers from 1967. Also included are Jean Vincent, Danny Wolfe, Bob Kelly, Norton Johnson, Tommy Litchell (sic), Darrel Glen and Huelyn Duvall performing compositions associated with the artist. The album is completed with an interview recorded in Paris in 1967. They have a "special offer" of £12.99 until 31st August 2005 (including postage within the UK). The "normal" price is £15.99.

    Adam Spellicy Reports:
               (July 23, 2005) - Hi folks, just thought I'd let you all know that my Gene Vincent biopic script "Race With The Devil" (based on Sue Van Hecke's 2001 biography) won 2nd prize in the 2004 Nashville Screenwriters Conference screenplay competition.
               Since then, it has been sent to around 20 production companies in the US, and I have garnered a lot of interest in the project from some very interesting people: actors, directors, producers. There have been some very positive developments recently, and I'm hoping to post some more definite and exciting news here soon.
               I have been working on this project for 4 years now (14, if you include the decade I spent dreaming about writing it!).
               I'd just like to extend a personal note of thanks to Derek Henderson for putting me in touch with Sue Van Hecke several years ago - it's been a very interesting ride so far, and you gave it the initial shove! You can read about the competition win here: http://nashscreen.com/nsc/successstories/ - Adam

    From Bim Bam Records:

    VINCE TAYLOR/JOHNNY HALLYDAY/GENE VINCENT THE FRENCH CONNECTION - RARE CONCERT & T.V FOOTAGE (2 hours in b&w + colour, Vince footage comes from T.V performances & promo videos, songs include: Trouble x 2, 20 Flight Rock x 3, What'd I Say, Sweet Little 16, Shazam, Baby Let's Play House + more. Gene material comes from: TV & concerts 1960 - 65, songs include: Rocky Road Blues, Be-Bop-A-Lula, Long Tall Sally, Bluejean Bop amongst others. Johnny's 20 clips come from: various sources, songs include: I Got Stung, Baby I Don't Care, Money Honey, Love Me Tender, Mashed Potatoes) T-F-C £10

    ERVIN TRAVIS SHADES OF BLUE IN PARIS (catch this modern French Gene Vincent live from October 14th 2002 plus other gigs, incs..Lotta Lovin', Rollin' Danny, Who Slapped John, Someday, Rock 'N' Roll Heaven, Rocky Road Blues, Sexy Ways, Race With The Devil, Right Here On Earth, Rip It Up, Say Mama, Flea Brain...90+ Minutes) French-BIG BEAT £17

    GENE VINCENT THE SCREAMIN' END ON FILM (approx 60 Minutes of rare Gene footage in b&w and colour, includes rare T.V performances from France, Italy & Belgium, a 20 second silent clip from The Big D Jamboree Show in Dallas USA, 3 tracks from Hot Rod Gang film, Girl Can't Help It clip, It's Trad Dad & Live It Up film clips, plus rare movie trailers. Songs performed include: Dance In The Street, Dance To The Bop x 3, Baby Blue x 2, Be-Bop-A-Lula x 4, Bluejean Bop, Sexy Ways, Rocky Road Blues, Long Tall Sally, Space Ship To Mars, Temptation Baby, Say Mama, What'd I Say, Whole Lotta Shakin'.... better quality then seen before on many of these RARE clips) ROLLIN' DANNY £10

  • Review from Frank Scott
    Blue "Gene" Bop

    GENE VINCENT Blue "Gene" Bop

    Rockstar RSRCD 025 $19.98

               39 tracks, 70 mins, highly recommended Great collection of live recordings of Vincent originally broadcast on BBC radio shows between 1960 and 1965. Although most of these have been reissued before this is the first time they have appeared remastered from the original master tapes. Vincent is accompanied by various British groups like Marty Wilde's Wildcats, Sounds Incorporated and The Outlaws. There are 27 performances and songs include "Say Mama/Be-Bop-A-Lula" (three times - at a slower tempo and with a bluesier feel than the hit single)/"Wildcat/ "Rocky Road Blues" (twice)/"Bluejean Bop" (twice)/ "She She Little Sheila/ Long Tall Sally" (twice)/ "Frankie & Johnnie/ Another Saturday Night/ I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat/ Baby Blue" (a particularly fine performance with great guitar)/ "If You Want My Lovin'" and others. Includes introductions and interview segments including a rare four minute interview broadcast on Radio Luxembourg in 1959. Sound quality is generally superb and set includes 12 page booklet with reminiscences from fan David Moss who was present at most of Gene's shows in the 60s plus some rare and previously unpublished photos.
    Good listening
    Frank Scott
    Roots & Rhythm
    P.O. Box 837
    El Cerrito, CA 94530, USA
    Toll Free Order Line (in USA): 888-ROOTS-66
    Enquiry Line: 510-526-8373
    Fax: 510-526-9001

    RELATED COMMENT FROM dd.delcourt. "The best tracks from this cd are comin' from the 28th September 1963 sessions. Gene is backed by the fabulous Outlaws featuring Ritchie Blackmore (who would find fame and fortune with the hard rock band named Deep Purple). No doubt this band is the most exciting of these sessions, suberb lead guitar tremendeous beat backing and Gene performs rare tracks like Crazy Beat, I'm Gonna Catch Me a Rat, Rip It Up, superb version of Frankie and Johnny and the best rendition of the Sam Cooke song Another Saturday Night (really much better than the studio version featuring The Shout "the worst english group ever" backing Gene). I can't agree with Franck Scott whe he said than The Baby Blue had great guitar on it, no definitively no. The lead guitar from the Sound Incorporated is completely out in this song like in the She She Little Sheila rendition."  

  • The Ervin Travis DVD is now available.
    Details of the DVD can be found on Big Beat's website at www.bigbeatrecords.tm.fr.
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    GENE VINCENT CUT OUR SONGS / Primitive Texas Rockabilly & Honky Tonk - CDCHD 1018

    Dickie Harrell at Sun Studios

    Dickie & Donna Harrell Exchange
    Wedding Vows at Graceland

    "The Road Is Rocky" - The Complete Studio Masters 1956-1971
    Gene Vincent:
    Bear Family February Release

    CATALOG # - BCD 16257
    FORMAT 8-CD Box-Set (LP-Size) with hardcover book
    GENRE ~ Rock'n' Roll
    TRACKS - 223
    PLAYING TIME 9 Hours 11 Mins 16 Secs.

    Gene Vincent lived his life for Rock'n' Roll and will always be remembered for Be Bop A Lula, one of the greatest recordings of the 1950s. It made him an instant star and launched an extraordinary rollercoaster of a career that always seemed destined to end in tragedy. Along the way he recorded more than 200 songs including many of the finest and best loved Rock 'n' Roil classics such as Bluejean Bop, Lotta Lovin' and Dance To The Bop. He became an enormously influential figure, especially in Europe, known for his black leather image, hell-raising lifestyle and the sheer brilliance of his wild stage act. Here for the first time are the complete studio recordings of Gene Vincent gathered together on eight CDs and covering the 16 year period from 1956 to 1971. All of his recordings for Capitol, Columbia, Challenge, Forever/Playground, Dandelion, Kama Sutra and B&C are presented in chronological order, including previously unissued stereo versions. Together, they form an incredible body of work and a lasting memorial to this tortured genius. The set is accompanied by a hardcover-book containing a detailed discography, lavishly illustrated with a wonderful array of rare and exciting photos plus the full story of Gene's amazing life and the background to each of his recordings. Rock 'n' Roll comes no better than this.

    CD1: Race With The Devil - Be-Bop-A-Lula - Woman Love - t Sure Miss You - Jezebel - Crazy Legs - Peg O' My Heart - Wedding Bells (Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine) - Waltz Of The Wind - Up A Lazy River - Ain't She Sweet - Gonna Back Up Baby - Who Slapped John - Jumps, Giggles And Shouts - Bluejean Bop -1 Flipped - Bop Street - Well, I Knocked Bim Barn - You Told A Fib - Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back - Teenage Partner (version 1) - Blues Stay Away From Me - Five Feet Of Lovin' (version 1) - Cat Man - Double Talkin' Baby - Hold Me. Hug Me, Rock Me - Unchained Melody

    CD 2: B-i-Bickey-Bi Bo Bo Go - Pink Thunderbird - Pretty Pretty Baby - Cruisin' - Important Words (version 1) - You Better Believe - Red Bluejeans And A Ponytail - Five Days, Five Days - In My Dreams - I Got It - Wear My Ring - Lotta Lovin' - Rollin' Danny - Time Will Bring You Everything - True To You - In My Dreams - Dance To The Bop - By The Light Of The Silvery Moon - Right Now - You'll Never Walk Alone - I Got A Baby - Your Cheatin' Heart - Baby Blue (version 1) - Walkin' Home From School - It's No Lie - Should I Ever Love Again - Flea Brain - Brand New Beat - Frankie And Johnnie.

    CD3: You Belong To Me - Keep It A Secret - Yes, I Love You Baby - Dance In The Street - Git It - I Love You - Teenage Partner (version 2) - Peace Of Mind - Lovely Loretta - Little Lover - Rocky Road Blues - Somebody Help Me - Five Feet Of Lovin' (version 2) - Look What You Gone And Done To Me - Hey, Good Lookin' - Summertime - I Can't Help It (if I'm Still In Love With You) - The Wayward Wind - Now Is The Hour - In Love Again - Say Mama (Hey Mama) - The Night Is So Lonely (version 1) - The Night Is So Lonely (version 2) - Lonesome Boy - Lady Bug - Lonesome Boy - You Are The One For Me - Maybe.

    CD4: In Love Again - Say Mama - Be Bop Boogie Boy - I Can't Believe You Want To Leave - I Got To Get To You Yet - My Heart - The Night Is So Lonely - Beautiful Brown Eyes - Rip It Up - Maybelline - High Blood Pressure - Who's Pushing Your Swing - Anna Annabelle - Gone, Gone, Gone - I Might Have Known - Important Words - My Baby Don't 'Low - Over The Rainbow - Ready Teddy - Vincent's Blues - Pretty Pearly (Mono) - Accentuate The Positive (Mono) - She She Little Sheila (Mono) - Darlene (version 1) (Mono) - Why Don't You People Learn How To Drive (Mono) - Crazy Times (Mono) - Greenback Dollar (Mono) - Big Fat Saturday Night (Mono) - Wild Cat (Mono) - Hot Dollar (Mono) - Right Here On Earth (version 1) (Mono) - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (Mono) - Everybody's Got A Date But Me (Mono) - Mitchiko From Tokyo (Mono).

    CD 5: Pretty Pearly (Stereo) - Accentuate The Positive (Stereo) - She She Little Sheila (Stereo) - Dar!ene (version 2) (Stereo) - Why Don't You People Learn How To Drive (Stereo) - Crazy Times (6tereo) - Greenback Dollar (Stereo) - Big Fat Saturday Night (Stereo) - Wild Cat (Stereo) - Hot Dollar (Stereo) - Right Here On Earth (version 2) (Stereo) - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (Stereo) - Everybody's Got A Date But Me (Stereo) - Mitchiko From Tokyo (Stereo) - Pistol Packin' Mama - Weeping Willow - Crazy Beat - I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat - It's Been Nice-- That's The Trouble With Love - Good Lovin' - Mister Loneliness - Teardrops - If You Want My Lovin' - I'm Goin' Home (To See My Baby) - Love Of A Man - Baby Don't Believe Him - Lucky Star.

    CD 6: Spaceship To Mars - There I Go Again (Whoops I'm Dreaming) - King Of Fools - You're Still In My Heart - Held For Questioning - Be-Bop-A-Lu!a '62 - Temptation Baby - Where Have You Been All My Life - The Beginning Of The End - La Den Da Den Da Da - Humpity Dumpity - A Love 'eEm And Leave 'Em Kind Of A Guy - Love Love Love - Lavender Blue - You Are My Sunshine - SIippin' And Slidin' - Private Detective - Shimmy Shammy Shingle - Long Tall Sally - Good Golly Miss Molly - Send Me Some Lovin' - Hey Hey Hey Hey - Another Saturday Night - Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You) - Baby Blue - Suzie-Q.

    CD7: Bird Doggin' - Ain't That Too Much - Lonely Street - I've Got My Eyes On You - Love Is A Bird - Born To Be A Rolling Stone - Hurtin' For You Baby - Hi-Lili Hi Lo - Poor Man's Prison - Lonesome Fugitive - Words And Music - Am ! That Easy To Forget - Pickin' Poppies - Story Of The Rockers - In The Pines - White Lightnin' - Lotta Lovin' '69 - Circle Never Broken - Black Letter - Rainbow At Midnight - (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle - Scarlet Ribbons - Rockin' Robin - Ruby Baby - Sexy Ways - Be Bop A Lula '69 - Pickin' Poppies (different mix) - Story Of The Rockers (different mix).

    CD 8: Sunshine - I Need Woman's Love - Slow Times Comin' - Dans Colinda - Geese - 500 Miles Away From Home - Listen To The Music - If Only You Could See Me Today - A Million Shades Of Blue - Tush Hog - How I Love Them Old Songs - High On Life - You Can Make It If You Try - There Is Some thing On Your - mind - North Carolina Line - Our Souls - Oh Lonesome Me - Boppin' The Blues - The Day The World Turned Blue - The Woman !n Black - Looking Back - Say Mama 71 - I'm Movin' On.

    ORIGINAL LABELS - Capitol, Columbia, Challenge, Forever/Playground, Dandelion, Kama Sutra and B&C

    GENE VINCENT'S "HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME" STAR is located at 1749 N. Vine in Hollywood, California ... a little north of the famous Hollywood & Vine intersection, right across the street from the Capitol Recording building (1750 N. Vine). Hollywood Walk of Fame Web Site. Photo: Rockabilly hall of Fame® Dec., 2004

    Courtesy: Now Dig This

    Photos: Rockabilly Hall of Fame

    Gene Vincent: A Companion
               THIS NEW BOOK incorporates and updates all the information in Derek Henderson's definitive Gene Vincent A Discography (1998), adding a number of new features. Paperback 176 pages (available February 11, 2005) Spent Brothers Productions - ISBN: 0951941674

    Barbara (Mrs. Paul) Peek R.I.P.
               Barbara Peek died Thursday morning, November 4, 2004. Her husband Paul Peek (who passed away April, 2001) was one of Gene Vincent's Blue Caps band members and then went on to have a successful music career of his own. One of Paul's biggest fans was Jeff Beck.
               Barbara had trouble swallowing food and was taken to the hospital because she couldn't breathe. Complications set in and doctors they recommended that she be taken off life support. She left a living will which said she did not want to be artificially kept alive. She wanted to be cremated, so this was done. Barbara was 65 years old.



    The New Ervin Travis CD, Live
               ... is now available. An amazing show recorded live in Paris included superb renditions of the Gene Vincent gems: Lotta Lovin' Dance in The Street, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, You Win Again, Sexy Ways, Who Slapped John, flea brain, Frankie and johnny, in my dreams, i'm going home, rip It Up, Say Mama, You Are My Sunshine, Right Here on Earth, Someday, Baby Blue, Rocky Road Blues, Be Bop a Lula ... and two acoustic versions: The Day the World Turned Blue and Geese. Absolutely fabulous. The sound is excellent, the band perfect and Ervin's voice is a real dream. Buy it now! Available from bigbeat2@wanadoo.fr. Don't miss this one the best live albums of Gene Vincent (and the first)!

    Gene Vincent's Virginia Walk of Fame Star
    Located in Norfolk, VA, in front of the NORVA Theater.
    Photo: Dickie Harrell

    Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps, 1957.
    Painting by Walter De Vis - walter.devis@pandora.be
    "With my painting I wanted to go back in time. Back to that great period when rock and roll music lived in the hearts of so many people. Fantastic music with an incredible rhythm and very spontaneous. But in the first place, it's to remember Gene Vincent and his rockin' musicians. Their music will never die!" -Walter

    The Complete Challenge
    Sessions: Gene Vincent

    (TKO Magnum CDMF 109)
               It was Dave Burgess, frontman of The Champs and president for Challenge Records Hollywood (originally formed by Gene Autry in 1957) that gave Gene Vincent the break he needed very badly in 1966. Gene's leg was hurting a lot, he was taking large doses of painkillers, and he was dying for a another hit record. With Bread's David Gates hired as arranger and backing vocalist, Gene recorded 12 songs in two sessions with The Champs. The Champs at that time were Al Casey (lead guitar), Glen Campbel (accoustic guitar), Dave Burgess (guitar), Jimmy Seals (tenor sax), Dash Croft (drums), and it is assumed that Larry Knechtal played keyboards, but this was never confirmed.
               All material came from the 4 Star catalogue, a subsidiary of Challenge Records. The result was Gene's best work since his Capitol period. Gene's voice was as terrific as ever, and just take a look at the star line-up of musicians, this can only be a tremendous collection. The problem is that it isn't rockabilly or rock 'n' roll the way fans like to hear it today. But this was the mid-sixties, and pop music was changing rapidly. Many rock 'n' roll fans will often only play Gene's early Capitol work, which was of course the cream of the crops in the fifties, but true Gene Vincent fans, and all that have listened to these Challenge recordings, know that is was a work of art, and Gene's heart was in it all the way.
               Most of the songs have been re-released numerous times on all kinds of sublabels and compilations, often in questionable sound quality, with album titles as "Legends in Music", "Mister Gene Vincent" and many, many more. Even Magnum Force themselves have released the original songs before on their album "Lonesome Fugitive". But now, for the first time, all of Gene Challenge recordings have been put together of one great release, compiled with the help of Steve Aynsley, who also wrote the liner notes. This album contains 20 tracks, which include the original 12 songs plus a number of alternate takes. Also present are Jerry Lee Merritt's recordings of his self-penned songs "Hurting For You Baby" and "Born To Be A Rolling Stone". Lots of studio talk and false starts were left in, which gives a nice impression of the releaxed atmosphere in the studio during the recording sessions.
               Sadly, the hits were not to be, but the music is timeless and you can just feel the hurt in Gene's voice. Each and every songs still gives me the shivers today, this re-release is absolutely a valuable addition to any music collection, even if you already have all the original songs. These are surely my favourite Gene Vincent recordings from his post-Capitol period.
               Tracklisting: Hurtin' For You Baby / I'm A Lonesome Fugitive / Born To Be A Rollin' Stone / Hi Lili, Hi-Lo / Poor Man's Prison / Words And Music / Bird-Doggin' / I've Got My Eyes On You / Love Is A Bird / Ain't That Too Much / Lonely Street / Am I That Easy To Forget / Hurtin' For You Baby (Alt) / Born To Be A Rollin' Stone (Alt) / Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo (Alt) / Poor Man's Prison (Alt) / Love Is A Bird (Alt) / Ain't That Too Much (Alt) / Lonely Street (Alt) / Hurtin' for You Baby (Jerry Lee Merritt) / Born to Be a Rollin' Stone (Jerry Lee Merritt)
               TKO Magnum Music Ltd.
               Magnum House, High Street, Lane End
               Buckinghamshire, HP14 3JG U.K.
               Phone: +44 1494 882858
               Fax: +44 1494 882631
    Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003

    Rebel Heart Volme 8 CD
    Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps

    (Magnum Force / TKO Magum Music)
               For the Gene Vincent fans who want to have it all, Magnum Forces started the Rebel Heart series in 1992. Magnum was already a Force to reckon with in the 80s, especially when it comes to Gene Vincent rare stuff. They released some very fine vinyl albums with collectables, like for instance "Dressed In Black", "From L.A. To Frisco", "For Collectors Only", "Legendary Guitarists of Gene Vincent", and of course the newly recorded albums of his Blue Caps "Unleashed" and "On The Road Again".
               With the help of Steve Aynsley, former front man of "Git It" and the Gene Vincent Fanclub in the U.K., TKO Magnum compiled a superb Gene Vincent collectors series titles "Rebel Heart". On the subject of Gene Vincent, Steve Aynsley is the man to talk to, and he wrote all the liner notes and session information (except on Vol. 1, which was done by John Braley). Every Gene Vincent fan in the world is always looking out to the next volume. Number 7 was released in 2000 and we had to wait almost 3 years for Volume 8 to be released. Steve writes "As it becomes increasingley difficult to obtain rare and previously unissued material, Volume 8 has been under preparation for some time, but I hope you will think it has been worth the wait".
               Rebel Heart Volume 8 is indeed a wonderfull collection of Gene Vincent and Blue Caps related material, starting with an instrumental version of "Story Of The Rockers" which was previously only released on an LP titled "Baby Blue" (Showcase Records, 1984) as far as I know. And in case you thought you already had it on Rebel Heart Volume 2, I must disappoint you. Although the tracklisting of this album states that it contains 2 instrumental version of the song, it does not. Both are (different) vocal versions.
               The version of Be-Bop-A-Lula, which Gene recorded with The Wild Angels in 1969, is very powerfull, with added instrumental backing. This, by the way, is not the version that was released on the Wild Angels double CD "Live, Wild, Red Hot 'n' Rockin'", which also includes 4 songs with Gene Vincent.
               There are excepts from Gene's movies "It's Trad Dad" and "Hot Rod Gang" and no less than 9 tracks by the Phelps Brothers, recorded in 1955, featuring Cliff Galop, prior to his joining the Blue Caps in 1956. One of the tracks also features a very young Dickie Harrel on drums. These songs are general country songs and the sound quality is great.
               The gig Gene did with the Wild Angels at the London Palladium on November 23rd, 1969 is included completely on request. It was previous released on the Magnum Force LP "For Collectors Only". The sound has been enhanced as much as possible, but it still suffers very poor sound quality. It's really too bad that there are no better recordings of this fabulous concert. Despite the sound quality, it's still very much worth while.
               Among the 27 tracks are also 2 recordings from 2001 by ex-Blue Cap Jack Neal with his Jumpin' Jacks that sound very much like original Gene Vincent recordings. These recordings are an attempt to re-create the lost 1956 acetate "Red Sails in the Sunset" and a tribute to Cliff Gallup titled "Cliff's Gallup". Two excellent closer of a fantastic album all together. Well done Steve and Magum Force! And if you want to know all about it, go get this gem and read Steve's extensive liner notes. You won't be disappointed.
               TKO Magnum Music Ltd.
               Magnum House, High Street, Lane End
               Buckinghamshire, HP14 3JG U.K.
               Phone: +44 1494 882858
               Fax: +44 1494 882631
    Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003- Email: blackcat@rockabilly.nl - http://www.rockabilly.nl
    I Never Believed in
    Reincarnation Until Today

    I am writing this in the early hours of the morning. I have just arrived home from a terrific evening watching and listening to Gene Vincent performing at the peak of his powers. All those rumours that Gene died in 1971 are just that. He is alive and well and has been rocking his socks off at the Tennessee Club tonight. At least, that is what a blind man would think. For those of us fortunate enough to have been there, Ervin Travis and the Virginians took us all back in a time machine to the 50's and 60's. Those fans who missed this performance because they went to a weekender should kick themselves. They made the wrong choice. It meant there was not a large enough audience to create much of an atmosphere. This did not stop the band from pulling out all the stops but they deserved to be playing to no less than a full house.
               I have read all the write-ups in the past from our friends across the English Channel with some scepticism. Not any more. They are absolutely spot on in their description of this band as being the absolute tops. I never thought that I would hear any singer match Gene on 'Frankie & Johnny' or 'Baby Blue' but Ervin was, if anything better and that is not knocking Gene in any way. Every song during the two sets they played was so authentic Gene Vincent that it defies all logic.  Gene would have been proud of them. Ervin's voice is superb and his presentation, delivery, facial expressions and stage gyrations are so incredibly like Gene when he was performing in his prime, it is uncanny. His choice of songs was superb, not just the hits but a comprehensive selection of all the different styles that made Gene such a legend in his lifetime, from 'Over the Rainbow' and 'Lavender Blue' to 'Dance to the Bop' and 'Rocky Road Blues'. From his opening rendition of 'Lotta Lovin' to the final encore of 'Be Bop a Lula', every song was an absolute gem This man must have studied so many videos and listened to so many records that it has become part of him. He is Gene Vincent. 
               However, it is not just about Ervin because The Virginians have got to be one of the tightest, authentic sounding bands in the business. Everyone of them is a star in their own right. It would be wrong to single out any of them. From the young piano player who would give Jerry Lee a run for his money, the drummer who never missed a beat all evening, the bass player who kept the undercurrent driving so hard, to the lead guitarist who recreated all the excitement of the early Bluecaps, this is one superb, professional outfit. It is a shame their CD was not on sale at the venue - they would have sold out. That is my next purchase without any doubt.
               To those fans across the Atlantic, you have got to get this group over there or else come over to Europe and catch them here. Dickie, you would love them and it would bring back so many memories for you. You have to see and hear them to believe it. Pierre-Yves and all your friends in France, I am envious of you having so much access to this great band. To anyone who has not seen Ervin Travis & the Virginians yet, make sure you see them soon. Steve - s.walker40@ntlworld.com

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