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AUGUST 12, 2000 at the Wortham Center in the downtown theater district of Houston, Texas, where the play, "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story" was preformed for 18 days. This photo was taken at the cast party following the evening performance. Left to right: John Pickering of The Picks, cast member Victoria Stillwell who played "Maria El, Marie El Holly and cast member Van zeiler who played "Buddy Holly."

THE KILLER IS 65. Above photo: Jerry Lee on stage with Kenny Lovelace in Memphis Saturday, September 30th. Below photo: Sam Phillips, with son Knox, were in the audience enjoying one hell of a show!

WELSH INVASION: Shaun Mather, Phil Davies and Ian Calford hit the shores of Tennessee. Fran Norwood is the Tennessee welcome lady.

Gary Sax, Garlin "Hack" Hackney and Dave Crimmen on RT66 Winslow, AZ


More Photos from Malcolm's Party

THE DEMPSEYS rip it up Friday, September 15 at the Elvis Club, Beale St., Memphis. When in Memphis, be sure to see them, they're one of the most engery acts on the planet.

ORIGINAL BLUE CAP, "WEE WILLIE" WILLIAMS (right) with former bandmate Dave Dalton. Dalton played with Willie in both the Virginians and the Northern Lights before the Blue Caps were formed.

Card courtesy of Steve Kelemen

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Two photos courtesy of Steve Kelemen:
LEFT: Uncle Buck Lite (1953), Missouri rockabilly legend. Only known photo of him.
RIGHT: Andy Starr at the age of 12.

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DALLAS, August, 2000 - A David Dennard photo from the luncheon that he held in Dallas at Mi Cocina Mexican Restaurant in honor of Derek Henderson, who visited Dallas with his wife Sheila last weekend. Pictured are Dude Kahn (former "Dallas" Blue Caps drummer), Derek Henderson (author of "Gene Vincent: A Discography" and the liner notes for "The Lost Dallas Sessions" CD on Dragon Street Records), Ronnie Dawson (former Gene Vincent session man and live tour guitarist), and Juvey Gomez (another former "Dallas" Blue Cap who recorded with Gene and appeared in the Hollywood movie "Hot Rod Gang"). They're holding a vintage poster from one of Gene's Dallas appearances at the Sportatorium, circa 1958 or '59.

photo: Alan Clark

A review of Narvel's August 5th show
photo: Faye Huffman

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W.S. HOLLAND (Johnny Cash's long-time drummer) in his younger days at the Del Mar Club, Jackson, TN. W.S. also spend time backing Carl Perkins. Holland recorded several tracks on July 25, 2000 at the Rockabilly Hall of Fame's affiliated studio, Burns Station Sound in Burns, TN. Stan Perkins and Bob Moore were also present. A new Rockabilly Hall of Fame CD will be available around September 1st. It will feature the music recorded at Burns Station Sound during the past 20 years, up to and including this session. Expect songs from Elvis Wade, The Jordanaires (with Neal Mathews) and other traditional country surprises.

CARL MANN, age 17 in 1958 at the Big Hat Cafe, Jackson, TN. On lead guitar is Eddie Bush, possibly the cat who invented "chicken pickin'" guitar.

Two Bobs and BR5-49. Photo taken at June 15th Country Music Hall of Fame's Skylight show on Music Row, Nashville. The Bobs are "Moore" and "Timmers" ... the older looking cats.

THE HAWKS, 1957-1960: Will "Pop" Jones, piano; Levon Helms, drums: Ronnie Hawkins, lead singer; Jimmy Evans, bass; J.R. Paulman, lead guitar.

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