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496-year-old undead Count Smokula, known as the "King of Fantasy" and the "Rockabilly Vampire", is a cult icon, singer/songwriter, comedian, multi-instrumentalist, and host of The Count Smokula Show, a Hollywood-based talk-variety show which features celebrities and oddball characters hosted by The Count and a series of glamous co-hosts.

He has appeared internationally on Fox TV's "30 Seconds of Fame," "The Extreme Gong Song" and on ABC's "Hype with John Stossel," E! TV, CNN, UPN's "Blind Date" and through film festival coverage. In addition, Count Smokula hosts "The Freak of the Week" segments on "Troma's Edge TV" which have been shown on network TV in the U.K.

Count Smokula has also become an icon in the music, film and burlesque scene. He has hosted "The Rock City Music News Awards," "Los Angeles Music Awards," "The Screamfest" and "Scarefest" film festivals, and "Shock A-Go-Go" film and music festival, and performed at the "American Film Market," "Silverlake Film Festival," "The Count Smokula Burlesque Reveue," and "Miss Exotic World."

Joining forces with Troma Entertainment has helped propel Count Smokula into the public's attention by hosting "Tromadances" (independent film festivals) and by appearing at "The Cannes Film Festival," and in Troma Films such as "All the Love You Cannes" and "Tales from the Crapper" for both of which he also wrote the title songs.

His albun "Authentic Sounds of Smokeslyvania" won Best Comedy Album of the Year at the 2003 Los Angeles Music Awards.

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