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Bob Timmers
Rockabilly Hall of Fame
P.O. Box 639
Burns, TN 37029 USA

The SLAPBACKS - "Net. Wt, 2.5 oz." PART-CD 656.001. An exciting Austrian rockabilly combo, featuring 16 tracks of solid non-stop vintage sounding material. The group is big in their home country, Germany and surroundong areas. This is their second release with a little bit of rockin' hillbilly, a little bit of up tempo swing-blues, all combined with a certain fundness for doo-wop. Contact: -

The ROCKATS - "Wild Love" Thirteen tracks. "Brutal and Sadistic!" The story of what rock and roll can do to an Amrican town. Contact: Blues Leaf Records, P.O. Box 234, Deal, NJ 07723 - - e-mail:

BILLY & THE BULLETS Strong guitar work and good vocals galore on this 14-track CD. The band offers "a shot of rockabilly" from Kent, Ohio. This, their first disc, is available: - - 330-342-1427. Billy & The Bullets, P.O. Box 163, Northfield, Ohio 44067.

PETER HALLOCK: "ROCKABILLY". Produced by Glen Glenn, this album is hard rockabilly, with gritty Elvis-style vocals by Peter. Great backup band that features Johnny Fortune doing some strong lead guitar work. RABHOF CD118.
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MARCO DA SILVA and THE MIDNIGHTERS: "THE MIDNIGHT BOP". Fine hard-core rockabilly from the boys from Italy! They do an excellent job of some of your all-time rockabilly favorite songs. This is one the best CDs released on 2003.
CD also available here.

ENVIKEN RECORDS has some excellent CDs available. Among them are the two pictured above: Gene Summers' 18-track "Do Right Daddy" and Ray Campi's "The Road to Rockabilly, 1951-1958". Ray's disc has 19 tracks, including 5 previously unrealeased recordings. Also available fom Enviken are albums by Curly Phillips, Nick Willett, Nosey Joe, Rusty York and Glen Glenn. To contact Eviken Records, write to: Box 8, S-790 26 Enviken, Sweden.

RAMBLIN' & BOPPIN' - Huelyn Duvall
Rhythm Bomb Records RBRCD 5603. New recordings by Texas rock n roll original - Huelyn Duvall. Huelyn delivers a stunning opening track that carries the promise of good things to come - as indeed they do. CDs can be obtained direct from Huelyn at Brazos Valley Records, P.O. Box 246, Springtown, Texas 76082, USA or check out his web site at

"SHE'S MY BABY" - Huelyn Duvall
CD can be obtained direct from Huelyn at Brazos Valley Records, P.O. Box 246, Springtown, Texas 76082, USA or check out his web site at

"THE BEST OF ...." - Huelyn Duvall
CD can be obtained direct from Huelyn at Brazos Valley Records, P.O. Box 246, Springtown, Texas 76082, USA or check out his web site at

OLLIE LEE ROCK, "Rock the Earth!" CD. On Wednesday, June 18, 2003, Ollie Lee Rock, formerly of Paris, France, now living in Phoenix, recorded an album at Burns Station Sound in Burns, TN. Musicians on the session included: Mark Winchester (formerly with the Brian Setzer Orch.) on slap bass; Larry Merritt (son of rockabilly legend Jerry Lee Merritt) on piano and harmonica and Bob Timmers (RHOF curator) on lead and rhythm guitar. Ollie played the drums, sang the vocals and wrote all the songs. This high engery CD is on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame label (RABHOF CD116). For more information on this exciting "ROCK THE EARTH" disc, please e-mail: Ollie Lee Rock

ROC LaRUE - "One More Time" CD. A mix of 20 songs - some original rockabilly/rock 'n' roll; some original country/rockabilly; ballads; a couple of country/rockabilly gospel songs, a few covers of Elvis, Conway Twitty and Sir Cliff Richard. Also included, by request, are tracks of Roc's RAMA and HOLLAND recordings. Roc is offering it for $15.00 USD - that includes postage and handling and an autographed 8x10 1957 photo of himself.
         Roger 'Roc' LaRue
         13893 Hanover Park Ct.
         Jacksonville, FL 32224

DON WILSON - "We Gonna Rock!" Don performs with Billy Swan, Glen Glenn, Alan Clark and Russell Scott. The album was produced by Glen Glenn and engineered by Pat Woertink. RABHOF CD117
See more information on: Don's RHOF web page

BILL FLAGG, "Guitar Rock" CD. Bill, one the true pioneers of rockabilly music, recently re-recorded his original Tetra material. A combination of Bill's bluegrass background and his rockabilly creativity is strongly displayed on this brand new 14-track disc. The title track, "Guitar Rock," was ground-breaking song as rockabilly music came into being. This CD is proudly featured on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame label. Order your copy here.

ART ADAMS - "Rock Crazy Baby" CD. Kentucky native Art Adams gives us 30-original rockabilly tracks and a 16-page booklet, wow!! The disc is full of the "real stuff" - material recorded in '50s. The raw intensity of early rockabilly is certainly captured here. How to get your copy ... e-mail: or visit the web site:

BOBBY JOE SWILLEY - "Delta Pride" CD. Great songs, vocals and backup band all work together of offer a nice mix of rockabilly, country and blues. It's all here ... Bobby Joe's finest recording to date. We are proud t have it featured on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame label. Order your copy here.

JEFF POTTER & THE RHYTHM AGENTS, "Rhythm Riot" CD. Reviews: "Potter has a knack for putting his real personality into the music and his personality is bizzare enough to make it fascinating ... This is gritty stuff." - "Jeff plays a heady mix of piano boogie, rhythm 'n' blues and rock 'n' roll ... " Contact Raucous Records -

SUE MORENO, "All I Can Do is Dream You" CD. A great variety of material - thumping rockabilly to sexy love songs from this beautiful Holland female vocalist. Picture a blend of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Ann Margaret and you have a very sensual 20-track debut album from Sue. The title track is superb! Contact: Rarity Records - - PO Box 656, 2003 RR Haarlem, Holland.

SOPHIA WOLFF and The Cubs, "Afternoon Fun" CD. It's always great to hear another female rockabilly performer. An excellent bouncy, gritty voice mixed with fine backup players. Sophia wrote several of songs on this 17-track rockabilly/honky tonk/country disc. We enjoyed the accents of the steel guitar and fiddle. A disc you'll play again and again. Contact:

RAY HARRIS "RAW-N-ROCKIN" CD . Ray says: "The new Raw-N-Rockin" CD is a mixture of songs. "Greenback Dollar" has been re-done. So has "Come On Little Mama" ... in the country, blues, rock, sound I got at Hi Records. What I am most proud of is that there is something for everyone on this CD."
         Ray, who hasn't done a gig since the early '60s, is very excited about this project. It was a long time in the making, and the result is pure Ray Harris! It's good to see Ray back behind the microphone after all the time he spent creating and running the famous Hi record label in the 1960s.

STEVEN SCOTT - "I Know Who Holds the Future" CD. Strong gospel music from this Tupelo, Mississippi artist. Steven seems to have found his groove, spreading the Word of God one song at a time. He worked with rockabilly legend Ray Harris.
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MIKE SEA (self titled) CD A strong rockin' blues CD with pop country overtones! Contains the super cut "I Can Feel the Rain" - One of those songs you know that's just going to be a hit! This album is produced by Sun Records legend Ray Harris, who still has that Hi Records' feel. Harris started the HI label back in the early '60s' and knows great talent when he hears it.

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STOCKCAR NAMED DESIRE - "Low to the Ground" CD. The group is diverse blues, jazz, swing and rockabilly roots all coming together in a fiery fusion of high energy and hard driving full throttle rock 'n' roll. Travis Merchant on high-octane vocals and blazing guitar. Ben Craig slaps the upright. Andrew Kolstad on keys and James Olson on the drums. Contact: Wampus Cat Records, P.O. Box 6397, Minneapolis, MN 55406. 612-722-6649, e-mail:

JERRY YATES - "Looking Up" CD. Rockabilly meets Jesus, and we love it. Our favorite track is "In Heaven I Can Eat," hey, it rocks! From Newnan, GA Jerry Yates and Rock Solid Revival is breaking new ground by spreading the wildfire of country/rockabilly music as a means of proclaiming the Gospel. - - (770) 252-9176. 2000 Mt. Carmel Rd., Newnan, GA., 30263.

JERRY YATES & ROCK SOLID REVIVAL- "I Got Saved In A Chevrolet" CD. More rockabilly gospel, 11 tracks. Along with Jerry (vocals and lead guitar) the musicians here are: Steve Pruett, vocal, guitar; Scott Thompson, vocals, bass guitar; Eddie Boyd, drums. - - (770) 252-9176. 2000 Mt. Carmel Rd., Newnan, GA., 30263.

"ROMAN SELF: A Tribute to Ronnie Self". Roman is the son of Ronnie "Mr. Frantic" Self who recorded such hits as "Bop A Lena" and "Ain't I'm A Dog" and wrote such chart busters as "I'm Sorry" and "Sweet Nothin's". TRACK LISTING: Ain't I Dandy, Bop A Lena, Long Distance Kiss, Big Fool, Rocky Road Blues, Bless My Broken Heart, Ain't I'm A Dog, Pretty Bad Blues, Big Town, Flame of Love, Big Blon Baby, Sweet Nothins, You the Mama of My Song. Recorded at Burns Station Sound, Burns, TN, January, 2003. Released on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame label / RABHOF CD114. Roman captures his dad sound, a disc you'll play over and over and over. Bob Timmers played lead guitar and produced the album For Order Information, see Roman web page.
RHOF Product Recommended:

ANNOUNCING ... THE TUBTHUMPER!! A stand-alone electronic bass drum! Be able to produce earth-shaking, window-rattling sounds! Perfect for small combos or enhancing bands. Produces excellent recording capabilities without expensive microphones. Powered by a standard 9-volt battery and micro-power electronics. Can be driven by a foot petal or any simple switch. Has built-in automatic function for metronome emulation with variable rate. Plug it into any bass or P.A. amplifier, either high or low level, with adjustable output control. Has variable frequency control, from a small kick drum to sub-sonic. Has variable decay, from "tight" to "boom". Small in size, fits easily in the palm of you hand. Can be fitted to attach to the foot petal on a bass drum to provide extra "punch" to your group. For further information, contact: Marty Jensen, 608/241-0159, E-mail

RHOF Product Recommended:

BOOK: "Rock, Roll and Reminisce" by Joe Andrews. This book is the author's first in a Music Series. It's fun filled with 364 pages of information and rare facts. Great to have around for trivia and research. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please contact: Joe Andrews, P.O. Box 1214, Melrose, MA 02176. OR, go to, rock and roll, books.

"WANDERIN' MIND," by the Roy Kay Trio. 15 tracks. Hailing from Seattle, The Roy Kay Trio has been influenced by Charlie Feathers, Hank Penny, Johnny Burnette, Carl Perkins and Johnny Horton. This is their debut recording, done live in the studio with all vintage tube gear and produced by Dick Dickerson. Vocals, upright bass, electric guitar and acoustic guitar. Contact: -, 206-328-0658.

"Traditional Country at Its Best!" Released on the "Keep It Country" label, a spin off of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame's country web site. Recorded in Nashville, TN. Good variety. Hack does a bang-up job on some originals and super covers of Buck Owens' and Merle Haggard's material. 10 tracks, every one a gem! Contact Hack for more information: E-mail -

"STARR STRUCK" featuring Frank "Andy" Starr, The Haywoods and Gail & The Tricksters. All three acts share this 11-track disc and do a fine job on their respective songs. A good blend of rockabilly. For more information, contact: Wild Oats Records, P.O. Box 210982, Nashville, TN 37221. -

Blue Suede News presents Northwest Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll: JUKE BOX FEVER. (Vol. 1) 18 tracks by various artists that have had some impact regionally, nationally abd internationally. Some performers featured: Bobby Wayne, Jerry Lee Merritt, Marc Bristol, Don Weise and Ricky Felson. Contact Blue Suede News, PO Box 25, Duvall, WA 98019 -

"THE GRAND BUFFET" by The Buzzards. This group was one of the pleasant surprises on the Rockablly Hall of Fame stage at Viva Las Vegas for 2002 when they performed a slammin' good set. They are returning for VLV 2003, April 18-20. Three powerful cats on stage or on disc. 13-tracks with a nice mixture: rockabilly, surf, blues and traditional country ... from Link Wray to Lefty Frizzell. Contact:

"FAVORITE COLLECTION" by James Wayne Boyer. (deceased). Rockabilly Hall of Fame Inductee (#164), Jimmy had many good friends in the music business, including Lou Hobbs and Billy Swan. Billy told us about this disc and that Jimmy had just completed it before he passed away. It is a unique collection features a wide variety of material from early-on through Jimmy's life as he grew in his music. The CD is available from his wife: Joan Boyer, 26753 Park Lane, Woodhaven, MI 48183, The cost is $16 (Money Order) and Joan will ship postpaid. Thank you for your support

Bobby Joe Swilley and the MODERN KNIGHTS Band. This CD is issued in conjunction with the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Inductee Billy Joe Swilley and the boys present a nice mixture of "songs they wanted to do" and it sure sounds like they enjoyed themselves at the session. Traditional country and rock 'n' roll tunes. Contact Bobby Joe Swilley, 1-800-SWILLEY or Cecil McKeithan, 910-875-3058.

"MEMPHIS ROOTS" produced by Julie Richmond. This "various artists" CD is a tribute to Julie's daughter Rashell. Performers include: Narvel Felts, Kenny Lovelace, Stan Perkins, Stephen Ackles and Julie Richmond. Background vocals by The Jordanaires and Vicky Hampton. Truly a disc worth adding to your collection. Contact: Hang Loose Publishing Co., 42 Middle Fork Drive, Volonia, AR 72173 -

"ROWDY DUTY" the Rowdymen. Excellent quality for "live" recording. A very strong, full and intense rockabilly sound. The 12+ track CD is mostly cover songs, done high energy - a disc any rockabilly fan would enjoy and play repeatedly. Contact, e-mail: - Booking 204-479-1608 or 204-475-2605

KAY WHEELER'S "Personal Memories of Elvis" CD. Narrated by Kay Wheeler: founder of the 1st Elvis' Fan Club, former Elvis girlfriend, movie star and author. Hear the never before told story. 12-tracks. Kay tells her true story over some exiting Elvis songs. A collector's item for all rockabilly and Elvis fans. Click Here for Information

TONE CHAPERONES, "Drinkin', Lyin', Cheatin,' Cryin' & Sometimes ... Dyin'" The Tone Chaperones feature a unique blend of honky tonk, rockabilly and swing, but a bend towards truck drivin' and drinkin' songs. Disc is available at selected stores and mail order catalogs, on-line at, Rockabilly Hall of Fame, CD Now, Hepcat, mp3com. Or order direct for $10 ppd from: D-Cupp, P.O. Box 341, Lawton, MI 49065. For bookings call 616-634-2155 or e-mail

TONE CHAPERONES, "Country 'n' Rock 'n' Roll 'n' Rhythm 'n' Blues." From the same unique group featured in the panel to the left. Released in 2000. Wide variety of music, something for everyone. This CD was dedicated to Carl Perkins and Cub Koda. Available form the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, or order direct for $10 ppd from: D-Cupp, P.O. Box 341, Lawton, MI 49065. For band bookings call 616-634-2155 or e-mail

ERVIN TRAVIS & His Virginians - "From Tidewater to Dallas: Dedicated to gene & The Blue Caps" ... from France - The frantic, french Gene Vincent tribute CD from Ervin Travis & his Virginians is now available! "If Gene was here, he would have been honoured to hear they did such a good job. Very good sound close to Gene and the Blue Caps. Close your eyes and you will think you are hearing Gene sing." -Dickie Harrell. If you interested in purchasing this frantic and fantastic "Tribute," write to: Philippe Fessard - 109 rue St Martin - 91150 Etampes - FRANCE Tel :01 64 94 52 36
e.mail: - Price with postage: 20 Euros for Europe - 22 Euros for others country.

RONNIE HAIG, "Still Kickin' But!!" Ronnie's style is very distinctive - both his fine voice and pickin' are exclusively "Ronnie Haig" - and that's a good thing. He's not copying anyone, he's a creator. He even does an answer song to his hit, it's called "Didn't You Hear Me Calling Baby." The 22-song CD contains a wide variety of music. There's: rockabilly, rock 'n' roll, do-wop, ballads, swing, surf and blues, all done flawlessly. AND, Ronnie wrote all his own material. Ronnie's personal e-mail is - To order, mail $12.00 (via check or money order to) West Hills Productions (make check out to same). 1088 Beers School Rd, 2nd Fl., Moon Twp., PA 15108 attn: Dave Justice -

JOHNNY POWERS, "I Was There When It Happened" Pre-Released: July 1, 2002 "This disc is one the best I've heard in a long time from a legendary artist. Johnny is at his best. With a variety of material and a voice that brings back memories of Elvis and Conway Twitty, this album is a must for any roots rock, rockabilly and traditional country buff. A least two tracks here are certainly worthy of mainstream airplay in today's market and could help bring basic rockabilly and true country music back onto the scene. Great backup band, too!" - Bob Timmers

JOE THE SHAKER with LANCE HULSEY - "Chicken Shack." Little has been heard from this rockabilly legend until now. Joe was recently inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. The CD is nothing but good ol' basic rockabilly sounds on 10 jumpin' tracks. Contact Joe The Shaker at:
For now, you may also order this CD from the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, PO Box 639, Burns, TN 37029. $15 USA, $18 oustide the USA, price includes all postage charges. E-mail

JOSIE KREUZER - "Beggin' Me Back." This marks Josie's 3rd release on SheDevil Records. Josie continues her rockabilly dominion with this CD, a tidal wave of 12 original songs of genuine and fierce rockabilly honky tonk. Beggin' Me Back cuts to the chase and straight to one's heart, with razor-sharp lyrics and an electromagnetic pulse. Josie engages in the perfect marriage of rockabilly and country with golden tongued wit, growling vocals, and the round up of a rockin' band consisting of Mark Neill (lead guitar), Jeff Graves (upright bass) and Craig Packham on drums.
For more information, press and radio only contact: SheDevil Records (619)669-3710. E-mail:shedevr Web: - MSN Keyword: Josie Kreuzer. For more information on ordering CDs contact: Hepcat Distribution, 800-404-4117 or 714-490-5520, Fax: 714-490-5521, E-mail:

DI MAGGIO BROS. - "Full Speed." On the Vampirella label (not known for their promotional prowess) is the second CD from these amazing cats from Florence, Italy. Those of you who own their first disc "Rockabilly from the Boots Up) will really enjoy this CD! Marco's picking is better than beven. Brother Massino's vocals are haunting and the bass man, Matt Giannetti, is right on. The trio sounds like full band, simply wonderful!

SONNY WEST - "Dire Need." Really fun to listen to ... Sonny has released nine tracks on this collectors disc. Included is the original version of "Oh Boy"!! $15 each (includes postage). SeeSonny's Page or contact the legend direct E-mail:

More SONNY WEST - "Sweet Rockin' Rock-ola Ruby" #RCCD 3050 - This disc is packed full of 24 tracks ... a great selection showing Sonny's talent to the "max." Another CD that belongs on your shelf. To order this one, please contact: Roller Coaster Records.

SIMONE DI MAGGIO - "Everybody's Movin'!" 14 Tracks from another member of the talented Florence, Italy family. Simone sings the vocals and picks the lead. This younster, still in his mid-teens presents strong, spicey arrangements of his personal early rockabilly/rock favorites. A model for all young rockers coming on to the scene. Label: Vampirella.

LOVE COWBOYS - "Sex Kill A Go Go" from Birimgham, England ... rockabilly, psychobilly, punkabily, pornobilly - call it whatever kind of billy you want .. it's a very good CD. They stand alone and are proud to do so, pleasing crowds wherever they go. Website: - Fpr more info, contact:

THE SOUNDS OF TENNESSEE CD. 12 enjoyable, easy-listening instrumental tracks, equally divided into three categories - all capturing the sounds and flavor of Tennessee's musical heritage. "A must have for every collection, one you'll play over and over. An excellent musical backdrop for that 'special moment'." Musicians: Larry Merritt (son the late Jerry Lee Merritt), Joe Paquette, Terri Allen, John Heinrich and Arvel Bird. Recorded in Nashville. To obtain a copy, send $13.99 (+ $4 shipping) - US funds, money order or check - to: LBJ Productions Inc., P.O. Box 231, Goodlettsville, TN 37070-0231.

"MY TATOO, the new CD from Barbara Burnette A must for all Johnny Burnette and Rock N Roll Trio fans. "This cd rocks like crazy ... FRESH and ALIVE, and so damn high-spirited that it makes you FEEL GOOD! This recording will wear you out, lift you up, and make you smile!" - Wayne Stierle, Candlelite Records 2002.
Contact Barbara at or Visit Barbara's website for more information and how to order your copy.

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