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         B. Jeff Stone was born in San Antonio, Texas, on April 24, 1936. He is the youngest of three boys born to parents, Aaron and Elaine Stone. He grew up in San Antonio where he attended two high schools - South San Antonio and Southside; he also attended San Antonio College.

         B. Jeff Stone was interested in music from an early age. His mother purchased his first guitar when he was eight years old; it was a Silvertone sold by Sears-Roebuck. After many broken strings and months of getting on the nerves of family and friends, he learned the basic chords and progressions and has been playing the guitar since!

         In his early teens, Jeff played and sang at school programs and began writing music at 18 years of age. When he was 18, he carried his songs and guitar to Charlie Fitch who owned a small record company (SARG) located in Luling, Texas. With all the confidence in the world, he walked in and told Mr. Fitch that he wanted to record some of the songs he had written. Charlie laughed and invited B. J. to sing some of them. Fitch was impressed and asked if he would record two of the compositions. One side of the "45" was "The Clown" and the flip side was "Everybody Rock".

         In the late 1980s, ACE Records in England purchased the master and rights and again released the music on their London label; this was some 30 years after having been recorded by Stone. A short time after the London release, a label in Sweden purchased the master and released the music for the third time on their label.

         Jeff teamed up with a fiddle player in San Antonio who was looking for a guitar player to "make music" most anywhere they could! In those days "ice houses" (now called convenience stores) always had an area for customers to sit at tables and listen to music from the jukebox or from live entertainment (who would play for the "kitty" - a cigar box where customers could drop change). Stone recalled the money was always pretty light saying: "A good night would be $5 to $10 and then we'd have to split it!"

         At about the same time, Jeff approached Doc Parker who owned a radio station in Pleasonton, Texas (KBOP) - Willie Nelson and Johnny Bush were both working at the station at the time - and asked if he could have a 30-minute live radio show on Saturdays. After an audition, Parker agreed and the show was called JEFF STONE AND HIS TEXAS CUT-UPS.

         After a stint in the U.S. Air Force, Stone returned to San Antonio determined to have a career in music. He organized THE WESTERNAIRS, a five-piece country band, and enjoyed success in the San Antonio area. The door finally opened when Nashville producer, Tommy Hill asked him to come to Nashville for a recording session. Stone recorded four of his own compositions, one of which became a national hit, "Hey, Little Newsboy". Because of the success of the song, Jeff's band changed their name to THE NEWSBOYS. With hand-picked musicians, Bobby Stone (as he was known then) toured and played across the U.S. with his band. The many locations included Las Vegas, the LBJ Ranch during his presidency, clubs, fairs and rodeos. He had a new booking agent, Billy Deaton, who was also managing Faron Young at the time.

         Working on the road and managing a band became an ordeal and to slow down, Stone broke up his band and began working as a single act, touring and working with such greats as Marty Robbins, Willie Nelson, Jim Ed Brown and other legends. Jeff has starred on many albums produced by the U.S. Air Force, recorded in Nashville, and aired throughout the United States. He formed Newsboy Publishing in the 1960s through B.M.I. which he still owns.

         In 1974, B. Jeff went through a burn-out period. In a recent interview he said: "I was tired and the excitement was gone that I had always felt when I walked on stage. I didn't feel the music and each performance became a chore. I realized it wasn't fair to the fans or myself." And the entertainer, that Marty Robbins once said would be one of the top country artists someday, walked out of the spotlight. B. Jeff started his own construction company, one that grew to be successful.

         In 1981, while attending a high school reunion, Jeff met and became reacquainted with Patricia Berry, his firt "girlfriend" and the girl he had dated through high school. B. J. offered: "I loved her back when we dated and that flame ignited again when I saw her!" B. Jeff and Patricia married October 2nd of that year and lived in Fort Worth until 1985 when they moved to Corsicana, Texas, where they still reside and enjoy the friendly people and small town living. They own Stone Properties, a real estate investment business.

         In 1995, with the love of music still intact and a desire to record again, B. Jeff called his old friend and record producer, Tommy Hill, in Nashville to get his thoughts on cutting a new album. They released EVERYBODY LOVES ME on Tommy's label (HILLTON) and distributed the ten-song CD in Europe. There was a big question mark in the mind of B. Jeff: "After 21 years, will my music be accepted?" After all this time, knowing that country music had gone through a drastic change, it was Jeff's opinion that many of the artists were nothing but a cast of young look-alike imitators! The question was quickly answered when play lists and letters of acceptance from European country radio came in on a daily basis. B. JEFF WAS BACK!!!

         EVERYBODY LOVES ME became album of the week in England and numerous cuts crowded the European charts. "A Good Woman's Love" became a mainstay, being one of Europe's favorites. The song was one of B. Jeff's biggest hits to that date with his "Hey, Little Newsboy" running a close second, hitting Number 2 in the U.S. charts. B. Jeff recalled: "The good songs come to you in the blink of an eye; it's as though the good Lord is sending you a message. I wrote "Hey, Little Newsboy" on a napkin while having lunch at a San Antonio restaurant. "A Good Woman's Love" came to me one night while returning home from a performance." The title cut "Everybody Loves Me", another of B.J.'s compositions, became Europe's Number 9 album and made B. Jeff Stone the fourth-most-played artist in Europe.

         In 1996, Stone came back with his second album, SOMETHING'S GOING ON, a CD which was again released in Europe but on his own label, Gold Crest International. Stone says: "I have never liked recording on other labels; there are too many draw-backs! You never know where your music is being played or what it is doing; you are only handed bits and pieces of information from busy record representatives. The incoming mail is seldom seen and I am a firm believer that any mail from country radio stations or fans should be answered. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is that you have no control over your destiny!"

         From that 1996 release came "The Other Side of Town" which hit European charts and was listed high in the World's Top 500 (all types of music). Bringing chuckles from millions was "Honey Do" another hit that incidently became the DJ's "rest" song because of it's five-minute play time. "Starlet Angel" and "Patricia's Song" (a song written for his wife) were also chart makers. Again, all four songs were penned by B. Jeff Stone.

         In 1997, B&T Records in Georgia was putting together a compilation CD (numerous artists) and asked me to participate. "I was hesitant at first knowing that it was like being thrown into a bag of marbles and getting lost in the confusion. We were working on a new album at the time and knowing that the release date was a while off, I decided to include a song I had recently written and recorded, "Hello, Mr. Heartache". That song was on the compilation and on the new album; it has become my biggest hit."

         In 1998, B. Jeff changed the name of his label to Nashville Gold Records, a title befitting the new album TEXAS COUNTRY which produced three major hits. "Texas Country Boy" reached the number one spot in Scandinavia and was number two in all of Europe. "The Blizzard" became number one in Scandinavia and in Europe. "Hello, Mr. Heartache" held the number one spot in Europe for an unheard-of sixteen weeks. The album became one of the Top Country Albums of 1998.

         The release of B. Jeff's fourth album, STONE COUNTRY, was in 1999 which produced a number of hits including another number one, "Mary Ann Regrets". B. Jeff Stone won ten major country awards in 1999. He was named Europe's number one Traditional Country Artist by E.C.M.A.

         With the Nashville album, STONE TRADITION, the year 2000 was destined to be another great year for B. Jeff Stone. He was inducted into Florida's Greater Southern Country Music Hall of Fame and that same year, Jeff was inducted into the European ICMAG Country Music Hall of Fame. In 2001 he was inducted into the Texas-Lone Star State Country Music Hall of Fame. In 2002, he was nominated for the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame.

         Country Music Chart Hits: B. Jeff's first #1 came in 1998 with "Hello, Mr. Heartache" and he scored an unbelievable total of seventeen (17) #1 songs by the end of 2006. He has also had in excess of forty songs reaching the charts' Top Ten list.

         When Patricia asked B. Jeff when he planned to "hang-it-up" and stop writing and singing, he smiled and said: "When they stop playing my music on radio!" Hopefully, that won't be for a long, long time.

    Country Music Awards from 1999 to present:


            1999 -     Traditionalist of the Year - Europe

                          International Male Artist of the Year - Nashville

                          Male Artist of the Year - Europe

                          Artistic Trailblazer Award - Nashville

                          Special Recording Artist Award - England

                          Country Music Legend Award - Europe


            2000 -     Country's Most Played Artist - Europe

                          Golden Artistic Trailblazer - Nashville

                          Bavarian Lion Award - Europe

                          Artist of the 20th Century - Europe

                          Traditional Album of the Year - "Stone Tradition" - Europe

                          Male Song of the Year - "Pompineaux" - Europe

                          Traditionalist of the Year - Europe

                          American Horizon Award - Texas CMA

                          Male Vocalist of the Year - Nashville

                          Silver Artistic Trailblazer - Nashville


            2001 -     Golden Note Music Award - Texas CMA

                          Songwriter of the Year - Europe

                          Entertainer of the Year - Europe

                          Traditionalist of the Year - Europe

                          Male Artist of the Year - Europe

                          Best of the Best - B. Jeff's newspaper column (Inside Country) - voted by readers


            2002 -     B. Jeff entered the British Archives of Country Music - London, England


            2003 -     Belgium's Artist of the Month - November

                          Listed as #3 in the World Wide Top 300 Artists Most Played on Country Radio

                          December - Traditional Music Maker Magazine of London, England - Article Titled "The Last Cowboy"


    2005 - 2006     Created a new label - Diamond Back Records of Texas -  for Stone's compilations, first released in January 2006.  Compilations are distributed to radio stations in the USA and Europe (those who play the music of Independants). 

                          B. Jeff and Patricia Stone nominated for Duo of the Year - European CMA

                          Other Labels are:  Gold Crest International Records

                                                     Nashville Gold Records


            2010     Inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fameš

B. Jeff Stone
No. 1 Chart Hits


    1957 - 1993
  • UNDER YOUR SPELL AGAIN - Dec. 05, Australian TV &Radio Top Ten Country Charts
  • AND ... OVER 35 TOP 10 HITS

    Achievements since the year 2000
    Halls of Fame Inductions
  • 2000 - B. Jeff was inducted into Florida's Greater Southern Country Music Hall Of Fame and that same year, B. J. was inducted into the European ICMAG Country Music Hall Of Fame.
  • 2001 - B. Jeff was inducted into the Texas - Lone Star State Country Music Hall Of Fame.
  • 2002 - B. J. Was nominated for the Colorado Country Music Hall Of Fame.
  • 2011 - B. J. was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fameš - Tennessee.

  • B. Jeff's first No. 1 hit came in 1998 - "HELLO MR. HEARTACHE" and now in 2006 he has scored an unbelievable total of 17 No. 1 songs. He has also had in excess of 40 songs reaching the charts top 10.

  • Marty Robbins once made the statement that B. Jeff Stone would become one of the country music's top artists. That time is now.

    Today, B. Jeff Stone's music is played on country radio around the world and is highly accepted by DJ's and fans in all parts of the globe.

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