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  • Hank Williams Jr. teams with Brad Paisley, Merle Haggard for 'Old School, New Rules' (video)

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  • Mike Bella points to "The Beloved Ambassador of The Bakersfield Sound" Glenn J. Pogatchnik's name on the Country Music Hall of Fame's Acknowledgement sign.

  • Event Photos: Bakersfield Sound Concert hosted by the Country Music Hall of Fame
  • Bakersfield Exhibit Opening, Nashville, March 21, 2012

  • Lola Elizabeth Roberts, age 83, of Pigeon Forge, TN passed away Sunday, March 18, 2012. She was born in Bowling Green, KY and was the president of the Merle Haggard fan club for fifty years.

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  • Behind the Bakersfield Sound: Take Buck Owens Boulevard and Merle Haggard Drive straight to the home of California country

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  • Billy Mize
    Film Independent, the non-profit arts organization that produces the Spirit Awards and the Los Angeles Film Festival, has announced the filmmakers and projects selected for its second annual Documentary Lab, sponsored by Latino Public Broadcasting. Among those artists featured is Billy Mize

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  • Dwight Yoakam featured in Country Music Hall of Fame Exhibit

  • Win a trip to Music City to experience the Bakersfield Sound

    2/13/2012 - Hi Glenn,
    Quite a few months ago I sent you a letter and you were so nice as to call me back. I was trying to locate an original 45 vinyl record by Bill Woods and Billy Barnoski called "So Called Friend" on Gulf and you were nice enough to ask around and try to locate one for me with no luck.
    I was, if you recall, trying to find it for my friend, Eddie Clendening, ("Elvis" on Broadway in Million Dollar Quartet). Well, Eddie is still trying to find this record and I am still trying to help him, with no luck yet; but in the course of searching, I did find out something interesting. "Billy Barnoski" was, in fact Billy Barton, and Billy Barton also recorded "So Called Friend" under his own name (or possibly "Billy Boy Barton")...──I don't know the label, but it's just as difficult to find.
    I know Barton recorded for a lot of labels such as King, Abbott, Gulf, Sims, etc.
    Anyhow, if there is any way you can help me find this one, please let me know╔either by email or tel #'s below. Of course, I will make any payment/shipping arrangements necessary.
    Best Regards,
    Barbara Botwinick

  • Merle Haggard update Feb. 12, 2012

  • Merle featured

  • KUZZ Wins NAB Crystal Heritage Award

  • Dwayne Maples, one of Bakersfields finest keyboard players, passes

  • The "Ambassador" sez "Check out these photos"

  • Buddy Alan Owens joins 'Hee Haw' reunion

  • "The Beloved Ambassador of The Bakersfield Sound" sez that Lance Miller's "in Style Again" is the best song of 2011!
  • To all concerned, the honor being bestowed upon Red Simpson is as follows;
    Red will be our representative from Bakersfield and participate in a panel discussion re the opening of "The Bakersfield Sound" exhibit in Nashville. The event will be hosted by the Country Music Hall of Fame, however, Red will not be inducted to the HOF. He will have some items on display and be present for the private showing (by Invitation only) prior to the opening of the 5000 sq ft exhibit to the public on the week end of March 24th of 2012.
    Tommy Hays

  • Real folks, real music part of Bakersfield's cultural legacy

  • Bakersfield Sound Exhibit At The Country Music Hall of Fame Officially Opening March 24, 2012
    I am very excited at the prospect that the Bakersfield Sound that has influenced and inspired millions of musicians as well as fans is finally being recognized by Nashville. We have always been downcast by the powers that be in Nashville as the bastard child of Country and Western Music. They even took out the "Western" in Country and Western as the ultimate insult. As Tommy Collins once told me "Glenn, when I moved to Nashville from Bakersfield I requested the Fender Telecaster that was the main instrument used by the architects of the Bakersfield Sound to be used on my recordings. He was denied. I want to personally want to thank Michael Gray who has spearheaded this project from the very beginning representing the Country Music Hall of Fame. I have purchased my airline ticket to attend a private showing prior to the opening to the public. I will arrive March 20th and leave March 27th. I hope to see all of you there who can attend the Grand Opening March 24, 2012. If not the exhibit will run for two years.God Bless The Bakersfield Sound and all the numerous artists that brought all that wonderful music to the world.
    Glenn J. "The Ambassador of the Bakersfield Sound"Pogatchnik (Slovenian from Yugoslavia)

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  • FYI: Scott Joss and Doug Colosio, members of Merle Haggard's band The Strangers, have put thirteen of their songs onto an album titled "A Couple of Strangers."

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  • Willie Nelson to release album of classic covers (including Merle)

  • Merle Haggard revolutionised country music with this unique Telecaster sound. In tribute, Telecaster is releasing the Limited Edition Merle Haggard, which is a modified Telecaster Thinline with four-way switching.

  • Liz Anderson R.I.P.

  • Is downtown Bakersfield haunted?

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  • Kenni Huskey no relation to Ferlin

  • THE PASSING OF RED KILBY On October 10th,2011 my 62nd birthday we lost our dear friend Red Kilby to a rare form of blood cancer. Red wrote and performed our theme song "That Bakersfield Sound". By trade he was a train engineer. He was an honest man full of life and his word was gold. I felt very fortunate to have Red as my friend. I'm going to miss him dearly. Adios Amigo ... Glenn J. Pogatchnik

    "I have been inundated by e-mail and phone calls that Merle Haggard is very ill with heart complications. At 74 yrs. old Merle, like everyone at that age, goes in for occasional tests. He checked himself into local Bakersfield hospital to run what I call maintenance tests and he got a clean bill of health. I spoke with Merle yesterday by phone at his home in Northern California where he is enjoying his family. He told me he was feeling fine. He dispels that rumor going around on his website at End of story." Glenn J. "The Ambassador of the Bakersfield Sound" Pogatchnik

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