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Virgil Essex & Merle Haggard - THE STEEL GUITAR NETWORK

Ê Merle andÊ I talked about our health Glenn, we never mention anything about our music days together back in 1969 when I came up to Bakersfield to Merle's recording studio out on the Kern River at Hag's Place and recorded for Country Heart Records. Donna Fargo was on there with me a the girl singer then she went to Dot Records. Norm played steel and Roy Nichols played lead for me and Merle brought me out a guart of Cutty Shark Scotch to drink.Ha Ha ....Virgil Essex PS: I'm a good friend of Mike Headrick too Glenn. :-)

  • Posted April 29, 2012
    Tyler Bowers, asst. mgr.
    Buck Owens' Crystal Palace
    2800 Buck Owens Blvd.
    Bakersfield, CA 93308
    Mr. Bowers:
    My wife and I had looked forward to visiting you fine establishment for a long time. Yesterday, we finally had the opportunity to have dinner and take in a show.
    First of all, please permit me to offer accolades to one of your servers. Brandi Pride and she went the the extra mile to make our visit so enjoyable! To say she was accommodating is an understatement. Please see to it that she receives her due "pat on the back" and receives a copy of our letter.
    Second, the music provided by Buddy Owens and the Buckaroos was first rate and most enjoyable. We had fun!
    I was raised in Oildale and Bakersfield back in the late '50s and early '60s. Wonderful memories, including those of Cousin Herb Henson and his Tradin' Post. It personified "That Bakersfield Sound."
    We look forward to visiting you folks again, soon!
    Gary & Alicia Plomp
    Gilroy, CA

    Tally Records
    Hi - I have Tally 101, 102, 104 and 105. Any idea as to value? Thanks, Mike Devich -

    I was wondering whether it would be possible for you to add some sort of list or recommendation section of essential artists/albums for those of us who aren't in the States and wish to get an in-depth education in classic C&W. Especially the Bakersfield Sound, although a bit of Nashville couldn't hurt, I suppose. I reckon a section like that would be much appreciated. It's not easy for an outsider to know where to start, and what with all the MTV puppets they try to sell off as country these days it would be a good thing to have a resource for the real thing. Anyway, love your site, and thanks for getting all that info up there.
    T. Argyl -

    One night ...
    Rick Vincent, Chuck Seaton, Jim Collord and I walked in to check out a set of Country Music and were coaxed onto the stage of The Lucky Spot on Edison Highway in Bakersfield. At the time, we had just left a band called Thunder Witch with Don Curran. When we took the stage to play a spirited version of Kaw-liga and Toby (the owner in the 70's) introduced us as "Bill Malouf and The Sea Witches" lol. William Malouf (drummer) -

    Subject: Bill Woods
    Dear Glenn -
    I am a big fan of and continue to be amazed about how little I know, and how much I learn each time I visit. I've been into Buck, Don Rich, Merle, Billy Mize, Cliff Crofford (amazing duo!)for awhile now, and lately have been getting into Roy Nichols and deeper into the Bakersfield Sound. I'm getting the impression that Bakersfield , post WWII, in many respects, was way more important (and progresssive) than Nashville. Is there anybody that did'nt make the Bakersfield scene? I was thinking Roy Nichols might have been the catalyst, but could it have been Bill Woods? Any ideas? This is how I spend my time when I'm out at local clubs listening to music. LOL. Anyway, recently came upon a Bill Woods tribute song by Merle Haggard on youtube. (My friend, Steve Urick, at retrofret music here in Brooklyn, sold Lefty Frizzell's Bigsby/Gibson J-200 to Merle a year or so back. I was able to play it a bit before that. Wow!) Anyway, Mr. Woods was wearing a cool cap in that video that said "Bill Woods Bakersfield". Do you know if those caps are being sold, or was that one just made special for Mr. Wood? There are lot's of folks like me, out here, that are into keeping the real deal"alive", and paying respect to those true country/western/swing/rockin' amazing pioneers that are still, somewhat, under the radar.
    (Like Phil Baugh!) OK, thank's for your time.
    Frank P.

    Hello Frank,
    I apologize for the late reply.I've had my service with AOL interrupted for a week and a half and hope my issue with them will be resolved by midweek next week.I can answer many of your questions about Bill Woods because I spent many a day at his home the last few years of his life and he reminisced extensive about his involvement with the early years of the Bakersfield Sound.If you would like to call me at (805)528-6144 I can tell you what I know about Bill.
    Glenn J. Pogatchnik

    Hi Glenn
    Thanks for your reply. Things are hectic out my way. When it rains...I hope I can call you sometime in the near future and chat about Bill Woods. I'm attatching a tune of his with Buck Owens on it. Perhaps you have it already... I have recently written a screen play that references how many major players are/were living around Modesto, Bakersfiled, etc. back in the not-so-long-ago. My old high-school buddy has just unearthed some tapes his Dad made at the Ajax Club, on Market St. in S.F. back in the 60's, of some country western players. Turns out my friends Dad was from Modesto, so he got the whole CW music thing. Perhaps they'll be a gem or two there...
    Keep The Faith,
    Frank Palmer

    Tally Records
            Hi, can someone tell me where I can find the archives or any info for Tally Records. I would like to see a list of songs by different artists, that were recorded by Lewis Tally on his Tally Records. I am interested in finding some songs done by The Gaylads. Caroline, Go daddy Rock, Kathaleen. Can you help me? Thanks, Julian Moralez -

    Looking for a drummer ...
            I had over in Taft during the '80's..... by the name of Richard Kirkland. Was in Bakersfield last Christmas and chatting with Artie at 'Front Porch Music' thought Richard had passed away a couple of years ago, but not sure. Would sure like to know any info if possible on him. Thanx - Jim Reedy -

    Tom Lyannas
            Do you remember me Tom Lyannas? I was on Kbak tv for awhile singing with Jelly Sanders, sometime in the 50's, can't remember for sure and with Cousin Herb. We used to do our own car commercials and my Dad played rhythm for Buck for a little while.

    Hello from an Okie in Oklahoma
            As a genealogist, I have just discovered that my Uncle Jess Woods was a grand uncle to Bill Woods - Godfather of Bakersfield Sound - and I have been looking at all the websites pertaining to Bill. I wish I could have met him but unfortunately when I visited my uncle Jess in Denison, TX in the 1950s Bill had already moved away and was on his way to doing bigger and better things in Bakersfield. I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your website "That Bakersfield Sound" and I appreciate the privilege to get to read about all the "rockabillies" listed on the site pages. I just gotta visit Bakersfield and walk the streets of Bakersfield - as the song goes.Respectfully, Sharon Fields McKeever, Valliant, McCurtain County, OK -

    "The Old Corral"
            My name is Chuck Anderson, and I have a large website called "The Old Corral" which profiles many of the western movie heroes, heroines, villains and supporting players of the 1930s and 1940s. One of the performers that did work in the lowly B-western was Edmund Richard "Hoot" Gibson. There's an image of Gibson and Bill Woods that you provided to the Rockabilly HOF web site at: - It's a B&W image related to a film called "Life In Las Vegas". A bunch of us western film folks have been looking for more info on that film. Nothing has surfaced, and many of us believe the film was never made. One of the issues is noted on the image - a "Technicolor Movie for Monogram Pictures". High priced, 3-strip Technicolor just wasn't used by ultra low budget Monogram Pictures. Paramount, MGM and RKO did color "travelogue" shorts which were shown as part of a single or double-feature. If this was made, it may have been a "promotional film" sponsored by Las Vegas businesses or the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, etc. Thought I would ask if you had uncovered anything more on this film. Regards, Chuck Anderson -

    From Robert Tidwell
            Good Afternoon - My name is Robert Tidwell - I live in Bakersfield California. I have a band called the Token Okies we call ourselves that because all of the Band Members. Parents are from Oklahoma. Anyway - I am interested in the Bakersfield Sound - I just ordered the Bill Woods Recording of "Phone Me Baby" off of your website.
    There were some other guys recording here on like the Turquoise Label, etc. - guys like Jody Kiplinger " Jolly Jody & the Go Daddies" - (my bass player Frankie his dad was Jolly Jody and my Drummer Kirby his dad was Jim Sharp - the Drummer) - Doyle Holly, Bobby Durham, etc. I am looking for any of the early recordings of these Bakersfield guys from the 50's or early 60's. Robert Tidwell -

    Looking for a Singer
            We are looking for a singer that might have been employed at the blackboard in 1962 his first name was Roy we are told he was from Florida and possibly work at a gas station in the area. we were told he performed maybe as an opening act. If you have any information on him please e-mail me. Thank you. Toni -

    Josh's Grandfather
            My name is Josh Ray, I was wondering why my grandfather Isnt mentioned on this website. Or any pictures. I was wonder if he had as big as roll as he said he did in the development of the Bakersfield sound. I know that he knew Bill Woods and Billy Mize and even Merle. They were honorary pall bearers at his funeral. Thanks. Josh Ray -

    A Bakersfield Sound Fan ...
            I came across your website today. You know, it's kind of funny. I am 37 years old and I have always liked Buck Owens, Dwight Yoakam, and Merle Haggard. Until today I didn't really know what they had in common. Thanks for creating the site. I didn't know it but I've always been a fan of that Bakersfield Sound even here in NC. Also, I wanted to know what the name of the song is that plays on the site and who sings it? Matthew Wagoner -

    Greetings ...
            I am from Bakersfield and i wanted to ask you a few questions if you dont mind. My mother is from Bakersfield you may know of her and her family "Story" is her maiden name she has 22 siblings. My reason for contacting you is she has an old photo of jolly jody and his go daddies. I know the sax player as geroge mcglaughlin howerer my mom cannot remember his stage name . Would you happen to know the name he went by? she remembers almost everything on your site about the others like woods mize haggard paycheck ect she played at the blackboard on occasion she knows bonnie owens as well as most all the artists from bakersfield since she is the same age and they pretty much grew up together. if you can help me that would be wonderful. also if you can help. i have been trying to get information of my moms family for when they were younger if you can provide or give me any lead that would be great. thank you. Marleen Patt, Bakersfield CA -

    Jimmy Jeffries
            Hello: My name is Lynne Jeffries. My husband moved to Bakersfield from Oklahoma with his family in 1952. I have heard a lot from the family about The Blackboard. My husbands uncle, Jimmy Jeffries, use to play guitar with the Maddox Brothers and Rose. They had an old record of Jimmy with The Maddox Brothers and Rose, but it was stolen. I was wondering where I could find old records and maybe pictures taken of the Maddox Brothers and Rose taken at the Blackboard with Jimmy Jeffries. I welcome any ideas you have. My 83 year old mother in law had many pictures but cut em all up when she and Mr. Jeffries split up in the 70's. Thanks, L. Jeffries -

    Big Bill Smith
            I found your website very interesting. I've been looking for a man I met years ago. Big Bill Smith, when I met him, was running a barbeque place in Costa Mesa. He was a great man. I know his dad ran the Round-up in Bakersfield. It has been so long Bill may have passed away but I would like to contact him if he is still with us. Do you have any information on him? Thanks. Bob Amacher -

    Jerry Hendrix
            Hi, I am wondering if you have any photos of Jerry Hendrix. Jerry played steel guitar for Buck Owens back in the late 50's in Bakersfield. He also played the clubs there during that time. He is a friend of mine and now resides in Manistee Michigan. Thanks for your time, Scott Wikle -

    Ricky Traywick
            Was just surfin the net and came across your site. I am a friend of drummer Jimmy Philips. Was wonderin' if you knew that Randy Travis has a brother that loves the Bakersfield sound. His name is Ricky Traywick. Here is a youtube video book with Ricky singing a Christmas song...just thought I'd share.
    Take care,
    Rob Saranpa

    Thank you for an awesome site
            I stumbled across "That Bakerfield Sound" searching for a dear friends web site Chester Smith and his lovely wife Ann Lesley Smith in Modesto, Ca. I have followed Merle ever since I moved from San Diego, Ca. to Turlock, Ca. some 25 years ago. My wife's family called me a "City Slicker" back then when I first came to the Valley but now I guess I ain't nothing more than a " Bought on credit, crossed eyed, anchored nose, lopped eared hillbilly just living south of Keyes, California." Whew. Somewhere I must have met Glenn at one of Merle's concerts and now I wish I would have known his history. I hope next time Merle plays in the Valley I can look you up and hear some great stories. Have a great Labor Day Weekend and God Bless you and your family. Again, Thanks for a awesome and wonderful site. - Mr. Kim Briggs
    (Kim's a girls name I know and being a police officer doesn't make it much easier I'm hear to tell you !!!) Turlock, CA

    From Ron Gaither
            My name Is Ron Gaither and some of the old friends in Bakersfield wanted me to send in an update. I worked in the clubs in Bakersfield back in the 70's and 80's as the bandleader three different times at Tex's Barrel House. I worked in the Oscar Whittington band for a while and played bass for Red Simpson also. I did work in several of the clubs around town. I remain good friends with many although now I am a preacher on Oklahoma and have been away from Bakersfield doing "Country Gospel Music" for several years now. I signed with "Hope Street Music Group" in Branson, Mo. a few years ago. Had two songs written by Red in the top 10, and another that reached #23. With a total of seven albums since 2000 I continue to record although its been over a year since the last titiled "One More Wonderful Day" written by Dennis Adkins and Kathy Louvin. That song reached # 11. You might remember Dennis wrote "Ace in The Hole" a George Strait Hit. Well, if anybody wants to contact me, the best is - Guys like Red, Oscar, Sonny Obrien, Johnny Barnett Jr., and also Inez Savage, Larry Petree, Mack Owens and many others can tell you about the so called "good ole days". Find me also at and in Branson (artist showcase). Take care and God Bless the Bakersfield Sound!
    Ron Gaither
    PO BOX 252
    Byars, Ok. 74831

    What a great website!
            Just stumbled across it looking for a song, "I  Won't Live That Long". I played bass for Tommy Collins in a band in  Ocala, Florida in the early 70's. I'm not certain of how we ended up  crossing paths in Ocala, Florida. Maybe he told me and I knew once  and I've forgotten. I moved there to get married and was playing in  some country bands in Central Florida when someone told me of this  guy Tommy Collins who was wanting to put a band together. We used to  go over to his house. I remember Tommy would get out an old reel to  reel and play songs he had written for Merle. Tommy and Wanda would  tell my wife and I stories about Bakersfield and Buck and Bonnie Owens.
            We had to go there so we quit our jobs, packed up and with Tommy and  Wanda's blessings headed for California. I remember having  Thanksgiving "dinner" (I'm guessing 1973) in a truck stop restaurant  in Bakersfield. I remember going to a honky tonk with a big parking  lot out front and hearing a band. Wish I could remember the name of  the band and the honky tonk. I do remember that there was a back room  and people were gambling back there. We stopped by the musician's  union local office and then went to Buck's studio which was converted  from a movie theater. But, in my mind, Los Angeles was the California  I had been dreaming of so we went to North Hollywood and rented an  apartment near the Palomino.
    Thanks so much for the memories.
    Jack Edwards
    Houston, Texas

    Huge Merle Haggard and Buck Owens Fan: Hello Folks. My name is David Neel and I live in Ventura. I came across your website and just wanted to let you know how much I like it and appreciate all of the work you have done with it. As a huge Merle Haggard and Buck Owens fan, I just wanted to say "thanks".
            I actually went to the Tally Recording building when in Bakersfield recently. If you didn't already know this, an investor has bought all of the buildings on that block and has turned them into rented office space. The Tally building in your picture has been rented out to a church. I was hoping it might be for sale so I could do something with it in terms of preserving Bakersfield Country Music history. At least it hasn't been torn down.
    David Neel -

    Larry Daniels
               I just saw your website and I was amazed. My dad is Larry Daniels and I'm Kris Daniels. I used to work on-air at KUZZ and now I'm in Fresno at KHGE/Country ... but my dad has a lot of old photos from all the different artists coming to town. I just wanted to say your website was great!! Thanks, Kris Daniels - - Check us out at

    There is SO much talent in Bakersfield!
               I have been reading a lot about the Bakersfield Sound on this website ... and I love it. I have to say that I have lived in Bakersfield for a total of 16 years (moved away and then came back) and until recently never really appreciated the whole country music scene.
               What changed my life FOREVER was my 50th birthday party at the Crystal Palace. I had the time of my life that night. Since then I have become a fan of some of the local artists such as Stampede (Crystal Palace on Saturday nights) and since taking up line dancing last year have had the pleasure of listening to Bobby Durham and Brian Lonbeck at Trout's on Thursday nights, what an awesome place. There is SO much talent in Bakersfield!
               I absolutely love the sound and can't believe it took me this long to find it! Anyway, I have enjoyed the information you have posted and I really like the old photos, thank you. 
    Evelyn Thorpe -

    From Bob Fanucchi
              " I went to school with Mark Mosley. What happened to Tracy Barton he sung at Trout's Bar in Oildale?
              " I was good friends with Jelly Sanders, Jimmy Sanders and Jackie. He's up in Oregon I believe. I got my tooth knocked out at Trout's too; I was sitting with Jim's wife by a drunken guy who did like it, he didn't he know that I was protecting her from getting hit on by drunks. Oh what memories ...
              " I have not been to Buckersfield for a long time. I lost sight of Ted Forse, Dennis Payne, Faith O'Hara, and Kathy Payne and Dennis Knudsen and a bunch of others.
              " I was young and played guitar in all niters after hours at the Bakersfield Inn on Union Ave and with Bob Ehret * passed away who ministered to me to finally become a Christian.
              " Hell, I now live where there¹s a church and Super-Wal-Mart on every corner. I am an executive producer on indie movies and I dabble in acting too.
    Bob Fanucchi

    Harvey Craig
              " Just checking your website. My father was Harvey Craig. He was a  long time Bakersfield resident and died a few years ago. He used to  play guitar in and around Bakersfield in the 1950's. There are  stories in the family that he played with many of the local music  powerhouses and had opportunities to tour, but always turned them  down as the money was apparently not enough to sustain his famil.   I'm curious if you knew him or anything about his story.
              " I'm curious if you have any sound clips on your site ... I can't  seem to find any. I have a son who is fourteen and has two years of  guitar under his belt, and he also plays in the high school band  (bass clarinet). He's in a boy band and they are just getting  started. Anyway, I only have one video tape of his grandfather  playing and I'd like to expose him to more of that "Sound". I have a  gut feeling that is what my father played while I was growing up.
              " I enjoyed your site, even though I didn't know anybody. Sort of made  me feel at home. (I'm now outside of Sacramento!)
    Kind Regards,
    Darrin Craig

    "Oldell's" Son
              " My name is Michael Allison and my father is Odell. He played in a local band in Bakersfield in the late 50's early 60's named The Bear Mountain Playboys. I haven't been able to find any references on the web etc. Just wondering if you re-call them, or have any detailed info. Just thought it would be interesting. I don't think they were a big act, but they definitely made the rounds. I appreciate the feedback, and I hope this note finds you doing well. Mike Allison -

    My father was Gene Oldham
              " I really have enjoyed your website on the Bakersfield Sound. To introduce myself, I am Alicia (Oldham) Selby and I live in Houston.  My father was Gene Oldham, a fiddle player and guitarist and very much a part of the original Bakersfield Sound. He played with Billy Mize, Jelly Sanders, Oscar Whittington, Bill Woods, Tommy Hays and a host of others. He played at Trouts, The Lucky Spot, The Blackboard and many other venues for many years. In the very beginning when Buck Owens landed in Bakersfield and chased down to LA to try to land his first recording contracts, my dad was often called to stand in as a guitarist for him in one of the earliest bands that Buck was a member of in Bakersfield. 
               My father passed away in October 2003, and my mother Nelda Oldham who still lives in Bakersfield has been asked by Inez Savage to get together some memorbilia, photos and fiddle and maybe one of my dad's Gibson guitars for display for the Country Music Museum. I was hoping when we get some photos and a short bio together you could post them on this website.
               Fortunately the music lives on in our family, my brother Stacy and I are both musicians and singer/songwriters. We are working on some demos, and hope to record some new material in the next few months. Our father's death has brought us back to our music after some years of putting it aside. It is a way to honor him and to enjoy something we have loved so much since we were very young. 
               Thank you for taking the time to do this wonderful tribute to all the musicians in Bakersfield who together created that unique Bakersfield Sound.

               With best wishes - Alicia Oldham Selby -

    Brad Paisley
              " Just got some very unexpected and exciting news. Brad Paisley was on stage in front of several tens of thousands of people in Ohio at a big outdoor Country Music event. The show was being broadcast LIVE on TV. They invited people to email song requests to Brad during his show. Guess what he sang? GET A LITTLE MUD ON THE TIRES? YOU ARE THE WORLD? WHEN I GET WHERE I'M GOIN? ALCOHOL? CELEBRITY?
              " Nope ... He sang Mayf Nutter's song JAMBOREE IN THE HILLS. The crowd went wild, cheering and singing it out with him. I had no idea Brad even knew my song. And since I am the only artist to record it, he had to have learned it from hearing my record. Gave me quite a smile to think he knew my song well enough to play and sing it on stage.
              " At our first meeting, backstage at the Grand Ole Opry a few years ago, Brad told me that his Mother had taken him to see a Mayf Nutter Show at the Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling. He said I looked like I was having so much fun on stage and the crowd had so much fun that he thought to himself, "I'd like to do that!"
              " He said that during my show that night, I mentioned that I was born and raised in West Virginia where he is from. So he started thinking, "Maybe I can do that too." Then he told me he even found the guitar player in my band, who still lived in West Virginia, and learned to play guitar from him. he boy done good, didn't he?
    Mayf -

    From Belgium
              " Hello. I'm a country dj from Belgium ("Country Club" on Radio Columbia 106.9fm) and of course, great Bakersfield and honky tonk fan! Your page is really incredible and I found a lot of good stuff. Next week,I'll go in France to see Mike Bella in concert. I saw him there're a lot of years ago, it's a excellent entertainer and singer. I'm sure he'll sing a tribute to the one an only Buck. Congratulations for your job Glenn! My best regards from Belgium. Alain JORIS -

    It was a long sad week
              " We were there for Buck's final show. Looking back, there was a feeling in the building that night that I can't describe. It's as if Buck knew. Only 6 days before, I was backstage talking with Buck and took a couple pictures with him. He told others in the room that I was his most loyal fan. We shared a joke or 2 and talked a little. When he was getting ready to leave, I told him that I sang one of his songs with the band at Toby Keith's club in Vegas. His last words to me were "I bet you did a hell of a job Joe", and walked out the back door. I'll never forget the day the music stopped. The memories will last me a lifetime.
    Joseph R. Stormont
    Bakersfield, Ca. 93301

    Red Kilby's Song Sample
              " I looked at the website and heard the song sample of "That Bakersfield Sound" that comes on automatically, but can't find info about it on the site. Is a copy of the song or CD for sale? Buck will be missed at our house. We live in Simi Valley but used to go to Bfield to see Buck when we could. Thanks, Cole Jacobs -
    Hello Cole and thank you for your e-mail. The song that you hear when you open our website is sung by our dear friend Red Kilby from Pueblo, Colorado. You can purchase his CD "Keepin It Real" which is excellent and one of my personal favorites at - Glenn J. Pogatchnik

    Thank You

    Tommy Potter
              " My name is Tommy Potter and my father who passed away in 2005 was named Tommy Potter. I never met my father until he passed away this past year. I am just trying to find out a little information about him because I just never had a chance as a child. From my understanding he had a TV show in Bakersfield about 1963 and played in clubs around Bakersfield. Would you have any idea or know a person that might be able to help find out if he did. Best Wishes, Tommy W. Potter -

    From Rick Carpenter
              " You've got a great site here, I'd say the definitive site on Bakersfield Country. I've always been a fan of Merle, Buck, Wynn Stewart et al. I don't think there's been a genuine country star since Dwight Yoakam. I'm a singer/songwiter living in Nashville, swimming against the tide of pop garbage masquerading as "New Country." I play Bakersfield/Honky Tonk music, (called everything from Alt Country to Americana) got a 6 song EP called "Outside of Nashville" which gets more spins in the Netherlands than anywhere else, sad but true. Feel free to visit my site at . I'm doin' what I can to keep real country alive. Can't wait to head up Hwy 99 again, it's been a few years. Keep up the good work, I wish you the best! Regards, Rick -

    Bobby Moore
              " My name is Paula Moore. I am wondering if you have any old files, photos, recordings of my father, Bobby Moore, who lived and played pedal steel guitar in Bakersfield until his death in 1993. I also lived there for a short time and played fiddle with Rick Reno Stevens. I enjoyed many jam sessions with my father and all the talented musicians who were there. I haven't many historical photos or newsclips, recordings of things my father may have been a part of and would appreciate any information you can pass my way. I miss my father immensely and it would mean alot. Thank you, Paula Moore - or

    John Redd Helps
              " My name is John Panick, a long time friend of John Redd. Mr. Redd spoke to me about your kindness and allowing a long phone conversation! That's cool.
              " I had a few encounters with Bill Woods when as a kid I worked in a local music store and also met Gene Moles there as well. Met Buck at his recording studio once and asked him for a job, anything ... I told him I'd even pick the weeds along side the building. I wanted to be close to the recording scene. He already had a flunky (and a drummer) I guess. HA! I took it all for granted as a young kid will do.
              " John Redd introduced me to much music and can play and sing decently for sure. In fact I was playing drums in his band at the age of 13! Been stumming my accoustic and writing songs for 30 years now too.
              " Anyway....nothing else for now, just wanted to say hello and thank you for your work on all things Bakersfield and music related.
    John Panick -

    Hats Like Merle's
              " After all these years, I found this page. I grew up listening to and appreciating, cousin herb henson, merle, don rich, the list goes on ... i graduated from BHS, class of 64 ... i have played music professionally here in casper, until the others started doing drugs ... not my kinda thing ... i play and own a 37 yr old fender 12 string, a fender strat, and most of all, a deering 'BOSTON" 5 string banjo ... i guess the real reason for contacting your page is, where can i get hats like merle wears?? Thanx. Gordon Moon, 1642 S. Mckinley St., Casper, Wy 82601 -

    gordon Moon Collector Asks ...
              " i am a keen country music collector autographs. would like to hear from any of the artists over there for a personally signed on the front of photo and used guitar picks or plectrums to put with photos. from paul kelly, 12 laurel st., TOOWOOMBA 4350, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA.

    Dwight Yoakam?
              " Why is there no mention of Dwight Yoakam on your Bakersfield website. He did sing "Streets of Bakersfield" with Buck Owens and "Beer Can Hill" with Merle Haggard and Buck Owens. Dwight Yoakam happens to be one of my favorite musicians along with Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, George Jones, and Buck Owens. I am 17 and am mean no insult by my question. Thank You for your time, Nick -

    Born in Bakersfield
               Thank you so much for your fantastic webpage. I was born in Bakersfield in 1953 but have lived in Australia since 1980. Your compilation of histories and great photos are a treasure of memories for me. It makes me want to cry that Bakersfield did not save the Blackboard and I am dismayed to this day that Buck Owens is not revered as his should be. Thank you again. Bruce A. Boyes - writes

    Tommy Collins
               I have been trying to find a listing of the songs that Tommy Collins wrote. I have been through search engine after search engine. I was a fan as a 9 year old in 1954, when I heard "You Better Not Do That." I became a bigger fan after meeting Tommy in Korea 10 years later during his USO tour there. He invited me to join him in Bakersfield when my tour was up, an invitation I acted on without hesitation.
               I do know other artists have recorded material by Tommy, and am able to find out a few songs here and there, but would really like to have a complete listing of the songs he wrote, and those which were recorded by others. I have the "Leonard" box set which tells me most of the songs he recorded, but the booklet that accompanied it has been lost in one of many moves I have made.
               If you can be of any help, or steer me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. Thanking you in advance, I remain:
    John L. Egan aka Lost John -
    Chief Announcer for Radio Bayonet, American Forces Korea Network 1964-1965
    Last broadcast position: Announcer, WENO radio, Nashville, Tennessee in the 70's

    Billy Mize Record
               My name is Dick Bressler. I lived in Bakersfield during most of the 1970's and early 80's and now reside in Merced. Growing up in Hanford and the San Joaquin Valley I remember the days of Cousin Herb's TV show and I've been a Buck Owens fan for these many years. I located your name and email address on the Rockabilly web site (Bakersfield sound section). Nice. Enjoyed it much. My point in writing is to tell you of a Billy Mize record I own that I have been unable to find mentioned in any stories, record guides, web sites, etc. It's on the KORD label. No location is mentioned on the label. I know there is/was a KORD radio station in the state of Washington. And I also know that Buck and his band worked in that area in the late 50's, before returning to Bakersfield. It is a 78 rpm which puts it at not much later than 1958 or 59. My guess is, it's earlier than that. I don't know if you know anything about this or if you have the contacts to find out if any one of those folks remember anything about it. I am attaching two pictures that show it. If it is rare or somewhat unique I would be glad to give it to Billy if he's interested or if Buck would want it for his museum I would gladly give it to him. Thanks for any information you can provide. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Dick Bressler -

    Toby Rean Minter
               Hello my name is Amber Hunsaker and I was looking at your webpage, hoping I would find something about my great uncle. His name was Toby Rean Minter (also had a band called, "Toby Rean and The Common People," and usually went by Toby Rean) and he used to play the drums for people like Buck and Merle at the Rainbow Gardens, the Blackboard and other little clubs that used to be around. I can't find hardly any information on my uncle at all. My grandma, Verna Vincent was the one who knew everybody and she passed away ten years ago. I never was curious to learn about him then and I regret it. Do you have any idea how I could find information on him? Since you had all of this Bakersfield history I thought I would ask you. Well I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
    Amber Hunsaker -

    Wynn Stewart
               Hi Glenn, Thanks for writing me back concerning video of Wynn. Just a few minutes ago I came across this information on e-bay. there are two videos of Wynn on "Bucks Ranch" dated 1-23-68, songs "Pretty World Today" & "I Cant't Live that Long". I then went to Buck Owens Crystal Palace Web Site, clicked on dvd"s & low & behold Vol # 3 dated 1-23-68, there it was. I"m going to e-mail to you the e-bay page. I hope you don"t mind. By the way, if you go to Wynn Stewart website, roll to bottom, go to photos "Early Years", group photo, all first cousins. I'm kneeling holding my sister, Wynn is standing behind me. Picture was taken in Bell Flower, Ca. 1952, grandmas' house. When I made contact with Wren, she asked me if I would identify the people for her, which i did. There is also a group picture of Wynns' dad, mother, sisters & Wynn. Uncle Cleo, Aunt Golden, Beverly, Patty, Wynn. I'll be 66 yrs in Dec. I have a lot of family early years memories. Sincerely, Ken Stewart -

    Charles McNeal
               I was wondering if anyone remembers my grandfather. He sang backup with Freddy Hart in the 50's in Bakersfield. Brian -

    Bud Hobbs and his Trail Herders
               Hi Glenn, I'm not sure if you've heard of Bud Hobbs and his Trail Herders. Bud was a western singer from about 1946 to 1958. He also played with Dude Martin before he started his own band with the Trail Herders. Bud died in 1958 at the age of 38. Bud was my mother's brother.
               Buck Owens, Bill Woods, Oscar Whittington and Jelly Sanders all played as session players on some of his records that were recorded for MGM. I read on the Bill Woods site, that "Lousiana Swing" was one of Bill's favorite songs he recorded with Bud Hobbs as lead vocal. Bill played piano, Buck played lead guitar and Oscar and Jelly were on fiddles.
               Bud also appeared on the Cousin Herb Show, had his own tv show and radio programs in the Stockton area. I haven't been able to find out too much about his early life before he started singing, as my mother died in 1985. So I don't know if Bud started here then played music in the Bay area including San Francisco and Stockton. But, I do know he died in Bakersfield in 1958.
               Bud recorded 30 songs for MGM records before he died. I've found contacts for a few people that played music with my uncle, Lloyd Jones, Wayne Powers and Smokey Silver. Smokey has made me cd's of my uncles music (all 30 songs), which I never thought I would hear again since he died. I was 14 at the time when he died of a heart attack here in Bakersfield. If you would be interested in his music, I would be happy to send you a cd so you could hear his songs. I believe he was an integral part in creating or at least was at the start of the Bakersfield sound in the 50's. I also have a website that I created located at:
               Before I made my website, I searched the web for information on my uncle. I was only able to find a site with one picture of him and several pictures of the MGM 45 record labels. I also have a contact of a Western Swing Historian in Calgary Canada  and he's sent me 3 cassettes of radio programs from the Dude Martin Air Force Radio Program, and Bud Hobbs sang several songs on these programs. Also, Smokey Silver the gentleman that made the cd's for me has a record collection of over 60,000 records and 5,000 cd's.
               Soon I will be posting a new website named: I was also wondering if I could put a link to the new site once its completed from your site.
    Brenda Wattenbarger

    Bakersfield Sound
               In 9 Oct 2005 was an article on the BC sound and a listing of 18 esential songs. Here in Ridgecrest in the late-50's and early-60's all the best came on weekends to play/sing and we danced honky tonk. I want to urch CD's of those early artists, Woods, Joe and Rose Maphis Lewis Talley and the Whackers, Lefty Frizzel, Buck and Bonnie Owens - etc. I looked at the various web sites for recordings and was unable to find these artists with recordings (CD) available for purchase nor was there a email address for me to write to.
               This is not the first time I have tried to get these early recordings and came to a brick wall. Can you please help me in a location where I can purchase CD's and perhaps know who is on the recordings. Thank you,
    Iva Jeane Driggers

    Hello Again
               Thanks for getting the "Live At The Blackboard" cd to me so quickly. It's just so amazing to be able to hear that music that was played back then at the bar of bars played by those great musicians like Don Rich, Red Simpson, and the others. As I was listening, I felt like I had come across someone's scrapbook with photos, and stories about things that I am passionately interested in. For those of us who were not there to experience those times, it is the next best thing. I live in the LA area, and started going to shows at The Palomino that was in North Hollywood back in the early 70's. Another great bar that alot of fine country musicians played at that has been gone for about 15 years now. After The Palomino closed its doors, it became a entertainment hall of some sort. Sad, when these landmark historical places get reduced to the fate of The Blackboard, a cement slab surrounded by a chain link fence, or The Palomino. Those walls are still full of great stories from all that happened there for all those years.
               A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine and I were in Bakersfield. We are both photographers, and made plans to meet at Buck Owens Crystal Pallace as a starting point early in the morning to take some pictures around town, and out in Oildale. I wanted to find The Blackboard, or whatever was left of it. This was before I found your site, and knew its fate. When we came across 3601 Chester, and saw the cement foundation and parking lot, we just got out of the car and stared at the remains. I was imagining that if time could be reversed 50 years, we could go into The Blackboard, get a beer, and probably see, and hear some of those great musicians who played there. I took a picture of the cement slab which I am going to call The Ghost of The Blackboard.  Also, after talking to one of the guys who races out at Bakersfield Speedway, we found out that the Bakersfield sign that used to be over Union Avenue is the one that is now at Buck's Crystal Pallace. I took some pictures of it when it was still over on Union back around 1991. When I first saw the sign over by the street next to Buck's, I though he had made a replica of it for his place. Because of the website, "That Bakersfield Sound", I found out that he had the real one moved from Union, across town, to The Crystal Pallace at a considerable cost to himself.  That is a fine thing he did, because as I understand it, the city was going to destroy it. That would have been another landmark of history gone.
               Again Glen, thanks for all you have done on this site to help make the history of this great music live on for people like us, that know how important it is, not only for our musical enjoyment, but for history in general. It's a  continuation of The Grapes Of Wrath story. Glad Trout's is still alive. As I said in my last e-mail, me and some of my friends will be comming up there soon to see Red Simpson play on one of those Monday night shows. Off to play my Tele now.
    Richard Cline

    "That Bakersfield Sound"
               Hi Glenn, I just found your website, "That Bakersfield Sound" yesterday, and sent off my $15 for the live jam sessions cd from The Blackboard this morning. As I wrote in a note sent along with the money order, I was so pleased to find anything about the days of The Blackboard, and the other bars that hosted those great musicians like Buck, Merle, and many others, and then to find out that there is a cd available from the early 60's of those guys playing live, like Don Rich, and Bill Woods, was just almost too much. I play a Tele, and Don Rich is the guy I payed close attention to when I first got bitten by that Bakersfield sound, along with several others like Roy Nichols. So to make a long story shorter, thank you and the others who are responsible for this website. I feel as though I stumbled upon an oasis of the best country music history, and source for finding out where to come and see more of it played in some of those bars like Trout's. A couple of my friends will be heading to Bakersfield very soon along with me to check out those bars, and the music. People like us who want to hear that sound are starved for it, and in dire need of a real Bakersfield country music fix. From the site, I saw that Red Simpson plays at Trout's. Do you know what nights he plays there? I am a big fan of the songs he has written. Again, thanks for all you have done to make this music, and the history of it accessable to people like me who love it. Looking forward to the cd.
    Richard Cline

    Hank Cochran
               I use to play in a band out in Wilmington, California at a place called The Sundown Club back in 1958 and Hank and Tommy Cole and Don Deal use to come in and listen to our band. Chuck Felling was our Bass Player and he was a good friend of Hank's back in those day's. The name of our band was called The Dixie Rambler's. Could you tell me how I could get a hold of Hank down in Nashville, Tennesse? I live in Bedford, Indiana and I too am a sdong writer of Country Music having recorded with The Hag out in Bakersfield, California and The Strangers. Virgil Essex PKA: JERRY DALLAS.

    Eugene Moles
               Years ago in the mid 1970's I used to play guitar with Gean Moles and his son's Eugene and Jody. Sometimes there little sister mirissa joined in and sang. I still play guitar and write songs. I just thought I would look up Eugene Moles on the internet. I am glad to see that he is still playing guitar. There music has influenced how I play alot. At the time I had no idea how big their music was. I just knew they were the best I ever heard. I just wanted to write this for what it's worth. Sincerely, Barry Cristantiello -

    Nice web site!
               Hi, Good job. I feel a loss though as there are not enough promotions going on to keep the younger folk interested in carrying on the B-Town sound. Yea, those guys were unique, and there are some newer groups coming up, but the B-Town sound in country is in deed fading. Are there any Jam sessions going on to help get younger players involved? Rick Bertino -

    Jimmy Bryant
               Dear Glenn, I just wanted to add a little to that Bakersfield Sound chit-chat. Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West used to "hit it over the grapevine from the LA area to Bakersfield" to perform with the guys there. I've heard some great tales of their experiences going back and forth to Bakersfield. Those were the years when they both played on Hometown Jamboree with Cliffie Stone in the fifties and recorded at Capital. 
               I am Jimmy's sister Lorene who wrote his Biography and have been thanked over and over - still have First Editions. I lived in the LA Area for 8 years during those magic years and loved every minute of it. Met most all the C/W friends of Jimmys' and went with him many places when he'd perform. Never forgot them; loved them all! Thanks Glenn.

      Tony Grasso
               Mr. Pogatchnik, My name is Tony Grasso. I am the bass player for a group known as the CASCADES. Our biggest selling record was a song call 'Rhythm Of The Rain' in 1963. We are still performing concerts outside the United States. Our next tour begins on August 28th in Osaka Japan. Although the Cascades are a pop group, my musical roots are in country music. I was raised in Tucson, Arizona and played the country music of the 50's and 60's as a young aspiring musician back in those early days. Opportunity came aknockin' and eventually many fairly successful recordings. Even though I had left the country genre for quite a few years, it was still in my heart, as my musical preference. I was a diehard fan of Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and Wynn Stewart and a few others. I really felt at home when I heard their music. Since I don't tour as much as I used to, I have hooked up with a local group here in San Diego that are known as the 'FUGITIVES'. Musically, we are all of the same mindset and play what has been referred to as the Bakersfield sound. When I started with them about four years ago, it seemed like musically, we were a small island in a big sea. Everyone around here at the time was playing the Nashville sound. The Fugitives didn't. I guess that's what drew me to them. It sounded like 'home'. I was asked to join the organization and since then, we have more or less developed our own version of the Bakersfield sound. It's pretty straight ahead, but has a lot of punch. Our audiences are gradually getting larger, they follow us from job to job, and in general love the group and the music they do. We ain't no spring chickens, but we can still get after it musically. As a group, we feel that the 'Bakersfield' sound is the real deal and comes from the heart. After life has knocked you around a bit, one begins to see the significants of the songs and how they relate to life in general. They are the stories and emotions of life told in a simplistic manor. Although I believe that there is still a large market for that style of music, it will not be known or heard unless it is promoted by people like you and me. The radio won't play it. It's TOO COUNTRY!!!. The Fugitives are steadily playing more and more venues where this style of music is appreciated and asked for. Your organization and groups like us are the old guard. We'll do our best to keep the Bakersfield sound alive and well. The music on our CD reflects exactly that. When I ran across your site, I felt like I had run across an oasis in the middle of the Sahara. Lets keep working to keep the genre alive. From a lot of us, Thanks - TONY GRASSO -  'FUGITIVES' -

    Neil Young Song
               Glenn, I always found the Bakersfield music community to be a very caring one, so I thought members of that community would may be interested in the information contained below.
               After 9/11, Neil Young helped us grieve, and helped us discover a renewed sense of resolve with his release of the song, "Let's Roll," and the concomitant album, "Are You Passionate?." While Neil Young was in the midst of recovering from surgery (after doctor's removed a potentially fatal aneurysm from his brain), his father, Scott Young, passed away (just one week before Father's Day). Now Neil Young is having to do some of his own personal grieving and suffering. Since he was there for us after 9/11, and the warmth and passion he has conveyed over the years has afforded us so much joy and comfort, let's "blog forward" our own expression of sympathy to Neil Young and his family. I have recently written and recorded "Father's Day Sympathy Song for Neil Young." I would like to offer this "blogsong" as my contribution to what I'm hoping will become a collection of songs, poems, and words of sympathy to Neil Young and his family. I spoke with Neil Young's manager after "Let's Roll" was released, and so I know how to get in touch with him. So if you have any poems, songs, or words of sympathy to offer, please e-mail me, Dr. B.L.T. Thanks!
    Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, Dr. B.L.T. Link to free MP3 blogsong download, "Father's Day Sympathy Song for Neil Young" by Dr. B.L.T.,(c) 2005
    For my review of Are You Passionate? by Neil Young (in Phantom Tollbooth)

               Your "Bakersfield Sound" website sure evokes nice memories! I was raised in Oildale in the late '50s and early '60s. (Career St.) Yes, I have many memories. My father who was from Holland, worked for P.G. & E. out at Kern Power Plant on Rosedale Hwy. We rented a little two bedroom house for $50.00 a month.
               Dad would on occassion with his work buddies go to the Blackboard, Lucky Spot and Padre Hotel in the early ' 50s. I recall those venues very, very well. (eating ice cream in the Padre) Dad was a very good ameteur singer. After I was born, he stopped going out. Dad has been gone for 10 years, but I still can relate his memories as well as my own. Oildale was a neat place, especially during the Summer months.
               I recall walking barefoot on the steaming hot pavement down to Baker Drug to get an ice cream or "missle pop." I remember going out to Meadows Field to watch the old propliner Convairs and Martins of United and Pacific Airlines. One could hear the sound of their mighty radial piston engines on takeoff anywhere in Oildale.
               I was the first kid on our block to have a transistor radio and I used to listen to KAFY and KUZZ all the time. And yes, I watched Cousin Herb and recall Leo Meek well. Also Burleigh Smith on T.V.
               We had an old blue 1952 Plymouth with no airconditioning of course and I don't know how we survived those hot days driving over to Los Banos (where my Mom was from) to visit relatives. I loved Hwy 99 but that is another story.
               I loved those old diesel powered oil pumps, up and down and watching their counter-weight go round and round. ( They later went electric) I often bugged my Dad to illustrate them. Oh yes, the tunnel near Standard School that passed under N. it still there?
               I went to kindergarten at Highland School until we moved up to College Hights in '61 near Bakersfield College. Then it was grammar school at Col. Nichols until we moved to Watsonville in 1966.
               If you every write a book or do a documentary on life in Oildale back then, let me know. I'd like to contribute.
    Gary V. Plomp
    Aviation Historian/Illustrator

    Heather Myles
               What a pleasure to read such a glowing review of Heather Myles from somone in the know! I "discovered" this woman's music a couple of years ago and was blown away by it. She's got one of the best voices in country music ... and it delights me to learn that my Number 1 favorite, The Possum himself (who actually responded to a query I once sent to him at home), reached out to Heather to meet her! If there was any justice in the world, "Big Cars" would be on everyone's list as one of the 100 all time best country music songs. What is going on here that NO ONE , basically, has heard her/ heard of her?? Is it all that European touring that's denied her an American fan base? If you look on, everyone who comments on Hather's music says pretty much the same thing: why don't we hear/see more of her here in the US?
    George Haber -

    Buck Owens Song
               Glenn, I'd like to share with you a brand new song from my forthcoming Buck Owens/Nashville West tribute CD. It's called 4 Quarters Gets Me 2 Buck Songs. If you like it, feel free to share it with friends and family. Here's where you can hear the song and download it for free:

               i live in idaho now, but i grew up in lebec, calif. in the 60s. what a great place bakersfield was then. my mom and i would leave early sat. mornings and drive to bakersfield where we would find ronnie sessions and others playing music on the back of a simi trailer in a used car lot, wow, i can still feel those foggy mornings and all the people around the stage listening to that great sound.
               we also went to 3 of the Buck Owens toys for tots shows. that is probably one of my fondest memories of growing up. i took guitar lessons at moselys studio and saw so many of the local pickers and grinners hanging around there. how is mark mosely? i went to school with him. sorry for rambling but i carry these great memories with me and i think you know how valuable they are. thank you god for don rich!! they just needed a real guitar picker in heaven so they took him home! thank you for your web site, i visit often.
               p.s. remember when dickie garland kept getting shocked from the mike on stage? there was some good news footage of that. miss the sandland brothers.
    doug elam
    twin falls idaho

    More Echoes
               I just saw the Echoes of Bakersfield and thought you might enjoy some more echoes. My uncles, Jack, Glen and Ronnie Rinear, had a very good western swing trio that played a lot in the Bakersfield area from 1952 through the 50's, then migrated up to the Springville area and also over in Paso Robles area.
               Glen was the fiddler and one of the best at his craft. I would love to send you a complimentary CD I made from remastering recordings of their live shows from cassette tapes (some of them from reel to reel). The sound is quite good for the times, much better than most archival recordings I have heard.
               They had a very infectious style, lively and playful, much more animated and down to earth than Bob Wills or the Pioneers, though they played a lot of the same tunes. My uncle Jack wrote a tune that sold to Tommy Duncan called I Reckon I'm a Texan," that is still being played today.
               I have the good fortune of loving this music enough to do everything I can to spread it around. The Rinear Trio never made any professional recordings, although they were courted by record companies from Hollywood several times. The surviving brother will be 88 in August and still lives in Porterville.
    Sincerely, Ronnie McCullough -
    PS. I was born in Bakersfield and lived there for 47 years!

    Hello there,
               I was looking at your web site and it's real nice, a lot of memories in there.
               All my mom's family came up in Oildale, her maiden name was Lohr, I think her older brother went grammer school at Standard with Merle, of course everyone on the north side claims at least that, all the way up to being his half cousin so that's probably not a big deal.
               My mom, her sister and I all went to North, but I think back in the late 40's before North was built my uncle would've gone to B.H.S. My mom was the first class to graduate out of North, she grew up across the street on Douglas.
               I remember the Blackboard next to the Pioneer museum, when I was in high school I worked as a janitor at the kids museum next door named after Lori Brock, I never knew what a history it had, as a kid it was just a dark bar type place that I couldn't go in.
               I'm writing less about the music but rather more about Oildale, growing up people always used to talk about a Reader's Digest story from the 50's that called Oildale the toughest little town in America, I'm sure if you grew up around there you've heard of it, it was practically a legend when I was a kid.
               Do you know of any place where I could find that story on the web, have you ever run across that? Thanks again,
    Jeff Berry -
    Vice President Sales and Trading
    Merriman, Curhan, Ford & Co S.F.
    (800) 909-7897 / IM: JBerryMCF

    Dear Glenn, I perused your website this afternoon and truly enjoyed it. I was born and raised up the road from you a bit in Visalia (actually Ivanhoe, but no one has ever hear of that little town in the middle of nowhere). I am living in Orange County now, but still have plenty of family scattered throughout the valley, so I am up that way from time to time. As a matter of fact, a friend and I are CW fans and have visited Buck's place several times. I thought you might get a kick out of this picture taken prior to Dwight Yoakam's last performance there. Again, I enjoyed your website. Thanks for putting that together for us genuine Bakersfield Sound apprecianados. Patricia -

    Milstead Promotions
               Hi Glenn, My name is Frank Milstead and I'm CEO Of Milstead Promotions. I'm helping bring Back that Good Old Country Music. Here are some artist that I'm Promoting Check Out Lindsey Rideners New Hit Single, PhD In Love!! Please Sign our Guest-Book. Frank Milstead -

    Ralph Garrison
               My Dad, Ralph Garrison was a salesman and manager at Leo Meek Automobiles. He did the comercials on the Cousin Herb Show. He also did comercials for his own dealership, Car Fair. Car Fair was near the traffic circle on N. Chester. (Early '60s), My Dad lives with me and I'm sure he'd be happy to share as much information with you as you'd like. I hear stories from him that I'm sure most people don't know. Appreciate Your Website, Craig Garrison -

    "Peanut Gang"
               Does anyone remember Cousin Herb's Trading Post "Peanut Gang"? It was a small set of bleachers on the set that young children could watch show. Dennis, Bakersfield -

    Rockabilly Fest
               It's a big rockabilly fest in the desert, featuring several Bakersfield bands. Please pass the word along to anyone you think would be interested...
               Knucklebusters Presents...Sat. Oct. 9, THE SIDEBURN CIRCUS & VICTORVILLE HAYRIDE featuring CATTIE NESS & THE REVENGE, THE DUSK DEVILS, JOHNNY RETSCHED & THE BLACKBOARD PLAYBOYS, DAWN SHIPLEY & HER SHARPSHOOTERS, SOUTHBOUND 151. "Bands, booze, & hotrods... What more could you ask for?" Vendors, Car Show starts 3 pm, Bands start 6:30 pm. Green Tree Inn, 14173 Green Tree Blvd., Victorville CA 92392, 760-245-3461. Rooms available, 24 hour café. For more info, go to,, or

    The Old Bakersfield Inn
               Hi Glenn, A coworker told me about your website, very well put together. I would like to add however that the old Bakersfield Inn is not totally demolished. We might not have our sign but we are still here. It has been the home of the Kennemer Center since 1999, we are a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility.  Licensed for 130 residence.
               The Kennemer Center is a division of Turning Point our corporation, Turning Points modo is "Serving people in need" ... we are a non profit agency. Reaching out to the community serving those in need. Turning Point works with Kern County Mental Health, as well as CPS, DHS, Parole and Probation. We are in the process of restoring the facility. We have restored the lobby and plan to paint the building. When it is done, I hope you will add the pictures to your website. Come check us out.
               If you would like to make contact or come see our facility please feel free anytime. Sincerely, Paula Carter, Administrative Assistant. Kennemer Center - FYI we have taken down the huge chandeler in the lobby and it is available. We do accept donations. If you know anyone that would be interested.(We still need to replace the carpet on the stairs, and counter in lobby)

    From Joe Burns
               Hi Glenn, I'll be heading to the southwest area in November '04 and am thinking of zipping over to Bakersfield CA if I can. I'm wondering if any of the clubs you mentioned (Longbranch Saloon, Trout's Nightclub, Tejon Tavern and The Kern River Belle) have regular nights of live music that I can count on if I drop by? Great website man! Thanks and keep well, Joe Burns,

    Everything Bakersfield
               My name is Nathan Schultz, and I am a director for the new website I am contacting you to let you know that we have created a link-page to your website. Our community section will be launching on September 16th, 2004, and it already contains over 1800 Bakersfield non-profit organizations making it the largest, and most diverse community website for Bakersfield anywhere on the internet.
               Simply put, our site is fully interactive and is designed to serve only the citizens of Bakersfield California. Imagine that! Our visitors are encouraged to express their opinions! Our state-of-the art forums are fully functional, and feature services such as polling and password registration.
               Lastly, our writers frequently offer contests where people can win tickets or discounts to Bakersfield's upcoming events. We also actively participate in our educational system, and we provide the winners with discounts, tickets, and etc.. If you are anticipating an upcoming event, and would like to donate tickets, discounts, and etc. then please contact me here: Also, much more content is being added to our web site daily, and will be continuously added in large volumes for the next few months. Here is a link to our EverythingBakersfield Forums:
    Nathan Schultz
    4700 Easton Dr. #43
    Bakersfield, CA., 93309
    Phone: 661-706-4517 (8:00-5:00M-F)

    Dear Mr. Glenn Pogatchnik:
               I am one of the writers on a CD project that we released back in 2002 entitled, TALES OF THE NEW WEST/Songs of the Corey's & Dennis Kahler/SUNG BY BUDDY JEWELL. We had Buddy Jewell sing twelve of our songs for our project and it was picked up by OarFin Records and is presently selling in Walmart's, Tower Records, Borders and on CD Baby. Have you ever heard of our CD project? The CD was professionally recorded by Marty Rifkin, along with several other producers, background harmonies sung by Joey Scarbury. If you are interested in reviewing our CD, we'd love to send you a copy! We will need an address to submit our CD to... Respectfully, Alton, Arthur, Sharon & Margie Corey/BMI, Sharomar Music Pub./BMI LLC - PS: We're from Southern California

    Wanda Jackson
               I remember having coffee with Wanda Jackson in some small cafe in Billings, Montana in the late 50's.  She had done a show there the night before and I met her through my promoter friend, Marlin Payne.  Believe it may have been in conjunction with a Faron Young concert but I'm kind of fuzzy about that.  I remember how she used to knock everyone out with her fringed dresses. Don Redfield -

    Thank You
               Dear Glenn, I thoroughly enjoyed the CD "Live at The Blackboard." I thank you very much for the opportunity to own it. I would certainly like to listen to more of these historic Bakersfield Sound Recordings. Thank You Again. I Hope to visit with in the future. Yours Very Truly, Rick L. Wagher -

    From Mike Michelli
               A local resident that is not originally from Bakersfield, but have really enjoyed learning of the Bakersfield Sound history. Have been in Bakersfield 20 years and have met some great people, one in particular was Mr Barnet. Listening to his stories of Bakersfield and its music was exciting and interesting. I was happy to see pictures and writings of him. Thanks for such a history filled site. Mike Michelli-

    From The Netherlands  
               Please check out one of the songs from the new Chuck Memphis album "Talk About The Good Times" as released by Rarity Records in Holland. For any additional information please consult If this sounds like something you will be interested please contact: Memphis Productions Holland - - Best regards, K.C. van den Hoven

    These are pictures sent to me via e-mail by my good friend Owe Roslund of Trangsviken, Sweden. They are of my friend International recording artist Mike Bella performing and later having a beer with Owe at the yearly Duved festival in Sweden. You can learn more about Mike at - Glenn P.

               Hi Glenn: Remember me? My name is Nita and my friend Connie and I met you at Denny's in Fresno after the Alan Jackson concert. Thank you so much for the CD. I've listened to it several times and believe me it sure brought back a lot of memories. I used to listen to all those guys years ago. I went on to one of the web sights and I was real surprised to find a picture of Ken Nordin. I have the same picture. Also his tape and a T-shirt from him. Do you know his manager, Ray Urquhart? He is a friend of My daughter and son-in-law. I won't ramble any longer, but I would love to hear from you again. Nita McGraw -

    Jake Grider
               Just thought I would drop you a line asking you to check out my web site. I play at the Kern River Belle on the alternate Sundays from The Western Connection, and we draw a pretty good crowd. My fellow band members are:
    Phil Hanna - Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals,
    Dave Bishop - Bass
    Craig Gifford -(Sometimes Chuck Long) - Drums
    Larry Petree - Steel Guitar
    Myself - Jake Grider - Lead Guitar and Vocals
    You can check us out at:
    Thank You, Jake Grider -

    More TV
               Woo-Hoo! Kind words from Mr. Art Fein, historian, music aficionado, TV host, author, on his website at ...
               I had the terrific Dusk Devils from Bakersfield on my show in July, but do not have a photo, yet. They rocked me at the Elvis show in January, and outdid themselves on the tv show. I haven't seen such joy and vitality since the rockabilly explosion of the early 80s.
               Now that you want to go check out our website again, bad news: Our website is currently down... darn cyber gremlins! We will be back soon, and playing out soon... though not as sooner...

    From Dr. B.L.T.
               By the way, Glenn, I finally got around to mailing you a few of the songs of written and recorded (some are rough, incomplete numbers) as a tribute to the days of the Bakersfield Sound. I'm sorry I was so late in getting this stuff to you. I'm a real procrastinator when it comes to mailing things.
               The first song, King of the Crystal Palace mentions you by name on the spoken word section about 3/4 of the way through the song. That's my tribute to Buck Owens and to you, for keeping the faith alive. Buck heard the second song, The Buck Stops Here and communicated to me through his keyboard player that he liked the song. Of course the version he heard was an even rougher version. I basically re-wrote the song, but I'm going to have to do the recording all over again because the timing is out of line and I need to add some instruments.
               I hope you enjoy the collection. If you ever decide to do a documentary film on Nashville West, or some type of multi-media presentation of the history you've recorded and would like some music to go with it, you are welcome to use my songs for this purpose. I hope you're having a great weekend. Bruce L. Thiessen aka Dr. B.L.T. (661) 588-5537

    Keep the Flame Burning
               Hello, I have been admiring your "The Bakersfield Sound" portion of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame website. I was curious if you knew of Chester Smith. He performed out of Modesto and the valley in the early 50's before becoming a gospel musician and owner of television and radio stations. He recorded for Capital at that time and had a hit with "Wait A Little Longer, Please Jesus". He was a peer of The Maddox Bros and Sister Rose, Merle Haggard, Tommy Collins, Bill Woods and all of those performers from the Bakersfield area. He recorded an album with Merle these past couple of years. His website is - I am a California country musician myself although 30 years younger than the originators and I appreciate your attempt to keep the flame burning. Thank you, Ross Rowley -

    Red Kilby "Keepin' It Real"
               Hi Glenn, I just happened onto your website, wow this is pretty cool and how ironic for me to find it. I have a new CD coming out on Labor Day Weekend titled Red Kilby "Keepin' It Real" I am a vocalist and it features some of the folks,  you folks think the world of on this website.
               1st off I have Ralph Mooney doing what he does best, playing "That Bakersfield Sound" He is featured on 4 songs actually.
    1 Honky Tonk Heartache
    2 Colors I'm gonna paint the town
    3 11 months and 29 days
    4 and a song you all are gonna love "That Bakersfield Sound" I wrote this song for Buck and Don, and Merle and Roy and Wynn Stewart. It is one of the highlights of the whole project with some interesting twists, like Redd Volkaert and Junior Knight   playing lead guitar and doing all those Roy Nichols, Don Rich and James Burton licks , and Dale Morris playing fiddle,  and the Great  Dicky Overbey playing steel guitar in just the right places, and of course Mooney with a special surprise at the end of the song. That is gonna make you think it is 1961 again.
               Also featured on this project are 2 other special Steel Guitar players "Mr Nashville Sound" Lloyd Green and one of the Buckaroos from the past that was part of the "Later Bakersfield Sound", no other than "The Man" Jerry Brightman.
               I just cut this project in Mineral Wells, Tx at Roughwood studios and at Ab-Trax in Nashville, Tn. You can visit my website at but I have nothing on this project yet posted, I am keeping it a surprise until the Steel Guitar Convention in St. Louis over labor day weekend.
               I just thought you all would be interested in this project I am doing, and I hope that you will support it once I release it. Here is a list of the songs and the featured Steel Players and Guitar Players
    1 That Bakersfield Sound = Dicky Overbey and Ralph Mooney and Redd Volkaert
    2 When she does me right = Lloyd Green and Redd Volkaert
    3 I'll Come running = Jerry Brightman and Junior Knight
    4 Colors I'm gonna paint the town = Ralph Mooney and Junior Knight
    5 Crystal Chandeliers = Lloyd Green and Junior Knight
    6 Honky Tonk Heartache = Ralph Mooney and Junior Knight
    7 One Angel Missing = Dicky Overbey and Redd Volkaert
    8 Yours to hurt tomorrow = Lloyd Green and Redd Volkaert
    9 Just between you and me = Lloyd Green
    10 AKA Gumpy's Girl = Dicky Overbey and Junior Knight
    11 I'm Gonna knock on your door = Lloyd Green and Jerry Brightman and Redd Volkaert
    12 11 months and 29 days = Ralph Mooney and Dickey Overbey and Redd Volkaert.
    Take care, and stay in touch Red Kilby -

    Ronnie Session Fans...
               From the editor: I just got off the phone with the wife of Ronnie Sessions ... Donna Sessions. There was a rumour going around that Ronnie is writing again and she confirmed that the rumour is true. The title of Ronnie's first written song is "Love The Blue Out Of You." Ronnie is in hopes that George Strait will be interested in recording the song. I must note that Donna will be sending me a demo of Ronnie singing the song and she is also donating an album of Ronnies for a tribute/benefit that we will be doing for a good friend of Merle Haggard ... The legendary Mr. Sonny Langley tentatively scheduled at Trouts Nightclub in Bakersfield on December 5, 2004. Ronnie and his wife Donna currently live in the Nashville area.

    From Don Redfield
               Howdy: I've been through my 45's three times now and haven't been able to scare up my copy of Bonnie Owens "Stop The World And Let Me Off" on Tally. It should be somewhere because I put it on cassette some time ago along with Waylon's version, for comparison. Frankly, Bonnie's is much better.
               However, I did scare up some interesting (hopefully) 45's, including a couple on Tally that feature Fuzzy singing. I'll list them as well as a bunch of Wynn Stewart 45's I have and some others that may be of interest.

    1. Yer Fer Me. Fuzzy Owen. Tally 45-102 (this has to be a very early release on the label.
    2. Beware Of A Stranger. Fuzzy Owen. Tally 45-106
    3. Above And Beyond. Wynn Stewart. Jackpot 48019
    4. Wishful Thinking. Wynn Stewart. Challenge 59061
    5. The Waltz Of The Angels. Wynn Stewart. Capitol F3408
    6. You Took Her Off My Hands. Wynn Stewart. Capitol F3596
    7. A New Love. Wynn Stewart. Capitol F3651

    Here are some others that may be of interest.
    1. Leon's Guitar Boogie. Texas Troubadours. Decca 31837
    2. Turn Around (written by Carl Perkins) Sammi Smith. Columbia 4-44370
    3. B. Bowman Hop (Billy Bowman on steel). Bob Wills. MGM K11568
    4. Did The Man In The Moon Come From Texas. Ole Rasmussen (Teddy Wilds on vocal). Capitol F2015
               Some of these 45's I've had for over 50 years and some others I picked up while dealing in vinyl about ten years ago. My late wife and I flea marketed in Lincoln City, Oregon and eventually had our own store for a while...we were both employed other places, too.
               Just got through listening to Roy Nichol's chorus on Merle's "Honky Tonk Night Time Man" and once again it just blew my ass in the creek. God, how that man could play!
    Don Redfield -

    How Much Does It Cost To Record An Album?
    What a major label 10 song session costs

               By Mark S. Hendricks, CPA, O'Neil Hagaman, PLLC, 6/1/2004 - Once the record company has approved the production budget, it's time to go to the studio and begin the first stage of recording, commonly referred to as the tracking dates. During the tracking dates, studio musicians are recorded simultaneously and the basic foundation of the musical tracks is recorded. The number of musicians and the required studio size and complexity make this the most expensive stage of the recording process. Costs incurred during the tracking stage, which generally takes 3 to 6 days to complete, might look as follows:
               TRACKING: Tracking: Studio (5 days @ $1,500) $7,500 Musicians 7 players, ten 3-hour sessions* $56,000 Engineer & Assistant $6,250 Total Tracking Costs $69,750
               FOR EXAMPLE: drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, steel guitar and fiddle. All musicians are paid double the minimum session rate established by their union, plus applicable union fees.
               Overdubbing, the second basic stage of recording, adds the lead and background vocals and the necessary solo instrumentalists to the foundation recorded during the tracking dates. As lead and background vocalists and solo musicians are recorded separately, required studio size and complexity are reduced. Also, although not strictly "overdubbing," it is during this period that certain technical housekeeping chores are performed (often using Pro Tools digital recording software) such as tuning, correcting performance mistakes, etc. This stage of recording generally lasts 10 to 20 days and typical costs include:
               OVERDUBBING: Studios (20 days @ $800) $16,000 Musicians 4 players, two 3-hour sessions each $6,400 Background Vocalists $10,500 Engineer & Assistant $20,000 Transfers $1,000 Total Overdubbing Costs $53,900
               Through the overdubbing stage, all of the sounds which make up the album have been recorded separately on 48 or more different tracks. "Mixing" entails establishing the volume level of each of these separate tracks (bass guitar, vocals, etc.) and blending these sounds into the two-track or stereo version that the public will eventually hear. This stage generally takes between 8 and 15 days and only involves the artist, producer and mixing engineers. Typical costs include:
               MIXING: Studios (12 days @ $1,500) $18,000 Mixing Engineer & Assistant $12,600 Total Mixing Costs $30,600
               Additionally, a number of other costs are incurred during the recording process. These costs include the rental of equipment such as digital tape recorders, special effects equipment, microphones, etc.; cartage or freight charges to move equipment; miscellaneous supply costs; the cost to master (digitally process and sequence) the album and perform certain technical procedures in preparation for delivery of the final version to the record company; and fees paid to the producer's assistant. Typical charges might look like the following: MISC. COSTS: Equipment Rental $8,000 Cartage $3,000 Mastering $5,000 - Delivery Costs $4,000 Supplies $1,600 Catering - $1,000 Production Assistant $3,000 Total Misc. Costs $25,600
               Summarizing the basic stages above, the total cost of the album in our example was as follows:
               SUMMARY: Tracking $69,750 Overdubbing $53,900 Mixing $30,600 Misc. Costs $25,600 Total Production Costs $179,850
               Not included in this example are advances paid by the record company to the producer. These advances against their respective royalty earnings typically range from $20,000 to $50,000 for producers.
               With this much money involved, a great deal of emphasis should be placed on the production budget and subsequent control of costs. Effective planning and negotiations long before going into the studio can result in significant savings. Vigilance in following the production budget during the recording process will assist in controlling actual costs, and help explain any variances to the label.
               It is important to note again that album production costs vary substantially. The above example is offered only to demonstrate the basic stages and related costs of recording an album, and to point out that effective planning and attention to controlling recording costs will help ensure that production dollars are being spent wisely.

    More from Don Redfield

    Don Redfield and the Group at the Junction in 1954
    Glenn: This is the group I was telling you about, from KRNR, that played at The Junction. I was playing an old Kay hollow body bass and Jimmy Johnson, owner of KRNR, was on rhythm. The steel man took clothes hanger wire and attached them to the pedals on his Bixby so he could play standing up. Three of us in the band knew each other from Billings, Montana...kind of a weird place to meet up.

    Tillman Franks was director of talent at the Louisiana Hayride for many years. He managed Johnny Horton and played bass with him. I met him on that Opry tour of '56 and later booked Johnny on a gig in Billings. The audience loved Chan Romero (whom I managed at the time) but didn't take well to Johnny.
               At the time I was on the air at KBMY and Tillman brought by an acetate recording that he said was going to be the biggest hit Johnny had. It was "The Battle Of New Orleans" which hadn't yet been released. Interesting, huh?

    When I got out of the army in September of '56, I immediately flew out of Billings to join my old friend, Marlin Payne. He was road manager for, at that time, was the biggest and longest Grand Ol Opry tour. I joined the tour in Denver and we went through all of the south. I met my first wife here in Pensacola on the next to the last night of the tour.
               I took this picture of Johnny Horton and Johnny Cash in a dressing room somewhere along the line.
               Also on the tour were Faron Young and Sonny James. Roy Orbison was along for a few days and then decided to go back to Odessa, Texas. In Texas we had Ray Price for a one nighter and along the way we had Carl Perkins on a one nighter (that experience is something in itself) and Warren Smith was on one gig.
               I remember being in the San Carlos hotel in Pensacola, rooming with Faron Young's guitar man, Pete Wade. I took my guitar along and we spent a number of hours working on "Tico Tico."

    Back when I was at KMON, Great Falls, the first time. I didn't lack for bullsh*ttery.

    I first met Julian Tharpe when he was working with Barbara Mandrell. They split a four night gig during the Pendleton Roundup of '74, I believe. Ernest Tubb did the other two nights. Anyway, I talked a bit with Julian..he was having problems with Barbara's sister (can't remember her name) who was playing drums and having tempo problems.
               After moving back to Pensacola, again, I found that Julian was playing in a club called The Doll House in Fort Walton Beach. My late wife had to attend some kind of conference down there (about 45 miles south of here) and dropped in on him. I kept in touch for a while and then, much later, discovered that he had been shot during a hold-up that went wrong in a convenience store. Damn!
    Don Redfield -

    Just a little blast from the past.
    Glenn: I sent you a check a few days ago for the Blackboard CD. I've been a professional musician for over 55 years. Moved from Pensacola, Florida to Roseburg, Oregon. I also spent 44 years in radio. Worked for Jimmy Johnson, owner and manager of KRNR. Four of us who worked at the station were also country musicians and we played four nights a week at The Junction in Winston, just a few miles from Roseburg. Frequently, smaller country artists would play the Junction ... Rose Maddox, Skeets McDonald etc.
               I remember sitting in Jimmy's kitchen in either late '63 or early '64 and listening to Jack McFadden (Buck Owens manager) trying to convince Jimmy to book Buck into the club. Jimmy told him he didn't think he'd be enough draw. My, how times changed. I believe at that time Buck was traveling in less than fancy equipment, but he made it big.
               I subsequently moved to Eugene and spent 8 years there. Worked for a few months at KATR (country) and one of the on-air jocks was Mac Curtis. In fact, I played lead behind him when he worked the Eugene Elks lodge. I also made a jaunt back down to Roseburg to play lead for Freddy Hart. This was before "Easy Lovin'" and I believe his big hit at the time was "California Grapevine."
    Don Redfield -
    P.S. I moved back to Pensacola in '96. Also was here from '77 to '87 and kept going back to Oregon.

    From the Editor...

    July 7, 2004 - Yesterday I received this autographed picture signed by Alan Jackson and his band the Strayhorns. My friend Tom Rutledge on the far right who plays various instruments in Alan Jackson's band made this happen. I was humbled that Alan and the fellows in the band took the time out of their very busy schedule to sign this picture for an ol' Oakie boy outta Bakersfield. They have also invited me to visit them backstage when they play at a venue near my area where I live and also have provided concert tickets for that gig for myself and my little ol 81-yr. old mother Mary Lou who is a fan of Alan and the band. I told her all the fellas might even give her a smooch. To put it mildly ... she's stoked. Glen -

    A li'l bit for Bakersfield
    Man ... I don't know where to start. I am a 42 year old and North Carolnian and I have dug CCR, Hag, & Buck, for what seems like all my life.     So imagine me meeting a girl from Redding, CA, falling in love. All online!!!! She flew out here, we met, talked for a while, she flew back to CA, I flew back out to CA, we packed her things and drove back cross country to N.C.    I made sure we made a stop in Bakersfield. That was like a "Mecca" to me. We only spent the night and ate in a Mexican cafe, then left first thing the next morning. But when we did ... (Keep in mind I'm a simple country boy from N.C.) I slid behind the wheel, stuck in Skynyrd's "Street Survivors" CD ... punched up their version of Hag's "Honkey Tonk Night Time Man" where Ronnie Van Zant says "A li'l bit for Bakersfield ..." I looked over at Darlene and said "I've been waitin' a lifetime to do that ..." -

    The Dusk Devils
    July 3, 2004 - Hey Friends and Neighbors, Not to shamelessly self-promoteŠOK, to shamelessly self-promote, the Dusk Devils are featured in today's Bakersfield Californian newspaper‹the July 2nd issue, in the Eye Street section. Danielle Belton interviewed us last week and she does a pretty good job of capturing the essence of a group of goofballs with wildly diverse influences and a love for loud, fast, twangy music.
               If you can't get a dead tree copy of the paper, the story is posted on the Californian's web site‹you have to sign up for Members Only access, but it appears safeŠthey don't spam you if you sign up. The site is at, just click the Entertainment News button. I'll have it posted on the band web site soon in the new Press section, plus maybe some candid photos from the photo shootŠ
               Thanks for your support. We're lining up shows right now; watch the Upcoming page on our web site, for details. - From The Dusk Devils

    Ken Nelson
    Legendary Capitol records producer Ken Nelson 93 years old has written a book titled "My first 90 years." He is a Country Music Hall of Fame member. He also is the man who discovered Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Sonny James and many more. He is in very poor health. I'm sure he would love to hear from people. His address is 4743 Club House Drive, Somis, California 93066. The book has not been published, yet. -Marty Martel

    John B. Hall
    Hi, Glenn! John Hall from Hummelstown, PA here! I always liked the Bakersfield Sound in rockabilly, country and rock. Don Rich of the Buckaroos was a real inspiration. to me. You have a real nice webpage on the Bakersfield Sound. Two of my dearest friends in the world are the corps officers of the Salvation Army in Bakersfield, Captains David and Diane Ebel. I hope you encounter them sometime. They are real good people. Best Wishes,
    John B.  Hall

    Al Brumley, Jr.
    Dear Glenn, Many thanks for the nice compliment from your e-mail I received. I really appreciate your keeping me updated on the good old years in Bakersfield, CA. My brother Tom and I are starting a new Country Music Show in Branson, MO. It will be located in the Branson Mall Theater on 76 Country Music Blvd., starting June 3rd. The web-address is: - All of our information may not be updated at this time but will be shortly. Also, I now have a web-page:
    Al Brumley, Jr.

    Roy Armistead
    Was just 'surfing' and came across your site. Boy did it bring back memories - as I was born in Bakersfield and grew up on watching "Cousin Herb" and his crew. My father came to Bakersfield around 1913, and he told me that at one time, probably in the late 1920's or early 30's, he was in a band with Bill Wood's uncle (don't know the guys name) - the name "Roughriders" seems to ring a 'bell' - but I'm not really sure that was it. My father, Roy Armistead, was a manager in a finance company in the 40's, 50's and 60's, and from time to time, some of the early county singers would come in to get loans. I remember him mentioning Bonnie Owens and Bill Woods as some who did. One time when Bill Woods came in, my father told him about the band he had been in with his uncle. He loaned Bill the "only" picture he had of the band, probably some time in the 1950's. He never got it back. Just wondered if Bill Wood's memorbilia was on display some place, or is there a place that early Bakersfield music "stuff" is displayed. It would be neat to run across that picture - as it is part of our family history, too. Thanks for your time. J. Wheeless -

    Bobby Bear
    Bobby sang at some of the old places when he was much younger, Now 42, he would like to share his memories with those who were there at the time. He has played at Trouts and one of the first places was the Rancho outside on a slab that is still on the ground. His real name is Bobby Lima. He drove cab some and also tow truck. Contact us at
    Vicky Lima (wife>
    KVS Transportation
    Division Secretary
    Phone (661) 587-5574
    Cell (661) 201-4245

    Michael Dart with Roy Nichols, 1996.

    Love the Website
    Hi Glenn, Could you do me a favor? On your site you have a link to my band's website which is listed as Chuck Bailey and The Country Western Sounds. Our band is now called The Western Connection. If you would update it I would appreciate it. I saw that you had listed the Kern River Belle on your site. We play there every other Sunday and I just wanted to thank you for promoting the bakersfield sound. Come in and say hi to us sometime. Orrie Griswold -

    Wynn Stewart's Gravesite
    Hi Glenn, I live about an hours drive from where Wynn Stewart was born and laid to rest. My wife and I looked up his burial site and was astonished to see a grave marker like what is used for an infant. It seems a shame to me that a person known the world over be remembered with a marker as such. I know this is a very touchy subject. I e-mailed Wynn's daughter Wren, in Texas offering to help get Wynn a more respectful tombstone. I didn't word it that way but I never heard back so I dropped the subject. Wynn was born at Morrisville, Mo. and is burried in Rosehill cemetery on Highway Z about four miles north of Willard, MO. If there is an interest to help provide Wynn with a nice stone I would be very honored to contribute to the cause. Sincerely, Doyle Brown P.O. Box 44 Harwood, Mo. 64750 or

    "Love's Gamble
    Glenn I found out who did LOVES GAMBLE it was BOBBY HOLLISTER & THE RIALTOS from Bakersfield on PIKE RECORDS (Pike 5910) the other side was "With A Ring Around My Neck) recorded in 1961. Take Care! Bob Morritt in Canada -

    Hello Glenn: My name is Michael Dart and I am a country singer out of Pasadena, CA. I have a five piece band that features the legendary Al Bruno who played on a lot of Merle and Buck albums as well as countless others. We just opened up for Merle at The Crazy Horse in Irvine.. Above is a picture of Al Bruno and I with Merle backstage at that show. My question is, how can I get in to perform at The Crystal Palace as I have been trying to get in there for a few years. Also, do all of the existing Honky Tonks in Bakersfield have house bands or are they open for traditional country bands coming up from the L.A. area? We've been to a lot of benefits at Trout's etc. but we would love to come up and perform up in Bakersfield at some of the existing nite spots. Hope all is well, I really like the site that you've put together... Best, Michael Dart & The Flatlanders -

    Jerry Ward's Bass and Amp
    Here's your chance to own a part of the Bakersfield Sound. This bass was owned and played by Jerry Ward who was the bassist for Merle Haggard during the zenith of Merle's career. Sadly we lost Jerry a few years back. The current owner, Mack Owens, has the instrument up for sale and is asking $2000. You can direct your inquires to me at and I will forward them to Mack.

    Great site, Glenn! Thought you might be interested in this picture. I worked multiple clubs in the east Kern area and Bonnie would show up numerous times at the clubs and ranch dances we performed at. One night at fairtime in Ridgecrest, my band, The Western Connection, was playing the Holland Ranch party and of course Bonnie was there adding her wonderful voice. She very seldom took the lead vocals but wanted to do the back up vocals to every song she knew that we played. Tom T. Hall had been playing the fairgrounds that night and of course ended up at the ranch party as all headliners did every year. (They all seemed to know where the fun was).
               The NEW "Western Connection" band now plays in Bakersfield. We are in the process of rebuilding our web-site. Keep up the great work, Jeff Cameron

    Your BAKERSFIELD Site is Really Great!
    Back in 1961 or 1962 for sure I had a 45rpm record made in Bakersfield, the Title on it was "Loves Gamble" The lyrics started " Love was the gamble, you and I were willing to take" - it was a C Em F G G7 chord progression. Do you recall WHO recorded it? This has been bothering me a long while. Any help appreciated! ... BOB MORRITT -

    55th Anniversary of the Oldest Continuous
    Running Country Music Nightclub in Bakersfield

               Artist Mayf Nutter wrote: Dateline Feb. 23, 2004 BAKERSFIELD - Last night was the 55th Anniversary of the oldest continuous running Country Music Nightclub in Bakersfield, California. TROUT'S, as it is called, is located on Bakersfield's famous Chester Avenue and virtually every Country Music performer of note has played there through the years. Today it is still a favorite place for Country Music lovers to meet, dance, and have fun together. Bobby Durham and the TEX PISTOLS have been the house band at TROUT'S for some years now and another Bakersfield icon, Red Si is a regular performer on Monday nights. The event last night was hosted by THE BAKERSFIELD COUNTRY MUSIC MUSEUM, ASSOCIATION, which is comparable to the CMA, in honoring Bakersfield's Country Music talent and preserving its history. The first inductees, on the opening day of the Museum in 1988, were Buck Owens and Mayf Nutter. The 2004 Salute to TROUT'S was video taped for posterity. It was a wonderful gathering of musicians and performers who had been a part of the club's long history. Inez Savage handled the MC duties with her smooth, caring and friendly way, despite late arrivals and all the usual "unusual" confusion and frivolity which always occurs when such a family reunion comes together. Special treats for me were getting to visit with my old friends, the legendary Billy Mize and Bakersfield's Granddaddy of fiddlers, Oscar Whittington. Those of you who watched THE WALTONS TV series will remember Oscar played the role of the fiddle player for radio star, Bobby Bigelow; my role on the series. If you ever watched the show, you have probably heard us playing and singing together over the Walton family's radio, and have seen us as those characters in the show. So TROUT'S, after 55 continuous years, was once more the gathering place for a house-full of happy fans, friends, performers..... and some great Country Music. I was honored to have been ask to be the show's closing act for the evening of celebration, and to see so many old friends again. Long live the Bakersfield Country Music scene. Mayf Nutter

    Had you ever heard of "Democrat Hot Springs" in the canyon between Lake Isabella and Bakersfield? During the 70's it was owned by Mr. Oscar Whittington, and the place jumped all year long inside the main lodge bar (winter time), and on a huge outdoor patio in the summer. My Dad (Frankie Lemon) was Oscar's drummer. Bill Woods, Jerry Ward, Tommy Collins, Big Bill Smith, Howdy Glen, Mayf Nutter, Red Si Sammi Smith & Little David Wilkins were all regulars there just about every weekend. It was a great time in my teenage years to be directly involved (via my Dad) with all those terrific people and that great country music! Merle Haggard would come down there now & again, as his home used to be right at the end of the canyon (toward Bakersfield). If anyone remembers Democrat Hot Springs Let me know! Thanks again! - Ted Lemon (760) 499-9111 e-mail:

    Sandy Coker Checks In
    Hello Glenn, my name is Sandy Coker and I ran across your website ... hey! I was born in Bakersfield .. sure like your website. My website is - click on the pictures and it will tell you who is in them. I thought that Bakersfield was dead with music like Fresno, Ca. and on and on. ... in Calif. Sure glad things are cooking in Bakersfield. Sandy -

    "Frankie Lemon"
    My name is Ted Lemon, my Dad was "Frankie Lemon" (Earl L. Lemon). He was a singer & drummer during the 50's 60's & 70's around the Kern Valley & Bakersfield areas, He was well known by Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Red Si, Mayf Nutter, Billy Mize, George French, Gene Moles, Roy Nichols, Bill Woods, Larry Petree, Wynn Stewart, Bonnie Owens, Jean Sheppard and Oscar Whittington. Over the years he has played music with all of them. I am trying to find out more about my dad and his place in the Bakersfield sound. (I still own his drum set). I'm looking for any stories, photos, or recordings that include my dad. Can you help, or do you know anyone who can? Thank You. Sincerely, Ted Lemon (760) 499-9111 e-mail here or at:

    Thank You
    Glenn, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful photos and stories you've complied on the Bakersfield Sound. My dad, Ken Croes (Sr.), was a newscaster, production manager and eventual GM at KERO-TV during the 50's and 60's. Many times as a youngster, I got to see Herb Henson's Tradin' Post live. I was always awed by the great music on the show. I watched the program almost every evening on TV (in black and white, of course), but when I got to see and hear it live, it was amazing (and in color!).
             I also remember that Herb would do live used car commercials out back. He'd step through the big double doors behind the set, and Leo Meek Automobiles would drive their cars through one at a time. Herb's trademark was slapping the hood as he bellowed the low, low price.
               When I was in 6th grade, Bill Woods lived a few block away from me in Bakersfield. I was very shy, but I visited him now and then. I loved his piano playing. I also thought the world of Billy Mize. He was so charismatic and such a great singer.
             I eventually became a professional musician, too (much to the chagrin of my parents). The musicians of the Bakersfield Sound had a profound influence on me. I made a good living and had a wonderful time for 10 years playing guitar, writing tunes and doing shows. I've since moved on to other things (wouldn't ya know ... television). But I'll never forget the good times during my music career, and the inspiration I gained from the Bakersfield Sound.
    Ken Croes
    P.O. Box 7009
    Eugene, OR 97401
    Voice: 541.485.5611 Ext. 3012
    Fax: 541.686.8004
    Cell: 541.912.8243

    Eddie Enderle
    Here's an e-mail I received from Eddie Enderle that I saw at Jack Clayton's gig recently. Eddie used to come into my record shop in Delano, Ca (33 miles north of Bakersfield) back in the 70's when he was a little kid. I'm real proud of him because he is now one of the premier guitarists in Bakersfield. He carries on the Bakersfield Sound tradition with pride and respect for all that came before him.
    -Glenn J. "The Ambassador of the Bakersfield Sound" Pogatchnik

    Hey Glenn, it was good for the heart to see one of my long time friends still contributing and educating the masses on our Historic music seen. I've been a steady working member of this community now for twenty-four years and you were there when I first broke in. In that time I have managed to play with and befriend many of the people that helped put us on the map, Buck, Billy Mize, Bill Woods, Red and Tommy Hays just to name a few. Currently I am playing with two different country groups and I am working with an R&B group writing and recording. My opportunities however have been diminishing due to the lack of venues which appreciate our love of west coast country music. My living has been entirely dependent on working the remaining clubs and repairing the instruments of some of our best pickers as well as the young up and coming youths that we are counting on to continue Bakersfield's musical legacy. I hope to continue our contact through all means and look forward to your company in person so we may enjoy talk of old times as well as those to come. Till then, keep up the great work your doing for us, Thanx ... your old friend Eddie Enderle.

    Hey, Glenn!
    Just wanted to update you on my situation...I have accepted the position of Afternoon Drive Host at KDXY/Jonesboro, Arkansas - - ["104-9 The Fox"]. My wife, Miss Geri, and I will be moving over the Labor Day weekend, and my first day on air is Labor Day. I will be working under the "air name" of "Skeeter Nash." My email address will be changing soon, and I'll be in touch when I have new information for you. In the meantime, keep those B-town Sound fires burning!
    All my best,
    Tim Goodrich
    Nashville, TN (for just a couple of more days!)

    Greetings from "Bakersfield East" (Nashville)!
    Dear Glenn, I just want to compliment you on your wonderful web page! It makes me homesick for my adopted hometown!
               Just a quick background on myself: I have been a singing drummer and radio personality for more than 22 years, playing music with various bands in and around Fresno and Bakersfield, and working at radio stations in Fresno (KMAK, KFRE), Tulare (KJUG), and Bakersfield (KTIE - now KCWR, owned by Buck Owens and KKBB). Since moving to Nashville three years ago, I have played gigs in the clubs on Lower Broadway, and have shared the stage with - among others - Hank Locklin, Billy Walker, Jim Ed Brown, David Ball, Vern Gosdin and Ronnie Stoneman. I have also worked at Music City's best-known Country radio stations, WSIX and the "home of the Grand Ole Opry," 650 WSM-AM.
               My first taste of B-town came in the Spring of 1984, when I moved down from Fresno and worked for about 3 months at W.M. Cody's (near Mesa Marin Raceway on Hwy. 178). I played there with my friend Jack Clayton's band, "The Texas Connection." By the way, Jack continues the Bakersfield live music tradition playing weekends at Rockin' Rodeo! When Cody's started sliding into financial problems, Jack and I moved back to Fresno, to play with "Stone Creek," then the house band at Jim's Place in Clovis. However, I left Bakersfield reluctantly, and hoped someday to return.
               My hope became reality when I moved back to Bakersfield in September of 1994. Almost immediately, I started playing in a band with Richard Chon (Country music historian/fiddle player with the Sons of the San Joaquin) and other local players. We even held down the house gig for more than a year at Trout's. Later, I played with Bobby Durham's and Rick Reno Stevens' bands. I have worked various gigs with such greats as Larry Petree, Oscar Whittington, Red Si, Mack Owens, Bonnie Owens, Jerry Ward and so many others. I was invited on a couple of occasions to get up and sing with Buck & the Buckaroos on the stage of the Crystal Palace.
               I left Bakersfield in the Spring of 2000 for Nashville, wishing to see first-hand how the music business really works. So far, I think it's pretty safe to say for the most part, "The Party's Over!" The business (or "industry") is in a major slump, and everybody here is hangin' on for dear life! I don't know what my part in the whole picture will be, but I've never forgotten my years spent in Bakersfield, and when I mention that that's where I'm from, it usually gets a very positive reaction. Every night, in any club on Lower Broadway, you'll hear the songs of Buck, Merle, Wynn Stewart and other West Coast legends dominating the bands' sets. The influence is still felt here, and I've been surprised by the number of young 20-and 30-something musicians I've encountered here (I myself will turn 43 in August) who idolize Bakersfield's best and brightest from the "glory years." I've often said I believe I was born about 30 years too late and 100 miles too far north (Fresno) ... I should have been in Bakersfield then, playing those great clubs like the Blackboard, Lucky Spot, Tex's Barrel House, etc. I got to taste a little of it at Trout's, but as we all know, those great days of live music seven nights a week at 10 or 15 different clubs are long gone, and will most likely never be back again.
               Well, all I can say is keep the faith, keep the fires burning, and keep giving the world such a great resource for the history (and current news) on the musical movement that has had such a huge impact on my life, and the lives of countless others. Give my best to Buck, Red, Bobby, Inez Savage, Rick Stevens, my good friend Billy Mize and any of the others you encounter in your travels along the Streets of Bakersfield!
              With all good wishes,
              Timothy S. Goodrich
              "Skeeter Nash"

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