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Legend has it that the band Sure Fire Country from Sweet Home Oregon was Buck Owens favorite Buck Owens Tribute Band and I concur with Buck's assessment. Led by powerhouse frontman Ronnie Allen "Surefire Country" takes you thru a journey of incredible mimmicking of Buck Owens voice as well as the music is astoundingly accurate to the original Buckaroos. This is a four star Cd. Buy it ... you'll see what I mean. Website is

Our friend Cowboy Allen Folse has released his self financed CD called "Strait Back To You" in reference to a fellow Texan George Strait, one of Allens musical heroes. By day Allen works for a major airlines in Houston and by night performs at a local Karaoake venue in and around his home of Huffman, TX north of Houston. His website located at describes his achievements winning vocal contests that he participated in Nashville and obviously info on how to purchase his CD. Also the locations he is performing live.

Music Born In Bakersfield
        Singer/songwriter George Highfill is a devotee of the Bakersfield Sound and in the title track "Music Born In Bakersfield" here's what he wrote:

The hot August sun
Split the cloudless morning sky
As the poor poured out of the Dustbowl
Back In 1935
There was nothing left to do
Except beg borrow and steal
So they left the farm and moved to Bakersfield

I can't imagine how they felt
About their hopes and dreams
When they crossed that burning desert
And hit the sands of the San Joaquin
It was too late to turn back
They found jobs in the fields
And the last chance of hope was Bakersfield

There was a hard edge to the lead guitar
A hard edge to the steel
And there's hard times in the bloodlines of the music born in Bakersfield

Buck and Merle sang about the honkytonks, prisons and trains
Out where the desert blooms where they can turn on the rain
Some poured the concrete
And others hauled the steel
And the Land of Milk and Honey was Bakersfield

There was a hard edge to Don Rich's guitar
A hard edge to Brumley's steel
And there's hard times in the bloodlines of the music born in Bakersfield

       Instrumental Break

There was a hard edge to Roy Nichols guitar
A hard edge to Hamlett's steel
And there's hard times in the bloodlines of the music born in Bakersfield
And there's hard times in the bloodlines of the music born in Bakersfield
George to me in this song has captured the essence of the question I get all the time.
How did the Bakersfield Sound come to be?

When you log onto you can read about Mr. Highfill's illustrious career. You can also order the Cd "Music Born In Bakersfield" at this site. George hails from Oklahoma but makes his home in the Los Angeles, CA area where he recorded this Cd with the help of Pete Anderson producing and playing guitar (Pete is the former guitarist/producer for Dwight Yoakam). Also Scott Joss(current fiddle player for Merle Haggard) plays on the CD as well as Skip Edwards on pedal steel. There is a total of ten songs (seven written by George) which feature that stripped down traditional Country sound that Buck and Merle made famous. George is one of those rare artists that can sing with conviction about all the various emotions that us fragile humans experience thru the course of our lives. About the good times and bad times and how hopefully it all works out in the end. Well done George.
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  • Haggard Brings Bluegrass to "Big City"

    Those of you who are fans of Waylon Jennings music, as we are, will most certainly enjoy this latest release by Mike Headrick. Mike is known for his prowess on pedal steel as well as guitar, dobro and harmonica. Ralph Mooney which we all know is an icon in the pedal steel guitar vernacular joins Mike creating twelve instrumental versions of some of Waylon's popular hits. This Cd was recorded at Mike's studio Mikron located in Jasper, TN which is available with an excellent staff of musicians to record your own music. For more info log on to and

    Those of you who are fans of Waylon Jennings music, as we are, will most certainly enjoy this latest release by Mike Headrick. Mike is known for his prowess on pedal steel as well as guitar,dobro and harmonica. Ralph Mooney which we all know is an icon in the pedal steel guitar vernacular joins Mike creating twelve instrumental versions of some of Waylon's popular hits. This Cd was recorded at Mike's studio Mikron located in Jasper, TN which is available with an excellent staff of musicians to record your own music. For more info log on to and

    Homer Joy's CD Contains Last
    Known Recording of Buck Owens

    Homer Joy to many of us is the songwriter of Bakersfield's anthem "Streets of Bakersfield." I strongly encourage you to purchase his CD "Someday It'll Be Country" Why? ... because this music and Homer's singing is the real deal. There are so many hits on this CD that I have heard from a reliable source that the radio stations are playing every song in rotation. From the Country rockin' duet "John Law" with Buck Owens to a song "I'm Just Going Home" which brought a tear to my eyes. I receive many e-mails why nobody is singing and playing REAL COUNTRY anymore. Well I'm here to tell you this CD of twelve cuts remedies that request. Homer has incorporated all of my favorite instruments such as fiddle, pedal steel, piano, dobro, guitar and mandolin. His wife Suzan I believe has been a great inspiration to him thru the tough years of his heart disease and the joy of a new life via a heart transplant. Learn more about Homer at and The CD can be purchased by hard copy or digital download at:, and and radio stations can download all 12 tracks from Homer's Cd at Editor of That Bakersfield Sound -

    This is the latest Cd release on Carolina Cotton which is available at Many of you may not know but Carolina lived in Bakersfield for many years until her passing in 1997. Her daughter Sharon Marie who also is a musician and runs a recording studio still resides in Bakersfield and has a wonderful website dedicated to her mother at Please log onto either website for an in depth biography of Carolina's talents and accomplishments on both stage and screen.

    This 3 song Cd by "Cowboy Allen" Folse was released on May 5th, 2006 and from what we understand is selling briskly due to high fan demand. Cowboy Allen hails from the fine state of Texas (Huffman). Currently performing at The Cherokee Roys, 99 Hickory Ridge, Huffman, TX (281-361-0050) every Saturday night, 9pm to 1am. The Cd features three original songs (one slow and two upbeat) written by Pat Sloan/CHOSEN-2 PUBLISHING CO. ABUNDANCE RECORDS and has all the elements of what you would expect from a rockin' Texas Country band such as steel guitar, piano, fiddle, bass, lead guitar and drums. And of course Cowboy Allen's one of a kind unique voice which has made him such a popular entertainer able to draw large crowds in and around Houston and the surrounding areas. The price of the Cd is $7.50 (plus postage) and can be purchased directly from Allen at his e-mail address - and you can find out more about Allen's future projects by logging onto his website that is posted on our opening page in the Hot Links section. Additionally you can see a performance video and a TV interview if you go to 2006 Showcase New Pages at

    Russ Varnell is from Wilson, North Carolina but he plays and sings like he was raised in the honky tonks of Bakersfield. On this Cd he does a spectacular job singing songs by Buck, Merle, Lefty Frizzell and Red Simpson. Buck was so impressed with him that he invited Russ to perform at the world famous Buck Owens Crystal Palace in Bakersfield. Russ also performed at Trouts Nightclub in Oildale, CA ... where Merle grew up. Also the backup musicians on this Cd are impeccable and capture the passion of the Bakersfield Sound. You can read more about Russ and purchase this delightful Cd at

    Shane Worley has captured the essence of The Bakersfield Sound to the bone. He has recorded some of my favorite songs of Merle Haggard such as "Big City""Honky Tonk Nightime Man", "I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink", "High On A Hilltop", "If Were Not Back In Love By Monday". You are probably asking yourself what is the point of recording Merle Haggard songs? How can you possibly top Merle? Well you can't but Shane comes pretty darn close and is paying tribute to his hero. Merle has heard this CD and enjoyed Shane's singing as well as Mike Headrick's pedal steel and guitars. This just simply is one of those CD's that is a great companion as you commute to your work everyday or a great CD to play if you have a good ol' party or are having quiet time by yourself. I think Shane done Merle proud. Available at

    If you are a fan of the pedal steel guitar and Merle Haggard you are going to love this Cd. The artist is Mike Headrick and he is an exquisite multi instrumentalist. This Cd features the songs of Merle Haggard done in a strictly instrumental version with Shane Worley occassionally singing. It also features three cuts from legendary steel guitarist Ralph Mooney - who started out with Wynn Stewart, Buck Owens and Merle Haggard on the West Coast and played and recorded with many famous musicians thruout the years such as Waylon Jennings. Merle heard this Cd and told us he was very impressed with Mike's virtuosity. You can purchase and listen to cuts off of this Cd at

    RED SIMPSON: "The Bard Of Bakersfield"
    Red's latest CD. Click Here for Info. Also:

    WENDELL CROWLEY. Every five years or so I hear of an artist that is so talented that I feel compelled to tell everyone I know to give this artist a listen and judge for yourself. This Wendell Crowley from Bennettsville, SC is one talented singer/songwriter that given proper exposure and marketing will have a career in the music business. His latest Cd titled "I Know That Hurt By Heart" has ten songs of real passionate singing ... in other words this is real Country Music folks ... sung with sincerity and conviction. Wendell recorded this Cd in Nashville with some of the best musicians backing him up on an all day recording session. There are so many potential hits on this Cd ... it is a Cd you will play over and over again. Wendell will be performing Sat and Sunday (Nov. 13-14,2004) from 8am-1pm. at the Darlington Racetrack in Darlington, SC for those of you who will be attending the Darlington Nascar. You can purchase Wendell's Cd directly from him by money order or cashier's check of a total of $16.00($13.00 plus $3.00 s&h) Please remit to:
    Wendell Crowley
    1623 Florence St.
    Bennettsville,SC 29512

    Heather Myles
                by Glenn J. Pogatchnik - Recently my associate Bob Timmers was contacted by Heather Myles's personal assistant Linda Hefferon via e-mail. Bob then forwarded Linda's e-mail to me and this is where the story begins.
                I contacted Linda and requested some of Heather's music. I received Heather's latest Cd "Sweet Talk & Good Lies" and her prior Cd "Highways & Honky Tonks" which incidentally are both available at Heather's website
                I was just flabbergasted at Heather's singing and songwriting abilities. It's very hard to describe such talent ... you simply have to hear it. To me personally her music has all the key ingredients of what made The Bakersfield Sound so popular all over the world. I often heard it said in todays music where is all the talent of yesteryear ... well I'm hear to tell you Heather Myles is living proof that talent exists and is thriving.
                Let me tell you a little about what I've heard of her credentials. First of all she has been touring for some years now building up a fan base. She is extremely popular in Europe and has toured there quite extensively but that's not to say she hasn't toured here in America too. She has toured as the opening act with one of her musical heroes Merle Haggard and later recorded a duet with Merle titled "No One Can Love You Better" which is one of my personal favorites and given the exposure should be a massive hit with true country fans.
                Her music is currently being played on XM satellite on DJ Eddie Kilroy's show "Hank's Place" on Channel 13 where another of her musical influences George Jones heard her on his car radio and actually contacted her to request to meet her and discuss a possible tour with her in the future. How cool is that. She also has an ever expanding fan club. As you can see by the above picture she has even played the Grand Ole Opry.
                This young lady has paid her dues and thru exposure on XM Satellite Radio hopefully will cross over into the realm of fame and fortune. Now getting back to her music. There are so many potential hits on her above Cd's that Eddie Kilroy is actually playing over fifteen separate songs on his show. I mentioned Heather did a duet with Merle on the "Highways & Honky Tonks" Cd. She also has a duet with Dwight Yoakam called "Little Chapel" on her latest Cd "Sweet Talk & Good Lies." She's even graciously let us use her song "Nashville's Gone Hollywood"as an opening song to our sister website
                I must admit I am a little biased about Heather because she hails from Southern California and resides not all that far from Bakersfield and sings and plays the kind of true #*!+kicker music I like. I will tell you one thing she is a true one of a kind and truly deserving of the notoriety and respect a superstar commands ... after all if Merle and George feel that way that should surely indicate how massively talented Heather is. Order her Cd's ... give her a listen and you too will be a true believer. Again her music can be purchased at

    JERRY D. HOBBS. Sixty miles North of Bakersfield is an agricultural town Lindsay, CA located near Visalia, CA ... the town where I was born. Well a very talented singer/songwriter by the name of Jerry D. Hobbs calls Lindsay home. Recently Jerry mailed me his latest recorded project (currently only available in cassette) called "Keepin' It Country." There's only one way that decribes Jerry and the band called the Country Rhythm Makers music "Texas Boogie to the max." If you love Bob Wills as I do ... you will just love Jerry and the band. He also sings some fine ballads on his cassette. I however don't want to pigeonhole Jerry in one category. I have seen Jerry performing live and he is very capable of performing various styles of Traditional Country Music that pleases one and all. Everywhere he and the band performs up and down the great San Joaquin Valley in Central California where he consistently draws a crowd and that in itself speaks volumes of Jerry's talent. You can purchased Jerry's Cd by cashier's check or money order by making payment ($12.00/includes shipping and handling) out to:
    Jerry D.Hobbs
    924 Sycamore Ave.
    Lindsay,CA 93247

    IZAK & WEST. I have, over the last couple of years, been observing the steady rise of Pony West and Kitt Izak's career known as Izak and West. Their current success is no fluke. They have worked very hard to cultivate a huge fanbase here in the States as well as Europe by touring night after night and are true road warriors.They achieved this recognition mostly on their own by self determination and never taking no for an answer. This Cd called "All Fired Up" is just loaded with well crafted tunes ... all having the potential of hits if given proper airplay. Well ... currently their music is being played on over 400 radio stations. They also have several videos that have aired on GAC. They are extremely popular in the grand state of Texas and tour quite heavily there. I truly believe they are very close to achieving a major success in the magical world of great artists that rise above the rest. To me they are already SUPERSTARS. They deserve it ... they earned it by never giving up when most musicians would have thrown in the towel. They have it all ... talent, great musicians, fabulous vocal abilities and let's face it folks they are pretty easy to look at. Do yourself a favor and log onto their site and purchase their Cd at and experience true country genius ... the kind we embrace in Bakersfield ... go get em' girls.
    Glenn J. "The Ambassador of the Bakersfield Sound" Pogatchnik

    ALAN JACKSON'S NEW CD - "WOW!!! "This Country Gentleman and his band the Strayhorns have again ... as in the past created a work of art that is destined to have many hits plucked for radio airplay in the future. Very pleasing to the ear. I just love it!!! Glenn J. "The Ambassador of the Bakersfield Sound" Pogatchnik. Hi Tom ...

    Without a doubt this CD titled "Keepin' It Real" by Red Kilby of Pueblo, Colorado is one of the most exciting works of art I have heard since I started in the music business with my parents in 1963. I sincerely believe this CD could be given the status of a "classic." in the future of recorded history. Mr.Kilby singlehandedly assembled some of the finest musicians on this planet to back up Red's vocals. Listen to this lineup ... Ralph Mooney (a legend on the West Coast who recorded those memorable steel guitar licks for Wynn Stewart and Merle Haggard amongst his many achievements.) Lloyd Green who played those outstanding pedal steel runs for Charley Pride and currently plays on a tune on Alan Jackson's CD. Another giant of the pedal steel guitar players. Mr. Dicky Overbey. Redd Volkaert who played lead guitar for my friend Merle Haggard and last but not least Mr. Jerry Brightman ... another killer pedal steel guitar player. If you love pedal steel guitar playing this is the pinnacle of that artform at it's best. One of my favorite cuts ... although there is not a stinker on this CD is "That Bakersfield Sound." Credit must be given to Red Kilby because this CD was orchestrated from the git go by Red instructing these fine musicians on how he wanted them to make a reality of what was in Red's head. Geez I just love this CD and it is constantly playing in my offices. Please order this CD from I give it a ten star rating ... Glenn J. Pogatchnik

    Nashville blew it by letting this one get away!
    Reviewer: Priscilla Storm.  
                I ordered it after seeing Buddy Jewell on Nashville Star thinking it would be a so-so album. Wow! The writing exceeds brilliance, the songs are stories being unfolded in your minds eye as you listen to the album, and Buddy Jewell nails every song with that rich magical voice to total sheer perfection. They play over and over in your head. If the powers to be at Sony had bought this album from whoever owned the rights (like Toby Keith bought out an album and took it to Dreamworks with him) this album would have already had about six or seven number one hits for Buddy and it would have been at least double platinum, if not triple platinum by now. Buddy's debut album produced by Clint Black and the bigwigs of Sony is a 5 on a scale of one to ten, although Buddy's voice is a ten, it's the arrangements that are not much to write home about. There's an old saying, if it aint broke, don't fix it. Nothing about Buddy Jewell's musical talents, creativity, writing and performing are broken so Sony should have left well enough alone. They all think they know more than the writers and singers and they are driving pure country music into obscurity. This album brings it back with a bang. You will listen to it over and over lots and lots of times. One Time We Cared and Hard To Be Strong have "number one" written all over them, along with five or six more songs off the album. There is not a bad song on the CD. Every song is great and delivered with the great dynamics by the best voice in country music today. Don't miss out on this amazingly wonderful magical album just because Sony "bought" off Buddy after Nashville Star and doesn't want this album or his two independent albums released (again showing how stupid they are at the record companies). Maybe they are ashamed that their efforts were only so-so and this one is a homerun, right out of the ballpark. Way to go, Buddy. These writers are terrific at storytelling songs and these songs are all number one material. Pick up a couple copies, you'll wear it out playing it over and over. Write to Sony and demand they buy it from whoever has the rights to it and then release it immediately. Write to Buddy and tell him how great it is, and it's without a doubt his best work to date, and ask for him to negotiate with Sony to put it in the stores. It will outsell the debut album by a major landslide, that's how good it is. His two independent albums are also this same excellent quality. Tales of the New West is a magnificent piece of workmanship!!
               Anything else those writers release I would buy simply because I know how good this first album is. Nashville Star runner up this year, George Canyon, who should have been the winner but the YOUNG girls voted for the cutesy young single guy, would also be an excellent choice to sing these Corey songs. George is very close to the style of Buddy Jewell and has a wonderful voice for this type of music. The point is, TOTNW is too good an album to miss out on. Get a copy, you will love it!!

    These two absolutely stellar Gospel albums are available at

    Dear Mr. Glenn Pogatchnik: I am one of the writers on a CD project that we released back in 2002 entitled, TALES OF THE NEW WEST/Songs of the Corey's & Dennis Kahler/SUNG BY BUDDY JEWELL. We had Buddy Jewell sing twelve of our songs for our project and it was picked up by OarFin Records and is presently selling in Walmart's, Tower Records, Borders and on CD Baby. Have you ever heard of our CD project? The CD was professionally recorded by Marty Rifkin, along with several other producers, background harmonies sung by Joey Scarbury. Respectfully, Alton, Arthur, Sharon & Margie Corey/BMI - Sharomar Music Pub./BMI LLC - PS: We're from Southern California

    Haggard and Stephens:
               They've got the time. USA TodayBrian Mansfield for 40 years, Merle Haggard had wondered where Norm Stephens was. For 30 of those years. It turns out he had been living about 20 miles away.
               Last winter, the country music legend finally located one of his idols, the guy who had played guitar on Lefty Frizzell's first recording session back in 1950. Stephens, a retired civil engineer, had decided to start playing music again. Haggard found him, via his keyboard player, when Stephens ran an ad in a local paper.
               "I think he was kind of flabbergasted that I lived so close by and hadn't contacted him," says Stephens, 70. "He probably gets all kind of people that come up and say, 'I knew your cousin.' I didn't want to do that."
               Within two days of their first meeting, Haggard and Stephens were at Haggard's Northern California home, recording old Frizzell hits such as If You've Got the Money (I've Got the Time). Those sessions turned into Haggard's latest album, Roots Volume 1.
               "We started trying to do the impossible - make ourselves sound like we were kids again," says Haggard, 64. "I'll be damned if I didn't finally satisfy myself."
               Haggard even tried to re-create the setup in the Dallas studio where Frizzell and Stephens originally recorded the song. "He wanted to be pretty much authentic," Stephens says, "even in how we positioned ourselves in the recording studio."
               Roots includes four of Frizzell's songs, as well as two each by Hank Thompson (with whom Stephens once toured) and Hank Williams. "It's been my way over the years to pay tribute to the important people in my musical influence," says Haggard, who has previously recorded albums honoring Jimmie Rodgers, Bob Wills and Elvis Presley. "It was really obvious that I had not done anything like that towards Lefty. "I'd been afraid to do it, and I'd gotten more afraid, because it required the youthful attitude. That's hard to hide in your voice. "When we found Norm, I said, 'I'm going to tackle it.'"
               Stephens has since joined Haggard's backing band, The Strangers, full time. And Haggard says he wasn't the only one who had been wondering what had become of the guitarist. "All I've got to say is, 'This is Norm Stephens here; he's from the Lefty Frizzell band,' and they like to tear the joint down."
               Says Stephens: "At the time I was traveling with Lefty, it was just an everyday job. I had no idea that people had paid that much attention to what I'd done."
               Haggard previously recorded one Frizzell tune. His rendition of That's the Way Love Goes won him his first Grammy in 1984. And just as Haggard paid tribute to Frizzell, younger artists have been honoring Haggard with his own material. George Strait covered My Life's Been Grand, a 15-year-old Haggard tune, on his latest album.
               "I've got to give him five stars," Haggard says of the Strait cover. "I think it's just the best job I've ever heard anybody do on one of my songs. There's been quite a few people (who have recorded) my music, and I'm always excited to hear their take on my messages. But to have someone really do it the way I felt like it should be done, he may win the turkey right there."

    Merle Haggard

    Review of Merle Haggard's single 7/19/04 by the editor.
    It's just this simple after listening to the single cut "That's The News" off of Merle's new Cd "Haggard Like Never Before", at 67 yrs. old, there is still no one on God's green earth that can hold a candle to the Great Merle Haggard. His voice just keeps getting better and better. The Cd "Haggard Like Never Before" is available at Just like Archie Campbell used to say on the Heehaw Television Show. You'd be merely foolish if you don't purchase this Cd of vintage Merle. -Glenn P.

    Freddy Powers
    Every once in a great while an artist releases an album that simply defies description. Freddy Powers latest release "My Great Escape" fits this category of the elite few that are truly master craftsmen and true Country balladeers. To pass on purchasing this Cd at you would be denying yourself ear candy. I listened to this Cd about three in the morning and was so gleefully delighted at what I was hearing that, although not much of a drinker, felt compelled to toast Freddy's brilliance by a toast of a shot of Jack Daniels. Please do yourself a favor and let Freddy take you to a different place and time.Merle Haggard must also receive credit for doing a fine job as producer. This Cd is a product of Merle's new label Hag Records. - Glenn P.

    Now playing on radio stations everywhere "Old Country Singer" a duet of Merle and Freddy  featured on both Freddy's "My Great Escape" (now available for online orders, hitting stores September 29, 2004) and Merle's new "Live at Billy Bobs" cd to be released August 17, 2004. Title cut of Freddy's cd "My Great Escape" only song not written by Freddy and Merle was written by Big Kenny Alphin and John Rich better know as "Big and Rich".

    Mark Holt
    Western/Bluegrass Performer:  Mark Holt appears in the July/August issue of "American Cowboy Magazine" American Cowboy Magazine's July/August 2004 "Rodeo" issue features an indepth article on the growing popularity of Western Music, written by ACM's Editor: Jesse Mullins Jr. You can see Mark Holt and read his comments on the rise in popularity of Western Music in one of the leading Western Lifestyle, Ranch/Horse Industry, Pro Rodeo Magazine's in World. Fresh For The Pickin': check out Mark Holt & Kimberlee Holt Tully's CD "Acoustically Native" in the July/August 2004 Issue of Bluegrass Music Profiles Magazine. Personal Interviews With Your Favorite Bluegrass Artists! Mark Holt @ Wildhorse Lake - Frank Church / River of No Return: Wilderness, Central Idaho

    Mike Bella
    Here is the latest CD from an artist by the name of Mike Bella. There are several cuts on this CD that pay tribute to Mike's musical hero the Baron of Bakersfield...Buck Owens. Recently I received an e-mail from Mike saying "My ONE and ONLY dream in the world is to meet and stand on stage with Buck and do a couple of songs together." We are in hopes we can get a copy of the CD to Buck which I'm sure will bring a smile to his face. Well crafted and eerily reminiscent of Buck's glory days describes Mike's voice. At times you could swear it was Buck singing himself. The musicians behind Mike incorporate the stripped down Telecaster driven honky tonk music which brought the Bakersfield Sound to the world.
               One thing I want to emphasize is that although several cuts pay homage to Buck many of the other cuts, a total of twelve,showcase Mike's own voice which is smooth and pure Traditional Country.As I've said in previous reviews if you are a lover of Traditional Country in the grand tradition of The Bakersfield Sound you need to purchase this CD at for your collection. You won't be disappointed. It's one of my personal favorites. For our European readers Mike will be performing in the summer of 2004 at several country music festivals where he has a large fanbase. Tour dates and locations are listed on his website.
    -Glenn J. "The Ambassador of the Bakersfield Sound" Pogatchnik

    Lance Miller
    Like many of you I tuned in to the second edition of the "Nashville Star" broadcast on the USA Network to watch the competition between the many talented contestants vying for the prize of a coveted contract with Sony Records. There was a young gentleman by the name of Lance Miller that placed fourth on the show. For any of you that watched the show you readily recognized the fact that Lance Miller posseses a wonderful rich Traditional Country voice.He mentioned on one episode that Merle Haggard is one of his influences which makes us proud in Bakersfield. There was a self penned song that Lance sang on a segment of the Don Imus show called "George Jones and Jesus" that is destined to be a hit. It encompasses all the ingredients of the kind of music that we all wished was being played on the radio.
               Well after contacting Lance he so graciously sent me a copy of his CD titled "There Will Come A Day." There are eleven cuts on the CD that are just simply superb and included is the studio version of "George Jones and Jesus." If you love Traditional Country music as I do you will want to acquire this CD. For information as to where the CD can be purchased as well as info on a scheduled Nashville Star tour this summer featuring Lance performing log onto
    -Glenn J. "The Ambassador of the Bakersfield Sound" Pogatchnik

    News from Ace Records:
               Due on Ace/Big Beat late June 2004 - Big Beats successful reissue programme drawing from the vaults of Gary S Paxton's Bakersfield International Productions continues with an exciting various artists volume featuring more rare mid-late 1960s country and country rock gems, with many released for the first time.
               When he moved his operation to Bakersfield in 1967, maverick producer Paxton thumbed a nose at country convention and charted his own, heavily experimental, course, installing a studio in a disused bank vault and recording country and rock acts night and day, ably abetted by his crack studio band the Reasons aka Nashville West, featuring Clarence White, Gib Guilbeau and Gene Parsons. The results were a quantity several singles and albums that generally appeared on tiny labels to little or no acclaim, despite the high quality of the material and performances.
               Included here are excellent 'progressive country' vocal and instrumental sides by Paxton acts like Kenny Vernon, Dennis Payne, the Spencers, Leo Leblanc and Larry Daniels & The Buckshots, as well as interesting country-rock experiments by the producer himself. We also have rare demo cuts by artists from previous volumes, The Gosdin Brothers and Gilbeau & Parsons.
               Paxton was recording country long before he moved to Bakersfield however, and from his Hollywood phase come several proto-country rock titles by Dee (aka Buddy) Mize, the Dudes and Paxton's sultry-voiced wife Jan. With an extensively illustrated booklet that draws on the recollections of many involved, Bakersfield Rebel is a fascinating document of a unique period in the evolution of country rock.

    1 Ain't That A Shame - Kenny Vernon
    2 Buckshot - Larry Daniels & The Buckshots
    3 The Conscience Of You - Dennis Payne*
    4 Saturday Satan, Sunday Saint - Rusty Dean
    5 Let's Not Pretend Anymore - The Dudes**
    6 There Must Be A Someone (I Can Turn To) - The Gosdin Brothers**
    7 She's Taken Everything - Jan Paxton*
    8 Hugh's Brew - Bakersfield's Big Guitars
    9 King & Queen Of Fools - The Spencers
    10 Bummer - Gary Paxton*
    11 Your Gentle Ways Of Loving Me - Guilbeau & Parsons**
    12 Hong Kong Hillbilly - Leo LeBlanc*
    13 Who Cares What Happens - Dennis Payne
    14 Just Leave My World Alone - Dee Mize
    15 I'll Live Today - Gib & The Reasons*
    16 Half As Much - Gary Paxton*
    17 Ballad Of A Truck Drivers Wife - Lorene Mercer
    18 Bakersfield Steed - Larry Daniels & The Buckshots
    19 What A Relief, It's All Over - The Dudes
    20 The Half That's Mine - Jan Paxton*
    21 I'd Rather Live My Life Alone - Dennis Payne
    22 El Tejon Ride - Bakersfield's Big Guitars
    23 Red Roses (For My Baby) - The Sanland Brothers
    24 Night Blooming Jasmine - The LeGarde Twins*
    25 Bakersfield - Gary Paxton
    * unissued
    ** alternate version

    Bill Woods CD
    For those of you who are fans of the Bakersfield Sound, here's your chance to own a piece of history by the man who started it all, Bill Woods "The Godfather of The Bakersfield Sound." This is a very rare live recording of Bill performing on the stage of the infamous Blackboard Nightclub in Bakersfield with his friends Don Rich (guitar player for Buck Owens) Don Markham (current sax/trumpet player for Merle Haggard) Fuzzy Owen (who has been Merle's road manager) and Red "Hello I'm a Truck" Simpson. These two 30 minute shows recorded in 1961-62 are from jam sessions that were held on Sunday afternoons and answer the question I get all the time "Glenn what were the old clubs that spawned the Bakersfield Sound like?"
               Here's the best part. We will donate $5.00 of every CD sold to our friend Bob Timmers of the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame who is this "That Bakersfield Sound" website designer. So you not only have the opportunity to own a great CD but help our friend Bob Timmers in the process. Amount: $15.00 (includes shipping and handling). Make cashier's check payment to:
    Glenn J. Pogatchnik
    1675 Los Osos Vly Rd. #130
    Los Osos,Ca 93402

    Ace Releases Bakersfield related Recordings
    By Jason Odd
    In the last couple of years, the U.K. based Ace Records has reissued a series of albums related to the Bakersfield Sound. This is partially due to their striking a deal with Gary Paxton, a performer, producer and studio owner with strong ties to the Bakersfield scene, who was also based in Bakersfield from 1967 to 1970. While another compilation brings us the Modern label's hillbilly roster, including the first studio outings by Bill Woods and The Orange Blossom Playboys in 1949. We look forward to more quality reissues from Ace in the future.

    SWINGBILLIES - Hillbilly And Western Swing
    CDCHD 893
    Track Listing: 
    1. I Knew That You Were Foolin' All Along by , Jimmie Dolan And His Texas Ramblers
    2. Little Beaver AKA Big Beaver performed by Homer Clemons And His Texas... 
    3. You Can't Rope a Steer in a Taxi performed by Rocky Morgan And His Triple R Boys 
    4. One Million Railroad Ties from Home by Jimmie Dolan And His Texas Ramblers  
    5. High Geared Daddy performed by Tommy Little / Sunrise Rangers 
    6. Holiday for Guitar by Jimmy Bryant / Sons Of The Saddle 
    7. Tennessee Baby performed by Dolan, Jimmie And His Texas Ramblers
    8. Trusting You by Woods, Bill And His Orange Blossom Playboys
    9. Life's a Funny Proposition (After All) by Rocky Morgan And His Triple R Boys
    10.  The Honey Jump (Pt. 1)  by Jody Webb And His Round Up Boys
    11. Baby Did You Lie to Me by Jimmie Dolan And His Texas Ramblers 
    12. Operation Blues by Homer Clemons 
    13. Boogie Barn Dance  by Jimmy Bryant / Sons Of The Saddle 
    14. Big Texas #2  by Papa Cairo And His Boys 
    15. Those Wonderful Days With You  by Joe Bean And His San Antonians 
    16. Turn That Gun Around Rocky Morgan And His Triple R Boys 
    17. You Just Wait and See by Chuck Guillory And His Rhythm Boys 
    18. If You Care Again by Jimmie Dolan And His Texas Ramblers  
    19. Dusty Road Boogie by Jack Tucker / Dusty Rhodes  
    20. Have I Got a Chance With You performed by Bill Woods and His Orange Blossom Playboys
    21. Pine Club Boogie by Louie Hooks And His Rhythm Five  
    22. Lover Boy by Ted Shelton 
    23. Mind Your Own Business by Jack Tucker & Dusty Rhodes
    24. Blue Yodel (T for Texas) by Dolan, Jimmie And His Texas Ramblers
    25. My Heart Lied to Me by Ted Shelton 
    26. Kooche Kooche by Papa Cairo And His Boys
    27. Walkin' the Floor Over You by Jimmie Dolan And His Texas Ramblers 
    28. San Antonio Blues performed by Bruner, Cliff And His Texas Wanderers 
               Post-WWII West Coast Western Swing and Hillbilly from 1947 to 1952, most of which appearing on CD for the first time. This set includes the earliest recordings of country music legends Jimmy C Newman, guitarist Jimmy Bryant and of course Bill Woods, one of the founding father's of Bakersfield country. Fantastic sleeve notes by Kevin Coffey add to this beautiful set.

    GUILBEAU & PARSONS - Louisiana Rain
    CDWIKD 219 
    1. Your Gentle Ways of Loving Me 
    2. Louisiana Cottonfields 
    3. Workin' on a Tugboat
    4. Into the Darkness of Your Mind 
    5. Louisiana Rain 
    6. Sweet Sugar Blues 
    7. Walk With Sam 
    8. Sweet Suzannah 
    9. Miles & Cities 
    10. Young Country Girl  11. Multiple Heartaches 
    12. Two People 
    13. Desperation's Back Again
    14. Happy Cajun Man
    15. Mr Somebody
    16. Sweet Rosie
    17. I Get a Hurt on Inside
    18. Woman's Disgrace
    19. There's Still a Little Something in Your
    20. Louisiana Woman
    21. Home of the Blues
    22. Lodi
    23. World of Dreams performed by Gib & Wayne
    24. If It's Me I'm a Fool performed by Gib & Darrell
    25. On Pins & Needles performed by Bruce E. Oakes 
                 By Alec Palao - Reissue of mainly 1967 recordings by Gene Parsons and Floyd 'Gib' Guilbeau. They were produced by the Gary S Paxton for his Bakersfield International label. The many additional tracks include outtakes and home demos drawn from Gib and Gene's archives, plus rare related recordings - Guilbeau's 1969 single on Strawberry, Home Of The Blues/Lodi, and Bruce E Oakes' On Pins & Needles, both of which feature the Nashville West band.

    CLARENCE WHITE  - Tuff & Stringy
    CDWIKD 227
    Track Listing:
    Hong Kong Hillbilly aka Nashville West
    Mother-In-Law performed by Gary Paxton
    Make Up Your Mind performed by Spencers
    Grandma Funderbunk's Music Box
    Guitar Pickin' Man performed by Wayne Moore
    Vaccination for the Blues performed by Sanland Brothers
    Don't Pity Me performed by Darrell Cotton
    Gotta Go See the World performed by Leon Chase Copeland
    Everybody Has One But You performed by Kentucky Colonels
    She's Gone performed by Gib & Jan 
    Tuff and Stringy 
    I'm Tied Down to You performed by Richard Arlen 
    Hey Juliana performed by Wayne Moore
    Last Date 
    I'll Live Today performed by Dennis Payne 
    Not Enough of Me to Go Round performed by Jack Reeves
    If We Could Read performed by Darrell Cotton
    Rocks in My Head performed by Wayne Moore 
    Made of Stone performed by Kentucky Colonels 
    Adam and Eve 
    Why Can't We Be performed by Great Love Trip 
    Nature's Child performed by Jan & Clarence 
    Tango for a Sad Mood  If We Could Read performed by Darrell Cotton
               Another Ace collection drawn mostly from the Gary Paxton vaults from 1966 to 1967. Some of which were recorded at Paxton's Bakersfield studio, and include White's session work for artists like Paxton, Wayne Moore, and Bakersfield's own Leon Copeland and Dennis Payne.

    THE GOSDIN BROTHERS - Sounds Of Goodbye
    CDWIKD 235
    Track Listing: 
    Sounds of Goodbye 
    Tell Me 
    There Must Be a Someone (I Can Turn To) 
    Woman's Disgrace 
    Multiple Heartaches 
    Love at First Sight 
    The Victim 
    Uncommitted Man 
    Catch the Wind 
    She's Gone 
    No Matter Where You Go (There You Are) 
    Hangin' On 
    Louisiana Man 
    I'll Live Today 
    For Us to Find One Hundred Years from Now 
    Bowling Green 
    I'll Live With God (To Die No More) 
    The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 
    Love of the Common People 
    She Still Wishes I Were You
      Had a Lot of Friends 
    Let It Be Me
               Possibly the best of the Gary Paxton reissues put together by Alec Palao at Ace. This set includes the Gosdin Brothers whole 1968 album SOUNDS OF GOODBYE, plus rare pre-Paxton recordings as far back as 1966. Ever wondered what the Byrds would sound like when crossed with Buck Owens, well this is as close as you'll get.

    BEACH PARTY: Garpax Surf'n'Drag
    CDCHD 998
    Various artists Track Listing:
    Beach Party (All Summer Long) by Dave Kinzie
    The Wipe Out / With Vigor by Kenny & The Sultans
           Red Hot Scrambler-Go! / Little Bitty King Of The Road / Speedshift
           / Wild Wild Mustang by The Captivations Waikiki /
           Rumble by Vince & The Waikiki Rumblers
    Summertime Is Surfin' Time by Surf Bunnies
    Esconidio / Surfer's Cry by Torquays
    Let's Go To The Beach - Sanford & The Sandies
    Kaha Huna (Goddess Of Surfing) by Gene Moles
    Surf Dance / Goofy Guitar by Kenny & The Ho-Daddies
    Surfin' With Jimmy by Judy Russell 
    Countdown / Warrior by Rockets Band
    Big Bad Ho Dad by Lord Douglas Byron
    The Scavenger by Gary Paxton
    Firewater by Bucky & The Dales
    Surfin' Back To School / Surfer's Memories by The Fashions
    War Path by Lonnie McLaughlin & The Premiers
    Two Hump Dual Bump Camel Named Robert E Lee by Gary Paxton & The ?s
    Dear Henry Ford by The Zip-Codes
               A Bakersfield connection to surf music?, you bet. This Ace compilation collects more Paxton masters, this time covering his surf period involving multiple roles, producer, A&R, songwriter, publisher and label boss in many cases. Compiled by Ace's Alec Palao, it includes contributions from Bakersfield's own Buddy Mize and Kenny Johnson.

    Brandon Silveira: "That Boy Ain't Right"
    Posted January 21, 2004
               Last year in 2003 I like many was viewing a show on the USA Network called "Nashville Star." The show premiered twelve contestants who won out of over 8,000 auditioned nationwide. That in itself was impressive. The show was based on audience participation via the Internet as well as a panel of three judges on eventually who would be the final contestant who would be rewarded with a recording contract from Sony Records.
               As the first broadcast progressed a fellow was introduced by the name of Brandon Silveira from Hanford, CA. That immediately gained my attention because that is a community north of Bakersfield rich in musical history. One thing you can say about Brandon is he not the run of the mill country singer. He wears a red baseball cap with the bill turned to the back. He has spiked hair, a soul patch, earrings and wears sneakers instead of boots. A real renegade. Just what we need to shake things up. Just like Buck and Merle did.
               Well as many of you viewed on the show Brandon eventually placed fifth which was quite a feat considering in his short career he had very little prior experience of singing in front of an audience. Since then Brandon has opened for the likes of Buddy Jewell (winner of Nashville Star contest) Lonestar, Trace Adkins and Joe Nichols.
               Here's the best part. Just recently I received a copy of Brandon's new Cd "That Boy Ain't Right" from his manager Margie Willard (thanks Margie) that was penned entirely by Brandon and his writing partner Curtis Marsh. What a delight this Cd is. Just chock full of well crafted country tunes with some fine musicianship which include pedal steel, fiddle, piano, guitar and bass (the basic ingredients of a good ol' country song) that tell stories of everyday life experiences. This Cd showcases Brandon's vocal talent which is reminiscent of what we call the Bakersfield Sound yet has his own distinctive style. He has a clear rich voice which entices the listener to want to hear over and over again. I wholeheartedly endorse this Cd as a must purchase for folks who love quality traditional Country Music. His Cd is available at - -
    --Glenn J. "The Ambassador Of The Bakersfield Sound" Pogatchnik

    From Daryl Stogner:
               I just wanted you to know that my CD "The First Time Around" has been released and is ready for sales at the below locations on the Internet. If you enjoy real country music,  with Western Swing and a touch the Bakersfield sound thrown in, then I think you'll want this album.
               As a special bonus, the CD includes a bonus track of "The Y'all Come" sessions, which is a tribute to Bakersfield country music and Cousin Herb Henson. That track alone is about 9 minutes long and features many of Bakersfield's finest, Bonnie Owen, Jean Sheperd, Jan Howard, Red Si, Dennis Payne, The Hagers, Johnny Russell, man the list goes on and on! Check out more info on the Y'all Come Sessions at
               I hope you also checkout my new CD, you can listen online to parts of the songs at my web site and they can be ordered online with a VISA or MasterCard via Paypal BUY Button at the site. Hope to hear from you soon, stop by the site for a visit!
    -Daryl Stogner

    Mayf Nutter
    Sings a Tribute to Johnny Cash
    "Hey There Johnny" on Compilation #45

    Howdy from California!
               I live in Bakersfield, California. Some call it Nashville West since it is the home of Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and a long list of Country Music performers. Buck Owens convinced me to move here. He had been playing my records on his Bakersfield radio station KUZZ. Then one day, he saw me performing on 3 Nashville TV shows all in a row. He liked what I was doing and wondered what it was that I was doing that made him want to see me on all 3 shows back-to-back.
               Buck contacted me through the Screen Actors Guild in Hollywood, since he also knew I am an actor. He had seen me on several TV shows in dramatic roles on Bonanza, Gunsmoke, etc. When we met, he asked who was producing my records. He was surprised to learn that I produce my own records.
               Since he was just in the early stages of building his own recording studio here, he invited me to Bakersfield for a visit. In short time, he convinced me to record in his studio and produce the music which was performed on the TV show, HEE HAW and the music which was used on his BUCK OWENS TV RANCH SHOW. I performed on 56 of those shows. He also asked me to be part of his concert tours, with his band THE BUCKAROOS backing us up.
               Colonel Buster Doss invited me to join STARDUST RECORDS a year or so ago. He thought that the deejays around the world should hear my previously released masters which were well received here in the U.S., but were not released internationally. Buster tells the story of a long drive across Texas which he made to see a Mayf Nutter Show in Houston. It has been a wonderful reunion to work with him after all these years.
               The record on the latest STARDUST compilation was actually recorded before Buck Owens and I met. It was recorded in an 8 track studio in a converted horse barn at Merle Haggard's house, right here in Bakersfield. The musicians on HEY THERE JOHNNY are Merle Haggard's group, The Strangers. All of The Strangers had been the house band at the world famous Palomino Club in North Hollywood where I was a regular performer. So I had played with them many times before Merle recruited them to be his full time band.
               I added Bill Woods on piano to the group for the session. Bill gave both Merle and Buck their first jobs, playing in local bars and night-clubs here in Bakersfield when they were mere teenage boys. Bill also wrote TRUCK DRIVIN MAN.
               The background vocals on HEY THERE JOHNNY are the group of my friends, which was travelling with Elvis and who did his background vocals on his recordings. Remember The Jordanaires? They sang their parts in a studio in Los Angeles during a break from touring with Elvis.
               Johnny Cash was at the height of his career when I recorded HEY THERE JOHNNY. He had is own TV show on National TV and had just released A BOY NAMED SUE and his famous LP which was recorded live at Folsom Prison, which is also here in California. Merle Haggard was an inmate there when Johnny performed there.
               Please visit my web page Stay Happy, Mayf (October, 2003)

    Order information.

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