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You are cool by stoppin' here and among friends because this is your true Rockabilly home. Turn up your favorite RAB tunes as loud as you want and watch the bad cats shown below play along. This is not just your ordinary Hall of Fame. You've found a "free-good, fact-filled, fun place"...growing every day with the help of fans and artists. If you are an artist or fan, please comment and contribute. BOOKMARK SOME OF THESE PAGES PAGES and stop back often. Besides being on top of Current Events, we try to keep this web site very clean, basic and smooth running. THE cats and kittens world-wide with computers of all types may view it with ease - for it's "CONTENT." Our goal: "The most rockabilly information in the world possible in the least amount of download time." -Bob Timmers, editor/curator

Question most asked: Is there a special criteria or maximum number of inductees into the Hall of Fame per year?
Answer: Actually this Hall of Fame is different than most. Our main goal is to give recognition to many artists, sidemen and other important folks who made the whole rockabilly scene happen in the first place. We add names from time to time as we discover them, often they are unknowns to many of us, but still important enough for world-wide recognition they will never get anywhere else. Don't look here for the just the best, because our arms are open wide to embrace all early rockers that made the difference in a large or small way. This is a "people" Hall of Fame where the friends, fans, relatives (especially the children and grandchildren) of roots artists can gather, learn and have fun. PLUS...we have an open door policy toward welcoming new talent.
-Bob Timmers, curator.


Rockabilly Hall of Fame Staff

Thanks for stopping by... BOB TIMMERS, Site Curator/Editor
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Meet the Rockabilly Hall of Fame Staff:

  • ROD PYKE, Rockabilly Hall of Fame UK/European Director of Operations. (
  • Bill Barker, critic
  • Joe Bennett, feature columnist
  • Eddie Bond, promotion
  • Burl Boykin, promotion, artist research
  • Barbara Burnette, promotion
  • Leda Woznick Carmody, photography
  • J.D. Cooper, research
  • Mac Curtis, advisor
  • Phil Davies, reporting and research
  • Sndra Dee, rep.
  • Marco Di Maggio, artist, Italy Representative
  • Barry Dixon, photographer
  • Paul Duncan, songwriter, Wisconsin rep.
  • Wanda Feathers-VanZant, photography
  • Narvel Felts, advisor
  • Alex Frazer-Harrison (Calgary, Canada) columnist
  • Guy "Nancy Cartoonist" Gilchrist, artwork/JLL
  • Ronnie Haig, advisor
  • Dale Hawkins, advisor
  • Derek Henderson (UK), research
  • Dave Hermsen, USA assistant
  • Lou Hobbs, research, video production
  • Faye Huffman, photographer, reporter
  • Steve Kelemen, research/writer
  • Steve King & Johnnie Putman at Chicago's WGN-AM 720, promotion.
    ( - Visit Steve & Johnnie's HOF site
  • Barry Klein, sales, reporting, interviewer, MC
  • Roger "Roc" LaRue, promotion>br>
  • Steve Lester, research/contributor
  • Bobby Lowell, (decreased) now working in heaven, God Bless
  • Ken Lyons, discussion group monitor
  • Shaun Mather, reporting and research
  • Bobby Morris, research / columnist / writer
  • Bill Morrison, research and columnist
  • Col. Robert Morris, research, merchandising
  • Cheryl Owens, Nashville research

  • Kathy Pyke, UK Merchandise Salesperson, venues, Rod's wife
  • Fast Eddie Reichmuth, promotion
  • Toby Rider, IPS storage
  • Roary Roary, German correspondent, artist, promotion
  • Larry Shell, show reporter
  • Michael B. Smith, artist, research, promotion, reviews
  • Gordon Stinson, advisor, studio coordinator, artist developement
  • Bobby Joe Swilley, reseach and promotion developement
  • Bonnie Tankersley
  • Howard Thomason, California rep.
  • Eric Todd, artist, recording studio co-ordinator, engineer, demo creation
  • Uncle Bill, photography
  • Johnny Vallis, HOF Canadian rep., talent coordinator, performing artist, writer, research
  • Joe Wajgel, co-founder, chief counsultant, research
  • Noel Vroost, fan support
  • Rockin' Ronny Weiser, columnist, advisor
  • Kay Wheeler, promotion, advisor
  • GOD, miracles (Thanks, Man)

    The original HOF trio, playing since March, 1997

    "I am most honored and pleased to be #39 on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame List. I feel quite proud to be on this most esteemed Honor Roll. The Song 'Git it' says, 'Where can I git me a diamond ring' and 'Where can I git me a Cadillac car' -- Well, from now on, I don't have to have either, 'cause, I am a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame and that's better than "Diamonds or Cadillacs". Thank you Very Much." -Kelly ... Bob "Git it" Kelly.

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