Rockabilly Hall of Fame Legends List

"W" Artists & Songs




Waddell, Bob
Wade, Lindy
Wade, Ronny

Wade & Dick
Bop Bop Baby, '57
Don't Need Your Lovin' Baby, '57

Wade, Don
Oh Love, '59

Wages, Jimmy
Heartbreakin' Love, '57
Mad Man, '57
Miss Pearl, '57
Take Me From This Garden Of Evil, '57

Waggoner, Charlie

Waggoner, Mike
Baby Baby, '59
Basher #5, '59
Coming Up, '59

Wagoner, Steve
Big And Yellow


Wainwright, Happy
Nothing But Love, '61

Wakely, Jimmy
Oklahoma Hills, '58

Walden, Cliff
Walder, Charles
Waldrop, Les

Waleen, Johnny
Mystery Train, '60

Walker Brothers
Walker, Buddy
Walker, Dub

Walker, Gary
Makin' Up With You, '57
Runaway Heart, '58

Walker, Jackie
Only Teenagers Allowed, '58

Walker, Lanie
Eenie Meenie Miney Mo, '58
Why Baby Why, '58

Walker, Lawrence

Walker, Lonnie
I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell, '62

Walker, Lou
Walker, Missouri
Walker, Riley

Walker, Stanley

Walker, Wayne
All I Can Do Is Cry, '56
Bo-Bo Ska Diddle Daddle, '57
Little Ole You, '59

Walker, Wiley
Wall, Bobby
Wall, Jesse
Wall, Shady

Wallace, Billy
Burning The Wind, '56

Wallace, Fonda
Lou Lou Knows, '57

Wallace, James
Sheet Board Down

Wallace, Joe
Wallace, Pat

Wallace, Sonny
Black Cadillac, '60

Walls, Bill
Walls, Jimmy
Wally & Don

Walp, Glen

Walsh, George

Walters, Marshall Ray
Willie Willie Willie, '59

Walton & The Silver Lake Boys
Walton, Charles
Wammack, Travis
Ward, Dale
Ward, Dart
Ward, Jacky
Ward, Preston

Ward, Willie
I'm A Madman, '58

Warden, J.W.
Sidewalk Rock'n'Roll, '59

Warfield, Joe
Mama's Little Girl

Warnock, Cleve
My Baby Is Gone, '56

Warmer, Faron
Warren, Dale

Warren, Gary
Werewolf, '58

Warren, Jerry
Warren, Joey
Warren, Junior
Warrick, Red
Wasden, Jay Bee
Washburn, Perry
Washington, Leroy
Waters, Clear
Waters, Rusty

Waters, Wallace
Holiday Hill

Watkins, Bill
Big Guitar, '57
I Got Troubles, '57
Missed The Workhouse, '57

Watkins, Billy
Watkins, E. Tiny
Watson, Buddy

Watson, Clayton

*Watson, Doc

American Folk Music Legend

Watson, Gene
Drummer Boy Rock, '57
My Rockin' Baby, '57

Watson, Jimmy

Watson, Johnny
I'm Not Crazy, '59
Let's Rock, '59

Watts, Bob
Watts, Hunter
Watts, Tal
Watts, Wortham

Watts, Slim
Tu-Da-Lou, ' 57

Wayne & Ray
Sweet Lou

Wayne, Alvis
I Gottum, '58
I Wanna Eat Your Pudding, '70
Sleep Rock-A-Roll Rock-A-Baby, '58
Swing Bop Boogie, '58

Wayne, Bernie

Wayne, Billy
I Love My Baby, '58
Walking And Strolling, '58

Wayne, Bobby
Bobby Wayne was born, Robert Wayne Snyder in 1936 in Spokane, Washington. He quit school at the age of sixteen to work for Western Union so he could buy a guitar. Bobby organized his own band when he was sixteen in 1953, the year Hank Williams died. Bobby visited his mother in Atlanta, Georgia in 1955. She said, "Honey, I want you to hear this", and she played a new "Sun Recording" by "Elvis Presley", "Mystery Train". Bobby was hooked. In 1955, little did Bobby know that he would become one of the pioneers of "Rockabilly" music. In the fall of 1955, Bobby Wrote and recorded, "Sally Ann/Warpaint" at S.R.C. Records Spokane, Washington. When "Rockabilly" came on the scene, it was like a giant meteor crashing into the planet earth and everyone was "Reel'n' & Rock'n." Like an Alaskan Avalanche, it was unstoppable!! Elvis Presley opened the door to "Rockabilly' (Rock and Roll), and held it open for Bobby Wayne to be one of the first to walk through, and to become part of the history of Rockabilly. While Elvis Presley is the "King of Rockabilly," Bobby Wayne is the "Knight in Shining Armor." "Thank you Elvis, for everything."
Tip Toes
Bobbie's Boogie, '63
Sally Ann, '55

Wayne, Chuck
Wayne, Curtis

Wayne, Dennis
Teenage Boogie, '57

Wayne, Gaylon

Wayne, Gordon
Red Wing

Wayne, James
Wayne, Jerry

Wayne, Jimmy
That's The Way The Mop Flops
You Shake Me

Wayne, Kenny
Wayne, Little Jackie

Wayne, Roy
Honey Won't You Listen

Wayne, Scotty
Wayne, Terry

Wayne, Thomas
Tragedy, '59
You're The One That Done It, '59

Wayne, Tony
Waynick, Don
Weatherbee, Alfy
Weatly, Paul
Weaver, Lloyd
Webb, Don
Webb, Hoyt
Webb, Roberta
Weber, Lewis
Webster, Katie
Weems, Ritchie
Weise, Don

Weiser, Rockin' Ronny
RONNY WEISER On site web page
Also see: "ROCKABILLY REBELLION" An archived HOF feature column written by Rockin' Ronny Weiser.

Weiss, Doug
Welborn, Larry
Welch Brothers

Welch, Jimmy

Searight Blues

Weldon & Wanda
Everybody Wants You, '59

Weller, Freddy
- Off-site page

Wellington, Rusty
Rockin' Chair On The Moon, '57

Wells, Ardis
Baby Doll, '60

Wells, Gerald

Wells, Karen
Never Gonna Let You Go, '61

Wells, Ruby

Wendell, Marty
Marty Wendell has been making music since the 1960's. In 2007 he received great response to his album "Rockabilly Heart", which showcases original songs about growing up at the birth of rock & roll. In 2010, Marty Wendell - Live & Rockin' was released which was recorded when Marty was the opening act for The Platters. Marty records for the Boston based Simply 21 label. He has shared the stage with legends such as Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash and artists as diverse as Arlo Guthrie, Maskman and The Agents and Shirley Alston Reeves. He is always a crowd pleaser. You can hear excerpts from his albums at: www.CD and find complete information at: To discuss available dates call: 888-762-2523 or 518-852-8484.

Wendt, Vic

One of Wisconsin's legendary rock music teachers, musicians and session man.

Werley, Coy
Wert, Jimmy
Wesley, Chuck
West, Clint

West Coast Playboys

West, Jimmy

West, Penny
Needle In A Haystack

West, Rocky

West, Ricky
Cop Car, '59

West, Sonny

Rave On, '58
Rock-Ola Ruby, '56
Sweet Rockin' Baby, '56

West, Speedy

Westberry, Kent
My Baby Don't Rock Me, '58
Popcorn & Candy Bars, '58

Westbury, Kent
Livin' in the Doghouse

Western All-Stars

Weston, George
Don't Stay Home With The Blues, '60
Hey Little Car Hop, '58
Hold Still Baby, '58
I Need You Baby, '58
Sneakin', '60
Well Don't You Know, '58

Westmoreland, Paul

Weyers, Marv

Westport Kids
You Kain't Take It With You, '55

Wheat, Buck

Wheatley, Paul
I'm Not Movin', '58

Wheeler, Bobby

Wheeler, Chuck
Cherokee Rock, '61
Feelin' Kinda Lonesome, '61

Wheeler, Danny

Wheeler, Karen
Gonna Hold My Baby, '61
Wait Till I'm Sixteen, '61

Wheeler, Kay
Star of the movie ROCK BABY ROCK IT -- who danced to the first rockabilly music ever put on film by Johnny Carroll. I also toured with the band across Texas to promote the movie. Kay was also an early promoter of EP, who really put rockabilly into the main stream in America.
Hot Rod Gang
Rock Baby Rock It

Wheeler, Larry

Cry Woman Cry, '57
You Can't Lose Me, '57

Wheeler, Lin

Wheeler, Onie
Born November 10, 1921, Sikeston, Missouri. Played radio shows throughout Missouri and Arkansas and during the 1940s, forming the Ozark Cowboys in 1950 and moving to Nashville where he gained a recording contract with Okeh and Columbia. Joined Roy Acuff as harmonica player in 1965 and led his own bands on tours of Vietnam. Recorded for multitude of minor labels, his biggest hits coming with Columbia in 1957 and Royal American in 1972.
Booger Gonna Getcha, '56
Going Back To The City, '57
Jump Right Out Of This Jukebox, '59

Wheeler, Ron Dennis

Ron started recording in 1958 and released his rock a billy song in 1959. He started on same label as James Brown and Otis Redding. His rockabilly was pushed aside on King so he moved to united artist. Then after a while he moved to rock n roll and soul like so many rock a billy artist. He talks bout his rockabilly days in this interview.
Ronald Wheeler Documentary

Whetstone, Ronnie
Me & My Baby's Goin' Rockin' Tonight

Whisnant, Ray
Rock That Rhythm

White, Bill
White, Buddy

White Caps w/Johnny Edwards
Rock & Roll Saddles, 57
Why'd You Leave Me, 57

White, Donnie
White, Evelyn
White, Herold
White, Jim
White, Johnny
White, Lucky
White, Mac
White, Maurice

White, Otis
Shape Up, '59

White, Roger
White, Sam
White, Willie
Whitehurst, Floyd
Whitener, Fuzzy
Whiterspoon, Jimmy
Whitley, Jackie
Whitney, Everett
(Started in the '70s)
Widner, Jimmie
Wiggle, Billy
Wilburn, Dave
Wilcox, Coye
Wild Childs
Wildcard, Johnny
Wilde, Johnny
Wilder Brothers

Wilder, Farris
It's All Your Fault, '61

Wilder, Vic

Wildwood Trio

Wiley, Chuck
I Wanna Dance All Night, '58
It's L-O-V-E, '58
Tear It Up, '58
Why Worry About Me, '58

Wiley, Shirley Jean
Long Tall Sally, '61

Wiley, Skip
Willard, Bobby
Willard, Jess
Willet, Slim

Willette, Wally
Eenie Meenie, '58
Pink Elephants, '58

Williams, Bob
Hot Rod Race, '51
Hot Rod Race, '60
Hot Rod Race #2, '51
Hot Rod Race #3, '51

Williams, Brock
What Am I, '58

Williams Brothers
Williams, Candy
Williams, Carl
Williams, Charlie
Williams, Dick

Williams, Donn
We Two Rock

Williams, Fletcher
Williams, Garrett

*Williams, Hank Sr.

Williams, Carol,
Williams, Donny and
Williams, Jerry & The Rockets

A Boy Like You
Blueberry Lane
Rockets home page
Williams, Jim
Born Memphis. Educated near Elvis Presley and was musically inspired by Presley¹s success. He says, "Like Elvis I lived in a government housing project in Memphis and then when Johnny Cash began to have local hit records I decided it was time to go down and see Sam Phillips and find fame and fortune. At that time, I had a sixteen piece dance band called the Dixielanders which played top dance venues and show gigs in the Mid South. I took the nucleus of my band in 1956 and formed a rock group. My Sun release was done i n consultation with Jack Clement and Sam Phillips and when it was issued I went on tour with other Sun artists thoughout mid America. I became friends with Roy Orbison, Scotty Moore and Bill Justis, who have helped me in my later work." He has also recorded for Dot and Ace and had his own studio in Kansas City.

Williams, Jimmie

Williams, Jimmy
I Belong To You, '58
Rock-A-Bye Baby, '56
Sonny Boy, '56
Please Don't Cry Over Me, '57
You're Always Late, '58

Williams, Kearney

Williams, Larry

Off-Site Bio

Williams, Lawton
Williams, Lester

Williams, Lew
Abracadabra, '57
Bop Bop Ba Doo Bop, '56
Cat Talk, '56
Centipede, '57
Gone Ape Man, '56
Something I Said, '56

Williams, Paul
Williams, Perk
Williams, Robert
Williams, Rocky
Williams, Ron

Williams, Roxie
Fifteen Seconds, '61

Williams, Skeet

Williams, Slim
Tennessee Avenue, '49

Williams, Sonny

Williams, Tex
Let's Go Rockabilly, '57

Williams, Wayne
Red Hot Mama, '57

Williams, "Wee" Willie
Original Gene Vincent/Blue Caps rhythm guitarist.

Williamson, Bobby

Willie, Boxcar
w/The Skeletons (1993)

Willie Tremain's Thunderbirds
Midnight Express, '59

  • Williford, Russell

    Willis, Bill

    Willis, Don
    Boppin' High School Baby, '57
    Give Me All Your Love
    Mar's Dame
    Warrior Sam, '57
    You Are My Sunshine

    Willis, Hal
    My Pink Cadillac, '56

    Willis, Ray
    Whatta You Do, '58

    Willis, Rod
    Cat, '59

    Willis, Ron
    Willoughby, Chuck

    Wills, Billy Jack
    All She Wants To Do Is Rock, '56
    Good Rockin' Tonight, '55

    Wills, Bob
    So Let's Rock, '56

    Wills, Johnny Lee
    Wills, Luke
    Wills, Tommy
    Wilson, Andy
    Wilson, Barry
    Wilson, Bud

    Wilson, Dallas
    High Steppin' Daddy, '57

    Wilson, Easy Deal
    Wilson, Floyd

    Wilson, Henry
    Are You Ready, '58

    Wilson, Hop
    Rockin' In The Coconut Top

    Wilson, James
    Wilson's Blues #1, '56

    Wilson, Jimmy

    Wilson, Joe
    Monkey's Uncle, '60

    Wilson, Johnny
    Wilson, Linda

    Wilson, Peanuts
    Cast Iron Arm, '57
    Born: Riverside, W Virginia 29 Nov 35, moved to Odessa soon after. member of Teen Kings with Roy Orbison, played guitar on early Orbison tracks, Rollercoaster records in UK have great Teen KIngs CD (off tv shows etc, and interviews). On May 26, 1957 he cut the classic Cast Iron Arm / You`ve Got Love (backing vocals Roses) may be Orbison on guitar for Brunswick. Great tracks by him on new CD. He became a very successful songwriter later, ex.: Easy As Pie for Crash Craddock and Love The World Away for Kenny Rogers. He died in Sept, 1980

    Wilson, Ronnie
    Wilson, Slim
    Wilson, Smiley

    Wilson, Tommy
    Buzzin', '60
    Why'd You Pick On Me, '60

    Winchell, Danny
    Winford, Sue
    Winkler, Al
    Winski, Colin

    Winston, Jack
    It's Rock And Roll, '58

    Winter, Johnny
    Winters, Chuck

    Winters, Don
    Pretty Moon, '56

    Wiseman, Mac
    Step It Up And Go, '57

    Witcher, Norman
    Wake Me Up, '59

    Witter, Jimmy
    Aaaahhhhh, '57
    If You Love My Woman, '57

    Wolfe, Colby
    Wolfe, Dick

    Wolfe, Danny
    Fool's Hall Of Fame, '58
    Let's Flat Get It, '57
    Pucker Paint, '58

    Wolfe, Dean
    Twistin' Jane, '61
    Photo Taken at the "Hotel Peabody, in Memphis, where dean was was playing a show with his band. The show lead to record first record "Love's Combination" and "Thrilled Over You." Recorded at "Sun Recording Studio" in Memphis. Scotty Moore was on guitar, Charlie Rich on piano, Billy Lee Riley on bass and Jimmy Van Eaton was on drums.

    Wolford, Jimmy
    My Name Is Jimmy, '58

    Womack, Bobby

    Off-Site: Bobby Womack

    Wood, Art
    Hey Jibbo, '57

    Wood, Austin

    Woods, Bill
    "The Bakersfield Guitar Man"
    Phone Me Baby
    Go Crazy Man

    Wood, Bobby
    If I'm A Fool For Loving You, '64

    Wood, Jerry
    Square Woman, '56

    Wood, Norman
    Wood, Scott
    Wood, Tommy

    Woodall, Jimmy
    Uncle Sam's Call, '58
    Woody's Rock, '58

    Woodall, Boots
    Woodall, Gary

    Woodard, Jerry
    Long Tall Texan, '60
    Speedway Rock, '61

    Woods, Bobby
    Woods, Bill
    Woods, Dick
    Woods, Donald
    Woods, Gene
    Woods, Junior
    Woods, Orville

    Woodward, Mick
    Hot Rod Race Navy Style, '55

    Woody, Don
    Bird Dog, '57
    Make Like A Rock And Roll, '56
    Morse Code, '56
    Not I, '58
    Red-Blooded American Boy, '58
    You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree, '57

    Woolfolk, Herbert
    Wootton, Bob
    Word, Margie

    Work, Jimmy
    Tennessee Border, '59

    Worley Birds

    Worley, Wayne
    Red Headed Woman, '60

    Wormington, George

    Worthan, John
    Cats Were Jumpin', '58

    Worth, Gene
    Worth, Marion
    Wortham, John
    Wray, Doug

    Wray, Link
    Ace Of Spades, '65
    Ain't That Lovin' You Baby, '60
    Dixie-Doodle, '59
    Good Rockin' Tonight, '65
    Jack The Ripper, '63
    Mary Ann, '60
    Raw-Hide, '59
    Rumble, '58

    Wray, Lucky
    It's Music She Says, ' 56

    Wright Brothers

    Wright, Buddy

    Wright, Dale
    Please Don't Do It, '58
    She's Neat, '57
    That's Showbiz, '59
    You're The Answer, '58

    Wright, Earl
    You Don't Know It, '62

    Wright, Ginny
    Wright, Hank
    Wright, Johnny
    Wright, Randy
    Wright, Rebel

    Wright, Ruby
    Three Stars, '59

    Wright, Steve
    Wild Wild Woman, '59

    Wright, Tommy
    Wyatt, Danny

    Wyatt, Gene
    Love Fever, '58
    Lover Boy, '58
    Prettiest Girl At The Dance, '59

    Wynn, Ricky

    Is That Wrong, '59

    Wyte, Marty