Sherry Holley
on memories of her beloved uncle
Buddy Holly

Courtesy: DC Thomson Company Limited
Posted September 8, 2016

In the week her beloved Uncle Buddy would have turned 80, Sherry Holley feels immensely proud. Sherry, who still lives in Lubbock, Texas, was just eight when Buddy died in a plane crash, having inspired future superstars everywhere to take up guitar and form bands.

Last year, when she met Sir Paul McCartney on his visit to Lubbock, it was another reminder of what a global and long-lasting influence her late uncle has had on music.

"I remember him as a wonderful uncle," says Sherry in an exclusive Weekly News interview. "One of my memories is he and Maria, his wife, giving me a doll, which I still have in my bedroom."

"He was protective of me, too. We had a huge church with a great big basement, and I got lost down there. He grabbed my hand and helped me find my parents again. I've never forgotten."

"I don't feel angry he died so young, just sad. I was just a little girl, and so hurt inside. I remember crying in school all the next day, and they asked me what was wrong. It was devastating and I just didn't understand it."

"He would have come up with so many great new albums."

"My daddy, Larry, had met Paul McCartney in England, and then I met him here last year. He's such a nice guy, and he came for the first time to put on a performance and remember Buddy."

Macca was inspired by Holly, as were so many future rock and pop superstars. Sherry loves how today's kids also admire her uncle.

"A lot of the kids are still really into Buddy's music, and that is great," she enthuses. "He was pretty amazing, as he could play guitar, write songs, perform, play piano and drums. In fact, I remember he played Jerry Lee Lewis's piano, and Jerry Lee Lewis tried to play Buddy's guitar."

"What would he have thought of psychedelic music and songs that lasted 20 minutes? I think he'd have preferred three-minute, short songs."

Born Charles Hardin Holley, the great man got his nickname early on, as many a Texan kid still does.

"My grandparents called him Buddy," Sherry explains. "I still hear people around here, in Lubbock and West Texas, calling their sons Buddy."

"My grandaddy worked for a tailor, so I guess that is where Buddy got his taste for nice suits."

"My dad worked in a tile factory, and Buddy came in sometimes"

"I don't really think working with tiles was my Uncle Buddy's cup of tea! In fact, I have used some of those tiles to make some artworks."

"Right now, I am making a blues album, and I also did a tribute album with 12 Buddy songs on it. I really enjoyed doing that."

Like millions around the world, she still can't get enough of those amazing Buddy Holly songs.

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