'The Truth'

(No label stated) Playing Time: 49.58


'Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby/Big River/The Truth/Miss Froggie/Train Of Love/Shadows Of Love/Stop The World/Bury Me/There You Go/I Still Believe/Ubangi Stomp/Under Your Spell Again/Sweet Little Sixteen/The One I Loved Back Then The Corvette Song/Honky Tonk Man/I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water/White Lightnin'/Rock 'n' Roll Ruby/She's My Baby


Here is the newie from Art Adams and his band, it is so hot off the press that it has yet to be assigned a label and catalogue number. Art bought copies over with him for his recent appearance at the Hemsby weekender in England and kindly passed on a copy so we can help spread the word with regard to this new release and it is a corker.


Recorded with his American band, it comes over just like a wild exciting concert. I have seen Art with these guys (Mark Cutsinger on drums, Tim Gibson on guitar and Michael Strauss on bass) live on stage and together they make for one tight cohesive unit and collectively 'set the woods on fire'. The content of this CD further amplifies that view.

It comprises a set of covers that, in Art's own words, he had always wanted to record together some new songs recently composed. All are done in typical Art Adams style which means good.


The original songs are 'The Truth' which is an uptempo rockabilly song that more than holds its own with the rest of the content on this CD. The sparse backing suits Art's voice down to a tee and the guitarist nails the fretwork in no uncertain style. A similar description can be applied to 'I Still Believe' although this has more country latinish tinge applied. 'Shadows Of Love' is a tasty country style bopper, the style of which would have suited the late Johnny Cash in his Sun Record days whilst the other Art Adams co-composition (along with Tim Gibson and Mark Cutsinger) is 'She's My Baby' and this is slightly slower but rocks along nicely with a tasty menacing treatment. The last mentioned is one of the highlights of the whole CD.


Of the covers, perhaps the Dwight Yoakam song 'Bury Me' is a surprising choice but boy does it work. Catchy is the best way to describe the output, real toe tapping stuff that lends itself to the rockabilly treatment with all four musicians being in total unity. A similar description can be applied to 'The One I Loved Back Then The Corvette Song', a ditty previously associated withy George Jones. At the risk of upsetting a few purists, I venture the opinion that Art breathes new life into the song.


The rest of the songs are well known but, on this disc, all are given the unique Art Adams treatment. They are enjoyable and entertaining, and are all good dancing music. Art is really at home with these songs and so their selection must have been carefully made.


There you have it, a new release by one of the originals on the circuit today, an entertainer who always gives 110% of himself on stage. The same can be applied to this album, I loved it.


(c) Tony Wilkinson

May 2009.



'Rock Crazy Baby'

Norton EP-150


Rock Crazy Baby/Indian Joe/Dancing Doll/She Don't Live Here No More'

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Art entering into the recording studio and cutting the four tracks that were re-discovered some years back and which have lead to the resurgence in Art's career. This in turn has lead to Art being regarded as one of the best original live performers on the world wide rock 'n' roll stage, a guy who is wild in his performances and always leaves the crowds wanting more.


These sides were cut in 1959 and first appeared on Cherry Records out of Scotsville, Kentucky and was a small label owned by Joe Dyson. They served to enhance Art Adams and the Rhythm Knights reputation as being one the must see acts in the Indianapolis area.


All four sides are oh so well known to anyone who has rock 'n' roll blood coursing through their veins and, of course, are classic rockabilly. With this release, they come in crystal clear sound and real tasty packaging. It does my hear good to be able to put such a fine record on the turntable, grab the wife (at the risk of a hernia) and bop around the room. Total rock 'n' roll insanity but so bloody marvelous.


(c) Tony Wilkinson

May 2009.

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