Sonny Flaharty
"I read an old interview that Pig Robbins gave and in it he stated that the 1st session he ever played on was out of town. Here's the story. Pig, a 'legally blind' man and his friend named Red drove from Nashville to Dayton Ohio to play on my very first session (see the Rockabilly Hall of Fame) 'My Baby's Casual'. It's still a highly sought out collectible. It was recorded at the "Miami Valley Gospel Studios" at Western and W. 3rd St on a Roberts mono tape recorder. If you can, please let 'Pig' know. I bet he'd like to hear himself back then. Truth is his piano MADE the record. It's on Spangle and now a hundred more CD's world wide. I don't own a copy of it."
Thanks, Sonny Flaharty

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Posted September, 2007

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