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(Troy Benton Seaton)

Skeet Seaton began his career at the age of 8 playing house parties with his dad A.G. Seaton and other local musicians. Skeet comes from a musical family. His grandfather Adler Seaton played trumpet and violin. His dad A.G. Seaton plays six different instruments. His main instruments being accordion and keyboards. Skeet learned early on to play a wide variety of musical styles under the tutoring of his dad.

At the age of 15 Skeet began playing area clubs. Among them was the Delta Supper Club. "The Supper Club" as it was called was the proving ground for many legends such as Harold Jenkins, Ronnie Hawkins, Levon Helm, and Jerry Lee Lewis to name a few.

Over the years Skeet has played with such rock-a-billy greats as Eddie Bond, Narvel Felts, Cousin Bojack, Tom Mathis, C.W. Gatlin and Jimmy Evans.

Skeet has played on recordings with Jimmy Evans, C.W. Gatlin, and Mack Self. Skeet was the drummer on Jimmy Evans "Pink Cadillac" which did very well in the overseas market. Skeet was also the staff drummer on the Eddie Bond TV Show.

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A group of Delta musicians got together for a jam session at the home of Skeet and Rose Seaton in West Helena, AR on Sunday, April 24, 2005. Seated left to right front row- Mack Self, C.W. Gatlin and Jimmy Allen. Seated back row are A.G. Seaton, Vince Self and Jim Smith. Standing left to right - Sterling Billingsley, John Pope, Mike Henson, Bubba Webb, Skeet Seaton, Gary Dixon, Jimmy Rogers, Henry Edgin and Burl Boykin. Tom Mathis (not pictured) was also present. C.W. Gatlin, Mack Self, Skeet Seaton, Burl Boydkin and Tom Mathis are all members of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Photo: Rose Seaton

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