Rockabilly Hall of Fame Legends List

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Saber, Sonny
Sage, Billy

Saint, Del
Rock Yea, '58

Rock & Roll Ruby, '57


Sales, Mac
Gal Named Joe, '55
Yakety Yak, '55

Sanchez, Mike

Sanders, Andy
Rock And Roll Baby

Sanders, Curly

Sanders, Hank
Been Gone A Long Time, '58

Sanders, Rabon
Sanders, Ray
Sandlin, Billy

Sando, Ronnie
Rocking On The Moon

Sands, Frankie
Sands, Jeri Lynn

Sands, Tommy
Blue Ribbon Baby, '58
I Ain't Gettin' Rid Of You
Is It Ever Gonna Happen
Man Like Wow, '58
Playin' The Field, '58
Worryin' Kind, '58

Sandy, Bob
Hot Rod Race, '59

Sandy, Frank

Sanford, Doug
Sadie, '59

Sanford, Ralph
Sano, Dick

Santo & Johnny

Off-Site Bio

Sardo, Johnny
Sardo, Frankie
Sarg, Mike
Sargent, Don
Sauceman, Carl
Saunders, Butchie

Saul, Hender
I Ain't Gonna Rock Tonite

Savage, Bob
Savage, Billy
Savage, James
Savoy, Jerry
Savoy, Jules
Sawyer, J.C.

Sawyer, Joe, Trio

Such A Night, '62

Sawyer Sisters

Sawyer, Ray
I'm Gonna Leave, '62

Schaff, Murray

Schneider, Hal "Holiday"
Three Aces And A Joker Christmas and New years record. Sleigh bell rock and the flip side Booze party.Written and recorded by Hal (Holiday) Schneider. These were rock a billy songs of the late fifties or early sixties. The song Booze Party is a big drinking song in Europe at the present time. It also has been recorded on about 13 different albums, to name a few: Cramps, born to be bad, Speed Devils, Flyrite boys and sleigh bell rock has been recorded on albums such as Rock a billy Christmas and Christmas rockin the fifties. - Hal Schneider"
Schickel, Steve
Schmerdley, Herman

Schmidling, Tyrone
Honey Don't, '58
You're Gone I'm Left, '58

Schoolboy Cleve
Schroeder, Don
Schulte, Steve

Schurb, Duane
Rolly Polly, '59

Schuyler Brothers

Scoggins, Hoyt
Tennessee Rock, '56

Scoggins, Johnny
Flatfoot Sam, '58

Scoggins, Hoyt
Tennessee Rock

Scott, Bob
Scott, Glen
Scott, Greg

Scott, Earl
Stop Your Knocking, '59

Scott, Jack
(& The Chantones)
JACK SCOTT - On-site Rockabilly HOF web page
Baby She's Gone, '57
Goodbye Baby, 59
Greaseball, '58
Grizzily Bear, '62
Leroy, '58
My True Love, '58
Oh Little One, '60
Patsy, '60
Two Timin' Woman, '57
Way I Walk, '59
What In The World's Come Over You, '60
  • Jack Scott's Official Home Page

    Off-Site: Canadian Encyclopedia/Jack Scott

    Scott, Ray
    Boppin' Wigwam Willie, '57
    San Antone
    Train's Done Gone, '58
    You Drive Me Crazy, '57

    Scott, Rodney
    Granny Went Rockin', '61
    You're So Square, '62

    Scott, Sandy
    Mister Big, ' 57

    Scott, Sherman
    How'd Ja Do, '58

    Scott, Sherree
    (Died in 1993, survived by 7 children)
    Fascinating Baby, '58
    Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On, '59

    Scott, Simon
    Scott, Suzy Q.

    Scott, Tommy
    Do You Dig Me Little Mama, '55

    Scott, Walt
    Scruggs, Carleton

    Scuderi, Ron
    Swanee River Shake, '62

    Seacrest, Eddie
    Sea, Johnny
    Seals, Johnny
    Seals, Troy

    Seals, Wayland
    When I'm Gone, '57

    Seaton, Dick
    Jukebox Rock, '61

    Sedares, Bill

    Seipp, Paul
    Little Gray Shack, '58

    Seiter, Leon

    Leon Seiter started singing rockabilly in the honky tonks in áDetroit in 1959. In 1962 Leon Seiter recorded (Life Ain't Like it Used to Be) rockabilly style on Sound Records produced by Stan Getz. Leon also toured with the legendary Tommy Durden (co writer of Heartbreak Hotel).

    Self, G.
    Roll On Big Mama, '58

    Self, Alvie
    Let's Go Wild, (DonRay Records) '60

    Self, Jimmy

    Self, Mack
    Born Helena, Arkansas, 1930. Came to Memphis 1955 to audtion as a country artist. One disc was issued on Sun and leter a rockabilly disc (a duet with Clarlie Feathers) was issued on Phillips International coupled with a gunfighter ballad. After his Sun contract expired in 1959 Self moved on to work with M.E. Ellis and his best seller was Four Walls Of Memories (Zone 1085) issued in Memphis in 1965.

    Self, Stewart

    Self, Ronnie
    Ain't I'm A Dog, '57
    Big Blon' Baby, '58
    Big Fool, '57
    Big Town, '59
    Bop-A-Lena, '58
    Date Bait, '58
    Pretty Bad Blues, '56
    Rocky Road Blues, '57
    Songwriter: I'm Sorry, Sweet Nothin's (Brenda Lee)

    Sells, Jimmy

    Selph, Jimmy
    Tom Catin' Around, '56

    Semrad, Mike

    Senne, Paul

    Senns, Charles
    Gee Whiz Liz, '58

    Sergent, Shorty

    Sessions, Don
    You're A Cheater

    Sessions, Little Ronnie
    Settlemire, Bud
    Setzer, Brian
    Sexton, Orden
    Shadle, Bobby

    The Creep, '57
    Jumping With The Shadows, '57
    Redwood Fence, '60
    Shadow Rock, '57

    Shagnasty, Bolivar
    Shane, Johnny
    Shanks, Junior
    Shannon, Jackie
    Shannon, Pat
    Sharkey, Norm
    Sharpe, Billy
    Sharpe, Bobby

    Sharpe, Buddy
    Sharpe, Cathy
    Sharpe, Henry

    Sharpe, Ray
    Linda Lu, '59
    Long John, '59
    Monkey's Uncle, '59
    New Linda Lu, '59
    T.A. Blues, '59

    Shaw, Arlene
    Lotta Lovin', '59

    Shaw, Buddy
    Don't Sweep That Dirt On Me, '57

    Shaw, Carol

    Shaw, Jim
    Rockin' Boppin' Teenager, '62

    Shaw, Mike
    Frankie & Johnny, '56
    Long Gone Baby, '56

    Shaw, Ricky
    Shaw, Sandy
    Shay, Janet
    Sheets, Sonny
    Shelby, Jim
    Shelton, Curley

    Shelton, Gary
    Goodbye Little Darlin' Goodbye, '59

    Shepard, Jean
    He's My Baby, '58
    Jeopardy, '58

    Shelton, Johnny

    Shepel, Milan

    Rip It Up

    Shepherd, Buddy
    Shepherd, Cliff
    Sheppard, Shep
    Sherman & The Darts
    Sherrell, Billy

    Sherrill, Billy
    Born Winston, Alabama. Played sax and piano in a white R&B band throughout the late 60s and came to Nashville 1958. Met Sam Phillips 1960 and worked for years as Sun's producer in Nashville. Was head of CBS/Epic's Nashville operation, having moved to Epic in 1964.
    Cadillac Baby, '57
    Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O, '57
    Kool Kat, '58
    Rock On Baby, '58
    Rock'n'Roll Teenager, '58
    Yes No Or Maybe, '58

    Sherwood, Fred
    Sherwood, Roberta

    Shibley, Arkie
    Hot Rod Race, '50
    Hot Rod Race #2, '51
    Hot Rod Race #3, '51
    Hot Rod Race #4, '51
    Hot Rod Race #5, '51
    ARKIE SHIBLEY! Van Buren, Arkansas cattle farmer Arkie Shibley nebver sought fame, nor recognition and he sure didn't become wealthy but when he moved to Bremerton, Wa. in 1936 his (and our) world changed forever. Arkie self taught on guitar, helped build a State Park by day (Illahee), and played some of the most smokingest "swing country" by night. He gave us "Hot Rod Race" whivch others hijacked and morphed into "Hot Rod Lincoln" (should be our national athem of RockABilly), he hooked up with Leon Kelly, Phil Fregon and Jackie Hayes and an underage kid ("Docie" Dean Manuel a heck of a piano thumper) and the mix became RockABilly history as we know it. From 1948 on nobody ever put out as much songs in the RockABilly genre until others caught on around 1955. It was in Bremerton Arkie and the handsome Leon Kelly put together the standup bass, fiddle, banjo, steel guitar and piano in a way no one had quite heard before. It got them rave reviews, a top 5 hit, ripped off, no lasting fame, never much money, but, as Kelly's friend Bill Plummer once said, "We didn't much care to be famous, we were just happy to have a place to play." Give it up one time for our Founders, Arkie Shibley and his Mountain Dew Boys, see Arkie you ARE remembered! Courtesy: Ed Rollman
    Shields, Bobby
    Shields, Charles
    Shinall, Joe
    Shipley, Reece
    Shipman, Jerry

    Shoffner, Rufus

    It Always Happens To Me, '62
    Orbit Twist, '62

    Shondell, Troy
    Goodbye Little Darlin'

    Shook, Jack
    Shook, Ralston
    Shoop, Wally
    Short, Bill
    Show Brothers
    Shozel, Herbie
    Shrum, Cal

    Shubert, Chet
    Shuff, Murry

    Shuffles, The (Allen Karl)
    The "Wille Whistle" Show

    Shuma, Steve

    Shuman, Mort
    I'm A Man, '58

    Shutters, Harold
    Baby Fan The Flame, '56
    Blues Of A Broken Heart, '57
    Bunny Honey, '57

    Siefert, Jerry
    Siggers, Ruben
    Sills, Billy
    Silva, Bob

    Roses Are Blooming, '57

    Silver, Ben

    Silver, Sid
    Bumble Rumble, '56

    Silver Jets

    Silvers, Colonel Jim

    Silvers, Johnny
    Simmon, Cifton
    Simmons, Fay

    Simmons, Gene
    Drinkin' Wine
    Peroxide Blond & Hopped Up Model Ford, '58
    Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, 1933. Recorded for Sun on moving to Memphis in the late 50s. Has recorded since for Hi, Epic, Hurshey and his own studio in Tupelo. He recalls, "I began in music at age 15, playing dances in Tupelo and then in Memphis with Clyde Leoppard. I played shows throughout the Tri State area until 1959 when I went on tour in Canada. I got back in 1960 and worked at the Cotton Club in 1961 then I joined the Bill Black Combo and worked for Hi Records. I wrote several songs at the time, including Muddy Ole River for Dane Stinit for Sun. My latest release as of July 1973 is Good Ole Country Music (Hurshey 01A). Greatest success came in 1964 with a pop hit, Haunted House, (Hi 2076)." An earlier Hi session including Going Back to Memphis had been leased to the Checker label in 1960 without success.
    Peroxide Blond & Hopped Up Model Ford, '58

    Simmons, Jimmy
    Simmons, Faye
    Simmons, Jimmy
    Simms, Jimmy
    Simon, Frank
    Simon, Sidney
    Simpson, Carl
    Simpson, Donald
    Simpson, Gene
    Simpson, Hoke
    Simpson, Jimmy
    Simpson, R.

    Simpson, Royce

    Space Dance

    Sims, Al
    Sims, Babe
    Sims, Chuck
    Sims, Frankie Lee
    Sims, Kathy
    Sims, Mac
    Singer, Johnny
    Singleton, Bebo
    Singleton, Jimmy
    Singleton, Margie

    Singleton, Shelby

    Sisco, Bobby
    Go Go Go, '56
    Honky Tonkin' Rhythm, '56
    Tall Dark Handsome Man, '56

    Sisco, Gene
    Grandma Rock And Roll, '57
    Turning The Tables, '57

    Sisk, Shirley
    Born Ernestine Brooks, Memphis. First recorded for Sam Phillips as a pianist/vocalist with Judy Dismukes on guitar. The session was on February 8, 1952 when Let Me Count The Curls and Mean Old Memphis were recorded. Dubs were sent to Chess (who assigned matrix number but the record was never issued). Contract was also signed with Acuff Rose in Nashville. By the late 50s Sisk was back in Memphis, working out of the Echo studios as a pianist and organist. She was featured on a Phillips International disc by the Memphis Bells and in her own right on Sun 365, recorded at the Echo studio on Manassas Avenue in 1961.She owned Permanent Records in Memphis, which did not live up to its name.

    Six Shooters

    Don't You Just Know It, '60

    Sizemore, Gordon

    Skee Brothers
    That's All She Wrote, '58

    Skelton, Eddie
    Gotta Keep Swingin', '58

    Ski, Gene
    Six Foot Down, '66

    Skinner, Jimmy
    Skidmore, Bill
    Skiles, Johnny

    Skipper, Macy
    Quicksand Love

    Skylar, Norm
    Slade, Prentis
    Slaughter, Chuck

    Slaughter, Lee
    Rock And roll World
    Teenage Hop

    Slavin, Slick
    Speed Crazy, '58

    Sloan, Phil

    Slim & Curly

    Slocum Brothers
    Sugar Plum

    Sloan, Chuck

    Smalling, Eddie
    Jeanie, '60
    Little Brave, '60

    Smart, Jimmy
    Smedley, Jack
    Smiley, Austin
    Smiley, Red

    Smith, Arthur
    Guitar Boogie, '48
    Guitar Bustin', '58
    Hot Rod Race, '51
    Teenage Rebel, '57

    Smith, Betty
    Yeah Baby

    Smith, Billy
    Tell Me Baby, '58

    Smith, Bob
    Honky Tonkin' Baby, '62

    Smith, Bobby
    Bevy Mae
    She's Gone From Me

    Smith Brothers
    I Just Can't Go On, '59

    Smith, Carl
    Cut Across Shorty, '60
    Go Boy Go, '54

    Smith, Chester
    You Gotta Move, '58

    Smith, Dick
    Smith, Don
    Smith, Earl
    Smith, Esau

    Smith, Dappa
    China Doll, '58

    Smith, David Ray
    Gone Baby Gone, '56
    Swinging Boogie, '56

    Smith, Floyd

    Smith, Gene
    Rubber Legs, '65

    Smith, Hal
    Smith, Hank
    Smith, Herb
    Smith, Homer
    Smith, Janice
    Smith, Jeep
    Smith, Jeff
    Smith, Jerry Lee

    Smith, Jimmy
    Pinch Me Quick, '58

    Smith, Joe
    Smith, Johnny

    Smith, Kenny
    I'm So Lonesome Baby, '58
    Wild Man, '59

    Smith, L.C.
    Radio Boogie

    Smith, Lanier
    Smith, Lendon

    Smith, Leon

    Flip, Flop And Fly, '60
    Little Forty Ford, '59
    Sweet Love, '60

    Smith, Mack Allen
    Skeleton fight
    Born, Carrolton, Mississippi, 1938. Learned some guitar from Mississippi John Hurt. Recorded for Sun with his band, The Flames in 1959. The tape including Sandy Lee and Mean Woman Blues left Sun with producer Ernie Barton before it could be released. Smith later made excellent recordings for Vee Eight, Statue, Delta Sound and other local Mississippi labels. He has kept the Delta sound alive and had fine country rock albums issued on Ace and Delta Sound (US) and on Redneck, Checkmate and Charly (UK).

    Smith, Mel
    Pretty Plaid Skirt

    Smith, Melvin
    Smith, Ray & Lamar

    Smith, Ray

    RAY SMITH - On-site Rockabilly HOF web page
    Rockin' Bandit, '59
    Rockin' Little Angel, '59
    Mini-Bio located below

    Smith, Red
    Whoa Boy, '54

    Smith, Robert
    Smith, Roger

    Smith, Ronald

    Smith, Ronnie
    Long Time No Love, '60

    Smith, Roy
    Smith, Sammy

    Smith, Shelby
    Rockin' Mama, '62
    What's On Your Mind, '55

    Smith, Smoochie
    Smith, Smokey
    Smith, Suggie
    Smith, Tommy

    Smith, Warren

    Miss Froggie, '57
    Red Cadillac And A Black Mustache, '57
    Rock & Roll Ruby, '56
    So Long I'm Gone, '57
    Sweet Sweet Girl, '58
    Ubangi Stomp, '57
    Uranium Rock, '58
    Born February 7, 1933, Louise, Mississippi. Lived mostly in Texas, apart from spells in Memphis 1955- 1959 and Hollywood, 1959-1962. Recorded for Sun, Liberty, Mercury, Skill and Jubal. Was a personnel manager in Longview, Texas, although he toured England in a rockabilly revival show years ago and recorded for EMI-Harvest and Lake Country, Died January 30, 1980 of a heart attack. Warren recorded some excellent Sun rockabilly recordings. His was a pure country voice without vocal contrivance or mimicry. He coupled good looks with a strong will to succeed. Warren was a caring man and a good man. He wanted recognition and once had "Warren Smith-The Rock 'n' Roll Ruby Man" painted on the back of his new Cadillac sedan.

    Smith, Wendell
    Smithson, Lonnie

    (Smolinski), Ricky "Leigh"
    Author of and guitarist on Wisconsin's first rock recording, 1/57: Rock & Roll Saddles

    Sneed, Leslie
    Sneed, Roy

    Sneezer, Ebe
    That's All I've Got, '57

    Snell, Billy
    Snell, Eddie
    Snider, Tony
    Snow, Danny
    Snow, Eddie
    Snow, Glen

    Snow, Hank
    Hula Rock, '56

    Snow, Jimmie Rodgers
    Milkcow Blues, '55

    Sohl, Don
    Solley, Jim

    Somerville, Diamond Dave

    Marlene, '58
    Minus One Blast Off, '58

    Sons Of The Pioneers
    Tennessee Rock & Roll, '55

    Soots, Bobby
    Sorce, Pete
    Sosebee, Tommy
    South, Joe
    Sovine, Eddie

    Sovine, Red
    Juke Joint Johnny, '57

    Sowell, John

    Sowell, Bobby

    Space Walkers
    Spadachene, Smith
    Spain, Dick
    Spain, Johnny
    Spak, Emil

    Spangler, Randy
    Rock 'n' Roll Baby, '58

    Sparks, Milton
    Sparks, Randy

    Spears, Russell
    Beggin' Time

    Speck, Darrell

    Spellman, Jimmy
    Spitale, Guy
    Spencer, Bob
    Spencer, Jimmy
    Spencer, Sammy
    Spencer, Sonny

    Sperry, Steve
    That Ain't So, '60

    Spic & Span
    Spines, Endow
    Spivey, Kenny

    Goodbye She's Gone, '57
    Teen Billy Baby, '57

    Sprunk, Bobby

    Spurlin, Tommy
    Hang Loose, '56
    Heart Throb, '57
    I'll Be Leavin' You
    One-Eyed Sam, '58

    Spurling, Hank
    Box Car Blues


    Squires, Bud
    Like Wow, '60

    St. Germain, Ray

    St. John, Frankie
    So Glad You're Mine

    St. John, Johnny
    St. Romain, Kirby

    Stacks, Gene
    I Know My Baby Cares, '57

    Stacy, Clarence
    Just Your Love, '60
    Lonely Guy, '60

    Stacy, Clyde
    Baby Shame, '58
    End Up With The Blues, '61
    Good Rockin' Tonight, '57
    Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor, '58
    Hoy Hoy, '57
    I Sure Do Love You Baby, '58
    Nobody's Darlin', '58
    Sittin' Down Cryin', '61
    So Young, '57
    Summertime Blues

    Stadler, Dave
    Stafford, Sammy
    Stallcup, James
    Stamper, Shewry
    Standley, Johnny

    Stange, Howie
    Real Gone Daddy, '59
    This Old Bomb Of Mine, '59

    Stanley, Bobby
    Stanley Brothers

    Stanley, Ray
    I Can't Wait, '57
    Market Place, '56
    My Lovin' Baby, '56
    Over A Coke, '57

    Stanley, Skip
    Stanton, Sandy
    Stanton, Skip

    Stapleton, Eddie

    Well I'm Weak, '63

    Star Combo

    Star Dusters

    Starr, Andy
    Give Me A Woman, '56
    I Wanna Go South, '56
    No Room For Your Kind, '56
    Old Deacon Jones, '56
    One More Time, '57
    Rockin' Rollin' Stone, '56
    Round And Round, '56
    She's A Goin' Jessie, '56

    Star, Eddie
    Star, Jimmy

    Star, Frank


    Stark, Johnny
    Rockin' Billy, '57

    Starkes, Doc
    Starkweather, C.

    One Way Express, '60

    Starman, Russ

    Starr, Betty Jo & Johnny
    Eskimo Boogie

    Starr, Bill
    Grizzily Bear

    Starr, Billy

    I Wanta

    Starr, Bob
    Starr, Buddy

    Starr, Charlie
    Black Jack Joey, '61

    Starr, David
    Dream Doll, '59

    Starr, Frankie
    Starr, Kenny
    Starr, Jack
    Starr, Jerry

    Starr, Jimmy
    It's Only Make Believe, '58

    Starr, Leon
    Back In The U.S.A.
    Have I Wasted My Time

    Starr, Ray
    Starr, Rocky
    Starr, Sally
    Starr, Sid
    Starr, Winnie

    Stayton, Jimmy
    Hot Hot Mama, '56
    You're Gonna Treat Me Right, '56

    Steele, Al
    Steele, Sonny

    Stefan, Paul
    I Fought The Law, '62
    Say Mama, '62

    Steinberg, Wilbur
    Stephens, Billy
    Stephens, Buddy
    Stephens, Steve
    Stephenson, John
    Stephenson, N.A.
    Steve & The Emperors

    Stevens, Debbie
    If You Can't Rock Me, '59

    Stevens, Hoyt
    Stevens, Hunt

    Stevens, Jesse
    Mama Mama Mama, '58

    Stevens, Jimmy
    Stevens, Neil
    Stevens, Randy
    Stevens, Rosie

    Stevenson, Hoyt
    55 Chevy

    Stewart, Charlie
    Old Age And Rough Treatment, '59

    Stewart, Danny
    I'll Change My Ways, '59

    Stewart, Gary
    Stewart, Gene

    Stewart, Franklin
    That Long Black Train, '57

    Stewart, Henry & Casperon
    Lemon Time

    Stewart, Jimmy
    Nuthin' But A Nuthin', '57
    Rock On The Moon, '58

    Stewart, Jimmie
    Stewart, Johnny

    Stewart, Redd

    Stewart, Roy
    Stewart, Skip

    Stewart, Vernon
    Mean Mean Baby, '59

    Stewart, Wynn
    Come On, '58
    Keeper Of The Keys, '56
    She Just Tears Me Up, '58
    Slowly But Surely, '56

    Stidham, Arbee

    Stinit, Dane

    Stinton Brothers

    Stogner, Dave

    Stokes, Simon
    Stokes, Tiny

    Stoltz Brothers
    Rock'n'Roll Riot, '59

    Stone, Charlie

    Stone, Cliffie
    Barracuda, '55

    Stone, Doug
    She Moved To Kansas City

    Stone, Jeff
    Everybody Rock, '57

    Stone, Jimmy
    Found, '56

    Stone, Jim & Evelyn
    Stone, John
    Stone, Roland
    Stookey, Noel
    Stop, Dickey
    Storey, Dean
    Storm, Rocky

    Storm, Warren
    Mama Mama Mama, '58
    Prisoner's Song, '58

    Story, Carl

    Stovall, LaVern
    Left Behind, '58

    Stover, Smokey

    Strange, Billy

    Strange, Tommy
    Nervous And Shakin' All Over, '59

    I'm On Fire, '64


    Strangis, Linda

    Strawn, Ron
    Drivin', '58

    Stray Cats

    Strength, "Texas" Bill
    Born Houston, Texas. Recorded for Sun in July 1960 by which time he was resident in St. Paul, Minnesota. Had previously recorded for Dot, Coral, Capitol and, more recently, for Starday and Brite State Records. Strength was a top country artist and deejay in the early 50s and began his career in Houston in the late 40s on KTHT, KLEE, KNUZ, and KATL. During 1948-1950 worked with Congress of Industrial Organizations, traveling the USA to sing at conventions and union meetings. Moved to WEAS, Atlanta, and the KWEM, West Memphis. Left Memphis in 1956 as top deejay. Cut seven titles for Sun backed by Scotty Moore, Brad Suggs, Larry Mohoberac, Bob Stevenson and D.J. Fontana. Died in an automobile accident, September 1973.

    Johnnie Strickland
    She's Mine, '59
    You've Got What It Takes, '59

    Strickland, Bill
    Strickland, John & Ed

    The Strikes

    Baby I'm Sorry, '57
    I Don't Want To Cry Over You, '57
    If You Can't Rock Me, '57
    My Poor Heart, ' 57
    Rockin', '57

    String Band

    String Kings
    Bash, '59

    Stringer, Elmo

    Boogie Beat, '58

    Stuart, Marty
    Arlene, '85

    Stuart, Scottie
    Little Rocker, '59

    Stump, Jay
    Styner, Ronnie
    Sudduth, Dorie
    Sue & Her Elm Valley Boys

    Suggs, Brad
    Bop Baby Bop, '56
    Charcoal Suit, '56

    Sulik, Eddie
    Sullivan, Gene (Kingbeats)
    Sullivan, Jerry
    Sullivan, Niki
    Sullivan, Norman
    Sullivan, Paul
    Sullivan, Phil
    Sullivan, Romeo
    Sullivan, Shorty
    Summers, Vic

    Summers, Gene

    GENE SUMMERS - On-site Rockabilly HOF web page
    Alabama Shake, '60
    Almost 12 O'Clock, '59
    Big Blue Diamond, '63
    Dance Dance Dance, '59
    Gotta Lotta That, '58
    Nervous, '58
    School Of Rock'n'Roll, '58
    Straight Skirt, '58
    Twixteen, '59
    Wine Wine Wine, '60

    Summers, Ronnie
    Salt And Pepper, '59
    Blankety Blank, '59
    Sun Rhythm Section
    The SUN RHYTHM SECTION - On-site Rockabilly HOF web page

    Sun, Jimmy
    Molly & The Tenbrooks, '61

    Sundin, Ronnie
    Sunshine Ruby

    LaCrosse, Wisconsin

    Surf Riders
    I'm Out, '58

    Sutter, Hub
    Sutton, Glenn
    Swade, Del

    Angel Baby, '58

    Swan, Billy
    BILLY SWAN - On-site Rockabilly HOF web page.
    Born Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 1942. Heavily influenced by Jerry Lee Lewis. Swan came to Memphis in 1962 and peddled songs on Bill Black's labels. His song, Lover Please, first recorded by Dennis Turner on Bill Black's Louis label was a hit for Clyde McPhatter in 1962. In the '60s, Swan worked as a writer, musician and even helped guard at Graceland. Produced Tony Joe White's Polk Salad Annie. In 70s toured with Kris Kristofferson and had hits with I Can Help and others, pioneering a new wave of rockabilly.
    I Can Help, '74
    Shake Rattle And Roll, '76

    Swan, Dottie

    Swan, Jimmy
    Country Cattin', '56

    Swanee & The Rockabillies

    Swanson, Bobby
    Rockin' Little Eskimo, '59

    Swatley, Hank
    Oakie Boogie, '59

    Sweatt, Al
    I Hate Myself, '58
    Let's Paint The Town Red, '58

    Sweeney, Jim
    Sweeney, Jimmy
    Sweet, Katie

    Swing, Bill
    Messed Up

    Swords, Hayward
    Sympson, Bobby
    Szabo, Peter

  • Ray Smith, born October 30, 1934, died November 29, 1979 (suicide) birthplace Melber, Kentucky. Raised in Paducah, Kentucky, Ray Smith was taught piano at an early age and performed cowboy songs in school. As a teen he was a moonshine bootlegger with his brother-in-law and also worked for Coca-Cola. After a stint in the Air Force, Ray decided to jump on the burgeoning new rock and roll bandwagon, even though he admitted later that at first he hated rock and roll and his main influence was not Elvis, but Faron Young. Ray Smith & His Rock & Roll Boys formed and began playing gigs in Kentucky and Illinois. He immediately landed his own Television program on Paducah's WPSD-TV, which ran from 1956 to 1959. Charlie Terrell, who managed Onie Wheeler, saw Ray's TV show and was impressed enough to urge Sun Records' Sam Phillips to give Ray a shot. Sam was also impressed by the tape Terrell had given him, and it's said that Ray Smith is the only artist Phillips ever signed without hearing them in person first.

    Ray recorded some memorable material on Sun, including Charlie Rich's "Break-Up", later recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis and then by Rich himself. But when Jud Phillips split off from Sun to start his own Judd label, Ray went with him, and it was there that he had his breakthrough hit - "Rockin' Little Angel" / "That's All Right", which featured an all-star backing band and production team including Chet Atkins, Floyd Cramer, Grady Martin, and Bill Justis. The record sold well over 3,000,000 copies, and Ray Smith was suddenly a star, appearing on American Bandstand and touring in a snazzy bus with his band, now called the Rockin' Little Angels. But there were to be no more hits, and Ray Smith was quickly forgotten. He still kept his datebook full of gigs, though, and got many good spots in Las Vegas and Canada. This work was steady enough to keep him afloat for the remainder of his life, but he brought that to a premature end in 1979 when he took his own life by putting a gun to his head. Seventeen years later , his hero Faron Young did the same. -JSH