Ronnie Sando loved music as a boy. Growing up he was inspired by Bill Haley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley.

He started writing and singing his own music around the year 1956. He began singing with a local band from the Hazleton, PA area by the name of "The Clouds."

After serving in the United States Military (82nd Airborne Division) he went on to New York City and recorded his first two sided forty-five record under the famous "Universal Artists" record label. The song titles were: "Rocking On The Moon" and "Your Ruining Our Love Affair."

He then went out to Michigan were he met and sang with "The Tommy Durdan Band." Tommy was the song writer of the famous Elvis song "Heartbreak Hotel."

Sando ended up in Detroit, MI with a group called "The Chuck Mann Quartet." The group was managed by Ted White, who is the husband of the legendary Aretha Franklin.

After living in Detoit, due to the racial riots, he returned to his native Hazleton, PA and formed his own band known as "Ronnie Sando and The Fantastic Gigolos." He then found his way back to the Big Apple (NYC) where he could be found singing in many different night clubs throughout the city. Sando preceded to make his way to Nashville, TN otherwise known as "Music City" where he recorded his second double sided forty-five record on the "Vista International" label.

After copy-writing the name R. J. Coltin, Sando formed a team consisting of "Elmer Fudpucker" and D. J. Fontana, better known as Elvis Presley's drummer, to produce a four song commemorative album accompanied by D. J. and the former members of the Elvis Presley band and the Legedary Jordanaiers.

Sando followed with a ten song album recorded in the famous "Hill Top Studios" with the same team. Along the way Sando made many friends including, Joey Dee, Ruffus Thomas, Jimmy Velvet, Barry Sadler, Ottis Blackwell, Charlie Hodge, Faron Young, Mack Vickery and Bill Anderson.

Sando was there during the birth of Rock and Roll and his international hit "Rocking On The Moon" which can still be heard, somewhat, fifty years later. His "Staying Power" has made him a true pioneer of Rockabilly Music.

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Posted February, 2006

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