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Roman Self was born June 10, 1963 in Springfield, MO, to singer/songwriter Ronnie Self and wife Dorothy. At the age of 8 when his parents divorced, Roman started playing guitar and writing his own songs. By the time he was 12, he had his first band that played at Rec Centers and boys clubs for charities. Roman moved to Nashville, TN when he was 15 to live with his father.

Although only a short 6 months, this period had the greatest impact on Roman's music. He performed with his father at the famous Tootsies Lounge. From then on, everywhere he went he played the local clubs and honky tonks.

While in CA during his enlistment in the United States Air Force, he continued writing and performing along the west coast in the early 80's. After the USAF, Roman joined up with his brother Ronnie in the Florida Keys where they created R&R Express. Playing and packing the house everywhere up and down the East Coast through the late 80's and early 90's.

As with most muscians, a second job is needed. Roman then moved to Hampton, VA where R&R Express contiued to pack the house and worked as an electician during the day. There he met his wife, Lynne.

While residing in VA, Roman started recording singles with several independent lables, giving him exposure to an invitation to perform for the American Cancer Foundation Fund Raiser held at the Hampton Coliseum in the early 90's.

After a short period of performing back in his hometown, he and his wife moved to Nashville, TN where he now resides and continues to write and record.

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Burns, TN, May 10, 2003

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Comments on Roman's CD
I've never reviewed any of the CD's put out on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame label before, because I always thought it would smack of nepotism. I never thought that would change when this one dropped through the mailbox, but once it was blasting through the speakers, I thought, bollocks, I'm gonna write about this one whatever people think ... Shaun Mather Click for Shaun Mather's full review on this CD.

Roman's CD is a treat from beginning to end. A true "chip of the old block", yet he brings he own talents to the microphone. -Johnny Vallis

Roman, son of the rock 'n' roll originator Ronnie Self, has turned in one heck of a rockin' treat as a fitting tribute to the music of his old man. It cooks, it rocks, it excites, it is music! -Tony Wilkinson See Tony's Complete Review of Roman's CD.

To a true rocker, a true friend. May god bless you Roman, and your music career. You have so much talent, as a singer, song writer, and live performer. This tribute to your dad is like a time warp out of the 50s, so real, and from the heart. The feeling expressed in this cd is outstanding. Ronnie would be so proud of your performance. Its thumbs up for this cd. Try it and you will love Roman too. P.S. Thumbs up for Bob Timmers also. Great Work!! My best -C.Hardy III

Roman Self is the son of savage wildcat rocker RONNIE SELF, and, lucky for us, it sounds like the son took from the old man! This is wild balls-to-the wall Rock'n'Roll / Rockabilly stuff with a raucous aggressive vocal backed by a strong combo, where Bob Timmers plays an intense growlin' lead guitar. "Pretty Bad Blues", "Big Town", "Flame Of Love", "Aint Am A Dog", "Aint I Dandy", etc., wow what a voice this Roman Self!! One of the best CDs in a long time. Get it! -Rockin' Ronny Weiser

I just got my copy. "Bop A Lena" is great and is just like Roman's daddy. 13 songs of great music. #1 "Ain't I A Dandy a fine song". #7 "Ain't I'm A Dog" so good and new. #12 "Sweet Nothins" - the girls may like Roman's version better than Brenda's. A great work. No piggies here. I am glad I got it. -J D Cooper, Memphis

Yesterday February 13, 2003 I received my Roman Self CD "A Tribute to Ronnie Self". I readily admit I was unaware of Roman's abilities but felt compelled to purchase this CD as a show of support for the music we all love. I was pleasantly suprised that Roman's endeavours, as well as the superb support musicians, have produced an impeccable embodiment of true Rockabilly music. If this album had come out in 1956 it would have been an instataneous hit on the record charts. It is chock full of high energy well written tunes. Bravo to Roman. I'm sure wherever Ronnie Self is. he's saying "That's my son and I'm darn proud of him." If you are a true Rockabilly fan this one is a no brainer folks. Buy this CD. It will go down in history as a classic. -Glenn J. "The Ambassador Of The Bakersfield Sound" Pogatchnik

I think Roman has done a pretty darned good job. It's quite a task, realigning what were such classic recordings in the first instance, but Roman does indeed inject more than a modicum of the "Self" warmth into the tracks. I particularly enjoyed "Ain't I'm A Dog" and "Big Fool". ... I highly recommend that Roman heads in the direction of the rockabilly festival circuit in the UK. He would be a wow over there. -Stuart Colman

It was a joy working with Roman on this CD and I thank him and his wife Lynn for giving me the opportunity to pick lead guitar on the project. It was an honor recreating Ronnie's songs - still gives me a chill just thinking about it. Roman is great person and very talented. This CD is one folks will play again and again ... it's got that special magic thanks to Roman. -Bob Timmers

ROMAN SELF (Dec. 30, 2002) visits Burns Station Sound and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame office making plans to record his CD.
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