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Bennie Dingo whose real name is Benton Owsley but was given the name Bennie Dingo from his early days in Radio with Radio Station 4BC in Brisbane, Australia in the late 70's which then was an Oldies format station that played a little Rockabilly but mostly main stream 50's rock and roll. Bennie began the Rock-it Radio show in May of 1995 and was syndicated by the Italian Radio Relay Service in Milan, Italy. For NATO forces in Europe and broadcasted on shortwave for the European audience with a unique all Rockabilly music format. Within a year other stations would take on the Rock-it Radio show including WRMI in Miami, Florida and WDOA in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The real break for Rock-it Radio came in Mid 1996 where the Palms Radio Network out of Corpus Christi, Tx. agreed to do a Friday and Saturday night show of Rockabilly and Doo Wop of the Rock-it Radio show as they linked to them from the Rock-it Radio Studio in Ventura, California via Phone lines. The show gained popularity as there was no other known Rockabilly music show on at the time.

In 1997 owner of the Palms Radio Network Bill Doerner began broadcasting the Rock-it Radio show and Bennie Dingo over the internet which at that time was a new medium for Radio.

As the Rock-it Radio show gained popularity Palms Radio Network owner Bill Doerner was looking for new interests and started a newspaper on Padre Island outside of Corpus Christi, Tx. and for the popularity that the Rock-it Radio show gave Palms Radio Network, Bill handed over the internet portion of Palms Radio Network to Bennie by early 1998.

Bennie immediately recruited more DJ's and Music collector's together and have been playing Rockabilly music online ever since. They started an online listener's club and newsletter as well that now numbers over 2800 members, and remains a free service to members. Rock-it Radio has also added Doo Wop music as well along with Top 40 Radio, but Bennie's main love is Rockabilly Music... both the bands and singers of the 50's and Rockabilly bands today that still have that roots sound to them. Today if you tune into Rock-it Radio online you will always have a Rockabilly show somewhere in the archives.

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Today Rock-it Radio has over 12 DJ's worldwide including Austria, Canada, The UK and the USA. and the DJ's that play the most Rockabilly would be: Bennie Dingo, Johnny G, Sheree Homer, Mike Taylor & Al "Cool Daddy" Smith & Jos Woulters that does a show of Rockabilly for Rock-it Radio from the Netherlands. So, keep an eye out for there new shows weekly on Rock-it Radio.

In 2002, Rock-it Radio received another milestone and after waiting 3 years for there own FM station, began KRKT 99.1 FM at there studios in Ventura, California. And is believed to be one of the few Radio Stations worldwide that plays the Rare and Not So Rare Rockabilly Music around the clock.
Rock-it Radio also maintains a fairly well established Rockabilly Links website as well.

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Bennie Dingo and the entire staff at Rock-it Radio would love to have you tune in and give Rock-it Radio a listen and come join our listener's club as well and receive our playlists of what we play online.

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