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Allen, Barbara
   Sweet Willie

Allen, Joyce
   Baby Oh Baby

Anne, Polly
   Walking Baby Boogie

Arthur, Charline
   Cryin' Alone
   Hello Baby
   Welcome To The Club

August, June
   Hip Kitty To The Bopper

Barnes, Dixie Ann
   Whispering Wind

Barry, Bolean
   Long Sideburns

Beasler, Norma
   Greenback Dollar

Blackmon, Thelma
   I Wanta Waltz

Bob & Lucille
   Eeny Meeny Miney Mo

Brewer, Ann
   Rockin' In A Wooden Shack

Browning Sisters
   Squeeze Box Rock

Brom, Marti'
Burnette, Linda
   Rattle Bones Rock

Burt Sisters
   Rock & Roll Thunderbird

Campbell, Jo-Ann
   Boogie Woogie Country Girl

Capps, Judy
   You Can Have My Love

Carson, Martha
   Now Stop

Castle, Nan
   Star Light Star Bright

Chapel, Jean
   I Won't Be Rockin' Tonight
   Oo-Ba La Baby
   Welcome To The Club

Cline, Patsy
   Gotta Lot Of Rhythm In My Soul
   Love Me Love Me Honey Do
   Stop Look And Listen

Coker, Alvadean
   We're Gonna Bop

Collins, Boots

Collins, Lorrie
   Rock Boppin' Baby
   Soda Poppin' Around

Connie & The Cytations
   Boogie Rock

Coral, Betty
   Chili Dippin' Baby

Davis, Gale
   Rock To The Moon

Day, Nancy
   Teenage Hop

Dee, Jackie

Dee, Tonya
   Shake This Town

Dickson, Betty
   Shanty Tramp

Dinning, Jean
   My Boyfriend

Donegan, Dorothy
   Roll 'em D.D.

Evelyn & The Ivorytones
   Boogie Medley

Faye, Judy
   Rocky-Rolly-Lover Boy

Ferguson, Pat
   Fool I Am

Flores, Rosie

Francis, Connie
   Robot Man

Frazier, Coleen
   Your Mama's Here

Frederick, Dotty
   Just Wait

Gates, Jackie
   I Want Love

Gaudet, Dee-Dee
   Where's The Law

Gay, Elaine
   Rock Love

Golino, Erica (CATSPAW)
Glover, Linda
   Counting Sheep Over You

Green, Joyce
   Black Cadillac

Griffith, Peggi
   Rockin' The Blues

Guitar, Bonnie
   Frantic Party
   Love Is Over Love Is Done

Hager, Joan
   Will You Willyum

Harden, Charlotte
   Loving You Baby

Harding, Salle
   Danny Danny

Harlene, Evelyn
   I Wanna Be Free

Harris, Joyce
   No Way Out

Hogan, Sylvia
   Da-De Da

Howard, Betty
   Trifling Man

Hubbard, Doris M.
   Move Over Tall Woman

Hunt Sisters
   Elvis Is Rocking Again
   I'm Not Gonna Take It Anymore

Jackson, Wanda
   Baby Loves Him
   Bye Bye Baby
   Cool Love
   Did You Miss Me
   Don'a Wan'a
   Fujiyama Mama
   Funnel Of Love
   Hard Headed Woman
   Honey Bop
   Hot Dog That Made Him Mad
   I Gotta Know
   It Doesn't Matter Anymore
   Kansas City
   Let's Have A Party
   Lonely Weekends
   Lost Weekend
   Man We Had A Party
   Mean Mean Man
   Riot In Cell Block #9
   Rock Your Baby
   Savin' My Love
   Sparkling Brown Eyes
   There's A Party Goin' On
   Tongue Tied
   Tweedlee Dee
   You're The One For Me
   You've Turned To A Stranger

Jayne, Betty
   Show Your Love

Johnson, Jackie
   Star Light Star Bright

Johnson, Kay
   Stagger Lee

Jones, Lee
   Let It Rain, Let It Rain

Kelley, Cathy
   Blues Hanging Around

Kelley, Jean
   Someone To Love

King, Joannie
   Okay Doll It's A Deal

King, Vanda
   Ooh Whatcha Do!

Kreuzer, Josie

Laraine, Little Rita

Layne, Judy
   Hard Headed Woman

Lee, Abby

Lee, Bella
   Two Timin' Man

Lee, Brenda
   Bigelow 6-200
   Rock The Bop
   Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
   Sweet Nothin's

Lee, Joyce
   Never Trust A Man

Lee, Sandy
   Ballin' Keen

Lenker, Lynnette

Lenz, Kim

Lesley, Alis
   He Will Come Back To Me
   Heartbreak Harry

Lewis, Linda Gail

Linda & The Epics
   Gonna Be Loved

Little, Peggy
   If I Had Wheels

   Red Lite

Lovett, Glenda
   You Treat Me Like A Baby

Lucille (Bob and Lucille)
   Eeny Meeny

Lunsford, Mona
   I'm Getting Restless

Lynn, Debbie
   Fujiyama Mama

Lynn, Lorelei

Lynn, Patti
   Same Old Blues

Mack, Melody
   Chili Dippin' Baby

Mack, Patti
   Handy Andy

Maddox, Rose
   Hey Little Dreamboat
   My Little Baby
   Wild Wild Young Men

Mae, Dottie
   Sugar Doll

Mae, Lonnie
   Record Hop Dream

Marie, Darlene

Martin, Janis
   Barefoot Baby
   Drugstore Rock & Roll
   My Boy Elvis
   Will You Willyum

Martin, Jean
   Rock-A-Knock Blues

Miller Sisters

   Ten Cats Down

Miss Georgia
   Rockin' After School

Moore, Jan
   Play It Cool

Moore, Sparkle
   Skull & Crossbones

Morgan, Janice
   Money Honey

Myers, Orella
   Ask Lucille
   Give A Little Take A Little
   Gonna Spend My Time (To Make You Mine)

Neal, Abbie
   Hillbilly Beat
   I'll Take Back That Heartache

Nickell, (a/k/a/ Nickel) Betty
   Hot Dog
   I'll Never Love Again

Parker, Pat
   Boy Watcher

Parton, Dolly
   Puppy Love

Paul, Bunny
   History Sweet Talk

Perkins, Laura Lee
   Don't Wait Up
   Gonna Rock My Baby Tonight
   I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin'
   Kiss Me Baby Oh La Baby

Pittman, Barbara
   I Need A Man
   I'm Getting Better All The Time
   Sentimental Fool
   Two Young Fools In Love

Pitts, Gloria Jean
   Don't Stand No Quittin'

Poynter, Joyce
   Chili Dippin' Baby

Rae, Donna
   Little Fool

   My Mind's Made Up (Marjorie Lake vocals)

Royal Notes
   Come To My House Rock

Sadrieh, Jasmine (CATSPAW)
Scott, Sherree
   Easy Payments
   Fascinating Baby
   Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On

Shaw, Arlane
   Lotta Lovin'

Shepard, Jean
   He's My Baby

Smith, Arthur
   Teenage Rebel (Carol Honeycutt vocals)

Smith, Betty
   Yeah Baby

Starr, Betty Jo & Johnny
   Eskimo Boogie

Stevens, Debbie
   If You Can't Rock Me

Thompson, Loretta
   Hi-De-Ho Rock'n'Roll

Three Notes
   I've Been Thinking It Over

Turzy, Jane
   Who Baby Who

Upton, Peggy
   Sweet Sugar Booger

   Real Gone Baby

Wallace, Fonda
   Lou Lou Knows

Wells, Ardis
   Baby Doll

Wells, Karen
   Never Gonna Let You Go

Wheeler, Kay
   Dancer: Rock Baby Rock It, Hot Rod Gang

Wheeler, Karen
   Going To Hold My Baby
   Wait Till I'm Sixteen

Wiley, Shirley Jean
   Long Tall Sally

Willis, Marlene
   Star Light Star Bright

Wolfe, Glenda
   Early Bird

Zee, Kathy
   Cracker Jack

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