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Rimshots Roll On Into 2000

     1999 has been a year that The Rimshots have gone from strength to strength. Their ever-growing audiences have enjoyed their unique blend of County Rockabilly with some Roll. So much so that their latest album, A Tribute to Hank Williams, a joint venture with Rusti Steel and the Tin Tax has lead to new opportunities. So impressed was Van Morrisson by the original sound of the Hank Williams Tribute Album, he recruited the Rimshots talents for a day in the studio. In all it turned into five days and 22 songs recorded. Of these fifteen have been chosen for a future album. The Hank Williams Tribute Album was also awarded the title of 'The Best British Country Album of the year'. Awarded by the British Country Music Awards, a panel made up of 150 industry professionals.
     The never-ending touring dates are still continuing with an increase of festivals such as: The "Three Of a Kind" Festival in Berlin - North Wales Theatre, Country Weekend, Llandudno - Headlining Festival Ons Huis, Belgium. Last year The Rimshots played in no fewer than fourteen countries. They have been asked to add Australia to the list in the early part of 2000, due to a large following in Perth and Melbourne. On many occasions the band has not only performed their own powerful set but have also backed other artists such as: - Narvel Felts (Who has had over 60 chart hits, including a No. 1 In the USA) at the Americana, Jacksonville and Hemsby. Which if you missed the performances last year, you could have been lucky to get the chance again in May for they were booked back due to popular demand. Mac Curtis, who they have also recorded with, joined forces with them again in Rotherham last May. THE RIMSHOTS WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO THANK EVERYONE WHO HAS SUPPORTED THEM THROUGHOUT THE YEARS.

Rimshots Receive Major Award
Mega excitement here in UK because the Rimshots (and fellow hillbilly rockers Rusti Steel and Tin Tax) have won the prestigious Album Of The Year in the British Country Music Awards. This is for their superb album (lp and cd) Tribute To Hank Williams Bebe Records BEBE004. Since big names like Reba Mcintire also won awards this is a real big deal here (bit like if say Big Sandy won a CMA award). The award was announced on BBC national Radio tonight and there was an interview with Rimshots singer John Lewis. This is the first time any 50s bands have won an award like this. A Welsh band, an English band, recorded an album of Alabaman Hank Williams' songs (and two original tribute songs) on vintage equipment in Wales most famous live venue the Kings Hotel, Newport (where JLL, Carl, Sonny. Billy Lee, the Hawk, Mac, Jack Scott etc have played), and it was released on a German 50s label! It gathered great reviews in rocking and country mags and got airplay on the BBC and specialist indie shows. no wonder artists like Narvel Felts, Mac Curtis (who recorded with the Rimshots in Wales), Glen Glenn and Merrill E Moore ask for the boys to back them. Some of the Rimshots are involved in recording a country album with famous Irish rock star Van Morrison. All augurs well for the future for Europe's top band. Both John and Paul Crosby (Rusti) have been hugely influenced by Hank and this project was a heartfelt labour of love. Congratulations to both bands for reminding all the dreaded line dancers of the hillbilly roots of the world's best selling music form. Check out the Phil & Shaun Show page.
-Phil Davies/UK HOF reporter

NEWS UPDATE March. '98 - Contact 01222 340573

1997 was a busy year for the Rimshots starting with TV appearances for both BBC and ITV. followed by radio shows. After their earlier CD/LP release "Everybody Bop, Lets Bop" on Vinyl Japan, Tracks One More Beer and many other received good air play from DJ's and radio shows all around Europe and still do. Sales of the album took off immediately and are still going steady. Within a month of release Vinyl Japan requested more recordings and in May '97 released a picture Disc "Planet Hop/Shut Up And Drink Your Beer" This was followed up by the July release of their "Sentimental fools" LP/CD which was received very well on both the County scene and the Rockin' scene and sales are still going strong. It also included New band member Paul Godden on steel guitar, (who has proved to be very popular every where they have played.) That was not the end of the recording for the year, next was an L.P/C.D With Rockabilly legend Mac Curtis. Which was arranged after the success of previous shows together. The recording was also tied in with a sell out concert at the Rotunda Club in Bristol. Mac Curtis & The Rimshots LP/CD is due for release on Vinyl Japan in May '98.

In January '98 they went back in to the studio to record a Hank William's tribute album teaming up with Rusty Steel & the Tin Tax for a two band album. To be released on Be Be's Records of Germany. Release date is May '98.

As for touring in 1997. The Rimshots played hundreds of dates around the UK, Europe and Scandinavia, even to the USA and some major Festivals, including.-
** The Newark Americana which had over 40,000 people through the gates. The band went down a storm and have already been booked back for July '98 on the Country stage and Rock ëní Roll stage. Also the Jacksonville weekend on the same show ground in May '98.
** The My Way Jamboree In Finland.
** New York for two shows on Broadway and the We Wanna Boogie Weekender in New Jersey USA. The shows were all a success and the Rimshots have been offered a weeks work at the Broadway club next time they are in the USA.
** Hemsby Rock ëní Roll weekend where they also backed legend Narvel Felts (Who has had over 60 Chart hits and a No. 1 in the U.S.A). Hemsby Promoter Willie Jeffrey's raved about the show and said it the best any act has ever gone down here. Magazines from "Country Music People" to 'Now Dig This" more than agreed. Straight away Narvel Felts and The Rimshots have been booked together for a show in London's Tennessee Club April 4th '98 and the Jacksonville weekend May 16th '98. The Rimshots will of course be playing their own set at these dates. Narvel Felts has also expressed an interest in joining together for a new album.

As for touring in 1998. The Rimshots are heading off to 14 different country ís .Not including the U.K. where they play many dates every year. Many thanks to everyone who has supported the Rimshots throughout the years.

This is only a short summary. Please do not hesitate to contact us for some more detailed information or a full gig list. 36, Spnngfield Place, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales, UK.

Promoters Agents. Magazines, Musicians etc.

  • Country Music People Sept. 97' by Ian Wallis
    (about the Sentimental fools album) "The bands really cooking throughout" "unquestionably enhanced their reputation as one of the best rockin' Honkytonk outfits around" (live) "One veteran rockabilly fan was heard to say, that watching them was like being in a Texan Honkytonk in 1955" "The Rimshots have one of the strongest Honkytonk songs of recent years, their own One More Beer" "a hit record waiting to happen"

  • Now Dig This Nov.97' By John Stafford
    "I've seen this band on a number of occasions and they quite simply get better every time" "some great Hillbilly arrangements came to the service" "Have you ever heard Whole Lotta Shakin' with a fiddle solo? you should have been there." (on backing Narvel Felts) "From the very first note they didn't put a foot wrong."

  • Country Music Round Up Nov.97' by Roger Padfield
    "John Lewis's dominant vocal made an immediate impression and if there's a better interpreter of Hank William's classics in the country scene I've yet to here him" "Don't be put of by the bands rockabilly tag, as these Hillbilly cats play country music as it was played in Honkytonks all over the states before the advent of Rock 'n' Roll" "They are a must for discerning country music clubs

  • Country Music Round by Jim Duncan, presenter for WABC country show
    "Live they play more Rock' N'Roll clubs than Country venues, But that's country's loss" "The band work the continental circuit as often as they play the U.K. Well worth looking out for and going to see and dancing along to. "One More Beer" by Lewis Is my air pick. Air Play No.9.

  • Southern Country Nov,97 by Elaine
    "The Rimshots made a highly impressive debut at the Silver Dollar" "They will be back" (we must say thanks very much Ron)

    The next 3 reviews are from the Rockabilly Hall of Fame U.S.A -

  • Curtis Gorden and the Rimshots Camden Town Hall Feb.98' Review by Rod Pyke
    "In my opinion they are the best Rockabilly band in Europe. They always look the part with their smart western outfits and excellent musicianship." "Their wide range of Rockabilly styles ranging from Hank William to self penned numbers make them popular with audiences World wide and has gained them the respect of such legends as Mac Curtis and Narvel Felts. The enthusiasm and good humour of the band always generates a nice atmosphere." "The Rimshots gave excellent support to Curtis and he made a point of acknowledging the fact on several occasions and the fans responded positively"

  • We Wanna Boogie USA Aug 97' by Marc Coulavain
    "The boys from Britain exploded on to stage as vocalist John Lewis displayed some incredible vocal Gymnastics." "the crowd didn't want this to ever end but unfortunately it did. I could have kicked myself for not going to see them prior to WWB as they played several venues in NYC just before. I won't make that mistake if and when they hit the area again.

  • 50th My Way Jamboree Finland July 97' by Bill Smoker
    "John's fabulous Voice, a blend of Narvel Felts, Charlie Feathers and Ray Harris intermingled with his own Celtic drawl." "But it was the bands own tracks that pleased me most of all, after a rousing outing of their new 45, Planet Bop, the Finns raised the rafters until the shots' came back."

    A Few More Comments...

  • International Country Music News and Roots
    Narvel Felts and the Rimshots Hemsby Oct.97' by Ian McQueen "Until this show the Rimshots were just a name to me but, despite this being a rock event. I have no hesitation in recommending this Brit. band to Country music festivals here. "(About Backing Narvel Felts) I was amazed how close the Rimshots had got to the original sound"

  • Frank Badshaw of Country Music International
    "This is a pulsating, pounding, good time album and if you like your Country with a bit of a rocky edge to it, give it a try"

  • Jerry Lee Lewis Fan club convention By Phil Davies
    "They ripped the place apart. Dancers from start to encore. Highlights? the whole set, but if you twisted my arm I'd have to plumb for Johnny Cash's Big River, Jimmy works Tennessee Border and the Classic One More Beer shifted plenty platters at the end."

  • Big Sandy L.A & the Flyrite Boys
    "One of the most memorable experiences of our recent European tour was a gig in France with the Rimshots. They left the crowd screaming for more. A tough act to follow.

  • Franky Ford & manager Ken Keene (New Orleans)
    "The band is sensational, the bands got a great future, Terrific !!"

  • Tommy Sands (Mr Worryin' Kind)
    "The Rimshots captured the true spirit of the way it was back at the beginning. It was very special then and its very special now, that's why I always look forward to my shows with these guys.

  • Mac Curtis (Texas)
    "One of the rewards of performing in the U.K. and Europe is the opportunity to work with a dynamite band... "The Rimshots". . So hang loose, Crank up the speakers and dig the Rimshots."

  • Billy Lee Riley (Mr Flyiní Saucers R'N'R)
    "I put these guys at the top."

  • Tom Ingram Las Vegas Weekenders
    "When they played Hemsby they went down a storm and left the crowd yelling for more. Great."'

  • Paul Barrett
    "Hank never played it this way, but may be he would have!!"


    Dear John,

    Thank you and the other Rimshots for the wonderful job you did backing me at Hemsby October 11th. Without the superb job by John, Mark, Tony and yourself, the show couldn't have been as successful. It will remain in my memory as one of the top highlights of my career, along with my first time on the Grand Ole Opry in '74 and retuning to their legends show with my son Bub on drums in '87.

    Please give my regards to Paul. He really adds a new dimension to the Rimshots sound. Good luck to you with Sentimental Fools. I'm going to copy it, to tape where I can listen while I drive. Looking forward to working with you again.

    Take Care & God Bless!


    Contact John on 01222 340573

    The Rimshots emerged in the late 1980's as one of the leading lights of the rapidly expanding rocking/country acts. Fusing rockabilly, blues, country and swing. The four members of the Rimshots have created a totally distinctive sound derived from their own talent, exuberance and spirit.

    John Lewis and Mark Kemlo banded together with Rob Nedin to form the Rimshots in the mid 80's, fired from their already great love for the music. The Cardiff based unit's first incarnation was as a five piece, playing in and around their homeland, of Wales.

    Over the years The Rimshots have trimmed their line-up to four members, adding Tony Biggs on upright bass about five years later. About this time the Rimshots cut their first recording for Rockhouse Records on the CD 'Rimshots'

    The early 90's saw the guys heading out extensively across Europe and Scandinavia, working with some of the biggest names in Rock 'n' Roll, including Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino and Wanda Jackson.

    With the release of 'Volcano' their first self produced EP on Big Cigar Records placed them amongst the top rockin' bands on the new Rock 'n' Roll circuit. To make sure their music maintains a true "road" spirit, the Rimshots play over 200 nights a year (and drive thousands of miles). This year has seen them as far away as Spain and 20 miles from the Russian border in Finland.

    With the 1995 release of 'One More Beer' (another self-penned song), their second release on Big Cigar Records, the Rimshots took a giant leap forward. The record sold well above expectations and opened the gates for two major Indi labels to offer recording deals. One More Beer clearly proved the bands crossover into producing a totally unique style of their own.

    As usual the band spent a good portion of last year on the road. The year was highlighted with a great live appearance on television. The bands new release is set to take them to new heights, and now celebrating their tenth anniversary who knows what is in store as we near the 21st Century. As Q magazine puts it, "this is Rock 'n' Roll Jim, but not as we know it.'

    John Lewis - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
    Rob Nedin - Lead Guitar
    Tony Biggs - Double Bass
    Mark Kemlo - Drums

    Paul Godden - Steel Guitar
    Bennet Walsh - Fiddle


    "Rob Nedin's guitar playing is part Scotty Moore part Merle Travis. All the way gone Nedin knows just when to be layed back and just when to let rip. His playing is as true and authentic as Tennessee Whiskey." - Paul "Put Your Cat Clothes On."

    "The he authenticity of John's voice and enthusiastic good humour give this band a perfect front." - Paul Jeff - Wales in Action.

    "I've always loved the Rimshots, I like singer John Lewis' distinctive voice. One of the finest voices on the rockin' circuit." - Jerry Desvaux - Continental Restyling.

    "Double Bass played neck down. Then swung like a tommy gun." - Marc Fenech 'S & R Music'

    "Drummer Mark completes the Quartet. A light and tight touch to the rhythm section." - Marc Fenech 'S & R Music'

    For Bookings, Contact: John Lewis 01222 340573

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