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Ricky Roy was born Doyle Alexander on August 14th, 1939 on Bell Avenue in north Chattanooga, Tennessee, and he learned to sing in the North Chattanooga Church of God. In 1957, while he was a student at Kirkman High School, Ricky signed a five-year contract with Mercury Records. Occasionally, he would go to the Vine Street Pharmacy, where the teenagers hung out, and, like in a scene from a movie, he would sing along with his record as it spun in the juke box. In 1964-65, Ricky sang at the Playboy Club in Chicago.

Ricky was also a songwriter, and in 1958 he published three songs: "Angels Don't Cry;" "You're Right, My Love;" and "'Til School Starts Again." They were sung by Johnny Ferguson for Decca Records. In 1959 Ricky wrote "Screamin' Mimi," and sang it on Spann Records. It was re-issued on Crown Records in 1980, on White Label in 1985, and on USA Records in 1988.

Over the years, Ricky has performed on local TV stations and regularly at Printers Alley in Nashville, and he had top billing at the Georgia Jubilee in Atlanta.

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