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(All Photos from the Leda Woznick Carmody Collection - Not to be used without permission)

LEFT: This picture is very special. It was taken backstage in Conn. The man in with Rick is Leda's father, the late Walter McEntire. He started it all for Leda in 1959 when he brought home "My Bucket's Got a Hole in It" - her life has never been the same since.
RIGHT: June, 1983, Dallas on the Lake, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY.

LEFT & RIGHT: May, 1984, The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY. The first show that evening - the last time Leda saw Rick.

LEFT: This is Leda's FAVORTE photo, a cropped picture from the Bottom Line in NYC. Leda was in the original. Rick was talking about his divorce. The expression on his face is "priceless."
RIGHT: Playboy Club, McAfee, NJ, mid-'70s.

LEFT: March 1982, The Ritz Hotel, NYC.
RIGHT: May 8,1977, Hershey Park, PA.

LEFT: Taken in the mid-1970s.
RIGHT: A backstage snapshot.

LEFT: Another photo from June, 1983, Dallas on the Lake, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY.
RIGHT: Taken at Rick's suite at the Playboy Club in McAfee, NJ, in the layer 1970s.

LEFT: Rick and Leda at the Great American Amusement Park in New Jersey September 1975. Here's the shirt Rick wore on McCloud.
RIGHT: May 8, 1777, Hershey Park in PA. Now with Michael Eric who said to Rick at the time, "Don't take any wooden nickels."

A tribute to Rick Nelson by Leda the day he died, December 31, 1985

The lights go low.
The stage is cast in an amber glow.
    The room is dim.
    Can that be him?
His hair is dark
That face - without a mark.
    The irrepressible smile signals the beginning of the show.
    "I'm Walkin', "Hello Mary Lou and "Lonesome Town"
The middle aged matrons regain their lost youth,
But alas, the undeniable truth
    Youth is in their head
    Middle age spread is theirs alone, Their "Teenage Idol" is dead.
Wild fans screaming has become an eerie keening.
The stage glow is lost in fog, an endless bog, an end to dreaming.
    The show must go on and on and on...
    What happened to the meaning?
"Rave ON"
The show must go!

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