Original Crawdad Band

Johnny Burdette (lead guitar); Johnny Jobe (drums); Red Moore (rhythm); Willie Boone (bass).

01 - One of the best ... Buck Owens with Red Moore
02 - Red Moore and Cal Smith

03 - The late Johnny B & Red Moore, Red's lead man for 40 years, who passed away in December of 1998.
04 - Barbara Ann Swimming in Kenny Prices' coat and Red Moore.

05 - Red Moore and the great George Morgan.
06 - Red Moore and Marvin Rainwater at a benefit. Marvin was always glad to help out when people were in need.

07 - Marvin Rainwater, a good friend and entertainer on stage for a benefit show with the Rhythm Drifters.

08 - Dave Stuart (singer); Dick Brody (bass); Don Rich (lead for the Buckeroos); Red Moore and Red brother Stan Moore.

09 - Rhythm Drifters with George Riddle. Danny Hull (bass); Ron DuLaney (drums); Red Moore; Johnny Burdette (lead).
10 - Rhythm Drifters and "315 Purple Grape" Kenny Price.

11 - Left Frizzell, Gino King and Carl Smith at the show where Red dragged Lefty out of retirement - belly checking.
12 - Red Moore and Tommy Collins.

13 - Bobby Bishop, Red Moore, Bert LaVere (steel man for Hank Thompson).
14 - Kenny Price, Red Moore, Jack Barlow and Bobbie Bishop.

15 - Marvin Rainwater signing autographs at one of our several benefits. He graciously went out of his way to play with us.
16 - Cousin Joddy and Red Moore off stage.