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Rader, Don
Rock'n'Roll Grandpa, '56
Rockin' The Blues, '56

Rae, Donna
Little Fool, '59

Rae, Nona
Ragan, Lonnie
Ragon, Don

I Don't Want A Sweetheart, '58

Raines, Jerry
Rainier, Chris
Rains, Rodney
Rainwater, Little Joy

Rainwater, Marvin
A Need For Love, '58
Gamblin' Man, '58
Gonna Find Me Bluebird, '57
Hot And Cold, '56
Mr. Blues, '56
My Brand Of Blues, '57
Tennessee Hound Dog Yodel, '55


The Ramblers

Rambo, Bobby
Rambo Brothers, The

Rambo, Gene
Dena Jo
My Little Mama

Ramistella, Johnny
Two By Two, '56

Alligator Stomp, '64

Rand, Bobby
Rand, D.C.
Rand, Joey
Rand, Lincoln
Rand, Tony
Randall, Billy
Randall, Jay
Randle, Dodie
Randle, Rick
Randy & Ricky
Randy & Sandy

Randy & The Radiants
Recorded several sessions for Sun Records, principally on October 19, 1964 and September 16, 1965. Two singles were issued in a pop vein. Personnel; Randy Haspel, Bill Slais, Howard Calhoun, Mike Gardner and Ed Marshall.

Randy & The Rockets

Raney, Wayne
Shake Baby Shake, '57

Rankin, Kenny
Raper Brothers
Rash, Curley

Ratliff, Bozo
Let Me In, '58
Rock A Long Time, '58

Ratliff, J.T.
Ra-Tray, Duke
Ratterree, Jimmy
Raunchy Ron
Raven, Eddie
Raven, Marc
Ray & Lamar
Ray & Lindy
Ray & Ron
Ray, Danny

Ray, David
Lonesome Baby Blues, '58

Ray, Don
Imogene, '58
These Rock'n'Roll Blues, '58

Ray, Dorsey

Ray, Gary
Extra Extra

Ray, Gene
Rock & Roll Fever, '57

Ray, Merle
Ray, Mike & Judy Shay
Ray, Ritchie
Ray, Robbin
Ray, Shane Kai
Ray, Wade
Raye, Jackie
Ray, Kai
Ray, Nelson
Ray, Ronnie

Reagan, Jimmy
Lonely Lonely Heart, '59

Reardon, Eddie

Reason, Rick
I Feel So Bad, '64

Rebb, Johnny
Rock On, '59


Rebel Rousers
Red Headed Woman, '59

Alaska Rock, '58
Satellite Rock, '58

No Reason, '60
Nobody's Guy, '60

Rector, Hank
Red & Blue

Red Hadley's Wranglers
Brother That's All, '55

Red River Dave

Robinson, Red

Redd, Johnny
Reddy, Bobby
Redman, Terry

Redell, Teddy
Judy, '60
Stop, '60
Tired Of Love, '60
Orange Blossom Special

Reed, Earl
Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee, '58
Mama, '58

Reed, Jerry
I've Had Enough, '56
When I Found You, '56
(Also wrote Gene Vincent's classic: Crazy Legs)

Reed, Ken
Reed Brothers
Reed, Billy
Reed, Bob
Reed, Bobby
Reed, Chuck
Reed, Dean
Reed, Denny
Reed, Don
Reed, Norman
Reed, Otis
Reed, Rob
Reed, Smokey
Reed, Sweet
Reeves, Curley

Reeves, Danny
I'm A Hobo, '61

Reeves, Glenn
Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee, '56
Rockin' Country Style, '56

Reeves, Steve
Reeves, Tom
Regan, Russ

Reffuse, Glenn
Love's No Game

Rediel, Teddy
Born June 7, 1937, Quitman, Arkansas. Vocalist and pianist in a style similar to that of Jerry Lee Lewis and, especially, Carl Mann. Recorded for Vaden (some titles leased to Atco including the hit Judy). Recorded one session with Sun Records (Me and My Blues and Step) which was unissued. Written several hit country tunes and writes specifically for Sonny James. Recorded under the name Reddell. Resides Hever Springs, Arkansas.

Reindeer, Rickey
Reinsford, Billy

Country Boy, '60

Renae, Eddie
Rene, Ricky
Renegades V
Renfro Brothers
Renilli, Vincent
Renney, Lee

Reno, Don
Country Boy Rock'n'Roll, '56

Reno, Jack
Reno, Johnny
Reno, Steve

My Mind's Made Up, '61

Rex & Herb
Come Back Big Bertha, '59

Rey, Tony
Reynolds, Brad
Reynolds, Eddie
Reynolds, Jo Ann

Reynolds, Jody
Beulah Lee, '59
Endless Sleep, '58
Tight Capris, '58

Reynolds, Wes

Rhodes, Darrell
I Thought About You, '59
Lou Lou, '59
Runnin' And Chasin', '59

Rhodes, Jack
Rhodes, Jimmy

Rhodes, Slim
Born Ethmer Cletus Rhodes, Pocohantas, Arkansas, 1913. Led a country band and joined WMC (Memphis) in 1944. Later had a syndicated television show (which included the only TV appearance on Malcom Yelvington). Rhodes died in 1966 but his band has been continued by various members of his family. The band recorded for Sun, Gilt Edge, Cotton Town Jubilee and Rhodes own Silver Star and Rhodes labels. The various band members were Spec, Dusty, Bea Rhodes, John Hughey, Neil George, Bertha Sipes, Dottie Moore (who recorded for King Records 1963-1965) and Brad Sluggs. Spec has appeared frequently on TV, including Hee-Haw, and Rhodes¹ niece, Sandy, worked as a session vocalist on most of Al Green¹s Hi recordings and had an album released on the Berkeley based Fantasy label.
Do What I Do, '56
Take And Give, '56

Rhodes, Texas Red
Go Cats Go, '55

Rhodes, Todd
Rhodes, Walter

Rhule, Rocky
Rock And Roll Baby, '61
Rock The Joint, '61

Rhythm Heirs

Rhythm Kings
Billy Boy, '60

Rhythm Knights

Rhythm Jesters

Rhythm Outlaws
Rhythm Ramblers
Rhythm Rebels
Rhythm Riders

Rhythm Rockers
Teenager's Party, '59
Thinking 'Bout You, '59
Baby Sue

Rhythm Rockets
Boppin' Strollin' & Messin' Around
Here There Everywhere
My Shadow

Rhythm Tones
Baby Sue

Ricardo, Ricky
Rice, Dumpy

Rice, Eldon
Don't Let Love Break Your Heart, '61

Rich, Allan
Break-Up, '74

Rich, Charlie

Big Boss Man, '71
I Feel Like Going Home, '74
Lonely Weekends, '60
No Headstone On My Grave, '62
Who Will The Next Fool Be, '59
His hair streaked with premature gray, Rich became known as the "Silver Fox." He was an exceptional musician, singer and writer with the ability to move from rock to country to blues to jazz in a most effortless manner. He was the most musically versatile of all the artists who recorded at Sun.
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Rich, Dave

Dave's Official Web Site
Dave's Hall of Fame Page
Rosie Let's Get Cozy, '57
His greatest Rockabilly Hit that went international is "Rosie Let's Get Cozy". Others that went international were "Chicken House", Burn on Love Fire", "Red Sweater", "School Blues". "Lonely Street" was co-written by Carl Belew and became a standard hit recorded by many but the person who made it most famous was pop singer "Andy Williams". A little of Dave's style on "Lonely Street" was done by everyone who recorded it after him.

Rich, Don
Rich, Teddy

Richy, Paul
Born Paul Richey, Arkansas. Moved to Memphis in 1954. Made one record for Sun on March 11, 1960, The Ledgend Of The Big Steeple. Phillips met Richy at a DJ convention in Nashville and brought him up to Memphis, teaming him with Charlie Rich, Brad Scuggs, Bob Stevenson, Roland James and Jimmy van Eaton. The record was issued by Sun after Jack Clement took the demo of Steeple of Porter Wagoner in Nashville who had a hit with the song.

Richards, Dick

Former Bill Haley Comet, then JoDickMars members, now with Comets again in 1997. Dick was the Di in the "JoDiMars."

Richards, Jay
Richards, Jimmy
Richards, Snake
Richards, Trig
Richardson, George
Richardson, Jape

Richardson, Murle

Richardson, Skeet
Richie, Darris
Richie, Joe
Richmond, Pat
Rick & The Fairlanes
Ricks, Travis
Rickels, Rick
Ricky & The Stompers

Riddle, Allen
The Moon is Crying, '60
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Riddle, Ricky
Ridley, Jimmy
Rife, Charlie

Riki & The Rikatones
T.N.T., '60
Whiplash, '60

Riley, Billy Lee

Visit Billy Lee Riley's on-site WWW RAB HOF web page
Baby Please Don't Go, '57
Flip Flop And Fly, '61
Flying Saucers Rock & Rol, '56
Is That All To The Ball (Mr. Hall), '58
Pearly Lee, '57
Red Hot, '57
Rockin' On The Moon, '58
Born October 5, 1933, Pocohantas, Arkansas. Came to Memphis 1955 and got a job with the Industrial Coverall Company while working as a part time country singer. Under contract to Sun 1956-1959. Left Sun in early 1958 but resigned later that year until 1960. Worked extensively as a session musician. Part owner of the Rita, Nita and Mojo labels. Recorded under the pseudonyms Skip Wiley, Lightnin' Leon, Jivin' Five, Megatons, Rockin¹ Stockins, Sandy & The Sandstones, Darren Lee. Labels include Sun, Rita, Nita, Brunswick, Home Of The Blues, Mojo, Dodge, Checker, Pen, Mercury-Smash, Fire, Fury, Myrl, Hip, Sin, Int., Entrance, Crescendo, and Southern Rooster. Plays drums, bass, guitar, harmonica and has worked as a commercial songwriter, record producer, session man and cabaret act. Currently lives in Arkansas. Win, lose or draw, Riley always had one of the hottest working artists in the mid-south...once with the Little Green Men. Like so many others, he learned country music from the radio and black music from the sharecroppers across the cotton patch. Riley was never able to find that consistent winning groove and part of the problem was that he lacked an identifiable style. He was multi-talented with many styles but no definite direction.

Riley, Bob
Midnight Line, '58

Ringo, Eddie
Full Racing Cam, '60

Ringo, Jimmy
I Like This Kind Of Music, '58

Rio & The Little Red Ryders
You Better Believe It, '60

Rio, Bobby
Rio, Chuck

Rio Rockers
Mexicali Baby, '58

Rios, Augie

Machine Gun, '59

Ritchie, John
Ritterbush, Bob
Rivera, Lucy
Rivers, Cliff

Rivers, Jack
Call On Me, '56

Rivers, Jimmy

Rivers, Johnny
Baby Come Back, '58
Long Long Walk, '58
Mountain Of Love, '64
One Man Woman, '58
One Woman Man, '58
That's Rock & Roll, '58


California Sun, '64

Road Runners
Roan, Jimmy
Roane, Johnny

Roary, Rockin'

Robbe, Warren
Robbin, Bill
Robbins, Cheri
Robbins, Earl

Robbins, Marty
Devil Woman, '62
Don't Worry, '61
Knee Deep In The Blues, '57
Long Tall Sally, '56
Mean Mama Blues, '55
Story Of My Life, '57
Tennessee Toddy, '55
That's All Right, '55

Robbins, Mel
Are You With Me, '59
Save It, '59

Robbins, Robbie
Hurry, '58

Robbins, Webb

Robby & The Teens
Angel You Sent Me, '62

Robel, Dave

Roberts, Art
Roberts, Bill

Roberts, Bobby
Big Sandy, '58
Cravin', '58
Hop Skip And Jump, '58
She's My Woman, '58

Roberts, Dennis

Roberts, Don
One And Only, '57

Roberts, Jerry
Roberts, Jimmy
Roberts, Kenny
Roberts, Lou

Roberts, Marty
Baby, '56

Roberts, Pete
Roberts, Rocky
Roberts, Wayne
Robertson, Don
Robertson, Jesse
Robertson, Nat
Robin, Rocky
Robins, Ricky
Robinson, Claude
Robinson, Dick
Robinson, Fenton
Robinson, Jim
Robinson, Jimmy Lee
Robinson, Joey
Robinson, Lester
Robinson, Mark
Robinson, Stan
Robinson, Troy

Robison, Carson
Rockin' & Rollin' With Grandmaw, '56

Robison, Fabor

Roby, Jimmy
Be-Boppin' Baby, '57
Wait A Little Baby, '57

Rocco, Tommy

Rock & Roll Trio
See Johnny & Dorsey Burnette and Paul Burlison (under letter "B")

Rock Brothers
Rock-A-Billy Three

Say Mama

Doggone It Baby, '59
Janis Will Rock, '60
Lotta Boppin', '59
Offbeat, '60
Story Of A Woman, '60
Woo-Hoo, '59


Seen In Front: Marvin Akins and Allen McCollum (kneeling)
Guitar: Bobby Westbrooks
Drummer: Junior Gravley
Horns: Steve Chesser (deceased, not a member of original Rock-A-Tones)

Rocka, Billy

(Started in the '70s)

If You've Never Been In Love, '58
It's L-O-V-E, '58

Mean Mean Woman
Rock Rock Rocket

Rockin' Chairs

Rockin' Continentals
309, '62

Rockin' Jesters
I Was Too Blind, '58

Rockin' Kids
Rockin' Kings

Rockin' R's
Crazy Baby, '59

Rockin' Ronald

Rockin' Ronnie
Kansas City, '59
Boppin' The Blues

Rockin' Saints
Cheat On Me Baby, '60

Rocking Sid
Rockin' Stockin'
Rockin' Tones

Rocking Martin
All Because Of You

Rockwell, Gene

Rocky & The Rocky Fellows
Satellite, '57
Paint The Town Red
I Hate Myself

Rod & Terry

Rodgers, Bob
Little Bit Late For Lovin'

Rodgers, Hank & Ramona
Rodgers, Jesse
Rodney & The Blazers

Roe, Tommy
Caveman, '60
Off-Site: Mars...Tommy Roe Bio

Rogers, Betty
Rogers, Buck
Rogers, Dee
Rogers, Don
Rogers, Jimmy

Rogers, Kenny
We'll Always Have Each Other, '58

Rogers, Lelan

Rogers, Rock
Little Rock Rock, '56
My Baby Left Me, '56
That Ain't It, '56

Rogers, Smokey

Rogers, Wayne
Wayne Boogie, '64

Rogers, Weldon
So Long Good Luck And Goodbye, '57

Roland, Danny

Roller, John
Long John's Flagpole Rock

& Rockin' Ronny Wesier

RONNY WEISER On site web page
Also see: "ROCKABILLY REBELLION" A regular HOF feature column written by Rockin' Ronny Weiser.

Roma, Anthony
Roman, Danny
Roman, Mimi

Roman, Rich

Ooh Ooh Ooh
Truly Truly Baby

Romero, Chan
Hippy Hippy Shake, '59
My Little Ruby, '59
La Bamba, '59

Ron & Joe
Ronnie & Marlene
Ronnie & The Rockin Kings

Ronstadt, Linda
Rooney, Teddy

Roscoe & The Green Men
Roll Over Beethoven, '59

Rose, Andy
Rose, Dusty
Hula Rock, '56
Rockin' Maraccas, '56

The Roses

Ross, Bob
Ross, Charles

Ross, Danny
Boogie On The Flattop, '60

Ross, Gene
Everybody's Trying To Kiss My Baby

Ross, Dr. Isiah
Born October 21, 1925, Tunica Mississippi. Started playing harmonica when he was nine. Entered the Army December 1943, went overseas to the Phillippines and Southwest Pacific. Left the Army 1948, recalled 1950, discharged and married 1951. Ross had played over KFFA (Helena, Arkansas) and WROX (Clarksdale, Mississippi) before the War and had toured around the South with a variety of guitarists. After his discharge he decided to make his living from the music business. First recorded for Phillips in 1951 (Phillips leased some titles to Chess) and again 1953-55 when Ross had some singles issued on Sun. Signed a one year contract October 5, 1953. Worked with a group and also as a one man band, playing guitar left handed. Left for Flint, Michigan, 1954. Has since recorded for specialist labels including Testament, Big Bear and Oldies Blues.

Ross, Jerry
Everybody's Tryin', '60

Ross, Lee
Lies, '57

Ross, Macey
Ross, Patty
Roth, Linda
Roubian, Bob
Roubik, Jack
Round Robin
Rowe, Lynn

Rowe, Steve
Minor Chaos, '62

Rowell, Peck
I'm Gonna Find Me A Woman, '56

Rowland, Steve
Rowley, Didi

I Was Doing It Too, '58
So Long, '58

Roy, Ricky

Roy, Thelma
Royal, Bill
Royal, Chuck
Royal Drifters
Royal Holidays

Royal Knights
Long Long Ponytail, '60

Royal Lancers
Is This The Place, '58

Royal Notes
Come To My House Rock, '61

Royal Monarchs
Royal Rockers

Royal Rhythms
Lovey Dovey

Royal Tones
Royalairs Combo
Royer, Luke
Royster, Jimmy
Ruby, Don

Rubinowitz, Tex
Ain't It Wrong, '79
Bad Boy, '79
Feelin' Right Tonight, '79
Hot Rod Man, '79

Rudd, Lawson
Ruff, Bill

Ruff, Ray
Long Long Ponytail, '60

The Prom, '62
The Train, '61

Runner, Carl

Runyon, Al
Baby Please Come Home, '63

Russ, Irvin

Russell, Bobby
Raven, '58

Russell Brothers
Russell, Bonnie
Russell, Harvey
Russell, Red
Russell, Sonny
Russell, Ted
Russo, Mike

Rusty & Doug
Diggy Liggy Lo, '61
Hey Mae, '58
Hey Sheriff, '58

Ruth & Al
Ruth, Carl

Rutledge, Bobby
Go Slow Fatso, '56

Ryal, Ricky
Sycamore Lane, '60

Ryan, Charlie
Burlington Chase, '61
Dart And The Lincoln, '61
Hot Rod Guitar, '60
Hot Rod Hades, '60
Hot Rod Harley, '61
Hot Rod Lincoln, '60
Hot Rod Race, '60
Hot Rod Rocket, '60
I Married The Gal (With The Cycle), '61
Side Car Cycle. '60

Ryan, Charlie (& The Livingston Brothers)
Hot Rod Lincoln, '59

Ryan, Johnny
Ryan, Mike
Ryan, Ricky

Rye, Forest
Wild Cat Boogie, '5

ALLAN RIDDLE. Allan Riddle was born in Spartanburg, SC May 16, 1929. He was raised in and around the Greenville, SC area. At the age of 6 , Allan was playing his Dad's guitar. The word of this talented 6 year old spread quickly. By the time Allan was 7, he was a weekly guest on a local radio show singing and performing with Jimmy Stuckey and the Pine Mountain Boys. By the time Allan was 14 years old he was playing on the popular "Cousin Fud Show" on WSPA Radio in Spartanburg as a regular. Upon finishing high school Allan entered the Army and took his guitar along with him. Allan was part of several USO tours in 1948 and 1949 . After a two year stretch with Uncle Sam, Allan headed back to South Carolina and began playing with a local band called the Blue Ridge Rangers. They had a daily show sponsored by "RED BAND" Flour on WESC Radio. In the mid to late 50's Allan worked as a dee-jay on WESC and performed at night clubs in the Upstate of South Carolina. In 1960, Slim Williamson of Plaid Records heard Allan at a local club and offered to record the band. On June 3, 1960, Allan Riddle, Ken Pennington, Ansil Garrett, Don Dudley and Bill Huffman loaded their bus and headed for Athens, Georgia to record "The Moon Is Crying". One month after it's release the song was being played all over America. Reaching #16 Nationally and #1 in Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbia, Greenville and Charleston. Allen performed with artists like Bill Anderson, Floyd Robinson, Porter Wagoner, Connie Smith, Marty Robins, Buddy Knox, Dale Hawkins and Bob Luman 1960 thru 1962. Allan performed on national TV, Mid-Western Hayride and the Jimmy Dean Show. Allan is still active today owning a printing business in Greenville, SC and semi-retired. He no longer performs but is still active on-the-air doing announcing for local stations in the upstate of South Carolina.