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This may be a good place for folks to meet, sharing reflections, experiences and help each other find answers to questions. You are encouraged to help and correspond with each other. Please bookmark this page and stop back often.

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Posted March 23, 2017
Just found this record a few days ago. pretty cool! Alexander Archbold -

Posted March 17, 2017
Here's a gofundme campaign for an animated music video I'm producing of an original doo wop song I wrote called "Moo York City". I'm promoting the "Moo Beams", the group I created that are the singers of the song. Gary Sax -

Posted Feb. 25, 2017
Trying to find out more about my Dad his name was Johnny w Dollar-found Family in Texas and so happy but would like to know more about his music and life. I meet him one time and talked and wish we had more time but he had to be some place else. My Family  have been so good to me and I wish I had more to understand what kind of a man he was. Any one who might know more-please write to me. Thanks all - Diana s Dollar Gladden -

Posted Feb. 7, 2017
Visit also the wonderfull page of Ronnie Haig this great artist created fantastic songs he's a rocker to the bone. And thank Bob Timmers for all He does for the music world we love so dearly. I thank him big time He's a fantastic man! Nol Voorst -

Posted Feb. 2, 2017
Hello. I'm looking for Rockabilly/Psychobilly bands to interview for an upcoming blog. If any groups are interested send me an email and will get you some questions to answers. Thanks, Fab -

Posted December 25, 2016
Hi There & Merry Christmas, Wow!  What a year this has been.  Feb. 12th I had a Quintuplet Bypass,  then recovered from my Motorcycle accident (Five Broken Bones in my Right Foot)   Signed a new record dear for 5 singles  and been cruising all over the World!    Life is just great!   81 and still having Fun!   Here's a song I got to record with Barry Singleton as Producer  on Dec. 7th in Panama.  Hope you like it?
Baby Workout
Happy New Year, too. Matt Lucas in 81 sunny degrees in Fl -

Posted October 28, 2016
My husband, Edward Dettenheim, recently died.  He and the band, Rhythm Rebels, were in the Hall Of Fame.  He was still getting BMI  checks for the band or his song writing, mostly from international play. Mary Dettenheim -

Posted October 27, 2016
In and about 1961, there was a song with the following lyrics:
"In just a little while, as we walk down the aisle, we will be   man and wife   to love each other for the rest of our life"
  I always thought it was sung by Troy Shondell, but I can't find anything on the internet about it. Does anyone find this tune familar? Thanks, Jim Riordan -

Posted October 17, 2016
A NOTE to RONNIE'S FAMILY and FRIENDS. If you help this man, please contact him direct: Henric Hammarbäck -
"Hi Rockabilly Hall of Fame! My name is Henric Hammarbäck and I'm from Sweden. Im 30 years old and I work as a songwriter. One of biggest heros is Ronnie Self. I try to put his story together and not so much is found. Well, except wikipedia and rockabilly hall of fame. Me and my friend has started to look deep into this mysterious man and with a lot of help from people around missouri we've got some fantastic information. But we still have some missing pieces, especially the years between 75-81. Im looking for pictures from theese years and I would be more than happy if you could help me out. But anything would be intresting of course. Tips of where I can get more info is of course welcome. Thank you! Henric

Posted October 14, 2016
Does anyone know the name of the rockabilly song used in most of the bar and restaurant scenes in the movie, The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery, with Steve McQueen, from 1959? keith schwartz -

Posted October 9, 2016
I'm researching the equipment the Bill Black Combo used on their US tour they did with the Beatles in 1964.
For amps What Im sure of is a Fender Bassman and a Ampeg Portaflex. I think there was a Fender Deluxe, and possibly a Standel. I dont know the of Sammy Creason's drum kit or the keyboards. As for guitars, possibly a Fender bass and not sure what Reggie Young used. I can be reached at - - Christopher Sileo

Posted July 27, 2016
From Stacy Evans: It is with great sadness we announce the passing of and arrangements for music historian of Linden, TN Billy Poore ( Pepper Poore 's husband - AnnaMae Zangla 's brother - Stacy Evans father - Billy Evans 's father-in-law Shaun Evans 's Shane Evans 's grandfather). He was a friend to many not only in Linden but around the entire musical world. Funeral services will be held at 1:00 P.M. Friday July 29th, 2016 in the chapel of Young Funeral Home. Interment will follow services in the Kirk Cemetery. Visitation with the family will be on Thursday July 28th, from 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm. Young Funeral Home 931-589-3033 - 25 Buffalo River Heights Road, Linden, TN 37096. Family and Friends may contact the Commodore Hotel & Cafe for more information or overnight reservations at 931-589-3224. Billy was the Author of "Rockabilly A 40 Year Journey" published by Hal Leonard, A Sun Records Inductee, Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Inductee, songwriter, record label owner, promoter and producer. he devoted and lived his life immersed in the vibrant Rockabilly world. We would like to thank everyone for the comments, calls, messages, prayers and kind words during this time.

Posted April 15, 2016
A note from Texas DJ Bill Mack:
PRIORITY NEWS: It has now been confirmed that our very good friend and super country music performer Johnny Seay has been killed in a "crop-dusting" plane crash near West, Texas. Quoting the first official reports, "the plane hit a cell-phone line while circling the field." This very tragic happening occurred shortly after 1:30 PM today, May 14, 2016. Johnny was a very special friend to me and so many. Prayers, please, for his family and others close to this very good man."
Johnny was a Louisiana Hayrider and by a twist of fate I was in touch with him since only a couple of month. A very nice Man.
Dominique "Imperial" ANGLARES

Posted Aoril 10, 2016
I am a member of the rockabilly hall of fame, Nan Castle. How can I share their info on me to my facebook page? Answer her here.

Posted March 13, 2016
Lookin to get a hold of roc la rue - my name is paul - w/ - wcuw fm 91.3 Worcester mass I would like to talk to him. very important. please contact me roc. paul lauzon -

Posted February 15, 2016
hi nice site ran across it by accident- I did not see my second cousin - Buddy Holleys lead guitarist - Tommy Allsup on yr list. he won the 1969 Grammy for best instrumentalist of the yr. he produced many famous singers and wrote many famous country songs... he is in his 80z now wont last much longer. if he is not in yr history he should definitely be.... thank you I have another second cousin Mike Allsup the bass guiartist of the Three Dog Night. my grandpa played banjo for Hank Thompson before Hank hit it big.. so a lot of musical talent in my family..... God Bless you all Dell :)
Del Allsup-Shaffer -
We DO HAVE a feature page on Tommy (Inductee #56)

Posted January 27, 2016
On a sad note, My great friend and drummer for the past 30 years, Skeet Seaton passed away yesterday January 26, 2016. He will be truly missed by the Music World. Tom Mathis -

Posted January 11, 2016
I enjoyed finding your website and would love to add the logo and link to ours. I hope you will take a little time to check out our band! We are Rockabilly Weekend and we perform original instrumental music in the style of rockabilly and surf from the 50's and 60's. We released a new CD last summer and got airplay for two cuts, Rio Abaja (an original ala Duanne Eddy style) and a remake of Pipeline. Please feel free to use any images, videos, or music from our website or YouTube videos on your website. Glad to see someone still spreading the rockabilly gospel! We love this music and hope to have a new release summer/fall 2016! Check out our website

Posted January 5, 2016
Rockabilly 2016 Las Vegas
We have the best Airfare & Hotel packages always the lowest best guaranteed prices.
joe roccaforte -

Posted January 3, 2016
Elvis fans - FREE show in Burbank, CA Thursday January 7th (2016). Joe Finkle & The 7/10 Splits with Johnny "Spazz" Hatton & Bernie Dresel. for more info

Posted March 1, 2015
Does anybody know what kind of guitar and amp Danny Dell used? I was listening to his rendition of "Froggy Went a Courtin.'" This one really jumps, and I love the sound of that guitar, which I'm guessing is some kind of big semi-hollow Gretsch. I play a Telecaster, but I am interested in a second electric guitar and amp combination that will get the same kind of sound. Tom O'Neal -

Posted January 13, 2015
Whew I still love the RHOF pages I really have a lotta respect for Bob Timmers this man does a lot for the music and the artist we love so dearly. We need to support this man with all we can, he's really special. I am very thankful for all He does for the music and the stars I love so dearly...Thanks mister Bob Timmers. Keep up the spirit dear all and support mister Bob Timmers with all You can!!! Thanks!! Nol Voorst "Boppin Nol" -

Posted November 10, 2014
I Promote Country and Western Music ,that includes Rock' Billy. I promote anywhere,are Country Radio Stations are mostly in the UKGB. My intress is Country Air Play,and bringing back the Traditional country artist as what your listening to,to day is not what I was brought up on!! I'm very,very Intrested in getting in touch with the Collins Kids now for ever,im73 .I do this to help traditional help Country music.etc.I know a lot are dead and we can't do anything about it but there songs are still out there where we all copied in the Late 40"50"60"70.Roy Orbison Elvis,Tommy Roe ,Gene Vincent..As my age took off after listening from 1949 still . Became inviolved with Jim Reeves ,Music and his wife as close friends from 1964 when Jim was killed And Mary Reeves,for 36. Years. I'm still involve today with Jim's Nephew John Rex Reeves from Humble Texas .Patsy Clines Mom Hilda Hensley ,for 22 ,years,22 ,With Miss Kitty Wells.36, with Faron a Young. So if anyone out there can put me in touch with the Kids may be we could do a Tribute over in the UKGB and get it over to you all!!! But I do need your help to get hold of them. I've been twice over to Madison,Tennessee,to visit Mary Reeves,1986/7.i have many friends in the country business. So I would appreciate your help .on my e-mail : Thank you all .David Markham.Country Music Promter in helping artists to get Air Play Free .This is a Hobby I don't get payed. David Markham

Posted August 27, 2014
Well it took about 35 years for me to return to Arkansas. But I missed it and I'm glad I returned. My music started in Arkansas in a little Country Music Show called the Arkansas Jamboree. Along with many other guys who have been in music for many years. On stage with some of the best, Sonny Baker, Homer Smith, Mike Hoover, C.W. Gatlin, Mack Self and so many more. My roots run deep and that Arkansas mud and I'm proud of all I did in the music business. Hello to all my old friends and hope to see you all real soon. Homer "Beau" Renfro. -

Posted June 17, 2014
Received Bobby Lollar's first record on Benton Records (1958) the number is 101 a side 102 B side its also the pressings number . Its a very rare record and such a great one Mister Bobby Lollar did a great job. You all know I guess that You can purchase a rerelease of this great record with the same label on it....Write to Bobby Lollar. The Original is very very rare and probable very expensive at the record market if you wil find it anyway. Its worth the search you all. But also purchase one through Bobby Lollar a repress but great 45 !!! The label is the same there's just printed 50" anniversary LIMITED EDITION at the right side of the label. Get it you all it will be a rare record soon enough. Remember look up to Bobby Lollar!
And keep on supporting Bob Timmers and the RHOF !!! Nol Voorst - - Maastricht the Netherlands

Posted June 17, 2014
I stumbled upon a web page that links back to your site containing a fabulous discography of Bill Woods. I couldn't find how to get to that page from your home page and wonder if there other artists discographies you have and how to get to them. Rocky Lane -

Posted April 29, 2014
My name is Charles Thurman. Charlie Thurman was my dad. I see on your website the group he once played with, Mert Mirley was inducted into your hall of fame. My parents divorced when I was very young. I never got to hear it see my dad play. Do you know of anyone who might have some recordings, or who may know someone with recordings with my dad on them. My dad passed away in 1989 with cancer. -

Posted April 17, 2014
We are putting together a huge rockabilly event for May 8th, 9th and 10th 2015 in Globe, Arizona. 24 bands to be announced soon. Ratrod and chopper show, carnival, booze gardens, pin-up competition, pinstriping competition, biker agility rodeo, mini bike drags, celebrity pin-ups, car and bike builders, a drive-in theater, soap box derby, vendor booths, antique sale / swap meet, and more in the planning. It will be at The Gila County Fairgrounds; with campsites and full hookup rv sites on site for the event...and a dozen affordable motels within a couple miles. is currently under construction coming very soon.
This is going to be the first crossover rockabilly festival; being marketed to the general public as well as rockabilly lifestylers in a worldwide campaign. This will be the big one! We have The City of Globe behind us as well as The County. We have a few sponsors already; but are seeking tons more to make this the "must attend" rockabilly event. 2015 will be the first year and our goal is 20,000 in attendance. Year two we are hoping to get attendees from around the world. Let us know if you would like to help make the show a success. Thanks, Tom and Jenna Roberts, Producers - Custom Culture Campout 480-246-6382 or 602-578-9899

Posted April 4, 2014
Here's a treat for you. Hall of famer Larry Collins (Collins Kids) joined The Reverend Horton Heat and Deke Dickerson on stage 2 nights ago. First time all three of them played together. Deke stopped by Larry's house in the afternoon and dragged him off to the gig. - Dave,

Posted March 18, 2014
Link Wray's Gibson SG up for auction - This Friday 21st March Link's custom made 6-string prototype Gibson Model SG guitar is up for sale at 2.30pm GMT. Don't miss out! Cooper Owen - -

Posted February 11, 2014
Maybe someone can help me? I´m searching for a Song.
Does anyone know who is the Singer and what´s the title of the Song? Rockin' Regards from Germany, Holger -

Posted February 11, 2014
I saw a rock n roll singer in a wheel chair, would like to know who he is, sang like late 70 or 60s music. yonnie dale -

Posted February 4, 2014
Hello, If your in the state of Virginia! Check out Virginia's #1 rockabilly band, Cashless society. We have shows every weekend in and around central Virginia and Washington, D.C. Area. Check us out on Facebook - Cashless society rockabilly - James -

Posted November 21, 2013
I am looking to see if there is anyone or any place that might have some information on a William Clifford Lytle who played in a Band back around 1954 - 1955 in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. I did try Marshall Lytle but he never replied. Thank you, John & Beth -

Posted October 4, 2013
I was wondering if anybody can give me any information on Mary Ann Williams who sang 'I'm Getting Married.'
Heard it for the first time the other day and fell head over heels for her voice! Sadly no amount of google searching turns up any information at all, or any photographs.
Can somebody help point me in the right direction? Thanks, Charles -

Posted June 17, 2013
Hey this is Rockabilly Hall of Famer Stan Beaver's son Joel Beaver. Just wanted to let everyone know that Stan now has a Facebook page where you can keep track of his personal appearances, as well as updates from Stan himself. I hope you will all go to and 'like' the page. Keep Rockin' - Joel Beaver -

Posted June 13, 2013
Hi. I was wondering if anyone has any information on Glenn Honeycutt. I last heard from him in 2005 when I interviewed him at the Green Bay festival. A promoter in England is trying to contact him. The phone number Glenn gave me in Horn Lake MS has been disconnected. Does anyone have an update on one of the great Sun recording artists? Thanks, Colin Davis - -

Posted June 13, 2013
Hello there, I'm still here but it was quiet some time I wasn't writing something. I still adore the RHOF pages,and want to thank Bob Timmers again for all this man does for the music we love so dearly. I had a heart attack past year but hey i'm still rocking..Loll. I'm stil writing a lot with Ronnie Haig, Kitty Houston, Kathy Zee, Wanda Jackson,Gene Maltais and more.
I met Wanda and Wendell past year here in the Netherlands it was a great meeting we where talking for over a half hour. The both are fine people I will never forget our meeting. My great friend is Ronnie Haig,but also Kathy Zee, Kitty Houston, Gene Maltais and more. But Ronnie Haig is special we writing each and every day and the man is still busy with creating music and songs. Kathy Zee is also a very fine woman and we are writing often. Its so great to know people like them . I hope I will be able to visit America once. Keep up the spirit and thank Bob Timmers for all this man does...Do it now !!} Thanks you all. Nol Voorst.

Posted May 20, 2013
Hello You all rockabilly and rock&roll music fans ofcause also the country music lovers great to stille see you all are here at this fantastic Rockabillyhall of fame page the great work of Mister Bob Timmers. Wel I'm very thankful to this man ... You also ... ? ...Let him know! See you, Nol a fan from Maastricht (Netherlands) -

Posted May 19, 2013
Hello, I'm writing a paper about rockabilly artist Jeanie Mack who recorded "dirty dishes" on the class label in 1958 then goes through some name changes, a career change as a stripper, then disappears. Do you have any information or can you point me in the direction of someone who would know more about Jeanie Mack? It's an article for my blog. Thank you, Jeremy Gullotto -

Posted May 9, 2013
Gilruth Johnson (RHOF Inductee #386): "I have been playing rockabilly all of my life and will never play anything else. I played with Mack aAlen Smith when we were backing up the great Warren Smith. When we were young boys we would go to Sun Records and try to play with those guys up there. I sat in on a few sessions with a lot of them. I played a lot of times with Jerry Lee Lewis in Greenwood, MS. I have played in probably in all of the states. When I was not working in a band, I would have my own. I tried singing and released some records with new sound records in Nashville, Tenn. have played at the Nashville music center and in front of the country hall of fame there. A few of my records sold some but were never ranked. I was a rockabilly picker and everyone said that I was great. We still play it today as we did then. I am proud to be an inductee of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame."

Posted May 2, 2013
Dear Friends, I am sad to report the passing of Dick Sidders who was a pioneer in bringing country music and some rockabilly to Nebraska TV. He sponsored the "Midwest Jamboree" on KHOL TV (now NTV) in the mid to late 50s. He was also an auctioneer who was in the furniture business. I remember the Glaser Bros being on the show before they met Marty Robbins. I was a member of Stan Anderson's band as a rockabilly singer and country drummer. Dick Hill, Roger Pape, Larry Magnar and Clyde Storey were members of the band. Once in a while they let me play guitar.We played for his auctions and dances in 3 states thanks to the tv coverage. So we saw alot of Mr. sidders. The show was from near Kearney NE. Dicks headquarters was in Hastings NE. He will be missed. Thanks, Bob Ayres -

Posted April 14, 2013
Hello Friends. We are booking for Festivals, Casino's, Theaters, Car Shows, etc. Please check us out at for all info you need. You can also check out videos on youtube and our facebook page Terry Lee & The Rockaboogie Band - Terry Lee -

Posted March 21, 2013
I was very pleased to have received an induction certificate for my father Bill Yates.It's too bad that he couldn't have been here to see it.I want to thank Mr.Bob Timmers for sending it to me.It really means alot. Denise (Yates) Nugent -

Posted March 18, 2013

Posted March 7, 2013
My father is Bill Yates. He passed away in 2007 after a long illness with diabetes. Those of you who don't know any of his music, here are a few titles just off the top of my head ... "Big Big World","Don't Step on my Dog","Recipe for Love","I won't Mention it Again" to name a few. He recorded at Sun Records in the early 60's. I want to make a suggestion that he be inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. He wasn't famous but he should have been. It's too bad there weren't more people that appreciated his music. Denise (Yates) Nugent -

Posted March 1, 2013
Looking for a good contact number for "Rocky" Steven Ellis if you have any information please contact me at his Daughter Tobi is trying to get in touch with him. roland brock

Posted December 29, 2012
Happy New Year to you all! Cruise into Sweden's one & only online magazine about the carculture and the music! Hot tips for new and old music, cool articles about interior completely in the retro taste etc. etc. is an swedish onlinemagazine that's writing about rockabilly, rock 'n'roll, rhythm & blues. country etc etc. (We provide ENGLISH & FRENCH translations too!!)
Happy New Year!
Best wishes to you all and Rock 'N' Roll!
PS. You can find us on Facebook & Youtube, search for BadAssLifestyle DS. -

Posted December 26, 2012
does anyone remember a duo named darrel tatum and jack rippley circuit entertainers early 1960s darrel was a great guitarist - bill oost -

I was a friend of Dottie Sills back when she was with Jumpin Bill's band during the 50's and 60's. I never knew what become of her. Did she stay in the music business? She was a good singer. - Wayne LaCroix

Posted November 7, 2012
valda shelmire /margie poole dear mr adam lore .i found a letter that you wrote years ago about my mother margie poole in regards to the rev charlie jackson .my mother di not record let it be with rev. jackson .this record was mad with the caravans .my mother at the time. is very ill .she now live with me .please feel free to call at 225 355 3417 or write at 6130 matthews st baton rouge la.70812. valda shelmire /margie poole -

Posted November 7, 2012
Ken Hinrichs - - I'm writing a book (the print run is only ten copies so most likely this won't be a moneymaker - in fact, the book will be cost me money with none expected to come back in return.). In it I would like to print the full line-up of the lyrics to three credit to the "Words and Music" authors of course.
I want to be legal here even if there is no money at stake.
How does one get approval to do this? The three songs and the authors are: (We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock, Bill Haley & His Comets, Words and Music by Max Freedman and Jimmy DeKnight; What a Wonderful Word, Copyright 1978, Traditional, Arr: Louis Armstrong; and House of the Rising Sun, Copyright 1966, Traditional, Arr: Burdon/Chandler/Price/Steele/Valentine. Thanks for any help: Ken Hinrichs,
Where do I find these people, assuming some are still alive? From whom do I obtain approval for those who have died? If a song is listed as "Traditional" but still has a copyright, do I still need to obtain permission before publishing the lyrics?

Posted August 27, 2012
No doubt you have been asked this question before: Who is Ronnie Nobles? I cannot find anything about him on the Internet.
As an oldies deejay, I have just come across his name on a CD collection of old Ace Records rockabilly recordings called "Greatest Rockabillies of the 50s." Nobles is included with his cover "Mystery Train" and a smoking tune called "Rock And Roll Tonight." I like to talk about an artist when I play his/her record on my show, but have nothing to go on with Ronnie Nobles. I'd appreciate any information you have. Sincerely, Mickey Bo -

Posted August 23, 2012
Wonder if any of you folks know (1) who The Flamingos were (not the R&B group, but the ones that were on the original version of Tommy Roe's 'Sheila' for Judd Records) and (2) if Drolet Bush (aka Joe Lee Bush) was with the Satins on this same recording? Tommy Roe's website has a right nice photo of him and Bush, but no durned information on him. Thank you kindly! Old Joe -

Posted August 23, 2012
Does anyone know what happened to a recording company named Fern Records Incorporated? It was based in Ashland, KY and owned by W. C. Burchett. He was somehow affiliated with other recording companies in Ashland in the 1950s and 1960s. Bur-K, Spider, Royaal, Mountaineer and Chett Music Publishing were all owned or run by Mr. Burchett. Some of the artists he recorded were Ralph Bowman, Ferman Wells, Big Daddy & Little Sisters, Everett Pauley, Genia Merrill, Eck Gibson, Gary Blair, Virgil Ross, Laura Adams, The Caldwells, Hugh Lewis, Billy Adams, Don Sharp, The Paramounts, Lil Archie & Majestics, The Jewels, The Crownsmen and Eddie Lee. Kathy Norris - Kathy Norris
I would like to know if all the companies went under, or were they bought out, or renamed. Some of the recordings can still be found on collector sites and the companies are mentioned in Rockabilly and Bluegrass music history articles.

Posted August 16, 2012
THE BLUE ECHOES: On the 14th of Sept. 2012 Walnut Hills Country Club in East Lansing, Mich is Hosting an Honorary Induction Ceremony for Roger Benham and Larry Palmiter. It will be from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM at the club. Lots of Disc Jockeys from the past and lots of media attention will be on hand. Its been pretty hectic since our Rockabilly Hall of Fame induction and a lot of things happening Thanks.
Roger Benham #375
The Blue Echoes
(517) 230-6148

Posted August 5, 2012
This message is regarding a particular video concerning a Rockabilly Hall of Famer. "Roy Head really brings a manic intensity to the show, tossing out one wack dance move after another with lightning speed" Refers to the 1965 Shindig performance of "Treat Her Right" My question how much do you agree with the above statement.

Posted July 19, 2012
I'm a huge Ronnie Haig fan and also a huge Kathy Zee fan, Wanda Jackson, Art Adams Kitty Houston, Roy Cost and more. Ronnie Haig, Kitty Houston and Kathy Zee are my great friends. Also met Wanda Jackson and Wendell Goodman here in the Netherlands (Valkenburg). They are special, talked with them over 30 minutes, had the ring in my hand which Wanda received from Elvis ... Very special. Wanda is still a fantastic singer and her show are still GREAT!! My dream is to come to America once ... If I where a rich man ... Well who knows one day maybe. Take care friends and keep on loving music and the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame. Nol Voorst -

Posted July 18, 2012
Music is a very important thing and can change a life. That's 50's music lighted my way since my teenage days when I was wondering what I should to when "adult". That music brings me friends all around the world, was the reason for the meeting with my wife in 1979, is a strong link with our son Camille who now start to understand is Dad's ways and the importance of work done with passion. Many of these teenage combos don't think they should be remembered a year from the day they set them material in studio but they did them best. Those who "put them soul" doing that are still appreciate today long after they disbanded or gone to meet them Father. So the motto is "Son did the best you can 'cause more than you think could survive about you". The power of music, being in some ways a kind of love, is really strong and everlasting ... what ever could be the style, the time or the country. Dominique ANGLARES -

Posted July 7, 2012
next viva las vegas should be a killer, little richard----wow! BEBOP -

Posted June 10, 2012
hello,i am new to this page. found it while looking up things about my father, lew houston. i think this page is awesome. thanks for your time - cheryl -

Posted April 15, 2012
74 years ago today in Johnson County Kentucky my unforgetable Brother Charles G Adams was born. Charlie as we called him, was the greatest guitar player that I ever played with. His world famous licks were on my first 9 hits in the 50's . Later on he was the guitarist on most all of my gospel recordings. In his latter years his beautiful baritone voice was heard every day as a gospel disc jockey on different radio stations. Charlie was also a talented writer and recorded many songs in his short life. In 1987 my brother left me with a deep hole in my heart that has never been filled. Charlie went on before me, but one day I will hear his beautiful voice answer when his name is called at the throne. I STILL MISS YOU BROTHER; Billy Adams -

Posted April 16, 2012
I see a number of rockabilly artists whom I am familiar with, as a collector & writer. I am willing to submit some 'song titles' and other relevent info on several of the singers/musicians. I also knew an important DJ & musician that broke Elvis's song 'Blue Moon of Kentucky' in Memphis, John Lepley was his name. He is a 'natural' for the HOF! His monicker was 'Sleeply Eyed John'...if you don't recall. Rockin Robin -

Posted April 9, 2012
Like to tell You all a not to good news, I think its bad news. Nut I wanna tell as I feel this guy deserves that. Adriaan Sturm is diagnosted with cancer and its spread. I know adriaan this man did a lot for the Rock&roll and rockabilly world. He did a lot for many artist,came as a netherlander into the USA a country He loves so much. Married a beautiful USA lady and was very happy,also with the work he did for so many Artist. Adriaan is a heck of a guy, I like to ask You all who believe in the Good Lord pray for Adriaan that guy deserves that. I bet a lot of You know this man from the Netherlands who loves your country so much. To me he's a friend although we met just one or two times back then. But that's enough to learn the love of Adriaan Sturm. Thanks for reading this you all. Greetz from Maastricht, Nol & Wies.

Posted March 8, 2012
Thank you and keep on rockin. Jean Pascal Deherly -

Posted February 9, 2012
It was a pleasure to do this song. I have a new appreciation for the role that Sun Studios and Sam Phillips played in the early days of Rock and Roll. Below is a link to the song. On the web page there is also a button that will take you to the video that goes along with the song please take a moment to watch that as well. When I was in Memphis shooting the footage I spoke with some folks about Sun Studios. The majority of them said it was located at 706 Union St not Avenue. I had written the song to contain the proper address with the chorus written like this "They produced the sounds that would drive us mad, down at 706 Union Ave. I later changed it to reflect what I heard most people say which was Union St. While I explain this in the inspiration write up on the Web Site I wanted to explain it here in case you missed it. The link is as follows
Respectfully, James - James Anton, Fairhope, Al -

Posted February 9, 2012
Hi Kids, Gabriel Kickel is in studio again, stay tuned for new ditties out this spring! Gabe - Posted February 8, 2012
I am desperately trying to find a rockabilly song called Darlene, here is the lyrics, can you help?
Darlene, it's your lover boy me that's a talkin
oh Darlene it's lover boy me that's a talkin
well you better get your rockin shoes on
were gonna rock till the break of dawn, Darlene
Darlene, why do you do me like you do
oh Darlene, why do you do me like you do
well i want your love and i want it back
you're the best girl that a man ever had, Darlene
Darlene, tell me that you love me true
oh Darlene, don't you know that i love you true
well she's my baby mine oh mine
i love that girl all of the time Darlene
Darlene, tell me that you love me true
oh Darlene, don't you know that i love you true
she's my baby mine oh mine
I love that gal all of the time Darlene
Darlene, my baby Darlene
oh honey Darlene
Russell Childs -

Posted January 26, 2012
JOHNNY POWERS DISOGRAPHY - I had the great pleasure of seeing a show of Johnny Powers in Vienna. I was even fortunate enough to interview him for the Dynamite Magazine ( The interview will be published in the next edition, and I am looking for someone who can provide me with a Johnny Powers Discography - focusing on his albums. I would need the longplay title, label, catalogure number, year of release and song list. Please get in touch with me, if you can help. All the best, Otto Fuchs -

Posted January 8, 2012
Jody "Marshall" - Hi Myrna Lorrie, I hope you read this message as I've been trying to find you for about 17 years, since I got married and moved to BC. Remember you were @ the Ramada Inn and you let me sing with your band? We traded some clothes and you gave me a pair of boots. You also gave me your phone number but we lost touch over the years. I really would like to know how you are doing, and tell you that I'm still singing and my husband Tom has written some great songs which we'll be showcasing @ McBurney's coffee house in Langley, BC, which is not too far from Surrey, BC. It's put on by the BC Songwriters Association. -

Posted January 8, 2012
I'm 61 years old and a forever fan of The Shirelles. I work in a large hopsital in Atlanta, GA where I administer anesthesia. We're allowed to play music in the OR during surgery. It has a calming effect. I often play The Shirelles. I've converted many a 20-something year old surgical resident to The Oldies that way. I was hoping you might be able to tell me how I can obtain an autographed photograph of Beverly Lee. Sincerely, Andy Offutt -

Posted December 27, 2011
Looking for records or tv shows of Cal Worthington's Cal's Corral. Writing on behalf of my grandmother Juanita "Nita" Bacon. Widow to former country star Shorty Bacon, bands-scrambled eggs, and rhythm rascals. She has some items but her house burned down and lost quite a bit. She is specifically looking for Cal's Corral LP in Red Vinyl featuringBuck Owens, Gene Davis and Shorty with many others. Although specifically looking for those anything anyone knows about where to get items would be great. Family members out in California have items but will not communicate with her about letting her have anything. Thanks for your help. Keith Page -

Posted December 27, 2011
Rockabilly is alive and well in New Hampshire! If you have time, please check out our original rockabilly/twang band Whiskey Kill on Google, Facebook or We are releasing our first cd Pissed Off Betty in January. I really appreciate any support. Thank you and Happy New Year!! Elissa -

Posted December 21, 2011
I was wondering if I was on the roster and if there are any up-coming shows we might be in? Here is the info: Phil McGarrah & Runnin On Empty / Arkansas born and bred / influenced by Johhny Cash, Sleepy Labeef, Jerry Lee Lewis to name a few. Singer / songwriter/ records for R.O.E.Records/ tours nationally / rockabilly, hillbilly, country, roots and original music. website ; - Thanks a Million, Phil McGarrah - -

Posted December 21, 2011
Hi, On a Mercury lp I had a copy of "Sitting on top of the world," arockabilly version of the older blues song recorded by Bob wills and the Mississipi Sheiks, (note not the Carpenters version or AL Jolson version). I thought it might have been Eddie Bond - as he was featured on the green fronted Rockabilly album. If it was it is not on youtube, any offers who did it ? Any other hot versions and who did them? I saw the water tower boys (please see) did a lively version! Should I be thinking Eddie Fisher, big Bopper or marvin rainwater? Anyone got the rare rockabillies Lp handy or know a mercury label wesite? Please advise. Thanks, Greasybiker1 -

Posted December 7, 2011
Too hip! what a site. I ran out of time looking, but I will be back. kerry kokotis - Posted December 5, 2011
Hi all you cats and kittens. A brandnew band surrounding songwriter Rockin' Henri likes to share it's music with the world of greasers and chicks: Rockin' Henri & The Earcatcherz, an international bunch of guys hailing from Germany, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Huh, where's that? Somewhere on this cool rockin' planet. But we'll catch you, don't mind. Wherever you are, our sounds will reach your earzzzzz. Just feel free to spent a small part of your free time watching our website:
Vintage styled rock & Roll and rockabilly have never been so close! Kindly inviting you, Rockin' Henri, The Netherlands -

Posted November 24, 2011
There is a good video on youtube of Rayburn Anthony performing "Cruisin Around" with the Lynx from Sweden. This band used to be known as TT GRace. I wrote " Cruisin Around" with my pal Geoff Taggart...we played it to Rayburn and he added the 'car name' verse. Enjoy this great Sun artist. Jim Newcombe -

Posted November 23, 2011
Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
Beau & The Burners - jim weber

Posted October 12, 2011
Calling all Rockabilly lovers. The legendary turntablist, vintage vinyl collector and former Tour DJ with Portishead...ANDY SMITH brings his nationwide 'Jam Up Twist' vintage night back to Fluid on Friday 4th November...
Launched last month and occuring on the first Friday of every month at Fluid, 40 Charterhouse Street, Barbican, London. Andy Smith's Jam up Twist presents a quality selection spanning 50s rnb, northern soul, rockabilly and ska...(launched brilliantly last month with a rare rockabilly selection from Andrew Weatherall!)
For further info check out: - Cheers! Fluid Bar & Club,

Posted September 30, 2011
If you love rockabilly, you should visit my youtube channel I have several live recordings groups with good quality video and audio, you will not be disappointed.

Posted Sptember 17, 2011
Anybody aware of a Gretsch player in the late 50's named Don Lee? Marv -

Posted August 31, 2011
I was just wondering if you had an e-mail address available for Denny Noie. Your page on him states that he has a couple of cds available for sale and there is a mailing address but before I commit to payment, I would like to find out if the cds are still available. Or, if you know,personally,that they are, please let me know and I will get my order off to him. Thanks for any help that you can provide. Larry Ciske -=

Posted August 31, 2011
CHATmessage = I'm trying to find the rockabilly artist who recorded the song, "Roll On." I believe they may be from Europe during the late 1990's. It's a really a fantastic song. Shazam hasn't been able to identify it. The lyrics include: I'm sitting the doorway of a long freight train, roll on, roll on. I don't care where it's going as long as it's going my way, roll on, roll on. Away from the misery I swallowed in vain, away from the sailor who just knows my name. You know the rhythm of a country song. Take me to a place where I can do no wrong. Find a place where I can start again. Find a place where i can me me some friends. Followed the clack clack to the other end, roll on, roll on. Show me all the sights of this mighty land, roll on, roll on. Find a girl who wants to stay with me. Find a place where I can be free. Following some setting in western skies, roll on, roll on. Leave all the shadows far behind, roll on, roll on. Away from misery I swallowed in vain, a way from the sailor who just knows my name. Following some setting in some western sky, roll on, roll on, roll on, roll on, roll on, roll on. - Jerome M,

Posted August 24, 2011
Its my sad duty to inform everyone of my father Jimmy Evanss passing. He passed away on August 3rd of 2011 after a long battle with cancer. He was surrounded by family and passed peacefully. The family wishes to thank all of his friends, colleagues and fans for their support throughout the years. He had many friends in the world of music and he often shared stories about them and his days as a performer. He thought highly of all of them and was greatly appreciative of his fans. We hope his music brought joy to all those who heard it. He is missed deeply. Thank you All, The Evans Family, Micah Evans -

Posted August 1, 2011
Here is a swedish amateur rockabilly band enjoy it:
martin -

Posted June 14, 2011
Larry Butler has been looking for Charles (Shorty) Bacon and can not get a lead on him from anyone. Shorty had Stand Up Fool and think it was a hit in the 70's. Larry has worked with Shorty as well as his brothers Ed and Bill. Shorty move to Houston or around there. He played in Larry's band for a while then just kind of got out of music. If anyone knows of the where abouts of Shorty, Larry would appreciate you giving him a shout. email address is or you can visit Larry's web site a Thanks so much. Pat.

Posted June 9, 2011
Good Morning All, I just thought I would advise all the fans of Gene Vincent that my new book: "The Full Story Of A Rock 'N' Roll Tour-1957" is now available for purchase. This book concentrates on the 1957 tour to Australia of Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Little Richard and Alis Lesley. It is 396 pages in hardbound with a Dust Jacket. Anybody interested please contact me at - Roddy Jordan, Lennox Head NSW Australia. Thanks, Roddy

Posted June 8, 2011
I have been searching many years now for some radio spots Billy Lee did for 7-Eleven in 1967 where he impersonated the voices of Fats Domino, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and others. I loved those commercials, I had taped them on reel to reel tapes off the radio, but lost them in a fire 1983. I just learned this week they were probably produced by Pepper Studios, and Ben Freedman told me the master tapes were not saved when the studio was bought out. If you have any leads who might have these spots that I could contact, please let me know. Thanks for your time. Gene Stump -

Posted June 8, 2011
OK Gang, It is now official. The CD's from Delta Records from Jackson, Mississippi has been released at Bear Family Records in Germany. The two cd booklets are wonderful. Bear family does a great job and this historic music is now available. We have worked hard for many years to get this music out and save it for generations to come. The photos are great and it's all Mississippi Musicians and Mississippi Music. There are 30 cuts on each cd with a booklet describing each song and photos and comments by the artist and those that were there. This is a must buy for music lovers and musicians. This is real history. Be sure and get enough for you and your family. They are sold in Euros which is about the same as US$. Hope you enjoy. bobby joe Swilley -

Posted May 16, 2011
Larry Donn is THE BEST Artist, Entertainer, Friend, Advice Giver, Teacher, and singer and etc. etc. that you could EVER ask for. I wish you all Knew him personally as I do, I am his niece, and you would understand what I'm saying. With him, I can promise you, you get EXACLTY what you see. He is the same in public as he is at home. Goldie Marie Freeman -

Posted May 2, 2011
Hello, A new fanzine has just come out: Rockers Zine (both in English and French Language) You can consult the blog of the mag at the following address:
What will enable you to listen some pieces which are talking about in the mag. It is available into 2 format: paper or download, to receive a copy, send an e-mail to: - issue #2 just out. Thanks, Laurent

Posted April 19, 2011
Good mix of rockabilly and psychobilly bands. Plus the chance for some early "Halloween" type fun. Join us on April 28th! Drew -

Posted April 6, 2011
Rockabilly legend Butch Haller resurfaced!!! 85 years of age!! Watch this exclusive interview and performance on his youtube channel:
S Wilson -

Posted March 27, 2011
I am looking for some help trying to locate some pretty rare 45 vinyls from the 50's and maybe early 60'sI have a list of 15-20 rockabilly song titles/singers/record labels. Can you tell me how I can go about finding them? I've already been on ebay and looked on the internet at all the normal channels for sites that sell these rockabilly rare vinyls. Thank you! Best Regards, Barbara -

Posted March 20, 2011
Hello: Cool web-site ya got. I am a vinyl LP dealer out West and know my stuff but I have had this vinyl LP on red plastic titled "Cal's Corner" I can't find it in any price book and was wondering if you heard of it. I know some C&W and Hillbilly material but to be honest with you, I have no idea either who some of the artists are, there are a few who I know, but "Benny Walker" and Claiborne Bros Qt, Shorty Bacon, Sammy Masters "Eyes Through A Child"? so forth and so on. Buck Owens, Fred Maddox and Tom T Hall I have heard of. The catalogue number is CCLP 100. The LP has an address of Huntington Beach, California. Any suggestions as to it's value or what it is? I am going to sell it but I have no idea how to affix a value on it, it is in nice condition. Red vinyl and black and gray label. Sincerely, Jeff's Vintage Records, Marin County, California (San Francisco)

Posted February 26, 2011
Hello, I'm interested in Johnny Dollar for a rather unusual reason. With a small used book business, at a recent sale I came across quite a few book on American history with a signature Johnny $ Dollar in them. I googled the name and found an autographed photo with a signature quite similar. His bio sounds like an intelligent but not overly book oriented man. The books appear to have come from some college libraries in Alabama and perhaps other areas. One has a side note with a name I can't read and something about a traveler's convention in 1984.
I'd like to find someone who is either related to him, if any are still living, or perhaps someone who worked with him. Do you know of such a person? I would not expect contact information to be given directly to me but would be glad to have mine forwarded if you do. If this is the same Johnny Dollar, it might make an interesting story to add to his bio. The intellectual side of a man more known for being a black sheep. regards, Julie Alexander - 501 655-9411 -

Posted February 23, 2011
HI, I have a copy of the wsm grand ole opry history picture book. copy rite 1969 in real good condition and would like to know about what it is worth. Any information you can give me will be. sharon -

Posted February 5, 2011
I am trying to find an album of major match box called rockabilly rebel, want to buy it, thanks - john -

Posted January 16, 2011
Looking for Tommy Boyles, I saw an article stating he was a member of rockabilly hall of fame. We were high school friends. Any info appreciated. Bob Heath

Posted December 30, 2010
I have a good Country Song I wrote to be recorded by an Artist interested in hearing it.I own a Master Copy of the materiel. Please call me at 812-797-4213 It was recorded at in Jasper, Tennessee 4213-942-0030 Mikron Recording. Ronald Virgil Essex -

Posted December 28, 2010
NYC based rockabilly guitarist. 50 years of awesome rocking looking for band. 917-648-4036 - Fred,

Posted December 15, 2010
My Grandpa, Jim Lutz, has played rockabilly his whole life. He's not doing well health wise. Have you heard of a band back in the day called Jeff Hutson and the Hot Shots? Or some variation of that? I'd like to find him whatever memorabila that I can! Any little bit of help you can give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Tyler Lurkins, The Quikrete Companies, St. Louis -

Posted December 8, 2010
For all you Eddy Arnold fans please visit his GREAT site @ The original site has been down for a good 6-7 years as the Web Master Bill Comer fights cancer. He finally got himself a lap top so he can up-date the site ... from his bed or wheel chair. The new site is 10 times GREATER than the old site. It's packed with information etc. He has gone wild with all the news ... songs ... and so much information about Eddy Arnold. Please visit site and leave your foot prints by signing his Guest Book. Thanking you in advance!! ... Don Stewart -

Posted December 7, 2010
All-female rockabilly band (not just female-fronted) ... Crazy Rocket Fuel ... "If cornering the market on being an all woman, hyper-awesome, old school, sawdust on the floor Rockabilly band were illegal, the Milwaukee quartet, Crazy Rocket Fuel would most definitely be Taycheedah bound. All things considered, hearing their debut album Volume 1 and seeing these beautiful songstresses sing the tunes live are two totally different animals. Lead singer and guitarist Kari Bloom is sultry in every single way. From her platinum blond hair to her deep red lips, she can melt a crowd with surgeon-like precision. Backed by songwriter, singer and lead guitarist Ginny Wiskowski, Laura Proeber on the stand-up bass, and Debbie Bricault tanning the skins, CRF is more than just combustible, they are molten hot magma!" Peter Coffinail -
Our CD, Crazy Rocket Fuel: Vol. 1 is available on iTunes.

Posted December 6, 2010
We are currently looking for never before recorded rockabilly songs in the genre of WANDA JACKSON and BARBARA PITTMAN plus early JOHNNY CASH SONGS. Will you please inform where we can find these songs FOR recording purposes rockabily band here in Belgium. Henri Piccini - - Brussels Belgium

Posted December 6, 2010
I am a rockabilly artist who covers songs of many of the early rock pioneers. I have a My Space page at and I have music on CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes. I can send free MP3s to people who request them. You can contact me at - Darren Mullins

Posted November 24, 2010
Hey BO DIDDLEY fans, The City of Archer, FL Commission is to petition the Florida Legislature to propose designating Florida State Road 24, from City to City limit, the Bo Diddley Memorial Highway. Maintained by the Florida Department of Transportation, State Road 24 is an east-west highway that runs between Cedar Key on the Gulf of Mexico and Waldo, FL at US 301.
The Commission has also agreed for a sign to be placed at the entrances to the City of Archer, Bo Diddley's chosen home town, stating "Home of Bo Diddley". David Blakey, Webmaster, BO DIDDLEY-The Originator Officially Authorized Website

Posted November 18, 2010
Special Show Listing: Joe Finkle & The 7/10 Splits. Fans will recognize the bass player Johnny Hatton and drummer Bernie Dresel from their time in the Brian Setzer Orchestra.
Friday January 7th, 2011 9pm
Joe's Great American Bar & Grill
4311 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505

Posted November 18, 2010
My father was Bill Yates and he recorded many songs at Sun Records. He performed alot of Rockabilly music with Billy Adams. He also recorded songs under the name Gorgeous Bill Yates. He passed away December 5th 2007 after a long illness with diabetes. We were estranged for many years before his illness and about 5 years ago I convinced him to move closer to his children. I was wondering if there was anybody out there that knew him and had any stories to tell. Please contact me by e-mail. I would love to talk to anyone that was friends with him or that was acqainted with him. Denise Nugent -

Posted November 14, 2010
Hi, My name is anthony galler aka ant killer. I play upright bass in a band called the Gladezmen, I would consider us an evolved form of rockabilly(mixture of many forms of music including blues, jazz, hip hop, of course rock with an undeniable country influence) , focusing on life in the south, particularly S.Florida. If you would like a cd, give me an address and I will gladly send you one.
Also, there is a guy in the S. Florida area by the name of Hot Rod Todd (band name Big E and the Lazy Texans) who claims to be in the rockabilly HOF. I did not see him on the list so I figured I'd go straight to the horses mouth. Ever heard of this guy?
Finally, there is an increasing market amongst young people for rockabilly music in Florida. I have many contacts with promoters, sponsors and venues. Please let me know if your interested in having events in the area(S Florida-Tampa to Miami) or bringing newer Florida acts to your area, I may be of some assistance. Anthony Galler - Posted November 13, 2010
Wonder if anybody out there can give me more information about a 45 I just found while out scrounging. Local Omaha, Nebraska band "The Rebels Three" AKA John & Ed Strickland on Rebel records out of Omaha 100-1 / SR-1070, Side A "The Rebel Beat" side B "Kansas City Blues". It includes a picture sleeve identical to the picture used in the rockabilly compilation found at this link:
Mine is signed "Best Wishes from The Rebels" "Jay", "Ed", "Jon". Trying to determine the value, this version is credited on label as "The Rebels Three" and not "John & Ed Strickland" - found in my digging there were two versions? Any help as to the value and band history before I sell it would be appreciated. Thanks. Casey -

Posted November 13, 2010
CARL MANN, who will soon have his day-by-day autobiography available, titled THE LAST SON OF SUN, was honored with "Carl Mann Day" at the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in Jackson, TN. on October 22nd. Carl is one of the few original rockabilly stars still performing, and only one of a handful still living that originated from the historic Sun Studio in Memphis. Paul MacPhail -

Posted November 12, 2010
Hey there- I'ma lookin 4 info on a old school rockabilly singers n rockin piano playa from the 50's-60's named jerry byers. I heard he was listed on the rockabilly hall of fame and black cat rockabilly. He was my grandfather and I'm trying to gather all info before it's gone about his career. He played on the grand ole opry circuit and opened for the likes of patsy cline and johnny cash before his untimely death at the ripe old age of 29. :( I wonder how our lives woulda been different had he lived to reach his full potential and get to know those us that were born after his death! Dasha Byers -

Posted August 10, 2010
My mom remembers a song about "a grain of salt". She is not sure if this is the title or who sang it. It came out in the early 50's or earlier. Would be grateful if anyone knows the song and who sings it. Trish Nickel -

Posted August 6, 2010
Hallo please submit a link to the Swedish One & ONLY webmagazine about ROCKABILLY, ROCK 'N' ROLL etc, etc. The name of the site is BadAssLifestyle. The url is: - The site is in swedish BUT you can translated into several languages... Frank Ottosson.

Posted July 26, 2010
Check out Chicago rockabilly legend Al Simon on RHOF Link Updates. Includes information on seminal 80's outfit The Rebel Rousers and current exercise The Devil Dogs. Jay B. Loyd, Benny Joy, all agree; "this cat takes the archetypal, obscure,rockabilly experience to new heights. When your in Chicago, catch him while you still can." Al Simon -

Posted July 24, 2010
Hi! Help Me Please, Driving Me Nuts! Found an "Alshire Test Pressing" record. Beautiful condition, just in white jacket. I cannot find out anything about it! Record # written in as WSM-1001. Date also written in as 8/21/85. It is a male Country Singer (really good too!) On the record around the label is it marked L 22117 & WSM 1001. I have listened to it, tried to figure out the names of the songs to maybe find the artist, but no luck! I have researched "Alshire Records" too! Some of the songs are "Hey Sarah", "Proud to be a Cowboy from Illinois", "L.A. is gonna love This Cowboy", "Forever and a Day", "Something About The South". I know WSM is a Radio Station in Tennessee, that's all the info I have found! I would really appreciate some help or advice! Thanks So Very Much! Ms.Mary -

Posted July 20, 2010
I'm reaching out to you because of an interesting grouping of records I recently purchased from a local auction that obviously came from a home here in southern New Jersey. The Rockabilly artist is Gar Bacon, a 50's - 60's singer and songwriter who is mentioned on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame site. I have a large group of recordings from his estate - both 45's and 78 test pressings that were either sung by him, or written by him and performed by various artists, some known and some completely unknown. Several of these acetates were probably never released.
There are also a few recordings by James Myers aka Jimmy DeKnight who apparently co-wrote "Rock aroung the Clock" and performed it as well. It is apparent by looking at these records that Gar Bacon and James Myers wrote for each other on various tunes. There's some interesting things here for the historically minded Rockabilly collector and I thought if you knew of anyone in the Philadelphia area who may wish to look at these you could pass it along. I'm not a collector myself but these were too neat to pass on. Regards, John

Posted July 5, 2010
Lady Bo - Bo Diddley's original girl guitar player - celebrates her 70th birthday on Monday July 19th. You are invited to visit the newly launched Lady Bo MySpace Page, located at become her MySpace Friend and sign the Comments Section with their birthday greetings to rock & roll's First Lady of Guitar. Also currently available via the MySpace Music audio player at her track "My Name Is Lady Bo", recorded live at the Monterey Bay Blues Festival, plus video clips and photos etc. Available on the Lady Bo Tribute Tracks Playlist, acclaimed UK jazz/funk band James Brown Is Annie's new instrumental "Peggy Jones":
        Lady Bo's guitar, vocals and occasional piano playing grace many of the classic Bo Diddley tracks from the late 1950s and early 1960s, including "Hey Bo Diddley", "Mona", "Say Man", "Story of Bo Diddley", "Say Man, Back Again", "Road Runner", "Cadillac", "Ride On Josephine", "Bo Diddley's A Gunslinger", "Aztec", "Pills", "I'm Alright", plus many more.
        Her distinctive second guitar work is also showcased on many of the classic Chess/Checker albums from that same period, including "Bo Diddley", "Go Bo Diddley", "Have Guitar - Will Travel", "Bo Diddley In The Spotlight", "Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger", "Bo Diddley Is A Lover", "Bo Diddley's A Twister", plus, in the 1980s, "Ain't It Good To Be Free" for Bo Diddley's own BoKay Productions record label.
        An American legend, Lady Bo has been wowing audiences in recent years with show-stopping performances in her native California, as well as at the world-famous Ponderosa Stomp Festival in New Orleans. We invite fans around the world to send Lady Bo their congratulations and best wishes on the occasion of her upcoming 70th birthday:
A very happy birthday to Lady Bo - The First Lady of Guitar!
David Blakey, Webmaster,
BO DIDDLEY-The Originator Officially Authorized Website
A Celebration of his unique contribution to Popular Music.
The Official Bo Diddley MySpace Page.
The Bo Diddley Legacy MySpace Page.
Lady Bo MySpace Page - The First Lady of Guitar.
Originator Radio.
The Best of Bo Diddley Online.

Posted July 2, 2010
Hello Rockabilly Hall Of Fame, I got Buddy Holly his Hollywood Star. Perhaps you can mention it on your website. Thank you for your support. Here's a Lubbock Newspaper link.
Regards & "Rave On", Kevin Magowan -

Posted June 18, 2010
Still looking for an old L.P. "L.A. Rockabilly" featuring American Patrol, Rockin Rebels, amongst other great 80's Rockabilly bands. Anyone have Jimmy and the Mustang's "Hey Little Girl"? Doug Liles -

Posted June 15, 2010
Subject: Lattie Moore. Please pass along my thanks to all who thought of him over the weekend. Sadly, Grandpa passed away Sunday morning. Although i was unable to be there, he was surrounded by his surviving son and daughters. Services will be held Wednesday at Goad Funeral Home in Scottsville, KY. As I cannot afford to travel I am doing all I can to send my love and all the love he had from so many.
        Please forward any information you see fit to your readers. My Grandpa was an amazing man who spent the last 30 years spending time with family and friends. He didn't sing often any more but I was lucky enough to hear him a few years ago. His influence reached across oceans and he always got a kick out of hearing from fans and those who still loved his music.
        Thanks again for all your well wishes and giving me a chance to feel as though I am doing something for Grandpa even in my much regretted absence Wednesday. I am heartbroken to not be there but am only one member of a large loving family created by Lattie Moore. I'm thankful his music lives on.
        I also wanted to thank you for forwarding the email from your listeners. I would love to have any others you hear from forwarded, perhaps I could make something from them to give to my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc to help us know how many lives Grandpa touched. Cherilyn Guy -

Posted June 15, 2010
Hello - I'm so sad to hear about the flood ... my dad (Sonny Deckelman) is in bad shape from the stroke he had last June 2009. I went on a trip last year but ended up at the one in Jackson instead of Nashville. He is so proud to be in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Did the flood destroy everything? Renee -

Posted June 13, 2010
Hi, I was looking at your wonderful site and wondered how to go about getting information about a person. She is Cenith Opkis and my brother, Bud Lane, who is now deceased, made a record, It's Springtime I'm Crying for You, and I would like to know something about her. I had never heard of her. They made this record in the late 50's and the other side is Funny Honey. I would appreciate any help. Thank you, Gloria Grummons.

Posted June 11, 2010
Hi Folks, I'm looking for rockabilly musicians, from the UK, Europe or USA, who can travel to Memphis, prior to 1st and 2nd October 2010, for recording sessions at the legendary SUN studio. The Studio costs will be covered by myself. If anyone in the Memphis area knows of cheap lodgings or has somewhere I can stay, from Sept 29th- Oct 6th ... that would be great! For examples of my music please visit As I say the SUN studio costs will be covered by me, but travel costs etc will be your responsibility ... this is a rockin' opportunity too good to miss! Cheers, Red Lester -

Posted June 7, 2010
My husband was stationed at Shreveport in the Air Force and attended the Louisiana Hayride every Saturday night. He went fishing with Johnny Horton, met Elvis and Jim Reeves. I would like to have some books, CD's or DVD's from the shows if there are any. Any information you can give me will be wonderful. We live in Iowa and he celebrates his 76th. birthday in July. Thank you. Kate Wonders -

Posted June 7, 2010
Do you happen to know how I can get in touch with Don Paul who used to be with the "Viscounts". Would appreciate it if you have any idea where I can reach him. Thank you. Henry Samuels. -

Posted June 6, 2010
Hi, my name is Cherilyn Guy and my grandfather is Lattie Moore. I am hoping you have heard of him. He is not as well known as many other artists but some even credit him with "inventing" rockabilly.
The reason for my email is I am sitting at home in Arizona unable to sleep while waiting for word on my grandpa's condition. He has been ill recently and had serious surgery and has taken a turn for the worse.
I got a call tonight that the doctors dont seem too optimistic and it is killing me that I cant be with him and the rest of our family who has gathered at his side. I saw him two years ago at the funeral for my mother who had moved to Kentucky years earlier after the death of my grandma, Lattie's wife, to take care of him. Sadly, my mom was killed in a tornado that struck Kentucky in 2006 and my grandpa took it just as hard as I did. I have been trying to save enough money for a trip back to visit him but have been unable to. Now I am afraid I wont ever see him again.
So I am doing the only thing I feel I can. I am reaching out to any fans or friends that might know his work. My grandpa is am amazing man who has been devoted to his family since his retirement from the music business. When I was taking a folklore class in college he let me interview him for a class project and even sang one of my favorite songs "Chew tobacco Rag" That is the kind of man Grandpa is. If you have any way to reach out for prayers and thoughts for him during this time I would really appreciate it. I will keep you posted if you would like. - Cherilyn Guy -

Posted April 27, 2010
Subject: Petition for immediate induction of Bill Griggs into the Buddy Holly/West Texas Walk of Fame.
        Dear Friends - As many of you now know, our Buddy Holly historian/fan/friend Bill Griggs has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Many of you may recall a few years back when Sharon Griggs and myself worked for months on trying to convince the City of Lubbock and the Civic Lubbock board to induct Bill into the Buddy Holly/West Texas Walk of Fame. This is an honor that is well deserved and long overdue.
        In light of Bill's current situation and barring a medical miracle, he does not have much time left. I am renewing efforts to convince Lubbock to immediately induct Bill Griggs into the Buddy Holly/West Texas Walk Of Fame. I have created an online petition and I am asking you to sign it and tell all you know to please sign it. After all he has done for Buddy Holly and his fans, it is the least that we could do for him. Just click on the link below. Peace and Rave On,
Randy Steele - Randy Steele@email

Posted April 14, 2010
Hello. I am a songwriter with a fond affection for Rockabilly music. Just recently one of my songs was chosen by Mungo Jerry to be recorded for an up coming Rockabilly CD that he is putting out. Written with country music legend Sonny James, my longtime mentor, the song is called "Jeanette Come Back Today". That was on March 17th. Since that time I been inspired to write and record demos for a whole albums worth of Rockabilly songs. If anyone is interested I could send them via email in mp3 files. Brian Jasper 606-678-4818

Posted March 26, 2010
My father was a member of Curtis Hobock and The StarDusters Band who I believe are inductees to your hall of fame. I am looking for ANYONE who knew these guys . My father died in 1985 and the last time I saw him was in 1969, the year he abandoned his wife and his 4 children. Any help you can give me will be more than appreciated. All of his relatives are passed as well as my mother and I am hoping to learn a little of the man that holds the title of my father. Thanks, God bless and have a great Day! Randall Lomax (802) 342-6268 -

Posted March 21, 2010
If you like your rock and roll and country tune in here 11pm (uk time ) sunday night, tuesday night and again on a thursday at 11am (uk tim for my show listen via link below
also catch the show monday, wednesday and friday nights at (9.30pm) ul time here
or download here - aberdare show download link:
replay radio download link:
happy listening if you are a band that would like to hear there music on the show please email me. there is a facegroup group for both stations if u have facebook please join and send me a friend request. thatcham newbury berkshire england -

Posted March 17, 2010
Charlie Gillett died today. He had a stroke a month or so ago, and he had a heart attack last week and just didn't pull through. Richard Williams, the right man for the job, has written a piece for the Guardian. Rod Pyke -

Posted March 17, 2010
The National Public Radio (NPR) network's "Weekend Edition" program is currently prepping a special feature about "Who Do You Love", Jerry Zaks' movie about Leonard and Phil Chess, the founders of Chess Records. The feature is expected to include interviews with Marshall Chess and with musician/actor Robert Randolph, who is cast in the role of BO DIDDLEY in the movie. Check the NPR website at or local listings, for stations and broadcast times. -

Posted March 16, 2010
Hi! I found your website searching the www for blue suede shoes. No on seems to carry the ones you have pictured on Carl's page.... Can someone help!? Mike -

Posted March 13, 2010
On the BBC Radio 2 'Sounds Of the Sixties', this morning, Brian Mathew announced that the second half of the show (i.e. the portion between 09:00 and 10:00 hours UK time) to be broadcast on Saturday, 17th April 2010 will be a special on Eddie Cochran to mark the anniversary of his death in 1960 and the influence that he had on British rock 'n' roll (crikey, I have just appreciated that 50 years have passed - I am not always this thick). Apart from discs, there will be interviews with musicians who played with him such as Big Jim Sullivan, etc. Has potential. Regards. Tony Wilkinson

Posted February 16, 2010
Has anyone heard of Mack Vickery? He had a song called, 'Isa-A-Billy'. I cannot find it anywhere. James Robinson -

Posted February 15, 2010
Hello all! We just had a fabulous 50th year reunion concert of Vaden Records on Feb. 6 in Trumann, Arkansas. Larry Donn, Teddy Redell, Bobby Brown, Chuck Comer and even Joyce Green were all on stage together for the first time in 50 years! Chuck Comer practically stole the show. Now wheelchair bound, he got a standing ovation from the audience. We also had Sonny Burgess and the Pacers as the headliners on the night. Collector Records will be issuing a dvd of the show. Mark Randall - Posted February 10, 2010
Like pin ups? How about cars? Make up? Fashion? Then have we got the rag for you! Check out Pin Up Perfection Magazine! Chalk full of photos, girls, make up tips, interviews, art, fashion and more! Check us out on Get your copy today! Check out our site and find out how to be a part of Pin Up Perfection Magazine today! Miss Kitty -

Posted February 1, 2010
FREE show at The Gipsy Hill Tavern, LONDON, Near Crystal Palace, FRIDAY 5 FEBRUARY 2010, Classic rockabilly rock'n'roll. (Did we mention it's free?) THE HOUNDOGS -

Posted January 26, 2010
I have a signed copy of the Memoirs of Burton M Harris along with a 2 page personal letter he sent to a dear friend of his. The book is titled The Way I Remember It, The First 67 years, by Burton M Harris. I sure would like to see it go to someone who appreciates this gentleman and his early life and role in music. Pls contact me for further details. deborah in austin tx -

Posted January 23, 2010
(Country) Does anyone know the song or words to "Willie Roy The Crippled Boy"? I don't remember who sang it but I think it was around in the 40's. jackie -

Posted January 17, 2010
Maybe someone on here can help me. I live in Long Island, NY and have been searching for any 1950s-1961, Rockabilly/Rock n' Roll records done by teenagers of that era on Long Island. I have asked around here in my local area, but no one can give me an answer. I know that the Long Island Doo Wop groups have been well documented on the many compilations that are in circulation, but the Long Island Rockabilly groups are nowhere to be found. If anyone can point me in the right direction please shoot me an e-mail. Thanks. David -

Posted January 16, 2010
Where can I get piano sheet music for Joyce Greens - Ride in a Black Cadillac - 1959. Thanks for your help.

Posted December 27, 2009
Hi There, I am from South Africa and would love to get hold of Some of Gene Vincent's music. I have some of it, an LP or two, but I specifically would like" your cheatin heart" a track which he sang in SA. When he came out here he stayed with a friend of mine in Port Elizabeth, I think the year was 1963,or near that. I see that track is on a CD set that you are selling, in fact cd number 2,how would I go about purchasing this set and what would it cost. King regards, Joe Newton -

Posted December 26, 2009
Hi, AL my ORION Friends? No One can sing better than MYYYYYY JIMMMMMEY ORION ELLLIS OK! He's MYYYYYYYYY HEEEEERO! Bless, Friends, STC, Allen - - ALLEN DAMRON

Posted December 11, 2009
Gabriel Kickel & the Kickelsons are touring again. The tour will start in January and it will eventually cover whole Finland, Screw them Baseballs, this is the real thing. New cd: "She moves like a yawnmover" out now. Gee Man -

Posted December 6, 2009
(Country) - Trying to find info on old clips of The Tommy Trent Show. A local broadcast that aired the show once a week in Little Rock, Ar. I had aunts and uncles that preformed on the show several times, would love to get the opp. to see them again. Ricky Hill -

Posted December 6, 2009
For sale on EBAY until December 12th ... Search for Item number: 290378109832. Vintage Original Marvin RAINWATER Film Interview 16mm Rockabilly HALL OF FAME Country Rock Radio Smythe Rockabilly Hall of Fame! Marvin Rainwater -- Original 16mm film with sound Interview with radio TV personality Pete Smythe in Colorado. From his estate sale. Take a look at the pictures... this is early vintage television interview on film of rock country legend. I have not listened to this, so I do not know the contents. Everything looks good quality. This would be good material for documentary on rockabilly. EB -

Posted November 30, 2009
Hi! Could anyone help me with this: I'm lookin for TRACK LISTING of Rollin the rock vol.1. lp (released in mid 70's, Rollin rock records)...if somebody could write it here (to this messageboard), i would be grateful, I didn't find it in Net (is there full Rollin Rock discography anywhere?) Juha, Finland

Posted November 29, 2009
(Country) - What year did Merle Haggard's song "Wake Up" first released? My best friend, who recently past away, and I used to listen to this song alot in the early 1980's. Thank you Merle for you great music! and thank you to whoever can assist me in finding this information. thelma knight - tknight

Posted November 27, 2009
(Country) - I was listening to some of Bill Monroe's cassette tapes I still have in my treasury and remembering how incredible the time was I spent on the road and off the road with Mr. Monroe. I would call many of these events miracles or most of them, actually. I started writing a book in 2001, I have journals kept while on the road and most of them were during the last year and one half as I worked for Bill Monroe as Diana Christian. Before that I was Dee Dee Prestige. Hello to all the wonderful folks I met and worked with and Thanks for being so good to me. Love, Diana..PS, I do have an address as I live in Minnesota now, my Mother Josephine asked me to move to MN. from TN. in 2000 so I did. My address is Diana Christian, 231 E. Superior St. #914, Duluth, MN. 55802. God Bless The Bluegrass World. Thank You. Diana Butterfly Rose Christian -

Posted November 19, 2009
Hi everyone, I am a freshman in College at San Francisco State. I am writting my final paper for English on the Rockabilly culture. I have always been fascinated by the music and style of this culture. I was hoping if anyone could help me get a better sense of the culture and answer some short interview questions that would be really helpful. Email me at - Ariella Castillo

Posted November 19, 2009
No mention of the great Robert Gordon..!? For shame! I would invite you to tune in to my internet radio show, called 'Life As ART, Also', this Sunday evening at 8pm EST when we will be talking to Robert live. It is my feeling that he should be inducted post-haste! Listen this Sunday: Program webpage: - Thanks, Chris - - Elkhart, Indiana, USA

Posted November 16, 2009
Hello all, I'm writing to let you all know that myself and Bill Alton (Starlight Drifters) have formed a new band called King Drifter. We have recorded 4 songs and they are available for your listening pleasure at If you're so inclined please give them a listen. All feedback is welcome. Cheers, Bill Giorgiio -

Posted November 13, 2009
Hey wondering if you guys ever heard of band called the Tenderloin Trio....? They are not exactly rockabilly ... but they are hillbilly, and seems close enough for me. Wondering if anyone has had a chance to see em' live and could give me some insight to there live shows. check em' out if you want. Peanut -

Posted November 11, 2009
For all the fans that came to the Ubangi Stomp to see my performance, I want to give a big thank you to all of you. It was an awesome experience for this old rocker to see all the excitement in your faces and to get to meet you. I want to extend a special thank you for bringing me out for 3 encores. That was very special to me and very exciting for this old rocker. Rockabilly will never die. That was quite evident in Benidorm, Spain on October 31, 2009. A very special thank you to my back up band "Spo-Dee-O-Dee." If you get a chance to see this band, do it. They are a great bunch of guys. Thank you to the promoters, Hector and his wife Ruth for a wonderful visit. Hope to meet you all again someday. Roc LaRue -

Posted November 5, 2009

Posted November 3, 2009

Posted October 29, 2009
Hi, I am a honky-tonk piano player and singer in the style of Jerry Lee Lewis and Fats Domino. Also, I do country, blues, oldies and rockabilly. I was with Sun Records in the 60's with my band "The Four Upsetters" and we recorded and toured with Jerry Lee, Charlie Rich and Linda Gail Lewis. I will be performing at The House of Blues in Orlando Jan. 1 & 2 I am available for bookings. JOHN C GUTHRIE -

Posted October 24, 2009
Hi, some of you may remember that about a year ago I asked for your help for a project which was intended to put together all Gene Vincent performances plus all cover versions of Say Mama. This was to become a gift for the two great guys who wrote this song, i.e. Johnny Meeks and Country Earl. The project was completed with the result of 4 CDs , the first one containing 26 different Gene Vincent performances and the other three containing 98 cover versions plus a 17 page booklet for the background information and a DVD with 27 different video performances of the song. This year I am about to finish an update containing another 33 to 34 cover versions on CD plus 13 video clips on DVD. In the process of the exercise I was asked by Bobby Jones (thru Country Earl), if I could do a similar thing for Baby Blue. So far I compiled a new CD with 21 Gene Vincent performances of Baby Blue and I identified about 50 cover versions, 42 of which I have already been able to assemble. Research in this area is more difficult than for Say Mama, since a number of songs are titled Baby Blue or contain the words Baby Blue. So please let me have your info regarding cover versions of Baby Blue. Thanks for your help Wolfgang, Wolfgang Hetzel -

Posted October 21, 2009
Hello, I'm Adi a DJ from a radio station rockabilly/psychobilly in Jogja, Indonesia. Our radio has been running for approximately three months. Because rockabilly/psychobilly in our area is very minimal, therefore we established a radio station, but it also, here is very difficult to find music genre that was like that and if you do not mind. We would request a cd album of your band played on the radio for us. In addition to your band well known here, also will be more global rockabilly/psychobilly again. Thank you, Best Regards - ADI "Riverside Rockabilly radio" -

Posted October 21, 2009
... Love your email and website -- thanks for reaching out!! Rockabilly on ... Nell Bryden -

Posted October 19, 2009
(Country) Where can I find the sheet music for Waltz across Texas? Pam -

Posted October 17, 2009
(Country) Do you know anything about the winners of the Mr.DJ award on WSM in Nashville. Mozelle Phillips, I'm trying to find info on her. We have a pic of her with the WSM mic in front of her and Little Jimmy Dickens, and two other singers, chatting fun with her. I need more info. Can you Help? This could have been in the 50's. kelly hill -

Posted October 17, 2009
Can anybody tell me who did the TV version of 'Happy Days', the one that opened and closed the TV show? Mike 'Rave On' Russell -

Posted October 17, 2009
Hi Folks! This is to inform you that there's a new opening song on my web site from the LP MAC-002 "ROCK! BOP! and DIG IT!" by BURT ALLIS & the DIGGERS and lots of new unpublished pics! MORE to come! ROCK 'n ROLL FOREVER! Bouvrie M ac/MAC RECORDS.

Posted October 13, 2009
"STOMPIN' RIFFRAFFS" Late50's~Early60's style! This is WILD! and FRANTIC! rock'n'roll band! a man and three girls! from Japan!! Check it!!
web site:
my space:

Posted October 9, 2009
'ORIGINAL ELVIS TRIBUTE' RETURNS TO POLAND, Warsawa - In January 2010, the King would have turned 75, and in order to celebrate his significant contribution to popular culture, the prestigious 'Reduta Banku Polskiego' in the Polish capital Warsawa will be hosting a special 3-day Elvis Happening on January 15  17, 2010. This will be the most ambitious Elvis event ever staged in Poland, an exciting and action-packed three days filled morning to late night with everything Elvis, including Elvis movies on a large screen, a market, special presentations and lots of live music. Already booked is the sensational 'The Original Elvis Tribute 2010' featuring a.o. Elvis' 70s bassplayer Duke Bardwell. This remarkable band took the Polish fans by storm last May, so no doubt many will be very pleased to hear that they will be returning to Poland for three shows! "I loved everything about Poland", Duke Bardwell says, "And I'm looking forward to returning in January 2010. We'll have a blast!". For more info, please visit:>

Posted October 7, 2009
I came across a 45 record in my grandparents attic. The artists name is Bobby Willard, the song on it are Let it go and I am lonesome. I was told by my grandmother that he was a local from Buffalo, NY who signed with Frontier Records. I've scoured the internet trying to find out more and all I can find was his name on the rockabilly hall of fame list. I was just wondering if someone could help me or even point me in the right direction. Thank you, Amanda -

Posted October 7, 2009
Finally a Danish upcoming rockabilly band with the right attitude and a hell of a stage show. For some odd reason rockabilly is not that big in Denmark. But that will hopefully changed as The BillyBoopers get more known. Their version of Blue Suede Shoes. The whole concert is on my YouTube page as a playlist (scroll down): Keep On Rocking!! - adelfred -

Posted October 7, 2009
(Country) I have an autographed song book called "The Voice With One Heart" by Mac Wiseman "Song and Picture Album" and "The Coopers Family Photo Album" with Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper's autographs. I would like to know what the value of these autographed books are. Katherina -

Posted October 4, 2009
Hi could someone answer A question for me? I have one of those rare records by Lefty Frizzell (Stepping Out) and (Always In Love). It has never been played. It the same one you show in your Lefty hall of fame page. It was given to me by one of the co-writers, Jimmy Fields. We were neighbors many years. Does this record have any sentimental value? Thanks. charles torrence -

Posted October 2, 2009
"ELVIS NOW 2009" a new show debuted by Rockabilly Hall member RJ Coltin (Ronnie Sando's) copyrighted name. RJ recorded with the likes of DJ Fontana, Charlie Hodge and other former members of the Elvis Presley band and the Jordanaires, and did concerts with the band in the early 90s. The only show to surface that portrays what ELVIS would be doing now if it wasn't for his untimely death. The show was the brainthrust of Charlie Hodge who was putting it together for Elvis and gave the idea to RJ. For more info check Ronnie Sando's Rockabilly Hall page and follow the links. For booking information: -

Posted October 2, 2009
(Country) Please tell me who sang the song (Deck Of Card ) I would like to buy it but I can"t find it, is there anyone who can tell me what I need to know? Thank you so much. Lillian Pruskowski -

Posted September 28, 2009
(Country) My husband has a morning radio show on a Classic Country Music station up here in Wisconsin from 6-10am. We have recently developed a website about the show. Our website is The station that he is on is WATQ-FM 106.7. The station has a website where you can hook up to the streaming of the station at" Thank you, Sherry -

Posted September 28, 2009
(Country) To whom it may concern: I heard a song that I think was called YES SIR, it is a country song and the singers were twin brothers I think.there was a video also . they were on a ranch and one of the brothers was wanting to ask the dad if he could marry his daughter. I'm not sure if the name of the song is YES SIR, but that is what the young man said alot. Wish I could tell you more but I'm not sure of the year. I'm thinking maybe 7yrs ago. Thanks: Winnie -

Posted September 23, 2009
Hello, I am French, so I will try to be understood. I have a signed photo of Gene Vincent it says "To George thanks a million" signed "Gene Vincent". I think that was to George Collange who was a great fan of Gene Vincent. It is for sale.

Posted September 23, 2009
Greetings, I have been trying to find information on my father for some time now with no luck until yesterday I thought I would never know what happened to him or if he is alive or if I have brothers, sisters uncles etc. I have found though that in Indiana he was a country and western music promoter, singer/guru thats the way his obit descibes him, so I am wondering if maybe you have information on him maybe if my luck is with me a pic? His name was Charles Freeman Sloan. Thank you very much. william sloan -

Posted September 21, 2009
(Country Related) Someone was wanting information about Adam Gosdin and I may be able to help. I've known Adam for a few years and a couple months ago we teamed up to write music. Our first song, "CHRISTMAS TOY", will be out around Thanksgiving on SandTown Records with download distribution through iTunes. JERRY MORGAN -

Posted September 16, 2009
Hi Kats 'n' Kittens, I am glad to announce that the Babe Society radio is back online. To celebrate the radio playlist is all new and more rockin' than ever. For the rockinest sounds in cyberspace feel free to visit to start listening. As always You can even do Your own requests, live and in real time! Rockabilly Rules, Kim, DJ President -

Posted September 16, 2009
My name is Betsy Shepherd and I am conducting research on a female rockabilly artist name Cordell Jakcson (Miller). I am trying to track down the original recordings by Ms. Jackson, also know as the rocking granny, on Moon Records, a label she co-founded with Chet Atkins. I am wondering if you have some kind of archive where I might hear these original recordings. If not, do you have any suggestions on how I might track down her music. Any information you can give will be most appreciated. Thanks,
201 Donaghey Ave. Main 107
Conway, AR 72035 - 501-450-5970

Posted September 15, 2009
I'm not sure if you've had the opportunity to check out my Facebook page, so I'll introduce myself. I'm a freelance writer who specializes in roots music, particularly rockabilly. My work has been published in the magazines Blue Suede News and Rockabilly, as well
        I am in the research process of an article on early female rockabilly artists and, although I've been an avid rockabilly fan since I was a little girl, I stumbled across someone I had never had the privilege of listening to: Sparkle Moore. I would love to talk with her about her music career and her life since she gave it up. Would you happen to know how I could reach her? Any help that you could offer would be much appreciated.
        Feel free to send me a message via Facebook, or to my e-mail at Thanks for your time, and I love the Rockabilly Hall of Fame website. It's wonderfully informative. Best, Denise Daliege-Pierce

Posted September 10, 2009
Hi, does anyone know if Myrna Lorrie, Canadian Singer, is still performing and where? I bought a long play record of hers and would like to know if there are still records of hers for sale. Jeannette H. -

Posted September 8, 2009
I am looking for a song for a memorial. A male country singer sang a song about getting a car. Inside the glove compartment was a letter written about the person who once owned the car. I believe the person that owned the car had been in the military and was killed. It is a very beautiful song which came out, I believe, a couple of years ago. If someone can help me with the name of the song and the artist I would appreciate it greatly. If you have lyrics or music it would even be better. My boyfriend died and the family would really like this song to be played. Thank you so much.

Posted August 26, 2009
I'm a writer working on a book and was hoping you might have contact info for artist Bob Jaxon, who recorded for RCA in the 1950's. I'd like to interview him. Hope to hear back from you with any suggestions. Best, Chris Kennedy 201-934-4581 -

Posted August 24, 2009
I remember Gene Vincent performing in England in Bognor Regis in the early 1960's, my husband is not so sure it was him. Could you tell me if it was him. I think he performed with Sounds Incorporated. Thanks, Maggie

Posted August 24, 2009
W.S. "Fluke" Holland: Just posted a new video on our homepage.

Posted August 24, 2009
I would like to know who sang the country verison of HELL YES I CHEATED. alona -

Posted August 22, 2009
For some time I have had a song in my iTunes library of which I don't know the artist. Since the closest style would be rockabilly, I would like to ask you if you have some more information for me. I already sent the song to one of our most known radio DJs here in the Netherlands, but he couldn't find anything either. The information I do have is contained in the metadata of the song. Apparently the band is called "Del Bombers" and the song "Don't leave". I've attached the song in MP3 format. I've also searched for some hours on the internet, but could not get any further than an amateur (?) band called the Del Bombers, who actually have a similar style, but are not the recording artists of this song. So my question is: is the name correct or am I on the wrong track? Also, typing in (parts of) the lyrics didn't give any results. Anyway, I hope you could offer some help, since it's been bothering me for some time now. The only comfort is the song is really nice! :-) Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Frederik de Wit, Rotterdam, The Netherlands -

Posted August 20, 2009
I'm not sure if I've done this right, any help would be wonderful. If you could ask around about a man named Vernon Ceasar Edwards, he is my father that I've never met "I do have a pic. of him from back around the late 50's. He played in the Jimmy Haggett band. He was the trumpet player He also co-wrote the song Knock Down Drag out with Billy Springer from Kennett, Mo. "I talked to Billy sun. and he can't help me" Burford Peek sung the song and was killed before it was released. I found the song on the Frenwood Rockabilly album. My num. is 573-712-4052, Reno Smith -

Posted August 19, 2009
We are looking for a lead guitarist and a upright bass player that lives in the Nashville area and would like to work with a drummer and lead singer that has been around the block and played with alot of great artist? and has gold and Platinum records to prove. Band would go on the roaad. Let me know if you know of anyone. Thanks! Kat, 615-491-5193 -

Posted August 19, 2009
Hello everyone! My name is Michael Moon. I was the drummer for Myrna Jay on her recording of 'Johnny's Coming Home'. It was a fun session at the Sage studio that day. Here's a bit of trivia for you....if you listen closely at the end of the song you will hear a distinct 'click' sound. That was the sound of my drumsticks clicking together as we finished the recording. We all heard it during playback, we discussed doing another take but we decided to leave it in. Ha ! We also performed the song live on KTTV on the Town Hall Party telecast. It's nice to know there are folks who still enjoy the Rockabilly songs of the era. As for me, I started playing in country bands at small bars in the Irvine canyon area in the mid 50's. I went on playing drums for many years in California. I played in several Country/Rock bands in the Bay Area in Northern California and also did a few gigs playing in Jazz bands in San Francisco in the 60's. I stopped playing in the late 70's, but I enjoyed every minute I sat behind those drums and watched the audience enjoying the music. Great memories. I recommend music as a very worthwhile endevour, whether it be professionally or just as a hobby. Best wishes to all !.....and Thanks for the memories.

Posted August 17, 2009
I am looking for the writer and singer of the song; "Fallen Leaves" that came out in either the late 40's,50's or ? Could you please help point me in the right direction? I know that Grandpa Jones sang it one time but that is all I know. Someone very close to me is in their 80's and they would like to find the original singer and writer of it and have a copy to play at their funeral so I am trying everything I know to get it now. Thanks. you can respond by email if you wish thanks. Pam at

Posted August 13, 2009
I have found information that Charline Arthur is buried in Fort Worth, but have not discovered which cemetery. Do you know - or can you suggest a source to find - in which cemetery she is buried? Thanx, Mel Reuss -

Posted August 13, 2009
my father was tex ferguson of the drifting pioneers would like to have some info on songs he wrote or where to get c'ds of his music. I never heard him sing or play guitar i so want to hear him sing. marian ferguson rojas -

Posted August 11, 2009
Hi! We are the Nitus and The Rollin' Dice rockabilly and country band from Hungary, Europe. We love and make rockabilly music too. If You interests about how to make rockabilly music in this little country at mid-Europe, please visit our myspace site: We have already a demo from january of 2009 yet (You can hear it on myspace with two own tracks: Nyomd a Gázt (hungarian version) and Old Record Machine.) but we started to make our first full album with 10 own tracks. I hope You like we make rockabilly! If You want concerts from us in USA please help to us, to make it. Thanks a lot. Vik Flames, Nitus and The Rollin' Dice -

Posted August 6, 2009
My name is Jesse Schear. My wife's name was Sherri Wilson before we married. Her father was Jimmy Wilson, who played piano with Billy Lee Riley, who just recently passed away. We are looking for any information about her father. We know he was a sessions musician at Sun Studios, we know he also played for some other musicians but are not positive of a complete list, we know some of them. We are looking for any information like unknown relatives, friends etc., stories about her dad. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated and helpful. I can be contacted at (pls put Jimmy Wilson in subject) or @ 937-241-8754. Thanks ahead of time for any and all information. Jesse Schear -

Posted August 6, 2009
I have enjoyed the Gene Vincent site very much and I also find it a pleasure to find out people make such an effort to honour their favourite artist. My reason to visit your site was to check out Gene's discography. The case is that I am looking for a cd single of Gene 'Bebop a lula' coupled to 'Venus' by Shocking Blue. I would very much like to know when (year) and where (country) this cd single has been issued and which company and label number it has. Maybe someone can help me out or have a suggestion where to look for perhaps an image of the cd single. Thanks in advance. All the best from Holland, Albert Jan -

Posted August 6, 2009
Hi! Anyone has got Starday 45-310 by JACK CARDWELL "Once Everyday/Hey Hey Baby? I need the label shot for an article I am writing on Cardwell for my blogsite Thank you!

Posted August 5, 2009
So very sad to hear that Billy Lee Riley had died. I only saw him perform once,many years ago on his first visit to the U.K. Billy had a very special talent and in my humble opinion was extremely under-rated. My condolences to his wife and children. Pete Martin -

Posted August 5, 2009
I am looking for bio info on Curley Langley....can anyone help me? Susan -

Posted August 4, 2009
Question: In reference to the late Wynn Stewart. Why hasn't he been installed in the Country Music Hall of Fame? This man had the number one 'song of the year' in 1967 with "It's such a pretty world today." He hit the charts many times in his career. Wrote many good tunes. Haggards' "Sing a sad song" for one. He was one of the 'Bakersfield bunch', tho, along with Hag, Buck Owens, Freddy Hart. Looks like ya gotta be from Nashville to 'get in'. It's kinda sad ,really. ed "buz" ellingsworth -

Posted August 1, 2009
God bless Billy Lee Riley, and all musicians who gave all. jc -

Posted July 28, 2009
Hi! My father-in-law Jerry Wayne Hammontree, tells us the stories about when he went from Clayton, NM to California in the late 1950's and took his self-written songs like "Move Over Rover" and "Everybody's Got A Baby" and "Dream Girl" under the pseudonym "Jerry Hammond" around to studios trying to be the next hit. He demoed several songs including "Dream Girl" at Atlantic as well as several other studios. Atlantic offered him a weak contract and no upfront money, so he kept looking. He recorded "Move Over Rover" and "Everybody's Got A Baby" at Terry-Tone Records not long before they went under. He met and hung out with the likes of Dobie Gray, watched the song Alley Oop recorded in the studio "in one take" and had one of his best songs "stolen" by an early rock icon (or his studio (Atlantic)). He met Joyce, the love of his life, in a café in San Bernardino and settled down with her in Casper, WY. Unfortunately he recently lost her to cancer and is quite sad. Scott Gerardy

Posted July 27, 2009
ED. NOTE: We received a letter from Betty Nickell (a/k/a/ Nickel), who did "Hot Dog" and "I'll Never Love Again".
"I am now 72 years old and I also did two other recordings that I know are posted (somewhere) on the Internet as well. One was on the Abbey label (recorded in Los Angeles, California) and the other was on U.M.C. (United Music Craft Records). The U.M.C. recording was in Nashville, Tenn., P.O. Box 90375 - 37209.
I have been a Christian now for 31 years and my intention (with God's help) is to record a CD. So I've been preparing for this of late. Hopefully it will happen in the very near future."
Betty Nickell, 1833 Mid-Bellville Rd. #10, Mansfield, Ohio 44904.

Posted July 27, 2009
I am Bob Pesek from the Playmates Band in the 1960's Bob Ayers played with us and to my opinion was one of the best singer and guitar players I have ever heard! He could play any kind of music you wanted. We had a variety band that could please anybody, and all age groups. we didn't have to travel far becouse we had all the work we wanted. I must say Bob Ayers played a huge roll in our success. Bob Pesek.

Posted July 23, 2009
I sang at Renfro Valley frequently in the late 50's (riding from Berea with one of the Coon Creek Girls), then began singing again in 1967 as one of the Bullock Sisters trio act until late 1975. Last September, I married Boyd Ingram (also a previous performer from 1958 until about 1966). We are both from that area - I am from Brodhead (Rockcastle County), and Boyd is from McKee (Jackson County). We have so many, many fond memories of Mr. Lair and all our friends from the Valley. Currently, I assist in coordinating the Annual Renfro Valley Alumni Show which is held the first Saturday of September in conjunction with the Fiddlers' Convention in Renfro, and I also MC the show. We would love to hear from other Renfro Valley alumni who may be out there somewhere. Thank you. Kathee Ingram -

Posted July 23, 2009
I am looking for the lyrics to a Marijohn Wilkin song called "It all belongs to the Father". I need to know what the word i in the line __________ or standard whatever your name, we all belong to the Father. Is there anyone out there who knows what the word is that goes in the blank. Rose Garnick -

Posted July 20, 2009
I am looking for my old friend Dennis Payne. If you are able, please give him my Email address. It would mean a lot. Thank You, Jim Sanders -

Posted July 17, 2009
For Sale: Vintage 50's thru 70's vintage Rock and Roll Radio Shows. Uncut and Unedited just like you would of heard it back them. Many with the newsbroadcast of that day - along with the uncut music and great vintage ads! Remastered onto CD so that you can hear these shows almost anywhere - makes for great a great Cruising experience in your car as well. And they are less then $10 each. Check out the list of available shows at: Satisfaction is guaranteed! With many references available. rockitradio

Posted July 17, 2009
Hi, My name is Otto Fuchs. I used to host the Rocket 88 Show on Rock It Radio from 2000 - 2004. Since leaving the station I concentrated on djing at rockabilly / rock & roll events. As well as publishing a book on Bill Haley (now avalable in german, with an english translation due in 2011). If you could refer me to a rock & roll / rockabilly radio station please let me know. All the best, Otto Fuchs.

Posted July 17, 2009
From: Dominique ANGLARES -
See message here

Posted July 17, 2009
I did go by Billy Lee Riley's house yesterday however, there was no one at home. I left a note for him to call me and I hope he will. I went next door and his neighbor informedd me that he was in a real bad way. She did say that there were cars there on Wednesday but, none there yesterday except his car sitting in the drive. My first thought was that someone had taken him to the hospital in Little Rock for his Chemo treatment, which is terribly sickening. She informed me that she would go over when they returned home an tell him that I called. I also left with her a cane I made for Billy to help him to get around without having to be concerned about falling. I made the handle from cherry wood stained red mahongany and the main shaft is an oak 3/4" by 35"and is stained with golden oak stain. I also put two silver collors at the top with a 1/2" stainless steel band a little lower on the shaft to give it stability. Also, as you know , he called his band "The Little Green Men" so, I set a green 1/2" green stone in the butt part of the handle and I called this a "Moonstone". I hope he enjoys it because it is a one-of-a- kind not one like it in the world made especially for Billy himself.
        Let me hear from any of you that get this report if you would like to give him a message or good wishes as I will be going back to visit him in the very near future.
PRAY for Billy and Joyce,
God Bless You Is My Prayer,
Wes "The Bishop, Wildman" (used to be) Beavers

Posted July 17, 2009
i love floyd cramer playing the piano ... where in britain can i buy his music on cds?

Posted July 16, 2009
We are going to have a show for Bill Lee Riley on August 30 at 1 pm at the Silver Moon in Newport, Arkansas, which is on the 167 Rock and Roll Hiway. We are trying to line up a lot of artists to play and everything taken in will go to Billy Lee. Our band the Pacers and Sonny Burgess will be there and we are contacting others now to come and play. Please let everyone know about this. Anyone wanting to play should email or call me at 501-803-4834. Bobby Crafford -

Posted July 16, 2009
Is there an email address where I can send a question to Bill Collins - film presenter/critic re finding out the title of a film that he presented back in 1973 on lunchtime television this has be bugging me for 36 years. thelma -

Posted July 14, 2009
I have got a very rare copy of the first Johnny Burnette Rock 'n Roll Trio 10" on the Coral label, catalogue number LVC 10041 which I would like to sell, has anyone got any ideas of where to sell it, or does anybody here want to discuss?? SiMonB -

Posted July 13, 2009
Hello Friends! Does anyone have the mailaddress of Scotty Moore? If Yes I will be very happy if you will send it to me. Thank's if you will. Rockin' Regards, Jørgen Poulsen, Denmark -

Posted July 13, 2009
Hi, just an idea with regard to Billy Lee Riley's terrible plight. Can the rockabilly hall of fame set up a paypal account on Billy's behalf . It really does not take long to do, I am sure it could make things a lot easier for all his fans worldwide to donate and help support Billy at this trying time for both him and his family (especially for his wife). If this is not possible for whatever reason then I will gladly donate in the manner you suggest. Many thanks, Andy -
ED. NOTE: Great idea ... here you go ... we will forward all funds to BLR.
Donate via PayPal here:

Posted July 9, 2009
SUE MORENO TO JOIN 'THE ORIGINAL ELVIS TRIBUTE' Following the highly successful May '09 tour, 'The Original Elvis Tribute 2010' (featuring a.o. Elvis' original bassplayer Duke Bardwell) will be returning to Europe in January 2010 in order to celebrate The King's 75th birthday. This remarkable production has several surprises in store for the fans, and the show promises to be a one-of-a-kind celebration of the man and his music. This time, we will be adding a special Gospel segment to the show, and we feel confident that Elvis himself would have approved. Moreover, we are also proud to announce that the very talented Sue Moreno will be joining us as a backing singer. Miss Moreno is a very popular singer in her own right, so we are all excited about having her 'on board'. "Being a great admirer of Elvis Presley's music and inspired by him throughout the years of my own musical career, it is an honor to be part of this unique Elvis show", she says, "I've always loved to perform Elvis' repertoire - I can really put everything in it - and being able to work with these great musicians makes it extra special". Arjan / Deelen Consult - - 0045 35132939. theoriginalelvistribute2010

Posted July 7, 2009
I am looking for Johnny Cash and June doing, 'Time's a Wasting', either a CD voice recording, or on one of the concert films that was recorded back in the late 60's or early 70's. Can anyone help? Thanks. Lee -

Posted July 7, 2009
Does anyone know anything about the artist "Smiley Smith" aka Harold Smith? I think his popularity might have been with the tune "Voodoo Woman." I would appreciate any credible biographical info or contact info (needed for a research project). Angela -

Posted July 3, 2009
Sjockfestival, Gierle, Belgium = July 10-11-12
Peter Van der Flaes -

Posted July 3, 2009
Greetings Friends! We have a new CD. Please give a listen.
Best Regards! Alexander "Alex" Golubev, - - +7 916 153 5322 - Moscow, Russland

Posted June 28, 2009
I have some old country music items that I am interested in knowing the value of. I have WSM's Official Grand Ole Opry History Picture Book VOL.1 No.1, also several d.j. copies of George Jones 45's, a copy of 1953 Steel Guitar Echoes {news letter from W.S.M.) and also a program from Nov. 29, 1961 when the Grand Ole Opry first appeared at Carnegie Hall in New York. I also have several more items, these are just to name a few. If any one out there is interesed please E-mail. Thanks. C. A. Speegle -

Posted June 26, 2009
Can anyone tell me how to find information about Shelby Jean Davis, a country music singer from the 1930's? Shelby -

Posted June 24, 2009
Never thought I'd ever see this again - isn't the internet a wonder! In early 1981, Janet Street-Porter produced a series of programmes for London Weekend Television about the various different youth/music "clans" around at the time. In the rockabilly episode, I was filmed in Ray Frensham's record shop in Ilford with my buddies Kenny Smith and Mark Edwards, and my girlfriend Tricia Webb (who has been Mrs Penny for the last 24 years). The entire episode has now been uploaded to YouTube in six clips and can be found here:
It's worth a look (even for those who don't appear in it), as it covers the history of the music and the rock 'n' roll scene in Britain and includes interviews with Ray, Dave Edmunds, Sunglasses Ron, etc. Doesn't Danny Baker look young! Dave Penny -

Posted June 23, 2009
Paul Young's SCHOOL OF ROCK put on 2 benefit concerts recently for radio station, WFMU. DJ Dave the Spazz picked out all the songs for them to perform, an assortment of obscure rockabilly, r&b, garage rock, soul and more. Its pretty amazing listening. I wish I'd been able to go to one of these shows!! Larry Shell -

Posted June 22, 2009
RIP Andy Starr (Zachar) of Andy Starr & The Casinos
Andrew Zachar Jr., 69, of Upper Saucon Township, died Wednesday, June 10, 2009 in the Hospice of the V.N.A. of St. Lukes, Lower Saucon Township. He was the husband of Patricia A. (Pealer) Zachar. Born in Allentown on November 4, 1939, he was the son of Ethel R. (Frankenfield) Zachar of Hellertown and the late Andrew Zachar Sr. Andrew worked at ASM Marketing as a sales representative until his retirement. He was a life member of Cloverleaf Archery Club. He formed the group Andy Starr and the Casinos and was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in 2003. He wrote and performed on many different venues with his artistic music abilities which are readily available on the internet. Drew B -

Posted June 22, 2009
I would be very grateful if anyone can advise of the Jerry Lee Lewis Trio drummer who toured Australia with The Killer in February 1958. Whether J M Van Eaton or Russell Smith? Yours, Doug. Rockabilly Rocks On And On...

Posted June 21, 2009
New rockabilly band. Hello, we are from Ramona San Diego Ca. We are trying to get our name and sound out to the rockabilly community. i hope you like our sound and can help us make this country the 1950s all over again. heres our link thank you so much. The Rumblers, if you want more songs let me know. Garrett Wear -

Posted June 14, 2009
Don Deal R.I.P. I would just like to inform the fans of a great singer and rockabilly singer who passed on to glory date June 13, 2009.

Posted June 14, 2009
I am looking for video of the PBS Grand Ole Opry programs that aired on PBS nationwide on the following dates - March 4, 1978; March 3, 1979; March 2, 1980; March 14, 1981. I would like to have part of the shows from those dates or all of them. I have partial video shows from 1979 and 1980 but would like to have complete programs for a research project I am doing and also for personal collection only (in VHS or DVD format). I grew up loving the Opry and fell in love with it even more after seeing it for the first time through these shows - which reflect the last of the glory days of the Opry (before change starting coming with the sale of the Opry to American General in 1982 and Gaylord in 1983, and huge change since 1998). I would like to facilitate a trade for these shows - I have other shows I will be willing to trade for them. I am also looking for a place with a traditional country music radio station - I had a popular show until March of this year that featured country/hilbilly music from the 20s to the 60s (with emphasis on the 1940s) and would like ot have an outlet for that once again. You may contact me at my email address if you need to (the 532 number posted six years ago is long ago not valid). Thanks so much! Richard White -

Posted June 14, 2009
I do not usually do this type of thing, but it is not for me. I live in NH and am friends with Gene Maltais who cut 45's for Decca, lilac and Regal. I have been a record collector for a long time. I am not computer savy so i dont look at your sights. I mainly collect historic significant records. I think if you listened to Gangwar and the Raging Sea on lilac it will set you back. Gene is still alive but as you know these artist are fading fast. To give you an idea of how sought after his lilac record is, it doesnt sell under five hundred in this economy. I have no hidden agenda, but when i did look at some of your nominees Gene rocked harder than all the ones i saw. He has a little known 45 on regal out Pheonix that was done with Duane eddy. It is killer rockabilly. I have a fellow friend who put out the raging teens cd's Jack Warner who has tried to keep Gene out of trouble. He is not easy to work with but he is the last of the mohicans. If he is already in, i apologize, if not you should really examine his recordings to what makes one a hall of famer. I know this, Gene would be thrilled. Thanks Tim Duggan -

Posted June 11, 2009
Hello all. I'm a Memphis music writer for, and I've recently posted an article on the Johnny Burnette Trio. You can all view it here:
Long live rock and roll!! Ronnie -

Posted June 11, 2009
Is there a way to send an e-mail or letter to Marvin Rainwater? My son in law is his cousin and would like to talk to him I think. He has a picture of Marvin and his grandfather. Margaret -

Posted June 11, 2009
Hello. I found your Email address on the official Gene Vincent site. I was wondering if there's anybody in the US selling that Gene book "The Boss - 1956"? I am itchin' to get a copy! Can you know / recommend anywhere I can get it? Thanks for your help - Cheers, Mike Daly (San Francisco).

Posted June 11, 2009
I have a new blog here: I had a blog at Yahoo360 for the last three years. But, Yahoo is apparently closing down Yahoo360 as well as a few more of their online services that don't seem to be very popular, Geocities, for instance, is another! I have copied and pasted some posts from my old blog on my new blog. They are not all in chronological sequence, but that is not really important. Any rate, please give it a look now and then and leave a comment when moved to do so. I hope you enjoy it and learn a thing or two. Mark Dillman - "Daddy-o Dilly" -

Posted June 2, 2009
Hello colleagues, friends, fans and family! Please visit the web site to view the commercial that started airing today around the Krystal market universe. We're excited about it here in our camp and want you to please forward it to anyone and everyone you know (who won't mind the email intrusion) because we want to share our excitement! Thanks to all.
Jennifer James
Rockabilly Records

Posted June 2, 2009
Swing Fling is Coming! August 6-9, 2009. Order Tickets Now! - Rooms are Selling Out Quickly - Reserve yours today! You can now download the competitor registration form online and mail it in. Barry Durand -

Posted June 2, 2009
Dave Travis has bought a small label named Santo and plans to re-issue their catalog in Europe. He has very little information on the label and has ask me if I could find out any information that would be useful to him. Also he has some masters he has bought on an artist named Darrell Tatum that he has no information on. He plans to re-issue them also. He ask me if I could find out anything on Darrell Tatum. I've checked all my sources here in Memphis and have come up with almost nothing. Stan Kessler remembers a Santo label but never heard of Darrell Tatum. I was wondering if you had anything on the Santo label or Darrell Tatum in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame or in your files. If you could get back to me on this I would appreciate it. Larry Manuel. -

Posted May 25, 2009
Subject: My favorite rockabilly artist is Phil Irwin
I just stumbled upon the Rockabilly Hall of Fame by searching up Phil Irwin. I will get to that, but first allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mick Bynes. I'm a 24 year old rockabilly fan/musician (not really, I play heavy metal music, but I am experimenting with fusing rockabilly and metal) from New York. I'm a vocalist/guitarist. I've been playing guitar for 10 years and I've been a vocalist for as long as I can remember. I've been searching for more info on Phil Irwin all over the Internet and I go no where.
        Here's some facts (and opinions) about Phil Irwin. This is based on my knowledge, sorry if it might not be accurate. He's a rockabilly musician (duh). He recorded a song called Pizza Pie and it appears on compilation called Cool and the Crazy (released by a label called Buffalo Bop). This song was released in 1993. However, I think it sounds 1958/59ish (early 1960's is the latest) to me. Now here is what I heard in the lyrics of the song. Do you need the lyrics? I have no lyric sheet, so I will do my best based on the recording.

Pizza Pie
(D. Young, Jules Helzner)

I took my baby to the hop
I saw her gleam? in her eye
She asks me to gets a pizza pie

Pizza pizza pizza pie
Pizza pizza pizza pie (woo!)
It's no matter how I try
All she wants is pizza pie

The gang was all there from school
The joint was jumpin', it was cool
She ordered another pizza pie

Pizza pizza pizza pie
Pizza pizza pizza pie (woo!)
It's no matter how I try
All she wants is pizza pie

        There's one more verse, but I cannot be bothered to remember it or play it back to get the rest at this time. I put question marks in there, since I cannot decipher what he is vocalizing. I will get back to you on it, if you want the lyrics (maybe for the site or if you want to know out of curiosity). Or do you even have the lyrics? Great, because I really need them. I want to sing this song perfectly! :)
        Pizza Pie is a terrific song. I'm thinking about covering this with my band. By the way, my band is called Feefer. It's an Internet based project. Only myself and another man. He's the bassist/vocalist of the band. We send each other tracks, I mix them... OK, it is quite a technical process that I don't want to bore you with. Anyhow do you know anything else about Phil Irwin? Is he still alive? What was the B-side to Pizza Pie? Any more information on Pizza Pie like where it was recorded and when was it exactly recorded? Who submitted him into the RHOF? I would love to know the answers to these burning questions and more. I would love to interview Irwin if he is indeed alive. I mean Johnny Powers is still alive and I bet Irwin may be still alive. If you don't know anything more about this guy, I understand. This man is the most obscure rockabilly artist ever! Well please get back to me whenever possible.
Thank you, Mick Bynes. Devin Pallodini ->

Posted May 23, 2009
To all of my friends ,fans, fellow musicians, kin folks.I was looking at youtube and someone posted ( One way Ticket ) on there .No video, Just a picture of the record.It is the original 45 recording released in 1959. I would like to mention once again the people who helped me on this recording. Dale Morgan" arranger and lead guitar", Butch Evans" rockin piano", Les Krajca"upright bass"who is deceased, Eddie Conley" rythym guitar" who is also deceased,and Gilbert Gray "drums" who is still living. I would also like to mention Jimmy Fields who put the record out on the Felco label. My brother Johnny Krajca took Gilbert's place on drums shortly after the record came out. Johnny also did the vocals on "Diddley Daddy" on The Omar label. As a lot of you know ,I wrote One Way Ticket, but some of the labels as does this particular one , have the writers mixed up and some even give credit to Bob Lumpkins as the singer. I have a few replicas of the record that are stamped as such on sale for 20 dollars each. It has a nice picture sleeve as well. Give the youtube a listen . It is the complete song. Just type in Youtube .com and then type in Bobby Crown and hit go or search. Bobby Crown -

Posted May 23, 2009
I have an original Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps poster from probably 1961. The performed in my hometown one night and I took the poster off of a light pole and have had it ever since. It's a little beat up because I had it stapled to the wall in my room for a long time and then just stored at my mothers house for another 35 years. What's it worth and who might be interested in it? Mickey Lynnes -

Posted May 22, 2009
Hidy, I'm an old rocker from the 1960 era. I'm from the Buddy Holly area of W.Texas & I used to pitch my songs around here & there. Finally I just hid in them in the closet. Thanks to the internet today some of my original stuff can be heard free at:
Teenage Idol of the Geritol Set -

Posted May 22, 2009
Hello to all! I picked up a BURL IVES gretsch miracle neck guitar at a yardsale. It has a serial # of 8057 ... could be 8067 and a patent # of 2469582. The case is really cool, like an old alligator material and the strings inside are Martin ... pretty thick and hefty strings compared to my yamaha. So, can't find any info in terms of Thank you. Linda (the next big songwriter you'll be hearing about!!:) -

Posted May 22, 2009
Trying to locate Ace Cannon godfather of the Sax. If anyone has any info please contact me. He is an old friend of mine. Dale Martin -<>br>
Posted May 22, 2009
Hello, I'm Jasper Raynor. My grandfather was the lead singer of J.C. and the Cavemen. I was wondering if anyone on here would be able to get me lyrics to his songs "Dear Abby" and "Kiss in the Dark." If anyone does not believe I am his grandson I can prove it. My father is Bradley Jerome Raynor. The only child of my grandfather Wilgius Raynor but the second of my grandmother Carolyn Raynor.Steve Dawkins is her second son. My dad played the piano in some of my granddad's songs and I really need the lyrics to show my class for a project on our ancestrory. Please, anyone help me. Jasper Raynor -

Posted May 22, 2009
by Deke Dickerson, President of the Herbie Duncan Fan Club / 03/09
        It has come to my attention that the great man Herbie Duncan no longer walks the face of the earth. Herbie, as most of the Norton Records faithful already know, was responsible for one of the wildest, outre' and incoherently wonderful records ever released--"Hot Lips Baby" b/w "Little Angel" on the Mar-Vel label of Hammond, Indiana, in 1958 (and reissued by Norton, of course). Herbie took the somewhat limited singing talent god gave him, added the rocket-fueled energy of a thousand Elvis Presleys, and came up with a musical formula no one has come close to matching in the 50 years since. He made a couple other records, good but not quite as magic as the first, and retreated back to a midwestern family life where he remained until his death.
        I had the good fortune to track Herbie Duncan down in 1986, where he was living in a trailer park in Olathe, Kansas. As a rockabilly-obsessed 15 year old, I had formed the "Herbie Duncan Fan Club," not knowing initially that Herbie lived only a few hundred miles away. When we found out Herbie's whereabouts, we organized a three-hour tour to meet him--no mean feat when you're 15 and your oldest friend was 19. Herbie and his wife treated myself and my friends like long-lost friends. Herbie could not believe that anybody would want to talk to him about his rock & roll past, and thought we were half-crazy when heaping praise on "Hot Lips Baby." Such is the curse of genius. Herbie did give me a show business platitude that I still retain to this day: "If at first you don't succeed, suck and suck and suck until you SUCK-CEDE!" These are words to live by.         I'll always remember Herbie most from this visit, when he took his old guitar out of the case, sat on his La-Z-Boy chair, and began warbling "Me And Bobby McGee" in his trademark vocal style. His body, his hands, his head, remained almost motionless as the words and music spilled out from his voice and guitar. Strangely, almost inhumanly, the La-Z-Boy chair began violently rocking back and forth, as if it was levitating, though Herbie remained almost motionless. My friends and I looked at this and remarked on it later, and to this day I have no idea how he did that. There was magic--magic that few understood, but undeniable magic--contained in the body and soul of Herbie Duncan. That magic is gone from us now. Rest in Peace, Herbie, from your friend Deke.

Posted May 22, 2009
GREAT videos of my old buddy JOE BENNETT and his band THE SPARKLETONES (from my home town, Spartanburg, SC) in their hey day, mid-50s, and in 2005! Awesome!
Michael Buffalo Smith -

Posted May 21, 2009

Posted May 21, 2009
LUMBERJACK BOB BEASLEY passed away today the 21st of May. He went peacefully after being ill with Throat Cancer. He was larger than life and I will miss my Uncles laughter. He died at ST. Peters hospital in Olympia Washington. Melinda Lorene Adams -
ALSO: The Beasley family regrets to inform you that Bob sercombed to Bone Cancer on 5-21-09 after winning a short battle with Prostrate Cancer prior to this. He fought like a warrior and died like a gentleman. He has joined his good friend Buddy Knox and the legends of old in Rockabilly Heaven. Thank You for your support and kindness. His very best is sent through his family to you. May God Bless You. Sincerely, - Bob Beasley Jr.

Posted May 21, 2009
Hey BO DIDDLEY fans, We are delighted to announce the launch of, the Official Bo Diddley Web Site. will offer: *Bo Diddley merchandise - *Digital downloads of your favorite Bo Diddley songs as well as never released material - *DVD release of Bo Diddley's last recorded performance., the Official Bo Diddley Web Site, is located at - - David Blakey, Webmaster

Posted May 21, 2009
F.Y.I. Rockabilly Hall of Fame Great Leon Bass passed away on March 15, 2009. He was best known for the hit records "Love a Rama" and "Country Hix". He taught me my first guitar licks. He will be truly missed. Tom Mathis -

Posted May 19, 2009
Hi! WE are Miguel Brus & Selva Escandell, we are rock&roll dancers from Argentina. Selva Escandell -

Posted May 19, 2009
Hi Cats, It's a pleasure to me to show you all our band. I hope you like it. Please click on this links and take a look:
Buscare Un Hogar (Spanish Language):
Baby Lets Play House (Elvis Cover): And this is our MySpace:
Toni Killbilly -

Posted May 18, 2009
Dear Friend, Just found your superb website for the late great Gene Vincent..and wondered if you could help me, i have been trying for many years to obtain a concert handbill by Gene who headlined the show at the ABC THEATRE BLACKPOOL: AUGUST 18th 1963 with Shane Fenton & The Fentones as support act etc...a copy of this handbill was sold on ebay some time ago and i was outbid..Would you have a copy of this handbill ? if so would it be possible to obtain a photo copy for myself,I have a blow up advertisement from the Blackpool Gazette for the show,but the newspaper advert is different to the handbill...I would be more than happy to get a copy of this done for you in trade. Many Thanks. Your Friend, Graham -

Posted May 13, 2009
I'm looking for a 45 by an artist named Billy Ledbetter out of Monroe Louisiana. The 45 is Stealing Hubcaps/My little dream girl. I beleive lable is GRC early 60's. anyone having a copy please contact me at - Thank you - Cindy Harmer

Posted May 13, 2009
The Blue Caps Guitars are up for auction. These are the one that were used from 1980 till present. They were also custom made for the group by Leo Fender himself. The Red Caviler was used by Johnny Meeks until just last month. The White Caviler was used by Paul Peek until his death, and the Blue Toro Bass was used by Bobby. The red, white and blue colors was used to promote the new G&L company during the Blue Caps European tour. These are listed with Hertiage Auctions in Dallas, and are included in their June Entertainment and Music auction. The auction starts May 18th. I just thought some of you may want to know. The address is - It's been awhile since I've posted. My name is Jerry Williams and have been playing with Johnny for the last 18 years. As some of you know, Johnny doesn't own a computer and doesn't want to learn. So I do most of the correspondance by e-mail for Johnny. Ya'll take a look!!! Keep Rockin' -

Posted May 9, 2009
I'm trying to locate Stan Perkins. I interviewed him years ago re: his father Carl for my book Beatles Undercover (do a search on that book on amazon). I need to ask him a few questions re: the revised edition of that book to be published soon. Thank you. Most respectfully, Kristofer Engelhardt - author: Beatles Undercover, From Grand Funk To Grace -

Posted May 9, 2009
My friend Dave Bull, in Ontario, Canada, has a group called " Buddy Holly Lives." I dunno why his Youtube moniker is Rockabillyotis, but that's how I find him. They perform a lot in their home country. Dave looks enough like Buddy with those dark-rimmed glasses on, and the sound is very good. Dave sends me periodic links to new performances. If you are interested in seeing this fine impersonation, here's his Youtube link. rockabillyotis - John Hall -

Posted May 9, 2009

Posted May 9, 2009
I am a producer who is working on a show we are pitching to the TV networks for possible pick-up. The show features hot rods from the early fifties and the people that built them. The cars are the authentic thing and the sound track must be true to the rockabilly it must be. Do you think you could direct us to some artists that would let us use their music royalty free for the purpose of pitching the show, and if it is picked up hopefully some money can be had?
Buddy Winsett
Chameleon Filmworks
14375 Myer Lake Circle
Clearwater, FL 33760
voice (727) 210-2444
fax (727) 773-2878
cell (727) 463-7285

Posted May 9, 2009
I have several autographed Orion albums that belonged to my mother. If you know anyone that may be interested in them please email me. Thank you and God bless! Rick Cutlip -

Posted November 9, 2008
I am looking for an album that was recorded in the 60s by Harmie Smith. Harmie was one of the original acts on the Louisiana Hayride. He came back t o Shreveport when I was a DJ at KEEL. He worked at KCIJ. When Bob Smith came there later, many thought Bob, who became Wolfman Jack, was Harmie's son. I called relatives of Curtis Kirk who had a studio in Tyler and was informed that Curtis Sr. died in 1984. Robin Hood Brians said he did not record it, so it must have been Curtis Kirk, as he had his own label. I don't remember the name of the album, but it was Harmie singing with his Martin guitar in the background. Maybe there was a bass on it, I don't remember. If you have a copy of it or know something about it, give me click. There is a song in my Stage Of The Stars CD called Wrong Side Rusty that is about a DJ who once worked with me and became famous for picking the wrong side of those old 45RPM records. Rusty Reynolds received a special award at the October 2008 Texas Association of Radio Broadcasters awards show and the song was a part of the presentation. This CD also has many songs pertaining to the Hayride and the Municipal Auditorium where so many of the old country and rock-a-billy stars were discover. Don Logan -

Posted October 29, 2008
Hey, Carlos and the Bandinos are playing Shoreditch venue Cargo real soon, on the 19th of November -if you have time have a listen and check out on where if you wish you can buy tickets in 7-until 1 in the morning. hope some of you guys can make it down. Cargo -

Posted October 16, 2008
I read Joe Wajgel's very informative page ( on the history of the "Hot Rod Lincoln" song. I've been looking for a version of it, (I believe by Commander Cody) that begins: My daddy said, " Son, (You shameless, longhaired dope fiend) you're gonna drive me to drinking, if you don't stop driving that hot rod lincoln!" It may be a live version. I heard this version a few times back in the 70's on the radio, but have never heard it since. If anyone can put me in contact with Mr. Wajgel, he may be able to help, but I could not find a valid e-mail address for him. Any assistance will be appreciated, Leslie Sapp -

Posted October 12, 2008
Looking for some Blue Caps Unleashed 1982. Tbyles,

Posted September 19, 2008
I'm looking for the albums the country singer GINO KING recorded. I know they were recorded in Candia in the 50s or 60s. I met Gino in 1979 and i became the love of his life. No matter what path we each had to travel we always tried to stay in contact, but the past couple years we had no contact. I got married and moved away and we lost each other. I just found out the my best friend passed away in 2007. I'll always have a love for Gino that will remain strong. We shared a lot of memories and adventures together.The one thing i long for is to hear his sweet voice singing again. If anyone knows how i can locate these records i would be very grateful! Ginos doodle-do, Mollie -

Posted September 16, 2008
Is there anyone out there who can help with research on the Western Ranch Record label? We're currently assisting the present owner to track down 45's for the purposes of re-mastering. We've got some of it done with tracks available for download at 99 cents each, but we would like more 45s or a bit more artist info or any pictures. The owner will be happy to reimburse any expenses. Have a look at Roy Williams -

Posted September 14, 2008
Hello. I would like to know if you know how to contact any of Johnny Horton's relatives because I have the last picture of him alive. It was taken at the Skyline Club in Austin, TX. just before he got in the car to leave. I would like to offer the photograph to them if they want it. I hope you can help me. I've been trying for years to get one of the radio stations to help me but I get nowhere. Thanks in advance. Mona Bateman, Skyline Miniature Horses -

Posted September 14, 2008
Hi There, I work on the website for the Million Dollar Quartet, the new show about the legendary 1956 jam session at Sun Records with Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins. I your readers might be interested in hearing about the show, which is set to open at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago on September 27th. For more information about the show, please go to Thanks! Robert, Bay Bridge Productions -

Posted August 20, 2008
Hello. Are there any good Rockabilly Double bass players out there? We are an experienced Rockabilly band based in London. Must have style, abilty and a charming personality.

Posted August 5, 2008
Looking to people who knew me from eartly 1960's. I played with Delbert McClinton, Eddie Miller, Bill Dato, Bob Jones, Billy Cox and others at places like jim & bobs 312 club, partyline, stork club, Sands on Jacksboro hwy. Cellar after hours band. jasper (bill) benson -
Posted July 29, 2008
I just picked up a few 45's by Steve Shuma, recorded in Barnesboro PA and I live about 30 minutes from there and never heard of him. Can anyone provide some information? Tony -

Posted July 28, 2008
I am a singer song writer from Wolsingham England, I write many songs but I have been working on a concept solo album about Elvis, I though I let you know I have recently written a song called "Nashville Dream 1954", the song is based on a real dream I had, in the dream Elvis meets up with Johnny Cash and June Carter outside the Grand Old Opry, where they all start singing and meet other passed stars of country and rocking and roll, I'd like to share my song with Johnny Cash fans, to hear the track just go to the link, Thanks so much, Dave Ciarella Murray -

Posted July 23, 2008
I will be hosting a Rockabilly/R'N'R radio program on 89.7fm out of Perth, West Australia on Sunday's 8 to 9am. Previous shows I have done have been named R'n'R Jamboree and Rockabilly Hop, but was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions. Theme song will be The Swag by Link Wray. Dave Blaine -

Posted July 15, 2008
Hello all. I am the Grandaughter of Buck Roberts or E.L. Roberts. I am looking for any Big D info on him ... line ups ... people who knew him, anything. He co wrote in my blue room - sonny james ... wrote songs for joe paul nicholes and had some contact with someone named dandy don logan. If anyone has any info please contact me. One of his most memorable experiences at big d was hearing Johnny Cash come out and talk about the rain after being late for a show. He said you could hear the rain on the old tin roof. Bren Boyd -

Posted July 9, 2008
The listing in the "W"s for GINNY WRIGHT needs to be hyperlinked to her website on Yahoo. She is my penfriend and will shortly be visiting Blackpool at my invite as she invited me to stay a couple of times with her. She has a very active website with 150 plus members and was on the Hayride the night Elvis debuted - being a bigger star than him at the time. There were many Hot Boppin' Girls on her label like Alvadean Coker, Bolean Barry and Myrna Lorrie. Her website contains 100s of photos of Ginny from a child to the most recent with her biggest fan and many of artists she duetted with like Jim Reeves, Tom Tall and T. Tommy Cutrer. Richard Astley-Clemas -

Posted July 1, 2008
Hi, Does someone know who owns the diary of Joyce Railsback Nichols, and if it can be researched to loacte appearences¬Ýby certain artists. Yours sincerely, Arie den Dulk, Jim Reeves Fan club -

Posted July 1, 2008
Come rock away 4th of July weekend with us at the Silver Star casino in Philadelphia Ms!! We'll be back the following weekend to perform with Cowboy Mouth. That's a show you don't want to miss! There is still time to get your tickets for the Elvis Cruise 2008. Come see us with the TCB Band, Terry Mike Jeffrey, Andy Childs, Ronnie McDowell, DJ Fontana, Joe Guercio, Memphis' own-Ruby Wilson, George Klein ,Argo from Sirius Radio and many others. log onto, and for more information. Cruise dates are August 28-September 1. Have a great day, The Dempseys -

Posted June 17, 2008
I have always been a big fan of johnny horton music, in any bio I read on him it only mentions two daughters, but a few years back, I saw a guy called tommy horton who did a nice great tribute to johnny, and said he was the son of the late singer? -

Posted May 14, 2008
i want to know what a signed elvis presley thank you card would be worth today, from 1973. Bea -

Posted May 6, 2008
Hey, just got off the horn with Bobby Vee and my song "Boogie Woogie Cadillac" WILL be included on their new album CD. They are recording it in June and July. They're making a Rockabilly sound out of it. I did it with a boogie beat. I told him "sing it as a ballad, I don't care" hahahahaha! I appreciate him accepting my song and look forward to hearing it. Should be out in August sometime. He and his band (his sons) are doing two weeks in Branson and two weeks off right now. Works good for them. Gives them a chance to do some local bookings around his hometown. They travel in two vans. No bus anymore. Fuel costs are blistering. Bobby is an alright guy. If he get's near wherever you live, be sure and go see him. Thanks, Ronnie Haig -

Posted May 5, 2008
Seeking info on Tom Gorman, drummer for the Rebels a.k.a the Buffalo Rebels. They were known for their song Wild Weekend and others. Rosemary -

Posted May 4, 2008
Greetings Friends Around The World! The long wait is finally over - here, for the FIRST time ever is a 3 part YouTube video of Bill Haley live in concert on October 26 1975 in Sao Paulo Brazil at the private sports club "Anhembi" ... a club for the youth from wealthy families! As a special surprise - it's also the ONLY footage of drummer Tony Benson with the Comets, who was a last minute replacement for Freddie Moore.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Thanks for your patience, and enjoy the videos!
Yours Truly, Bill Turner -

Posted May 4, 2008
There is word that there will not be any more Rockin' 50s Fests in Green Bay in either 2009 or in the future. Please sign the following petition in the hopes hat they change their mind. Thanks for your support. Also, get your friends and bandmates to sign the petition too, if possible. The more signatures the better.
Sheree Homer -

Posted April 29, 2008
Bobby Brown was recently inducted into the Rockabillyhall of Fame. He is of Vaden Records fame and worked with a lot of famous people.
"I had the pleasure of working with him a couple of years ago at The Hemsby. I met his son, Mike, and hung out with him some. Bobby lived in Canada quite a while and is now on the music producing and music promoting end of it. He is now ready to get into the live performances again. Since I have been very fortunate meeting and dealing with a lot of people in the music field, I told him that I would try to put him in contact with them." His E-mail address is He is living in Arkansas now. He is a good entertainer and easy to work with. Check out his page on Rockabillyhall of Fame. A special thanx to all of the people who have promoted him and backed him.

Posted April 29, 2008
For any who have an interest in 40's and 50's session musician, song writer, and recording artist Louie Innis, I have an article and discography in the current issue of Blue Suede News. Clarence Grelle -

Posted April 26, 2008

Posted April 22, 2008
Does anyone know who wrote the following two Buddy Knox songs:
(1) Storm Clouds - listed as Duncan. Is this Jimmy Duncan who wrote "My special Angel" or someone else;
(2) Cause I'm in Love - listed as Kirshner/Rogers. I assume Kirshner is Don Kirshner, but who is Rogers? Thanks for any help on these. Cecil Carpenter -

Posted April 16, 2008
My name is Jesse Schear, my wife's name before she married me was Sherri Wilson. She is the daughter of Jimmy Wilson who played with Billy Lee Riley. We are trying to contact and other children of his that we have yet to find. We have a 10 year gap from about 1964-1974 where we are not sure if there are any kids. We know of children from 1957-1964 and 1973/1974 and on. Any assistance you could give us would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Jesse Schear - 937-853-2217(work) - 937-241-8754(cell) - jeschear@Schear.Net

Posted April 7, 2008
Still seeking info on Phil Grey or Gray and his Go Boys. Tunes include "Pepper Hot Baby" and "Bluest Boy in Town". Circa 1956. Top shelf rockabilly. It would seem from the guitar solos that the player was the first president of his local Scotty Moore fanclub. catman -

Posted April 7, 2008
Hi to all, I have alot of extra rockabilly 45s. I would love to trade for other rockabilly 45s i dont have, i may even be willing to sale some of them thanks. robbie lanham -

Posted April 6, 2008
Hi Guys, Next Tuesday (15th), Radio 2 are repeating 'Rockabilly Rules OK?', the doc I made last year on the 70's 'revival'; (Mark Radcliffe presented it. I'm not 'celebrity` enough) It was the first time in 40 years that 'our`' music had been heard on national radio ... so this will make it twice! (But probably another 40 before it happens again). Don't know the time, probably 8pm, but check out: -

Posted March 31, 2008
Johnny Cash On Sun Records. I am looking for some information about a Johnny Cash song on Sun Records. It is a 45 of "You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven." The copy I have has his name spelled Johnnie rather than Johnny. I have looked at other copies of this song on 45 and 78 but they are all spelled correctly. My father in law was an aspiring songwriter and worked very closely with Jack Rhodes in the 1950's and 1960's. This record is an original from his collection. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Don Vinson - worshipdude@aol. com

Posted March 25, 2008
Hi, I have a jerry lee from I think 1965 number 396 DJ copy. Any info is appreciated. Ted -

Posted March 17, 2008
Hello Bob, J.D., Wanda, Billy Lee, Adrian, Nol and all the fans and artists at the Hall Of Fame site. I am having a bout with cronic bronchitis right now going into my 6th week with it & after two rounds of antibotics.
        I am still writing and recording, sending my songs overseas. Kitty Houston who performs and resides in Oklahoma City just recorded my newest "do wap" song entitled "Hope You Read My Letter". Thanks Kitty! Kitty has done several others of mine.
        I have a couple of new CD albums just released on Vega Records. One is "Pure Country" and the other is all of my old scratchy 45 rpm records included on an album I call "The End Of An Era". Some of them are my 1959 recording of "New Heartache"..."Wind Down", the ones I recorded for Bill Black, my most popular record of 1969, "East Of Tulsa" and some solo cuts on Pyramid Records Of Nashville.
        Wishing everyone a great 2008 ... Keep on rockin'. Best Wishes, Roy Cost - - Website: - A Proud Member Of "The Rockabilly Hall Of Fame"

Posted March 16, 2008
My name is Fabris G. Luca, 42 years old, Italy. I'm an Elvis Presley researcher expecially on the early days.
        All my researches are in relation to a book/CD project for the Elvis fan club network. It's a 3/4 CD 200 pages book about Elvis stay at SUN records done by Ernst Jorgensen(man in charge of SONY Elvis music catalogue and also a fan!) which I'm now helping detailing the period from July of 1954 through the end of 1955.
        The book will consist of more than 400 early photos - half of them previously unpublished. It's not an attempt of once again write the story of Elvis Presley, but more a collection of information, photos, memorabilia and stories shared by fans who where there at the time. The book will not deal in gossip or other unpleasant material,it's all about the innocence of the time and the impact of Elvis' music. We are trying to document every single show Elvis did, and we have come fairly close.
        So I'm looking for photos,recordings from Louisiana Hayride (KWKH program transmitted also by KTHS) or Opry,or any live radio gigor interview... ANYTHING IS WELCOME FROM THE 50s!!
        I'm trying to locate DJ Red Smith working for WBOK New Orleans in 1955 and KLLL Lubbock TX in 1958 ... Do you have friends owning photos or recordings? Anyone's help is welcome! I hope this is not too much of an intrusion. Sincerely yours, Fabris G. Luca, Elvis Researcher -

Posted March 16, 2008
Ramalamadingdong 08 Easter edition!Two day rock & roll/rockabilly party in Kajaani Northern-Finland at easter time friday/saturday. Check out for more info. j.Honker -

Posted March 11, 2008
Hi, Just letting you know about the fantastic Twinwood Festival of '40s/50s music with FIFTY live acts over the three days of August Bank Holiday 2008. Amazing facilities for dancing with one, two, and three day tickets available along with superb camping. Also there are good opportunities for traders. Check us out at or email or phone us on 01923 282725 for your free colour brochure. Look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Alice, Twinwood Events -
Posted March 11, 2008
Greetings from The Oxford American Magazine! We are currently putting together The Oxford American's Anthology of Great Music Writing and would like to include a piece on Carl Perkins by Mississippian Joe Tidwell. Since publishing Joe, we have lost contact but need his permission to Anthologize his work. I'm not sure if you are familiar with Joe Tidwell, but any help you can offer in contacting him would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Jessica Allgaier
Editorial Assistant
(501) 450 5800 office
(501) 450 3490 fax

Posted March 10, 2008
Hello, My name is Phil Cay, I am searching for a recording I made in the 1960's Ron Label "Blue Eyes" by Phil Cay. After recording this song I never received a copy for myself. I have only seen it for sale one time on EBay and I missed it. Please let me know if anyone knows where I can get a copy. Thanks, Phil Cay, Phil Cay and the Blue Notes, Phil Cay and the Chantels - email - 904-964-2308 - Phil Cay, 118 N Walnut Street, Starke, Florida 32091

Posted March 9, 2008
Hi Folks! WORLD PREMIERE! Out now an exceptionel album by an extraordinary songwriter. It's the first album by a non-blind artist with text in braille at the back side of the album. Why? Easy: "It's Sociabillywoprock Time!" is a rock & roll album of the different kind: sociabillywoprock is a crossover from lustre music and party music with a focus on SOCIAL themes!!! Rockin' Henri likes to get attention for the disabled. With his songs Rockin' Henri likes to touch people's hearts with catchy songs about those who're forgotten in our society and dealing with topics about our common (but ignored) feelings.
        Rockin' Henri is a 'boy next door' type of rocker, your rock & roll buddy. Rock & Roll has never been so close.
        With his songs he also likes to bring yesterdays teens back into their youth with melody and rhythm, and with the lyrics let them be aware of nowadays in which they're grandma or grandpa and have a lot of experience in life.
        For the younger generation the album is a revelation. Henri added a new chapter to rock & roll, according to the words of drummer legend Bob Burgos (from early 80's "Rockabilly Rebel" Matchbox fame) who also contributed to the album.
        Also Rockabilly Hall Of Fame members like Roy Cost and Ronnie Haig and Country Hall Of Fame member Kitty Houston contributed to the promotion of this unique album. It contains 29 tracks (partly recorded in a true 50's studio with original 50's equipment) and a 32 page full color booklet.
        Rockin' Henri was accompanied by The Rock-A-Tones (compiled from members from Ike & the Capers (Germany) and The Round Up Boys (Germany) who already made some US tours) and The Letzebillies (compiled from members from Ten Strike (Luxembourg/Germany) and Little John & The Cadillacs (Luxembourg/Germany).
        Just have a look at of to learn why an amateur like Rockin' Henri (from The Netherlands) got the chance from a young record label in Switzerland to show the world his writing talent. Rockin' Henri -

Posted March 3, 2008
Hey check out the new videos posted on youtube of my buddy rayburn Anthony along with Carl Mann and WS Holland at a recent show (Feb 2008) ... pictures could be a bit brighter but lots of rockin' and country classics ... Jim Newcombe,

Posted March 1st, 2008
Catch Legends Bruce "Hey Baby" Channel,Fred Horrell & The Flames on April 5, 08 at the Arena Bldg in Cape Girardeau, Mo. This Kiwanis sponsored annual event is one you won't want to miss. Also see Kim Keele Jasinski, Decade Band & more playing 50's-60's rock & roll the way it's supposed to be played. Be There. Fred Horrell -

Posted February 25, 2008
Here we go again, our eventh year!! The International Rockabilly Rebels Meet & Greet is an event so that Crazy Cats and Cool Chicks from the Rockabilly Mailing List and MySpace on the Internet can get acquainted and socialize before Viva Las Vegas. No bands are formally booked, however jamming is encouraged. Please bring a six pack of soda pop or beer. Markets and 7-11 are right around the corner from my house. The Meet will be from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm Wednesday April 9, the day before Viva Las Vegas, at Rancho Ronny, my house. Admission is free, however you MUST reserve your name and that of your friends. Ronny Weiser, 2460 Casey Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89120 (Two blocks South of Tropicana at Eastern)

Posted February 22, 2008
I would like to know the age of Pep Torres. Who knows? Fernando -

Posted February 15, 2008
I'm currently putting together a CD project to be released early next year on El Toro which will, hopefully, be the difinitive (only?) compilation of African American artists performing in a style close to the classic rockabilly sound.
        I have already included the majority of the classic sides, by such as Chuck Berry, Magic Sam, G L Crockett, Big Al Downing, Rosco Gordon, Slim Harpo, Ray Sharpe, Brownie McGhee, etc. and the odd tracks which dominantly feature a black musician (e.g. Mickey Baker with Joe Clay) but I can't help feeling there is the odd recording that has slipped my mind. Any suggestions?
        The criteria I am using is that the tracks should be limited to those loosely featuring a classic white rockabilly/rock 'n' roll band line- up - guitars (rhythm/lead/steel), bass, drums and piano - but no brass/reed instruments unless they are very understated. And also that the recordings should be fairly contemporary with the white counterpart (so no Arthur Crudup, Leroy Dallas, Muddy Waters, etc. which may have inspired the sound but significantly pre-dated it).
        There is also an artist or two that I would like to include, yet I have held off because I am not sure they are actually black; Pico Pete and Fat Daddy Holmes for example. And what about Rocket Morgan? Are there any photo-articles on these guys that I've missed over the years? Any help will be gratefully received and credited on the final package. Dave Penny -

Posted February 15, 2008
I just wanted to say that Carl Perkins was my cousin. Stan would be my cousin too. I am from Caruthersville Missouri. My grandfather's mother and Carl's mother were sisters. Bethany Brantley -

Posted February 4, 2008
Hey Gang we are back form 15 days of sun and fun and the pictures from the Concerts at Sea cruise will be on the Rewind web site soon so keep checking sometime this week. We had a blast with Bill Medley, Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Lovin Spoonful, and Davy Jones (The Monkees) plus the Chancellors and Stacy Wayne. Mike Harvey's Sock hop Rocked and the Game show I did was off the hook with the Lovin Spoonful playing. I hope you all come next January 10-17, 2009 featuring Bobby Vee, The Original Comets, Charlie Thomas of the Drifters, Diamond Dave Somerville, Judy Craig Mann of the Chiffons and Fabian. Most of you know that each one of the artist are personal friends of mine and we will have a blast. Plus January 11, is my birthday so we are going to try to do something special that day on the ship or in Key West. Then we go out again January 17-24th with Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Guess Show, Dean of Jan & Dean and more to be announced. Be sure to go to or you can link from the Rewind web site, speaking of Rewind Since Jan. 1st of 2008 we have had 217,559 hits! to the Rewind web site. Thanks for making Rewind The Number one show of it's kind. Jimmy Jay - -

Posted January 31, 2008
hiya lads & ladettes. i'm trying to get hold of videos of the old Rock and Roll piss ups held in battersa town hall by len patterson. i know they used to sell them at the shows in the old days. the one i'm trying to find was around 1990-1992 featuring my old mate Chris Black. he was performing as a duo at the time with a singer called ... wait for it Raven Steel (me) the voice of cochran would appreciate any help or advise theres a link on you tube to us both at the time check it out. still a rock & roll classic cheers mick parle. mick parle (Raven Steel) + Chris Black -

Posted January 22, 2008
Gosh! Tony Wilkinson missed the sensation of the night - Furious! These guys are goin' places. Wild young, energetic - not like the rest of us ageing rockers, eh? Roy Williams -

Posted January 21, 2008
Mini Review: The Rockers Reunion last Saturday night was most enjoyable. Even Uncles Phil and Shaun, armed with their passports, ventured across the Severn Bridge.
* Midnight Shift - good opening straight ahead rock 'n' roll band
* Mean Streak stuck mainly to covers of British rock 'n' roll but performed them well with plenty of spirit and professionalism
* Paul Ansell's No. 9 were simply superb. A great selection of numbers, temps and styles of music. Boy, this guy is good and his band sublime
* Johnny Powers with Chris Casello on guitar. Blindingly good powerful rock 'n' roll. Powers voice and stage presence still of the top order and Casello's guitar playing amongst the best that there is out there today.
* Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers - I went home. For sure, another great Rockers Reunion. Regards, Tony Wilkinson

Posted January 21, 2008
Rockabilly Weekend, 06/28/08 Indianapolis Indiana ... does anybody have any info on this? I haven't found any information on this event. Daryl -
[Editor's Note] See this page.

Posted January 19, 2008
Hello! My name is Heleh. I am from Caucasus. Please forgive me that I address to you. But first of all, I want say you I like you are still playing.I very like concert "The long road home" and I just want to tell you: "Thank you so much" for your creative work. I think you know George Hawkins? I would like to thank him, but I don't know where I can address. I want to learn as much as possible about George Hawkins. I very hope you help me and please forgive me I don't speak English very well. Thank you, good bye. ALL THE BEST. -

Posted January 17, 2008
Hello. My parents are from Sledge, MS and went to high school with Harold Dorman who wrote and performed the song "Mountain of Love" in the 1950s. I really would like to find out what he is doing now and would like to know how to get in touch with him. Both of my parents are deceased and I have some questions for him about them that he may be able to help me with. Thanks for any help you can give. Ginger McGregor -

Posted January 14, 2008
Please can you help me find the artist who sang "Grand daddies rockin in his rockin chair"? REALLY WOULD APPRECIATE IT, THANK YOU, LINDA BURROWS -

Posted January 9, 2008
After his move from St. Louis to Branson Missouri - Mike Taylor and his Rockabilly hour is back online at Rock-it Radio. You can hear his show in the archives webpage at: and click to the speaker next to show #2378. Lots of great vintage rockabilly is to be had and heard! The show should remain online for at least 10 days. Bennie Dingo, Rock-it Radio

Posted January 5, 2008
I listen to Metallica and music like that. I know that nothing would compare but i was wondering are there any groups that have a harder edge. I really like Link Wray. Thanx. Jeff Campbell -

Posted January 3, 2008

Posted January 1, 2008
Are there any photos of Robby Vidone? I knew him in the late 50's when he started out. I would appreciate any help you can give me. He went by the name of Bobby Vidone. Thank you. Gail Kyle Christensen -

Posted December 29, 2007
Just want everyone to know that Jimmy Clee of "King Lefty and His Royal Rangers" passed away this summer here in Florida. I've been trying to locate anything on him for his niece, this would be much appreciated, thanks.

Posted December 21, 2007
Here's a link to a great story about Wild Records, an L.A.-based label "whose sole purpose is to conjure rock and roll's original spirit with each and every rough edge exposed." Link to the story:
Jason Nedley -

Posted December 21, 2007
Hi there rockabilly kids. I'm happy to tell you my new single "Knocking on knock-kneed Nellie's door, knock knock." will be out in early January. I'm backed with my new band the Kickelsons, see you on gigs in Finland this spring. Gabriel Kikkeli -

Posted December 17, 2007
Hi Stan, My name is Joe Oswald and we worked together for a brief time at Big Star grocery in Jackson, Tennessee back around 1970. If I remember correctly you were driving a yellow 442 Oldsmobile back then. I graduated South Side with Russ Hall in 1972. Please give my e-mail address to Russ, I would like to see how he is. I heard that you were married to Russ' sister Connie. Please tell Connie I said hello too. I am in the Navy stationed at NAS Pensacola, Florida and will retire with 30 years this coming April. Just wanted to drop you a line and say hello. I hope all is going well with you and yours. Hope you have a Merry Christmas! One last thing ... have a ticket to a concert in Lexington, Tennessee back in 1969. I sold tickets to the concert when I was in the Boy Scouts. Your dad signed the back of my ticket for me, Johnny Cash signed it twice, and WS Holland and Bob Wootton also signed it. It is one of my prized possessions. Take care Stan. Joe Oswald -

Posted December 7, 2007
CARL MANN out with his first Christmas album CD release "A Rockabilly Christmas". He previewed the new CD at a Christmas performance at Dixie Carter Performing Arts Center in Huntingdon, Tennessee, December 8. He will be interviewed by Doctor Rock on BBC-Radio in December. Carl was the youngest artist in the Sun stable in the late 50s-early 60s. He went on to write and record many great coutry songs for ABC/DOT Records in the mid 1970s, and in the early 80s he recorded for Rockhouse Records in Holland, where he had several good rockabilly albums and a live concert one. Carl retired from the music business in the early 80s. He received a gold record for a million sales of his debut Sun release "Mona Lisa", and was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in Jackson in 2005. In the past three years he has released his first gospel CD "Legacy", a CD of "Country Influences", and his new Christmas CD. Mann will be appearing at the Ponderosa Stomp in New Orleans in late April. The Mann still has it. Paul MacPhail -

Posted December 7, 2007
I am trying to find a cd or a 45 record of a Mickey Gilley song called Drive in movie. I think from 1959. Not sure if he just redid it or it was one of his own. Any help is appreciated. ken kinney -

Posted December 6, 2007
Norways coolest teddyboy rockers, THE CASCADEZ, have changed name to: HANK SUNDOWN & THE BOPSTERS and to celebrate this we have decided to give you a CD ... FOR FREE! Download our brand new platter by visiting our webpage or directly from this link:
Hank Sundown & The Bopsters will start rehearsing in January and we hope to come and play for you sometimes in 2008. Until then you can enjoy this new FREE CD. The downloadfile includes ten song (both old and new) and cover. So you can burn a CD and print a cover. You will need WinZip to unpack the files! Teddyboy regards from Hank Sundown & The Bopsters. -

Posted December 4, 2007
One of the founding fathers of rock & roll, BO DIDDLEY celebrates his 79th birthday on Sunday December 30th 2007 and we encourage all his many fans around the world to sign the BO DIDDLEY-The Originator website Guestbook with their birthday greetings and messages.
        As we always do at this time of year, we are making special arrangements for BO DIDDLEY to view each and every one of your greetings. This is an opportunity for you to convey your appreciation and best wishes to one of the undisputed legends of rock & roll and a true original on the occasion of his 79th birthday.
        Please sign the Guestbook, located at and show your support for The Originator - BO DIDDLEY.
David Blakey -

Posted December 4, 2007
Rayburn Anthony will be appearing for Blue Monday promotions in France April 26th 2008 ... watch out for his British Festival debut later in the year. He's been getting a lot of play and great re-action to "I Don't Sing Hank Williams Anymore" from his Rhythm Bomb cd "Big Bad City", go to cdbaby to hear tracks from the cd. You can hear an interview with him in English on You will see a photo on Rayburn and just below it click on KLICKA HAR to hear it. Jim Newcombe - (

Posted December 1, 2007
Hello, Seeking a copy of this obscure rockabilly 45 from Ohio. Good condition or better. Dennie Mosley I Tried/Love Me,Love Me,Love Me B & 4 Records 817-9220 50s or 60s us pressing. The B side song is an original song credited to Bill Caito. Anyone have a copy for sale? obscuremusic - iwantvinyl@!

Posted December 1, 2007
Looking for a live cd/album that Linda Gail Lewis did. I am told it was done in England/Ireland. If can help, contact me at email address ... or looking for anything live that she might have done/recorded. larry adamson -

Posted November 26, 2007
Thank you for remembering my grandfather, Gene Wyatt, on your site. He died before I was born, but I have some of his records from the 1970's. I had no idea he was so well known. Once again, thank you. Angel -

Posted November 26, 2007

Posted November 26, 2007
Does anyone have any information about Red Gable? He was a musician in Jackson, MS around 1966. Nancy -

Posted November 26, 2007
My mother's family was from Langley, Arkansas. My grandfather's name was David Morphew. As was told to my uncle (by my grandfather) Ruby Blevins was his child. He was married with children of his own when Ruby was born. I don't know if this is a fact or not, but find the family secret an interesting one. Linda Martin Spillers -

Posted November 21, 2007
Hi! Rockabilly Hall Of Fame. And how are you? And I want to know all listings for Rockabilly Festivals. And also this is very good website. Jayson Sloane -

Posted November 20, 2007
A very sad time for the Nashville music community and the world, as a true incon has passed. John Hughey, my all time favorite steele guitar player passed away in Nashville Nov. 18th. John was considered one of the top steele players EVER. He played with Conway Twitty for aprox 30 years, He retired from the road in 1998, after a wonderful 12-year stint with Vince Gill. John can be heard on countless recordings, probably some of your favorites, including Vince Gill's, "Look At Us".
        He recently played on some of my songs for a new CD I am currently working on, in Nashville. I first met John in Memphis in 1961, when we played in a band together. John will be missed. Our thoughts and Prayers go out to his wife Jean and his family. I have included a link for a video of John playing "Look at Us" on a Jamboree in Knoxville, Tn.
Ed Bentley -

Posted November 18, 2007
Hi kids. I'm an old git from Finland but I'm proud to say I was the first rockabilly singer in my country. Yes there were rock and roll types before me but I'm the original rab-cat. Those other types were wimps and copycats with no personality, they rose to stardom because they looked good. I'm an ugly geezer but I could sing even then! Now I'm proud to say I'm back, with brand new cd: "Uglier Than Your Momma" eleven original rockin tunes straightforward rockabilly and rock & roll, no posers here. Be sure to ask it from your local records shop! Gabriel Kikkeli -

Posted November 14, 2007
JESSE LEE DENSON, 75, died this week at Methodist University Hospital. He was the son of the late Jesse and Mattie Denson. His friends called him Lee. He was born in 1932 in Rienze, MS. Lee was a lifelong singer, songwriter and musician with numerous musical compositions to his credit. Probably the best known is "The Miracle of the Rosary" which was recorded by Elvis Presley. Lee leaves behind son, Jesse Denson (Terry), son, James Denson (Anne), daughter, Maryanne (Dave), sister, Gladys Adams, sister, Gloria Reed, brother, James Denson, sister, Deloris Clark (John), sister, Virgina Fay Howard (Andy), brother, Lowell (Spike) Denson (Devonna) and also 15 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, who all love him dearly and will miss him.
       Registered BMI credits from Lee's Rockabilly days include:
       A Doggone Fool
       Climb Love Mountain
       Devil Doll
       High School Hop
       Red Hot Rockin' Blues
       The Pied Piper
       The South's Gonna Rise Again
If you are a friend of Lee, please consider contributing to our "Goodbye" Guest Book at this location:
James L. Denson (son) -

Posted November 12, 2007
My good pal Des Johnston promotes Linda Gail annually over a weekend (Fri/Sat 16/17 Nov) at the Crosshill Arms, Dalhowan St, Crosshill 01465 712342(between Girvan and Ayr near the SW coast of Scotland, around 45 mins from Glasgow) backed by local rab band The Peas. Linda recorded a live album there two years back and she always gets rave reviews in the local media and sells shedloads of albums too. The Sat show 17th is sold out but there are tickets left for the Friday. Here's my review from the RHOF of the last show I attended there Phil Davies, Wales

Posted November 11, 2007
Internet radio KLASFM.COM will be airing 3 one hour shows November 11-18th and the 25th, featuring the music of Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Inductee, the late great Donnie Brooks! It will air on the " Andrew Hill Show" at 2:30 pm Paficic Standard time. Howard Deere Donnie's longtime bass player will host the first show. Jewel Akins (The Birds and Bees) and longtime friend will host the second show. And none other than Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Inductee Jerry Cole will host the third show. As you all know Jerry was Donnie's Lead guitar player and sidekick for over 40 years. Call-ins will be welcomed at 323-962-1937 during the show.
Thanks, Howard Thomason, California Rep. Rockabilly Hall Of Fame -

Posted November 7, 2007
i really love this site, please keep up the good work, thnx. italo -

Posted October 28, 2007
Not sure whether I may have posted on here but GINNY WRIGHT is my penfriend and I stayed twice with her in Georgia where we put up the website on Yahoo. On here is a CD of all her recordings on 5 different labels up to the late 60s. She had hit singles with Tom Tall and Jim Reeves and cut some great stuff in Nashville in the 60s for the Chart label. Many of her early Fabor singles stand up as rockabilly especially Boom Boom Boomerang. She is also a member of the Louisisana Hall of Fame and recognises me as her No 1 Fan. Richard Astley-Clemas -

Posted October 22, 2007
Just wanted to let everyone know that our bass player Nell has now got her sponsored bass. This bass was imported and built by The Bass Shop in sydney You have to see this monster to appreciate it. You can view the bass and Australia's only sponsored double bass player at We hope to see as many of you as we can real soon. BobKat -

Posted October 16, 2007
I am looking for any recordings for my dad's group - Perk and The Flames, Wilbert "Perk" Perkins, who just passed away. I found several articles on his music Group in Danbury NewTimes December 3, 1962: "Danbury Youth Makes Record for Columbia" and May 7, 1963 "Danbury Teenagers Records An Original: Burn Down". My dad's group was called Perk and The Flames and later they became known as The Four Flamers. My father recorded and wrote several records titled "Stick Around" (most popular sold 20,000 the first month out), "One More Chance", "Burn Down" and "Set Me Free" (my dad's vocal) (Rock N Roll, Blues and Jazz) with Columbia Record and Smash Label in 1962 and 1963, he wrote and played the guitar. Please contact me if anyone has any info. I certainly appreciate any help you may give me. Thank You, Dionne Perkins -

Posted October 15, 2007
Found your site while surfing for web sites on "Gino King". I don't see where anyone has announced that "Gino" passed away on August 9th, 2007. I had the great pleasure to play with Gino for about three years. In the area of Wisc. Dells and Adams, Wisc. He was so great I was showed some great picking from the man "Gino King". I am glad we have great video of our band Orange Blossom Special playing at the Green Lake Fest in Wisc. There is also great write up about Gino on the From a lot of people that played with Gino. Good Bless Ya Gino ... Jerry Deb -

Posted October 10, 2007
Rockabilly Radio Newsletter, October 9th, 2007:
Hi All, We are back! Rockabilly Radio was relaunched at 6 pm eastern US time on October 1st. We got off to a bit of a rocky start with buffering problems caused by some faulty hardware. I guess it's true - if you don't use it you lose it. I have redesigned the listen page on Loudcity, so those who have been using the direct Loudcity link, may wish to go back and start from the website at to get the new direct link. There is a new chat room added for anyone wishing to chat about rockabilly. I'll be in there each Thursday evening starting around 6pm eastern US time. Please feel free to join in.
        The Bop2B show featuring Dave Brighton is being aired daily. Please check his page for days and times. His Wildfire Willie interview and show was absolutely fantastic! If you are having any difficulty listening, please let me know by either filling out a support ticket or emailing me at I have reapplied for a listing on iTunes. If they decide to accept the station it will take some time for it to show up on their player. I am considering launching a new 64k stream and possibly a 32k stream for dial up listeners in November. I'm afraid that many listeners that can't connect at 128k are being left out. Please let me know if you know of anyone with a slower connection that is having problems listening.
        The station raised $44.51 more in September than was needed to pay the October 1st bills. Thank you everyone for making the relaunch possible. Currently we have raised a total of $128.51 towards the November 1st expenses of $302.49. If you enjoy the station, you may wish to take out a $5 a month donation subscription. It seems easier on the pocket for everyone instead of having to rely on larger individual donations.
        This month we mourn the passing of Janis Martin. Once promoted as the female Elvis, she was so much more than that. She was a pioneer, an icon and a legend. She showed the world that it was ok for women to rock. And rock they did, from Wanda Jackson to Lil' Bit.
Janis Martin, March 27, 1940 - September 3, 2007. May she rest in peace.
Thanks for your continued support of Rockabilly Radio and to the independent artists that make the station possible. Don Freeman, Rockabilly Radio -

Posted October 9, 2007
Hey Folks! RONNIE HAIG ain't dead yet! There's a BRAND NEW RONNIE HAIG CD album coming out soon on "ROADSHOW RECORDS". WATCH FOR THE RELEASE DATE SOON! "JESUS MUSIC" by Ronnie Haig. T.J.Murr is releasing a 12 song Christian CD on Ronnie Haig (all new songs) "My sincere thanks to T.J. for wanting to do this project. All 12 of these songs make me very proud. Great to be on "Roadshow Records" Thanks for your support in the past. RONNIE HAIG -

Posted October 8, 2007
Looking for Elvis pictures with his 1955 black Cadillac limo it was just sold at an auction in September. For the up comming display of the car in September 5, 6, and 7th in Texarkana Ark at the Tex Ark Antique Auto Museum at 217 Laurel St downtown Texarkana Ark, if anyone can help please let me know. Texarkana has a festival every September and Elvis has performed here in the early 50's. Thank Ya, Thank Ya very much. stephen yarberry -

Posted October 7, 2007
My parents knew Tommy and Eleanor back in the 50's. He recorded a 45 on a label called Valli, which was named after myself. I have a copy of that 45 and a signed picture of Tommy when he was in his 20's. Do you know of anyone that might be interested in these? Valerie Bomer -

Posted October 5, 2007
Charlie here, fellow Gene Vincent Fannatic! I recently got, from Norton Records, Gene's Third, fifth, and sixth albums, all on the original Capitol Labels(these are Lps). I am curious about something, how did these albums chart on the Billboard hot 200 LP list. The albums are GENE VINCENT ROCKS and the BLUE CAPS ROLL, SOUNDS LIKE GENE VINCENT, and CRAZY TIMES. How can I tell if CRAZY TIMES is the stereo version (only DARLENE sounds like it is stereo)? By the way, I wonder if you know that there were 2 versions of DARLENE? Both the stereo and mono versions have different lyrics. Thanks again for any info!

Posted October 1, 2007
Robin Luke - I have a signed photo of him. Sitting in Mr. and Mrs. Little's home on the corner of Kelso Street and Osage Avenue in Inglewood, California. I met Robin in the Little's living room. They had invited me to come meet him. I was about l2 years old and he was going to college and living in a home behine his Grandma's home on Kelso and Osage STreets across from Kelso Elementary School. I WAS THRILLED. ALWAYS LOVED THE SONG SUSIE DARLING AND I THINK I STILL HAVE THE 45. I know I have the signed photo. 8x11. Often wondered what happened to Robin. Thought he was going to be a doctor. Or dentist. ???? Never thought about looking him up on the net til Bill O'Reilly intervewed Paul Anka on the Fox News. Sent my mind wondering. How can I write him a note? Mrs. Little was a Titanic survivor. Mr. Little sold shoes, my school shoes each year in JCP downtown Inglewood. How the years have flown by. Diane V. Johnson Aune, Nine Mile Falls, Wa. age: 62 -

Posted September 30, 2007
I just got the news that Barbara Luman, wife of Bob, has died. I know we don't usually acknowledge the passing of family members, but Barbara was really special to me. I got to know her in the course of producing the two Bob Luman boxes for Bear Family. She was helpful, warm, hospitable and sweet. I liked her and those projects would not have been the same without her willingness to help. Barbara was a Canadian girl who made her way successfully into Nashville country music culture, and then returned home to family in Canada in her final years. She will be missed. Hank -

Posted September 27, 2007
I would like to express my sympathy and prayers for the friends and family of Dale Houston of Dale and Grace. He will be greatly missed by all the people whose lives got touched by him and his music. Dale I will miss you ... TIM'S BIG SISTER IN SEATTLE. susan dever -

Posted September 26, 2007
Don't miss the 10th Screamin' Festival! 27th May - 2nd june 2008 - 7 nights ... Festival: Thursday to Sunday the 1st of June - 4 nights. Where and line up (30 + BANDS) - coming soon! We are working on a new website; in the meantime please visit: - Carlos @ El Toro -

Posted September 25, 2007
On Thursday, September 20th, 2007, Lou Hobbs passed away. He had Parkinson's and leaves behind his wife Nancy and five wonderful daughters. He lived in Jackson, Missouri and will missed by many. If you would please link to SEMissourian online and click on his article to donate to a local charity or just read more about the man himself. Thank you. A Sad Friend

Posted September 24, 2007
Hey everyone, A few weeks agon there was a CD release party in Nashville for Lin Poulson who was Travis LeDoyt's guitar player from 2002 until he died in a car accident in November of 2004. A number of Lin's friends got together and put together a CD of Lin who had recorded a lot of songs but never really finished any of them. The album is wonderful and shows what great unseen talent was behind Travis at all those Elvis tribute shows. Lin actually wrote or co-wrote most of what you will hear. Tracy Herron is Lin's wife's sister and she is handling the CD sales. If you who want to buy Lin Poulson's CD - here is her address and contact info:
The cost is $10 plus $2 for postage and handling and best of all the proceeds go to Lin's 18-year-old son Kohl: Tracy Herron, 2007 Eastland Ave., Nashville, TN 37206, 615-400-7375 -

Posted September 21, 2007
Hi there! I grew up in northern California, in South San Francisco and later, Pacifica (once known as Linda Mar, a block from the Pacific). So your Hall of Fame really knocks me out! I used be taken by my folks to The Garden of Allah (in Alviso, I think), and Forrester's Hall, Redwood City. We grew up in the 1950's listening to KEEN, KSAY and KOBY, great, long-gone AM radio stations. The last one mentioned played about everything from rock to blues to country and rockabilly, and the fist two were straight-up hardcore country. They had DJ's like Red Foley and Cottenseed Clark and Red Merle and Cactus Jack! And these guys hosted the live music events and also did square dance clls at the country hangouts. Man, it was a great era. I was a bit young to recall it all, but my family was unique in that we just were fanatics about all kinds of music. I found I loved late '20's and early '30's jazz a lot; Cab Calloway and all. Still do!
        Fondly I recall seeing The Maddox Brothers and Sister Rose, several times in the late '50's. Of course, we had local TV to thank. They were often on KGO, the ABC station from San Francisco. I think we saw her open for a new performer who came out in his dress Marine uniform and buzz-cut hair - George Jones! Fender amps. Red pilot lights aglow ... my first exposure to amplified music. I can still recall the spades, clubs hearts and diamonds running up the steel guitar neck. The player had big shiny rings on, sparkling and plashing in the colored lights. I'd never heard anything like it before!
        "Been laid around and played around this old town too long And I feel like I gotta travel on..." Man, I still love that tune.
        So I'm 57 now and just thrilled as ever to reconnect with my Rockabilly roots. It was the best then and still absolutely puts a smile on my face whenever I hear it. I sing a lot of Carl Perkins with my group. Hey, Robert Gordon's still a fave!
        Oh, you remember Marvin Rainwater? He cut one of my songs a while back - BUNGEE JUMPIN' WITH THE LIVING DEAD. It's out on an English CD called Rockabilly Wildman! Keep up the great work. Douglas Barrett Jones, Mountain View, CA -

Posted September 18, 2007
From 1956-59 I was the resident "rockabilly" on 'Midwest Jamboree" from ch 13 Kearney Nebraska. I could mimic most of the "rockabillys of that era. Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, Rick Nelson and Buddy Knox besides the obvious Elvis. the only one I had trouble with was Roy Orbison. I hope everyone saw the ventriloquist on "America's Got talent" a few weeks back. He did Roy Orbison as good as I have ever heard it done. I still do voices but I had to find my own identity and could only do that through songwriting. through the years I wrote and recorded songs of all genres. One of the best was a 45 rpm "Denver" Pt1 @2. I also wrote a Halloween Folk grass song called "Ghost on Funk road" KETV made a video of my song and story in 2001. You can google Ghost Of Funk road @ Next Exit to see and hear me. It's not my studio recording but it is interesting. Bob Ayres -

Posted September 17, 2007
Why hasn't Scotty Moore's web site active since Feb 07? I also tried to find him on my space. With all the resurgence of Elvis popularity, there should be alot to visit about. - RIVERBOAT BANJO BOB AYRES

Posted September 16, 2007
My name is Sonny and I really enjoy this site. I play slap bass for a Brazilian rockabilly banda called Crazy Legs. Please visit our home page and don´t forget to drop us a line at our guestbook. All the best! Sonny Rocker - -

Posted September 13, 2007
Hello, Sun Records Artist Luke Wright here, former guitarist for The Four Upsetters & Jerry Lee Lewis as well as many sessions with top Sun artist. I would like to talk with some of my old friends that I haven't seen in many years. Please contact me as well as any interviews with Radio or TV music related airs. Book and recording interviews as well. My contact number is 423-869-4056, Harrogate, TN. Look forward to hearing from you. Luke Wright -

Posted September 13, 2007
My name is Chris Dean. I am the son of Charlie Dean formerly of Charlie Dean and the Rondells. I am very interested in any information you could send me. Thank You, Christopher Dean -

Posted September 13, 2007
I saw the Collins Kids perform Sunday night at the Village Music show in San Francisco. They got a deservedly terrific review in yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle. A follow-up show in SF would sell very well. Rich -

Posted September 12, 2007
I host a RAB/Psych show in Florida on 96.5 WSLR called Hot Rod Rock Radio. It is on Mondays from 2 to 4:30pm Eastern time. The show also streams live on the internet for those not in the Sarasota area on -
        I am trying to find out if anyone can help me get new or recent music sent to the station. It would be reviewed to list the style and point out any obcsenity. Once it is reviewed it would be placed in our cd library for airplay. I am pretty much the exclusive dj for this genre. If anyone sends me stuff I will report it when played. It would be awesome if anyone could help me expand the playlist n the catagory. CDs can be sent to the addrerss below or you can contact me at - WSLR Inc., ATTN: Jerome/Hot Rod Rock Radio, P.O. Box 2540, Sarasota, FL 34230

Posted September 10, 2007
I couldn't use any of the performances I shot of Janis Martin from Tom Ingram's show in Long Beach because I couldn't get the rights to use the music, but I thought I could sneak them on to You Tube and thought I'd let you know. Betty, Elizabeth Blozan, Also visit:, now out on DVD

Posted September 6, 2007
Rock-A-Billy's Take Stage in Newport, Arkansas with Sonny Burgess (Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame) & The Pacers & Johnny Cashís Legendary Tennessee Three: Depot Days, Saturday, October 6, 2007.
Depot Days is held annually at the 1902 Iron Mountain Depot in downtown Newport. Restored through the efforts of local citizens and grant funding in 1998, the Depot serves as the focal point of this free festival. Depot Days will be held on Saturday, October 6 and includes the Lions Club Auction, Jackson County's Best Backyard BBQ Contest, arts & crafts vendors, kids inflatables, trackless train rides, great food and live entertainment.
Schedule of Events
11:00 a.m. Lions Club Auction
2:00 p.m. The Dunham Family
3:00 p.m. JR Rogers & The All Stars
4:15 p.m. Billy Lee Riley
5:30 p.m. Sonny Burgess & The Pacers
6:45 p.m. Johnny Cash's Legendary Tennessee Three
8:15 p.m. Ace Cannon
For more information or entry forms, please call the Newport Area Chamber of Commerce at (870) 523-3618 or e-mail - Lj Bryant -

Posted September 5, 2007
Could you please tell me if you have a mailing address where I could send a photo of Sue Thompson for her to autograph and return to me? Like Sue, I was born in Nevada, Missouri, and thus I am very interested in receiving an autographed photo of her if possible. Thank you very much! Stan Farley, P.O. Box 9011, Wichita, Kansas 67277-0011 -

Posted September 3, 2007
Hi! My grandfather was Joe Manuel. I've read everything i can about him, but i've never talked to anyone who's met him or was friends with him. If there's anyone out there, please contact me. I'd love to hear about him. And if anyone can tell me where I can find some recordings of him that would be great. I've never heard him sing or play. Thanks for the help. Brandy -

Posted August 30, 2007
Bob, Since we all have to have some type of income in order to survive in America you might consider making some drastic changes. Like I have always said ... nothing is free in America. Seems many Rockabilly performers want exposure without paying their part. My suggestion to you is this ... if Rockabilly performers want exposure ... they gotta pay as that's the American way. Put everyone, including me, in a computer file setting up yearly dues and if we don't pay we get dropped until we do. Then, if you don't receive the necessary amount needed to operate, without a bunch of hassle, shut it down for all times. No more free loaders. Sid Holmes and The Cavaliers

Posted August 22, 2007
(From Gene Vincent's sister)

Posted August 22, 2007
Looking for guitar music / transcriptions for Eddie Cochran's "Eddies Blues" and "Guybo". Any info please email thanks, Bill:

Posted August 21, 2007
Is there any way to find out if anyone has a copy of Jody Reynolds' single "Dusty Skies"? It was released on Emmy 1011. My company is releasing both a Jody Reynolds CD as well as a series of CDs by the Emmy label, including tracks by the late Johnny Fortune. Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Greg Russo, Owner, Crossfire Publications - -

Posted August 20, 2007
Can you please help me find the answer to this question? Did Buddy Holly ever perform in the province of Alberta here in Canada? I have this crazy recollection of hearing of such a performance but being too young to go? I can't remember which town, Hope this isn't Alzheimer's setting in. Thanks. Judy deForest -

Posted August 18, 2007
dave smith's jukebox show the original rock and roll country show email has changed: if you have emailed us at - please use this email from now on - dave smith

Posted August 16, 2007
Does anyone have any info on the young guitarist that played with Jack Scott at the Green Bay Rockabilly Fest in May? Sara -

Posted August 8, 2007
Please sign the petition to get James Kirkland (Ricky Nelson's original bassist) inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Thanks. Here's the link:
Sheree Homer -

Posted August 5, 2007
This coming August 16th will be the 30th anniversary of Elvis' passing. Online Radio Station Rock-it Radio is currently doing a 3 part series on the music of Elvis Presley. The first part is currently playing and plays some of his lesser known alternate takes to his hits. It is hosted by Rock-it Radio DJ Al 'Cool Daddy' Smith and can be heard by going to the Rock-it Radio On Demand archives page at: and click to show #2189 - This show should be online for at least another week.
        Members of the Rock-it Radio listener's club (currently over 6800) have been asked to participate if they wish and write the station of where they were and there thoughts of his passing 30 years ago and will be published in the weekly newsletter in 3 weeks. If you would like to join the listener's club it's a free service and can join by clicking the banner towards the top of the main webpage at:
        To view a sample of the weekly newsletter -- you can also go to Thank you and all the best,
Bennie Dingo
Rock-it Radio

Posted August 2, 2007
Whats up fellow Rockabillies. Just trying to spread the word about my website which is to promote the PA Rockabilly/Psychobilly kulture. Pinups, Events, Shows, bands, A new Online Community, Photo gallery, etc. ... If it's not on the site yet. let me know and I will review it and post it up! You can visit the site at
right now BUT I am working on a new design which I bought a new, easier to remember domain, which is
Hopefully this will catch the eye of some of the PA people that may visit here. Thanks for checking me out. Mike (the one with no nickname) -

Posted August 2, 2007
Hey folks, We're working on our new CD. Have a listen if you've got a minute... Thanks! "Roxie" -

Posted August 1, 2007
I'm a musican and I've been trying to form a rockabilly band here in Pensacola, Fl, but to no such luck. Ain't there any rockabilly musicians here Pensacola? I've written quite a few rockabilly songs plus the covers that i do. So if anyone out there knows anyone here in Pensacola that plays music and loves rockabilly music please either e-mail me at or call me at 1-850-291-1875. MAY ROCKABILLY CONTINUE TO RULE ON. KRAZYKAT, larry "krazykat" white -

Posted July 31, 2007
Someone on the tidbits page asked for more info for Tommy Casassa's early carrer. My Mom & Dad knew Tommy & his wife Elanor when we lived in Maryland. In 1957 or 58 Tommy cut a demo on a left-over 78 rpm record that you had to play at 45 rpm. It was called "Three rows over and two seats down". It was about this cute little girl in his class at school. Not long after that I remember going to Glen Echo Park on the Potomac River and hearing him sing. The last I heard Tommy was a DJ in Nashville. I'm sad to see he has died. I was very young when he cut that demo,about 4 or 5 years old. If I remember correctly I think he & Elanor had A son. Michael R.

Posted July 30, 2007
My name is Dan Buie and I am the original piano player for Roy Head and The Traits. I have written "The Story of Roy Head and the Traits," which can be found at or as one of the links on the Roy Head page in Wikipedia.
        Please see Roy's history. Today if one does a Google search on Roy Head or Roy Head and The Traits about 6 or 7 pages of information appears all related to our/his music. Two of the six Traits who participated in our first recordings have passed on to another reality. I like to think of it as the Giant Jam Session that will last forever! Roy Head and members of the original Traits will be 'in concert' for what may be our last performance on October 20 at the LBJ Conference Center located on the Texas State University campus in San Marcos, TX. Dan Buie - - San Marcos, TX, USA

Posted July 26, 2007
Hi everybody I like to invite you to my soundclick radio station. On there also something about The Rockabilly Hall of Fame. This is the page URL ... see You there.
Keep on rocking You all.
Nol&Wies from Maastricht (Netherlands) -

Posted July 20, 2007
I found this website on a search for gibson guitars which turned into a fender inquiry which led me here. What a cool way to find /learn about some of the coolest music ever created. I live in Iowa near the NE/Ia stateline in the Omaha/Council Bluffs metro area I'm so thankful to say that rockabilly music is alive and kickin' around here we are lucky to have some great and entertaining talent who have been inspired by the greats and translated it well. I don't have a crystal ball but I've seen my 5 year old holding/plucking/slapping a guitar like an upright bass and have a feeling that the day he sees video footage of elvis w/ entire band and the paladins and reverend horton he will become a big ol bass rider! I'm gonna browse the site for any friends and info. I don't want to be redundany w/info.already here. THANKS FOR YOUR APPRECIATION AND DEDICATION. Take care all u cats .... echomama -

Posted July 11, 2007
My name is Dan Buie, original piano player for The Traits/Roy Head And The Traits. Some of you may recall "Treat Her Right," the #2 song in the nation in 1965. I have written the history of the group, which started at San Marcos High School in San Marcos, TX. in 1957, and posted it on I invite all to visit our site and add yourself as a Friend if you would like. I'll be happy to respond to any questions you might have. We are a bit older now and have already lost 2 of the original 6 members. As you will clearly see I am NO webmaster, but I'll continue to work on the site to include other information as time goes by.

Posted July 7, 2007
How could i e-mail something to Scotty Moore? Andy Gratton -

Posted July 2, 2007
Hi, I recently read the interview with Joey Kent about the Louisiana Hayride. It was very interesting. The reason I am writing is: My husband, Lloyd Dalton, appeared on The Louisiana Hayride in September of 1958. He was on the show along with Johnny Horton, in fact, he played Johnny Horton's guitar while singing "City Lights". I listened to him, as we were dating at the time, on the radio in El Paso, Texas. He is now 73, and still very much involved in country music. I was just wondering if there possibly was a recording made of that show. If so, I know it would thrill him to death to have a copy of it. Would appreciate anything you have on this. Polly Dalton -

Posted July 1, 2007
Hello, my name is Phil Cay, musician, keyboards, singer, entertainment. I recorded several records in the late 50's and all through the 1960's My first record was "Meet Me in The Barnyard" Phil Cay and the Blue Notes.
      About 1963 I changed the name of my band to Phil Cay and the Chantels. I recorded one song that I can't find a copy of "I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes" it was released on a label that I've never heard of, and I never got a copy of the record.
      A few weeks ago It was on sale in Germany. The price at that time was $150.00 and I did bid on it but never got it. If anyone in the group can find a copy I would love to get a copy. Back in those days a lot of artist never got paid for their work, and I was one of them.
      I recorded 15 records and heard them being played on the radio and was never paid any money for any of my songs. At that time R&B was new taking the place of some of the country music and they called it "Rock A Billy" I would love to hear from anyone that may have some of my records, at this time I still perform for a few functions, but I do not have any copies of my records.
      I lost them all in a fire when my parents home burned to the ground. One of the reasons for the hight price on my records is: the studio that had the masters were also burned in a warehouse fire.
PLEASE contact me at
my website is:

Posted July 1, 2007
I was in Branson Mo this week and seen some shows, Bobby Vee, Fabian, but didn't have time see Johnny Preston. I always thought that Johnny Preston was Johnny's first and last name, but found out it was his first and middle name, my first and middle name is also John Preston 5/25/40 close same age, I have some his songs the first one i got on a 45 RPM, was Running Bear back in the 60s, I'm looking foreword to see him next time I'm in Branson Mo, I live in Ashland Mo near Jeff City Mo and have relatives in Springfield that has a business in Branson and one that was backup singer in one the shows several years ago. Happy 4th,

John Preston S Posted June 30, 2007
Dear friends, Here i come with a great musical video link sent to me by a Texas friend. You can check it at:
That dan dunn is doin' a painting show you can't believe. It starts slow but just be patient, it worth time. And anyway, if you don't like painting, you will have great music by Ray Charles. Remember he was a main influence in the raise of Rock'n'Roll and many of his song find them way on young punk rockers repertoire such as Elvis, Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly or Jerry Lee Lewis. Can you imagine a world without "I've got a Woman", "Leave my Woman Alone", "Mess Around", "Halleluja I love her so", " Georgia on my mind" or "Hit the road Jack"? Have a nice rockin' and rollin' week-end.

Posted June 30, 2007
Hi, I was looking on the internet when I noticed someone had the same last name as me, Grayzell. I thought it was interesting that a famous singer is somehow related to me. Is there anyway I can get Rudy's contact information from you so I can contact him to see how he is related to me? Thank you so much! Brittany -

Posted June 28, 2007
Hi, I don't know if you can help me with this but I have have some soundclips and label shots that I'm trying to submit to the RCS website and can't find an e-mail address on the site anymore. Would you happen to have Mr.Gordons E-mail address? Thanks very much, Bill Quigley -

Posted June 27, 2007
Rockabilly on Youtube check it out! Whistle Bait (all female rockabilly fronted by Josie Kreuzer), Dave and Deke, Dale Hawkins, Rip Carson + more. Dan -

Posted June 26, 2007
Charlie will perfom "live" -- TALK RADIO FANS LISTEN UP! CHARLIE GRACIE appears "live" Nationwide: DR. BILL BENNETT'S "Morning In America Show!" WED., JULY 4TH at 8:05 AM (GO TO WWW.BENNETTMORNINGS.COM TO FIND THE STATION NEAREST YOU WHICH CARRIES THE PROGRAM, OVER 3-MILLION LISTENERS! CHARLIE GRACIE FANS IN THE PHILLY-REGION CAN HEAR THE SHOW ON WNTP-99O AM. Bill Bennett is a CNN commentator-former Secretary of Education, Drug Czar and now Best Selling Author: ("America: Last Best Hope!"). Bill is a long-time fan of Charlie Gracie's and Root's Rock afficianato! - Posted June 26, 2007
dear folks, i heard a song by don french called lonely Saturday night. could you tell me where i could find a cd that may have that song on it? thanks for your help and i really love the rockabilly segment on sirius radio channel 5. thanks again. mike riggins -

Posted June 26, 2007
LISTEN IN ! TUESDAY - 1 TO 5 PM - - THIS WEEK'S INTERVIEWS AND SPECIAL SHOWCASE WITH: DEKE DICKERSON + CRAZY JOE and the MAD RIVER OUTLAWS! LABEL SHOWCASE FEATURING: ECCOFONIC + ATOM MUSIC ! WITH CD GIVEAWAYS! AND A SPECIAL LIVE UNRELEASED BIT OF MUSIC WITH DEKE + CRAZY jOE IN WISCONSIN! AS WELL AS: NEW RELEASES, CLASSIC CUTS, AND GOOD OL' ROCKABILLY MUSIC! The response to the last few weks of INTERVIEWS and LABEL SHOWCASES has been incredible and there are many more to come! NEXT WEEK : GLEN GLEN INTERVIEW and SPINOUT RECORDS + LOS STRAITJACKETS SHOWCASE! plus more! LISTEN IN ! 103.3 in the New Jerksey, Pennsyl-tuky, New Yawk, Dela-where?, and Marriedland areas OR LIVE ON THE WEB at and ITUNES! Also visit our website for archivs,playlists,links,videos,andmore ; ... and if you like what you hear. e-mail the station and let them know. The more support we have from YOU the more support we get from the station. If any businesses want to advertise, contact us our the station and reach 100's of 1000's of listeneers in the TRISTATE area and beyond on one of the nations' TOP Ivy League Universities RADIO! -

Posted June 25, 2007
Hi, I am trying to identify the years of a few EARLY 60's concert tickets 1960-65 I am about to sell on ebay: LITTLE RICHARD, ROLLING STONES, EVERLEY BROTHERS, DUANE EDDY, CHUCK BERRY, JOHN LEYTON, BOBBY VEE, BO DIDDLEY, DION, DEL SHANNON, BRYAN HYLAND, LITTLE EVA, BRENDA LEE, GERRY & PACEMAKERS, DEL SHANNON, ADAM FAITH & GENE VINCENT. I wondered if you could help me identify the years? Would you know the average price for something like this? Let me know if you are interested in them also. Best regards, Jon -

Posted June 20, 2007
Reading the article about Rusty York, I gather that he was an original founder of the "Queen City Recording Co." in Cincinnati Ohio. Can this be verified as true or not? I have a Harrison audio console that came from Queen City Recording, serial number 013, and I would like to know if I have a part of music history or not. Larry Hirth, Liberty Tsp Ohio -

Posted June 18, 2007
Just read Ray Campi's "forget the alamo". Great! Love the photos. When I was 14, in 1962, I visited Alamo Village with my mom as the "prize" for writing an essay about the Alamo. It was so memorable. Bud Breene gave me a signed drawing of a western scene, on which he wrote "to Tina for a wonderful job". I have it in my parents' house. It is black and white, about 8"x10" or so in size. I will cherish it reading that Bud died in 2005. I have an old friend, Mike Johnstone, who is a musician and western actor as well. I will send him this cool website link. Thanks for keeping a beautiful record of on incredible piece of history! Tina Monaco -

Posted June 17, 2007
CBS in New York has chosen The Rumblejetts "One Step Away From a Heartache" video to be shown on "Living Room Live" on Monday July 2nd, 2007. The video will air between 7 & 9am. The video will compete with 2 other videos that day to advance to the finals. Yes, it's another voting game, but the good news is the voting will only last 48 hours! Between Monday July 2nd & Wednesday July 4th, visit:> - to vote for The Rumblejetts! Vote as many time as you like and let your friends know as well! We appreciate all your support and hope to make Kansas City proud. Cheers, The Rumblejetts -

Posted June 7, 2007
I was looking at the artists listed on the Rockabilly Hall site and happen to notice the BonAires. Their songs "Stop The World" and "Bermuda" are songs which I play a lot, mainly because my deceased husband is playing guitar on both songs. On "Stop the World" you can hear one of them say "Roll it Rico". That was his nickname. He also played on Gene Rambo's "Hot Lips and Swivel Hips" song.
        He was part of the music scene for over 35 years here in Dallas and played with many of the people listed on this site. I was curious to know if you might have an address to contact the Bon Aires. My husband¹s name was Steve Rodriguez Davis. I am trying to round up copies of any old pictures which any one might have of my husband. He passed away in January 1994. -

Posted June 4, 2007
Hi All: Still trying to get back to normal after a frantic 5 days at Green Bay's Rockin' '50s Fest III. Just wondering if anyone out there was at the Fest and might have video of the Clovers concert. If so, I'd really like to get a copy. Jim Dettmann -

Posted June 2, 2007
Hi RHOF Readers, Just a quick note to let you know that Junes mad Rat Mag is now online at - Rockin' Regards, Linette -

Posted June 2, 2007
I'm looking for any pictures of The Confidentials and The Newports from the 1960's. The bands featured Robert Gordon and were based in the Washington DC area. They played college and fraternity gigs at the University of Maryland, and American University, as well as private schools in the area. The Newports played in many DC's night spots (Crazy Horse; The Bayou; The Roundtable; The Keg; The Rabbits Foot) and for weekly JOPA parties at the Bayou, The Hotel Washington,and elsewhere. The Newports were handled by Paramount Artists,along with the other top DC bands. Bruce Davis -

Posted June 2, 2007
Hoping someone can help me out. There's a couple of songs that I'm trying to figure out if they're the right ones I'm after. I can't really afford to dump the cash to get the cds or boxsets (or lps) either. I'm looking for "Star of the Show" by Carl Perkins, and, "Call The Zoo" by the Little Dippers (the ones with Darrell McCall). Do you have these? If so, can you email me mp3s of them to help me out? I would appreciate it. Thanks, just in case. And thanks for the RHoF! Ben (in Illinois) -

Posted June 2, 2007
My name is Rocky Em I was a band member with Glen Garrison and the note kings on the crest label in 1958-9 Glenn and Jerry Mannis, Brian Bercov (piano) me on drums. I lost track of the other band member and recently heard from archie francis that Glen passed sometime ago do you have any info. Thanks for reply either way - Rocky phone (818) 541 0800 my email -

Posted May 28, 2007
Here is a link to an article i wrote about the rockabilly music scene in hungary:
i hope you'll enjoy it! catherine l. foley

Posted May 24, 2007
I just put up a page on the site that you musicians might find of interest. I recently had repairs done to the 74 Gibson Dove Custom identical to the one Elvis used onstage in 76 and the one I use for display purposes in the section of the site devoted to Elvis' performance guitars ( The process is detailed here: - James Roy -

Posted May 24, 2007
Just wondering if you know of anyone who might have video of the Clovers concert in Green Bay. I'd like to get a copy. Also, do you have any contact info for the Clovers (e-mail address, etc)? Do you know the name of the lead singer? Thanks. Jim Dettmann, Milwaukee, WI -

Posted May 24, 2007

Posted May 22, 2007
Does antone have an address where I can write Sue Thompson and request an autographed picture? Thank you! Alex King -

Posted May 10, 2007
NYCRockaBilly has been around keeping the scene pumped up and keepin ya in the know! Our calendar is viewed by over 5,000 Rockabillies in NY, NJ, CT & PA, because we link up with almost all the shows going on,supporting anyone doing a Rockabilly show, anywhere within our 4 states! Cause there really ain't nothing better than Rockabilly, and live Rockabilly to boot! We've done shows before but none of em' were OUR BIRTHDAY SHOW!! So come out and celebrate, support and booze it up' with the company that does it all just to keep you Rockin'!! CHECK OUT THE VIDEO!

Posted May 2, 2007
Hello, I'm trying to reach Shane Hughes from Australia with the address I found on his page which is ( Everytime I use it, it comes back as undeliverable. Can someone of you help me with the right address? Kind regards, W.-R. Sommer, Germany -

Posted May 2, 2007
This is Fabris G. Luca, researcher helping Ersnt Jorgensen on the Elvis Sun Project. I need to contact Joe Clay drummer and rocker from Louisiana. Could someone help me?? Thanks, Luca -

Posted April 29, 2007
The Truly Lover Trio will be on the big screen with John Schneider of Dukes of Hazzard fame. We have 2 songs in an upcoming movie called Hidden Secrets and this will be out in theatres this Monday, April 30. The TLT appears in the film performing 2 songs during one scene at a club. Find theatre locations near you, go here and type your zip code:
Hidden Secrets Theatre Locations
You can watch trailer here: Hidden Secrets Trailer
Thank you.

Posted April 27, 2007
I recently read an article about Tommy Blake. He was my first cousin. Can you forward this email to Shane Hughes, author of the article, and have him contact me? I'd like to exchange family history with him regarding Tommy. Thanks, Pat Evans -

Posted April 24, 2007
Hello Everybody, Thanks so much for the plays on My Song "Do it, Do it, Do it" is now #2 on the Swing Chart. My Song "I've Got Love On Me" is now #11 on Jazz Vocals Chart. Having a lot of super nice friends really does make me feel good when I get responce like this. These play counts will only last on a daily basis so if you feel like -- Doing it, again -- well then just "Do it, Do it, Do it".
Take care and Have a Great Day. Just in case you haven't played these songs, yet. Then, this is a Thank You, up front, before you play them. Here's the address again. Talk to you later, Bob Kelly -

Posted April 23, 2007
Paul Burlison played on some Howlin Wolf Recordings at Sun, was Paul the "Willie Lee Johnson" credited by Wolf as his band member, Paul wanted to continue to play with Wolf but social/race pressure forced Paul to stop playing in Wolf's group. There is no record of Willie Lee Johnson anywhere and that makes me think it was a pseudonym that Paul had to use on Wolf's recordings. Can you add any light to this idea? Thanks and Best Regards John A. Williamson The Superstitions, Southside Jukes, & Them Junko King Hats.

Posted April 23, 2007
who sang the song about 30 years about "jonie jonie please don't cry, you'll forget me by and by, you're 15, I'm 22 and jonie I just can't wait for you ... I ran all the way to the house next door, but things weren't like they were before, my tears drops fell like rain that day, when I heard what Jonie had to say, Jimmy Jimmy please don't cry you'll forget me by and by I'ts been 5 years since you've been gone, Jimmy I married your best friend John! I would like to know who sang it these are some of the words to it, hope you can help me.

Posted April 20, 2007
We are trying to track down video on the Spade Cooley Show. Can you give me a contact phone number or email address to Mr. Andy Gallagher. Thank you. Craig, ALVA'S Dance & Theatrical Supply -

Posted April 20, 2007
Could you tell me where Warren Smith is buried. Thanks, Laura Lawson -

Posted April 18, 2007
I just heard this very enchanting version of "I fall to pieces" by Patsy Cline over on youtube you should really check it out. - Kevin -

Posted April 16, 2007
Hi kats! Check out the pride of Northen-Finland! It's the unsinkable Jimi Lipponen & the Kummitusjuna. Yes, the name is weird but the music is not, it's rock & roll! Do they sing in finnish? No, they sing in finglish, the true language of rock & roll, it delivers the good message unchanged and keeps the spirits high! Dig it at or - Thanks, Krazy Keorke, Dj -

Posted April 15, 2007
From Barry Klein:
Don't know how many of you get XM Radio, but Bob Dylan's weekly show, Theme Time Radio Hour, has featured Deke Dickerson's recorded comments on 2 episodes recently. This week's "Death and Taxes" show features Deke speaking about the late Western Swing legend, Hank Penny, including a funny story about Deke playing Hank's Fender guitar.
        On the Barry Klein front, my book, "Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll" has just been re-released in an updated text. It is available on Also available on and, all of my proceeds from the book go to the George R. and Helen Klein Memorial Scholarship Fund at Oakland University for Doctoral candidates in substance abuse counseling.
        I will be in Indy for the Rockabilly Rebel Weekend June 21-23, and if you bring your copies of the book I will sign them for you at the Rockabilly Hall of Fame table.
        For any of the bands performing at Indy who are "tuned in", please bring an extra copy of your set list for my use in the review which will appear on the web site. Barry -

Posted April 15, 2007
I received a phone call this morning from Katherine Warner and she told me that Haywood 'Little Sonny' Warner passed away yesterday from complications arising from prostate cancer. The Falls Church native is best known as vocalist on Big Jay McNeely's "There is Something on Your Mind." A wonderful singer, influenced by Ray Charles, he was a fixture on the Washington DC blues scene the past several decades. He was at one time valet for Lloyd Price and was discovered by Big Jay when he jumped on stage to sing with McNeely at the Evans Grille in Forestville, Maryland. He was a highlight of several DC Blues Festivals and his last performance was in early July 2003 at a Falls Church Virginia City Park. Ron Weinstock - Posted April 15, 2007
Hi, I am Nyman Furrs niece from Tennessee. He passed away last month and we really miss him. Trying to get some pictures or some of his old music together. Any help would be so greatly appreciated. He took care of his mother until he passed on from this life. Blue roses were special to him, and were used in the funeral service. He wrote a song and made reference to blue roses. Would love to find any video footage of him playing and singing. Mrs. Furr his mother is nearly 90 years old. Wish we could hear him pick and sing one more time. Thanks, any info would be great, ole stories, pictures, or history. Kim Furr Norwood -

Posted April 15, 2007
love the music on here, very interesting! jon lightfoot -

Posted April 15, 2007
We are trying to find information on Van Trevor. He recorded on BandBox Records out of Denver, Colorado baCK IN THE 50/60S. I UNDERSTAND HE'S ORIGINALLY FROM MAINE, WORKED IN CONNETICUT ETC. Is he still alive? Any contact information? I operate the Maine Countryfolk Music Theatre My email is - Let me know if you have any info. Many thanks, Larry "BUCK" Bisbee

Posted April 9, 2007
Hi RHOF Readers my monthly message to tell you Aprils issue of Mad rat Mag is online at this months issue features Rachael Stokes The Borderlines The Itchy Feet Trio Jack Rabbit Slim and much much more. ENJOY! Linette Richardson -

Posted April 9, 2007
My name is Abdel Khineche from Santa Clarita, CA. I am a guitar player in the 50's boogie style. If you have time, you can check my latest recording (last Saturday). I called it "Blues Rock Abel" (played in live Double-stops). The backing is a midi file I found on the web and doctored myself. The tune is in the "AUDIO" section of my website: - You can find many live videos here. If you think it's in someways interesting to your viewers or members, your can add a link to it on your superb website. (I am not a professional musician though). I hope you lijke it. Best Regards, Abdel -

Posted April 3, 2007
I am looking for a book of Rockabilly Haircuts that came out in the early 80's. The hair stylist at that time was Connie Clark, She was Belinda Carlyles roommate at one time. The book featured pictures of James Intveld, Dave Alvin, Belinda Carlyle and others if I remember right. If anyone knows the name of the book please let me know or where I can find a copy... Nancy -

Posted March 26, 2007
I'm playing the Johnny Depp role in the upcoming Broadway production of John Waters' CRYBABY. Would love some guidance if anyone has any. James -

Posted March 24, 2007
Howdy Bob, I wanted to tell you about our new show that we just put together as I knew that you were a huge supported of the old music. I put together some of the best traditional country singers and we have a traveling show called The Country Caravan. You can read all about it and check it out here: J. K. Coltrain - -

Posted March 18, 2007
I'd like some information on Cameo artist's 'THE CARROLL BROTHERS'. I have an old 45 of 'My Gal Is Red Hot' which is listed on your rockabilly hall of fame list. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, steve rio -

Posted March 18, 2007
Hi Rockers! New release from Goofin' Records: This is the debut album of this energic young rockabilly band, you don't want to miss this one. Check out mp3 samples of all songs from: - Rockat

Posted March 15, 2007
i need help to find someone of the original musicians of johnny & the hurricanes, or official people of big top records of the early 60s. it exists a recording of this group called "farewell, farewell", which was released on a french ep in 1963, but actually it is a different track no one knows about details. i have this recording, and if people can help to find out more about this instrumental, i will give you a listen if necessary. - Ralf

Posted March 15, 2007
Hello everyone, We are currently expanding our Rockabilly coverage at Rock-it Radio Online. And we would like to invite you to come give a listen. The shows can be heard from our archives page at: Currently playing in the archives page is: Bennie Dingo with the Rockabilly Raucous show in Rock-it Radio show #2016 with a mix of old and new Rockabilly. Mike Taylor's Rockabilly show in Rock-it Radio show #2020 featuring a special on Elvis Presley and his musical transition from SUN Records over to RCA. Lane Quigley and the Memory Lane Show with a Rockabilly Special in Rock-it Radio show #2024. For these shows to listen just click to the speaker on the left hand side. We are also looking for a couple of more Rockabilly DJ's at Rock-it Radio more information can be found at: And for Rockabilly Bands today wishing airplay here at Rock-it Radio should check out: Hope you like these and upcoming shows online here at Rock-it Radio. For those that have a myspace site also check out our latest site and add us as a friend at:
All the very best,
Bennie Dingo
Rock-it Radio

Posted March 14, 2007
Hello, The French store FNAC sells a DVD of Gene Vincent at 10 euros. I bought it and seen it. The quality is alas not very good. Here's the details:
Temptation baby (extrait de film)
Dancing in the street (extrait de Hot rod Gang)
Rocky road blues (Belgique 63)
Long tall Sally (Belgique 63)
Spaceship to Mars (Clip)
Dance to the bop (Ed Sullivan Show 57)
What'd I say (age tendre et tête de bois - 1965)
Whole lot of shakin' goin' on (age tendre et tête de bois - 1965)
Be-bop-a-Lula (Town Hall Party TV Show USA)
High blood pressure (Town Hall Party TV Show USA)
Rip it up (Town Hall Party TV Show USA)
You win again (Town Hall Party TV Show USA)
For your precious love (Town Hall Party TV Show USA)
Roll over Beethoven (Town Hall Party TV Show USA)
Over the rainbow (Town Hall Party TV Show USA)
She she little Sheila (Town Hall Party TV Show USA)
Baby blue (Granada TV 1964)
You are my sunshine (Granada TV 1964)
Be-bop-a-Lula - Bonus in color (Rock'n'Roll singer - 1969)
Long tall Sally - Bonus in color (Rock'n'Roll singer - 1969)
Whole lotta boppin' (instrumental) (Rock'n'Roll singer - 1969)

Pierre-Yves -
ps: There is also Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley, Johnny Cash, Cliff Richard, Elvis Presley, etc.

Posted March 13, 2007
I'm looking for a Kustom tuck and roll cabinet, black, for 2 12" speakers, with or without speakers. I need to match my Kustom 250-4 power head. Marty -

Posted March 12, 2007
Shreveport Rockabilly artist BRANDY ROBERTS released his third CD in Mid March. This Jerry Lee Lewis soundalike is the closest thing to the Killer I have ever heard ... and I heard them all! The new self-titled CD contains fifteen of the piano-pounding songs you could ever cram unto one disc, and the beatiful packaging is superb. The 38-year-old artist was influenced by Lewis and is a friend of the Killer. He even opened several shows for Jerry Lee, and used Jerry's band on his debut CD. This third outing features a strong variety of numbers: "Breakup" / Hey Baby! / Shame on You / Rollin' with the Flow / Sweet Little Sixteen / Sunday Morning Coming Down / Nothin' Shakin' but the Leaves on the Trees / Georgia on my Mind / Matchbox / Rockin' Pneumonia / Bony Maronie / Just a Bummin' Around / Blue Monday / Sea Cruise / Red Hot". These are the hits made famous by the stars Brandy rocked too ... Jerry Lee, Carl Perkins, Billy Riley, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, etc. New Cd available through: P.B. ENTERPRISES, INC. BOX 18423, Shreveport, LA. 71118. If you ever get a chance to see Brandy on the road, go for it. Those in the Texas/Louisiana area already know his talent. He plays a schedule of six shows a month in many States, and is soon getting launched in the North-East. His popularity is rising in Europe, where he had the #4 album in rockabilly in 1999. Need to know more on this artist, write: - Paul MacPhail

Posted March 7, 2007
Hi RHOF readers, Here I am with my monthly reminder that March's Mad Rat Mag is online at - features this month include ... Dukes Bar, Interview with Bloodshot Bill, The Jive Romeros, Jack Rabbit Slim, The Cordwood Draggers, The Sugar Creek Trio and much more ... while your there we have a new feedback link on the frontpage of our site so dont be shy say hello! Enjoy. Regards, Linette -

Posted March 4, 2007
Hey gang, Bitter Feelings on Cinch sold for $133.50 on ebay last week. Usually it goes for a hundred bucks but this is the highest that I have seen it go for. Somebody emailed me that there is going to be a program about rockabilly on PBS saturday night. I thought that some time I would be recognized for having one of the highest priced 45 rpm rockabilly records in the world.
        Some time ago some one from Bern Switzerland, some one from New York, some one from San Francisco, some one from Missouri and I could go on and on sold one on Cinch for $100.00 . $133.50 is the highest yet and I thought that it was about all over and done. Now some one from New London, Wi. has four of my records on ebay. The Bitter Feelings on Cuca would bring $100.00 at one time . I saw "The Blackboard of My Heart" on Target from Indiana and Michigan on ebay not long ago.
        One time while playing in a bar a few years ago I would offer 3 or 4 of my records for sale when I'd take a break. One time some one spoke up and said, "I'll buy one of each, they are going to be worth a lot some day!" At the time I thought that he was talking through his hat. Just a bit of trivia. Have a good day. Larry Phillipson -

Posted March 2, 2007
To keep rockabilly alive we must pay attention to the younger bands,so will say again that All and The Blackcats is a fantastic rockabilly band. All is the man behind the band a guy that did a lots in music world, He also has hiss own band now named "The big Belly Boy Blues Band". Spread the word and look them up on their page...they will appear at a show in Indianapolis this year. The also will tour England and the rest of Europe this year. A fine young band full of energy and they rocking allover Europe in 2007. visit their page and get their music. They recorded songs from Red Moore,Bill Morrison,Roy Cost and Ronnie Haig and Me....the songs are all on their new cd. King regards boppinnol! Nol Voorst -

Posted February 23, 2007
Are you interested in joining a fan club about James Kirkland? He was bassman for Dale Hawkins, Ricky Nelson, David Houston, Bob Luman, Bobby Lee Trammell, Jim Reeves, and many more. Now you can since Suzy Dughi and I are starting one for him. It's all set to go, so all that I ask of you now is to pay membership fees. $20 for a year or $25 outside of America. You will get four newsletters with never before shared stories, a membership card, an autographed photo, a biography, and a chance to write in with questions and buy merchandise like t-shirts, buttons, magnets, etc. As soon as you join, a membership card, autographed photo, and biography will be sent. Then every few months, you will receive a newsletter in the mail. To join: please send me an email, and I'll let you know where to send the money. There is also an option of paying by paypal, but it is $2 more to cover paypal fees ($22)or ($27). If you wish to pay that way please go to and use e mail address Thank you very much. Sheree Homer

Posted February 22, 2007
23 years after they recorded their album for Nervous Records, Rochee & The Sarnos are being played up to 20 times a day on German TV. Their strange mixture of rockabilly, skiffle and Mexican music caught the ear of a German video producer, and 'Mexi Love Song' is now being used as the background music to a TV commercial for T-Mobile. It's a kind of 'deja vu' (or should that be 'deja ecoute'?) for Roy Williams, the boss of Nervous Records. Back in the 1970's when he was a DJ on the rockin' scene, he was awarded a silver disc for making a 20 year old record ('Jungle rock') a hit. While he's happy to think that he could be the next 'Crazy frog', he certainly won't be dressing up in a green outfit! The song is available as a free download and/or ringtone on the T-Mobile German website for T-Mobile members, or for 99 cents US on the Nervous Records website, where a free download of the TV commercial is downloadable from their 'Zorch News' page. - 0 ... In the words of Bob Luman - "Stranger than fiction" =;-)
Roy Williams, c/o

Posted February 22, 2007
hi, hope someone can help. I have come across a dave edmunds 45 " born to be with you" on rockfield label, but no sleeve. the 45 looks ok but have not played it yet. just wonderin if you shed any light on it, and does it have any value. thanks in advance for any info, steve.

Posted February 21, 2007
I wanted to know if you might know where I could buy an autograph of Bill Black? I haven't been able to find one, and I've been looking for about a year. Any information would be helpful. Thanks, Lance -

Posted February 18, 2007
I had the pleasure of shooting photos at the recent Elvis Birthday Bash in Hollywood where I met Glen Glenn. I'd like to see a whole show with him. Visit my photos - Ron Jones -

Posted February 13, 2007
My name is Jeff Meltz and I work for a documentary production company in New York called KPI. I'm currently working on a feature length documentary about Wanda Jackson, the queen of rockabilly and the first lady of rock and roll. It follows Ms. Jackson's musical career that includes hits in the country, rock 'n' roll, gospel and rockabilly genres.
        We have been filming on the road, at home, and in the studio with Wanda - getting her story every step of the way. Our working title is "EVERY NIGHT IS SATURDAY NIGHT: THE STORY OF WANDA JACKSON".
        Our goal is that this documentary is not just to give this female pioneer her due, but also will act as a catalyst for her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This film will shine a light on the immeasurable impact Wanda Jackson had on the birth of rock 'n' roll.
        It is because of Wanda's influence that I'm trying to find footage/home movies or photographs of modern kids doing the rockabilly look. You know what I mean. The cars. The hair. The furniture. The guitars. The lifestyle. I'm trying to illustrate the resurgence that's happened in the past 10 years in regard to the new styles of psychobilly and roots musical groups and fans. Anything you can think of to send to me for inclusion in the documentary would be most helpful. We'd be glad to give a special thanks credit in the film to whomever submits material to us. Please let me know if you know of someone or if you yourself are interested in helping out. Thanks so much!! Jeff Meltz -

Posted February 11, 2007
OOOHHH! That's a bit strong. I can understand where you're comin' from on this, but if Bob wants to include acts that are 'of the culture' if not exactly 'Rockabilly', what do you suggest calling it? If we call it 'rock'n'roll', then people (sadly) will think it's something to do with Led Zeppelin or Guns 'n' Roses or whatever. Our music has a 'name' problem, and we use the term 'Rockabilly' to describe a whole culture now. I wish that there was a better word myself, but until someone comes up with something better. then 'Rockabilly' will have to do ... Roy Williams - c/o

Posted February 8, 2007
Bob, found your site today. Your hall of fame is the biggest fucking phony farce I've ever seen in my life. Sue Thompson and Clarence "Frogman" Henry have as much to do with rockabilly as Beethoven has to do with heavy metal. You obviously have not got a shred of integrity with this, and will induct anybody that you think can help promote your site and your other projects. It's a fucking disgrace to the great genre of rockabilly. SavoyBG -

Posted February 5, 2007
Howdy, y'all, Thought I'd stop by to tell y'all about a new radio station called Carolina Country Radio. We are just getting started, and would love it if y'all would check us out and listen to the music we play.
        Our station is available on the internet, has CD-quality audio, and - unlike most internet radio stations - C C R C is NOT a station that just streams pre-programmed music. Instead, we have live DJ's (One of our DJ's is in the Country DJ Hall of Fame) on air 24 hours a day/7days a week, playing the best of REAL country music, as well as a great mix of the Rockabilly legends. You won't hear any so-called "new country" on C C R C. What you WILL hear is music by Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Loretta, Tammy, Kitty, Wanda Jackson, Waylon, Willie, Wynn Stewart, Roy Acuff, Hank Snow, Bobby Helms, Narvell Felts, Brenda Lee, and all of the other artists that radio stations won't play these days. You'll also hear new, independent artists who sing and write REAL country music, and live interviews with many artists, such as Freddy Hart, Jack Greene, Merle Haggard, Lawton Williams, Pretty Miss Norma Jean, Jan Howard, Lacy J. Dalton, Eddy Raven, Warner Mack, Lantana, and many others. We broadcast Cowboy Church with Miss Norma Jean, live from Branson, MO. every Sunday at 11:30 AM Eastern time.
        We are dial-up-user friendly, and have a complete help section if you have any problems with the audio or the studio. You can listen on broadband (128k) or dial-up (32k), with Windows Media Player, Winamp, Quicktime, RealPlayer, or just open the website ( and listen with our embedded radio. Or, if you would like to join the live broadcasts, come on in to the Country Honky Tonk, our CD-quality broadcast studio, where you can meet and talk to the artists, request songs, and do some socializin' with the DJ's and other country/rockabilly lovers. You never know who will pop in to say howdy. Lawton Williams, BB Watson, Norma Jean, Jan Howard, Jack Greene, Candi Carpenter, Liz Talley, and Freddy Hart are regular visitors, to name a few.
        And, this is all at NO CHARGE to you, with no gimmicks, no spyware, no pop-ups, and no registration needed. We don't ask for your email address (unless you choose to join our mailing list for announcements about special guests, etc.), and we don't ask for donations.
        So, If you're looking for REAL country/rockabilly music, you'll like Carolina Country Radio. Whether or not you check out our station, Thanks for supporting country music, the way it was meant to be! Ceri - -

Posted February 5, 2007
Regarding Wildwood Boogie ... In the Jimmy Cavallo article it is stated that the song 'Wildwood Boogie' was written due to the influence of Jimmy Cavallo appearing in Wildwood, NJ. Not true.
First, Charlie Gracie performed it but had nothing to do with the writing of the song or music. The song was written by Billy Murray, a long time summer season entertainer in Wildwood. At the time I believe he was appearing at the Elmira on Schellenger Avenue. Co credit was given to Joseph Kuhn although he had nothing to do with the recording. Kuhn and Murray were friends and collaborators or other songs. Kuhn, by the way, went on to be a major arranger with the 101 Strings group, a prolific and popular recording entity of the 60s thru 80s. Murray also penned songs for another local, Mike Pedicin and others. He only recorded one song for himself that being around 1953-4 titled 'Guaranteed' - flip 'Time and Time Again'. Bill Murray -

Posted February 1, 2007
Hi RHOF readers just a very quick note to let you know that February's Mad Rat Magazine is now online. Please note that we have added a feedback link on the homepage so if you have anything to say about the mag this is the place to do so. - ENJOY! Regards, Linette -

Posted January 29, 2007
Hi, Charlie here. I've had a hell of a time finding Gene's albums in this country. I have the two Capitol re-issues of BLUE JEAN BOP, and GENE VINCENT and the BLUE CAPS. Do you think Capitol will release the last albums at some point, or do you know anyplace I can get them in any form, even if they are EMI-Pathe Marconi re-issues? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

Posted January 29, 2007
I'd like to be able to exchange E-Mails with Tommy Allsup. I was the emcee of the Winter Dance Party in Clear Lake, Iowa in 1959. Tommy and I have met once since then, but a couple of questions, and I'd like to exchange e-mails. Can you lend a hand? Thanks. Bob Hale -

Posted January 28, 2007
I can read emails from Hillbilly but am generally computer challenged and do not know how to join a podcast But I do have this this Austin City Limits vhs with Roger Miller and Danny Gatton plays guitar with him. I have one cd where Delbert McClinton joins him on 1 number. I wonder how many country bands Danny Gatton played with????

Posted January 25, 2007
Hi Everyone, Just a brief note to let you know a new Rockabilly show has been uploaded in the archives of Rock-it Radio featuring some Rockabilly bands out there today including -- The Oh Johnny Girls; Firebird Trio; Bob 'Git it' Kelly; Carl Mann; Johnny & The Midnight Trio; The Hammers; The Hot Rocks; and Brandi and the Bad Cats and the Sprague Brothers. It's Rockabilly from around the world. To tune into the show click to Rock-it Radio show #1970 in our archives page at:
        Also, if you love songs about Hot Rods and Cruising. Don't miss Rock- it Radio show #1969 - featuring nearly 90 minutes of 'car' songs with Leslie Stevens and the Route 66 Good Time Oldies show on Rock-it Radio.
        Both of these shows should be online for another 10 days. And the playlists will be listed in our weekly newsletter this coming Friday.
        And don't forget our Rockabilly Links page at: - All the very best, Bennie Dingo, Rock-it Radio -

Posted January 25, 2007
Can someone please help me find the classic picture of the men leaning under the hood of a car looking at the engine? I've spent way too much time Google'ing trying to find it. Thanks! Ima -

Posted January 23, 2007
Hi all, Just a reminder that the first rock and roll movie, Rock Around the Clock, is being released on DVD in North America for the first time today (Jan. 23). The film is included in a single-disc double-feature that also includes its sequel, Don't Knock the Rock. Both films, of course, star Bill Haley & His Comets. Other acts appearing in the films include Little Richard, Freddy Bell and the Bellboys, the Treniers, and the Platters. Sony Pictures is releasing the DVD, so it should be widely available. Reviews in the Washington Post and other newspapers indicate the films have been restored, but the discs have no extra features. I haven't heard whether the films are in their original widescreen or not, but I'm willing to guess they will be, since Turner Classic Movies aired a widescreen print of Rock Around the Clock over the holidays. I'll be posting a review of the disc to my RABHOF column at at first opportunity. Cheers! Alex Frazer-Harrison -

Posted January 21, 2007
Danny Gatton Podcast - Hi, Please join me for a podcast interview at 8 p.m. (EST) on Tuesday, January 23, on the Artist First Internet Radio Network, where I'll be doing an hour-long live interview on behalf of my book, UNFINISHED BUSINESS: THE LIFE & TIMES OF DANNY GATTON. As usual, the focus will be Danny's life, licks and legacy, and listeners will have a chance to have their questions read over the air. Once it's broadcast, the show will be archived for four months. To listen, click, or log in on, and click the 'Click here to listen' button. Regards, Ralph Heibutzki -

Posted January 18, 2007
There is a petition to get (The Jordanaires into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). You can go to Petition Diane DeWeese -

Posted January 17, 2007
Please visit You will find a new site of never before seen ELVIS photos that are great and all in color. They are from The 1968 Comeback Special and the 1973 Aloha from Hawaii concert. Photos will be available by spring 2007. Thank you, Robert -

Posted January 16, 2007
I am looking for a recording titled My Intended, by Fay Dewitt. It was recorded on the Leeds label. Does anyone have any leads on this obscure record? Thanks, Kevin -

Posted January 15, 2007
Looking for nominations for an upcoming Best of the 50's Music Poll? I've been counting down the best songs for each year of the fifties for a few months now and I'm preparing a reader's poll. I want to hear what you think! Come and check out the site, enjoy the lists and the videos, and give your opinions. Thanks! Leo_the_Listmaker -

Posted January 12, 2007
Attempting to secure information on the number on records sold by Fernwood Recording Studio for artist Thomas Wayne, brother of Luther Perkins. The song was Tragedy. It came out in 1959 and was the only major hit for Fernwood. Scotty Moore was the producer. Perhaps only he could really answer the question. Any assistance would be appreciated. Bob Patton -

Posted January 10, 2007
Looking for any live material/ cd's records, etc. ... of Linda Gail Lewis and Jack Scott ... any help? thank you. larry adamson -

Posted January 8, 2007
I share a birthday with Elvis. I was born on his 30th birthday -1/08/65- and he died on my dad's 46th birthday - 8/16/77. So I'm 42 today which is the same age he was when he died. That's my Elvis connection. Buzz -

Posted January 8, 2007
Have you heard this new internet radio station featuring a lot of rock a billy - Great music!! Jon -

Posted January 8, 2007
I wanted to know if you could point me in the right direction to find a Bill Black autograph? Lance Morgan -

Posted January 6, 2007

Posted January 4, 2007
I wrote and recorded some songs in the sixties (mostly) that are sort of a sythesis of Rockabilly and Early Pop. I call my music, Pop-a-billy! It is FREE to all that want to hear it, at:
Rockin Robin -

Posted January 3, 2007
I have for sale the following rare original Rockabilly 45:
45: Max Merritt & The Meteors: Get A Haircut / Dixieland Rock: 1957 NEW ZEALAND HMV (Dark Maroon / Purple labels with Silver print): 45-HR-131: Vinyl is MINT- condition. Side A label has a tiny sticker. Side B label is Mint. Comes in original 1950's company sleeve. If interested in this Rockabilly monster from the Antipodes, please let me know. Thanks. Larry -

Posted January 2, 2007
My name is Bill Curtis. I was the bass player for a group called the "Pickin Hicks", one of David Kents favorite groups. We played the Hyaride for 6 or 7 years when it was on Benton Road. David Kent made hired a video company and made a full movie. Do you know how to get intouch with Joey his son? I was wondering if the movie still exists. We never got to see it. Thanks for your time. bc -

Posted December 29, 2006
Just finished putting a new page up about the new museum in Nashville. Went there earlier this month while in town for Scotty's party. It's still in its infancy and has a long way to go but Joe Chamber has done a fantastic job putting it together and it pays tribute to a lot of the guys and studios that you don't often hear about. It's also about time someone started talking up American Sound. Check it out: James Roy -

Posted December 28, 2006
Just a quick hello to all of yall. My name is Lonnie and I am the host of Rockhouse a Rockabilly music show that can be heard on WEVL FM 89.9 on Friday Nights from 7PM until 9PM central time in the US. We also broadcast on our website, which is Just click on the "listen Live" button. It also offers three ways to listen to us, and you can also d/l the players of those ways if you dont already have any of them. I do take requsts during the show at (901)528-1990. I cannot oput you on the air because we do not have that capabillity. WEVL is a Non-commercial Volunteer Station. MOST of the on air voices are volunteer from the community that just want to share their music collections with listeners to educate them about a particular style of music. I want to thank J D Cooper, a former programmer and long time friend of mine for making me aware of this group, and i have really enjoyed reading your messages and admire your dedication to this cool, cool music that we love. if I can help out with any requests or questions, please feel free to ask and you can email me at the website or call me when im on air. There is about a 1 minute delay from actual airing to the web so I may come on at 7:01 on the web, but be patient- I'll be there. Again, thanks and lets rock and roll cats and kittens! -

Posted December 19, 2006

Bo Henriksson -

Posted December 19, 2006
"The Bo Diddley Story" is the title of a major new 3-part series to be broadcast in January 2007 by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Radio 2 network. Narrated by The Who's Roger Daltrey, "The Bo Diddley Story" features a new interview with Bo Diddley along with conversations with harmonica player Billy Boy Arnold, drummer and harmonica player Willie "Big Eyes" Smith and guitarist Jody Williams, plus Dave Davies (The Kinks), Ray Fenwick (Spencer Davis Group, Ian Gillan Band, Syndicats etc), Wilco Johnson (Dr. Feelgood, Solid Senders etc) and Tom McGuinness (Manfred Mann, The Blues Band, John Mayall etc), among others.
        Episode 1 of "The Bo Diddley Story" is scheduled to air on BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday January 16th 2007 from 9.30pm-10.00pm (GMT/UTC), Episode 2 on Tuesday January 23rd 2007 from 9.30pm-10.00pm (GMT/UTC) and Episode 3 on Tuesday January 30th 2007 from 9.30pm-10.00pm (GMT/UTC).
        Listeners around the world will be able to listen on-line to this 3-part series streamed in RealMedia format by visiting the BBC Radio 2 Documentaries webpage located at and clicking the "Listen Live" link or, for an additional 7 days after each of the 3 programs has aired, by clicking the "Listen Again" link.
David Blakey, Webmaster,
BO DIDDLEY-The Originator
A Celebration of his unique contribution to Popular Music.

Posted December 19, 2006
Cash fans might like to watch the video of Rayburn Anthony singing "folsom Prison Blues" in Helsinki this past March. Just go to and put in Rayburn's name. He has been doing a lot of recording lately with a new cd on Rhythm Bomb due soon. He is also going to Sweden and Finland in March 2007. Jim Newcombe -

Posted December 16, 2006
Any info on Phil Grey or Gray and his Go Boys. "Bluest Boy In Town", "Pepper Hot Baby". Alive, Deceased, Found the Lord, Etc. Circa 1956. catman -

Posted December 16, 2006
Hello there! I am just seeking for peopple collecting Stray Cats, Brian Setzer.... I am interested in getting paper goods, live shows, videos.. Anything email me Jon -

Posted December 14, 2006
Hello, my name is Bernie Hamburger of Hamburguitar, back in 1992 I presented a guitar that I custom built for Carl Perkins, I am just curious to its where abouts ... it is tele shaped, finished in transparent blue, with three pickups, please give me any info you may have, thankyou, Bernie of Hamburguitar -

Posted December 6, 2006
Hello everybody. Firstly I would like to wish everyone on the forum a merry Christmas and a happy new year. My yearly Gene Vincent Tribute night will be on Saturday 10th February 2007 at the Ace Cafe London, Ace Corner, Stonebridge Park London NW10 7UD [phone 020 8961 100]. The band this year are "Race With The Devil" who played my first tribute night 5? years ago. DJ's are Big Beat Kris, WildWax Stu and The Rocketeer. For those of you who know Kris he is under strict instruction NOT to monkey with the records or to play an interview when everyone is dancing ! You may notice that it is on the Saturday nearest Gene's birthday , so it would be nice to have a good crowd there to celebrate this. This is something I do as a fan for Gene's fans so it would be nice to have as much support as possible so I can keep this going every year - I look forward to seeing you there ! All the best, Phil Whyte -

Posted December 6, 2006
Hello, I just picked up a single ("Good Friends"/"Set Me Free") by The Rock-a-billy Rebels on the Downtown label (DT-32). It's dated 10/4/76, and seems to be from the States. Band members listed on the label are: Teddy. L. Taylor, Manny B. Goode, Big Brother McBarnold, Stu The Pew and Mike Van Dyke. I can't find any info on them. Can you shed any light, please? Cheers, Steve -

Posted December 6, 2006
How can I find out where to get copies of 1963 (45-prm) record: Boo Hoo and Teenage Spring? Bob Busso -

Posted December 4, 2006
Hi RHOF readers just a quick message to let you know that Mad Rat Mag December issue is now online at featuring gigs reviews cd reviews gig guide and much more. and just in case we dont get chance to pop in again before the new year we are wishing you everything you wish for yourselves and more Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year... from everyone at Mad Rat Mag. Linette Richardson -

Posted November 30, 2006
Slim Jim's Rockin' Web Store - new stock! We're back again to let you know that more items have been added to the SJP web store. First up we have a brand new Slim Jim Phantom t-shirt designed by the premier voodoo rockabilly artist Vince Ray. We're awaiting delivery of stock (expected next week), but you can place your order now to get your shirt hot off the press.
Secondly the CD/DVD section has been updated with two new albums: -
**"13 Tracks" by 13 Cats - 2003 U.S. release (this item is only available via our 'pre-order' service and will come autographed by Jim).
**"Graveyard Smashes Volume 1" by Dead Men Walking - studio LP of greatest hits recorded earlier this year.
Full details on these items can be found in the web store:

Posted November 29, 2006
Hi, I'm trying to find "everything", posters, photos, biography, records by Jimmy Clee "king lefty & his rangers". I work in the nursing home where he is a resident and I'd love to surprise him with a homemade scrapbook. I've only been able to get a small audio clip of "I'm Loosing You" (repeats about five words over and over on website. Jimmy was on the COOL 45 rpm record, he was vocalist, also David Hank was vocalist. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you for your time. Annette Perry, Daytona Beach, FL -

Posted November 26, 2006
A couple of years ago a I wrote up a page about the history of the OK Houck Piano Company, the store in Memphis where Scotty, Elvis, Bill and many other area musicians bought their instruments (see Recently I was contacted by one of the Houck's distant relatives who was kind enough to forward a scan of an article published in the September 27, 1926 edition of the Commercial Appeal that gives more insight to its history and puts faces to some of the names. I transcribed it and published it as a page on Scotty's site as an addendum to the original piece. Check it out at
James Roy -

Posted November 26, 2006
I have been trying to obtain the lyrics to Rockabilly Rock Rock Rock, to no avail. I would appreciate it if you could help me, I don,t know who sings it, but my favourite radio station Beat FM here in Bundaberg Queensland plays it quite often. Please Please help me. Lynda -

Posted November 24, 2006
One of the founding fathers of rock & roll, BO DIDDLEY celebrates his 78th birthday on Saturday December 30th 2006 and we encourage all his many fans around the world to sign the BO DIDDLEY-The Originator website Guestbook with their birthday greetings and messages.
        As we always do at this time of year, we are making special arrangements for BO DIDDLEY to view each and every one of your greetings. This is an opportunity for you to convey your appreciation and best wishes to one of the undisputed legends of rock & roll and a true original on the occasion of his 78th birthday.
        Please sign the Guestbook, located at
and show your support for The Originator - BO DIDDLEY. Thank you very much.
David Blakey, Webmaster,
BO DIDDLEY-The Originator
A Celebration of his unique contribution to Popular Music.

Posted November 20, 2006
Hello, My name is Mark, I am a guitarist living in Florida. I just uploaded some Holiday guitar arrangements in the form of sheet music and MP3's. They are 100% free, you don¹t have to pay anything, or sign up for anything to access them. The sheet music uses traditional notation, TAB and chord charts. The MP3's are all guitar instrumentals. Please check them out and let me know what you think. You can access the site through, or just use this direct link: If you have any questions or comments please let me know. I hope to hear back from you, Sincerely, Mark -

Posted November 20, 2006
Firebird. Chris Nomad, upright bass; Pete Belair, guitar; Matt DeVille, drums. Buildin' a Hot Rod - new CD release. Soaring guitar riffs, hard slapping bass and driving drum beat blast off into a rockin' orbit. Firebird underscore the genre with a fusion of high energy and wild attitude. -

Posted November 15, 2006
I have enjoyed looking at your sight. I am a collector of old ephemera and I was hoping you could help me verify a piece of information. I have an Official Jamboree History Picture Book from 1975, from the Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling WV. It has an autograph page in the back that has two autographs on it. One is Pitaful Pearl, and the other says To one of my fans! Liz Taylor. I was wondering if this was Elizabeth Taylors autograph or another proformer that played there in the 70's. Did Elizabeth Taylor ever visit or play there at the Capitol City Music Hall in the 70's? If so is there any way I could get a copy of a review or something to show she was there? Thank You, Sally Penland -

Posted November 14, 2006
I've just added over 300 new Rockabilly songs to the station playlist which is at almost 7000 tracks now. Visit our website at and let me know how you like the new design. Don Freeman, Rockabilly Radio -

Posted November 13, 2006
Dear friends, If you want to access Tillman Franks' guest book you can use the following link:
Use Search option, by last name, FRANKS and at the bottom of his biography you will find the guest book. Tillman will be missed by all his friends ... and that is a nice place to share our feelings with his family. Sincerely yours from France. Dominique ANGLARES -

Posted November 12, 2006
While reading the Oct. issue of Rolling Stone magazine, I was amazed to discover an article about Larry Terry in the review section. Larry Terry was my first car date. We went on a double date to the drive-in with my girlfriend Arleta French and her boyfriend. I would visit Arleta in the summer at Tightwad, Mo. (yes, the real name) where Larry Terry also lived. I currently live in Australia. I thought it was interesting to be sitting in Australia reading an article about my first date of nearly 50 years ago! Liz Wadsworth, Previously Betty Gilcrest -

Posted November 12, 2006
I can't find any mentions here of my penfriend GINNY WRIGHT who was a huge country star in the early 50s and made duets with Jim Reeves and Tom Tall. She has a website on Yahoo which I made for her at her home in Georgia and its on
        Named for one of her hit singles Are You Mine made with Tom Tall and a cover of the original Myrna Lorrie/Buddy deVal song on the Fabor label-which she recorded for. Her website offers a custom made CD called I Love You after her hit with Jim Reeves and contains all her post Fabor work for other labels like Chart. The liner notes are by me with her approval re the details and the CD itself was made in California by a Jim Reeves fan who was able to copy vinyl recordings
        Ginny began recording in 1953 and like her contemporary Bonnie Lou a lot of her recordings could easily pass for rockabilly-such as Indian Moon and I love my little chihuahua dog. Some of her songs were written for her by Mitchell Torok. Ginny was inducted into the Louisiana Hall Of Fame a few years ago but was too ill to attend at the time. Her music was first issued on LP by 2 German labels Cattle and Bear Family in the mid 80s-which is when I discovered her. She would later discover ME on the Internet and became my best friend.
        Currently Bear Family have just issued a CD called Are You Mine with both her and Tom Tall as soloists and duetists but we were both rather annoyed and disappointed with it as the writer of the liner notes got a lot of stuff wrong. On one night in 1954 Elvis made his debut on the Louisiana Hayride after the Grand Old Opry had rejected him and Ginny was a bigger star than he was at the time having just made his 2nd single.
        He asked her if he could give her an A4 autographed glossy photo - this can be seen on her website amongst 100s of photos of her both as a child, a star on Fabor, family photos and posed with me outside a Dennys Diner.
Richard Astley-Clemas -

Posted November 7, 2006
I have stared a new Elvis Always On Our Mind's Online FanClub. This is no cost to join because it on line I am looking for members at this time. - Thank you, Loving Elvis Shirley,

Posted November 5, 2006
Hello. I am trying to purchase a CD containing the music of John Wesley Caves. Songs included would be:
Always Together
I Need Your Loving
Living In Memories of the Past
Magic Moonlight
Rocket to the Moon
Please e-mail me at if you have such a cd and would like to sell. Julie Schillage, Flintville, TN

Posted October 30, 2006
The Polecats are appearing at Satan's Hollow in Manchesteron the 11th of November! Support will come from local legends "Kid Voodoo" (garage blues merchants with a tendency to play music) and "The Tailshakers" (rockabilly trio who play it stripped down with a punky edge).
DJs Dr Danny Ace and Captain Fido will be spinning the rockin' tracks with a healthy dose of The Smiths and Moz.
Tickets are £10 / £12. Details are available at: We now have paypal at the site so tickets can be bought directamente!! Hope to see plenty of our good friends there! Dr Danny Ace -

Posted October 28, 2006
Hi, i'm just writing to remind all you rhof readers that mad rat magazine can be found at The UK's only free rockin mag in its entirety online to read every month, Novembers issue up soon but you can check out back issues anytime you like. Thanking everyone everywhere for their continued support. Mad Rat Team, Linette Richardson -

Posted October 28, 2006
Just wanted to know the fate of the various mugus around the world. Please keep responding to our cry over here. John Okafor -

Posted October 27, 2006
Just wanted to throw in a memory of Freddy Fender. His song "A Man Can Cry" is one of my earliest memories of song on record. Probably heard it at the tender age of 4, but hated it and my sister's singing of it (Loved Ricky Nelson, Fats, Ronnie Hawkins, Freddy Cannon, etc.) Still, it lingered. Didn't care for his seventies superstar run, either. However, at some point Freddy entered my consciousness like a Big Dog as we say in Texas. And I made a CD version of the same song I used to listen to as a kid plus the B-Side, scratches and all. A Man Can Cry and I'm shedding a few for Mr. Fender right now. And thanks to Rockabilly Hall of Fame for keeping the flame for Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Hard Core Country, and that wild Baby called Rockabilly. Please Carry on. And, Mr. Fender, wherever you are, Tell it like it is, Brother! Chris Davis, Plano Texas USA -

Posted October 26, 2006
Just trying to say hello. Edith -

Posted October 24, 2006
Searching the Web hoping to find Buzz Cason's "Adam and Eve" on CD or MP3. It got a lot of airplay in Australia when it was release, I think around the time of Desmond Dekker's "The Israelite." I remember Buzz's song so well and can't believe it doesn't rate a mention in his HOF Bio. Also can't believe it's never featured on a 60s hits album. If someone can point me in the right direction to get hold of this song on CD and/or MP3 I'd be most grateful. Buzz Cason, you rock!! Andrew -

Posted October 21, 2006
i have an uncle {jerry byers} who made the list of rockabilly hall of fame members. he died way back in the 60's i believe, but i remember as a child listening to his records that i wish that i had now ... if anyone out there knows how or where i might find one ... i'll be willing to pay a good sum for any of his records. thanx, clendon - Posted October 16, 2006
Hello You all rockabilly/Rock&Roll music fans. Alan and the Blackcats, a wonderful band from Michigan, are having big success in Europe at the time. They have a great cd out for everoney to purchase and soon ... there will be a DVD+CD on the DVD a live show in Holland and on the CD new songs and some older ones. This Young rockabilly band is just fantastic ... check them out and enjoy!
Have lots of fun! Nol Voorst -

Posted October 15, 2006
I am a painter trying to find the rest of the lyrics to:
Walkin' my blues away
Got no sugar to go in my tea
Drink my coffee black as black can be
My diamond leghorn has refused to lay
I'm walkin' my blues away...
THIS IS ALL I REMEMBER. IS IT AN EVERETT CORBIN SONG? Thank you for any help in locating a record, cd or ANYTHING!! Maxine Yalovitz-Blankenship -

Posted October 6, 2006
Hi, daughter of Leon Payne here. If you would like any more information, please me know and thank you ever so much for remembering Daddy. Myrtie Le Payne -

Posted September 28, 2006
Has anybody heard of Shooter Jennings? He's a country artist and also son of the legendary Waylon Jennings. I heard some cool news about him at work at umgd so I thought I'd share. He's coming out with this live album "Live at Irving Plaza 4.18.06" this October. I've heard his first two albums and I really enjoyed them but I've NEVER had a chance to see him live and I've heard he's an amazing performer. I'm really excited to hear what he's like live, and who knows, if I like it I might be goin to one of his shows soon. I think his website has more info if you're interested. Anyone been to one of his shows or heard about this album? Gavin -

Posted September 27, 2006
Hello, you Rockabilly Cats! I'm 45years old and i love Rock'N'Roll and Rockabilly since the age of 14 years old. My firsts records where "Blue-Jean Bop!" by Gene VINCENT & "The Memorial Album" of Eddie COCHRAN. Since those records, my life has totally changed! I only live for these kind of music, but also for the roots: Blues, Country-Music, Boogie-Woogie, Rythm And Blues, Honky-Tonk. My record collection is various: from Hank WILLIAMS, Big Joe TURNER, Moon MULLICAN, to the great Rock'N'Rollers like Gene & Eddie (of course) but also Jerry Lee, Elvis, Little RICHARD, and The British "Teddy-Boys" bands: Crazy CAVAN , MATCHBOX , SHOTGUN , and so on....I saw almost 400 gigs ! and i had the chance to see The BLUE CAPS in 1982 & 1987 in England ! But i would like to say that in France (my country) we had great Rock'N'Roll & Rockabilly bands like : The Rockin'Rebels , Betty & The Bops , The Rocking Boys , The Long Black Jackets, The Southerners, The Oochies Koochies , and much more ! And some associations are doin' the best they can , to organise gigs , with some of the great pionners : we saw Bill Haley's COMETS in 2002 , The COLLINS KIDS in 2000, Narvel FELTS in 2001 , Johnny POWERS , Ray CAMPI , Mac CURTIS in 2004 and so on... It's with a great pleasure that i would like to talk with Rockabilly &Rock'N'Roll fans from all over the world! All right , thank you for let me talk , hope to have much answers soon Keep On Rockin'! Dominique FARAUT -

Posted September 26, 2006
This is a response to "Posted September 23, 2005 ...
I can't seem to find out anything amout Molly Bee - Whatever happened to her? Is she deceased? Did she have a family of her own? Did she continue singing? Does she have a web site? - would love to know. sandy allen, palmdale, california email:".
Molly Bee seems to have settled in Carlsbad, California and has appeared recently a few times. A recent one at the Elvis Honeymone Hideaway in May 2006
(see photos at Molly was/is a delightful and wonderful country singer and actress. I hope she will attend an Rosemead High 50-year reunion in Apr. 2007. There is a web page, started by someone else, that hopefully will become an 'official Molly Bee Fan Club' website, if you will stop in and provide encouragement

Posted September 26, 2006
Has anybody heard of Gabriel Kickel? I was given a promo disc, but I can' t any info about the singer. The music is basic rockabilly stuff. Contact me

Posted September 24, 2006
I want to thank Ace Cannon for his influence on my life both as a musician and as a person. It is because of Ace Cannon (and Tuff) that this week I just finished my 20th cd. It is his humble spirit and pursuit of perfection that has caused me to seek that same level of perfection in my music. Thanks to the Godfather of Sax for a lifetime of enjoyment in both music and friendship. I salute you my friend. Dan Traxler, Gospel Sax-Man -

Posted September 14, 2006

Posted September 12, 2006
Jerry Lee Lewis has a new cd coming out 9-26-06. vincent habel jr -

Posted September 7, 2006
September 7, 2006, 70th anniversary of the birth of Buddy Holly. His music remains very much alive! "Daddy-o Dilly" Dillman -

Posted September 7, 2006
I would like to get contact information on Jack Scott, Jimmy Bowen, and Bob Beckham for their autographs. Could you help. Thank you - Jerry Frasier -

Posted September 7, 2006
I have an LP record album titled: GENE VINCENT, The Bop That Couldn't Stop. I have been searching the web for some information about this album. It is on "K-TEL" records produced by RCA. What I am looking for is its production date (which is nowhere to be found on the outside of the album cover.) I still have it in its original plastic cover as well - NEVER PLAYED! Do you have any information on this album??? Please help!! K. Pearsall at or - Thank you.

Posted September 3, 2006
We now have a petition up on Petition Online to induct DALE HAWKINS into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You can access it by clicking on the link at Dale's home page ( or directly by going to Please sign it and spread the word. Thank you. Flo Murdock -

Posted September 3, 2006
You are invited to visit my blog site. I am sharing my personal memories of my friend, RICK NELSON. I saw Rick 40 times between 1969 and 1983. It is my pleasure to share the memory of a fine person, with those who may not have had the chance to meet him. I was fortunate. My childhood dream came true.
Please visit:
Leda Carmody -

Posted August 31, 2006
I would like to recommend the book The Blue Moon Boys by Ken Burke and Dan Griffin. If you are a fan of Elvis Presley, Scotty Moore, Bill Black, and/or DJ Fontana, then it is a must read. It also contains 40 photos. It's available for sale at,,, and many various Elvis websites. It retails for $24.95, but since it is a new release; it usually sells for under $20.
Book Description: Boasting never-before-told stories of life on the road with a young Elvis, this comprehensive guide to Elvis' band gives an insider's view of how the band worked with him onstage, in the studio, and in movies, and features the first comprehensive look at their post-Presley lives and careers. Band members Scotty Moore, D. J. Fontana, and Bill Black created the Sun sound with Elvis, which has influenced such legendary performers as Ringo Starr, George Harrison, John Fogerty, and Charlie Watts. Based on interviews with Moore, Fontana, and the family of the late Bill Black, this resource provides first-hand insights that have never before seen print, as well as several previously unpublished photographs. Extensive coverage of the entire history of the band makes this book is a must for Elvis fans, rockabilly aficionados, and anyone interested in the early history of rock 'n' roll. Sheree Homer -

Posted August 30, 2006
Original sound, in rocking countryfied tunes! ME! Howdy Ya'll, I'm Nik Flagstar and I'd love for ya' to check out my tunes, now these tunes were recorded round 2 years ago now, and the new stuff is gonna be out soon, anywho ENJOY! Nik Flagstar and his Dirty Mangy Dogs! - Nik Flagstar -

Posted August 29, 2006
Hi, I have a red see through album of Ricky Nelson. The label is in Japanese and english. The name of the album is"FOR YOUR SWEET LOVE". The label is TWL. TWL-1076-A and the flip side TWL-1076-B. Can you tell me anything about this album?

Posted August 29, 2006
Video Question: A few months ago I saw a clip on of a rockabilly group in a movie from the late 1950s or early 60s. The clip was in black/white and the singer completed the performance doing a Michael Jackson-like moonwalk at the end of the performance. Does anyone know who the performers were and what movie that was from? Ken C. -

Posted August 21, 2006
Howdy amigos! DJ Del here. I just wanted to take a moment to thank all my friends and fans of "Go Kat, GO! The Rock-A-Billy Show" & MOTORBILLY RADIO who have helped to make us one of the world's most listened-to ALL rockabilly radio stations on the internet. Sometime this morning, at around 4:57 AM, we registered our ONE THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDREDTH (1,500!) listener/preset for MOTORBILLY RADIO. It's always gratifying to get good feedback and positive response from your listeners, but I never expected the station to continue to grow so quickly and become this popular in less than a year. So, from all of us here at MOTORBILLY, I say "Thank You!" For those of you out there who haven't checked us out yet, it's a pretty easy process as long as you have a decent internet connection. Just go to to set up a free account:
1. - Once you have a login name and a password, just head back to live365 to hear the music.
2. Type in "Motorbilly" in your genre/station search window and then click the green ? "add to Presets" button next to MOTORBILLY in the directory.
3. Click the yellow "listen" icon ? to start it up! Dig it!
4. Later on, use the drop down window to select your Favorite Station (MOTORBILLY!) from your Presets.
Once you're registered, you can log in and listen (for free!) to MOTORBILLY at any time and from anywhere you have a solid internet connection (work, home, school, etc.)! We'd love nothing more than to become your favorite online radio station and all rockabilly radio program. You'll hear nothing but the greatest and the latest rockin' music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on MOTORBILLY. We broadcast "Go Kat, GO! The Rock-A-Billy Show!" live from the MOTORBILLY Studios on Wednesday nights from 7:00 PM till 9:00 PM, EST and then have it in regular rotation for the next week. Music is updated EVERY DAY, so you're bound to hear fresh new rockabilly, western swing, 1950's rock n' roll and rockin' Americana roots music. I guarantee that you'll hear a deeper selection of 1950's era rockin' music and more up-to-the-minute rockabilly on MOTORBILLY than anywhere else! As always, requests are very welcome. Just send them to us here at: - Thanks all, appreciate you wading through all this text. See you over at! Stay cool, keep rockin' -Del Villarreal

Posted August 11, 2006
For sale: Extremely Rare 16MM Film with Ernest Tubb, Hawkshaw Hawkins, and June Carter. Circa 1961. The Film: Your National Guard Presents Community Jamboree featuring Ernest Tubb, Hawkshaw Hawkins, June Carter and the Stoney Mountain Cloggers. Ernest Tubb sings one song, Hawkshaw Hawkins sings 2 songs, and June Carter performs in a comedy skit with Ernest & Hawkshaw. Ernest Tubb, Died 1984. Hawkshaw Hawkins, Died 1963 in a plane crash with Patsy Cline. June Carter, Died 2003, Married Johnny Cash 1968.
        This is an extremely rare piece of country western memorabilia. After years of research I have come to the conclusion this is the only surviving copy. It is a 16MM film, made for TV. Approximate running time is 30 minutes. This film is in very good condition. The film is complete from start to finish with no splices. I have only viewed the film 2 times in the last 20 years. I have done extensive research on this film over the years and have not located another copy anywhere. All I have been able to determine is that it is very rare, so rare in fact that this may be the only copy that survived time. I am selling this film to the highest bidder. Please make an offer if you are interested. The film is not copyrighted and it is in public domain. There are several companies that sell DVD copies of similar films. This film could be very valuable to collectors or someone interested in selling copies. You can email Wayde or call me at 928-593-9638. Thank you.

Posted August 11, 2006
I Am Jimmy Dale Jordan. My group used to be called "Jimmy and the Fabulous Earthquakes". Our hit songs: "CHAPEL IN THE MOONLIGHT" and "PLEASE BE MY GIRL". I then went to Rhoulette Records ... my hit as Jimmy Jordan "THE GRASS LOOKED GREENER" and "TICK TOCK". I later joined the Dale And Grace Duo. I became Jimmy Dale Jordan. Check out my web-site - I have some of my photos. You also can hear the hits. The picture I am using is on my Collectors Album on the site under BILLBOARD TOP 40. I am working on 5 collectors albums spanning 4 decades. Sincerly, Jimmy Dale Jordan -

Posted August 10, 2006
I recently saw Finn and the Sharks at a music festiva in Sherman NY. They Knocked me out. Have you dug em? Ginny Monroe -

Posted August 10, 2006
Hi, I'm a new reader, steve l. Been collecting rab music since 1979 also r&b. blues & rare small label stuff. steven Levin -

Posted August 8, 2006
Have been hoping to hear from anyone who might remember the "Midwest Jamboree" 1956-59 on kHOL TV Kearney NE. I was the rockabilly singer for those years doing voices of most of the great rockabillys at that time. The Glaser Bros were on a few times. At 65, I'm still singin, Still pickin. I pLayed for the Boone County fair this year in Nebraska with a lady and my spouse whose family was in vaudeville. Her dad was a "one armed fiddler". I was lucky enough to have a appearence and a orignal song in the movie "Firecracker". The song plays in the "old diner scene" while we sit at a table in the background. my spouse was in a reality show this year and ended up in the top 8. Pretty good for 80. You can see her at click on "looking for stars". Click on "videos" click on "behind the scenes", click on #8. Thanks, Bob Ayres -

Posted August 8, 2006
Everyone come out to DALE HAWKINS' Birthday Party/Tribute at 3rd and Lindsley, Nashville TN, Monday August 21. It's an early show - 7 PM - be there for all the excitement and surprises. It IS a SURPRISE to Dale, so don't spill the beans! $10 cover. Flo Murdock - -,

Posted August 7, 2006
Linette -

Posted August 6, 2006
Hello, I'm bill mack former blue cap of gene vincent's group. i have the chart board marque of gene vincent and eddie cochran's first visit to england, 1960 for sale. i can be contacted by e-mail or my tel. number- 1-910-792-9766. it's width is about 2 foot by 3 thanks- bill mack

Posted August 3, 2006

Posted August 3, 2006
I have come upon two 78 records on which Boyd Bennett must have recorded the songs himself. The records are in mint condition and there is one song on each side.I do not know if these are worth anything or would be of interest to anyone. Hopefully you might be able to help me. Don Hottman -

Posted August 3, 2006
Hello There, I'm Mandy Schins from the Netherlands and i would like to tell you that i love your pages about the music we love. My favorite artist is Ronnie Haig from Indianapolis. I want him in the top 10 of the rockabilly hall of fame because he deserves that. Take care and keep on doing this great job. Mandy Schins from Maastricht -

Posted August 3, 2006
Dear country music friends: Let me introduce myself: I am Everett Corbin, now promoting the music of the Great Traditionalist: Vernon Oxford ... who will shortly have a new cd: VERNON OXFORD sings Gospel, Country & Bluegrass ... with the emphasis on gospel, yet some bluegrass gospel also for the first time. More details later, but those interested please contact me at or - Musically, Everett Corbin, producer

Posted July 31, 2006
Big Al Thompson (double bass player of Bill Haley and The Saddlemen, 1950) is supposed to be Hank's brother. His real name is also supposed to be Albert Scholz. Is all of that brainwashing? Stephan Koenig -

Posted July 29, 2006
The latest Teddy Boy sensation ('FURIOUS') will be playing LIVE on Radio Caroline THIS Tuesday on Del's 'Good Rockin' Tonight' radio show between the hours of 6 and 9 pm British Summer Time (that's GMT+1). UK listeners with a SKY TV system can tune in by selecting '0199' on their handset. Radio Caroline is also available live on the web via various European satellites and Worldspace. For details of how to tune in, go to, and the Furious website is at and their myspace is at - Roy Williams -

Posted July 26, 2006
Seeking bookings -- I'm a piano player in the vein of JERRY LEE and FATS DOMINO as well as oldies and country. Signed with SUN RECORDS in 1961. Recorded and toured with Luke Wright, Charlie Rich, Linda Gail Lewis. Can do single or band with Luke Wright. JOHN C. GUTHRIE - 407-963-9431 -

Posted July 25, 2006
Florida panhandle -- Starting Rockabilly band I play upright bass drums and guitar. Write and compose. Have all equiptment guitars P.A.s etc. I live in Ponce De Leon Florida. Need vocals male or female guitaist and bass player or I can play allthough my first love is the drums. Call or email Keith at 1-850-836-4422 -

Posted July 25, 2006
Hey everybody, my band is currently involved in a song contest on a radio station in Columbus, Ohio. I need everybody to get on this website and vote for Third Degree Sideburn and prove to everybody that Rockabilly Still Rules!! Bassman-Bart -

Posted July 17, 2006
hi, i have a case of 24 carl perkins coke bottles unopened and would like to sell them. if you know anyone who might like this, please have them call me at 731-668-8249 and ask for jason or email me at and thanks have a great day

Posted July 17, 2006
My name is Kevin. I am wanting to contact a Canadian Rockabilly Star. He looks a lot like Santa Claus. This Rockabilly Star had cancer and went to British Columbia Canada to See Allan a 19 year old Healer . Allan Lives in BCC with his parents. Allan was on a resent television show on ABC Television. Allan the Healer. Allan has written 3 books or so. All i wish is to contact Allan's Father or Mother. Thank You, Kevin Neal, 2269 MC7027, Flippin, Arkansas 72634 - (870) 453-8412 -

Posted July 17, 2006
I have a special cousin who is going through a very difficult time, and an autograph from Jack Scott would mean a great deal to him right now. How would I go about locating him? Is he still in the Detroit area? Appearing anywhere? Thanks for your help! Carol Hornung -

Posted July 14, 2006
Can someone answer this question? What recording artist has had a successful career as a cardiologist in Washington, D.C.? I have searched the web for hours and cannot find this answer. Thank You, Denise -

Posted July 14, 2006

Posted July 14, 2006
Hey everyone in the NY area, I just wanted to let you know that the Buzzards are hosting a benefit memorial show for Ralph Rebel on Friday, August 18, 2006. I'm not really sure what we are going to do except play. Ralph loved music and he was a great musician so I guess it will be more of a celebration. He left behind a wife and three sons, so maybe we can raise a little money for them. All of the bands involved were personal friends of Ralph. Anybody who would like to be involved, or maybe say a few words, is totally welcome. Here is the line up so far: Friday, August 18, 2006, Matty T's, 356 Commack Rd., Deer Park, NY (631) 667-6868 - Spinouts, 9:00 pm; Pompadour Pussycat, 10:00 pm; Buzzards, 11:00 pm -

Posted July 13, 2006
please remind me who were the soul/pop group of the 60s & 70s who sang about "the world being a great big melting pot" - sorry the group name and lead singer elude me - and its driving me nuts. thank you - Patricia -

Posted July 12, 2006
Album L.A. Rockabilly: I am seeking a copy of an obsure 80's collection of Rockabilly Music, called "L.A. Rockabilly". It featured bands like the Rockin' Rebels, American Patrol and more. One particular band that I seek recorded their music in an aircraft hanger. Can't remember the name of the band, but they had the coolest surf rockabilly sound that I've heard. Anyone know where to find it? Mine went on permanent loan about 15 years ago to a "buddy" of mine. Doug Liles -

Posted July 12, 2006
Hello - I'm looking for photos of Elvis Presley from his days at the Louisiana Hayride. I have been trying to contact Joey Kent but without success. Have you got any contact information for him. I really need to get a good colour photographs of Elvis from those days and he seems to be the only source. Thanks for any help. Don Wall, Editor, Forever Young, Canada -

Posted July 12, 2006
Can someone (facts only) please tell me where I can find information (everything, anything!) about Richie Valens Girlfiend Donna Ludwig. Is she alive? Married? Where does she live? Does she have a book or website? "Donna" is a good song but I am trying to find out more about the person she is today and hell if I can find it. Thanks a bunch. Rob Wells ->br>
Posted July 11, 2006
Alan and The Blackcats are in the Netherlands since April this year, they did allready a lots of shows and they are getting more and more succes, all over Europe. They will stay untill November and then will return to the USA. It's a fantastic band, very young though, 18, 19 and 21. Alan Kivroy the man behind the band is 56 and has a lots of expirience in the music world. Released two ep's many years ago as "The Fabelouse Rockabilly's". Keep an eye on this fantastic band You will enjoy their Rockabilly spirit. Alan and The Blackcats ... whew!!
See ya Nol&Wies from The Netherlands -
Posted July 10, 2006
I AM INTERESTED IN FINDING OUT WHat is going on at opryland the week of july 10 2006. Joann Carlile -

Posted July 6, 2006
Hello, My name is Jessica Mitchell and I am currently assisting with casting for FOX's hit TV show Trading Spouses. Gearing up for the shows third season I am searching for a fun, wacky outgoing Rock 'n' Roll Rockabilly family! Do you know a family with a cool Rockabilly mom?
           I am writing to you to see if you can help me in my search for finding a family crazy about Rockabilly music that would be perfect for the show. Trading Spouses is a family reality show that is like a foreign-exchange program for Moms. For one week two moms trade places and their families learn from each other. For participating, each family will be given $50,000. You can’t beat that! We are looking for married couples with children ages six and older.
           I would greatly appreciate any help you provide! If you think your family, or a family you know, would be great for the show I would LOVE to hear from you! Give me a call at 323-802-0419 and we will chat. You can also email me at letting me know a little bit about our family, or the family you would like to recommend in my search. You can also apply online at
Jessica Mitchell, Casting Assistant
Rocket Science Laboratories - 323-802-0419

Posted July 6, 2006
Hi Guys and Gals - Mad Rat Mag JULY can be viewed online at - This months features include Dukes final installment of the Rockabilly Rave, Johnny Grande, Little Carl popular UK DJ, and much more.... Enjoy. Linette -

Posted July 2, 2006
Looking for a song by "Molly Bee", entitled, "We're Growing up!". I see it listed on one Website as being a Capitol Records recording #2473 and being a "B" side of the record. But no further information listed. (I believe the "A" side to be, "Don't Start Courtin in a Hot Rod".) Anyone know where I can find "We're Growing Up!" I am trying to find this out for a person from the United Kingdom. A family member of their's broke their old 'record' accidentally and needs to replace it, or maybe someone knows where a download of the song is on the Web, etc...??? Thanks! Sandra -

Posted July 2, 2006
Greetings. I'm looking for some video of Jeanette Hicks. there are quite a few different dvd's and probably vhs's out there of the Louisiana Hayride, especially on e-bay. I don't know which, if any, to purchase. Can you please help or refer me to someone else? Thanks, Ron in Texarkana -

Posted June 28, 2006
Hi, I write a column on the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame and work freelance for the german magazines Rock & Roll Musik Magazin ( and Slam Bam ( Any rockabilly-artist who is interested in doing an interview which would be featured in either one of the magazines and also on the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame is asked to contact me. If you are an artist and would like to get a review of your work, please feel free to send your release to Otto Fuchs, Mühlgasse 74/2/5, A-2500 Baden/Austria for review.
Rockin' regards,
Otto Fuchs

Posted June 28, 2006
My aunt is looking to sell her elvis records, she has a very large collection and we plan on putting them in ebay. however we do not know what the value of these records are. she has been in the record business for more than 50 years. she has every record he ever made. could you please advise a ball park price on selling these. the record have never been open. thanking you in advance for your time.

Posted June 26, 2006
I was finding out all I could about Tommy Overstreet and was lead to this site. He has been my favorite classic rockabilly star since I learned of him in late 80's. I say classic because I only loved his music when he was on DOT label. There was something about the back-up and great musicians that made his songs great. I've learned he wrote a lot of his songs and would like to know which ones. I don't like the songs he wrote with girls names so I'm hoping those are not the ones he wrote. When I found Tommy I was very dismayed that he was not too popular here and found out he did most of his tours in Germany. #2 in popularity with Johnny Cash being #1. Couldn't understand why I saw so much in his music and others seemingly so little. For anyone who miss out just listen to his album Hangin Around and you'll be hooked. Jeanine -

Posted June 26, 2006
I recently read the article that Rob Ohira wrote on Robin Luke. I have a picture taken at a race track on the island of Oahu. In the picture is Robin, my parents and me as a two year old. My Parents and Robin's parents were active in sports car racing. Does Robin have an email address? Sincerely, George Geer -

Posted June 26, 2006
i love dis site, maga -

Posted June 26, 2006
If you saw MaryJean as part of The Lewis 3 at the Borderline you will be familiar with this fine talented lady. [] I am proud to state that negotiations are being finalised to bring MaryJean to the King & Queen pub near London's Tottenham Court Road for a performance on Friday August 11th 2006. You are aware that the K&Q has very limited space therefore tickets will be severely limited. Contact me immediately if you are interested in a ticket(s). These are priced at £12 each, & the price includes a buffet. This is the day before MaryJean's uncle Jerry Lee Lewis does his own London gig, so it should be a great weekend! Rock on, Keith (020 8460 6941) - PS: Also see front page of current UK Rock magazine showing rare exclusive A4 size 1958 UK photo of Jerry Lee, for a copy of UK Rock contact John Howard 01702 512512

Posted June 22, 2006
Hi kids. I'm an old git from Finland but I'm proud to say I was the first rockabilly singer in my country. Yes there were rock and roll types before me but I'm the original rab-cat. Those other types were wimps and copycats with no personality, they rose to srardom because they looked good. I'm an ugly geezer but I could sing even then! Now I'm thinkin of makin a triumphant return with a new back up band The Kickelsons. They are young lads who really can rock!! We're are in the process of recording new material, look forward to more information, website etc. Gabriel Kikkeli -

Posted June 22, 2006
Check out the soon to be released new CD from 'The Fretz', they have put a Rockabilly twist on some well know rock numbers, a very good party band, with one of the most under rated guitarists going! enjoy. :) - bigredhair

Posted June 22, 2006
Good Morning, I have a large collection of albums from the 60's, 70's, 80's. I would like to sell them. Anyone interested? Thanks, Elizabeth -

Posted June 20, 2006
Since the R and R Hall of Fame Induction process is decided on an International Voting Body, it seems to me that the USA should have its own Hall of Fame for our musicians. I would like to Induct "Poco", since they have met any and all criteria, not to mention 16 albums and cds plus a cd/dvd at the Bellcourt in Nashville in May 2004. Geoff Kersey -

Posted June 19, 2006
Hi, I have a friend who likes the Collins Kids. he only has a cassette player and I would like to locate a cassette of The Collins Kids. Can you help me? Thanks, Joyce in Northern California -

Posted June 15, 2006
Hey there... Does anyone know of a recording of Utah Carl's theme song "Wanderer of the Wasteland? I just found a promo pic of him and his band and would love to have recording of this song. Thanks. Rick Andrews -

Posted June 14, 2006
Hello Rockers .... pictures of Screamin festival Calella Spain:
John and Lucy -

Posted June 11, 2006
FARON YOUNG TRIBUTE SHOW. Sunday, June 18th, 2006 beginning at 2 P.M. at the Municipal Auditorium. The Louisiana Tribute Jamboree pays tribute to Shreveport's own the legendary Faron Young. Bud Christian and Hystrung will entertain you Branson-style with traditional country music, comedy and up and coming talent. Cost is only $10 a person. $5 for seniors, military and students. Since it's Father's Day. ALL DADS get in absolutely FREE! There will be concessions and good times had by all! Don't miss this show. For more information, please call Johnny Wessler at 220-9434 -

Posted June 1, 2006
The Blasters 2006 Tour, will bring the legendary group to Oneonta, New York. The Wednesday, July 12th show will be held at 8 PM in the Asa C. Allison, Jr. Municipal Building. A great opportunity to see The Blasters in a small venue. Mail order tickets: - jim murphy -

Posted May 31, 2006
Hi Guys and Gals. Mad Rat Magazine JUNE featuring GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS Mac Curtis The Duke The Houserockers and much more is available now to read online at - ENJOY!! Linette -

Posted May 29, 2006
VINCE EAGER! Saturday, 8 August 2006. The first pure rock 'n' roll gig in forty years from British rock 'n' roll originator Vince Eager backed by Rockola. Venue is the Water Rats Theatre Bar, 328 Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross, London, England. In addition, support act and DJ as well plus licensed bar. Doors open at 7.00 pm. Tickets are £10.00 in advance or £12.00 on the door. Contact Keith Woods on telephone number (0)20 8640 6941 for tickets or further information. - editor's note.

Posted May 29, 2006
FYI Garage Rock Night, Might Be Fun :) New York City, THE CONTINENTAL, June 24, 2006. Located on the corner of St. Mark's Place & 3rd Ave. - - ROBERT GORDON, THE LYRES, THE CHARMS, THE RANTS. THE RANTS ARE A HOT NYC GARAGE/PUNK BAND. GARAGE-A-BILLY! For tickets contact - $10.00 - Barbara Jane (BJ) Treager -

Posted May 29, 2006
The best Rockabilly band around can be found at: -

Posted May 29, 2006
Good day. Hello we are Carolina & Peter. We are from Holland (Europe). We will visit comming 2 weeks, Memphis, Las Vegas Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. We are looking fore some R 'n' R / Rockabilly stores, bars, clubs and events. Can you help us with some adresses. Thanks, Carolina & Peter. Keep on rocking -

Posted May 29, 2006
I would like to know if there is anyone that has a Photo of Johnny Horton. Send to: Darlene R kautz, N1870 hwy x, Merrill wis 54452 -

Posted May 29, 2006
i'm a child of the 50's and i thought i knew most of the rock'n' roll people of that time. i found charlie feathers by accident on yahoo 50's rock 'n' roll station, he was singing the elvis song, YOUR RIGHT I'M LEFT SHE'S GONE, it completly knocked me out, since then i have found out more about him and i have ordered some of his records, i think he was truly great, i cant wait to hear more of his work.

Posted May 19, 2006
I'm looking for a rockabilly band for a private party in Grafton, VT on Sep. 9, 2006. Can you tell me how to find a booking agent who can help me ASAP? Thanks! Simon Young -

Posted May 17, 2006
Howdy friends and neighbours! This note is just to let you know that The Cascadez debut-CD "10,000 Miles To Memphis" now is available through most good rock & roll/rockabilly mailorder companies in Europe (and a few outside Europe as well). If you can't find it, we«ll be glad to supply you with a copy! The Cascadez comes from Norway and play hardcore teddyboy rock 'n' roll and often compared to Crazy Cavan or Teencats. On "10,000 Miles To Memphis" you find 16 original songs ranging from straight teddyboy rock & roll to Johnny Cash styled country. The CD has gotten lots of airplay on radiostations in Holland, Germany, Norway and Sweden. See for more info or download a few mp3«s! Bop! Arild -

Posted May 16, 2006
i have i found a record produced by ken nelson. dont be mad by otis blackwell - elvis presley. sang by simon crum. any info would be appreciated its a 45. other side is little red webb from the capitol album the unpredictable simon crum. ty in advance for ur reply

Posted May 15, 2006
I've enjoyed seeing photos of all the stars. I especially enjoyed seeing Hayden Thompson. The last time I saw Hayen was when I did the Slim Rhodes show is Memphis in 1957. I was 16 and scared to death. Hayden was very supportive. I am a casting director in Hollywood and if I can find a role for Hayden I hope someone will help me get in touch with him. God bless all those who continue to sing and play and God bless all those who have passed. Dean Keith Wolfe.

Posted May 12, 2006
Ed Bentley CD - Here We Go Again! Hello Everyone, Just a quick note to let you know, you can now download Individual songs from Ed's CD," Here we Go Again" on Apple Itunes. Just click on the following link. - All the best to everyone, Jane Prey -

Posted May 11, 2006
Don't know 'bout no Ford Fairlanes but I do know about steamtugboats and ultimate oldies dot com. Enjoy'd your site. Towson ain't far from the Inner Harbor as the crow flies. give us a buzz and 'drop in' sometime. The Baltimore & Chesapeake Steamboat Company, Walt -

Posted May 7, 2006
FYI: THE FOUR UPSETTERS was formed by leader and drummer JOHN GUTHRIE and guitarist LUKE WRIGHT in Middlesboro, KY in 1959. They were signed by SUN RECORDS in 1961 and recorded and toured with JERRY LEE and CHARLIE RICH until l964 when John was drafted in the army along with label mate CARL MANN. John Guthrie is curently playing piano in lounges and private parties.

Posted May 5, 2006
How can I go about getting pictures of Country Music Singers? I also like to get pictures of Rockabilly Singers. This is for my radio station. Sonny Hill, WZNI Country 1710.

Posted May 4, 2006
Has anyone ever interviewed, or located, Jimmy Grubbs of "Let's Rock To-night" fame. Volk -

Posted May 4, 2006
My husband and I bought a 64-1/2 Ford Mustang a few years ago and restored it to its original condition. When we were cleaning out the vehicle to restore it we came across a card from Classy-Chassis Ltd which had information on the back which said "Very rare car 1964-1/2 Mustang first 1 of 50 made. White on White, 4 BBL, Automatic. Original car. Original owner was Elvis Presley, bought for one of his road crew". We are very interested in finding out if there is a bill of sale or purchase agreement proving this statement. We are anxious to have a reply. Thanks. Sandy Narehood -

Posted May 3, 2006
Hello you all - on thes sites are pictures from 2 gigs from last weekend (lava and kroeg) see fotos
gr erwin -

Posted May 2, 2006
Hey gang -- Thought some be interested in this. Dave Rich, the country and rockabilly singer known for his 50s recordings like "Rosie Let's Get Cozy" "Chicken House" "Ain't It Fine" and the song that the Bellfuries covered "Sunshine in My Heart" will be sitting in with us (Deke & the Ecco-Fonics) at our show in Dallas, Texas, on May 6th at the Sons of Hermann Hall. Deke Dickerson -

Posted May 1, 2006
Rockabilly in it's truest form. Country "kicked up a notch". Don't listen to this in the car because you just can't dance in there. Your gonna tell all your friends and become "Rockit Heads" before you know it.
              Bo Porter started playing guitar at age six and by age seven was touring throughout the South with his father Reid Porter and his bluegrass band. In the 1950?s Bo's Dad Reid Porter had a band called The Dixie Playboys. If it's musical heritage your looking for Bo definitely came by it honest. In his teens, he was onstage with the Panhandle Opry in Northwest Florida and by age 17, Bo was touring the country with his own country / rock band. He has appeared on stages from Dolly Wood to Nashville's famed Bluebird Cafe', and his bands have opened for country artists including Doug Stone, Mark Chestnut, Joe Diffie.
              In October of 2004 Bo and friends started recording the self titled CD for Bo Porter & The Dixie Rockits that released December 2005. It's been said that The Dixie Rockits are a "Southern Fried Rockit Fueled Frenzy Guaranteed to Send you into Orbit" You can decide that for yourself.
              If you're wondering where the name Dixie Rockits came from here's the answer. Because Bo's Dad had a band called the Dixie Playboys, Bo and Ricky decided (with Dad's permission) to use the Dixie part and thought Rockets sounded good. The usual spelling of Rockets didn't suit them though so it was decided that because their tendency to take an old country song and "Rock It" up that they should become the Dixie Rockits, spelled accordingly. Bo Porter & the Dixie Rockits - -

Posted May 1, 2006
Hi Guys and Gals. Just a quick line to let you know that Mad Rat Mag (May) is now online at Thank you for all your input!! ENJOY! Linette -

Posted May 1, 2006
Does anyone know how to contact Tom T. Hall directly via e-mail or snail mail? I want to send him an invitation to an event in Nashville. Respond to -

Posted May 1, 2006
Keep tabs on what's goin' on in and around the Las Vegas and Southern Nevada area. Do you have a rockabilly-related event coming to our area? Feel free to post your Vegas event and add to our extensive link resources page. Please check out our group:
Roxie -


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