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Update: May, 2000
JYRKI JUVONEN (lead guitar) MARKO JUVONEN (drums) ALF OSTLUND (bass)
Following his 1993 CD "F**ckin' Formidable" released on "Media 7" France - here's Orville Nash's new album . . .

Get Along - Warning Shadows - Heavy City Traffic Jam - Montana Wild Cat - Bittersweet - Bayou Beast - Bourbon Street Belle - Eileen - Rocking Daddy - Honky Tonk Mood - Get Along (reprise)

After obscure debuts down in Texas back in the early Sixties, Orville Nash has gained a solid reputation in Europe starting from 1988 with France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, England and Sweden where he constantly appeared both in clubs, bikers reunions, Rockabilly & Country festivals.

He shared bills with the greatest legends: Wanda jackson, Merrill E. Moore, Gene Simmons, Fredie 'Fingers' Lee, Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Sleepy Labeef a.o. That ultimate recording gives the proof if needed that not only he's a great entertainer on stage backed with french Coastline or Toulouse Ramblers, German Lenne Rockers or his own Scandinavian Ramblers but also his double Alan Wolfson is not only a copying cat and know how to write original material.

Fury Records, Unit 6, 7/11 Minerva Road, LONDON (N.W.IO 6HJ) U.K
Alan Wolfson - 16 Rue Clairaut, 75017 Paris (FRANCE) 33/ 01 42 26 17 83
Foreign Promotion/
C.I.A. Music - 3 Rue DU Ht Koenigsbourg 67600 Ebersheim (DFRANCE) 33/ 03 88 85 76 52
Jean 'C' Smaine

Update: March, 2000
Orville Nash Returns to US to Record
from Paris, France, will be recording at Ronny Weiser's Rockin' Rock Studio in Las Vegas October of 2000. Orville, originally from Altanta, has spent the past eleven years in France playing rockabilly, traditional country and honky tonk. Let's welcome him back the states!

ORVILLE NASH is a '50s style country/rockabilly singer and songwriter that you may already have seen or heard. Born in Atlantic City, August 3, 1947, he moved to Houston, Texas in the mid sixties where he played along the same club circuit as Sonny Fisher, the Famous King of Texas Rockabilly.

He then recorded a few demos for the Crazy Cajun label at the Gold Star Studio on Brock Street, where he met Sleepy LaBeef and Warren Smith, who strongly influenced his music style.

Orville has been touring the past eleven years throughout Europe and appeared on the stages of major country and rockabilly festivals with Sleepy LaBeef, Bill Monroe, Wanda Jackson, Dave Dudley and Joe Sun.

The year 2000 will be highlighted by the Pezena's Country Festival on Agust 5th and 6th in the south of France. He will be on the same bill with country artists George Highfill and Billy Keeble.

Orville's latest CD, "Get Along," released on the UK label Fury is available through Hep Cat Records, Orange, CA. The disc has stirred up some favorable comments that have led to a recording project on Ronny Weiser's "Rollin' Rock" label in Las Vegas, October 2000.

The self-penned "Boogie Woogie Country Girl" is featured on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame's Volume #4 CD. Here you will hear a great sample of Orville's rockabilly talents.

Orville would like to hear from fans and friends. Use the e-mail address below.

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