"The Max Panconi Orchestra" first discographic recording features Massimiliano Panconi, singer, guitarist and also author of all the repertoire of the group.

"Ciao bella!", is the title of the first single, recorded in Florence, with a particular "old style" touch: all truly played by Max, the real leader of the band, recorded without the help of synthesizers or artificial sounds.

"The Max Panconi Orchestra" follows the steps of the "GattiMatti", the original band of Massimiliano Panconi, already known from several years within the rockabilly circuit with the classic formation of guitar, bass and drums.

The highly spectacular show by "The Max Panconi Orchestra" has a repertoire of classic and new original songs all arranged in a swing style and infused by the energy and freshness of the rockabilly style.

The mix of the two styles, classic and new, results in a superb and powerful sound typical of "The Max Panconi Orchestra", a very modern project that stands out from the crowd.

At the moment "The Max Panconi Orchestra" is launching their new single "Ciao bella!" and is also completing an album with original and classic songs from the rockabilly repertoire.

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