LEFT: Kenny Bruce, Marv Weyer and Craig Maki
CENTER: Marv with Eddie Jackson
RIGHT: Standing: Craig, Kenny, Jack Earls and Smokey Links. Seated: Loney Charles and Marv.

Marv Weyer passed away from complications to pnemonia on June 24, 2012 at Henry Ford hospital Macomb, MI.

During the summer of 1997, the flame of western swing was reignited in Detroit when Eddie Jackson regrouped his Swingsters for recording sessions (and live shows) that resulted in two 45 r.p.m. singles on Woodward Records. Guitarist Marv Weyer arranged the tunes and played lead through it all. Now, Woodward Records is orbiting over their first CD release, "Moose Crossing" by Marv Weyer & His Pals. Weyer demonstrates his own style and tone on eleven instrumental and vocal compositions.

A brief history of Marv Weyer's career:
  • Grew up in Pontiac, Michigan
  • Played popular, jazz and western music with his father's combo as a young teen.
  • During high school, joined a rock'n'roll band called Nick & the Jaguars, which featured two guitars and drums. They appeared all over Pontiac as headliners and with doo wop group the Ferros. The Jaguars cut a 45 r.p.m. single for Berry Gordy's Tamla label in 1959 (which made them the first white kids in the Motown stable), and backed the Ferros on a single for Hi-Q (owned by Fortune Records in Detroit).
  • As a teen, made a guest appearance with the orchestra on Ed "Jack the Bellboy" McKenzie's TV dance program in Detroit, and told the host that his favorite guitarist was Django Reinhardt.
  • After high school, joined the Marines. Served in Vietnam and California. While in California, played with the Mandrell Family Band. Guitarists Joe Maphis and Merle Travis often sat in with the group. Also gigged with steel guitar player Bud Isaacs, and Merle Haggard's band, among others.
  • Played his way to Nashville, TN, where he held jobs with Barbara Mandrell, Ray Price, Ed Bruce, Bobby Helms, and jammed with many more musicians.
  • Returned to Michigan during the 1970s. Made a living playing guitar with jazz, rock and country bands through the 1980s. Met C&W entertainer Eddie Jackson and formed a musical partnership that has lasted up to the present.

    "His Pals" include:
    Eddie Jackson - western band leader who has performed for over 50 years in Detroit. Jackson plays rhythm guitar on a handful of tracks, and contributes a vocal performance with "Lonely Nights" (a song he learned circa 1953 from his friend Hal Southern); Jack Earls - recorded at Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee, 1955-56. Earls' voice retains its original rockabilly edge. "I Started Rockin' A Long Time Ago" is his first new recording to be released in the States since the 1970s; The Big Barn Combo - rockabilly band currently building a following in the Midwest. Various members play on several tracks. Kenny Bruce and Craig Maki supply rhythm on many numbers. Guitarist Smokey Links shines on three, and drummer Loney Charles on two; Joe Coccia - Coccia (pronounced like "cozy") is a veteran of Detroit's musical scene. Played with the likes of sax-man Walkin' Tony Lee, and Eddie Jackson. No other kat in town drums a more solid beat. He can be heard on "Bones Boogie" and "Swingsters Swing"; Joe Pistorio and Rick Jackson - drummer and bassist respectively, who played on Eddie Jackson's 1997 sessions. Rick is Eddie's son, and Joe is a friend from way back. They appear on the instrumental "Jaguar Shuffle".

    This album was recorded with one microphone, 'live' and in mono. No effects were added to the recording during mastering.

    WWD-CD-100 - Marv Weyer & His Pals "Moose Crossing"

    Related music currently available:

  • WWD-45-101 - Eddie Jackson & the Swingsters "A Musician's Life" b/w "Toddy For The Body" (instrumental)
  • WWD-45-102 - Eddie Jackson & The Swingsters "Why Not Be Partners?" b/w "Bones Boogie" (first version - instrumental)
  • WWD-100 - Eddie Jackson & the Swingsters "Music With A Western Beat" (12-inch vinyl LP collection of Detroit hits)

    WOODWARD Records
    P.O. Box 494
    New Baltimore, MI 48047

    Marv's Comments:
    "I really enjoyed doing this CD. Not only did I have the best musicians in the Detroit area, but I had the pleasure of recording with Eddie Jackson, with whom I've worked many years. And what can I say about the legendary SUN Records recording artist Jack Earls that hasn't been said? Love the guy's music. Detroit's Big Barn Combo was a very important part of this CD as well.

    If you notice, there is a lack of drums on some of the tunes. That's because I wanted to get the sound of old-style music. However, be sure to listen to Joe Coccia and Loney Charles playing drums on a few tracks - I can't say anything except, "fantastic." Thank-you Kenny Bruce for your great help on upright "doghouse" bass. A very good friend and musician, Smokey Links, helped me with the "Bones Boogie" and "Mohawk," which I wrote with "Bones" Maki and Smokey in mind. Eddie Jackson and Craig Maki played the best rhythm guitars you'll ever hear.

    Thank-you all. God bless Eddie Jackson, Jack Earls and the Big Barn Combo.
    - Marv Weyer

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