March, 2000 in the UK

Marti Brom & Big Sandy
Marti Brom appeared at El Cid's in Hollywood Saturday, Feb. 19th. Big Sandy stepped on stage with Marti for a couple of duets.

What Makes Marti' Brom So Mean?

Her band isn't talking. Maybe it was a childhood spent wrestling alligators in the swamp for pennies from tourists. And later, riding the rails and fighting the other hobos for the last cold stogie. However, we could verify none of these stories, not finding any surviving witnesses. Some say the answer lies in the songs she writes. But could it really be true that "my man hadn't come for love and affection, he came to watch me drown" or that "as I was going down for the last time, a smile came upon his face". Sure, such an experience is enough to make just about anyone mean, but did it really happen? The only way to really get to the root of the matter is to flat out ask the lady herself. To tell the truth, however, we're just too scared to do it.

Marti' Brom - a gal born and bred in St. Louis, Missouri, she spent her summers in the bayous of South Louisiana with her grandparents. Today, she applies her bluesy St. Louis voice and sensibilities to the hillbilly purist aesthetics found in Austin, Texas to create a raucous but sultry rockabilly music. Her vision is to bring back a hillbilly glamour to country and rockabilly music.

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