Rockabilly Hall of Fame Legends List

"M" Artists & Songs




MaCree, Josh
Oh Baby You

Mac, George
Mac, Johnny
MacArthurs, Ray
Macado, Richard
Mach, Leon
Mache, Billy

Mack, Bill
Cat Just Got In Town, '56
It's Saturday Night, '57
Kitty Kat, '56

Mack, Bobby
She's My Little Baby, '59

Mack, Floyd
I Like To Go

Mack & Gwen

Mack, Jeani
Dirty Dishes, '58

Mack, Lonnie
Memphis, '63
Wham, '63

Mack, Melody
Chili Dippin' Baby, '55

Mack, Patti
Handy Andy, '61

Mack, Ronnie

Mack, Warner
Roc-A-Chicka, '57

Mackey, Bob

Madden, Doyle
Gonna Learn To Rock

Madden, Gregg
Maddin, Jimmy

Maddox Brothers
Ugly And Slouchy, '57

Maddox Brothers & Rose
MADDOX BROS & ROSE - On-site Rockabilly HOF page
Love Is Strange, '57
Stop Whistling Wolf, '57

Maddox, Fred

Maddox, Rose
Hey Little Dreamboat, '56
My Little Baby, '59
Wild Wild Young Men, '55

Maddy Brothers
Madera, Johnny
Madison Brothers
Mae, Daisy

Mae, Dottie

Sugar Doll

Mae, Lonnie
Record Hop Dream, '60

Magic Sam
21 Days In Jail, '58

Mallie Ann

Maloy, Vince
Crazy About You, '58
Hubba Hubba Ding Ding

Malone, Ronnie

Maltais, Gene
Crazy Baby, '57
Gang War, '59
Raging Sea, '59

Malvin, Artie
Manin Brothers
Manis, George
Manley, Hollis
Mann, Barbara

Mann, Carl

Gonna Rock And Roll Tonight, '57
Mona Lisa, '59
Rockin' Love, '57
A rockabilly singer/pianist, Carl had his own band when he was only twelve years old. Hitting upon the idea of rocking a familiar standard song, his rockin' rendition of "Mona Lisa" initially provoked the publisher of the song who unsuccessfully tried to deny Sun a license, which would have prevented the release of the record.

Mann, Chuck
Mann, Frankie

Mann, Gary
Cheer Me Up, '58

Mann, Glen
Mann, Johnny
Mann, Pete
Manning, Chuck
Manning, Linda
Manning, Skip
Mansel, Red

Manship, Jimmy & Judy
(Jimmy)-Teenage Sweetie, '59

Manuel, Joe

Manuel, Larry

Maphis, Joe
Water Baby Boogie, '60

Maphis, Joe & Larry Collins
Hurricane, '57

Mar, Jerry
Marbles, Slim
March, Tony

Marcum, Gene
Try It No More

Marcus Brothers
Sugar Booger, '58

Marino, Sandy
Marker, Morty
Markoe, Jerry
Marlow, Rickey
Maroni, Chuck
Marquis, Dick
Mars, Del

Marshall, Dick

Jitterbug Joe, '63

Marshall, Eddie
Marshall, Lynn

Martin, Alan
Martin, Barry

Martin, Billy
If It's Lovin' That You Want, '60

Martin, Benny

Martin, Bobby (w/Tune Twins)
Dood It, '58
Give Your Heart To Me, '57

Martin, Chuck
Martin, Gene

Martin, Grady
See the Grady Martin/Bob Moore Fan Club Page

Martin, Jack

Martin, Janis
Barefoot Baby, '56
Drugstore Rock & Roll, '56
My Boy Elvis, '56
Janis Martin's Rockabilly Hall of Fame page

Martin, Jean
Martin, Jerry
Martin, Jimmie
Martin, Kenny Lee
Martin, Leon
Martin, Leroy
Martin, Mamie
Martin, Red
Martin Sisters

Martin, Sonny

Martin, Tommy
Martino, Johnny
Marvello, Bruce
Marvelluss Mickey

Marvin, Eddie
I'll Just Pretend, '61

Marvin, Ken
Marvin, Paul

Mask, James
Beer Drinking Blues, '59

Maslon, Jimmie Lee
Mason, Jerry

Mason, Pat -
one of the the biggest booking agents on the west coast for over 60 years, who has booked almost every known Rockabilly star in the world. Pat just turned 90 years old last fall, (1997) and is still very active in show business.<
The Pat Mason Rockabilly Hall of Fame page

Massey, Billy

Masters, Sammy
Flat Feet, '56
Pink Cadillac, '56
Rockin' Red Wing, '60

Matero, Rocky

Match, Billy
I Want My Baby, 59

Mathews, Hank
Mathis, Ernie
Mathis, Mike

Mathis, Tom
Lead Guitarist for Eddie Bond for many years. Played on numerous recordings in the Memphis Rockabilly sound. Also toured with Charlie Feather`s children, Bubba and Wanda in the 70`s. Worked on the road with country music greats Johnny Duncan, Janie Frickie and Del Reeves.
Matt, Dee
Matthews, Jerry

Mattice, Bob
What's All This, '60

Matts, Merle

Maupin, Ramon
No Chance, '58
Rockin' Rufus
What's The Use, '58

Maxwell, Diane

May, Haskell
Party Line, '58

May, Haskell

May, Linda
Maybee, Charley

Mayberry, Howard
This Just Can't Be Puppy Love, '61

Mayes, Little Herb
Maynie & Howie

Mayo, Danny
Pretty Baby Rock

Mays, Bredice
Mays, Carl

McAdams, Johnny
Is There No Love For Me, '56

McAlister, Mike
I Don't Dig It

McAllister, Red
McArthurs, Ray
McAuliffe, Leon
McBee, Ronnie
McBride, Dale
McBride, Jim

McBride, Lee
Confusin', '61

McCain, Jerry
McCall, Darrell
McCarver Sisters
McClanahan, Mac
McClarey, Butch

McCollough, Lloyd
Cause I Love You, '56
Gonna Love My Baby Now, '56
Half My Fault, '58

McConnigle, Mel

McCormack, Keith
For You, '58

McCormick Brothers
McCormick, George
McCoy, Bud

McCoy, Carl

McCoy, Joe
McCoy, Joy

McCoy, Ray
I Need It, '58
Rockin' Baby, '58

McCoy, Rosemarie

Full-Grown Cat, '58

McCray, Mack

McCrory, Jim
Rock Ya Baby, '58

McCrory, Susan

McCue w/Legends, Sam

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McCullough, Cecil

McCullough, Jonnie
McCullough, Lloyd
McCullough, Marvin
McCullough, Rod

McDaniel, Luke a/k/ Jeff Daniels

My Baby Don't Rock, '57
Whoa Boy, '56

McDaniels, Flo
McDonald, Bruce
McDonald, Ken

McDonald, Jim
Let's Have A Ball, '58

McDonald, Rusty
McDonald, Scott

McDonald, Skeets
Fort Worth Jail
Heart-Breakin' Mama, '56
Mean And Evil Blues, '50
Tatooed Lady, '50
You Oughta See Grandma Rock, '56

McDowell, Bobby

McDowell, Paul

Standing Room Only

McDuff, Eddie
Doggone It - It's Love
Your Axle's Draggin'

McDuff, Freddy
McFadden, Bob
McFadden, Herman

McGee, Gerry

McGhee, Paul
McGill, Jerry
McGill, Larry
McGill, Rollie

McGinnis, Wayne
Lonesome Rhythm Blues, '56
Rock Roll And Rhythm, '56

McGonnigle, Mel
Leave My Girlie Alone, '58

McGraw, Jimmy

McGuire, Lowell
Spellbound, '58

McIntyre, Chester
I'm Gonna Rock With My Baby Tonight, '60

McKay, Rufus
McKay, Scotty
McKee, Randy
McKennon, Kenny
McKinnon, Don
McKinnon, Harold
McKnight, Little Buddy

McKown, Gene
Rock-A-Billy Rhythm, '58

McLarey, Butch

McLanahan, Mac
That Nonsense Stuff, '61

McLeod, Ron
McMaken, Bill
McNabb, Cecil
McPeak, Henry

McPhatter, Clyde

McPhail, Jimmy
McQuitty, Dave
McRay, Shades

McRill, Chandos
Money Lovin' Woman, '57
Poor Me, '58

McVoy, Carl
(Another cousin of Jerry Lee Lewis)
Little Girl, '58
Tootsie, '58
You Are My Sunshine, '58
You're The Only Star, '58

Mead, Glenn
Meehan, Don

Mead, Monte

Cape Canaveral

*Meek, Joe


Johnny's Jacket
Meeks, Johnny

Legendary lead guitarist for The Blue Caps.

Meeks, Ron
Mela, Denny
Melick, Jack
Melody Maids
Melson, Joe
Melson, Lee
Melton, Ray
Memphis Three
Mercer, Jay
Mercer, Jerry
Mercer, Wally
Merlin, Jack
Merrill, Ginia
Merrill, Jimmy

Merritt, Jerry Lee

JERRY LEE MERRITT - On-site Rockabilly HOF page

Mettert, Calvin

Meyers, Jimmy
Ding Dong Mama From Tennessee, '52


Michael, Teddy Lee
Back To School Again

Michaels, Billy Lee

Michaels, Joey
Sixteen Cats, '58

Michaels, Mickey
Michel, Don
Mick, Fred
Mickle, Elmon

Middleton, Gary
Don't Be Shy, '59

Mike & Jim
Mikel, Jay

Milano, Bobby
Life Begins At Four O'clock, '58

Miles, Phil
One Hand Boogie

Miller Brothers
Loco Choo-Choo, '56

Miller Sisters
Ten Cats Down, '57

Miller, Arlie
Lou Ann, '60

Miller, Bob

Miller, Buddy
Little Bo Pete, '58

Miller, Carl
Rhythm Guitar, '58

Miller, Chuck
House Of Blue Lights, '55

Miller, Clint
Bertha Lou, '57
Clint was born in Ferguson, North Carolina in 1939. "Bertha Lou" was an original recording by Dorsey Burnette. Clint's version of "Bertha Lou" was recorded at Bell Sound Studios in New York in Nov. 1957 and often plugged by host Dick Clark. It was written by John Marascalco, who wrote also Rip It Up & Good Golly Miss Molly and reached number 79 in the Billboard in '58. Clint had two more recordings for ABC-Paramount, including "A Lover's Prayer". Recorded later for The Headline label in Washington in '59. He opened a law practice in '65. He entered politics as a Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates in 1972.

Miller, Darnell
Miller, Dick
Miller, Don
Miller, Eddie
Miller, Frank

Miller, Jo Ann
Hot Damn

Miller, Junne
Miller, Mike
Miller, Red
Miller, Rich
Miller, Russ
Miller, Sonny
Miller, Tal
Miller, Terry
Miller, Walter

Miller, Warren
Everybody's Got A Baby But Me, '58

Millet, Lou
Just You And Me, '55
Shorty The Barber, '56
Slip Slip Slippin' In, '56

Millikin, Curley
Rock And Roll Country Boy, '59

Million Dollar Quartet
Down By The Riverside, '56

Mills, Chuck
Ding Dong, '60
She's Mine, '59

Mills, Hank
Millsap, Bob
Milo, Skip
Mils, Telli W.
Milton, Fred

Ming & Ling
Milkcow Blues, '50

Minimi, Ross
Baby Rock
Oh Janet

Minor, Dorothy

Photo: Jim & Grady Martin
Minor, Jim
Jim's Face Book Page

Minor, Lillian

Mirly, Mert

Miss Georgia
Rockin' After School, '60

Mister Ben

Mitchell, Dean

Mitchell, Freddie

Mitchell, Guy

Mitchell, Lee
Rootie Tootie Baby, '59

Mitchell, Marlon
Ice Cold Baby, '57

Mitchell, Priscilla
Mitchell, Sinx
Mitchell, Thomas
Mitchell, Tommy
Mize, Billy

Mizell, Hank
I'm Ready
Jungle Rock, '59

Mizzell, Bobby
Mobley, Sylvia
Moffatt, Tom
Molina, Little Ralphie

Molleen, Ronnie
Fat Mama, '60
'Rockin' Up, ' 60

Monarchs IV
Monday, Florian

Money, Comer

Rambler, '61

Money, Curley
Chain Gang Charlie, '56
Hobo, '62
Hurricane Baby, '62
Shortnin' Bread, '60

Montana Slim
Monte, Michael
Monte, Vinnie
Montgomery, Bob

Montgomery, Gray
Right Now

Montgomery, Harold
How Much Do You Miss Me

Montgomery, Joe
Cool Cat, '56

Monroe, Smiley
Montanerez, Ezekil

Easy Going, '59
Little Alice, '59
Rockin' Santa Claus, '60

Moon, Joe

Moon, Johnny
Mississippi Gal

Moon, Mickey
Moon, Norman

Mooney, Glenn

Come Over Rover, '61

Mooney, Ralph
Moon's Boogie, '58

Broken Heart, '58
Rock-A-Bayou Baby, '58

Moore, Bernie

Moore, Bob
See the Grady Martin/Bob Moore Fan Club Page
and the Bob Moore's Photo Page

Moore, Cecil
G.I. Blues, '59
I Got It Bad, '59
I Lost My Little Baby, '57
Kathy, '59
Moonshine, '59
Trapped, '59
Walkin' Fever, '57

Moore, David
Moore, Donny Lee
Moore, Eddie
Moore, Eugene

Moore, Jan
Play It Cool, '59

Moore, Johnny
Moore, Larry

Moore, Lattie
Juke Box Johnny, '56
Juke Joint Johnny, '52

Moore, Lucky

Moore, Merrill
Down The Road Apiece, '55
House Of Blue Lights, '53
Rock-Rockola, '55
Ten Ten A.M., '54

Moore, Ray
Honey Hush, '56
Crawdad Song, '57

Moore, Red

Moore, Ronnie

Moore, Merrill B.
On-Site Mini-Bio

Moore, Sandee

Moore, Scotty
WINFIELD "SCOTTY" MOORE ­ Born Gadsden, Tennessee, December 27, 1931. Graduated from high school in 1948, worked as a mechanic and a hatter. Took up the guitar and played conventional country music on WBRO (Washington, DC). Came to Memphis 1951, playing guitar on Eddie Hill's Hot Guitar (Mercury) where he imitates other guitarists including the pioneer rockabilly style of Merle Travis. Played on two Sun recordings before Presley's first manager. Returned to Memphis after Presley entered the Army. Worked for Fernwood and the Sun. Later moved to Nashville, setting up Music City Recorders, working as a freelance producer and playing in a group with D.J. Fontana.
Milkcow Blues, '64

Moore, Sonny

Moore, Sparkle
Killer, '56
Rock-A-Bop, '56
Skull & Crossbones, '56

Moore, Turner
I'll Be Leavin' You, '57

Moreland, Tommy
Bang Bang

Morelli, Carl
Linda Lee

Morgan, Charlie
Morgan, Dean

Morgan, Ed

Morgan, Gene
Morgan, Harold

Morgan, Janice

Money Honey, '60

Morgan, Joe
What's Gonna Happen To Me

Morgan, Maggie
Morgan, Rocky

Morgan, Rocket
Tag Along, '58

Morgan Twins
TV Hop, '58

Morningstar, Jackie
Morra, Tony
Morrie, Tiny
Morris, Artie
Morris, Betty Jean
Morris Brothers

Morris, Chick
Greenback Dollar, '57

Morris, Gene
Lovin' Honey, '57

Morris, Glenn
Morris, Jack

Morris, Rod
Alabama Jailhouse, '59

Morris, Skip

Morris, Robert

Morris, Vance

Morrison, Bill
Baby Be Good, '60

Morrison, Curley Jim

Morrison, Freddie

Moss, Bill
Rockabilly Hop

Moss, Lord Beverley & The Mossmen
Please, Please What's the Matter

Moss, Roy
Yes Juanita's Mine, '57
You're My Big Baby Now, '56

Mote, Danny
Done You Wrong, '61
I Feel So Bad, '61

Motley, Frank
Mounce, Fran
Mr. Ree & Billy Lee Four
Mr. X

Rocky Road Blues, ' 63

Mullican, Moon

Moon's Rock, '58
On-Site Mini-Bio

Mullins, Moon

Murphy, Chuck
Rhythm Hall, '54
They Raided The Joint, '53

Murphy, Don

Murphy, Jim
I'm Gone Mama, '57
Plum Crazy, '57

Murphy, Jimmy
Baboon Boogie, '56
Grandpa's A Cat, '56
My Gal Dottie, '56
Put Some Meat On Them Bones , '55
Sixteen Tons Of Rock & Roll, '56

Murphy, Keith

Murphy, Rock

Musselwhite, Charlie

Mustard & Gravey

Myers, Jim
After Tomorrow, '60
Pretty Baby Rock, '60
Go Cat Go, '60

Myers, Orela
Ask Lucille, '58
Gonna Spend My Time, '59

Myles, Dave

LUKE McDANIEL, born February 3, 1927; birthplace Ellisville, Mississippi. Luke McDaniel began his career as a mandolin player, influenced chiefly by The Bailes Brothers. He gathered a backup band and began playing professionally in 1945. They opened for Hank Williams in New Orleans in the late 40's. In 1952 they recorded "Whoa Boy" for Trumpet Records in Jackson, Mississippi. The record was a strong foreshadowing of the rockabilly music that was to come. In 1953 he recorded for Cincinnati, Ohio's King Records with no results. By 1954 McDaniel was back in New Orleans recording for the Mel-A-Dee label and playing the Louisiana Hayride regularly, where he met Elvis Presley and Joe Clay, among others. Around this time, McDaniel wrote "Midnight Shift" under the pseudonym of Earl Lee, which Buddy Holly would later record. In 1956 Elvis and Carl Perkins urged McDaniels to submit a demo to Sam Phillips. He did so, and was quickly signed to a contract with Sun Records, breaking McDaniel's contract with Mel-A-Dee. After recording two sessions, McDaniel was told that he would only be paid for cuts that were released, not the entire sessions. He left in anger and never returned. He later managed to pitch songs to George Jones and Jim Reeves, but had no further success with his own recordings. He recorded five singles on the Big Howdy label under the name "Jeff Daniels". One of these, "Foxy Dan", was written for him by Carl Perkins. Even though none of his Sun material was issued at the time, subsequent release by Charly Records has made McDaniel a popular artist to current generations of rockabilly fans, with songs like "My Baby Don't Rock" and "Huh Babe". -JSH

MERRILL E. MOORE: Born: September 26th, 1923, Iowa, Genres: Country, Blues. Styles: Western Swing, Boogie Woogie, Ragtime, Jazz, Rock 'n' Roll. Influences: Moon Mullican,Freddie Slack, Bob Wills. Similar artists: Moon Mullican, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Miller, Mickey Gilley. Merrill Everett Moore was born in Iowa on September 26th 1923 - a few days after Hank Williams. He took up piano at age 8 and recorded his first demos in 1935,when he was 12. His style drew from the influence of his early idol Freddie Slack. Moore also soaked up the sound of Bob Wills' Western Swing. When Moon Mullican came on the scene in the '40s, Merrill Moore was awestruck - someday he wanted to do the same type of stuff. In the '50s, he followed in his idol's footsteps with records like 'House of Blue Lights', 'Down the Road Apiece', 'Rock Rock-ola', 'Big bug boogie' & 'Nola boogie'. His style was very like that of Moon's and was certainly a precursor to rock 'n' roll. These in fact were all recorded for Ken Nelson at Capitol - just months before Nelson discovered Gene Vincent. Unlike Mullican, Moore never saw himself as a country artist (despite a stetson hat and the same type of clothes as any other C&W star of the '50s). Certainly, Merrill had a lot less pure country in his work than Moon did, but there is still a lot of country style in his songs. Moore didn't see himself as a rock 'n' roller either - in fact, he had a distinct dislike for what he heard of it in 1956: he says Bill Haley had no real sense of rhythm. He had respect for Carl Perkins, though,but no other guitar-playing rocker appealed to him. Instead, Merrill Moore clearly saw himself as a Jazz artist, with an obvious respect for Count Basie and Nat King Cole. However,there is a lot of rock 'n' roll beat in Moore's work - the double C.D on Bear Family 'Boogie My Life Away' never slows down as can be seen on excellent fast boogie rockers like 'Saddle Boogie', 'Hard Top Race', 'Cow Cow Boogie' & 'Boogie My Blues Away'. Even on the jazz, pop and ragtime numbers like 'King Porter Stomp', 'Music Music Music', 'Shanty Town' and 'Sweet Georgia Brown' his rocking boogie piano is evident. He's also adept at playing savage blues instrumentals like 'Moore's Blues'. Jerry Lee Lewis proclaimed him as a big influence in the 1960s (but later denied ever hearing of him in 1976) and it's probably from Moore thatthe Killer learned 'House of Blue Lights'. Both Moore and Moon Mullican were obvious influences on Jerry Lee and shared with Jerry Lee a unique style of singing & playing piano. Despite his influence on piano rock 'n' roll (which Moore prefers to refer to as boogie woogie), Moore has never received his dues. Afterall, he was only 2 years older than Bill Haley and was a better singer. He was nearly 20 years younger than Moon Mullican and was a piano player in the league of Moon and Jerry Lee Lewis, so there was no reason why he shouldn't have had more success - in a more just world, Moon, Jerry Lee and Moore would've certainly received a lot more respect for what they did for music. Moore had to be content in the late '50s & '60s backing people like Wanda Jackson and Sonny Jones at Capitol.. He played clubs in the '60s, '70s & '80s and is still alive doing much the same in the '90s. He's one of the great hidden secrets of American music and is a true pioneer of rock 'n' roll. Sincerely, Patrick Wall

MOON MULLICAN, born March 29, 1909; died January 1, 1967; birthplace Corrigan, Texas. Aubrey "Moon" Mullican began playing the organ at the age of 8 on the family farm. The family had an organ in their home for Aubrey's older sisters to practice for church on, but he showed unusual aptitude immediately. He also learned to play guitar from a black sharecropper named Joe Jones. As he grew into a teen he was extremely popular as a pianist in local cafes, and made a great deal of money from tips. In 1925 he left home and school at the age of 16 and headed for Houston to seek a living as a full-time musician. It was at this time that he began calling himself "Moon". He spent the 1930's performing and recording with several bands, including the Sunshine Boys, Blue Ridge Playboys, Buddy Jones, The Modern Mountaineers, and most importantly, Cliff Bruner and Bob Dunn's Texas Wanderers. In 1939 he appeared in the film "Village Barn Dance". In the 1940's he was still playing with Bruner, and also had a band called the Showboys, not to mention co-owning several Texas nightclubs. In 1946 he signed to Cincinnati's King Records, operated by Syd Nathan. At King he recorded many uptempo boogie bluesy numbers that could be considered the missing link between Cow Cow Davenport and Jerry Lee Lewis, such as "Cherokee Boogie", "Pipeliner Blues", and "Rheumatism Boogie". Many cuts such as "Rocket To The Moon" and "Seven Nights To Rock" are excellent examples of rock and roll in its formative early stages. In the 1950's Mullican moved from King to Decca and Coral, recording some rock and roll tunes such as "Moon's Rock", and appeared on the Gannaway Grand Ole Opry TV show. By the 1960's Mullican's health was fading but he continued to record for several labels, most notably Starday. He died of a Heart Attack on New Year's Day, 1967. _Jeffrey Scott Holland