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The band started in Marbella, a nice, touristic city in Southern Spain in February 1994, due to the gigs they arranged for Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers. The former members, Hector Guerrero (aka Little Boy Arnold, singer and accoustic guitar) and Sebastian Palma (double bass), they were thinking about the possibility of starting a band. They had in mind the drumless accoustic trio as the possible line up and they took Elvis in Sun, Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton as models. After a few successful gigs they were forced to get a new guitar player and in July '94, Emiliano Vera started playing with them, they three formed the base for "Little Boy Arnold and His Western Okies" for the following 3 years.

In the period between 1994-1995 they performed covering the whole geography of Spain, they played in big festivals such as "Rockin' Holidays" in Marbella, "Rockin' Cartagonova" in Cartagena (Sept.'94), "Rock-a-Pilar" in Zaragoza (Oct.94) where a videotape of the concert was taken and sent to the Hemsby organizers, Tom Ingram and Willie Jeffery.

In February 1995 after a year of the beginning of the band, they recorded their first demo-tape, consisting of 8 songs, covers of rockabilly classics such as "I can't lose" (S. Fisher) "The D.J. Blues" (H. Harral) "Pretty Bad Blues" (R. Self) or "Morse Code" (D. Woody). The distribution of this demo is quite helpful for them to get more gigs all over Spain. At the same time they are gaining a solid reputation as an authentic rockabilly band in the rockin' scene.

At the beginning of 1996 they are booked for the Hemsby festival in U.K. where they had the chance to play in October with Hardrock Gunter, Ray Campi, The Barnstompers, The Tennessee Rhythm Riders, The Ranch Girls...

In July 1996 they record at a local studio the 4 tracks that will be used for their E.P. on the Sweet 50's label (from Madrid) "You Won't Fool Me Anymore". Also in this month they play as a back up band for Junior Marvel (Holland) in several gigs in Spain.

In March 1997 they are booked for some gigs in a quite famous jazz club from Almeria (Southern Spain) called Georgia Jazz Club. Where they have had concerts during 22 years without stopping a single week. In July they play supporting Junior Marvel again and as a solo act in the "Scream!" festival, an ancestor festival of the "Screamin'" one, we all know in the North East Coast (Cataluña). This was the last gig of Emiliano Vera playing lead guitar for them.

The following year they are booked again for the Hemsby festival, the October edition. By this time they have new members in the band: Diego Araoz (lead guitar) and Javier Sarmentero (drums) for the first time they have a steady drummer. Both came from The Loneshots, a band from Madrid. (The Milestones, nowadays).

In September they had a gig in Limoges (France) where they play with Junior Marvel, The Barnstompers and The Ranch Girls. On October 13th, they had their highest audience for a gig when they play live in CMR (County Music Radio) on the Astra Satellite dish for almost 7 million people, from all over Europe.

They had a very succesful concert at Hemsby being acclamed from the critics in magazines, radio... and also they sign the contract for the following year's Rockabilly Rave.

In 1999 they have a new guitar player, Richard Cuenca, and with him they play in June in a gig at Tolouse (France) with Al Willis and at The Rockabilly Rave in the U.K. in November.

In the summer of 1999 Roberto Guerrero (Hector's brother), only 17, is the new guitar player, they return to the drumless trio line up. They had some local gigs in Marbella and now they are working on their first L.P. with songs such as "I gotta go", "Pretty Baby Blues", "Feelin' Kinda Lonesome"...

They have been booked for a gig in November 17th to back up Junior Marvel again and of course their first concert in the States: Viva Las Vegas #5 in March 2002.


- EP "You Won't Fool Me Anymore"(1996) Sweet 50's - 2 songs in the compilation CD "Historia del Rockabilly Nacional"(1998) Burning G. Productions - 2 songs in the compilation CD "Ritual Rockabillies" (2001) El Toro Records

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