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Laabs, Gary


LaBeef, Sleepy

SLEEPY LaBEEF - On-site Rockabilly HOF web page
SLEEPY LA BEEF ­ Born Thomas Paulsey LaBeff, Smackover, Arkansas, 1935. One of the best rockabilly artists still performing. Recorded prolifically since the 60s for Starday, Mercury (All Alone was a hit), Dixie, Gulf, Picture, Crescent, Wayside, Columbia and Plantation. Moved to Houston in 1953 and has played shows and television all around Texas, Louisiana and Tennessee. An imposing 6'6" tall and weighing in at 265 pounds, LaBeef is known as the human juke box with a repertoire of over 6,000 songs. He is an authentic original and he plays the rockabilly music he loves the way it ought to be played like when it was first invented: funky, rhythmic with the chicken-pickin' electric lead guitar and the ever thumpin' bass.
All The Time, '57
Boogie Woogie Country Girl, '79
Flying Saucers Rock & Roll, '79
I Ain't Gonna Take It, '56
I'm Through, '57
Little Bit More, '56
Ride On Josephine, '60
Shame Shame Shame, '65
Tore Up, '59
Turn Me Loose, '59
You Can't Catch Me, '65

LaBeef, Tommy
LaBeff, Tommy
LaCour, Lenny
LaDell Sisters
LaFleur, Anita

LaMarr, Gene
Just A Little Bit Longer, '59
That Crazy Little House On The Hill, '59
You Can Count On Me, '59
You Don't Love Me Anymore, '59

LaMont, Billy
LaRocca, Pat
LaRue, J.R.

LaRue, Roger (Roc)
Baby, Take Me Back - RAMA, 1957
Teenage Blues - RAMA - 1957
I'm Not Ashamed - RAMA - 1957
I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine - HOLLAND - 1958
If I Were In Your Shoes - HOLLAND - 1958
Cute Little Yodeler - WYNCOTTE - 1967
Don't Turn Around - SUBTOWN - 1968
The Hangman - SUBTOWN - 1968

Lacy, Steve
Lady Jean
Laguna, Joe
Laine, Bette

Lam, Tommy
Speed Limit, '59

Lamberth, Jimmy
Latch On To Your Baby, '57

Lambert, Bruce
Lambert, Tony

Lamie Brothers
Wore To A Frazzle, '58

Lamie, Tony & Jackie
Sunset Blues, '58

Lancaster, Bill
Lance, Billy
Land, Billy
Landers, Bob
Landers, Nick

Landon, Bud
Running Man, ' 59
Six Mile Climb, '59

Lane Brothers
Lane, Barry
Lane, Jack
Lane, John

Lane, Johnny
Rockin' On The Dragstrip, '59

Lane, Kenny
Lane, Mickey & Shonnie
Lane, Ralph
Lane, Tommy
Lang, Don
Lang, Tony

Langford, Gerry
Tell Me, '59

Langley, Ramon Ray

Langley, Curley
Linda Lou, '56
Rockin' And Rollin', '56

Lanham, Roy
Lanier, Don
Lankford, Truman

Lanzi, Geno
Countdown 4-3-2-1

Lara, Sammy

Laraine, Little Rita

Lark, Johnny
Larkin, Billy
Larrison, Buddy
Larry & Lenore
Larry & The Headliners
Larry & The Loafers
Larsen, Key

Larson, Duke
Heartbreakin' Special

Larson, Mike
Latham, Tommy
Lathrem, Billy
Lavon, Del

Law, Art
Big Train

Law, Pamela

Lawrence, Bill
Hey Baby, '58

Lawrence, Suzie

Lawson, Bobby
Baby Don't Be That Way, '58
If You Want My Love, '58

Lawson, Chuck
Lawson, Jimmi
Lay, Dale
Lay, Rodney

Layne, Judy
Hard Headed Woman

Layne, Kenny
Columbus Stockade Blues, '56
Froggie Went A-Courtin', '56

Leaders, Bennie

Leath, Gary
Sensation, '59

Leatherwood, Bill

LeBlanc, Red
I Love Her Right Or Wrong, '61

LeGarde Twins

LeGault, Hank
I Knew

LePoint, Perry
LePointe, Perry
LeRoi, Dennis

LeVoy, Henry
Baggie Maggie

Ledbetter, Billy
Stealing Hubcaps

Lee & Bart
Lee, Abby
Lee, Albert

Lee, Bella
Two Timin' Man

Lee, Billy

Lee, Bobby
Run Fool Run, '60

Lee, Booker, Jr.

Lee, Brenda
Rockabilly Hall of Fame site
Bigelow 6-200, '56
Sweet Nothin's, '59
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Lee, Buddy
Lee, Connie

Lee, Curtis
Gotta Have You
I Never Knew What Love Could Do, '60
Pure Love, '59

Lee, Damon
Say Mama, '61

Lee, Darrell
Lee, Dave
Lee, Davie
Lee, Denny
Lee, Diana
Lee, Dick

Lee, Dickey
Born Richard Lipscomb, Memphis, September 21, 1943. Went to college Memphis State and recorded for Sun in 1957 in a hard rock style. Moved to Beaumont where he worked with Jack Clement and Hallway Records. Enjoyed the sickie hit, Laurie, and a monster with Patches. Later moved to Nashville after writing the C&W classic, She Thinks I Still Care.
Dream Boy, '57
Good Lovin', '57
Stay True Baby, '57
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Lee, Eddie

Lee, Floyd
Go Boy, '59

Lee, Harry
Rockin' On A Reindeer, '59

Lee, Herbie, III
Lee, Jacky
Lee, Jamie
Lee, Jessie

Lee, Jimmy
You Ain't No Good For Me, '56

Lee, Joe

Lee, Joyce
Never Trust A Man

Lee, Lois
Lee, Randy

Lee, Robin
White Lightnin' Effin', '63

Lee, Ron

Lee, Myron
Peter Rabbit, '62

Lee, Sandy
Ballin' Keen, '59

Lee, Sara
Lee, Sharon
Lee, Sunny

Lee, Terry
My Little Sue, '59

Lee, Tommy
Lee, Wally
Lee, Wibby
Leeds, Randy
Leen Teens
Lefors, Jerry
Lefty & The Leadsmen

Legend, Johnny
JOHNNY LEGEND - On-site Rockabilly HOF page

(Milwaukee, WI)
Bop-A-Lena, '63
I Wish I Knew, '62
It's So Easy, '63
Say Mama, '62
Summertime Blues, '63

Lehman, Bill
Take It Easy Greasy

*Leiber & Stoller

Lemaire, Eddie

Lemons, Bill
Lorene, '58

Len & Judy

Lenny & The Star Chiefs
My Queen And Me, '60
Warpath, '60

Leon & Carlos
Rock Everybody

Leon & James
Leon & The Hi-Tones
Leonard, Ben
Leonard, Jay

Leonard, Joe

Leonard, Sonny
Leslee Brothers
Leslie, John
Leslie, Laura

Lesley, Alis
He Will Come Back To Me, '57
Heartbreak Harry, '57

Lester, Butch

Lester, Jimmie
Granny Went Rockin', '59

Lett, Roy
Lewis, Bart

Lewis, Dale

Lewis, Dana Lee

Lewis, Dorse
Mexican Twist, '58

Lewis, Doug

Lewis, Gene
Crazy Legs, '58

Lewis, Grady
Rompin' Stompin', '56

Lewis, Hugh

Lewis, Jack
I.O.U., '57

Lewis, Jerry Lee

Big Blon' Baby, '59
Big Boss Man, '73
Big Legged Woman, '58
Break-Up, '58
Breathless, '58
Crawdad Song, '58
Down The Line, '58
Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee, '56
Great Balls Of Fire, '57
High School Confidential, '58
Milkshake Madamoisellev57
Rockin' My Life Away, '79
Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On, '57
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The following is courtesy of the Phil Davis's interview with Frankie Jean Lewis, Jerry Lee's sister, featured in Now Dig This magazine March 1997. The teenage Jerry Lee played and sang at many tent "revival" meetings and often expressed his desire to be a preacher. One item that Frankie Jean bought along to the (10th Annual Jerry Lee Fan Club, The Kings Hotel, Newport, Wales, UK, November 1996) Convention amazed all who saw it: a programme for "The Ouachita Valley Jamboree" (circa. 1949/1950) in West Monroe, Louisiana. A photo and caption inside revealed a previously un-researched fact. Jerry Lee Lewis had been one half of a gospel duo! His older partner was Al Jordan, born in Downside, Louisiana on 1932, who the programme descibes as a "Fiddleist," whilst Jerry Lee is billed as "Piano and High Tenor." The teenage duo performed only gospel - no secular material at all. The live "Jamboree" started in late 1948/early 1949 and was broadcast on Saturdays between 1:30pm - 2pm and 7:30pm - 8:30pm over Radio KNOE, along with a possible mid-week broadcast, too. Jerry Lee and Al were regulars on the show, and this perhaps explains The Killer's penchant for lively gospel and fiddle music.

Lewis, Jimmy
Lewis, Joe "Cannonball"

Lewis, Linda Gail
(Jerry Lee's younger sister)

Lewis, Red
I'll Move Along

Lewis, Sidney Jo

Lewis, Wally
Lover Boy, '59

Lewis, Willie
Lewis, Wink
Zztt Zztt Zztt, '56

Liberto, Ray
Lichter, John

Light Crust Doughboys

Lightheard, Charles
Come On Over Baby, '59

Lil' Miss Wanda
Lile, Bobby
Lillie, Lonnie
Lilly, Cletis
Lincoln, X.

Linda & The Epics
Gonna Be Loved, '59

Lindsay, Merle
Hey Hey Little Boy Blue, '60

Lindsey Brothers

Big Hearted Joe, '55
Let's Get Down To Business, '55

Link, Gary
Linn & Gin
Linn, Elmo

Linn Twins
Indian Rock, '58

Lipscomb, Max K.

Lite, Uncle Buck
Mr. Ducktail, '56

Little Angel
Little Ben & The Cheers
Little Billy
Little Bob

Little Boppers
Chattanooga Drummer Man, '60

Little Boy Blues
Little Buddy
Little Cameron

Little Denny & The Torkays
I'd Love To Take You Walking, '61

Little Doug
Little E
Little Enis
Little Hudson
Little Man Henry
Little Mojo
Little, Paul

Little, Peggy
If I Had Wheels

Little Richard

Rockabilly Hall of Fame Page

Little Ricky
Little Scooter Bill
Little Shy Guy

Little Ted

Little Terry
Littrell, Bubba
Livert, Paul

Red Lite, '61

Lloyd, Jack

Lloyd, Jay B.
I'll Be Alright, '59

Lloyd, Jimmy
I Got A Rocket In My Pocket, '58
Where The Rio De Rosa Flows, '57
You're Gone Baby, '58

Lockard, Marv
Locke, Romona
Loftin, Willie
Lofton, Fuzzy
Logan Sisters
Logan Valley Boys
Logsdon, Bill

Logsdon, Jimmie

I Got A Rocket in My Pocket

Lollar, Bobby
Bad Bad Boy

Lombardie, Joe
Let's All Rock'n'Roll, '62

Lon, Alice
Lone Pine, Hal
Lone X

Lonero, Bobby
Dis A Itty Bit, '59

Lonesome Drifter
Eager Boy, '58

Lonesome Lee
Cry Over Me

London, Laurel

Long, Curtis
Goin' Out On The Town, '58

Long Hairs
Long, Huey
Long John Roller
Long, Bobby
Long, Buddy

Loran, Kenny
I Chickened Out, '59

Lord, Bobby
Beautiful Baby, '54
Everybody's Rockin' But Me, '56
No More No More No More, '55

Loren, Frankie

Lory, Dick
Ballroom Baby, '56
Cool It, '56

Loos, Roger
Loren, Keith

Los Lobos
Come On Let's Go, '87
La Bamba, '87

Lou, Bonnie
Daddy-O, '55

Lou & Ginny

Loudermilk, John D.
Road Hog, '62

Louis, Dwain
Louise, Paul

Louvin Brothers
Red Hen Hop, '50

Love, Bill

Love, Billy

Love Brothers
Baby I'll Never Let You Go, '60
Flying Saucers Rock & Roll

Love, Buddy

Love, Coy "Hot Shot"
Very little known. Signed a one year contract with Sun Records on January 8, 1954. Then lived at Gayoso Street, Memphis and worked as a commercial sign maker.

Love, Jason

Love, Billy "Red"
Born Milton Love. Singer and pianist who made many unissued recordings for Sun and Drop Top that was leased to Chess. Signed with Phillips on July 31, 1951 and recorded with Willie Nix, Rosco Gordon and others. Moved to Detriot 1954 with Sonnyboy Williamson (Rice Miller). Some of his unissued Sun recordings began available on Charly (UK).

Lover, Joe

Lovett, Glenda
You Treat Me Like A Baby, '61

Low, Jimmy

Lowe, Buddy
It Happened To Me, '59

Lowe, Dave
So Young, '56

Lowe, Jim
Crossing, '63

Lowe, Max

Lowell, Bobby
Um, Baby, Baby. '56
Sixteen Chicks, '56

Lowell, Jackie
Rocket Trip, '60

Lowery, Frankie
Kansas City Train, '62

Lowry, Herald
Lucas, Al
Lucas, Jim

Lucas, Matt
I'm Movin' On - 1962
Ooby Dooby - 1963
Maybelline - 1963
Put Me Down- 1963

Lucky LeRoy
Luke, Billie
Luke, Jimmie

Luke, Robin
Susie Darlin', '58
You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming, '58

Luman, Bob
All Night Long, '57
Blue Days-Black Nights, '57
Class Of '59, '59
Great Snowman, ' 61
In The Deep Dark Jungle, '55
Let 'Er Go, '55
Let's Think About Living, '60
Mystery Train, '74
Oh Lonesome Me, '60
Red Cadillac And A Black Mustache, '57
Red Cadillac And A Black Mustache, '60
Red Hot, '57
Try Me, '58
Whenever You're Ready, '57

Lumpkin, Bobby
Lund, Kenny
Lunsford, Mona
Lyle, Bill
Lyn, Ronnie

Lynn, Debbie
Fujiyama Mama

Lynn, Jeannie
Lynn, Jeff
Lynn, Jerry
Lynn, Kathy

Lynn, Lorelei
Rock-A-Bop, '59

Lynn, Patty
Same Old Blues

Lynn, Ray
Mean Mean Woman, '63

Lyons, Joe

Lytle, Marshall
MARSHALL LYTLE - Original Comet bassist. Visit Marshall's own site and see his rare photo collection.

JERRY LEE LEWIS, born,September 29, 1935; birthplace, Ferriday, Louisiana. Jerry Lee first began learning the piano in 1944 at the age of nine, and by 1949 he played his first gig: in a Ford dealership's parking lot. He performed Stick McGhee's "Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee", among other things, and the appreciative crowd gave him $13 in tips. Jerry devoted his entire attention to performing after this, and landed a regular slot at the Blue Cat Night Club in Natchez (even though he was only fifteen), and his own radio show at WNAT. At this point, a pattern began to emerge in Jerry Lee that continues to this day, one of restlessness and idiosyncratic changes of mind. He dropped out of high school to concentrate on music, but then joined a Bible Seminary. He was then expelled for performing a rockin' version of the hymn "My God Is Real" in the chapel. He became a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman, then quit to be, of all things, a drummer in Paul Whitehead's jazz band. He quickly went through two wives (and failed to divorce one before marrying the other), before setttling on Myra, his 13-year old cousin, and daughter of his bass player.

He found his way to Sun Records and recorded his early classics: "Great Balls Of Fire", "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On", "End Of The Road", "Crazy Arms", "Breathless", "It'll Be Me", "You Win Again", "High School Confidential", etc. Jerry was close to surpassing Elvis in nationwide popularity when in 1958 the British press made a scandal out of Jerry's marriage to Myra. Jerry made the hysteria even worse by admitting to the press that he had been a bigamist prior to Myra. The moral outcry spread to the states and Jerry's career and reputation were demolished. He was blackballed from radio and TV. He released a comedy record called "The Return Of Jerry Lee" in an attempt to defuse the situation. It failed. He even tried to sneak back onto the charts under a pseudonym, 'The Hawk', performing a rather primitive version of Glenn Miller's "In The Mood". It also failed. Jerry left Sun for Mercury and languished for years, more bitter, drunken, and erratic with each passing year. Then in 1968 Jerry suddenly had a blockbuster country hit, "Another Place, Another Time", and suddenly had a second wave of fame on the country charts with songs like "What's Made Milwaukee Famous", placing many chart entries into the 1970's, culminating with his anthemic "Rockin' My Life Away". Through it all, he was still beset by lawyers, wives, ex-wives, tragic losses of children, health problems, and image problems (McDonald's hired him for a promotional campaign singing about their milkshakes, then fired him after it finally dawned on someone there that Jerry didn't exactly fit their "family values" image). In 1976 he was arrested for brandishing a pistol at the gates of Graceland and demanding to speak to Elvis. By the 1980's he was washed up in the states again and moved to Europe to escape IRS harassment. His temperamental, lackluster and all-too-brief shows in Europe did little to enhance his popularity there. Just when it seemed Jerry Lee was in his twilight at last, he returned in 1995 with a surprisingly rockin' album, "Young Blood", including covers of Hank Williams, Bill Monroe, Huey "Piano" Smith, Johnnie & Jack, and The Coasters. However, Jerry failed to promote the single, an original called "Goosebumps", obstinately refusing to play it onstage during the tour, and the record was quickly forgotten. What he will do next is anyone's guess. -Jeffery Scott Holland