Rockabilly Hall of Fame Legends List

"K" Artists & Songs




K. Charles
Kain, Buddy
Kalb, Buddy

Kannon, Ray
Mule Skinner Twist

Kastner, Glenn (a/k/a Glenn Cass)

Kapp, Hub & The Wheels
Kay, Carol

Kaye, Johnny
Oh Pattie

Kaye, Nancy
Kaye, Norman

Kearney, Ramsey
Red Bobby Sox, '57
Rock The Bop, '57

Keaton, Terry
Keebler, Danny
Keefe, Bob
Keefer, Rusty
Keen, Bill
Keetie & The Kats
Keenan, Ronnie

Keisker, Marion

Sam Phillips' secretary who was a important part in the success of Sun Records. Marion called in and paid the musicians, also logged in the events and handled most of the day-to-day operations.

Keith, Larry
Keith, Ronnie
Keller, Jack
Keller, Jimmy

Kelley, C.
Blues Hanging Around, '59

Kelley, Cathy
Kelley, Dean

Kelley, Jean
Someone To Love

Kelley, Pat

Kellum, Murray
Long Tall Texan, '63

Kelly, Bob
Kelly Brothers
Kelly Four
Kelly, Jimmy
Kelly, Leon
Kelly, Mike

Kelly, Pat
Hey Doll Baby, '58

Kelly, Roy
Rock And Roll Rock, '61

Kelly, Sterling
Kelso, Dave
Ken & Roy
Kendall Sisters

Kennedy, Bill

Kennedy, Dave
That's Where Lonesome Lives, '62

Kennedy, Jerry
Teenage Love Is Misery, '57

Kennedy, Jim
Kennington, Ken
Kenny & Doolittle
Kenny & Moe
Kent & Snuffy
Kent, Bobby
Kent, Klark
Kepler, Paul

Kerby, John
Get Hot Or Go Home, '59

Kerry, Marvin

Kershaw, Doug

Ketchum, Benny
Kevin, Chris

Key Brothers

Key Notes

Key, Troyce
Watch Your Mouth, '58

Keyes, Burt
Stop Jivin' Start Drivin'

Kids From Texas
Kid Rock
Kidd, Johnny
Kilgore Brothers

Kilgore, Merle
Ernie, '56
Everybody Needs A Little Lovin', '55
Ride Jesse Ride, '59

Kilian, Al
Killen, Billie J.
I Wonder, '59

Killen, Ted
Kimbrough, Bill
Kimbrough, Mel
Kinder, Jimmy

*King, B.B.
"Blues Boy" - Born Riley King, Indianola, Mississippi, September 16, 1925. Moved to Memphis after the War to be with his cousin, Bukka White. Eventually got a job as a DJ on WDIA and formed a band which also played ocen KWEM with Sonnyboy Williamson. Later played as a trio with Johnny Ace and Earl Forrest. Became one of Memphis' and Sam Phillips' first major acts. Three O'Clock Blues was huge a success, prompting his move from Memphis. Started touring and recorded hundreds of songs. Was one of the first black singers to become a businessman, beginning with the formation of his own labels in Memphis in ealy 50s.
The Thrill is Gone

King, Bob
King Brothers

King, Claude

Run Baby Run, '57

King, Donald
King, Gene
King, Glenda
King, Harold

King, Jack
Dance Everybody, '60
I Just Learned To Rock, '58

King, Jesse Lee
King, Jimmie

King, Jo-Ann
Bigger Than Texas, '58

King, Joannie
Okay Doll It's A Deal, '57

King & Be-Bops, Kenny

I Gonna Love You Too, '62

King, Lefty

King, Mack
Mack King's career started in his high school days with a weekly radio show in Andalusia, Ala. While in military service he formed a group that appeared on UCOM. Grand Ole Opry in Frankford, Germany.Touring military bases in France and Germany, King performed three shows with Eddie Fisher at Weisbaten Germany. After his military service King moved to Tampa Fl and did tv shows at channel 13 with Toby Dowdy (1955). This led to his recording of "No Wings No Halo" (his own composition) on STARDAY RECORDS, backed by "This Is Your Fife" Buddy Thompson & Buck Peddy. The music group was Pete Riley (McCray) and the "Western Hayriders" - Al McCray on bass, Rex Totherow on guitar - Dusty Robbins on steel guitar and George Fisher on fiddle.
Mack King ALSO performed on Three shows with ELVIS PRESLEY in Tampa FL.
In 1958 Mack signed with NUGGET RECORDS and recorded "You Look Better Going" written by Mack King and Johnny Sansom. The flip side was a blues rocker that earned 4 Stars with BILLBOARD called "No Special Reason" written with Johnny Sansom and Buck Peddy. 1960 Nugget records - Mack King Recorded, "Second Choice" and " Go Ahead"

King, Randy

King, Ray
Date At Eight

King, Sammy

King, Sid
Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee, '55
Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight, '56
Good Rockin' Baby, '56
Let 'Er Roll, '56
Ooby Dooby, '57
Purr Kitty Purr, '56
Sag Drag And Fall, '55
Blue Suede Shoes, '56

King, Sid & The Five Strings
SID KING and The Five Strings - On-site Rockabilly HOF web page

King, Ski
King, Sleepy
King, Tommy

Kingbeats (Gene Sullivan)
I'll Tell My Mama On You
I've Been A Bad Bad Boy

Kingsmen (Comets w/o Bill Haley)

Kingsmill, Steve

Kingston, Jack
Jack Kingston Radio/TV appearances:
CKNX travelling barn dance (1949, Canada)
WLS National Barn Dance, Chicago (1951)
CHML Main Street Jamboree (1952-3, Canada)
CHCH Main Street Jamboree TV show (1954, 57)
WSM Grand Ole Opry - Ryman Auditorium, Nashville TN (1955, 1959)
Ozark Jubilee NBC TV show, Springfiel MI (1959)
WWVA Wheeling Jamboree, Wheeling West VA (1959)
KRLD Big 'D' Jamboree, Dallas TX (1959)
KWKH Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport LA (1959)
CKNX-TV Western Roundup TV Show (1961)
First Canadian country artist signed to Capital records (1950)
Former Canadian Yodeling Champion (not sure which event or year)
2 Gold Singles ('How Far Is She Now? (1954) and 'Springhill Mine Explosion' (1956)
Tours of US and Canada - several with Wilf Carter and Hank Snow
European tours of Armed Forces bases.
Jack's son: Bob Kingston -

Kinney, Bob
Kipp, Dave

Kirby, Larry
Been Cheated

Kirby, Ted
Kirk, Dave
Kirchen, Bill

Kirk, Ellis
Sweetie Pie, '59

Kirk, Paul

Kirk, Larry
Been Cheated, '58

Kirkland, James

Kirkland, Sugar Bob
Kitchen, Jack

Kitchen, Mell

Is I Am

Kittrell, Christine
Klick, Mary

Kline, Burt

Shove Off Short Stuff, '57

Kline, Johnny
Knackin, Tommy
Knapp, Alan
Knight Kaps
Knight, Alan

Knight, Baker
Bring My Cadillac Back, '56

Knight, Buck
Knight, Jimmy

Knight, Johnny
Rock'n'Roll Guitar, '58

Knight, Whitey
Knipp, Lowell

Knox, Buddy & The Rhythm Orchids

Buddy Knox HOF Page
Buddy Knox Photo Page
Buddy Knox Tribute
Devil Woman, '57
Hula Love, '57
I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself, '59
Party Doll, '57
Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep, '57
Off-Site Bio
Off-Site: Buddy Knox & The Rhythm Orchids

Koda, Michael "Cub"
Knull, Ronnie
Kriss, Jimmy
Kowal, Jerry

Kozak, Joe
Hillbilly Rock, '59

Kubiak, Dan