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"I have tried most of the entertainment outlets ... written for a chain of newspapers, wrote stories about sci-fi and fantasy, a couple of books, quite a few songs and poems ... and, opened shows for many of the rockabilly and country artists: Carl Perkins, The Sparkletones, Blue Notes, Royal Teens, Champs, Jerry Lee, Conway Twitty and Loretta plus a lot of others. The Del Rays were the best group I ever traveled with. I was their lead singer."
-Jim Arp

Of Note . . .

  • "Not Too Young" was one of Jim's popular songs. It was written by Carroll Ludwick.

  • Jim was one of the "Vellex label artists with the Del-Ray but was prevented from from getting his own recording out when called into the service for Uncle Sam and went on to Ft. Bragg in North Carolina.

  • Jim was sometimes called "Little Lonely" as he had a strong resemblance to Elvis.

  • Jim was featured in the movies including "Boots and The Preacher" and "Country House".

  • Jim's brother wrote the dong "Rollin' Out of Memphis."

  • One of Jim's books is "The First Outlaw: Hank Williams"

  • Jim did a cover of Chuck Berry's "Let It Rock"






    JIM'S PROFILE that Appears in
    His Book on Hank Williams:

    "Jim Arp, a devoted member of the music world, knows his subject well. A performer, song writer and entertainer, he has lived the highs and lows associated with the industry.

    His work revels much of his personality, an individual point of view, and a leluctance to accept any general assumption as truth. His straight from the shoulder, no hold barred style is refreshing and he made him a favorite with many. An earthy, down-home sense of humor shows through and the reader wishing for more.

    Jim was born and reared in the rural South. His writing shows the love, and yet objectivity, of a native son speaking of one of his own.

    Jim is a man of many talents. He is a good singer singer and also a somgwriter, movie script writer, author, actor, actor and even, he admits, a "fairly good" artist. He is now working as a disc jockey and resides in Belmont, North Carolina."




  • Rockabilly Hall of Fame