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Jerry [R.I.P.] was one of the "Champs". Along with Jerry were Glenn Campbell, Sash Crofts and Jimmy Seals of "Seals and Crofts."

Jerry and Glenn worked together for five years, both on tour and recording. Jerry was then bandleader of the TV show "Shindig" and worked with such famous artists as Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Righteous Brothers, Little Richard, Aretha Franklin and all of the famous English recording groups. Jerry sang and was featured guitarist on that show, as well as the television program "Hullaballou."

He was signed to Capitol Records on the say so of Bobby Darin. Jerry work with Andy Williams on his TV show and traveled with him to Europe, The Far East, Australia and New Zealand. Jerry worked with Rick Nelson for 3 years and participated in personal appearances with him in addition to doing the guitar work on his records. Jerry the became Roger's Miller's band leader and conductor for five and one-half years.

After leaving Roger Miller, Jerry worked with Sonny & Cher on tour and on their television show. Jerry also did many sound tracks for the movies of Elvis Presley and toured with Elvis for a year and a half. Even today, you can see Jerry on TV in concert shows such as "Elvis 74."

When Jimmy Bowen was producer for Frank Sinata and Dean Martin, Jerry did all their recording and worked with Frank and Dean in Las Vegas. Jerry was affiliated with all the TV shows for the Smothers Brothers, Tony Orlando and Dawn, Carol Burnett, Dick Van Dyke, David Steinberg's TV show, Flip Wilson and Joey Heatherton.

Jerry worked on most of the shows that were conducted br Nelson Riddle and Henry Mancini. In September 1984, he was with Valerie Harper and Dennis Weaver on their album to promote Weaver's charity organization, "Life", to feed our people. Jerry completed a musical anti-drug project to "say no to drugs" which was used by the "D.A.R.E. Foundation." Jerry Cole's career in the entertainment industry spans a 32-year period. In addition to the aforementioned artists, Jerry also worked with the follow performers in the capacity of musicians, Vocalist, writer, arranger or conductor:
The Beach Boys, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams Jr., Kenny Rogers, Neil Diamond, Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, Issac Hayes, Tommy Roe, Dick & Dee Dee, James Taylor, Ray Charles, Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears, The Byrds, Johnny Rivers, Lou Rawls, Lee Hazelwood and Greg Allman.

In 1990 and 1991, Jerry produced two records, both of which made the Top 40 Country Music Charts.


Since 1959, Jerry has sang, played and contributed his talents on over 100 records that have gone Gold or Platinum.

Jerry also tracked down around 90 budget-label longplayers under a platoonful of intechangeable monikers, on some of these Jerry Cole was an anonymous member of a faux band, playing on numerous hot rod, drag strip, surf, go-go, rockabilly, and psychedelic albums for Capitol and Liberty but more often for budget labels such as Crown, Cornet, Custom, and Alshire, etc. Following one-offs were either Jerry Cole using a pseudonym or Jerry Cole as a member of the band.
Don and Eddie "Rock and Roll Party" (Modern)
Billy Boyd "Twangy Guitars" (Crown)
- same as Don and Eddie LP on Modern
Billy Baker: "Country Guuitar" (Viking, UK)
The Scramblers "Cycle Psychos"
The Blasters "Sounds of the Drags"
Eddy Wayne "The Ping Pong Sounds of Guitars in Percussion"
The Winners: "Checkered Flag"
The Hot Rodders: "Big Hot Rod"
The Deuce Coupes / The Shut Downs
The Super Stocks: "Thunder Road"
Mike Adams & The Red Jackets "Surfers Beat"
The Id: "The Inner Sounds of the Id" (RCA)
The Knights: "Hot Rod High"
The Animated Egg
The Mustang, Organ Freakout
Young Sound '68
101 Strings: "Astro-Sounds From Beyond the Year 2000"
Bebe Bardon & 101 Strings: "The Sounds of Love"
The Haircuts and The Impossibles "Call it Soul"
Black Diamonds: "A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix" (retitled Animated Egg album")
The Generation Gap "Up Up and Away"
The Projection Company: "Give Me Some Loving"
B.J. Tyler
The Palomino Boys

Jerry gets awarded his Rockabilly Hall of Fame Induction Certificate,
presented by Donnie Brooks on Feb 29, 2004.

Jerry's Latest Album (2006)

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