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Jerry Benty was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on August 27, 1936.

A self-taught musician, he began singing and playing guitar while in high school. After graduation, he joined the Air Force and went overseas at the end of the Korean War. While overseas, he played in pick-up bands all over Europe until his tour ended and he moved back to Pittsburgh.

He continued to play local gigs with various artists until he met Elmer Willet, the owner of Willet Records. Mr. Willet heard his demo tape and took him to Cleveland, Ohio to make a record in 1959.

Jerry's songs: "We're Gonna Have Love", "Without You" and "Fool of the Month Club" received air play throughout the northeast while he did a promotional tour.

While on tour in New York, he met his future bride. On June 19,1960, they married and moved back to Pittsburgh. Jerry continued playing gigs for several years, until children and responsibilities took over and music took a back seat.

Today, the father of three daughters and nine grandchildren lives outside Pittsburgh with his wife of forty-two years Margie. Jerry still enjoys the occasional jam session with family members who still clamor to hear his songs!

January, 2003
Information courtesy:
Carla Benty-Morrison

Rockabilly Hall of Fame