Rockabilly Hall of Fame Legends List

"J" Artists & Songs




J.C. & The Cavemen
J.R. & The Golden Nuggets
Jack & Jill
Jack & Jim
Jack & The Knights
Jack, Johnny
Jacks & Jills
Jackson, Cleve
Jackson, Cordell

Jackson, Eddie
Rock And Roll baby, '56

Jackson, Gootch
Jackson, Harold
Jackson, Jim

Jackson, Joe
Rock My Warriors Rock, '63

Jackson, Mark
Jackson, Marvin
Jackson, Roddy
Jackson, Sammy

Jackson, Tarapin
Gone Mama Blues, '78
Milkcow Blues, '78

Jackson, Tommy

Jack & The Rippers
Jack The Ripper, '63

Above photo courtesy DiAnne Kaslow, Prom Ballroom, St. Paul, MN., November, 1960. Wanda with her guitarist Roy Clark.
Jackson, Wanda - OFF-site
Baby Loves Him, '57
Fujiyama Mama, '57
Honey Bop, '58
Hot Dog That Made Him Mad, '56
Let's Have A Party, '60
Lonely Weekends, '61
Man We Had A Party, '61
Mean Mean Man, '60
Riot In Cell Block #9, '61
There's A Party Goin' On, '61
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Jacky & Lee
Jacobs, Donnie
Jacobson, Al
Jacoby Brothers

Blue Black Hair, '64

Jaeger, Darryl (w/Be-Bops)

I'm Gonna Love You Too, '62

James, Bill
James Brothers
James, Calvin
James, Charles

James, Daniel
Rock Moon Rock

James, Don
James, Jimmy

James, Jesse
Red Hot Rockin' Blues, '58
South's Gonna Rise Again, '58

James, Leon
Ride That Train, '57

James, Ron

James, Sonny
Off-Site: Alamaba Music - Sonny James

James, Tom
Hey Baby, '58
Track Down Baby, '58

Jameson, Bobby

Jan & Arnie
Gas Money, '58
Jenny Lee

Jan & Jerry
Jan & Lou

Janes, Roland
Born Alabama, 1934. Moved to Memphis in 1956 and became a full time musician with Sun. Originally influenced by Grady Martin and Hank Garland but able to handle rock, blues and country music with equal ease. Session musician for Rita, Nita, Pen, Dingo, Summer, Erwin, Zone, Fernwood and his own Ara and Rolando Records. Owned Sonic Sound Studio in Memphis. Worked as band member for Billy Riley, starting in C&R Club in Helena, Arkansas, where the band got its first gigs.

Janis & Her Boyfriends
Janis, Johnny

Jano, Johnny
Havin' A Whole Lot Of Fun, '57
Oh Baby, '58
Some Other Time, '79
Stop Look And Listen, '79

Jarvis, Carol
Jaxon, Bob

Jay & The Rebels

Jay Jay & The Selectones
Jay, Bobby
Jay, Dale
Jay, Jimmy

Jay, Johnny

Jay, Karl
Jay, P.
Jay, Tommy

Jaye, Jerry

Jeens, Jimmy
Jeff & Charles
Jeff & P.J.

Jeffers, Jimmy
Teardrops From My Eyes, '59

Jeffers, Sleepy
Don't Sweep That Dirt On Me, '57
Pretending Is A Game, '57

Jefferson County

Jeffrey, Wally
Oh Yeah, '60

Jeffries, Linc
Jenkins, Arv
Jenkins, Blackie
Jenkins, BoBo

Jenkins, Bobby
My Baby's Gone

Jenkins, Gene
Jenkins, George
Jenkins, Gus

Jenkins, Harold
CONWAY TWITTY ­ Born Friars Point, Mississippi, September 1, 1933. Jenkins played with the Phillips Country Ramblers in Helena Arkansas, with steel guitarist John Hughey. Recorded for Sun in 1956 but recordings unissued until 1970 (Birchmount Records, Canada). Recorded as Harold Jenkins and His Rockhousers. Recorded for Mercury 1956 and later MGM (1958). Recorded briefly for ABC in 1963 and then joined Decca (later MCA). Become a phenonemally successful country artist based in Nashville.

Jennings, Waylon
Jole Blon, '58
When Sin Stops Love Begins, '58

Jensen, Curt
Just For You, '58

Jericho, Jerry
Jerry & Brad
Jerry & The Capris
Jerry & The Del-Fi's
Jerry & The Rialtos
Jerry & Wayne

Jerome, Ralph
Indian Rock And Roll, '60

Jesse & James
Jester, Charlie

The Jesters
Rock band formed in 1966 by Teddy Paige and Jerry Phillips (son of Sam Phillips). Recorded prolifically for Sun in R&B and rock n roll revival style but only one disc issued. Other members where James Dickinson (who went on to make a solo album for Atlantic produced by Knox Phillips), Billy Wulfer and Eddie Robertson. Paige later worked with Shelby Singleton in Nashville.

Jet Tones
Henry, '60
Jet Tone Boogie, '59

Jewel & Eddie
Jewett, Diane

She's My Woman, '59
Tornado, '59

Jibbo, Guy
That's The Way I Feel, '61

Jim & Jesse
Hot Rod Race, '67

Jim & Rod
Didn't It Rock, '58

Jimmy & Dale

Jimmy & Duane
A ridiculously rare record to find, Jimmy & Duane's "I Want Some Lovin' Baby", recorded on Lee Hazlewood's ridiculously-named EB X.PRESTON label (actually a Four-Star custom recording), may seem like a engaging enough uptempo hillbilly duo number....but what one would probably never suspect from listening to the record is that Jimmy & Duane were in fact an early collusion by rockers Jimmy Delbridge and Duane Eddy. According to the label their backup band was Buddy Long and the Western Melody Boys, and according to Cees Klop, that lineup includes Keith Kolby on bass guitar. -Jeffrey Scott Holland

Jimmy & James

Jimmy & Johnny

I Can't Find The Doorknob, '58
My Little Baby, '59
Sweet Love On My Mind, '56
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Jimmy & The Cincinnati Gang
Splish Splash

Jimmy & The Gems
Twisting Sadie

Jimmy & Wayne
Love Me, '55

Jimmy Mack "D"

Menasha, WI, 1955-56. Rick, Danny, Dave, Don, Sid and Bob

Fire Engine Baby, '57
Flirty Gertie, '58

Jobe, Don

The JODIMARS - (Plus more info on Bill Haley and The Comets) - On-site Rockabilly HOF web page
Let's All Rock Together
Well Now Dig This

Joe & The Ramrods

Joe The Shaker

John & Jackie
Little Girl, '58

John & Judy
John J
John, Little Jimmy

John, Jimmie
Solid Rock, '59

Johnnie & Jack

Johnny & Barb

Johnny & Joanie
Kee Ro Ryin', '58

Johnny & Jonie
Johnny & Ray
Johnny & The Jammers
Johnny & The Jays
Johnny & The Thunderbirds

Johnny & The Roccos
Rough Cut

Johnny C. & The Blazes
Johns, Phil
Johns, Sammy
Johnson, Betty

Johnson, Bill
Born Augusta, Georgia. Real name Johnny Lee Hamilton. Recorded for Sun in January 1960 in an Augusta studio. Musicians included Hubert Perry, St. Clair Pinckney, John Winfield, Albrister Clark and Sammie Jackson. Also recorded for Federal, S.S.S. and for Duke with Junior Parker.

Johnson, Brownie
Johnson, Buffalo

Johnson Brothers
Love Ain't Got A Thing, '58

Johnson, Byron
Johnson, Carlyn
Johnson, Cathy
Johnson, Chuck

Johnson, Cliff
Go 'way Hound Dog, '57

Johnson, Curtis
Baby Baby, '57
Baby Let's Play House, '59
I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine, '59

Johnson, Dan
Johnson, Dave
Johnson, Dee

Johnson, F. Dee

Be My Baby, '58

Johnson, Gilruth

Johnson, Glenn
Having Little Heart Attacks, '57
Putting It Together, '57
Run Here Honey, '57

Johnson, Hoyt
Eenie Meenie Minie Mo, '56
Little Boy Blue, '59
Standing In Your Window, '56

Johnson, Jackie
Star Light Star Bright, '59

Johnson, Jeff

Johnson, Jimmy
All Dressed Up, '56
How About Me Pretty Baby, '56
Woman Love, '56

Johnson, Joe D.
Rattlesnake Daddy, '62

Johnson, Kay
Stagger Lee

Johnson, Ralph
Johnson, Ray
Johnson, Richie

Johnson, Rick
I Want Your Money Honey, '59

Johnson, "Rolling" J
Johnson, Rome

Johnson, Stan
Baby Baby Doll, '58
Big Black Train, '57

Johnson, Tommy
Johnston, Chuck

Johnston, Don
Born To Love One Woman, '56

Johnston, Jay
Walk A Dog, '59

Johnston, Jim
Mean Woman Blues

Red Headed Woman

Jolly, Jack

Jones, Al
Loretta, '57

Jones, Ann
Jones, Boppin' Bob

Jones, Chuck
I Flip For You Baby, '60

Jones, Commonwealth
Jones, Don
Jones, Dottie
Jones, Floyd

Jones, Corky
Hot Dog, '56
Rhythm & Booze, '56

Jones, George
Play It Cool Man Play It Cool, '54
White Lightnin', '59

Jones, George W.

Jones, Grandpa

Jones, Harmon

Jones, Jericho
Black Magic, '59

Jones, Jim

Jones, Kay Cee
Johnny Johnny Johnny, '57

Jones, Kookie
Jones, Kimble & Wanda

Jones, Lee
Let It Rain, Let It Rain

Jones, Little Billy

Jones, Little Montie
You're Just That Kind, '59

Jones, Lloyd
Jones, Madman
Jones, Neal
Jones, Okie
(Started in the '50s)
Jones, Ray
Jones, Ricky
Jones, Rocky
Jones, Ron
Jones, Roy

Jones, Sweetie
Cheryl Ann

Jones, Thumper
Heartbreak Hotel, '56
How Come It, '56
Rock It, '56

Jones, Wailin' J.
Jordan Brothers
Jimmy Dale Jordan
Jordan, Johnny
Jordan, Juanita
Jordan, Junior


Josie, Lou
Breezin' Out, ' 58
Vacation's Over, '58 Why Did You Leave, '58

Jowers, Jerry
Live And Learn

Joy, Arlene

Joy, Benny
Crash The Party, '58
Ittie Bittie Everything, '58
Little Red Book, '57
Spin The Bottle, '57
Steady With Betty, '58
Wild Wild Lover

Joyce, Chuck
Joye, Colonel
Judy, Johnny & Billy

Judy & Joyce
Nursery Rock, '58
Washboard Sam, '59

Juke Boy Bonner
Julian, Sammy
Jumper, Adron
Jumper, Johnny
Jumping Jacks
Junior, Carl

Justis, Bill

Born Birmingham, Alabama, October 14, 1927. Moved to Memphis at age 5 and became interested in music though his mother who was a concert pianist. Played saxophone in high school and later influenced by Duke Ellington. Formed a dance band at age 15 and after going to college played with professional dance bands during vacations. Did post grad work in music theory and started working in record business because he needed extra money after getting married in 1954. After leaving Sun he formed th short-lived label, Play Me, and then joined RCA-Groove as an artist and producer, later moving to Smash where he also recorded prolifically. Later with Monument and Sound Stage 7 in Nashville for whom he produced big hits by the Dixiebells. Has done arrangements for Kenny Rogers and many others. FOR THE RECORD... Bill played the trumpet and sax, arranged, produced and later became Musical Director for Sun Records. Part of the charm of his hit version of "Raunchy" was the off-tone of his saxophone. Justis had called another sax player to do the session but he begged off at the last minute, forcing Justis to play the lead part himself. He hadn't played the sax for a while and his rusty playing accounted for the strange tone.
Raunchy, '57