A few years back I wrote a book review that was well overdue to all Buddy Holly and The Cricket fans not only within Australia but all around the world. The response to that book issued by Rod Jordan was just fantastic to say the least especially after the review was published on the RHOF website.



I wrote that a copy of the book was a must for all fans, but especially Australian fans and music collectors who to this very day still have faith in the legacy that Buddy Holly left here in this country after his one and only visit in 1958. He would have returned to Australia except for his sudden death in early 1959.



The book that was released as a soft cover did not have all of the detail that Rod had gathered. Therefore many of his fellow researchers finally convinced Rod to release a hard cover “Coffee Style” book including all the excluded details from the soft cover book. The new release also includes a cd featuring ever before released promos for the Buddy Holly Tour of Australia.



I am not going to go over the first review again, but let me write this, “Here is the most in-depth researched and locally produced book that has ever seen the light of day in this country on any musician or recording artist”.



Rod’s years of research have finally been revealed in all aspects of this tour of 1958 by Buddy Holly and The Crickets here in Australia.



In my opinion it is by far the most comprehensive and detailed book released on any artist to visit this country and has set the bench mark for anyone who wants to follow in the years ahead. I know Rod did not set out to set any bench mark, but he did and I am glad he has done so.



The inclusion of the most detailed Australian discography and a “Pictorial” of that discography on Buddy Holly and The Crickets is just superb. Even to this day Rod is still finding different variations of Buddy Holly and The Crickets Australian vinyl and cd releases.



Rock and Roll fans, many not even Buddy Holly related, are contacting him in regards any little thing they have in their collection that Rod might be interested in seeing, reading, hearing or maybe intereted in obtaining for his collection.



This  new re-issued  468 page gloss “Deluxe Edition” is already sold out, and the reprinted issue is also sold out, making it all worth the effort by Rod to share his love for all things Buddy Holly and The Crickets.



I am sorry that this book has not been picked up by the commercial book people within Australia, and I hope that one day it will be. It would be a big seller, especially for Buddy Holly and The Cricket fans all around the world.



Recently Rod attended the 50th Anniversary week in Clear Lake, and upon his return to Australia I was advised that he could have sold many more copies, but sadly he had none to sell to those who wanted to buy a copy whilst he was stateside.



I will continue to try and convince Rod to do another pressing as it will sell out very quickly.



If I had to give this book a rating (which I always have refused to do) I would say from a collector’s point of view, it has a rating of 9.5/10.



During all my years I have been reading, researching rock and roll music, Rod has got his project right on cue and he deserves a great big “Thank You” from people like myself for a job extremely well done.


Bob Hayden



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