On a hot July day in 1989, three guys got together in an even hotter Austin garage with a string bass, Martin guitar and Telecaster to play some music. As if guided by some sacred keeper of the Rockabilly flame, they proceeded to play the whole 'Elvis SUN Sessions', in order, with uncanny precision and fervor. That fateful day, HIGH NOON was born.

And HIGH NOON will always be Sean Mencher, Kevin Smith and Shaun Young. The trio has come a long way since that first garage get-together. Voted the best Rockabilly band for seven years in a row in Austin, TX, the trio has performed in venues as diverse as a youth center in St. Petersburg, Russia (July 1993); a nightclub in the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa (October 1993, all over the USA (early 1995), Scandinavia (mid 1995) and Central Europe (late 1995); even 'Carnegie Hall' in New York City (April 1994) with Ronnie Dawson.


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