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Haas, Wayne
Leave Linda Alone, '58

Hadley, Jay
Hadley, Jim

Hadley, Red
Born Covington, Tennessee. One of the first country bands to record for Sam Phillips (on November 13, 1952). Recorded Tennesee Drag, If This Is Love, Boogie Ramble and I'd Be A Millionaire, titles were later leased to Trumpet. He recorded for Meteor in a honky-tonk vein. The band included 'Junior' Hadley (guitar) and Red Hadley (piano), Dave Simmons (steel guitar), Paul Brazile (guitar) and Houston Stokes (drums). Junior, later known as Jay, also recorded for Shelby Co. Records in Memphis, and Glo Lite Records.

Hager, Joan
Decca 29928 ('56) "Will You, Willyum" which was released just about the same time as the Janis Martin song of the same title (RCA 6491). Janis' version was reviewed in Billboard on 07-Apr-56, and Joan's on 19-May-56.

Hager, Don
Be Bop Boogie, '59
I Love You Dear Forever
Liza Jane Bop, '59
River Rock, '59

Haggard, Don

Somebody Clipped Your Wings, '55

Haggard, Jay
Tom Cat, '58

Haggett, Jimmy
Gonna Shut You Off Baby, '57
How Come You Do Me, '56
Rabbit Action, '56
Rock Me Baby, '56

Haig, Ronnie
Can't You Hear Me Callin' Baby
Money Is A Thing Of The Past, '58

Hale, Billy Jack
Move Over Buddy

Hale, Rex
Darn Dem Bones
Down At Big Mama's House

Haley, Bill
BILL HALEY - - On-site Rockabilly HOF web page

Haley, Bill & His Comets

ABC Boogie '54
Birth Of The Boogie, '55
Burn That Candle, '55
Crazy Man Crazy, '53
Don't Knock The Rock
Dim Dim The Lights, '54
Razzle Dazzle
Rip It Up, '56
Rock Around The Clock, '54
Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie, '55
See You Later Alligator, '56
Thirteen Women, '54
Two Hound Dogs, '55
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Haley, Bill & His Four Aces of Swing
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Haley, Bill & The Saddlemen
Dance With A Dolly, '52
Jukebox Cannonball, '51
Live It Up
Real Rock Drive, '52
Rock The Joint, '52
Rocket 88, '51
Rockin' Chair On The Moon, '52
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The Comets 1997

Johnny Grande, Dick Richards, Marshall Lytle, Joey Ambrose and Franny Beecher. Interesting side note: Joey, Dick and Marshall are back as Comets after leaving Bill Haley in the late '50s to form their own group, The JO-DI-MARS. (photo courtesy of David Hirschberg as published in Now Dig This).

Haley, Bill (with the Range Drifters)

Half Brothers

Hall, Ben
Moo Mama

Hall, Billy
Move Over Rover, '62

Hall, Charlie Vee
Hall, Erle
Hall, Fox
Hall, Freddie
Hall, Gene
Hall, Jim

Hall, Roy
All By Myself, '55
Blue Suede Shoes, '56
Diggin' The Boogie, '56
Diggin' The Boogie, '58
Dirty Boogie, '49
Don't Stop Now, '56
Little Queenie, '58
Offbeat Boogie, '55
See You Later Alligator, '56
She Sure Can Rock Me, '56
Three Alley Cats, '56
Three Alley Cats, '58
Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On, '55
You Ruined My Blue Suede Shoes, '56

Hall, Ron

Hall, Sonny
My Big Fat Baby, '58

Hallaway, Roy
Halley, Bob

Halladay, Chance

Home Run

Hallyday, Johnny
Be Bop A-Lula, '62
I Got A Woman, '62

Halo, Johnny
Hamblet, Billy
Hamby, Bill
Hamel, Gerry
Hamilton, Bobby

Hamilton, George, IV
If You Don't Know, '57

Hamilton, Mack
Hammer, Jack
Hammock, Ken
Hammond, Jerry
Hammond, Tommy
Hammond, Wayne
Hammonds, Joe
Hampton, Paul

Hampton, John
Honey Hush, '57
Shadow Blues, '57

Hancock, Billy & The Tennessee Rockets
(Started in the '70s)
Hancock, Kenn
Handy, Wayne

Haney, Bill
Crawdad Song, '62

Hank & Carolee
Hank The Drifter

Hank the Cowhand

Hankins, Hank
Hanserd, Kirk

Hansen, Rudy
Saturday Jump, '58

Hanson, Jerry
Harbert, Billie
Harbin, Tommy
Hard, Randy

Harden, Charlotte
Loving You Baby, '60

Harden, Doug

Hardin, Bobby
Sweet, Sweet Dreams
Dreamer Boy
I'm Lovin' You Baby & Gettin' Better

Hardin, Buddy
Hardin, Jim
Hardin, Pete
Hardin, Stan

Hardin, Wesley
Anyway, '57

Harding, Salle
Danny Danny, '61

Hardy, Bill
Hargett, Johnnie
Hargett, Mackey
Hargrave, Don

Hargrave, Ron
Buttercup, '58
Drive-In Movie, '59
Latch On, '57
Co-wrote High School Confidential with Jerry Lee Lewis

Harlan, Billy
I Wanna Bop, '58
School House Rock, '58

Harlene, Evelyn
I Wanna Be Free, '59

Harmonica Ray

Harmonica Fats
Harmony Brothers
Harmony Twins
Harkey, Freddie
Harline, J.C.
Harmon, Larry
Harold & Bob
Harold & The Offbeats
Harp, Lloyd
Harper, Fred
Harper, Johnny

Harral, Hank
(& Group)

Dickie and Gene Pix
Harrell, Dickie "Be-Bop"

Original drummer for Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps
Dickie's Off-Site Page

Harrington, Bill
Harrington, Rick
Harris, Bill
Harris, Bob

Harris, Burton

Harris, Dinky
She Left Me Crying, '59

Harris, Hal
I Don't Know When, '58
Jitterbop Baby, '58

Harris, Johnny Ray

Harris, Jan

Harris, Joyce

Harris, Mike

Harris, Ray
Come On Little Mama, '55
Greenback Dollar, Watch & Chain, '57
Where'd You Stay Last Night, '56

Harris, Ted
Just Thought I'd Set You Straight, '58

Harris, Slim
Harris, Tony
Harris, Wee Willie
Harris, Wyonie
Harrison, Danny & Audrey
Harrison, Johnny

Harrod, Chuck
Crawdad Hole, '58
They Wanna Fight, '58

Harshman, Robert Luke
Love Whatcha Doin' To Me, '59
Stop Talkin' Start Lovin', '59

Hart, Jimmy
Hart, Ritchie

Hart, Billy & Don
Rock-A-Bop-A-Lena, '59

Hart, Don
Presley On Her Mind, '57

Hart, Freddie
Dig Boy Dig, '56
Snatch It And Grab It, '56

Hart, Larry
Freight Train, '58

Hart, Red
Hart, Rocky
Hartley, Al
Hartwell, Mike
Hass, Wayne
Hatcher, Ray
Hawk, Tommy
Hawkins, Buddy

Hawkins, Dale

Ain't That Lovin' You Baby, '59
House A Car And A Wedding Ring, '58
La Do Dada, '58
Mrs. Mergatory's Daughter
My Babe, '58
Suzie-Q, '57
Yea-Yea (Class Cutter), '59
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Hawkins, Jerry
Hawkins, Lafay

Hawkins, Ronnie

Ain't That Lovin' You Baby, '79
Baby Jean, '60
Blue Moon Of Kentucky, '79
Dizzy Miss Lizzy, '59
Down In The Alley, '70
Forty Days, '59
Hey Boba Lou, '58
Honey Don't, '58
Mary Lou, '59
Matchbox, '61
My Babe, '79
Odessa, '59
Oh Sugar, '59
One Of These Days, '59
Red Hot, '59
Suzie-Q, '61
Thirty Days, '58
Who Do You Love, '63
Wild Little Willy, '59
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Hawks, May

Hawks, Mickey
Bip Bop Boom, '58
Cottonpickin', '59
Hidi Hidi Hidi, '59
Rock & Roll Rhythm, '58
Screamin' Mimi Jeannie, '60

Harmonica Frank
Hayden Sisters

Haydock, Ron (& Boppers)
99 Chicks, '59
Be-Bop-A-Jean, '59

Hayes, Bill
Hayes, Carlyn
Hayes, Henry
Hayes, Jay

Hayes, Jimmy
Tom Cat Boogie

Hayes, Kendall
Hazelwood, Eddie

Head, Don
Goin' Strong, '58

Head, Harry

Roy Head & The Traits
One More Time, '59

Heap, Jimmy
Go Ahead On, '55
Little Jewel, '57
Sebbin' Come Elebbin, '55

Heard, Buddy
Heath, Jimmy
Hedley & Lee
Hedley, Gilbert
Heiss, Ron
Heller, Horace

Helms, Bobby
Hangin' Around
Tennessee Rock & Roll, '56

Helms, Jimmie
Helper, Bob
Henderson, Al
Henderson, Bob
Henderson, Bobby
Henderson, Chuck
Henderson, Floyd

Johnny Henderson

Any Old Port In A Storm

Henderson, Wayne
Hendon, Chuck
Hendon, R.D.
Hendricks, Jon

Hendrix, Al
Young And Wild, '60

Hendrix, Johnnie
Hendrix, Ray

Henry, Clarence "Frogman"

Henry, Earl
Henry, Henry

Henry, Rockin' John

Henslee, Gene
Diggin' & Datin', '54
Rockin' Baby, '54

Hepcat, Harry


Herda, Al
Fuzzy Wuzzy

Herdman, Curly
Herman, Hermy
Herman, Norman
Herman, Sticks
Hermsen, Dave
Herrera, Little Julian

Herrold, Dennis
Hip Hip Baby, '57
Make With The Lovin', '57

Hess, Bennie
Boppin' The Rock
Milkcow Blues
Wild Hog Hop, '58

Hess, Charlie
Hess, Don
Hess, Troy

Hewitt, Ben
My Search, '60

Hi Fi's
Hicks, Bill
Blue Flame. '56

Hicks, Bob
Baby Sittin' All The Time, '58
Rock Baby Rock, '58

Hicks, Johnny
Hicks, Rene

Hickey, Ersel
Bluebirds Over The Mountain, '58
Goin' Down That Road, '58

Hickman, Beecher
Hey Blues, '61

Hightower, Donna

Dance Me To Death, '58

Sweet Rockin' Mama, '58
Weeping Willow Rock, '58

Higgins, Chuck
Too Smart, '59

High, Billie
Hilburn, Red
Hill, David

Hill, Eddie
Born Knoxville, Tennessee, 1922. Began playing country music and workin as an announcer with WNOX in Knoxville prior to moving to Memphis and Nashville and, finally, Decatur, Alabama. Made his first and best recordings for Apollo and Mercury in the early 50s.

Hill, Jaycee
Bump, '56
Love So Fine, '56
Romp Stompin' Boogie, '57

Hill, Lucky
Hill, Murray

Hill, Tiny
Hot Rod Race, '50
Hot Rod Race #2, '50

Hill, Tom
Hillis, Clayton
Hines, Ronnie
Hinton, Don

Hiorns, Dick
I'm Movin' On, '61

Hix, Chuck

Hobbs, Louis "Lou"

Hobbs, Randy

Hobock, Curtis
I Wanna Shake It, '64
The King Is Back, '60
Tom Dooley Rock'n'Roll, '59
With My Best Friend, '60

Hodge, Bobby
Sittin' On Top Of The World, '62

Hodge, Gary
Not For Love Or Money, '59

Hodges Brothers
I'm Gonna Rock Some Too, '56

Hodges, Ralph
Honey Talk, '58

Hodges, Sonny

Hofner, Adolph
Pipeliner Blues, '62

Hofner, Bash
Rockin' And A-Bopin', '56

Hogan, Billy
Holden, Ron

Hogan, Sylvia
Da-De Da, '58

Hogg, Smokey

Hogsed, Roy

Holbrook, Eddie
Holbrook, Jay
Holder, Jimmy
Holeman, Billy

Schneider, Hal "Holiday"
"Three Aces And A Joker Christmas and New years record. Sleigh Bell Rock and the flip side Booze Party. Written and recorded by Hal (Holiday) Schneider. These were rockabilly songs of the late fifties and early sixties. The song Booze Party was a big drinking song in Europe. It also has been recorded on about 13 different albums, to name a few: Cramps, Born To Be Bad, Speed Devils, Flyrite Boys and Sleigh Bell Bock has been recorded on albums such as Rockabilly Christmas and Christmas Rockin' the Fifties." - Hal Schneider
Holland, Brian

Holland, W.S.

Holler, Dick
Baby Baby Baby, '58

Holley, Jackie
Holliday, Jay
Holliman, Farris

Holloway, Alden

Blast Off, '59

Holloway, James "Red"
Holly, Brenda

Holly, Buddy
with The Crickets
Baby Let's Play House,' 55
Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight, '56
Blue Days-Black Nights, '56
Blue Suede Shoes, '56
Brown-Eyed Handsome Man, '56
Changing All Those Changes, '56
Changing All Those Changes, '58
Down The Line, '55
Early In The Morning, '58
Good Rockin' Tonight, '56
Heartbeat, '58
It's So Easy, '58
Love's Made A Fool Of You, '58
Mailman Bring Me No More Blues, '57
Maybe Baby, '57
Maybe Baby, '58
Not Fade Away, '57
Oh Boy, '57
Peggy Sue, '57
Peggy Sue Got Married, '59
Rave On, '58
Ready Teddy, '57
Rip It Up, '56
Rock Around With Ollie Vee, '56
Rock Around With Ollie Vee, ' 57
Rock-A-Bye Rock, '56
That'll Be The Day, '57
Think It Over, '58
Ting-A-Ling, '58
Wait 'til The Sun Shines Nellie, '62
Well All Right, '58
You're So Square, '57
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Holly, Doyle

Holly, Wes
Hollywood Playboys

Holman, Rocky

Holmes, Fat Daddy
Chicken Rock, '58

Holmes, Leon
She's My Baby, '57

Holmes, Tommy
Wa-Chic-Ka-Noka, '59

Holt, Davey
Holt, Jim
Holt, Jack
Hombs, Jimmie

Homer, Chris
Little Bull And Buttercup, '58

Homer, Dennis

Honest Jess

Honeycutt, Glenn
Cousin of Elvis Presley. Born Belzoni, Mississippi, May 2, 1933. Moved to Memphis 1940 and attended Humes High School. Entered Army in 1952 after holding several jobs in Memphis and playing guitar part time. Left army 1955, formed Glenn Honeycutt and Rhythmaires, which included Jack Clement who introduced Honeycutt to Sun. Later recorded for Topp-ett, Black Gold and Fernwood. Started working for U.S. Postal Service in 1958.
Campus Love, '58
Rock All Night, '57

Rockin' At Midnight, '85


How About A Date, '55

Hood, Robbin

Hooper, Jess
All Messed Up, '55
Sleepy Time Blues, '55

Hope, Eddie

Hopeless, Homer
New Way Of Rockin'

Hopkins, Don
Hopkins, Jerry
Hopper, Evelyn
Horlick, Maynard
Horner, Big Jack

** Horrell, Fred

Horton, Jamie

Horton, Johnny
Rockabilly HOF Page
Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor, '58
Honky Tonk Man, '56
I'm Comin' Home, '57
Lover's Rock, '57
Ole Slew Foot, '61
Shot Gun Boogie, '51
Woman I Need, '57
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Horton, Johnny & Billy Barton
Bawlin' Baby, '52

Horton, Walter
Born April 6, 1918, Horn Lake, Mississippi. Raised in Memphis (father worked for the city corporation). Traveled throughout the South with Floyd Jones, Big Joe Williams and others in the 30s. Moved to Chicago after working in Memphis as a chef and cab driver. Returned to Memphis to record for Phillips in 1951 and returned periodically thereafter. Made his home in Chicago playing with Muddy Waters and as a solo act..

Hosea, Don
Pianist and vocalist with Sun and Rita. Enjoyed a hit with John Henry (Rita 1010), recorded at Echostudios, Memphis where Hosea worked as a producer and session musician. In 1970 Hosea reemerged as the producer of Gut Drake's redneck of smash that year, Welfare Cadillac (Royal American 1), recorded in Florida.

Houle Brothers
Dream Night, '60

Hot Tamales
Hound Dogs

Houston, David
One And Only, '57
Sugar Sweet, '56

Houston, Johnny
Slick Chick

Howard, Betty
Trifling Man

Howard, Buddy

Howard, Chuck
Joy Gray, '60

Howard, Edwin
Howard, Hal
Howard, Joltin' Joe

Howard, Lynn
Red Thunderbird

Howard, Rusty
No Help Wanted, '56

Howard, Rusty & Chuck Joyce
Howdy, Jay-Bob
Howe, Darrell
Howes, O'Neil

Howell, Leigh
Moving Too Slow

Howell, Lloyd
My Baby's Gone, '61

Howlington Bros.
Howington, Dub

Hubbard, Doris M.
Move Over Tall Woman

Hubble, Harold

Hubbard, Orangie Ray
Is She Sore, '56
Just Moved In, '56
Look What I Found, '56
Sweet Love On My Mind, '57

Huckaby, Gary

Huddle, Jack
Starlight, '58

Hudgins, Joe
Where'd You Stay Last Night, '58

Hudson, Ray
Blues Walked Away, '60

Hudson, Tommy
Hudson Valley Boys
Hudson, Doug
Huff, Charlie
Huffman, Donny
Huffman, Paul

Hufton, Jimmie
Cool Cats, '60

Hughes, Ben
Hughes, Billy
Hughes, Joe
Hughes, Randy

Hughes, Wally
Convertible Car, '57

Hughey, Buddy
Hugo & Luigi

Hulin, T.K.
Little Bitty Boy, '59

Humphrey, Ellis

Humphries, Maylon
Weep No More
Worried About You Baby, '58

Humphries, Teddy
Hunt, Dennis
Hunt, Esta

Hunt Sisters
Elvis Is Rocking Again, '60
I'm Not Gonna Take It Anymore, '60

Hunt, Kenneth
I'm The Wrong One, '61
Teenage Tease, '61

Hunt, Skipper
Hunter, Dean
Hunter, Long John
Hurt, Harvey

Hurst, Malon
Love Ain't Nothing But Sorrow, '60


Husky, Ferlin
Bop Cat Bop, '56
Slow Down Brother, '56
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Hutchinson, Paul

Hutchinson, Ray

BILL HALEY & HIS FOUR ACES o OF WESTERN SWING, born: July 6, 1925, died : February 9, 1981, birthplace: Highland Park, Michigan. William Haley, Jr. was born in a suburb of Detroit and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, by his father, William Sr. (a factory worker from Firebrick, Kentucky) and mother Maude (a piano teacher from Ulverston, Lancashire, England). Young Bill began performing in an auction house in 1938 and left home two years later at the age of 15 to be a traveling musician, calling himself "Silver Yodeling Bill Haley" and bumming around from hillbilly band to hillbilly band, including Delaware's Cousin Lee's band, performing on WDEL. In 1943 he performed with Red Foley on the WLS Barn Dance. In 1944 he joined The Downhomers and they released "We're Recruiting" on the Vogue label in 1944. By 1946 Bill had his own band, The Range Drifters, and by 1947 he moved to Chester, Pennsylvania and formed Bill Haley & His Four Aces of Western Swing. In 1948 the Four Aces began recording for the Cowboy and Center labels, mostly popular country covers like "Candy Kisses" and "Tennessee Border". In 1949 they changed their name to Bill Haley & The Saddlemen. - - Jeffrey Scott Holland
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BILL HALEY & THE SADDLEMEN, Bill - born: July 6, 1925, died: February 9, 1981, birthplace: Highland Park, Michigan. In 1949 Bill renamed his Four Aces of Western Swing to Bill Haley & The Saddlemen, and began recording for the Keystone, Center and Atlantic labels with straightforward country songs like "I'm Gonna Dry Every Tear With A Kiss" and "Why Should I Cry Over You". But In 1952 they moved to Dave Miller's Holiday and Essex labels, and began releasing singles pairing the country songs with R&B songs, such as "Rocket 88" / "Tearstains On My Heart" and "Green Tree Boogie" / "Down Deep In My Heart", and stirrings of the first rockabilly records "Sundown Boogie", "Rock The Joint", "Rockin' Chair On The Moon", and "Dance With A Dolly". During this period there were also duets with Loretta Glendenning (including a cover of Memphis Slim's "Pretty Baby") and a Christmas single, "A Year Ago This Christmas" / "I Don't Want to be Alone this Christmas". Around 1952 Haley's band again changed names, this time to the Comets. - Jeffrey Scott Holland