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Thumbnail: Glenn Cass has an extensive background as a singer, songwriter, bass player, TV and recording artist and session musician. He has had his own TV show, recorded albums and 45's, and has played for and backed a long list of recording artists that just doesn't end.

Glenn was born in Wisconsin and raised in the small town of Oconto on a small farm. At about age ten, his dad gave him an old guitar and showed him where to put his fingers on the strings to make a few cords. He listened to country music on the radio. Upon entering high school, he joined the school band playing slide trombone and making the state finals two years in a row. In about 1954 Glenn saw Elvis on the Dorsey Brothers show and he was hooked on music. Glenn graduated and worked a daytime job while playing beer bars for a couple of bucks while learning more.

In 1959 while living and working in Green Bay, Glenn met Jerry Cole who was playing around the area. They put together a group including TC Gebheim on drums and two others. Says Glenn. We had three guitar players, so I bought a new fender bass and overnight became a bass player. They landed a job at the Picadilly lounge and played there for several months. In 1960 Glenn, Jerry and Don Dexter joined up with Johnny Pike and headed for Colorado Springs where they played a club for about a month. The group disbanded. Jerry headed to LA to join the Champs while Glenn and Don went home. Glenn and Gebheim got back together and with a trio went on the road around the midwest for the next year and a half. Having enough of that, they packed up Gebheim's Hillman station wagon and headed for LA arriving with eight cents and an empty gas tank. Things were tough and TC went back home. Meanwhile Cole left for six months in the national guard. Glenn worked a few small jobs helped by James Burton. Glenn joined Johnny River's band and played A club in New Orleans for a couple months. Jerry and Glenn hit LA at the same time and got back together. They played local night club's and wrote songs for American Music. Capitol Records signed Jerry and the group. Jerry Cole and the spaceman. Out of this came three albums. After Capitol, Country music was calling. Glenn went to work for Gene Davis and the StarRouters at the famous Palomino Club in North Hollywood at the same time doing sessions and the Worthington Dodge TV show along with other shows and TV specials. Gene left the Pal and went with Roger Miller which didnÍt work out. Gene was putting another group together, so Glenn left the Pal to play with the new band and they went to work at a place called Starland in LA. From there they went back to the valley to the Clouds and were also back on TV with The Brand Motors Ford Show.

Jan. 1966 Gene again left and the band stayed a while before leaving. Glenn put together a band and played different clubs. Sometime in 67 Glenn went to work for Johnny and Joanie Mosby at the Bandar club in Ventura. When they sold he took over the band and started bringing in big name Stars. Ray Price, George Jones, Willie Nelson, Glenn Campbell, Haggert etc.

At the same time Jerry, Glenn, brother Norm, Don Dexter and Rich Clyburn started putting a new group together called The Id. They were signed by RCA Records and released the album The Inner Sounds Of The Id. Conflict disbanded the group. Glenn returned to the Bandar but left soon after. He joined with Glen Kiener and then took over at a place they renamed the Corral. Gene Davis came back to town and called Glenn. Glenn hired Gene and together they had to knock out the walls to handle the crowds. Glenn got a call asking if he would take Waylon Jennings place at the Nugget in Vegas because Waylon CouldnÍt make it. So Glenn left Gene and played The Nugget. Called by the Palomino, Glenn rejoined the now Red Rhodes and the Detours band. While there they recorded the Live At The Palomino album.

In 1969 the Detours as a back-up band played the Cow Palice in San Francisco for 52 big name artists as well as The Hollywood Bowl With Eddy Arnold and Disneyland to name a few. The Detours left the Palomino. Three members went with Merle Haggard, Glenn and brother Norm went back to Wisconsin to work for the Left Guard chain of restuarants owned by former Green Bay Packers Fuzzy Thursten and Max McGee. Glenn then went back to Country. He put together a group and cut a pilot TV show for WFRV-TV-NBC in Green Bay. They bought the show witch held #1 nielson ratings for two years. Glenn had to step out because of health problems and turned the show over to his female singer. After a year Glenn got an offer to play a club in Portland Oregon. He spent the last 13 years of his career at that club. Glenn has resided in Oregon now for the last 36 years. He is retired from the Oregon Trail School District. He has since been Inducted into THE ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME. Says Glenn about his career. It had it's ups and downs. But for a kid off the farm I did things not many people get to do. When I was a little boy, I read Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Monty Hale comic books and went to there movies never knowing that some day I would meet these people, talk and work with them. This made it all worth while.

Career Credits

Capitol Records..... Albums....Outer Limits/ Surf Age/ Hot Rod Dance Party

Imperial Records.... Album....She's A Bad Motorcycle

Liberty Records... Album...Sounds of the Big Irons

Happy Tiger Records...Album... Live at the Palomino

DBL International...Album...Glenn Cass Country Christmas

Liberty Records...Album...Big Drag Boats USA

Crown Records...Albums...Two many to Mention

RCA Victor...Album...The Inner Sounds OF The Id

Happy Tiger... 45..Conspiracy Of Homer Jones

RCA...45.. The Id

DBL...45.. Country Girl

Target...45.. What Color Is A Man

Writer... Listen... artist..Hank Snow

All others Instrumentals

TV ..... The Glenn Cass Country Show

TV.....Recording and Bit Part on Smothers Brothers Show

TV....Country A' Go Go

TV...Worthington Dodge Show

Movies...Bit part...Wild On the Beach

Movies...Bit part...The Ice House

Writer...Land Of Dreams...Artist Jerry Cole

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