By Linda Brandes Igram

Freddy has contributed so much to Country and Traditional Music, that I'd like to share a little bit on information about him. I've known him for almost fifty years. The most widely known records he made were recorded in the early 1960, tunes like Back Up and Push, The Raven, Wildwood Flower, Flight U-2, and so many more.

He was born (May 18, 1938) and reared in Kinsley, Kansas, and his mom and dad raised 13 children, who are still close. At the age of eight, Freddy bought his first guitar from a Montgomery Ward catalog. Freddy now has two daughters and four grandchildren.

He is extremely talented working with wood, and builds guitars from scratch. He builds electric and ascoutic guitars, and - amazingly - plays guitar by ear.

Freddy currently plays with his band called "The Blue Notes" and "The Orphans." They also play at retirement homes, and bring such joy to the residents.

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    Posted, November, 2006

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