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Fabulous Counts
Fabulous Imperials

Fabulous Silvertones

Hey Sally Mae

Fabulous Table-Toppers
Fackler, Bob

Facenda, Tommy "Bubba" / "Clapper Boy"

Little Baby, '58
High School USA
Tommy's Page

Fagan, Dick
I Got A Ticket, '59
I Gotta Learn, '59
Love Is Like The Sun, '59
Nothing Really Shakes Me, '58
Rain Rain, '58

Faile, Tommy
Fair, Johnny

Fairburn, Werly
All The Time, '56
Everybody's Rockin', '56
Telephone Baby, '57

Faire, Johnny
Bertha Lou, '57
Betcha I Getcha, '58
I Fell For Your Line Baby, '58
Till The Law Says Stop, '57

Falbo, Billy
Falcon, Max

Fallin, Johnny
Party Kiss, '59
Party Line, '59

Faraday, Jim

Farmer Boys
Cool Down Mame, '56
My Baby Done Left Me, '58

Farmer, Jimmy
Long Black Train, '62

Farmer, Homer
Farmer, Wayne
Farr, Little Joey

Farrah, Fred
Settle Down
Farrell, Bill
Farrell, Billy
Farrell, Do & Dena
Farrell, Tony
Faucett, Ed
Faulk, Roland
My Baby's Gone
Fautheree, Jackie
First Man On Mars
One Life To Live

Fautheree, Jimmy Lee

Fay, Johnny
Faye, Judy
Faye, Rita

Fearsley, Dwarless
You Talk Too Much, '59

Feathers, Charlie

Charlie Feathers RHOF page
Charles Feathers Speaks
Remember Charlie Feathers: Tribute
Born Born Charles Arthur Feathers, June 12, 1932, Myrtle near Holly Springs, Mississippi. Died 1998. Listed in Memphis City directory 1955 as full time musician. Recorded for Sun and Flip in hillbilly style but is most famous for his rockabilly recordings with Meteor, King, Kay, Memphis and Redneck. Has also recorded for Ace, Hi, Walmay, Philwood, Shelby Co., Barrelhouse, EMI-Harvest, Rollin╣ Rock and Vetco. Has used pseudonyms such as Charlie Morgan and Jess Hooper. In 1973 he began to play regularly with his family band at Harpers Lounge in Memphis where he was filmed by the BBC (England) as part of a documentary on the creators of popular music.
You Talk Too Much, '59
Bottle To The Baby, '56
Can't Hardly Stand It, '56
Everybody's Lovin' My Baby, '56
Get With It, '56
Nobody's Woman, '57
One Hand Loose, '56
Peepin' Eyes, '55
Stutterin' Cindy, '71
Tear It Up, '71
Today And Tomorrow, '61
Tongue-Tied Jill, '56
Too Much Alike, '57
Uh Huh Honey, '65
Wild Wild Party, '61
Off-Site Discography
Charlie Feathers & His Musical Warriors
MORE: Although rockabilly pioneer Charlie Feathers never achieved commercial success, he was present at the creation of the form. Feathers himself hints that a mysterious, undisclosed "conspiracy" denied him maintstream fame; today he is a cult legend., living in Memphis in a little house with a white picket fence. Charlie loves to sit on his front porch, chewing and spitting tobacco.
Raised on a farm, Feathers quit school after the third grade, learned guitar from a black sharecropper, and worked on oil pipelines in Illinois and Texas as a teen. Moving to Memphis at 18, he contracted spinal meningitis and spent months bedridden, listening to the radio. Upon recuperating he concentrated on music. Feathers later claimed that he spent a great deal of time in the mid-Fifties at Sam Phillips' Sun studios, arranging some of Elvis Presley's early material. Though most of Feathers' assertions have been unsubstantiated, he did co-write Presley's "I Forgot to Remember to Forget" (#1 C&W, 1955). That year, his own debut single on Flip, "I've Been Deceived," showed the influence of Hank Williams, and from then until 1959, he recorded for Sun and smaller labels (King, Kay, and Walmay among them). Such singles as "Tongue-Tied Jill" and "Get With It" did little on the charts, but Feathers persevered, playing local roadhouses until gaining, in 1977, a gig at London's Rainbow Theatre that drew raves from rockabilly revivalists.
In the late Seventies, Feathers got the financial backing to start his own short-lived record label, Feathers, upon which he released a couple of albums and several singles. Frequently comic in tone his work was often straightforwardly country, but with 1991's "Charlie Feathers" (his only major label release) and the critical praise it provoked, it seemed apparent that Feathers will be remembered essentially as a great, early, if not widely known, rocker.
There is a excellent display on Charlie's memorbilia at the Memphis Music Museum on 2nd St., downtown Memphis.

Feger, Don
Date On The Corner, '58
Don't Be Mad, '58
Look Out Baby, '58

Fell, Terry
Felts, Lee

Felts, Derrell
It's A Great Big Day, '59
Playmates, '59

Felts, Narvel
Born November 11, Keiser, Arkansas. Learned music in high school and recalled: 'I listened to most all country artists on the radio. Hank Snow I liked and Johnny Ray in pop.' Moved to Malden, Missouri, where he knew Bill Rice, Jerry Foster and John Hartford. Recorded for Sun 1957 but sessions unissued. Continued in country and popluar music with Pink, Mercury, Hi, M-G-M, Renay, RCA, ARA but his biggest hit was Honey Love (Pink 702) which was recorded in Memphis. He has been a successful country artist and has reworked R&B standards for the country market including Drift Away and Reconsider Me.
Cry Baby Cry, '57
Did You Tell Me, '57
Honey Love
Lonely Teardrops, '76
Teenage Way, '57

Fender, Freddy
Mean Woman, '59

Fender, Jerry

  • *Fender, Leo

    Mule Skinner Blues,'60

    Fenton, Graham

    Ferguson, Pat
    Fool I Am, '58

    Ferg, Johnny
    Ferguson, Bill
    Ferguson, Dottie
    Ferguson, H-Bomb
    Ferguson, Johnny
    Ferguson, Little Gary

    Ferguson, Troy
    At The Jamboree, '59

    Fern, Mike
    Brake Jake
    Head Hunters

    Ferrell Brothers
    Ferrell Family
    Ferrell, Eddie

    Ferrier, Al
    Blues Stop Knocking, '61
    Hey Baby, '57
    Honey Baby, '62
    Kiss Me Baby, '59
    Let's Go Boppin' Tonight, '56

    Fever, Johnny
    Fields, Goldie
    Fields, Jimmy
    Fields, Troy
    Figlio, Mike

    Finn, Lee
    High Class Feelin', '58

    Fisher, Brien
    Fisher, Fern

    Fisher, Sonny
    Hey Mama, '55
    Hold Me Baby, '55
    Pink And Black, '56
    Rockin' Daddy, '55
    Rockin' Daddy, '56
    Sneaky Pete, '55

    Fisher, Vigor
    Fitz, Bunny
    Five Chords

    Five Jades
    Rock And Roll Molly

    Five Jets
    Five Sparks
    Five Spots
    Five Stars

    Five Tinos
    A northern based doo-wop group who were the only black vocal group (apart from the Prisonaires) to have a record issued on Sun in the '50s. Group comprised of Melvin Walker, Melvin Jones, Haywood Hebron and Luchrie Jordan. Sun #222 recorded May 25, 1955 with instrumental support from Calvin and Phineas Newborn, Moses Reed, Jewell Briscoe, Robert Garner and Robert Banks.

    Flagg, Bill
    Go Cat Go, '56
    Good Woman's Leavin', '56
    Guitar Rock, '56
    I'm So Lonely, '56

    Flaharty, Sonny
    My Baby's Casual, '58

    Scotch On The Rocks, '61
    Tranquilizer Cins

    Flannigan, Dick
    Flash, Terry

    Fleming, George
    I'm Gonna Tell, '58
    Shake, '58

    Flemons, Curt
    Fletcher, Billie
    Fletcher, Jimmie
    Fletcher, Jimmy
    Flores, Danny
    Flowers, Tommy

    Floyd, Bill
    Hey Boy, '57

    Floyd, Bobby
    Floyd, Buck

    Floyd, Frank
    Born October 11, 1908, Tacapola Mississippi. Played medicine shows throughout South in talking blues style mixed with hillbilly and pop. Settled in Memphis as a part time pig farmer in 1950 and became a radio favorite with the Eddie Hill Band. Lived in Memphis intermittently until 1972 when he moved to Cincinnati. The he played the college curcuit with blues and folk musicians.

    Floyd, Merdel
    Jukebox Mama, '58

    Flying Tornados
    Flynn, Freddy

    Foley, Jim
    Blues In The Morning, '60
    Goodbye Train, '60

    Foley, Red
    Crazy Little Guitar Man, '58
    Hot Rod Race, '50

    Foley, Webb
    Little Bitty Mama, '56
    Makin' A Plan

    Folkes, Dave

    Fontaine, Eddie
    Cool It Baby, '56
    Nothin' Shakin', '58

    Fontaine, Frank
    Fontaine, Maurice
    Fontaine, Sandy

    Fontana, D.J.

    Forbes, Ted

    Ford, Bill
    Have You Seen Mabel, '56
    Mad Dog In Town, '56

    Ford, Bubba
    Lindy Lou, '59
    Wigglin' Blond, '59

    Ford, Dick

    Ford, Frankie

    Ford, Earlston

    Ford, Jimmy
    Don't Hang Around Me Anymore, '59
    You're Gonna Be Sorry, '59

    Ford, Sandy

    Ford, Tennessee Ernie
    Catfish Boogie, '53
    False Hearted Girl, '52
    Hog-Tied Over You
    I Don't Know, '53
    Smokey Mountain Boogie, '49

    Forrest, Jackie

    Breakin' Your Heart Just For fun

    Forrester, Milt
    Crawdad Hole #1
    Crawdad Hole #2

    Forse, Truitt
    Chicken Bop, '56

    Forsyth, Ed
    Forte, Joe
    Forte, Nicky

    Fortune, Billy
    Trapped, '57

    Fortune, Johnny

    Foster, Art
    Foster, Jerry

    Foster, Jim

    Ragroof Roadster, '58

    Four Blazers
    Four Daddy'O's

    Four Dots
    Don't Wake Up The Kids, '58

    Four J's
    Four Joes
    Four, Henry
    Four Labels

    Four Lovers

    Diddilly Diddilly Babe
    Shake a Hand

    Four Mints
    Four Playboys

    Four Rebels
    Boogie Woogie Sally, '61

    Four Scores
    Four Sons

    Four Teens
    Go Little Go Cat, '58
    Great Day In The Morning, '59
    Spark Plug, '58
    You Can Say That Again, '59

    Fournia, Ray

    Fowler, Buck
    She's Just That Kind, '57

    Fowler, Jimmy

    Fowler, Don
    Oklahoma Baby, '63

    Fox, Johnny
    Fox, Larry

    Fox, Orville
    Honey You Talk Too Much

    Fraley, Dale
    Bumble Boogie

    Fraley, Toad

    France, Steve
    Bad Boy, '59

    Francis, Jim
    Frank & Ernie
    Frankie & Larry

    Frankie & Margie
    Bop Guitar

    Frankie & The Echoes
    Franklin Brothers
    Franklin, Joe

    Franks, Tillman
    Hi-Tone Poppa, '51
    Hot Rod-Shotgun Boogie #2, '51

    Frans & The Never Minds
    I'm In Love

    Frantics Four
    Fraser, Jeri Lynne

    Frazier, Coleen
    Your Mama's Here, '58

    Freeze, Sonny
    Cool Cool Baby, '59
    Cotton Pickin' Heartache, '59

    Free, Billy
    Fred, John

    Frederick, Dotty

    Just Wait, '58

    Freddy & Al
    Freddy & Lonnie
    Freddy & Lou
    Free, Slim

    *Freed, Alan

    Freeman, Bo
    Freeman, Phil
    French, Don
    French, Steve

    Friar, Hugh
    I Can't Stay Mad At You, '57

    Friis, Jim

    Bop-A-Lena, '58

    Frizzell, Lefty
    You're Humbuggin' Me, '58

    Froelich, Fay

    Frog, Shorty
    Sheddin' Tears Over You, '57

    Frost, Frank
    Born April 15, 1936, Auvergne, Arkansas. Guitar, harmonica and vocalist. First played with guitarist Jack Johnson and drummer Sam Carr in St. Louis in 1957. Carr is the son of delta musician Robert Nighthawk, from whom Frost╣s band and style is descended. Recorded by Scotty Moore for Phillips Int. in 1962 and Jewel in 1965, having also played dates with Sun artists Carl Perkins and Carl Mann in the early 60s. Had a compilation album issued by Jewel 1973.

    Fry, Bobby
    Highway Robbery

    Frye, Norm

    Fuller, Bobby, Four
    I Fought The Law, '66
    Love's Made A Fool Of You, '66
    Not Fade Away, '62
    Off-Site: The Bobby Fuller Four

    Fuller, Jerry
    Mother Goose At The Bandstand, '59

    Fuller, Joe

    Fuller, Johnny
    All Night Long, '58

    Furr, Curt

    Candy Store