So you think you're an Elvis fan? Then there are some people that you need to meet, and something that you need to see.

In the tiny town of Holly Springs, MS (which is situated right between the two Elvis Meccas of Elvis Presley's home, Graceland in Memphis, TN. [45 miles north] and his birthplace in Tupelo, MS [70 miles south] is a 143 year-old anti-bellum mansion called "GracelandToo". It is the home of Paul B. MacLeod and his son, who he named after the King, Elvis Aaron Presley MacLeod.

It is also a one-of-a-kind shrine built out of genuine devotion and love for the person that they call the: Greatest Entertainer and Humanitarian That Has Ever Lived!

You see, Paul has been collecting Elvis memorabilia for 41 years, since he saw Elvis Presley's first television appearance on "Stage Show" with the Dorsey Brothers. His son has joined in on the effort to build The World's Largest Private Resource of Elvis Information. What they have accomplished is simply astounding.

For example, The MacLeods have compiled volume upon volume of references to Elvis, from the obvious to the minuscule, on television, radio, and print media. All of which is maintained by the shifts that they take as they keep track of Elvis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365-1/4 days a year (including leap years!),... They monitor television broadcasts and periodicals to find the slightest mention of Elvis. They can tell you at 6:30 pm on December 23, 1995, a poster of Elvis is shown in the background of the "E.T." set, and that a story was shown on a Rock 'n' Roll auction that had some of Elvis' personal belongings up for sale. They have newspaper clippings, magazines, television guides, TV programs, etc. of anything that pertains to the King. Additionally, Graceland Too houses a complete collection of Elvis' original American record releases. This enviable collection includes a priceless record that just features an interview, of which only 15 were originally made.

Pictures of Elvis are everywhere in this home and everything in sight is somehow connected with Elvis. The visitor gets the feeling that Elvis himself could make an appearance anytime within the tour that is available from Paul & Elvis of the life and times of the King.

As you relive his life, you see what has made their lives complete; in doing what they love to do. Paul & Elvis Aaron Presley MacLeod have given up all they had in life to find their passion and live out their dreams daily by being surrounded by the image, voice, and the eternal flame of the one that they have dedicated their lives to. Elvis Will Never Leave This Building!

The admission price is $5.00 per person. Reservations can be made, call 601-252-7954.


Paul B. MacLeod - President
& Elvis Aaron Presley MacLeod - Chief Executive Officer


200 East Gholson Avenue
Holly Springs, MS USA 38635-3012

Telephone: 601-252-7954
Fax: 601-252-1918
Mobile: 601-252-9604

E-Mail: elvisgto@teclink.net
Web Site Address: http://oscar.teclink.net/~elvisgto

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